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micro armour : The Game - Modern

Sinai SNAFU - October 31, 1956

ISRAEL - Anxiously behind schedule, mobile elements of the "Israeli Defense Force" (IDF) have been stalled by unexpectedly stiff Egyptian resistance at the natural fortress of Abu Agiela. It's already Wednesday, and Sharon's Paratroopers have been at Mitla Pass for days without relief. As Colonel Wallach or Colonel Goder Player A must attempt a desperate assault to break the Egytians quickly, or Moesha Dayan may sack you too! EGYPT - Your army has had years to fortify Umm Qatef. Your men are well trained and eager to prove themselves. If you stop the Israeli invasion they will earn the respect of the entire Arab world.

"Mixed" Desert with one good road running East-toSouthwest. The "Ruafa Dam" may be crossed as if it were a bridge. Abu-Ageila is "Light" Buildings. All water on the map is impassable terrain.


Both sides: Be the only player occupying "Umm Qatef" at the end of turn 20.

Sinai SNAFU - October 31, 1956









= Road 203, 256 = Hills Eaxh hexagon is 4 across. The total battle area is three by six feet.

Sinai SNAFU - 1956

Israeli Defense Force Generation II Cohesion Egyptian Army Generation II Cohesion

38th Ugdah - Col. Yahuda Wallach 7th Armored Brigade - Col. Uri Ben-Ari [Break Point: 61] Brigade Headquarters: 1 x TL2 Infantry(B) GHQ(+1)/Truck, 1 x M4A3 "Sherman" Recon Company (-): 2 x Jeep/HMG[R] 82nd Armored Bn(-) Lt. Col Avraham Adan: 8 x M4A3 "Sherman" 52nd Mech Inf. Bttn.(-): 4 x TL2 Infantry(B), 1 x TL2 Support, 5 x M3A1 Halftrack Artillery Support: 3 x TL2 120mm "Brandt" Mortar(2)/Truck Enter from the South edge of the map through the mouth of the Mitla Pass. 10th Infantry Brigade - Col. Schumuel Goder[Break Point: 100] Brigade Headquarters: 1 x TL2 Infantry(B) GHQ(+1)/Jeep Recon Company : 3 x TL2 Infantry(R)/Jeep 104th Infantry Bttn.(-): 1 x TL2 Infantry(B) HQ, 9 x TL2 Infantry(B), 3 x TL2 Support 105th Infantry Bttn.(-): 1 x TL2 Infantry(B) HQ, 11 x TL2 Infantry(B), 3 x TL2 Support Tank Company/ 82nd Armored Bttn: 3 x M4A3 "Sherman" Artillery Support: 3 x TL1 25lbr(2)/Truck, 3 x TL2 120mm "Brandt"Mortar(2)/Truck Deploy 12" or more East of Umm Qatef. Air Support: 1 x Avia C-210*, 1 x P-51

6th Infantry Brigade - Col. Sa'ad Mutawalli [Break Point: 92] Brigade Headquarters: 1 x TL2 Infantry(B)GHQ(+0)/Land Rover Recon Troop: 1 x Staghound Armored Car[R] "A" Co., 17th Infantry Battalion: 3 x TL2 Infantry(B), 1 x 6 lbr ATG/Truck, 1 x TL2 Support/Bren Carrier 18th Infantry Bttn.: 10 x TL2 Infantry(B), 3 x 6 lbr ATG/Truck, 3 x TL2 Support/Bren Carrier 78th Anti-Tank Bttn: 3 x Archer
Anti-Aircraft Support: 1 x 30mm "Hispano Suiza" AA Gun

3rd Artillery Rgt.: Field Fortifications:

3 x TL1 25 lbr(2)/Truck

15 x Medium Improved Positions, 15 x "Standard" Mines, 8 x Dummy Minefields Deploy 8" or less from Umm Qatef. 17th Infantry Bttn(-): 1 x TL2 Infantry(B) HQ/Rover, 6 x TL2 Infantry(B), 2 x 6lbr ATG/Truck 2 x TL2 Support/Bren Carrier, Recon Troop: 1 x Staghound Armored Car[R] 94th Anti-Tank Bttn(-): 2 x Archer Deploy within 10" of Ruafa Dam. Forward Observers: Any two (2) armed stands may contain attached FO's What-if Option: The Egyptian "Front Line" ran northwest of Abu Agiela to al Arish (3rd Infantry Division command post). There was an Armored Brigade garrisoned at Gebel Libni, 30 km west of Abu Agiela. On October 30th, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft spotted an armored column approaching Abu Agiela from the northwest. The report proved to be false, but the Israelis sent two platoons from the 82nd Armored Battalion to delay the arrival of these "phantoms". Relief Column: 1 x T-34/85(HQ), 10 x T-34/85, 10 x SU-100 [Break Point: 37] Enter from Northwest corner of the map.

Forward Observers: Any five (5) armed stands may contain attached FO's * See "Israel" (1956) in the TO&E section of the rules for information on the "Avia C-210" fighter bomber. What-if Option: At this time, 9th Armored Battalion/7th Armored Brigade was past the southern mouth of the Diakla Pass, racing west to reinforce the paratroopers at Mitla Pass 140 km away. This unit was composed of AMX-13 (75) Tanks. One or two companies of this battalion could have detoured north to assist with repulsing the expected Egyptian riposte at Abu Agiela. 9th Armored Battalion(-): [Break Point: 22] 1 x AM X -13(HQ), 8 x AMX-13

Enter from southwest corner of the map.