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Cedar Mountain 9 August 1862

Union Elements Army of the Potomac MG John Pope

John Pope Cavalry Artillery Artillery 1, 3 Brigade 2nd Division (Christopher C. Auger) 1, 2 , 3 Brigades Elements of Union 3rd Army Corps Ricketts Division (BG Ricketts) 1, 2, 3, 4 Artillery 4 Minie 1 Mixed Field Artillery 2 Minie 1 inert HQ 1 Inferior Dragoons 1 Mixed Heavy Artillery 2 Mixed Field Artillery 2 Minie

Union 2nd Army Corps (MG Nathaniel P. Banks) 1st Division (BG Alpheus S. Williams)

Confederate Left Wing Army of Northern Virginia ("Stonewall" Jackson)

Thomas StonewallJackson) Cavalry Brigade Stonewall, Garrett, Taliaferro Artillery Early, Trimble, Louisana Tigers Artillery Light Division (MG Ambrose P. Hill) Branch, Archer, Thomas, Starke, Pender, Field Artillery Lawton, Gregg 1 Mixed Field Artillery 2 Bayonets Lawton's Command - Guarding Supply train (BG Alexander R. Lawton) 6 Bayonets 1 Brilliant CP 1 Dragoons 3 Bayonets 1 Mixed Field Artillery 3 Bayonets 1 Mixed Heavy Artillery

Winder's Division (BG Charles S.Winder)

Ewell's Division (MG Richard S. Ewell)