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National Engineering College

In is a (An Autonomous impart their LATEX pronounced «Lah-tech» addition to the faculty of the institution, resource persons from premier educational institutions willInstitution)expertise. Department of Information Technology ELIGIBILITY document preparation system for high-quality K.R.Nagar, Kovilpatti, typesetting. It is most often used for medium-to-large Tamilnadu – 628 503 technical and scientific documents but it•canFaculty from AICTE approved Engineering Colleges. be used for almost any form of publishing. LATEX is not a • Personnel from R&D organization and Industry are also eligible to attend the programme. National Level Workshop word processor! Instead, LATEX separates content on from formatting and facilitates REGISTRATION FEE portability of Technical Paper Writing Using documents. 1. hands on Rs. 300/This workshop will provide Faculty Members LaTex practical experience on Latex. LaTeX is a document 30-11-12 preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is most often used for technical or scientific papers by DD drawn in favour of “The Principal, National Engineering College” payable at Kovilpatti along with the registration REGISTRATION FORM • Payment writing for journals by researchers, engineers and form. Name : mathematicians at large. The typesetting system BOARDING offers programmable writing features and extensive Qualification : facilities for automating most aspects of typesetting. Designation : Sex : Food will be provided to all the participants. TOPICS TO BE COVERED • • • •


: Teaching ……… Yrs, Indu …… Yrs

Registration on Typesetting journal articles, technical reports, or before
books, and slide presentations. Intimation of selection Control over large documents containing only) (through e-mail Sectioning, cross-references, tables and the participants Confirmation Typesetting of complex mathematical formulas. only) (through e-mail Advanced typesetting of mathematics with AMS-LaTeX.

: 21.11.12 : 23.11.12 : 26.11.12

Organization : Communication Address Pin: Phone numbers (With STD Code) (Off) (Res) Mobile E-mail : :

Automatic generation of bibliographies and indexes. Multi-lingual typesetting. Inclusion of artwork, and process or spot color. Using PostScript or Meta font fonts.

Details of Registration Fee: Draft No…………....Dt…………….Amt.Rs………… Name of the Bank………………………….................. Is accommodation required? : YES / NO

R.S.R. Distributed and Object Oriented Computing. Parallel Computing. Pin code . UG AP/IT and PG students of our college enjoy good campus placement prospects. National abide by the rules and regulations governing the programme. I agree to Engineering On established in the year 1984. Tamil Nadu. E-mail : deptit_nec@yahoo. RDBMS Lab and Software Project (For more copies. It offers 7 UG. Grid Computing. NEC has several centers of excellence 30-11-2012 and laboratories.Tech Information Technology programme was started in the year 2001. Artificial Intelligence./Ms/Dr. The college has signed MoU with research organizations and industries in order to promote closer interaction with other institutions in SPONSORSHIP the areas of technology development. Use Xerox) ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT ABOUT THE INSTITUTE The B. degrees in all Date: Signature of the candidate LaTex departments. The entire campus is connected through OFC and sophisticated Internet facility is provided for academic and research work. Due authority with office Seal Mr.628 503 .628 503 Phone: 0ff: (04632) 222 502 Website: The department is well equipped with advanced laboratories like Network Management Lab. and Network security. DECLARATION BY THE CANDIDATE National level Workshop College was The given information is true to the best of my knowledge. Wireless Communication.D. National Engineering College.if to attend the programme. It is accredited by NBA.. curriculum updation and development of Mr..D. training of Convener students. state-of-art centers./Prof………………………………. Convener. Tamil Nadu . He/She will be permitted Dr. K.MANIMEGALAI. Organized by Department of Information Technology National Engineering College. Data Mining. Image Processing. Programming Lab. Real Time Systems. Department of Information Technology.Nagar.MANIMEGALAI. If selected. The Department has stable and experienced staff members.Rajagopal to the excellent academic climate in the campus. The College has well-equipped… is an employee of our institution and hereby sponsored. The faculty members are actively engaged in research activities in the areas like Texture Mobile Ad-hoc Networking. (An Autonomous Institution) K. Thoothukkudi Dist. Address for Communication Dr.D.Nagar.. 9 PG and several research Place: Technical Paper Writing Using programmes leading to Ph. This department is fully accommodated with modern Hardware and Software accessibility to cater to the academic needs of students and staff. Kovilpatti. Prof & Head /IT Dept laboratories for all branches of engineering and also has close interactions with the leading Industries and Date: Signature of the sponsoring Co-ordinator IT firms for students training and project works. Tuticorin District. I shall attend the programme.