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DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

termed as DMC hereafter

growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

is large infrastructure company

in terms of revenues, earnings, projects etc. It has over 10 years of track record of sustained

construction, site development, tunnelling, hydro power projects, wind Power, Mining.The company earnings arise from infrastructure projects, power generation and mining. Its equipments, highly skilled man power mitigates any challenges in the market. DMC has plans exposure across varied business segments, geographies, self-owned machineries and for nuclear and thermal power components manufacturing and services business. DMC has and nuclear power component manufacturing business.

DMCs primary business is development of irrigation projects, earthen dams, roads

joined hands with Russian power companies for the thermal power sector services business

DMC Vision
To be a dominant player in the infrastructure development, establish a sustainable hydro power generation business and a power sector services company maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

DMC Mission

DMC aims to build distinctive identity through different business lines with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service

DMC Values

Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality. Ethical and professional service Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.

Infrastructure and Hydro Power Project

DMC is a pioneer company in infrastructure development. We have been working as government contractors for water resources development, Government of Maharashtra for construction of earthen dams and related works.

1. Chitri Dam. Rs 5.1 crores 2. Dhom Balkawdi dam. Wai. Mahabaleshwar. Rs 172 crs 3. Arjuna Dam. Pachal. Rs 390 crores 4. Morbe Dam. Karjat. Rs 160 crores

River Linking Project

1. Nira Bhima Tunnel Under Krishna Basin Stabilisation. This is a Joint Venture Project of SOMA DMC worth Rs. 536.74 Croress

1. ICPO at the Dhom Balkawdi Dam. Rs 12.5 crores 2. ICPO at Chitri Dam Rs 12.9 crores 3. ICPO at the Arjuna Dam. Rs 12.8 crores

Irrigation projects
1. Basappwadi irrigation project. Rs 11 crores 2. Kasari irrigation project. Rs 15.0 crores 3. Chitri irrigation project. 4. Arjuna Canal. Rs 8.4 crores. 5. Dhom canal. Rs 6 crores.

Hydro power projects

1. Bhira hydro electric project. Rs 11 crores 2. Radhanagari hydro electric project. Rs 33 crores. 3. Phatakwadi hydro electric project. Rs 32 crores. 4. Tarali hydro electric project. Project awarded on BOT basis. Outlay of approx Rs 45 crores

Industrial infrastructure
1. In house maintenance shop of the construction machinery spread over 3.2 lac sq ft. 2. Textile industry set up from yarn to garment facility spread over 3 lac sq ft.

Urban Infrastructure
1. Royal Green field residential project. 2. Exclusive designer residential and commercial projects of mega size. 3. Development of facility for the state Home department.

Rehabilitation projects
1. Dhom project affected population.

2. Arjuna project affected population. Land Development Project

2. DMC is the major vendor to Nipro India a Japanese Manufacturing Unit and Shimuzu Corporation, a Construction Company to execute the civil works. Project worth Rs. 27 Crores executed successfully at Shirval near Pune.


D M Corporation Pvt. Ltd. inherits the experience of earthwork and earthmoving machinery related projects from the preceding generation of its founder Mr. Dilip Mohite. The business activities of M/s. R. M .Mohite and company a company founded by Mr. Ramchandra Mohite, father of Mr. Dilip Mohite were started in 1961. These were road works, canal works, earthen dams and other irrigation projects in Konkan and western Maharashtra. The main irrigation projects constructed by M/s. R. M. Mohite and Company in last few years are as follows: 1. Bhira Hydro Electric Project. Dist: Raigad. Cost of Completion: Rs. 11 Crores 2. Bassapwadi Medium Irrigation Project, Dist: Sangli Cost of Completion: Rs. 11 Crores

3. Morbe Medium Irrigation Project. Dist: Raigad. Cost of Completion: Rs. 160 Crores 4. Kasari Medium Irrigation Project. Dist: Kolhapur Cost of Completion: Rs. 15 Crores M/s. Mohite & Mohite (Engineers & Contractors), a partnership firm headed by Mr. Dilip Mohite was incorporated in 1997. The following are the works completed by this partnership firm, 1. Construction of Earthen Dams with ungated spillway across river Krishna at Dhom Balkwadi, Tal: Wai, Dist: Satara. Cost of Completion: Rs. 170.94 Crores 2. Construction of Irrigation & Power Outlet for the Dhom Balkawadi Dam. Tal: Wai, Dist: Satara. Cost of Completion: Rs. 12.50 Crores 3. Construction of Earthen Dams, waste weir & Irrigation cum power outlet across Chitri River at Rajewadi, Tal: Ajra, Dist: Kolhapur Cost of Completion: Rs. 50.55 Crores Mohite and Mohite (Engineers & Contractors) Pvt. Ltd. a private limited company recently renamed as D M CORPORATION PVT. LTD. was established in year 2002. Following is the list of projects which are either under construction or in the pipeline. I. Arjuna Medium Irrigation Project.

The details of main contract for the earthen dam and other contracts related to this medium irrigation project, 1. Construction of Earthen Dams and Appurtenant structures for Arjuna Irrigation Project, Dist Ratnagiri. Work Cost- Rs. 261.36 Crores 2. Construction of Arjuna Left Bank Canal for Km 1 & 2 earthwork & structures for Arjuna Project, Tal. Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri. Work Cost- Rs. 4.16 Crores 3. Construction of Arjuna Left Bank Canal for Km 3 & 4 earthwork & structures for Arjuna Project, Tal. Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri. Work Cost- Rs. 4.11 Crores

4. Construction of Irrigation Cum Power Outlet @ RD 50m (Tunnel Type) for Arjuna Project, Tal. Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri. Work Cost- Rs. 12.88 Crores 5. Arjuna main canal Km 0 o 280m. Tal. Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri Work Cost- Rs. 0.89 Crores 6. Construction of water supply scheme for Pachal Rehabilitation colony for Arjuna Project, Tal Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri Work Cost- Rs. 0.31 Crores 7. Construction of water supply scheme for Pangri, Yerdav Rehabilitation Colony for Arjuna Project, Tal Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri Work Cost- Rs. 0.48 Crores. II. Construction of Nira Bhima Tunnel (Link 5) under Krishna Bhima Stabilisation Project, Tal. Indapur, Dist. Pune [SOMA-DMC (JV)]. Work Cost- Rs.161.00 Crores (DMC) & Total Cost-Rs. 536.74 Crores. III. Phatakwadi (Ghataprabha) Hydro Electric Project 8 MW (4 x 2 MW) at village Phatakwadi, Tal. Chandgad, Dist. Kolhapur, Self Identified BOT Project under Water Resources Department, Government of Maharashtra. Work Cost- Rs. 26.93 Crores IV. Tarali Hydro Electric Project, Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara. Highest Bidder, Project awarded. The outlay would be about Rs 45.00 crores . Arjuna Medium Irrigation Project: Main contract is for the earthen dam and other contracts are for related structures viz., ICPO (Irrigation Cum Power Outlets), Canals and Rehabilitation works. The main tender is awarded in 2001. All these contracts are Govt. Contracts funded by Government of Maharashtra Water Resources Department (GOMWRD) and its administrative organizations. The time and the cost both have overrun for these contracts mainly due to reasons attributable to GOMWRD viz., Shortage of funds, PAP (Project Affected Persons), rehabilitation delays, change in design, etc. The amount for all contracts was Rs. 118.50 Crores which is likely to novate upto Rs. 324.2 Crores. The contracts are on verge of completion and are likely to be substantially completed by 31st May 2011. Site cleaning, some finishing works and finalisation of contract will remain to be completed after monsoon.

The magnitude of work involved is as below: Sr. Item Unit Total Quantity executed during Gorge Total Quantity 1,49,633 91,595 32,91,508 35,865 1,01,385 18,297 11,515 1396 21.684 120 Output / Day 12,47 763 27429 299 845 152 95.96 11.63 0.18

Quantities for Filling the project 12,08,130 2,35,918 1,03,57,704 1,90,687 4,50,788 88,413 35,040 3,148 680 1,260

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9.

Excavation in Soft Strata Excavation in Hard Strata Embankment including C. O. T. Filling Inclined

Cum Cum Cum

filter/drains/sand matt Pitching Metal Revetment Rock Toe Cement Concrete

sand Cum Cum Cum Cum Cum MT Days

Reinforcement/Structural Steel Total Working days

It can be seen from the table that the total quantity of an embankment executed in a season is about 33 Crores of cum at an average daily output of 27500 cum. The 17 poclans, 100 tippers of various capacities, 11 dozars, 8 water tankers, 6 compactors and other ancillary earth moving machinery was used in 3shifts with 20 hours daily working. About 500 operators, 50 mechanical staff and about 50 labourers for cleaning were working for this achievement. Summarizing it can be confidently said that the company has in house capacity to execute earthwork related projects of any magnitude.

NIPRO INDIA LAND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Nipro India is Japanese Manufacturing Unit and Shimuzu Corporation is Construction Company to execute the civil works. The land Development work for Nipro project required earthwork capacity involving daily average excavation of hard rock @4500 cum capacity and placing it in embankment. Shimuzu were in search of such organization and we are appropriate organisation meeting the requirements of the job. And a Contract is signed and is completed in about 4 months. The contract value is Rs. 27.00 Crores.

NIRA BHIMA TUNNEL UNDER KRISHNA BASIN STABILISATION: This is a Joint Venture Project of SOMA DMC (70:30).The work involves 9 Km open excavation and 14 Km Tunnel. The cost of project is Rs. 536.74 Crores. The work order is issued but the work is yet to be started due to opposition of local people. The major qualities of Earthwork for this project are, Open Excavation: 25 Lakhs cum. Tunnelling: 9.8 Lakhs cum.


Chairman, DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Y.S.P. Thorat who retired as Chairman, NABARD is presently the Chief Executive Officer of the Rajiv Gandhi Trust and the Chairman of the Advisory Panel of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. He is a member of the Governing Board of the NIBM, Member of the Senate and Academic Council of the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Member on the Board of the Indian Society of Agricultural Professionals, TATAs and a number of other Corporates. He is Strategic Advisor to MicroEnsure and the GTZ which is the development funding arm of the German Government in India. He started his career as Manager in Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1972 and rose to the position of Executive Director in 2003. He left RBI in 2004 to take up appointment as Managing Director, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and retired as Chairman of NABARD (2006-2007). After retirement and before joining Mr Rahul Gandhi, Dr Thorat was Dean, FLAME where he lectured in Indian and Western Philosophy. Dr Thorat has a wide experience in rural finance, microfinance and agricultural indebtedness. He was associated as Member of various International Committees like Advisory Committee for Microcredit Summit Campaign, Halifax (2006), Banking Specialist, UN-FAO Mission to Ethiopia (2001), Rural Banking Specialist UNOPS Mission to Maldives (2000), among others.

He holds a degree in Political Science and Law and a doctorate in Economics. Interestingly, notwithstanding his current preoccupations, he has a Ph.D in Progress from the University of Reading, U.K.


Educational Ph.D.; 2006; Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Ph.D. in progress, University of Reading, U.K, on Provision of Micro Finance services through Path Sansthas Societies). (Non-Agricultural Cooperative Credit

Degree in Political Science; Gokhale Award Winner; 1968; 1st Rank; Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Degree in Law; 1970; Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Executive Experience:
Reserve Bank of India

1. Executive Director RBI, Mumbai, 2003-04

2. Regional Director, RBI, Mumbai 2002.

3. Regional Director, RBI, Delhi 2001 4. Principal, Bankers Training College, 1999. 5. Rural Planning and Credit Department,1993-1999 6. Urban Cooperative Banks Department, 1989-1993

NABARD 1. As Chairman, NABARD (2006-Nov. 2007) 3. Chairman, NABCONS@. [2004-2006] 2. As MD, NABARD Member of Board. [2004-2006] 4. Director, Agricultural Finance Corporation [2006-Nov. 2007]

5. Director, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (2006-Nov.


6. Member, Governing Council, Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

Nov. 2007)


Sr. No.


Nature of Interest

Tata Chemcials Ltd Enam Infrastructure Trustee Co. Pvt.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Ltd. Khed Developers Ltd. Sahayog Microfinance Ltd. Indigram Pvt. LTd. Menon Pistons Ltd. Menon Bearings Ltd. DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. OTHER INSTITUTES

Director Director Non-Executive Chairman Member - Advisory Board Director Director Chairman

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust N.I.B.M. Shivaji University D.Y. Patil University, Kolhapur OCP India Advisory Board Shevantabai Shankarrao Foundation Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Trust FLAME Advisory Council Chennai Education Center, KFI COMMITTEES

CEO Member - Governing Board Member - Senate and Academic Council Member - Governing Board Member - India Advisory Board Trustee Trustee Member - Advisory Board Member - Executive Committee

Menon Pistons Ltd. - Audit Committee



MD, DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Dilip Mohite, is an entrepreneur with the determined perception and with a strong will power who believes in winning his every single decision by his hard work and consistency. At present he is the managing director of DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Company has been instrumental in the inception and growth of this company. He was born on 23th May 1961.

BE (Civil), Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli. Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India).

Created a company which is the highest contracting limits with the state government of Maharashtra. Established a successful public listed Textile Company, RM Mohite Textiles Ltd., and Served as Chairman & MD since 1995-2008. Established West End Fashions Pvt. Ltd., wherein he is a Director. Established the green power segment of the company with 16.4 MW capacity acquired and an objective to hit 50 MW by 2012.

Work Experience:
Main Projects completed on BOT basis are Phatakwadi SHP on Ghataprabha River, Arjuna Medium Irrigation project, Tal. Rajapur, Dist: Ratnagiri, Dhom Balkawadi, Tal: Wai, District: Satara, Chitri Dam, Chitri River at Rajewadi, Tal: Ajra, Dist: Kolhapur, Construction of Nira Bhima Tunnel, Tal. Indapur, Dist. Pune Nipro India land development project, Shirval , Pune Nira Bhima tunnel under Krishna basin stabilisation.

Felicitated by the State Government of Maharashtra then Irrigation Minister Mr. Ajitdada Pawar in appreciation of Dhom-Balakavadi Dam, which is the only project of MKVDC, completed well ahead of the Schedule that too by maintaining very high standards of quality parameters of the work. Felicitated by the Finance Minister Mr. Jayantrao Patil as a successful engineer on the Engineers Day in the memoir of Sir Vishveshwarayya. Awarded Kolhapur Bhushan by Kolhapur Municipal Corporation in recognition of support to the poorest of the poor people, creating employment opportunities, social activities for up-liftment of economically weaker & exploited section of the society and the meaningful contribution and unparallel efforts taken in overall development in the Industrial Sector of Kolhapur District. Nominated as a Board Member of the Board of Shivaji University for the college and university development plan. Was a successful Chairman of the students council of Shivaji University and has been instrumental for a lot of development projects for the university. Chairman of the Alumni of Xaviers High school and has contributed a great lot for the development and upliftment of the ex students of the school.


Director, DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Date of birth: 15th May, 1952 Qualification: B. Com., LLB, CAIIB
In Sangli Bank Ltd., a well known private sector bank, He had worked for about 21 years, of which 17 years he worked in a supervisory cadre. Out of 21 years experience, he have worked At branch level for ten years.

As Regional Manager for about five years.

Head Office Level as Chief Manager for about six years.

Last scale drawn by him was in scale IV (Sr. Management Cadre). In Sangli Bank Ltd., held various senior positions, as under

From Jan - 1981 Dec-1983

To Dec. 1983 June-1986

Placement H.O. Sangli Regional Office, Belgaum

Designation In-charge, (Dev. Dept). Area Manager; Karnataka

July-1987 June-1986 May-1988

May -1988 July-1987 May-1991

Regional Office, Belgaum Regional Office, Sangli Head Office, Sangli Regional Office & FOREX Dept, Mumbai Chennai Branch.

Area Manager; Karnataka Sangli Area Manager, Sangli Chief Manager Credit & Personnel



Regional Manager (International Business Dev.) Chief Manager



During June 1994 to Nov. 1994 worked in Ratnakar Bank Ltd., as a Branch Manager of its Shahupuri Branch, Kolhapur. He left this bank for better prospectus.

Training Programs Attended in the past He has attended the following training programmes conducted by Reserve Bank of India, At Bankers, Training College, Mumbai, while he was in the employment of Sangli Bank Ltd. > Lending for Working Capital Management > Advanced Credit Management Programme > Regional Managers' Programme

> Programme on Disciplinary Actions

> Foreign Exchange Orientation Programme

Job Profile with Mohite Group

During 13-11.1994 to 31-07=08, 1 was associated with R.M.Mohite Textiles Ltd., (R.MMTL) as General Manager -- Finance. Shares of this Company are listed on stock exchange, Mumbai. This Company's 20%.

annual turnover is of around 106 crores, of which share of export turnover is about This Company has two subsidiary companies viz. Mohite & Mohite (Engineers & Contractors) Pvt. Ltd, [MMPL] and First Steps Baby wear Pvt Ltd., Bangalore. [FSBW]. company of RMM3L. Very soon MMPL will be independent company and it will not be a subsidiary MMPL is engaged in development of infrastructure projects and FSBW is engaged in manufacturing of baby wear garments. Group turnover is around Rs. 500 crores.

My assignment comprised export documentation, finalization of accounts, liasoning / sales tax authorities pertaining to Flagship Company as well as its group companies.

with banks, financial institutions, stock exchanges, SEBI, NSDL, CDSL, and income tax Since Sept-08, I am inducted as a whole time director of DM Corporation Pvt, Ltd. designation as Director (Finance).

formerly known as M/s Mohite & Mohite (Engineers & Contractors) Pvt. Ltd, with the

Mr. Vijay M. Joshi

Director, DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. He was born on 15th April, 1972. He is an emerging yet indomitable business personality. He has an inevitable sense of converting every opportunity into a profit centre. Through his continued research he is diversifying the business portfolio of the company, designing business structures and business policies for the collaboration and working on a business plan. He is building and expanding the team of professionals to develop business segments.

Major Reforms under his leadership:

Liaison with global companies and institutions to build partnership in segments Ascertained partnerships with foreign entities for technology to serve Indian Initiated the business of Nuclear/Thermal power components manufacturing and service facilities. He forfeited company to move towards private sector contracting from the government sector in order to achieve Companys 50 MW capacities by 2012. power sector. of Power, Mining, Infrastructure projects.

Educational Qualification: Qualification

M. B. A.
Bachelor Of Pharmacy

University/ College
Tasmac University University Of Pune St. Philomenas convent, Nasik St. Xaviers, Nasik

1996 -1998 1989 - 1993 1987-1989 1980-1987


College School

Work Experience:

Director, Business Development at DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zonal Manager at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd over 5 years.

15 years experience in the Bio-pharma, Allied chemicals, Finance industry