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A Historic Exemplar!

You drivel on about liberty

Yet you strip others of theirs
You claim you care for peace
Whilst leaving a trail of dead stares
You express freedom of speech
But you threaten anyone who dares

You speak about due justice

But you readily break all the laws
You say you protect humanity
An excuse to imprison without cause
You declare you’re fighting “terror”
When you’re the basis of all the wars

You invade to abolish tyranny

But in secret it’s all a hoax
You want to liberate “his” people
With this mantra, your people you coax
You ignite their ignorance with fear
“Shielding” them from illusory cloaks

You torture in the name of security

And without shame assault their privacy
You exploit your term of power
Whilst accusing others of controversy
All to get your hands on riches not yours
Under the smokescreen of “democracy”

Your men and women you sacrifice

You send them to do your dirty works
You salute them for their valorous ways
Knowing in every corner, danger quietly lurks
You sheathe them with the flag when they die
And your hand in the deaths you gladly shirk

But now the joke’s on you . . .

You’ve been rejected by your own

With your lies, they can no longer be swindled
They now fight to unmask the truth
Your effect on them has long dwindled
Because of your malicious tactics
A new sense of sentience has rekindled

You are now exposed for the tyrant you are

Your words and deeds can no longer justify
Your sinful actions, your ghastly ways
Which you’ll never be able to rectify
In history you’ll forever be remembered
And degeneracy is what you’ll exemplify

Saturday, 16th June 2012