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Can SUSY Explain a 130 GeV Fermi Signal?

Lampros Lamprou Stanford University SITP Rotation

B. Shakya, arXiv: 1209.2427v2 Bringmann et al, arXiv: 1203.1312v3

Irregularities in the Fermi Spectrum

Bump at ~130

Independent analyses

Statistical significance ~3

photons in the energy range ~5 200

Data considered:
Inner ~3 radius region around Galactic Center

Irregularities in the Fermi Spectrum

Cohen et. al.

Irregularities in the Fermi Spectrum

Finkbeiner et. al.

Irregularities in the Fermi Spectrum

Can this be a sign of the anticipated Dark Matter?

First fitting attempts:

1) ~130

1027 3 1

3) Einasto profile for D.M. Distribution

4) Monochromatic line signal!!

Continuum problem!

Is the neutralino ruled out by the data?


Review of the MSSM neutralino

Neutral scalar components of , obtain v.e.v.

Non diagonal 4 4 mass matrix for the neutral fermionic components of , , and weak hypercharge 1 gauge supermultiplets:

Bino, Wino and the two Higgsinos combine to give neutral, fermionic mass eigenstates!

Review of the MSSM neutralino

These are the MSSM neutralinos! The lightest of them has been a prominent candidate for Dark Matter
Neutralinos coupling to particles coupled to the photon should produce a large continuum of lower energy photons

Problem with Fermi data:

Neutralino D.M. can be saved!

If it is mostly Bino, we take into account Internal Bremsstahlung and the Fermi line is not actually a line!

Internal Bremsstahlung
Theory coupled to E&M
For every diagram, there is an identical one with additional photons in the final state (first order radiative corrections)

Cases (a) and (b): Final State Radiation (FSR) Case (c): Virtual Internal Bremsstahlung (VIB)

Internal Bremsstahlung

Final State Radiation:

Relativistic final states Collinear photons (pole of the propagator)

Virtual I.B.:

Initial particle and mediator: degenerate

1 2

Enhancement for small , or ~ Peak in the gamma spectrum around !!!

Internal Bremsstahlung
V.I.B. Provides us with a peak (kinematic edge) But its higher order correction in perturbation theory! We need a suppressed lower order annihilation to make the effect apparent

Helicity suppression is an interesting and applicable scenario!


Lessons from Pion Decay

Pion decays to , or to , Naively: > (due to phase space)


2 2 2 2

= 1.2 104

Reason: 1) couple chirally to leptons

2) Relativistic chiral leptons have well defined helicity Wrong electron helicity!

3) Angular momentum conservation


Toy model for Dark Matter

: Majorana Dark Matter fermion of mass

: Scalar particle of mass ~ (coupled to photons)

: Standard Model fermion of mass

Yukawa interaction:

= + . .

Dark Matter Annihilation Diagrams


Toy model for Dark Matter

The final state fermions are relativistic Well defined helicity Angular momentum conservation Both particles have the same helicity

But we necessarily have a final state! Helicity suppressed interaction:

2 4 = 2 2 321

1 1+
2 2 2


Neutralino Dark Matter

In the supersymmetric context the mediating scalar is a sfermion and neutralino is a neutral Weyl spinor, thus Majorana!

We can save neutralino Dark Matter if:

1) Neutralino mass is about 130 2) The sfermions and the neutralino are degenerate

Interaction Lagrangian when : = + + . .

As in the toy model: Helicity suppression of the tree level annihilation and enhanced peak in V.I.B. spectrum close to

Neutralino Dark Matter

Wino and Higgsino have W and Z boson as final state (massive final state)
Helicity suppress doesnt work!

Therefore: Neutralino has to be mostly bino

Parameter space considered to fit the data:

~120 160 ~( 20) ( + 20)


Neutralino Dark Matter


There is an apparent 130 signal in Fermi Data Its not clear what causes it It could be a sign of Dark Matter If its D.M., neutralino is still a valid candidate! It has to be mostly Bino of mass ~140 Sleptons must have masses very close to Correct thermal relic density is tractable: 0.001 h2 0.3

The continuum problem is solved by helicity suppression The line is caused by the kinematic edge in I.B. spectrum

Thank you!