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From Vain to Dandy Chapter 20

Chapter 20
When Elliot Dawson asked her to join him for a drink over the phone, Nicki Chantelle assumed he was setting this up to be a date between the two of them. But then, he went on about how depressed one of his co-workers was and wanted her to bring along a couple of female friends if possible. As Nicki drove a college friend and a co-worker to the bar where she was supposed to meet Elliot and his co-worker, Nicki wondered to herself whether she was relieved or disappointed that she misunderstood Elliot's intentions. From what she gathered from meeting Elliot so far, he seemed to like her enough. “No, impossible,” Nicki said when one of her friends asked if there was any chance Elliot was interested in her. “You will see for yourself. He is extremely good-looking and completely out of my league.” “You say that but you're friends with Blaine West.” “I'm telling you,” said Nicki, feeling defensive. “Blaine is not that type of person. He doesn't discriminate against anyone. If you take the time to approach and chat with him, you'll find that he is as friendly as any decent regular guy.” “It's still intimidating though.” Nicki smiled. “That's true. But once you meet Elliot, you'll understand.” Like he promised over the phone, Elliot Dawson waited for Nicki and her friends in front of the bar. After greeting Elliot, Nicki turned her attention to his coworker. As expected of a One Heart conversationalist, the dirty blond-haired male had a handsome face, but not at the level of Blaine or Elliot. Actually, Nicki decided that maybe the reason she thought he was attractive in the first place was because of expectations. Psychology at work, perhaps? Nevertheless, it turned out she was right since her two friends showed way more interest in Elliot than his friend. They had no idea that Elliot or his friend were acquainted with Blaine or One Heart. However, despite everything, Nicki could not stop looking at Elliot's co-worker. His brown eyes looked sad somehow. Elliot was not lying when he said his friend needed cheering up. “Are you okay?” Nicki asked him after the other two girls dragged Elliot away. “Yeah, I'll be fine,” he answered with his beer at hand. “So, what's your name again?” “Again?” He tried to laugh. “I didn't introduce myself since no one asked.” “Surely, a One Heart conversationalist should know better.” “Jake Parke, and,” Jake said with a genuine smile this time. “I see it now. You are the one Elliot specifically mentioned earlier. Blaine West's close friend? What's

you don't seem close to him at all.” “Cherry's a cute pet name.” “What's the real reason why you're here though?” Nicki blinked at Jake. “He was once a branch manager back at New York. if say your mother or ex-boyfriend addressed you by that pet name. though admittedly creative in an odd sense to say the very least.why would such a caring. especially not at this hour. I'm very impressed with Mandy at the moment. “Blaine gave it to you?” “Correct.your name. “Your ability to arrive to quick yet accurate deductions is reminiscent of both Blaine and Elliot. or at least not on the weekend.” Jake moved in closer to Nicki since they say at a circular table with cushions.” said Jake.” “The only reason I agreed to this is because Blaine's roommate is currently babysitting my brothers.” Jake finished his beer. shrugging. .” said Nicki. “Otherwise. “You should meet Joel Eduardo. “Though.” Nicki said with a sigh. “You don't seem like the reckless type.” “I expected otherwise since you agreed to this outing.” “No way. but 'Cherry' is fine. motherly sister leave her brothers at home with a trustworthy male figure to see someone she is supposedly not close to?” “One Heart conversationalists are scary. How many brothers and are they all younger?” “Three and yes.” Jake repeated tastefully. “You're better than Elliot Dawson. “Plus. And my name is Nicki Chantelle. He ordered another beer from one of the passing waiters. He's the best of the best.” Jake said. Nicki frowned. amused. Jake tore his eyes away from Nicki. All of this begs the question. “Dishing out fancy names is not his strongest suit. You definitely trust him a lot to leave your brothers with him.” Nicki said.” “I should meet all of you one day.” Jake said.” At the mention of Mandy's name. I can't compete with that record. would you really want me to call you that? Or why would you prefer me to call you that unless someone I know also does the same?” Nicki laughed. Ellie's better.” “I'm not. The way his face completely changed did not escape Nicki's observation though.. How did you figure that out?” “His child's name is Angel and his dog's name is Pizza. they are.” Jake lifted a brow at Nicki.” Nicki said. “It sounds like a fun and productive center. “Excuse me?” “You're obviously a responsible older sister. “You probably wake up early every morning to cook their breakfast and drive them to school since there's no real parental figures at home.. Cherry. sweetheart?” “You are definitely a One Heart worker. I wouldn't abandon them.

but I still impose my feelings on her even though it's impossible for her. but it doesn't matter to me.” Nicki said.” Jake stated. wore his heart on his sleeve? Sure..” “You escaped.” said Nicki after a short period of silence.” “But a fitting one. Jake grabbed a hold of Nicki's wrist. but 'never' is an extreme term. “I know her circumstances better than anyone. “I want to face society with a strong face.. “I don't know. “I do not wish to interfere. Mandy was the master of this.” “Hm. “How long has this been going on?” “Since my mother passed away. or how hard I try. But why was it that this man. who was definitely one of Mandy's workers. “Blaine's roommate. I'm not unhappy with my current lifestyle.” Jake laughed bitterly with a distant look on his face now.” said Jake. placing a hand on Nicki's head and rubbing it slowly. And in the middle of all this. “is someone I care about. I have to pick Devi up from his friend's house and cook dinner for all of them. “Yes. Nicki flushed slightly as she said.” Nicki sighed. “Mandy told you about me?” Despite the hurt expression on Jake's face. but she had a feeling he was usually like this.” “Just a breather once in a while?” Jake said with a sweet smile.” Nicki stopped and took a deep breath.” Nicki said honestly. but he stresses out easily. “And then. “I mean it.. she was not a One Heart member and he was not her conversationalist since she was not paying the center.” “I can see why Ellie and even Dandy Mandy like Cherry so much. Justin too I guess. he nodded to Nicki's question and removed his hand from her. they were extremely good at hiding their inner desires and true feelings like an actor playing out a role on camera.... “She called me on the phone and gushed about how you and Blaine remind her of my friendship with her.” said Nicki. “No matter how long I wait. she will never see me as anything else.” Jake argued.. It's too bad. I love my brothers more than anything and I like taking care of them and. It's not necessary.From her experience with One Heart men. “I should go home soon.” Nicki said with a firm nod.” “Do you have any time to yourself at all?” Nicki thought about it.” Nicki noticed how Jake looked unconvinced. It's not easy living with someone as perfect and popular as Blaine. isn't it . I'm not a worthy best friend at all. “But because he has no confidence in confronting Blaine himself. Elliot called me. “Where is your father?” “His company transferred him to Texas. I don't blame him though. he seeks my attention and advice when I should be studying and completing my assignments for class instead..” “Although I do not know your relationship with Mandy that well.

. “As long as she truly loves me and only me. “You'll lure Ellie back and our fun will stop. I can see that.” Nicki grumbled to herself...” Nicki answered.” “Oh. Dandy Mandy did. “Yes. An extreme one. I can't do that with my current lifestyle. no. “I don't have the time to date.” Nicki said. my life is complete. I go too far. For the first time. she'll probably laugh and accept on a whim.” said Nicki. “I hear that conversationalists are on-call twenty-four seven from Blaine. surprised.natural to express your feelings to the person you like?” Jake finally noticed the beer the waiter dropped off a while ago and picked it up.. “I see. If I ask to start a family together with her. You caught me. Why didn't I see it before?” “See what before?” “Never mind. “Sorry about all this. Jake waved it off. She said she had never met a woman with such a strong moral compass before. for free. she'll probably agree to it. Actually. grinning and covering Nicki's mouth playfully..” Jake said quickly. “As long as she returns your feelings. Cherry. his eyes looked lively. Cherry?” “I do not. If I ask Dandy Mandy to marry me.” Even though Nicki tried as hard as possible to not react. The others usually make fun of me.” “Stop laughing.” Jake smiled dreamily. “Do you have a boyfriend. “That willful founder of yours. “Shit. calling me a hopeless romantic. you'll be happy?” “Yes!” Jake cried. too. You should be a conversationalist instead. but sometimes. “Maybe I should start charging Justin from now on. Jake blinked. unless she returns my feelings. But I can tell from conversing with you so far that you probably go on and on about yourself and your feelings.” Nicki said.” Blushing more than before.” .” “No. “I do what you guys do on a daily basis. “No. “I don't care if we argue every day..” “You won't though because you're a good person. blunt as usual. I don't care if she decides everything in our relationship. even in front of your members right?” It was Jake's turn to laugh this time. “Are you really a conversationalist?” “I don't seem like it?” “Nope!” Nicki said. “You really are a hopeless romantic. “Conversationalists should be impartial and professional.” Jake shook his head..” Jake said. She exaggerates. we don't talk much.” “Then. unable to accept himself.” “No way.” Nicki continued to laugh nevertheless. I don't care if she sleeps with Blaine West on the side.” said Jake. Nicki glanced away. “I mean your personality.” At Nicki's reaction. But none of that is enough for me. she burst out laughing. It's probably true..” “Did Blaine tell you that?” said Nicki.

If you don't like how they're treating you.” Nicki said. Cherry.” “Is that so.” said Jake. there will be a lot less misunderstandings involved.” Nicki said without a doubt. It's terrible and I feel for everyone involved in that family. say it. They even gave up on their education and have a child together. Since.” Nicki started as Jake finished his beer at last. the rest of us are usually not mind-readers. If you want to say 'I love you'.” “In other words.” “Wow.” “What other factors are there?” “They must get along with my family. “If they are still fine with dating me after that.” Nicki shrugged.” “What if that person asks you out? Will you tell them you have no time?” “Yes.” “That is true. Is there someone you like?” Nicki stared at Jake for a few seconds before she answered.” Nicki said. it won't be caused by me. “I cannot allow my significant other to be a burden on my family. I want to be able to marry someone who doesn't rely on me for financial support and I to them. .” Nicki said with a nod. The child is not even aware of what is going on and I'm there to witness everything. go see them. “I can't believe you'll tell that person you'll have no time for them. “It was a consensual marriage. Like any woman my age. “They are divorced.” “Two of my dearest friends married at around the age of seventeen. state it out loud. but that won't be the only factor for me. But now. They are both barely hanging on with their current incomes. If there is drama. I want to date someone I like too. “But I stick by my principles.” Nicki said. If you miss them.“Okay.” “Is that why you're so practical.” said Jake with a shrug. “They must be able to support themselves.” “Because I care about them. They cannot sort out their feelings for one another. “Yes.” “You say that because you're not in a relationship. I want them to know what they're signing up for.” “Like what?” “Like an anti-romantic. “If people are more honest and straightforward with each other. I don't think I will be swayed by momentary feelings.” Nicki lowered her eyes. Cherry?” “Just an opposing argument. there is.. different question. impressed. then I can't see why I would decline. with the exception of One Heart members. you are like. “Where's that co-worker of yours?” “Chances are your friends have taken him far away.... “I want to live life with as little drama as possible. I also want an equal and respectable relationship for everyone involved. a stable income?” “That's right.” said Nicki.

“I'm already feeling better thanks to Cherry keeping me company for the past hour. You're like a less sexy Asia.” said Nicki quickly. well. “This has never happened to me before. Whatever.. “That type of open relationship must be difficult for such a loyal. then?” Jake shook his head with a wide grin on his face. he's pretty famous for being a total softie. The brisk wind caught Nicki off guard as she strolled closer to Jake to guard from the chill.” Jake laughed and got up to his feet. Jake continued. that was a horrible comparison. “Those guys are a weird bunch.” Since Nicki looked interested. too. they exited the bar together.” Nicki said. He's quite persistent. “I mean.” The two called the waiter and waited for their check in silence. “Since I know them and I know him. She poked Jake's arm. “Yeah. “Just. romantic person like you to understand.” “The DC branch is actually full of One Heart conversationalists like that. Your aggressive friends must have snatched him easily.Nicki thought about how Jake's looks were average compared to One Heart workers while Elliot was a rare gem with a New York accent to boot. Major props for that. Jake wrapped his arm across her shoulders and pulled her to his side with his eyes straight forward. picking up her purse from the couch.” “I'll come with you then. Quick to notice Nicki's need for warmth. That's why I'm not sure what to do.” Jake yawned and shook his head. After they paid their own share (since Nicki refused to accept Jake's generosity). “Damn.. I have no idea how Asia and Tim are lasting this long since they're both unfaithful people by nature. I did.” “I also thought the same. Do you know the usual protocol for this? Should I call them to confirm? Or should we leave them alone?” “Did you drive them here?” Jake said. “Lucky bastard.” said Nicki.” “What about the California branch. “I might as well since I'll be heading our to my car anyways.” Jake said when they finally stopped in the second row of cars. yes. “Nice to know I'm similar to the woman who scared Blaine's roommate away from his apartment.” Nicki said thoughtfully.” Jake said.” “Hm.” . “Are you feeling better now.” Nicki remarked. trying hard not to laugh. He was supposed to help me cheer up.” said Jake with a reassuring smile. Jake?” “Sorry. “Yeah. Though I don't know him too well. there's Elliot.” “Thanks. Today sucked anyways. “It almost felt like I was the One Heart member and you were the conversationalist. “I'll check for Ellie's car and if it's gone. you know what to do then.” “Feel better.” Nicki glanced in Jake's direction when he started laughing. The gesture seemed so easy and friendly that Nicki thought nothing of it. You are nothing like Asia.

” “Well. Devi likes to bully him.” Nicki tossed Jake a firm look. steering Jake away. Nicki shook his head. “I trust Mandy's taste in men. it's not your fault at all. drive here. The doorbell's broken since yesterday so be sure to knock. “You haven't met most of them. there's our boss. “I don't have to. I'll just beg my boss Joel all night until he lets me crash at his home. “I should head home and check up on my family as well as Justin.” Nicki said. “And no one exists except Mandy for you. frowning. “It's not a bother to me.” said Jake honestly with a sigh. It's not my fault Ellie ditched me for a threesome. too.” “Is that everyone?” “Pretty much. “How do you know him so well?” “I can tell from the couple of times you mentioned him. “I'll take responsibility for introducing my friends to him.” Nicki placed a comforting hand on Jake's arm. “I'm going to avoid that place for a while. There's a chance I might find that poor guy tied up somewhere.” Nicki laughed. Our teenage conversationalist.” “Yeah. Kenichi is technically not single but that's not supposed I'm supposed to blurt out randomly like that. Jake thought about it. Cherry.” Jake said with a laugh.” Nicki decided.” said Jake with a smile.” said Nicki. hormonedriven high school student looking for a fling.” “What about your house?” Nicki said.” Jake said. not exactly. “He's probably sick of seeing your face at work all day. he can't say I didn't try to bond with Ellie.” Nicki checked her cell phone. You can crash at my house. “You shouldn't bother your boss.” “I assumed so.” “One of your brothers or Justin?” “Justin.” “Are you sure? We just met. We're a small center compared to the other branches. but in my defense. is apparently dating someone. I can tell by meeting Mandy and Elliot and now. Joel Eduardo and he's pretty committed.” “Oh. “Well.” Jake said quickly. “After you pack.” “I like your co-workers though.” “No. Darren. Same with Liam since he's married and old and have children.” Jake said. He's out to save all the animals of the world with volunteer work so he's not really an ordinary. but he's a good kid.“Then.” Nicki took out her stationary and quickly wrote down her address. though that guy has serious issues to take care of. nevertheless her best friend. “Have fun saving him.” . “No worries. you.” “Is everyone else single then?” said Nicki. “It's the same for Logan Holly.

“To put it bluntly. She's like that with everyone..” *** When Devi heard from his older sister Nicki that someone will be staying over at their house tonight. he opened the door to a man who wasn't Blaine West.. especially after picking him up from a friend's house earlier. “I know the house's probably nothing compared to Joel's. Sorry for staying at your place without prior notice. Nicki and Blaine would have more time together outside of campus. And last? Both of them have been drinking for the past couple of hours after she received his phone call. she would not go out to a bar at this late hour for just anyone.” Jake said. Jake.” Devi continued with his cool act by smiling. That's how she met Justin in the first place. always helping out random people without asking anything in return. come in. That way. This man. blocking the way to his house. he was definitely Nicki's type. First of all. did Mandy always act like that?” . Cherry. This was also a valuable opportunity for him to help them get together. Knowing his sister.” “It's cool.“Thanks. was definitely a serious threat to Blaine's position.” said Devi with a shrug. “Oh. “And what's yours?” Devi asked. Your sister has been very kind to me so far. Secondly. “Nicki's like that.” Nicki said from the kitchen. “Jake's here!” Devi went up the stairs to his room.” Jake reassured.. “From that center or whatever?” “That's right. “Don't get any strange ideas. “One of Blaine's co-workers.” Devi blinked..” said Jake.” Jake said and watched Nicki brew tea.” Jake said with a perfect smile. “Hello. “You must be Devi. more so because Justin went home right after Nicki returned from her outing.” “Oh?” Nicki indicated at one of the chairs at the coffee table for Jake to sit. but made a mental note to keep a lookout for his sister and her new male friend.” “I won't. She was pleasantly surprised that Jake looked better than before when talking about the person who put him in such a state in the first place. “Yeah.” “None at all.” Nicki set a tea cup in front of Jake. She finished washing the dishes before Jake arrived. but I hope you don't mind.” “Nicki!” Devi shouted as he moved out of Jake's way. “Dandy Mandy and I used to live in a small apartment together a long time ago. he was close enough to Nicki to know her brother's name. he was certain about one thing. You've been awesome so far. he had high hopes that Blaine might have encountered some problems with his apartment and decided to sleep over. Instead. “I'm Jake Parke. “Your sister's not that type of person anyways.” From the moment Devi laid his eyes on Jake. “I didn't always live in a house.

“I have lost that ability a long time ago. all I ask is that you take a few minutes to go over your decision first. Cherry?” “I've been direct with her every time we met and it takes her a bit to understand that the world doesn't revolve around her. amused. “Anyways. “Even so. you calmed me down a lot by talking to me. “She's like that because it's you.” said Nicki sternly. It was probably not Justin since he bothered her about his problems with Blaine and his new . glancing away.” Nicki took a sip of her coffee calmly. “Will you be a happier man in the morning when you wake up to someone not Mandy Monroe? Will all your problems go away if you drown yourself in alchohol and sex? Will you being depressed change anything for the better?” “Does anything scare you at all?” Jake said.” “You should be more cautious.” said Jake after a yawn.” “Why do you say that.” “If you are implying that you want me sexually in my own home. what does that make me?” “Not weak.” “Or maybe. “Even if I am Mandy's best friend and you trust her a lot. Mandy is willing to listen and will listen to reason once you explain her your point of view.Justin. “I try to be.” Nicki noticed Jake's fallen expression again so she quickly added. Cherry?” Nicki lifted a brow at what sounded like a trick question. “If that is what Cherry is like when she's supposed to be weak. Nicki sighed and pushed her chair back.” “Are you always this nice to everyone you meet.” Jake said.” “Interesting. and Blaine. “However.” Nicki said.” said Nicki with a straight face. just different. “I have a feeling you haven't been direct with Mandy though.” Jake laughed. Simone.” Nicki stated. there could only be three people who would bother her. I am a grown man and a heartbroken one.” said Jake. I'll be happy to help whenever I can.“It really started when she began figuring out her center. “I asked because I have never met anyone quite like her. You just have to be more blunt than with the average person.” “Be strong ninety percent of the time?” Nicki nodded. At this hour. but she's not a stubborn person.” “Today. “When your mind is constantly occupied with thoughts of improving the lives of your loved ones. I'm admittedly not against the idea. if you ever need someone to be your personal conversationalist. sitting down on the adjacent side. you claimed that you had to run away from your stress.” “I'm almost certain it applies to everyone. “Something like that. you have to work hard at it every day and push forward without wasting time. hit me up sometime.” The pair stopped their conversation when they heard someone knocking on the door.

but no one was inside the vehicle. Have you heard anything suspicious?” “No worries.. “I was worried that someone might be spying on you and your family so I turned around and checked. but tomorrow.” Blaine gazed intently into her eyes.” Nicki said.” “Isn't she always weepy?” Devi asked from the couch. “You met Jake Parke through either Mandy Monroe or Elliot Dawson. No one parks outside your house unless it's your father visiting. “You know Jake Parke from One Heart..” Blaine looked uncomfortable.. I presume?” “Yes. thank you.” said Jake in acknowledgment. “Why do you hate Blaine this time?” “Don't you hate it when you don't know if he's really jealous or not? Because of how perfect he is?” .workplace earlier today.” said Nicki in relief.” Blaine said.” Nicki glanced over in Jake's direction once.” Blaine said. “I know this is terribly last minute. right? We're having tea right now. “Everything is fine. “Blaine. She turned her body a bit so Blaine could look inside.” “I was.” Nicki said sternly as her younger brother turned off the television and hurried up the stairs. Blaine. Jake waved at him with tea cup in hand. “Would you mind spending the day with me?” *** “Nicki!” Simone threw herself into Nicki's arms and sobbed against the shorter girl's shoulder. “Go to bed.. She rubbed Simone on the head gently.” “Oh. who would it be? The wife or the husband? “Cherry. through Elliot.” “I feel sorry for Joel Eduardo. Then. “I hate him so much!” “Why are you drunk?” Nicki demanded. since you are off from work and driving duties. Then again. Blaine West. Simone probably lost her house keys in the middle of all this mess. Blaine threw his thumb over his shoulder.” “Happy midnight to you. “What are you doing here? I thought you're with Asia today..” Nicki blinked at the sight of the redhead.” Blaine placed a firm hand on Nicki's shoulder. but you probably already know that. Blaine smiled at the dirty blond-haired male.” Nicki nodded in Jake's direction. “But I drove her to Joel Eduardo's house just now.. thank goodness.” “Hm. Nicki had not expected one of Simone's female friends to drop her off at Nicki's house. too. “Do you happen to know whose car is parked outside your house. “Where's Angel?” “With my parents. My place was too small for all three of us and Pizza. amused. You're weepy. “I'm not drunk!” “You are.” said Nicki. Cherry? I was on my way back home when I passed by and noticed it. “Happy midnight to you.

“Nicki.” Since Nicki suddenly tightened her grip on Simone.” “Er..” said Nicki with a smile. and so much more. it is Blaine who is always there for me. he would take into consideration everything from what time she might wake up by. But Nicki still could not seem to hear her as she continued on..” Nicki said. you're hurting me.” Nicki widened her smile. “Isn't that always the case with Blaine? He's so good at responding to every situation after thinking it out first that you're not sure if he's reacting with his heart or his brain. Simone peered at her friend with wide eyes.” *** .. If not.. what traffic would be like on the freeway.. he would remember your anniversary. “. Nicki?” Simone said.” “Yeah!” Simone cried.” Nicki sighed.. too. researching the perfect restaurant for Simone's taste and putting together all the flowers she liked into a bouquet. Blaine would call Devi to make sure I was home safely every day.wish I was you. it doesn't matter whether he's doing all this because he's calculating out the perfect role of a friend or genuinely losing his mind with worry.” “Why. why do you take him for granted. he would try to contact me by phone or rush over to my house. All I know is by the end of the day.” Twenty-two year old Nicki whispered.. “For me. She could imagine Blaine sitting in front of a computer for hours.. “He's always so calculative!” “But that's how he is and that's what I like about him. staring ahead instead of at Simone. even down to the hour.. “Nicki?” “He's like that with me. since he was Blaine. He would arrange and reserve your dinner date months ahead of time.Nicki led Simone steadily to the couch... Simone froze in Nicki's arms.. I would be caught in an accident on the freeway or be delayed from returning home in some other way. lifting her watery eyes up at Nicki. He would even collect data on all the stuff Simone mentioned to him that she wished she had and figure out which one would be perfect like a math problem. You wanted him to hold you and express that he did all of the above for you because he loved you. trying hard not to show the emotion on her face.” “Are you okay.. “I. “Sometimes. On top of that. He would even buy the perfect gift.. what time she should be home by before she completely collapses. “You complain about back when you were married a short while ago. Nicki?” Nicki thought of Blaine's perfect smile. the motions of being the perfect husband or not. You had no idea whether he was going through a habit. “But none of that mattered because you were upset that you couldn't read him. He would make sure you received the bouquet of flowers that very morning.

He could master everything as long as he set his mind to it. people like Blaine and Mandy were even more admirable and beautiful for trying. what was so terrible about working hard towards your achievement? Even if it was something as impossible as perfection? If anything. under one condition. Like he demonstrated many times before with Simone. “Sure. But did anyone. amused. That was how he was raised. to achieve perfection.” Blaine reassured her. especially Simone and his parents.” said Nicki. “Never change. it did not matter what was his real reason for asking her this. Nicki flicked his forehead. ever take the time to consider that he probably spent every cell in his brain to accomplish this? That he worked literally every minute he was awake to strive for his goals? So. everything Blaine did was for the sake of his data. Nicki was more than aware that his family believed he was God's Chosen One. She understood Blaine West better than anyone.. you walking bag of flesh and bones.. Since it was Blaine. Everything looked so easy for him. In the end.” . therefore. Nicki couldn't blame him.Nicki observed Blaine's closely after his question. his question probably did not mean anything special. “I shall do my best.