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Family in 1959 Totally
11 children I twin brother died he was
Made by Johanna Buijsen


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Buijsen had 18 children three died as baby's

6 months

The Buijsen Descendands

is about the o the Family Buijsen migrated to Atrstralia in 1959. \Yhat has become ofthis Familly. Let us follow them the tretrty ffrot certury,



1959 on the Ship called

with more than
. The day they

This is the place in lmd where the F@ily Buij*d lell Astralia on the l6th ol J&wiy
ss 80O


w6 fr@zing cold. Thc fmily on the also mmged for the fathd a job 6 a time they left for A*halia coNist of builds thd w6 his mupation. He the both Pilents dd tir@ boys and was at that momcnl lhe only provider six girls in thc age I 1 b 23 yem old-. of tho fmily. ln ihe ne few weels They uhcrc waved @t by there th boys md girls got als jobs in r(rcst fmily md the shyed bchitrd Celong ercpt ih &o yongcst elds$ daughbr ad si#r who wa children who w@t b Priilay School meied. The voyage la#d one month in G@long. lt d for all of &em in @d or 17 Fckury 1959 reehed lhe the bcgiming a tuklitrg to feel Port of Melbome. Luckly for the home in ANtalia- They did not spoke Fmily ley dit trot have to go to a tr wrob English. And tle dictionary hosbl whtre mo$ migmts wcnl but wro a beloved bok. After a couplc of imtead they went b a fruibred monttrs the Feily movcd b AIha hous in Torquay which fretrds oflhe wherc the pdenb bought a hous ed paenb mmged for ihcm. The frends setuld down here o begin there called v.d. Hudi futwe in AMalia


ae probably the m6t


Tho oldest son Johmcs elebrabd

fmdly of Auralie. Frcm being a with his Dubh wife tu ltoM his 50lh Dutch f@ily ou family expmded Wedding Anniverery in December
2010. And his sister Wilhclnina in the Netlerlmds will follow in his f@bteps in Ocbbd 20 I L She will then celcbrate also lhc act that she is thre girls in Amalia The Buijsn 50 Yetrs m@ied. Today lhe fmily is f@y have also spread out thei God Blesrd re enjoying the frct that wings in Ausalia. There is fmily they all reached the peasioner age living in Vict@ia, N.SW, Wesbm ex@pt the yongest oDe who is nearly Ausrali4 md Tas@ie. M6t o 64. The eldes bing 77 Yeas md the tiem today have children md youngst itr ihe Fmilly netrly 64. gmdchildrcn, The Prents who dicd in 1992 ed 1995 where buied in through mmiage qith five dilfered Natioralitis. During hc yes ahead tbree gids reMed to their hmclmd Hollod. Learing sill three brys en


Altona the fam. settled


IJeeze village where the fam. Buijsen where born

writen by J.Buijsen HEEZE. IS a village in tho provice ofNorlh-Brabdt in the Nederlmds It made Bahvim Republic mtil the time of lfie pd of thc H@ze, Ietrde md Zcsgehuchtnglory. Since the begiming of the l9th catury it was 1997, o independm mmicipality sin6 md is a pad of lhe municipali! of Heze Heeze-Iende HeeT is btraus of the many Herbetusbossn md nahue, including the Strab@hts Heide, the "Peal of Brabmt" though the mentioned, but the oi#Nijk m shffi wi& that nme Belgi@ Crimbergenand I 2007 he village

Albna is a sburb in Melbome.

Vicbria, Auhalia,

km euth-we$

from Melbol@'s cental busiress disrid. lb lrcal Govelmilt Ard is

the City ofHobsms Bay. At the 2006

Censuq Albna had a population oI 985. _-Albna is a large subrrb consisting of low density residential in tle muth-esrem half. with mird irdNfy in the north-westem half A ke! fealre is Alona Beaoh @ Pd

Phillip, which is one of only Mo

Willimstown Beeh). AlbM hkes ib nme from the lhs indep@d@t Gemd city of HAMBURG. Alha h6 mmy sigDificmt p@*s ed

si]ming beaches iD ihe we*m sububs (thc othq being

i."! mviromenbl coNnation aeo ad wetlmds along lhe shorcs of Pod BUIISEN Johannes bom 16 August 1909; Elisab Phillip which ae als uscd by (nee Van Gennip) bom 7 Novembe 1908; Johanes visih ed
resid@rs @eati@ally including a long prcmenade along thc bay. The thr@ min Mions in Altona de Altonn, Wesm md Seaholme, erch of which is on the W@ib@ railway 1ine. L*al indusky inclodes

gadm- including sme impotut

had 9550 iiabents. The Small Domel rise In H6a from Lage

Aa a

ptuhemical srago, mmuf&Eing

md disbibutiotr.

Adrianrs Antonius bom 12 &cember 1936; Ann Helena Gerardina bom 7 Apdl 1938; Wilhelmina losephina Francina Maa bom 3 July 1939; Elisabeth Adriana born 7 September 1qO; Catharina Hend6 Petrenella Rosalina bom 3 July 1942; Addanus Arnoldus Maria bom 12 SepEmber 1q3; lohanna M M born 9 Apdl 1946; laqueline H born 29 November 1947 - Dutch - bavelled per ss. ZUIDERKRUIS under Nethedands Ausfalian iliqrafun Aoreement Scheme

Jacobus Wilhelmus

tm 8 Odober 1935;


into Ausfalia the immigEon department changed the name on the documenb into BUYSEN. BUUSEN ElEabeth - NaUonality: Dut - Afrved Melbourne per Zuiderkruis 17 Feb 59 Aso known as BUYSEN. You can find his infomauon in Se National Archieves of Aushlian of the Australian Govement.

HigEton Agreemnt SdNe Th sister who sEyed in The tr@e ' H@ze ' shall mem: ' Low Hol{and at the time bat Se family emigrated b *rub Below fob of ihc Casde in Al&lia her name is Md nd hm on the 31 luly in H@e 1934. he official fahily nme ts BUUSEil but on afrval

conlumce of the Aa Sed(slsmd the. Hea Csde is knom for ils fore{s md around il

The Buijsens today

witlen by J.Buij*n Mdie - o children, Johffis- fou childrc! Com6lis- no childrea, Amie ibe children, Wilhelmina- two childrm, Elizabetl- fw children, Cathricr- mo children, Adrim- frrr J&qucliac- rc children. So yo cm ffi &d the Feily ircreasd rapidly sin@ they cme b Aushlia. Not yet coure-d the Grmdchildren of each o

chil&eq Johm- three childrcn


be welhcht rels voorjoul i


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.{pal Maatwrk?

http ://www.zelfkrantm aken.nll

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