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Holy Angel University Angeles City 2nd Semester, A.Y.


In Partial Fulfillment for the Subject Business Organization and Management

Submitted by: Leader: Gomez, Korina Lei Members: Juco, Beverly Joy Mandani, Arviela Joy Cortez, Nicolla Valencia, Regine Lopez, Caitlin Joy Pamintuan, Liza Gonzales, Catherine Submitted to: Mrs. Elsie Vergara

Date: March 26 , 2011


Philippines is striving to be a developed country, from being agricultural to an industrialize one. And to be called such, it needs to contribute a large portion on the infrastructures for its development, because infrastructures generate deterministic returns. From these, gravel and sand trucking is a good choice of business given that it is needed in our timely problems that will most likely yield a gratifying profit.

The Gravel and sand trucking Industry is one of the main pillars that economical status of the states relies on. It is concerned with the distribution of gravel and sand throughout the Philippines in building bridges, buildings, houses and the like. Since gravel and sand are mostly needed in infrastructures, and infrastructures are infinite, this choice of business will surely create and secure long-run profits as the business is secured that it will continue its operations indefinitely. And its a good thing that this business will commence here in Pampanga knowing that the blessings of lahars tragedy brought the province to be the main supplier of gravel and sand that is delivered mostly in Manila.

Becoming involved in the trucking business can be a great way to make money, travel, and meet new people. The PhilSis Gravel and Sand located in 122 Sta. Cruz Hi-way Porac, Pampanga invested P1,500,000 to start operating the business. High capital may require this kind of business but after all, the sacrifices are all worth it. As stated in the risk-return tradeoff principle, the greater the risk the higher the return.

A. PLANNING 1. Objectives

To supply gravel and sand for infrastructures. To provide a faster delivery of gravel and sand. To generate a deterministic return to the company. To expand the business aggressively To become the leading trucking business firm in the industry

2. Mission We, the employees, recognizes that gravel and sand is necessary for construction of infrastructures like buildings, roads, houses and the like, thus, we commit ourselves into providing a proficient service, meeting the needs of the clients at a faster delivery of such items. Together, we co-create a client-supplier relationship to promote harmony and understanding. Also, we engaged ourselves in our social obligation and responsiveness to the society.

3. Vision As a Christ-centered business firm, we will continuously strive for the maximization of profit for growth and expansion. Our proficiency will make our competitiveness to other firms, in line with the same industry. We will be the best supplier of gravel and sand based from the performance in sales and feedbacks from which our good public image will be created. Our service will be known for its economy and timeliness, and these will lead the firm to be the main supplier of gravel and sand in the Philippines.

4. Core Values Since PhilSIs Gravel and Sand inception, it has been governed by its core values. They shape and define the culture and character of our company. They guide how we behave in our interactions with the clients and how we make decisions. Stewardship We fulfil our obligation of building a better and stronger company for future generations, protecting our image, meeting our commitments to employees and clients, developing our people and helping improve communities and the environment. Best People We attract, hire and develop the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a positive attitude and fostering a collaborative and commonly supportive environment.

One Network We leverage the power of the firms insights, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver an exceptional service to clients. Respect for the Individual We value diversity and unique contributions, promoting a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects our core values. Integrity Being honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. 5. Keys to Success The success of our firm is dependent on our ability to:

Anticipate clients expectations. Meet the clients expectations through quality service. Make the company competitive to other trucking business firms.

6. Goals Strategic Goals/Plans To operate indefinitely earning above 60% net profit and gaining an average of 5% increase each year. Building and making a good image to the public especially to target markets namely, government infrastructures and housing projects and real estates Building good relationship inside the organization Minimize expenses on utilities, repairs and maintenance Operational Goals/Plans . PhilSis Gravel and Sand operates from Monday to Saturday delivering high quality of goods and services Advertise the company to make known to the public by giving shirts printed with the companys name and contact numbers to loyal clients Joining the association of trucking companies to be aware and get updated Offering an economical and affordable prices to increase number of clients Employees must report daily


Organizational Chart

Owner/Manager Beverly Juco

Accounting Korina Gomez

Human Resource Cath Gonzalez

Maintenance Nicolla Cortez

Sales Regine Valencia

Payroll Caitlyn Lopez

Bookkeeper Arvi Mandani

Monitor Liza Pamintuan

Work Specialization To save time and energy division of work was made by the following: Accounting- headed by Korina Gomez, take control of the inflows and outflows of cash Payroll- handled by Caitlin Lopez who take control of salaries and wages given to employees Bookkeeper- handled by Arvi Mandani Human Resource- handled by Cath Gonzalez whos in charge of employees hiring Maintenance- headed by Nicolla Cortez, in charge of the repairs and maintenance of equipments Sales- handled by Regine Valencia, in charge of better ways of selling the products Monitor- handled by Liza Pamintuan



A leader organizes a group of people to achieve a common goal. Not all leaders are good managers. In our world, there are different people with different personalities, with different perspectives in life and with different things to believe in. We are all made uniquely. We are all affected by the environment so we are all prior to changes. There are people who perform effectively and there are also some who do not. It was proved by the presence of bankruptcy and anomalies in a company. Yes, problems in a company cannot be avoided but it can be prevented. The leaders behaviors are directive, supportive, participative and achievement oriented. In giving directions, the companys manager informs her followers on whats expected of them. Guidelines or schedules of work to be done and how to accomplish those tasks are given. With the ability to influence, the manager talks to the employees telling the dos and donts in the company. With her confidence, conviction and together with intelligence, the manager is able to convince employees in the goals and decisions made. To show support, the manager is concern with the employees needs. The manager understands them. A democratic style is applied. Encouraging employees to participate or get involved to what work methods are effective before making decisions. Communication is important. Because of socializing with the people, having an idea on how to meet the goal and make effective decisions. It is always believe that, Two heads are better than one. Another, a trust relationship between the manager and employees is built by showing high consistency and sincerity with her words and deeds. The manager will set challenging goals but attainable which will help the employees to perform at their best. In order to achieve the goal, the PhilSis Gravel and Sand will build good relationships. First, have a good relationship between the management and followers so that the followers will show care to their manager thinking that they must give back in return the concrete and abstract things given to them. In accordance with this, the operations of business will progress continually because of moral actions of employees. The operation of business doesnt only depend on your clients but also with your employees. Manager together with all the departments will work and in hand with heart. Next, with the clients, for every promise said the PhilSis Gravel and Sand will make sure to fulfill it and avoiding to break their trust.


Planning, organizing and leading are nothing with the absence of controlling. Controlling process provides the critical link back to planning. It makes sure or gives guarantee that the stated goals are being met. It let the management know what future actions to take. It reduces potential problems by providing information and feedback on employee performance. It protects the organization and its assets by helping to assure minimal disruptions of ongoing business operations. The control process is used by PhilSis Gravel and Sand. In measuring actual performance, manager must get information from personal observations, oral reports and financial reports of the company. Daily reports of drivers to their heads are highly important. In accordance with this, the company may take actions for any problems experienced. What is measured is what the people in the business get to give their best and their weaknesses. The PhilSis Gravel and Sand may control the expenses incurred. The comparing of performance of the business with its goal is being done to know if these variables compliments effectively. Application of corrective actions is done if are ineffective decisions made. The managerial attention is required. The taking managerial action is the third controlling process. There are 3 possible courses of action: they can do nothing, they can correct the actual performance, or they can revise the standards. The question is, when to apply a certain course of action. Doing nothing cannot help. If the manager is really a good one, he/she will do improvement or corrective actions to straighten the incorrect action made. If theres a positive outcome then continue it and develop a more effective strategy or working activities. In the other hand, if revising of standards is needed do it so yet the manager must be cautious about it.


A teacher can teach a student a lesson for a day. But if she can teach her students to learn by creating curiosity, they will continue the learning process as long as they live. Learning is a progression of knowledge motivated by curiosity and willingness, which will produce an essential experience, forming an engraved mark in ones life. Its been 5 months since Business Organization and Management coupled our way to learning. It started with management which means coordinating and overseeing the work of other people in order to accomplish organizational goals. Managers, as the people coordinating and overseeing, were introduced to us through a big picture, giving us a wider perspective behind our knowledge to them. A manager is more than just the word manager. It may be something complicated in its entirety but involves a vital role in the management of a company. It has four functions namely: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The first function of management is planning. It requires establishing of goals and strategies and also, developing plans to integrate and coordinate with the activities. We saw it as a primary and basic function, because its like building the foundation of a company, which needs to be firm and rightly prepared. Next is organizing, wherein the manager need to begin to work the plan. It is organizing the structure of the company, thus, supporting and facilitating employees to do their work efficiently and effectively. This will allow a company to be flexible enough to change in a conjunction with the creative ideas of the employees. Then, the third one is leading, which is the process of influencing a group to achieve a common goal. Leaders make things happen. It is through their leadership that dictates harmonious relationships within the workgroups, a leadership that embodies a mind and a heart. Moreover, its putting a trust to employees by being open and genuine to them while obtaining great results. The last function of management is controlling. It is equally important with the three functions because it is the final link in the management process which will monitor whether the goals are met, and will take corrective actions to further improve the operations. These learning made this paper finally done, not only having applied the functions of management but also having applied the right behavior weve learned to possess in a group. What weve learned is not just the theories that we need to remember but more so on the priceless learning experience that we may apply in ourselves, to prepare us in the future for the reality of the world. What weve heard from Mrs. Elsie M. Vergara are not just words from the book, but also her countless stories which gave us countless reasons to be blessed and inspired. What she gave is not just her knowledge but her sincerity to make us learn. The best teachers really teach from

the heart, not only from the books. The course ended with the word PERSEVERANCE, meaning a continued steady belief or efforts, withstanding discouragement or difficulty, to achieve success. Business Organization and Management is not just about attaining the goals but learning from the experiences and challenges that you undertook and persevered to achieve that goal. Last March 23, 2011, at exactly 8:57pm, the last regular class in BORGMA, Mrs. Elsie M. Vergara said that she may not be our perfect teacher but she know in herself that she taught us with sincerity. Now, we want to tell her that, We may not be your perfect students but indeed, we learn something from you and we really do appreciate you and your sincerity. We will see you soon Maam! The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners. It is in making winners out of ordinary people. Thanks for making us one!