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comment (Typewriter comment (Typewriter comment (Typewriter comment (Typewriter comment (Typewriter comment (Typewriter comment Joe Claypool P.O.Box 70185 (Typewriter comment blank) (Typewriter comment blank) (Typewriter comment blank) (Typewriter comment blank) (Typewriter comment blank) (Highlight comment kerry 9/26/2012 9:20:42 PM blank) (Highlight comment kerry 9/26/2012 9:20:55 PM blank) (Highlight comment kerry 9/26/2012 9:20:56 PM blank) Marietta GA 30007-0185 J P Morgan Chase & Co 3415 Vision Drive, Columbus, OH 43219-6009 Re: Property Address: 888 S.Gordon Rd, Austell GA 31068 Loan Number: 3072493764 Good Faith Discovery Notice: Verification of Proof of Claim Requested Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. Dear Chase, Under the Truth in Lending Act pursuant to 15 USC §§ 1601-1667j (full disclosure), I have a right to know who is the true party of interest in this transaction. As such, I am asking you to stipulate that you are the holder in due course of my promissory note. If you are not the holder, then you confirm you are the servicer of this obligation. Please also stipulate for the record whether or not my loan has been securitized, and if so, the name of the REMIC/Trust my loan is bundled with. blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank) blank)

This is required to establish your right of enforcement as Holder in Due Course via a chain of assignment as evidenced by the Note or Allonge. If you are unable to provide this proof as I have requested within 30 days. as well as documentation that explicitly gives you the right to service my loan or enforce the promissory note in the event of a foreclosure. Pursuant of U. since evidence of movement exists. Certified Mail Number: . If you withhold these facts despite my request. That demand is hereby ordered. . I am entitled to demand presentation of the negotiable instrument.C.ARTICLE 3 -§3-501 (b) 2 (1). as it does not answer the question of who CURRENTLY is the rightful and lawful holder in Due Course. Claiming to be the “the holder in due course” as a statement is insufficient proof of status and is/will be rejected.ARTICLE 3 § 3-301. then you admit you are not a party of interest and lack standing to enforce your claim under U. I demand that you present for my visual inspection MY ORIGINAL WET INK SIGNATURE PROMISSORY NOTE and allonge together with the ORIGINALWET INK Deed of Trust in Cobb County.If my loan has been securitized.C.C.C. . then please provide me with the corresponding pooling and servicing agreement. A photocopy of old documents is insufficient proof. you acknowledge you’re committing fraud and are guilty of bringing a wrongful foreclosure action.

and if so 3) The true identity of the note holder in due course for my loan. 434. all collection activities must cease until this matter is resolved. You are hereby given notice that any attempt to foreclose on my property will be construed as prima facia evidence that you are committing fraud. This is formal notice that failure to respond to this letter showing a verified and validated proof of claim within 30 days as requested.Mass 2009) the bankruptcy trial court decided: It is the creditor’s responsibility to keep a borrower and the Court informed as to who owns the note and mortgage and is servicing the loan. 406 B.39 (regulation Z) part (a). a servicer does not have the rights of a holder in due course and therefore. In summary. also known as securitization. the name of the REMIC it was sold to. In re Nosek. 4) If the loan has been securitized. an Affidavit of Loss or any other response will not be acceptable. 6) Make available for visual inspection my original wet ink promissory note (not a photocopy) including the required. 5) The CUSIP number under which my loan was securitized. and wrongful foreclosure actions utilizing fraudulent documents can result in punitive damage awards to the plaintiffs. Please contact me in writing to arrange an inspection in Cobb County. 2) A statement that you sold my note in a pooling and servicing agreement. recorded endorsements or allonges where applicable. This is my good faith attempt to resolve things without burdening our courtswith this matter. Georgia. Joe Claypool Certified Mail Number: . Sincerely.R. not the borrower’s or the Court’s responsibility to ferret out the truth… Under US Code TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 41 > SUBCHAPTER V > § 1692g part b). I appreciate your prompt attention. Blatant disregard for this law is subject to fines by the FTC. does not have the right to foreclose. I have clearly stated that A COPY of the aforementioned Note. this debt is now officially in dispute. or a loan servicer. You are hereby given notice. point for point will be considered an administrative default. please provide me the following: 1) A substantiated claim as the holder in due course. 440 (D. By law.Under Title 12 § 226.