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Curious case of Mr.

Alwin Gibson
On bright sunny day ,a loud scream “ OOOHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDD” with a frightened tone came from MR Gibson‟s home. It was his maid servant. She is the one who found MR Gibson was dead lying in his bathtub. His wheel chair was near the tub and there is a electrical wire cut in to the tub. MR Gibson 65, has passed away because of an electrical shock… MR Gibson, a billionaire in the beautiful city of London, a well known personality and has been single all through his life. He was generous and spends most the time in orphanages and charity homes and churches donating money and also his services. With very few friends to his credit MR. Gibson has no relatives except a daughter Monica…. Monica was adopted by Mr. Gibson 28 yrs ago from an orphanage in eastern part of London. Monica has been with Gibson for all these years but after her marriage, she has settled in Paris with her husband and occasionally visits London to see Gibson. MR Gibson always liked to be alone in his palace but because of his paralyzed legs he is accompanied by 2 people Laura and a servant maid. Laura!!!! a beautiful,young,smart ….Personal assistant for Gibson replacing MR Morgan who was the personal assistant for Gibson for about 10 yrs. Eventually Morgan has quit his job as he wanted to spend rest of his life in touring other countries. It was chaos around the place. People gathered to witness the scene. The Cops have arrived and took control of the situation .Monica was informed about her father‟s sudden death and she will be arriving soon here….. According to sources the cops after completing the formalities of DNA tests, Post mortem Mr. Gibson‟s body was handed over to Monica who has just arrived London .The Chaos, whisperings and anxiety settled down as news channel informed that the reason for MR. Gibson‟s sudden demise was due to an electric shock… It was the funeral for Mr. Gibson. The coffin box is ready !! Very few members were present at the funeral. Monica‟s husband refused to come as he is not interested to take part. I was also present .Here goes my introduction…. I am Alexander Fox popularly known as Alex fox, a private detective in London and a close friend of Mr. Gibson. After the Funeral I went along with Monica to Gibson‟s home to console her and asked her

When office MR. I took pictures of it and scanned the entire place with my eyes. The switch was fitted in such a way it can be accessed by sitting in the bathtub.permission to visit the place where Mr. I really can‟t accept it as only I know that MR Gibson never ever drinks at home. strange character ……. Monica is still weeping…. Gibson was fully drunk at that time of his death.!! . And now I am not convinced that this is an accident…. There was bathtub at the centre of the room. I know he was not fully convinced but I continued my work. I can‟t excuse MR Gibson from not sighting the wire because it was found exactly in the place where his head was when he was dead. “ MR fox ! you suspect this ???” In a low tone “ Not sure MR Wilson! “ I replied.. Gibson would have faced his death.The police has not removed their seal from that place. I entered his cabin. Even if he takes a drink outside . Wilson who was in charge of the case was about to close his file. I framed a scene to imagine how Mr. After all I am a detective… I left the place and reached the town hall police station. I started scanning all the DNA and Post mortem reports and the photographs and with MR Wilson‟s permission I mailed it to my id to have it a look at home. She readily gave the permission and I went to the private room of Gibson. He greeted me and gave a seat. Noted the wheel chair was found near bathtub and the wheel chair was facing towards the door. I started walking to the exact location. He was Surprised and asked me .. Gibson‟s body was found. MR Gibson as soon as entering the bathroom has to take left . After a good dinner with my wife and children . … also his wheel chair is found at the other end where his leg was and it was facing the entrance. I went to my study room and opened up my laptop and took the reports and started to read… It said that Mr.reach one end of bathtub and has to move from wheel chair to tub and settle down and then have to turn one side and resting on his left shoulder and switch on the heater.he will not come home that day and will stay in a hotel itself…. There was heater at the top left corner roof and a switch at the wall near to bath tub.

By that time Monica has already left the palace to airport to catch British airways flight to Paris to meet her husband. Xavier who is the customer relations officer for British airways and an old friend of mine.The Park was guarded by 2 security my new assignment . “ But foxy!” with a surprised tone “Are you sure about the name? because I don‟t find any one named Monica here” . after the lights were switched off in Gibson‟s home the last person left from the home was Laura in her car and there was no one accompanying her. Gibson‟s home…. I went to the lovely corporation park opposite to that of MR. Mr.. They also told me after that the lights were never on. Monica was standing in the queue to clear her ticket check ins. Laura !!! ……has not come to Gibson‟s place since Gibson‟s death!.thanks to media coverage they have shown me well.Now my hypothesis of not being an accident is getting more proof. I rented a house very near to Gibson‟s house and decided to watch movements in the house for at least 2 days. I informed my wife the next day that I am taking a new assignment and I won‟t be coming home for couple of days. I got to know that on the day of the accident . On my walk towards her .... a good piece of information. Who‟s ticket this time” I went on .she is in Queue now” He readily accepted and told. I don‟t want to share this to Monica as she will feel much depressed and worried but I need to warn Monica as she might be an next target…. I took my mobile and called. “Hi Xavier!. Fortunately they know me . From the guards.It was nearing the evening . Monica……. I will explain you later…... she is in danger. Can you do me a favor” He quickly replied. I went to Gibson‟s home to meet Monica personally to warn her about Laura . I believed them and recorded their sayings. I soon took my Mercedes to airport to catch Monica to tell her about the mystery in her father‟s death and to warn her to be safe and unfortunately I don‟t have her mobile no too….”Mrs. “Tell me foxy.clear her check in soon. and This …….

I kept following her……… EPISODE-2 I Kept following her without knowing to her…. I was wondering How can Monica benefit from Mr.. I went to UK‟s airport authorities to check whether she actually came for her father‟s funeral from Paris???????? I took the entire passenger list from Paris to London on the particular day. I changed my place and kept myself Hidden. I stopped myself in the place I was and kept asking myself “ Then for what the hell she is standing in the queue “ With a bit of surprise I kept watching her . anywhere………………………. But unfortunately I missed her at one point…. I succeeded Finally ………when I opened Mr. Ashamed of missing her . There was an address in his blazer pocket. I can get the answer only from her. To confirm this. I took it and left the place exactly in the same way how I came in. I went on with my search….... Resting on my bed .. To ensure that. With the prevailing confusions I went to my rented house with a confidence that she might not be aware that I am residing very near to Gibson‟s home. Gibson‟s daughter!!!!! So where was she earlier????????? Paris. The only thing is Monica will get Gibson‟s property if only MR.but it was not Mr. I was shocked after MR Xavier confirmed that she didn‟t book a ticket to travel on that day. Now to my surprise she moved from the queue .“Are you sure Xavi?” “100%” replied Xavier confidently.. I found a name Monica ……………………………. She was still in the queue moving forward… I suspect that she must have noted me approaching. Gibson has not asked to give it to anyone. I was checking the cupboards.? London? . underneath the bed trying My level best to get any piece of information which will trigger my progress in this assignment.. .000 odd people overall…. I scheduled my self to meet Gibson‟s lawyer MR Harris Walter the next day It was striking 1‟0 clock at night and I dint find Monica returning. Gibson‟s death?. Tats why she is not moving from the queue. I used this opportunity and jumped into Gibson‟s home and went straight into his private room. Gibson‟s wardrobe . It was about 10.

“Hi Foxy!!!! How r u??? “Fine Mr. The Sun shines bright today also……. He was wearing a diamond studded watch which was attracting me. I was surprised ………………………… Mr. He informed that Mr.He was not available in his office. Being a close friend of Mr.. I drove my Mercedes fast to reach East London and spotted the antiques . Unfortunately Before I could prepare the documents he passed away” He added “ Is this your new assignment foxy ?” I said “not really Walter!. Keeping that in mind I went back to the rented home and was going through the old album of MR Gibson. Gibson? He replied me with a sense of urgency and a frightened tone “I was not in the city at that time………. Out of my curiosity I asked. Gibson. Gibson has already asked him to give all his properties to Monica .The bank has asked me to investigate about the next owner for Gibson‟s money with them!” He now gave a sigh of relief and said “Do you need any more information from me?” I just asked MR Walter . Without informing the lawyer in prior about my meet with him . I was curious to know the answer and made my self to wait in the office. I was not convinced . He also added that Monica too cares for society a lot just as his father did and that‟s why MR Gibson decided to give his property to her.why he has not attended the funeral of Mr.I went to his office at 10.From where did you get this?”. I was wondering how a Lawyer can miss the funeral of his esteemed client???. But the strange fact is the same watch was missing from MR Gibson‟s hand in the photos taken by police. Gibson I haven‟t noticed it till now.” I thanked him and left the place…. “ MR Walter ! This watch is awesome . I cannot rule Monica out my options as still It is not clear about the incidents that took place in the airport. “Can I have a copy of the documents????” I asked… He reluctantly told.00 am and paid the price for coming without appointment!!!!!!! …. Gibson also had a same diamond studded watch as the lawyer has in one of the photo.Next day …. Also it was not in the private room of Gibson which I searched the other night!!!!! It was nearing Dawn . Then I asked the clarification about MR Gibson‟s properties . His assistant informed that he has gone to take his brand new Porsche car which he has booked earlier…… I got a photo of the lawyer MR Walter from his assistant and remembered that He was too not present for the funeral. He arrived with his new Porsche With a big smile…. “Foxy!! Its an oral agreement from MR. He pointed to an old antique shop in East London with an absence mind. Walter!!!!” I replied and shook hands with him.

MR Walter must be doing some wrong. Another interesting information is Monica has never ever triggered an online transaction or not even signed a single cheque on that account earlier…… But why Mrs. With the help of police officer MR Wilson I checked the bank transaction statement on MR. That is too much for a Lawyer to spend……… My suspicion list continued to increase. Gibson… There are lot of questions framing in my and disclosed my identity to the shopkeeper. The Shopkeeper also informed that the watch of this kind is available only with them in the whole of the world and it costs 1 million British pounds . How did the Lawyer get the beautiful diamond studded watch from MR. She is accompanied by Richard(husband) and Morgan (the EX. Monica was also the co-owner of Gibson‟s biggest account where most of his money where deposited in. She must be having lot of surprise for me… I went on in my car to MR. He was in the city and for some reason he has not attended the funeral…. Now adding the Lawyer to it . He informed that there are only 4 piece of such kind watches sold in whole of the London . I checked their records and found MR Walter has booked the Porsche exactly on the day when the funeral has happened by giving a post dated cheque dated today……. Monica who is the only person to know Gibson‟s online banking password other then Gibson…. There is Mystery and I need to find it……….The booking sheet has MR Walter signed …… So MR. Monica has arrived Gibson‟s house..I went back to central London and drove my self to Porsche car showroom where MR Walter has took his brand new car by paying whopping 5 million pounds.. . Gibson )… Now 50% percent of my question‟s answer is available only with Monica…. Gibson‟s account. Because these banks provide details only to the police…. Gibson‟s home to meet Monica… .PA for MR. Between I got a phone from my assistant !!! “Foxy! Mrs. I am very curious to meet her now. An interesting fact is there was an online fund transferee of 20 million British pounds from Gibson‟s account to MR Walter‟s (lawyer) account on the day just after the funeral and it was triggered by Mrs. But why he must lie to me????? Just because I am a detective?????!!!!!!. Walter has lied me. I found the MR Walter was not in the list but MR Gibson name was in the list. Monica has to give such a huge money to MR Walter in spite of knowing that she is the owner of the Gibson‟s property before even Gibson‟s death.

Gibson‟s house and to my rented house. It was My assistant.EPISODE-3 I was on my way to Gibson's house to meet Monica. can you do me a favor for me?” I questioned this point of time somebody must be following me . Don‟t stop anywhere in . Gibson‟s house moved .... I parked my car outside the Shop and I got down by wearing the long black coat and a hat which was available in my car…. With a little bit of worry I started to proceed further.. only Monica is still available in the house…. Before entering in to the Car from the shop . Either she is not alerted or she must have stayed reluctantly in home even after the warning . Please come to the Sam‟s supermarket by wearing a long black coat and a Hat. “Yes foxy! I will be right there in 10 mins”. I need Laura to follow me. Now listen Carefully….I continued my way into the shop and immediately found Patrick waiting inside. I managed to get the car registration number and sent a message across to MR. Wilson(police office) to find its owner. Please Come there in 10 mins” .. Sam‟s supermarket is a shop which is very near to MR. “Will this assumption work ? lets see “ I told to myself as I continued my drive to Mr.then Laura must be working for the lawyer. Richard(Monica‟s husband) and Morgan(ex-PA) are leaving…. “Hey Patrick(my assistant). Believing in my assumptions . the car also stopped and I couldn‟t find anyone getting down from the car.. “hey foxy!!. Wilson came up with the required details and told that the owner is a lady and her name was Laura. “Thanks Patrick. Now. I just stopped my car along side of the road and went in to a shop near by …My question is answered . To ensure that the Car is following me.I phoned to my assistant who is in the rented home. According to my Instincts ..In both ways she must be waiting for my arrival. What should I do now?”he screamed “Relax mate and prepare a cup of coffee for me . I need to find who are all the people alerted by Laura about my investigations …………and For that to happen . My 2nd Hypothesis . Don‟t wait outside. Just get in and wait till I give you next call. “Sure foxy! Tell me what can I do for you?” he replied me with a curiosity to know. Gibson‟s house till I reach there!” “Sure foxy!” he replied me with anxiety... …I can understand that this is the first assignment for Patrick. Gibson‟s house. “Hey just keep a close watch on people movements in Mr. I laid a simple plan to divert Laura. …. I will be coming there soon” Now . There was a car coming behind in the deserted road. .With in short time Mr.. apparently I looked back . I guided Patrick “ Listen Patrick! Now take my car and go to my home. Gibson‟s home… As soon as I took the road that leads to Mr. in a hurry .If no body in Mr. I got my mobile ringing…. “Laura!” I am surprised…“How she knows that I am working in this assignment? Why she must follow me? “ I questioned my self.

He promised me that he would confirm with Mr... Fox! I met Mr. Walter?? are you sure father?” I asked. Gibson has adopted Monica… I reached to the address and met father Francis who is the head of the charity…. Immediately he replied “Mr.I was successful in diverting Laura…… she is following Patrick now… I am sure Monica will be available the whole day for my enquiry. “I know you will come …I will tell the truth foxy!!. Keep your head down till you enter the car!!” The plan was to divert Laura and not to disclose my new rented house to her. Now that‟s more interesting for me… I am surprised to know what‟s new he has for me… Father continued “Mr.Mr. Gibson‟s daughter the next day and would proceed accordingly. frightened and her body was shivering but still she greeted me and asked me to have a seat…I kept my self very angry as I was almost sure that she has murdered her father. “Mr. As soon as I reached Gibson‟s house. Gibson‟s house the other night…. But being informed about my arrival.. “Good afternoon father!” I greeted him and revealed my identity to him. she was surprised..So I proceeded to meet Monica. So I decided to go to the address which I took from MR. “Mr.I started my Enquiry. Gibson has promised me that he would give all his properties to our charity development activities and he also informed his lawyer to prepare the documents by next day. Walter came to the house. I accepted it as it was according to the Law……..” Why should the lawyer lie me? Is he helping Monica? This might be the reason why Monica gave such a huge money to Walter. Moreover it was the place from where MR. . Gibson in the evening exactly on the day when he had died” claimed father. Gibson and his Lawyer Mr. I shouted for Monica… She came down and stood before me….. Walter was the one who accompanied the drunkard Gibson to home. He was about to spend that night in the hotel. Mr. I thanked Mr. Walter was coming down with me to get me a taxi. Gibson and Mr. Patrick took my car as per instructions and ….at that moment .. Mr.. and told him the purpose of my visit to him..” “Mr. Walter has informed me that since Mr. Gibson and left the place. On that day(when the murder has happened) We know my father wont come to home as he was drunk . There is no point in Lying me! Tell me where were you at the time of your father‟s death?” She started Weeping and continued with the frightened tone . “See Monica I have done my investigations.. “ she started “Since Richard and myself were in heavy Debt with one of the banks in London because of our business failure. Gibson was in the Bar and was drunk when I reached his house. Gibson was drunk He could not take his words now. I need answers for these questions…. We came down to London from Paris to get help from my Father. It was pointing to a charity which takes care of the orphan children.” He added .so we decided to spend that night in the hotel …But in the evening Our Lawyer phoned me and .between….

Walter. I am convinced that Monica didn‟t murder her father instead she had been put under a trap to involve in the murder…. They . So who is the murderer then?. I accepted and he has sent his daughter to Mr. with these questions I asked Monica. but his daughter Laura picked the call and handed over the phone to our lawyer” she said “Laura?”. Walter said that he found my father dead in the bath tub and an electrical wire cut into the tub. Foxy! I assure you it was not intentional…and some body has played with me because I found my husband was safely sleeping in the hotel and didn‟t met with any accident.Mrs.Why they wanted Monica to leave the house? The answer is very simple. She replied as “ EPISODE-4 She replied as… “I really don‟t know anything about it foxy!!. I called Mr..”I don‟t know what to reply him other than accepting it.. Gibson‟s house to take care of the evidences and That‟s why I gave money to Mr. “When I reached the home Our Lawyer was not there but my father was lying unconscious. Now ….I knew why Laura followed me… Monica continued “Mr... I said “it was a part of my enquiry”……..said Mr. As soon as I received the call I pushed the wheel chair to other end and started running to wards the hospital….” still weeping…I could feel the truth in her voice.Did you see the watch with the Lawyer “ “No”.with a surprised tone “daughter of Mr.Then who is the murderer? Who has called Monica saying her husband has met with the accident? why they did so?.. I allegedly murdered my father….. I got answers to most of my questions . Walter has just now called me and informed us about your arrival…. The murderer would have already been hiding there in home. I got a anonymous call from a lady saying my husband has met an accident and has been admitted in the united private hospital. Mr. I asked Monica “ Relax child! Can you tell me why you gave such huge money to your lawyer ?” “After I found my husband was safe. Then I explained him what happened….. so you have murdered your father?”” …. He offered me to help if I would give him the money he asked. Walter.monica confirmed me that Laura is the daughter of Mr. Without any hesitation he asked me .I was not aware that the electrical wire has been cut into the tub.. can you tell me did your father has given his diamond studded watch to your lawyer?”……. Gibson was in home and he needs to meet me regarding property issues.. Walter. I helped my father to his bath tub and when I switched on the heater and before even the water came. Richard didn‟t accompany me as he was having a meeting scheduled with Morgan(EX-PA) about their new business venture” . Walter ?” I question her ….. “Monica .

“Wilson. suddenly it developed more curiosity in me… I am sure Richard will have some important information for me and to know that I have to meet . Again a call was made to Richard‟s mobile . I have already asked officer Wilson to have a list of the complaints lodged by MR.” So. “I am done with it foxy! … I am coming to Mr. So I decided to take her along with me. Wilson. I think he must be ready with that. Gibson‟s house” “Interesting ………….should have expected Monica to arrive later to get trapped but she must have arrived earlier before they would have actually killed Mr. Wilson has already arrived and was waiting for us. Mr.“Did you find anything new in the list foxy?”. who is the lady ? who is the murder? From where to start the search for murderer? …The only loop available with us is the Phone call which Monica got from a lady saying that her husband has met with the accident… Luckily Monica had that Number registered in her mobile. “Yes Wilson.Can you come to the telephone department office ?we have an information to be clarified there . “Wilson . The Number belongs to public telephone located near the northern banks of Thames river. I have a telephone number with me. So the lady who called Mrs. Gibson to London police. again readily accepted and took the number to the telephone department officer for enquiry. That is quite a distant from Mr. “Mr. Richard must have also got the call from the same Lady… but what did she say to Richard?. We both headed towards the telephone department office . just before the call to Monica… and…. Monica must be helping the murderer. This time it‟s after the call to Monica.” I screamed after seeing the list… Wilson questioned me ... After some time He came back with the list of calls made from that phone on the particular day… He pointed out . Gibson‟s house now” replied Wilson with a curiosity to know about my findings.. There was a call made to Richard‟s mobile from the same number . “Hey Wilson! Have you got the list ?” I enquired him through Phone. Fox.I will be right there in another 15 min” “Sure Foxy!!” he readily accepted my request… I can‟t leave Monica alone now. Ok then.. Can you help me in getting the owner details and the list of all calls made from that number on that particular day?” Mr. Gibson and that‟s why they wanted her to move away from that place.

So Laura should be the lady who called you on that day. We decided to go to the hotel to meet Richard in case if he was available there. Gibson to London police.Thats were Richard and Monica stayed in the hotel...Richard and Morgan. But we have to find why Richard has not gone to meet Mr. “A lady?” Monica questioned “ Can you identify her?” The receptionist nodded her head and said “we have a video camera fitted in the entrance. He was also punished with 1 year imprisonment for his fraudulent activity “ Now that‟s an important information. It must have surely recorded them . She informed us that Mr. “ Richard is staying in the hotel” “Well Monica.That was Laura…. What she is doing with Richard? " Monica. Morgan that day?" Soon Wilson started" Hey foxy. “There she is “ claimed the receptionist. she also informed that Richard was accompanied by a lady…. Walter. We were shocked . He was involved in a fraud transaction of Gibson‟s money using Gibson‟s signature in a cheque. Now we need to find out where is Laura . So who is the culprit? We tried to call Laura but her Mobile too was switched off.I can show you from that video. After we reached the hotel. can you call and confirm whether Richard is still there in the hotel ?” Monica tried giving a call to Richard but unfortunately his mobile was switched off. The only person to know where they are is the Lawyer MR. Morgan has not quit his job. to find that alternate way we laid a very simple plan again. . I disclosed my identity and enquired the receptionist whether the guests were still available in the room no 305. where is Richard now? Monica quickly replied. I turned to Monica “ Monica!. Eventually he has been sent out of the job.. Why can't that someone be we??" I suspected.” “That‟s fantastic!!” I acknowledged her… We all sat before the television and waiting eagerly to identify the lady.Richard. Since Richard and Laura‟s mobile were switched they must be together now and should have an alternate way to contact them. "Richard and Laura are actually trying to escape from someone. Indeed . Richard has already checked out the room . …. I found Mr. Morgan „s name in the complaints list lodged by Mr.

Everybody accepted and fortunately for us Lawyer was available and has attended the call .We moved from the hotel to police control station. Morgan . I came to my Brother for Help ." "Wilson . I requested the banks for the loan but all of them rejected my proposals because of my bad history. “ After I returned from imprisonment . I was under severe humiliation . He quickly reacted " Hey brother! Our phone is traced here . as we were waiting we got a signal. I even asked Mr. "Then Why Monica was giving me a statement like she and Richard were leaving London now?" the Lawyer suspected. Gibson for help. My brother offered me to help and he wanted Monica to be trapped in this murder because his daughter Laura and Richard were in affair and ..please trace the calls from the Lawyer's mobile and home phone. "Hey Brother Morgan!" called the lawyer. Now tell me what happened?" I interrogated Morgan. A call was outgoing from the lawyer's mobile. I asked Monica " Monica. the police officials in the airport have spotted him and have arrested them. …………” With no other go. Monica did exactly how I asked her to do. I wanted to take revenge but I was also in need of Money for my business." I gave a call to Patrick and asked him to position himself outside the Lawyer's house and follow him if he is moving out after our call. In fact we can even know where are they.. If he is available he will definitely attend your call. That time we can find the way to contact Laura and Richard . Quickly Wilson has alerted the police officials in airport to find these persons in the airport. "Everything is over Mr. I wanted to a start a business…. just quickly move out of the place " Before Morgan could respond . listen carefully and do how I say. We will leave to New York in very short time" responded Morgan. Inform him that you have met Richard and you both are going to leave London in few minutes and don't forget to thank him for his help. "Is Laura and Richard are with you ?" "of course Brother we have just reached airport . He refused and also never allowed any one to help me . we started to trace the call. He will surely contact Laura to confirm Monica's statements. Now we all were waiting for the Lawyer to respond. Now call to Lawyer's home . He explained to us .

It was my assistant Patrick… “Hey Foxy!! Your next assignment is ready. Laura." "Brilliant Walter" I praised him as that was most important clue in this case... other than hiding inside the home itself. I cut the electrical wire which was available there and had put that in the bathtub and waited till I was sure that Gibson was dead. I got a call from my office. when are you coming?. I haven't seen that with Gibson before. Wilson appreciated and thanked me for solving this case.. “ Lawyer responded.. The Plan was well laid but was executed wrongly…” He continued..My Brother and Laura then has made arrangements to get Monica away from home…. …….” .. All the questions were answered . Gibson‟s house to clear all the evidences that would point towards I don‟t want to revel Morgan to you. I relaxed and went near Gibson. As soon as Monica left the place.. With no other aim than killing Gibson . But Richard was also in heavy debt and he too was in need of money. I found no way to escape . Monica arrived ……. On Trapping Monica in this murder .Later Laura came to the Mr.. So I thought it was his watch and got the watch from him and pointing the antique shop to you . He immediately wanted to apply for Divorce and she began her search for new lawyer. I was happy that my Assignment has been completed successfully without taking much time and all the culprits were caught before escaping……But that happiness didn‟t last long as. we can get the money from her and after getting money Richard can leave her and get married to Laura. Monica was shocked as she could not believe that her husband would betray her . …… ." The mistake I did was getting the diamond watch from my brother which he had stolen from Gibson earlier . I saw Monica was running from home fiercely . I immediately informed my Brother about Monica‟s arrival as we didn‟t have any alternate plans . And Now everything was clear to us .. He was still unconscious .after helping Gibson into the bathtub. I became frightened after seeing Monica there…because we expected Monica to arrive there after the murder. I know you would have got a very important clue from there. Morgan and Walter were arrested and convicted to court for judgment.they wanted to get married to each other... ” when I was about to kill Gibson..

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