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Subcode SubName Int Ext Total Result E5413 COMPENSATION AND REWARD MANAGEMENT 34 34 68 P E5403 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 36 42 78 P E5408


PF,ESI,Gratuity,Labour Laws,Payroll,IT,PT,TDS,Various Legal Challan,Forms,Returns,Salary Components,Desi, audit, timesheet, invoice.

Training Details: 1. Modules we cover in Practical CORE HR * Manpower Planning * Recruitment & Selection * Employee On-boarding * Compensation & Benefits * Payroll Administration * HR-Legal Compliances Management * Performance Management * Training & Development * Talent Pipeline - Succession Planning * Executive HRM Duration: 60Hrs (Available both Week & Weekend Days) 2. Modules we cover in Practical CORE PAYROLL * Statutory Acts. * The Provident Fund Act * The Employee State Insurance Act (ESIC) * Professional Tax * House Rent Allowance * Payment of Gratuity Act * Salary Break up * Cost to company * Tax Calculations * MIS Report & Payroll Software

Dear Rohit, Congratulations! Your CV has been shortlisted by Knoah for Technical Support Associate Non Voice/ Voice. Walk-in With your C.V for TSR on any of the weekdays between 11am and 3pm. Walk-in With Your updated c.v & passport size photo .

Address: Knoah Solutions Pvt Ltd,Maximus Towers 2A 4th and 5th Floor,Raheja Mind Space, HiTec City. Hyd. Position : Technical Support - Non Voice Process Type: Technical Support Support Type: Live Chat Shift : Night Shift Position objective: As Technical Support Associate, you are expected to address customer challenges and queries through chat support and ensure effective resolution to the challenges the customer encounters Ensure customer satisfaction and quality parameters are met for the resolutions provided Ensure that you delight customers and help in retention by providing customer experience that would enhance stakeholders value Roles & Responsibilities Effectively address customer queries by understanding challenges faced by the customer Ensure you meet set process for addressing customer queries Understand customer expectation clearly through effective probing Document reasons for customer dissatisfaction for all the queries and the challenges faced Understand and upgrade product and process knowledge to meet required standards of customer resolution on an ongoing basis Set high levels of performance standards for the given process/account Ensure you understand expected performance standards and metrics to be achieved for a given process/account Look for areas of improvement in the process and provide insights to your Supervisors to enhance customer delight Follow the learning management process to remain current and updated on required skills and knowledge required for the position Learn, help and support fellow members in the team in meeting desired performance standards for a given process/account Bring right attitude to the work place that complements and enhances the work culture Always Think like a winner Required Knowledge Basic understanding on: oComputer Operating Skills File/Memory/Keyboard Management, Installing and uninstalling software, basic troubleshooting, keyboard shortcuts. oOperating System Knowledge of hardware RAM, HDD, devices. Knowledge of OS Mac or Windows. Control Panel and basic hardware troubleshooting. oInternet Concepts Knowledge of IP, DNS. Search Management. Internet and browser understanding and basic troubleshooting. Skills

Written English Grammar correct Typing Speed above 25 wpm Exposure to chat Handling single/multiple chats Desired Behavior High commitment Ability to learn New ways of thinking and doing Adaptive to team and organization Open for feedback and learning Proactive and high energy

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Dear Rohit, Hi Warm Greetings! There are immediate openings in health care sector. Recission free industry. Salary starts with 5 digits salary. Eligibility Criteria: Any science graduate with good communication skills can apply. Interested candidates can contact: 8686133100.

Dear Rohit, Greetings from Tekskills Info Pvt LTD, Congratulations!!! We have shortlisted your profile for Operational Assistance position with Tekskills, Hyderabad. Job Role: Having good communication skill who can handle audit, work related to timesheet, invoice. Co-ordinate with the sales/recruitment team regarding the data Eligibility: Any Graduate (10+2+3), Diploma Holders (10+3). Must have good command over English. Fluency, Vocabulary and pronunciation. Must be willing to work in night shifts (UST zone timings). Only male candidates are preferred. NOTE: Need to give a long term commitment to the organization. Interested candidates, plz walk-in through below address between 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM (on 13th and 14th March, 2012): Tekskills, Hyderabad:1-98/9/C5, Plot No. 1, Survey No.72, 2nd floor, Near Image Gardens Function Hall, Madhapur, Hyderabad. Regards, Ravi, 040-67285605/00

Dear Rohit,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We have short-listed your resume for the position of BUSINESS ASSOCIATE in our company, for which you need to appear for the first round of interview, at the following address: VENUE ADDRESS: ------------------------DOLLAR INCORPORATION, 3-6-291/4, 2nd floor, Lane opp to bharath petrol pump, hyderguda,near basheerbagh, hyderabad - 500029. CONTACT PERSON: NIDHI 8519923163 INTERVIEW DATE:12TH AND 13TH MARCH 2012 TIME: 11.00A.M.-2.00P.M. THINGS TO CARRY: ----------------------1. Print out of the mail 2. Resume / CV 3. 1 passport size photograph NOTE:WE ARE LOOKING FOR IMMEDIATE STARTERS ONLY!!!. JOB DESCRIPTION We are in search of BUSINESS ASSOCIATES, for which we provide on-the-job training in the following levels:Level 1:- MARKETING & PROMOTIONS. Level 2:- HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Level 3:- FINANCE MANAGEMENT Level 4:- OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION, followed by absorption into management. Earn- 12k to 15k during training(NEGOTIABLE) COMPANY DESCRIPTION: DOLLAR INCORPORATION is India s fastest growing branding, promotions and marketing company and is the globally recognized largest company for marketing, advertising and promotions; with its operations in more than 20 different countries.

We work with large companies all across the globe to help promote their products and brand image, we work with our clients to increase their market share, improve their communication strategies. Our client portfolio includes some of the biggest names in CHARITIES, UTILITIES, SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT.

Dear Candidate, Dear professional Arcus InfoTech proudly announces MNC recruitment program with pre- training. Pre trained fresher openings in Mainframe are available with our client MNCs. it is easy & quick. Previous batch Pre trained Candidates got placed in IBM, Accenture, dell perot,Polaris, Igate ,cap Gemini, & Cambridge etc. The salary range is Rs 3, 00,000 /- annum for fresher. We have regular openings throughout the year. Mainframe career is solid. Demand is more, available resources is very less. If you want to be in an MNC, join immediately with Arcus InfoTech - The placement specalist. Please feel free to call us or meet us for more details. Visit Regards Sandhya 93 92 72 97 97 Arcus InfoTech No:302, 3rd Floor, Lal Bungalow, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-16. Landmark: Near Green Park Hotel. 040-40033838 / 2341 8787 - performing more than 10 years

VERBAL COMPREHENSION Directions: Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow. Passage On clear moonless evenings when it is completely dark, you can sometimes see a faint glow from the horizon. It is called the zodiacal light as it runs along the zodiac, the constellation through which the planets appear to travel. This glow is sunlight, reflected off dust particles in the solar system it is brightest near the sun, so it is best visible after sunset or before dawn,

when the sun is just far enough below the horizon to leave the sky completely dark. 1. According to this passage the zodiac is a________ a. Collection of sun signs b. Constellation c. Star d. Planet 2. The zodiacal light can be seen only on_____ a. Moonless nights b. Starry Nights c. Moonless evenings d. Alternate days Directions: Choose the best word from the given options to complete the sentence. 1. Passing gravy through a ________removes lumps. a. Mixture b. Sieve c. Tap d. Cap 2. The politicians poor behaviour was overlooked because of his ________. a. Selfishness b. Reluctance c. Resistance d. Charisma 3. The latest novel in the series opened with a _________ of the previous books. a. Syntax b. Signage c. Symphony d. Synopsis 4. Salt is a __________ ingredient in the preparation of any type of food. a. Indicative b. Cheerful c. Outstanding d. Vital NUMERICAL COMPREHENSION Directions: Each of the questions below is followed by two statements, labeled (1) and (2), in which certain data are given. In these questions you do not actually have to compute an answer, but rather you have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions. Using the data given in the statements plus your knowledge of mathematics and everyday facts (such as the number of days in a month), you are to blacken the box on the answer sheet under: A. If statements (1) ALONE is sufficient but Statement (2) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked. B. If statement (2) ALONE is sufficient but statement (1) alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.

C. If BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question asked, but NIETHER statement ALONE is sufficient. D. If EACH statement is sufficient by itself to answer the question asked. E. If statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient to answer the question asked and additional data specific to the problem are needed. 1. How much did Seema weigh before she started dieting?

1. She now weighs 63 kilos

2. Seema lost 9 kilos 2. If x and y are numbers, which weighs more: x blue marbles or y red marbles? 1. x = 5 y 2. Red marbles weigh 1 gram each 3. Are there more than 200 pages in the book? 1. John reads at 7 pages an hour 2. There are 500 pictures in the book with at least one picture per page Directions: read the problem statements give below and choose the answer that best fits as a solution. 1) A & B invested RS 2000 & RS 5000. So if there is a profit of RS 28000 what is As share if they share the profits in the ratio 2:5? a) 4000 b) 5000 c) 8000 d) 7000 2) If apples are bought at 11 for RS 10 & sold at 10 for RS 11, how much will be the gain %? a) 5% b) 4% c) 3% d) 2%

3) Viral can do a piece of work in 10 days & Raja in 15days. If both of them
work together how long will it take to finish the work? a) 6days c) 7days b) 5days d) 8days Directions: Refer to the data give in the table below and answer the questions that follow. Performance

Average Good Excellent Total Male 16 22 10 48 Female 24 8 0 32 Total 40 30 10 80 1. What proportion of good students are male? a. 2% b. 3% c. 4% d. 5% 2. Among average students, what is the ratio of male to female? a. 2:3 b. 3:2 c. 2:5 d. 3:4 3. Among which group (male/ female) is the number of good students exactly one third of the number of average students? a. Male b. Female c. Neither d. Both LOGICAL REASONING Directions: There are a series of symbols below that represent a certain action. Each question consists of two or more figures in a column. Work down the column, starting with the top figure and applying the action as represented by the symbol against it. You must then choose from the five possible answers the column that results from carrying out the actions as required on the figures.

Turn the figure from left to right Turn the figure upside down Delete the figure in the box Exchange this figure with the immediately previous figure Fill colour in the figure 1.

2. abcde 3. abcde
Directions: Choose from the five diagrams marked a, b, c, d and e the one that best illustrates the relationship among three given classes in each of the questions. Each class is depicted as a circle in the figures below. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 1. Vanilla, Chocolate, Ice cream

2. Lotus, flowers, orange 3. Doctors, Teachers, Painters 4. Dentists, Veterinarians, Doctors Directions: Consider the information given and answer the questions that follow. Suresh is heavier than Anil, but not as heavy as Raju. Anil is heavier than Jayesh. Krishnan is heavier than Suresh, but lighter than Raju. Who among them is the heaviest? a. Anil b. Krishnan c. Suresh d. Raju e. Jayesh Who among them is the lightest? a. Anil b. Krishnan c. Suresh d. Raju e. Jayesh

Answer Key Reading comprehension 1. b 2. c Sentence completion 1. b 2. d 3. d 4. d Numerical: Sufficiency 1. c 2. e 3. b Numerical: arithmetic 1. c 2. a 3. a Numerical: Data Interpretation 1. b

2. a 3. b Logical: Diagrammatic 1. a 2. c 3. d Logical: Venn diagrams 1. b 2. c 3. d 4. b Logical: working with data 1. d 2. e

1. English () 2. Quantitative aptitude ( ) 3. General Awareness ( ) 4. Reasoning () 5. Marketing aptitude & computer ( )
Modules Covered in Training: 1. HR & Recruitment 2. Recruitment Process 3. Modes of Recruitment 4. Screening Resumes 5. Candidate Sourcing / Job Portal's Training 6. E-Sourcing and Social Media 7. Various Modes of Interviewing / Probing 8. Referencing / Head Hunting Skills / Mapping 9. SMS / Excel Filtering 10. Live Experience / Internship 11. Grooming / Soft Skills

1)VOice and Accent, 2)Mock Calls, 3)Communication Skills, 4)Spoken english, 5)Live International calling, 6)Personality Development, 7)Customer Service Skills and Soft Skills.. 8)Frequently asked questions along with the answers will be given to you and you willl be trained on it. Given materials about topics. What will be the rounds of the interviews & how to come across..teached by trainers from MNC

Recruitment to Clerical Cadre in Associate Banks of SBI

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Grow taller after 21 is possible. Do not believe in the myth that you can grow only till a certain age. You can add some vital inches even after 21 if you follow these tips. Exercise is necessary for maintaining robustness. It is also important for adding a few extra inches to you height. Doing stretching exercises keeps your spine flexible which encourages human growth hormone production. This hormone helps the bones to grow thereby increasing the height. High and long jumps, running, cycling and swimming can help in increasing height. If you practice yoga daily you can grow taller after 21. Do Trikoasana, Bhujangasana and Marjarasana will help in stretching the cartilages and muscles which will aid in developing a good height. Yoga provides an all round wellness and you will feel the difference within few

days. Maintaining a healthy diet is mandatory for your body to grow taller and stronger. Your diet must be full of carbohydrates and proteins. Calcium and essential vitamins also fuel height development. You can derive these nutrients from green vegetables and fresh fruits. You also need rest and good sleep to grow tall. Your body grows during sleep and hence a minimum of 7 hours of sleep is required. If you think the natural method is time consuming, then you can always go for surgery to grow taller after 21. However, understand that any kind of surgery has some risks involved in it. If you think that you can pull through, then opt for height increasing surgery. Otherwise, you can wear insoles which will make you appear taller. These help in artificially increasing your height to around 2 inches. If you make slight changes in your attire then also you can appear taller. For instance, wearing clothes with vertical pinstripes will make you look taller. Your posture also improves if you wear these which will make you appear taller and confident.

Serco global srvices Interview drive asap

Venue Details: Serco Global Services Ennars Excellency, Ground floor, D.No: 1-90/4/H/13/1, Plot No : 13/1, HUDAs Techo Enclave, Sector 1,

Adjacent lane to Ratnadeep Super Market, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500 081. Web Site : Date: Sept 4th Time: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM About SERCO : Serco is a leading service provider in the international and domestic BPO markets in India. Serco BPO (formerly Info vision) delivers voice-based solutions, database management and back office support services for Indian and international customers. The key service areas include customer interaction centers, direct marketing, loyalty and fulfillment programmes, software solutions for CRM and consultancy services. Serco is an international service company which helps commercial organizations, governments and agencies improve their services and achieve their strategic goals.

You are typically cheerful, hopeful and well-motivated. You are able to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity. Your happy and pleasant disposition helps maintain, and even promote, positive feelings in those around you. You feel good and are at ease in both work and leisure. In general, you know how to enjoy life. you have a high capacity for adaptability, i.e., you are typically flexible, realistic and effective in understanding problematic situations and competent at arriving at adequate solutions. You can generally find good ways of dealing with everyday difficulties. You can grasp problems and devise effective solutions, deal with and resolve various issues as they arise at home, with friends and in the workplace. You are realistic and are well aware of what? going around you. s You are responsible and dependable. You understand, interact with and relate well with others. You inspire trust and function well as part of a team. You are aware of others? feelings, concerns and needs, and are able to establish and maintain cooperative, constructive and mutually satisfying relationships. You have high intrapersonal capacity, which means that you are emotionally selfreliant. You know how you feel and you also know how to express your feelings. You are strong and confident in conveying your opinions and beliefs. You are independent in your thinking and make all the important decisions of your life on your own. You feel positive about what you are doing in life. You are largely able to achieve what you want to achieve and you derive a great deal of enjoyment from whatever you do. You are able to withstand and effectively cope with stress without losing control. You are typically calm, rarely impulsive and work well under pressure. You can handle tasks that are stressful, anxiety-provoking and even dangerous. You know how to deal with emotions so they work for you and not against you.

Tadasana Mountain Pose Stand erect, feet together. Spread toes. Lift knee caps. Thigh bones back, tail bone in, lift sternum from base of spine. Shoulder blades & arms extend downwards. Breathe and hold for 20-30 seconds. Uttanasana Forward Bend Exhale forward bend into wall. Align feet under each hip, hands level w/hips, shoulder width. Inhale lift sitting bones. Exhale lengthen elbows, armpits, ribs, spine & sitting bones. Breathe and hold for 30-60 seconds. Trikonosana Triangle Pose Legs 4 feet apart. Right foot 90 degrees out, left foot slightly inwards. Inhale lift torso to extend spine. Exhale bend sideways, upper torso over legs. Breathe and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on second side. Vrksasana Tree Pose Hug left leg muscles to the bone. Bend right leg. Press foot/thigh into each other. Take bent knee back & down. For balance, use wall. Breathe and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on second side. Baddha Konasana Bound Angle Pose Sit against wall. Press feet into each other, heels close to groins. Shoulder blades pressed flat into wall & downward to arch lower back. Tilting pelvis slightly. Draw outer thigh muscles towards knees. Knees to floor (Can do this on wall like Upavistha Konasana). Breathe and hold for 30-60 seconds. Upavistha Konasana Wide-angled Pose On the Wall Legs straight. Stretch out through heels & towards floor (Can do this sitting like Baddha Konasana). Breathe and hold for 30-60 seconds. Marjarasana Cat Cow Hands under shoulders & knees under hips. Inhale lift head & tail bone concaving the back. Exhale tuck tail bone under, round back upward, head down. Be fluid with your movements. Always starting from the pelvis. Breathe and repeat series 10 times.

Vajrasana Extended Puppy Pose Start with hips over knees, arms extended. Draw buttocks halfway backwards towards calfs as you resist with the palms pressing into the floor to lengthen the spine & back muscles. Breathe & hold for 20-30 seconds, maintain stretch in back as you slowly move into childs pose. Balasana Childs Pose Open up your heart and relax. Breath & elongate the spine. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Dog Pose Starting on all fours with knees under hips and hands 1 hands distance in front of shoulders. Inhale for Cow pose (head up tail bone up). Exhale slowly come up with bent knees keeping lower back from rounding. Straighten legs & arms lower head. Lift sitting bones upward. Keep knees bent if lower back rounds. Breathe and hold for 30-60 seconds. Anjaneyasana Kneeling quadriceps Lunge & Hamstring Stretch Exhale lunge left foot forward with bent knee slightly past ankle. Inhale lift upper torso from base of spine, look forward. Exhale draw shoulders back & down towards buttocks. Lunge hips forward again, draw left thigh downward, stretching right groin & quadriceps. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds. Not moving left foot exhale draw hips back & straighten left leg for hamstring stretch. Lift sitting bones. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds. Repeat second side. Supta Padangusthasana Reclining finger to foot pose Place left foot into wall. Keep both legs straight & left thigh on ground. Exhale lift right leg with tie. Inhale lengthen through heel. Exhale take leg towards torso. Breath and hold for 40-60 seconds. Wrap tie around right hand, left hand on thigh. Exhale take leg out to the side towards floor & head. Inhale lengthen thru heel. Exhale stretch towards floor & head. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds. Repeat on second side.

Jathara Parivartanasana Reclining twist (crocodile twist) Lie on left side place right foot on left knee, hop left hip back to align hips. Inhale take right arm over head, exhale twist to right. Have knee and shoulder even distance from floor. Long smooth breaths to open ribs and lengthen spine. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds. Repeat on second side. Pavana Muktasana Little Boat Pose Exhale knees to chest. Rock side to side to massage back. Breathe and hold for 40-60 seconds. Savasana Corpse pose (deep relaxation) Take arms aprox. 2 feet out from your hips palms facing up. Legs straight and together, then let feet roll out to the sides. Have the forehead be slightly higher then the chin. Use a blanket if necessary. Completely relax. Calm the mind letting go of any worries, thoughts or tension. When the mind wanders come back to your breath. Enjoy! Breathe and stay for 10 minutes.


surya namaskara