Sonalysts Combat Simulations - Dangerous Waters (SCS-DW) README I. System Requirements II. Known Issues A. Display B. Voice Recognition C.

Multiplayer III. Manual Errata IV. Latest Info

I. System Requirements ================================ Minimum Specifications Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP 550 Mhz processor 128 MB RAM Eight-speed CD-ROM drive Direct 3D compliant Video Card with 32 MB RAM, (with DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers) Sound Card with DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers Desktop Resolution of 800x600 @ 16-bit color depth 590 MB hard-drive space for installation Internet or LAN connection required for multiplayer Recommended System (upgrades from Minimum Specifications) - 1 GHz+ processor - 256 MB RAM - Direct 3D compliant Video Card with 64 MB RAM, (with DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers) - 1 GB hard-drive space for installation

II. Known Issues ================================ A. Display It is recommended that ANTIALIASING and ANISOTROPIC FILTERING be disabled or set to APPLICATION CONTROLLED from your video card's settings page. When these setting s are enabled outside the game, visual anomalies may occur. In general, if you find a visual problem in the game, make sure you have the lat est drivers installed for your video card. The NVidia and ATI download sites are listed below. NVidia: ATI:

IPv6 .com/support/driver. if you have a firewall installed and active it may not allow you to connect in a Multiplayer game. browse to the directory where SCS-DW was installed (DEFAULT: C:\Program Files\Sonalysts Combat Simulations\Dangerous Waters) and open the file "adapters. In order to connect to other players in a Multiplayer game. It is suggested that you write this down.2002:c001:c845::c001:c845 .fe80::203:47ff:fef8:f60e Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface .192. At the Gameroom screen.fe80::5445:5245:444f 6to4 Tunneling Pseudo-Interface .txt".html B. closing and restarting the game will be necessary to re-enable voice recognition. 3) SCS-DW attempts to determine which when connecting in Multiplayer games. One method to determine the IP address for your computer with respect to the rest of the Internet is to browse the website: http://www. the adapter that was chosen by SCS-DW will be displayed in the chat window.IPv6 .IPv4 .myipaddress. The following is an example "adapters. Also. the best solution is to avoid this is by not opening the Speech panel during game play. first start SCS-DW and "Host" a That website will display the IP address clients will need to use in order to jo in a Multiplayer game. you MUST uninstall those versions then install the version of the speech engine provided with the game for voice recognition to function properly. C. Voice Recognition If you have any versions of the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine prior to ver sion 5.txt" file: This file contains all adapters found on this system: Local Area Connection . In order to determine if this default network adapter your computer is using Sometimes this default selection is to/from other players in Multiplayer games selection is causing problems. Opening the Speech panel in the Windows Control panel while the game is running with the voice recognition option enabled may cause the voice recognition to stop working. it may be necessary to open ports in the range 2302-2400 in your firewall and/or router for TCP and UDP pack ets. However. It may look similiar to the following: "Local Area Connection .168.IPv6 .http://www. incorrect and can prevent connections .0c for its Multiplayer connectivity.1. Multiplayer 1) The IP address shown in the Gameroom for the Host in Multiplayer is the local IP address and may not be the IP address needed by other players to join your hoste d game. If this situation occurs. 2) SCS-DW uses DirectPlay 9.ati.69" Then using Windows Explorer.

ini" file.pdf".IPV4".IPv6 .123. and/or other countries. but in order to play on the Internet with other players.AdapterName "IPv4". In order to force SCS-DW to pick another adapter you need to edit the file "dangerouswaters.69 Local Area Connection .com/products/dw/index. All rights reserved. save the " OR http://battlefront. (This is common with cable internet connections.192. SCS-DW would need to know to pick the adapter whose address matches the one displayed when browsing to http://www. please visit: http://www.AdapterName "SBCDSL .132.txt" file above. as well as the Manual folder on game disk (as described in Step 1).IPv4 .Automatic Tunneling Pseudo-Interface .45 The adapter that SCS-DW will pick is most likely the "Local Area Connection" adapter.scs-dangerouswaters. After making the change.fe80::5efe:192. It is recommended that the numerical address portion of an adapter be left out o f the .AdapterName keyword would need to be changed to .68. the .69 SBCDSL . This will allow SCS-DW to still connect succcesfully if your ISP changes the IP address being used.Dangerous Waters are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sonalysts.1. IV.IPV4 .ini" file to find the keyword .myipaddress. In the example "adapters. located in the installed Manual folder. Latest Info ================================ For the latest news and information on SCS-DW. Inc.1.) III.html Sonalysts and Sonalysts Combat Simulations .ini" as follows: Scroll down inside the "dangerouswaters.168. . Inc in the U.1. Manual Errata ================================ Additions and corrections to the printed/pdf manual can be found in the file "SCS-DW-ManualErrata_V.168.S. © 2004 Sonalysts.

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