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Proposal for CSS Payroll & HR Management System Software
Corporate Support System is a research and development based company providing services in the areas of accounting, taxation, management, critical review and analysis of computerized as well as manual accounting, inventory/stores and administrative systems. The company has been promoted by experienced chartered accountant having information system audit qualification, Experts in the field of Information Technology, Taxation, Accounting & management. The company has ongoing research team in these areas. Company develops software (web based and pc based) and Websites of various areas and on demand basis to support smooth functioning of core activities for overall achievement of goals of any organization. The company has developed different software such as Tax Calculator, Payroll Management, HR Management, TDS Calculation, Accounting System etc. and other various software's and websites on demand of our valued clients.

Primary features of CSS HR & Payroll Management System Software 1. Attendance and Leave Module:
Leave Management Leave Master Setup Daily / Monthly Leave Entry Leave Balance, Opening and Closing Transfer Leave Encashment Calculation Leave Salary Title Relation to Calculate Salary Reports Monthly Leave Taken Summary Date Wise/Month Wise Leave Taken Report (Detail and Summary) Leave Ledger Yearly Leave Balance Report Matured Leave Report as on Date Employee's Consolidate Leave Summary Report Customizable and Query Based Reporting System Department, Branch, Employment Type and Designation Wise Reporting Attendance Management Can attach software with existing or new e-attendance system or Attendance Device (Optional). Auto download attendance logs and calculate attendance and generate reports. Auto generate late coming and early going reports and send email to related supervisor. Auto Enable and Disable users after a time period in duty time. Auto synchronize users for different devices. Generate Monthly Attendance for Salary Calculation. Salary Calculation and Leave Adjustment Dates can different. Salary Title Wise Attendance: Can record separate attendance for each salary title (i.e. attendance for Overtime, Holiday Duty and Extra Duty etc.). Payment of recorded attendance will generate accordingly. Generate Various Attendance Reports Daily Present, Absent and Leave Status Periodic Attendance Summary Periodic Overtime Summary Periodic In/Out Summary Other various attendance analysis reports Reports can be customized and generate according to requirements of organization. Shift Management Can Define Shift Master, Working Hour, Holidays, and Salary Title Relation with Shift etc. Allocate Employee for any Shift Auto Allocation of shift through Shift Rosters. Reporting List of Employees in selected Shift in given Date etc.

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Corporate Support System Pvt. Ltd.
Com. Reg. No. : 73205/066/067 VAT No. : 304306310

2. Employee Management Module (PIS):
Branch, Department, Unit, Employment Type, Appointment Type, Employment Type, Employees Group, Level, Rank and Designation, Job Details, Department, Unit, Creation & Management. Fixed Position (Darbandi) Management Allow to create Branch, Department, Level and Designation Wise Darbandi. Setting Service, Service Group, Service Sub Groups wise number of Darbandi. Allow allocate employees to Darbandi. Various reports related to availability and allocation of Darbandi with employees. Employees' Master & History Setup Punishment Details Personal Information Research and Publications Service Information Medical Details Other Information Performance Evaluations Salary Information Yearly Asset Details Records. Family Details Retirement Details Previous Employment Details Documents List Attachment Education Details Nominee Information Job Allocation / Transfer / Promotion & Leave Assign and Setup to Employee History Management Contracts Employees and Contract Training Details Renewal Management Travel Details Other Various HR Related Reports Award Details Automatic Control For Maximum Grade Automatic Grade Update after one year. Grade/Level Update History Recording and Reporting Salary Increment History Reporting Senior and Junior Employees' Recording PanNo, PF, CIT, Insurance Number, Bank Account etc. for Generating Related Reports Block/Release Employee's for Salary Generation

3. Payroll Module:
Salary Title Management Can Create Dynamic Salary Titles according to requirements. Complete Formula Based Salary Titles, So easily customized with any types of organization. Payment option for Monthly, On Demand etc. Automatic Attach with Tax Heads and Tax Deduction Options (RF, Donation, Pension etc.) for accurate TDS Calculation. Grade Management Relate Grade with Salary Title to Update Salary on change of Grade. Can Set Grade Update Plan on Beginning of Fiscal Year which Helps to estimate Grade Amount to Calculate Accurate TDS and also reduce headache of checking for grade update in every month. Grade Update: Update Grade according to plan or manually selecting eligible employees. Settings for TDS Calculation Allow to Update TDS exemptions, deductions and rebate in TDS such as Insurance, PF Contribution, Marital Status, Gender, Donation, and Handicap etc. are systemically incorporated in the software. Allow to Estimating Future Salary changes in current fiscal year for TDS Calculation. It automatically calculates penal fees (Section 117) and interest (Section 119) on the shortfall of TDS. Valuation of perquisites such as accommodation, vehicles facilities provided to the employees, is incorporated for TDS computation. Allow to Merge Income, Deductions and TDS from other office for any employees to calculate the accurate TDS. Advance and Loan Management Allow to add advances and loans amount, calculate interest and schedule the installment for recovery from monthly salary. Manage the ledger and balance of loan and advances of employees. Auto calculates Interest difference for TDS calculation if any. Opp. Shantinagar Gate, Kathmandu-34, Minbhawan. Ph: 01-4620412, url : email:

Corporate Support System Pvt. Ltd.
Com. Reg. No. : 73205/066/067 VAT No. : 304306310

Salary Calculation and Payment Can generate any number of payment sheet in a single month such as. Salary Sheet, Overtime Sheet, Expense Sheet, Tiffin Allowance, Bonus Sheet etc. Automatic Salary Calculation for selected month according to generated attendance. Department, Designation, Branch, Employees Groups, Level or Employment Type Wise salary can be generated. Automatic TDS Calculation (1% and other separately) and deduct from the salary of current month. Can enter salary payment to manage the payment detail, due and ledger of employee. Calculation of bonus as per Bonus Act. Calculation of Gratuity. Manage temporary/ short time period/seasonal employees' salary, TDS & history. Salary Different Sheet: Shows the detail of difference in salary with comparing two months. Generate Salary Slip and send slip in email address of respected employee. Salary Head Wise Report: Shows the reports of payment details including formula source such as (Rate, Days etc) Other salary reports such as PF, CIT, Bank, Tax deposit, Loans deductions etc. Reports based on cost centers such as Branch, Department, Designation, Employee, Employment Type, Salary Month etc. Shows individual ledger of employee related to salary, loans and advances on month wise and date wise.

4. Web Module:
Because of user friendly features we have divided this software in two operating modules (Application Module and Web Modules). Payroll Calculation and HR entry and reporting are available in Application Module. Features in Web Module are; Employee Login, Employee personal details, history and various reporting. Online Pay slip posting. And various payroll and Tax reports in employee login. Leave taken and leave availability reports. Online leave request, leave planning, recommend/reject/pending requested leave by immediate supervisor, Leave Approve/reject/pending by Admin or Authorized Login. Auto synchronizes leave details with payroll module. Online message sending features among employees and also with admin. Various attendance related reports in supervisor login and admin.

Other Reports:
TDS Reports Shows the detail of monthly Payable TDS, Paid TDS and Due TDS if any. Export TDS report for IRD (Tax Office) website upload. Yearly TDS Calculation Summary Shows the compiled TDS Calculation Sheet including detail of all incomes and deductions for all employees in single sheet Show the Due TDS, available Tax Saving Amount, Tax Plan Sheet to minimize the tax amounts. Employee Wise TDS Calculation Sheet (Detail) / TDS Plan Sheet Show the complete TDS Calculation Sheet for the selected employee. Showing income of whole year, all deductions applied and discount available according to selection Shows the Total Due TDS and Monthly Average TDS to be deducted from salary. Custom Report Creator Reporting Templates, Tables, Fields are available in this window. User can personally write, save and execute the query to generate their required reports. All the reports and data in this software can print directly and export to Excel and XML format.

Technical Features:
This software has been developed in SQL Server and .Net (VB.Net/C#), Asp.Net Technologies. This software can be operated in single user as well as multiple user environments. It can be simultaneously operated from multiple clients at the same time. It can work in centralized computing environment. Operation and data display security of each menu and module can set to users and user group basis. Support duel date (BS & AD) date system. Opp. Shantinagar Gate, Kathmandu-34, Minbhawan. Ph: 01-4620412, url : email:

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