Interview Questions

Elaborate the answers, give your own examples of a similar nature, do not be negative and confess any mistake. Go through the company details and very important Expectations, Requirements, Skills needed for the position you are applying for and Culture, Ethics of the company.
1. Tell me about yourself. . Though you can start from the beginning, emphasis should be on your Academic qualification, Project, Relevant Courses and Skills. They are interested to know about how fit you are for the position they want offer to you. Key to success in interview is to match your qualifications to what the interviewer is looking for. In other words you must sell what the buyer likes. 2 .What are your greatest strengths? Your skills which match with the job. Try to find what matters most to the company. If you relate your skills befitting company’s culture, ethic and its functions highlight them. Give a list of some of the best qualities that are appreciated in the company 3. What are your greatest weaknesses? Beware - this is an eliminator question. Any admission of a serious weakness or fault may work against you. Make your strength appear like a weakness but at the end leave a positive note expressing it as though it a strength and not a weakness. Or say do not remember any such weaknesses or speak of a very mild weakness( When I was a child ,I wanted my mother/sister to be at home soon after I returned from school, I don’t like to hear excuses from anyone and nor do I like to give one. I am serious about work.) Build confidence in the interviewer that you do not possess traits that can hamper your performance. 4. Tell me about something you felt ashamed of. To test how you think and act under stress. Either you give a chance for such question or the interviewer asks himself. Do not admit your guilt or regrets regarding anything. Can speak of small incidents.(One of my friends expected me to accompany him to the principals chamber as he was called upon by him for a petty reason. I did not go with him though I knew he was not guilty. I did not do it purposefully. I got carried on with some important work and totally forgot about it. Later I sincerely apologized. And never ever forgot to take care of things related to my people.) Or speak of some values , principles are some practice which help you to avoid such incidents- Narrate incidents from you own experience) 5. Why should I hire you? Find out your employer’s needs, priorities, expectations, work strategy, work culture, his desires etc. This enables you to understand the requirements and match your skills with them. Give one are two examples of the implementation of such skills. 6. Are you interested in this job(in case your qualification is higher than required for the job, and you may lose interest or sometimes ironical) Speak of the job from your perspective how good it is, or what good things can be done. Speak of advantages instead of drawbacks.

Again affirm him you are ready to accept what the company has fixed for it. Describe what is an ideal job for you. be committed . Only mutual respect and co-ordination can enable progress. you may not be hired. Narrate an unforgettable moment in your life/ Speak of a challenge you faced in your life and how you overcame it/ Tell me about your friends. 15. The age (gender. Speak of the good qualities only. If someone can achieve it at such a young age. You studied theory all the while and want to see how different experience it is to work. 13. college life/school days/ your favorite teacher/ role model etc. 11. he can set a very good example for others.annual reports. etc)? You feel happy that the company hires on merit alone. website of the company etc. The company has strongly felt that the candidate is highly worthy of it. Speak about some of the great features of the company and say you want to be a part of such a happening. If your resume shows that you have varied interests that can obtrude in the job you have applied for . Where do you see yourself five years from now? Firstly I want to understand clearly my roles and responsibilities and perform my job with excellence. advertisements. contacts you know at the company . What matters more is the learning. 12. How do you feel about reporting to a younger person (minority. All other things fall in place. Tell me the good and the bad qualities of yourself/ your Principal etc. So go ahead and convince him that the job at hand matters a lot. What are your career options right now? (Trying to know how important the job is for you). race.) of the person you report to would certainly make no difference to you. Why do you want to work in our company? Use all sources to know about the company. woman. What is your salary expectations? According to the prevailing standard payment for this position/ The company might have already fixed a salary package for it. etc. different courses done by you and the company’s requirements should all match. articles about the company. (they think you are eager to find fault with others if you speak ill of them) 14. 16. I am ready to accept what is offered by the company if it is in accordance with the work we are expected to do. your academic qualification. 10. newsletter. (either you are overqualified or inept based on the requirement) Speak of how an ideal job is according to you and eplain what holds interest for you in the present job.7. 8. 9. Never speak bad about anyone or anything. Every designation demands respect. What are your other interests? Too many confusing factors in the resume will lead to such questions? Your interests. Would you lie for the sake of the company? I would never do anything to hurt the company ? .

initiative.would you say to your boss if he?s crazy about an idea. Could you have done better in your college? Do not be negative. Narrate what it was? How you were prepared mentally to decide something. 4. 18. 22. Answer the following questions. 7. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make? Give a good example. 19. Work in shifts etc? 11. 21. etc.You lack experience for the job 10. etc. soft skills.If hard pressed to choose between two competing values –loyalty and integrity. What was the toughest challenge you?ve ever faced? Give very good example of a situation in which you exhibited some of the best skills appreciated by the company and a quality most important to the job. Give an example which speaks of external factors that lead to some sort of learning. If given an opportunity to do things again of the past. intelligence.The Hypothetical Problem? 8. Waht do you think about the capital punishment? Single mother any other controversial subject? These issues are of a serious nature.Are you ready to relocate. 17. It is very hard and rude to give our opinion or find fault. Each case is different and each victim and each criminal. What is it that you worry about? 6. courage. If your performance in the academics is not consistent. Give me an example of your creativity (analytical skill) managing ability. Give a well-accepted definition of success . every experience is a stepping stone which has culminated in you and has made you who you are at present and that you are happy about where you stand and who you are. managerial skill. We have to argue purely based on the merit of these issues rather than being stead fast. you can expect this question about stable performance in the company. It is the most prized of all the values. What good books have you read lately? 13. what would you do differently in your life? Tell him that every incident. The path you chose. What’s the most difficult part of job. What are your goals? 9.How do you define success? Success is measured differently by different people. What would you do if one of your colleagues are not doing his part of job? 3. Where could you use some improvement? 5. always choose personal integrity. but you think it stinks? 12. What was the result(positive) 20. . Ex leadership. persistence. which gave you success and relate it with evry other task that can be accomplished with the skills learnt by you.Rather than speaking about success speak of what you did/learnt to achieve some goals. How could you have improved your career progress? 2. 1.