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Eloise Noakes N7167792 Public Relations Campaigns Assesment 3 Portfolio

Lend Lease & The Stitchery Collective
The purpose of a media alert is to communicate an event to media targets in advance, outlining the newsworthy value. This event aim is to attract investors, prospective buyers and gain significant media attention. For this, property and lifestyle publications have been chosen selected on their publication readers, with local proximity to Brisbane. In specific, publications whose readers are working professionals with a relative medium to high expendable income, presumably young individuals or working couples. PrimeSite in The Courier-Mail was chosen as a widely reputed source for the local commercial property market. Bmag and Brisbane News Magazine are two of Brisbane’s top lifestyle magazines with strong reader loyalty and high reader numbers. Brisbane News Magazine is distributed to readers with high income, identified as prime consumer target for this purpose. The Australian newspaper is another targeted media outlet for distribution, due to its strong links to publishing Australian history relevant stories. On top of printed publications, Nine News was chosen as a targeted media source and has known connections to the RNA showgrounds.It is noted that many of the chosen publications employ strict deadlines with two days prior for reserving and one day prior for full colour copy submission. For the speech presentation RNA President David Thomas was chosen as guest speaker. With his strong link to the historical site of the RNA showgrounds, and his ongoing involvement in the Showground Hill renovations, he is the ideal candidate to discuss the positive change. Also a chair of the RNA Development and Planning, Mr Thomas has significant knowledge into the revitalization, and clearly understands the information he will be discussing. As a solicitor by trade, Mr Thomas also conducts himself well in presentation style, and embodies authoritative importance. For The Stitchery Collective a media release and social media tools have been chosen that relate directly to the proposed campaign brief. The media release relays the important involvement of The Stitchery Collective in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane. As our proposed campaign employed high use of social media, it seemed appropriate to provide social media component, consisting of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For optimal success, linking across all social media platforms increases audience reach. Using multiple social media platforms provide the opportunity to create awareness of The Stitchery Collective and then move towards altering their beliefs and behaviours of sustainable fashion. As our campaign employs high reliance on visual aspects, it was noted that Facebook and Instagram were applications that provided that opportunity. The twitter posts utilise the ability to link to other Twitter accounts, and hyperlink to external resources for more information. Twitter will be utilized in providing an ‘on the go’ perspective from The Stitchery Collective members, and for them to present a personal perspective. Instagram would be used as a ‘behind the scenes’ view of The Stitchery Collective. Photography uploads would include the everyday running’s of a fashion organisation.
For example images of:


• International & national sustainable designers • International celebrities discussing sustainable fashion • Local places for sustainable fashion o E.g. Giorgio Armani, Gucci,

o E.g. Bono, Vivienne Westwood and Ilaria Fendi, Stella McCartney o Materials- Patterns, fabrics, threads, o Products – clothing, jewellery,

• Day in the Life of The Stitchery Collective

o Places of interest, cafes, events – discussion forums, workshops

Working In A Team
In this particular situation I have left with negative experience of working in a team. Over the course of my studies at QUT, and even earlier at school, I have come to realise that working in a team will almost always result in an imbalanced level of effort from team members. My experience in this group has supported that view, but also provided me with insights into how I could better handle future situations. The main cause of concern was miscommunication. Still at this point, I find it difficult not to point the blame at one person in particular. Throughout the course of this subject, one member of our group, Tess, made it very clear that she would be unable to attend lectures and majority of tutorials. Her presence in the group was minimal at best, but when she was participating it caused tension between all members, and became a difficult character to handle especially in the final few weeks. This was a very frustrating and confusing experience, as I felt I had contributed equal if not more than the same contribution, but also that she lacked the insight to see that with a group you simply cannot leave work or reports until the last minute. Especially when one member is an international students and needed ample time in which to correlate and translate his findings. The group works resulted in very low sound completion of the tasks, and has left me feeling tension towards that individual, but also as though we didn’t complete the tasks to our high standard. I have experienced this disappointment before in groups, as well as the imbalanced spread of contributions across members, but this situation is definitely a new standard of dysfunctional group work. To find resolution in this experience, I sought after busines theory in working effectively in teams. From many of the sources it was found that there holds great important on an effective team leader (Cook 2009) (Dyer, 2007). From the beginning of this group work, Tess and I both took leadership roles. After the group presentation, and from the whole group understadning the lack of contribution from Tess, I slightly moved into the leadership role, however this was never completely due to competing with the other individual. I feel even with group work now, the leadership role is difficult to manage if another person is challening you for it. I would still like to research this further to find alternative ways to overcome this problem. Cook, S. (2009). Building a High-Performance Team: Proven techniques for effective team working. Retrieved from: Dyer, W. G., Dyer, J. H. (2007) Team building: proven strategies for improving team performance. Retrievedfrom: aspx?bookid=18035&chunkid=540 688259&rowid=124

Social and Ethical Understanding
One member of our group was from Shanghai, China and this arose from obvious social issues. The individual themselves was a delightful person, who was always eager to attend meetings and participate wholly in the group work, however there were some cultural barriers that proved more difficult to overcome. Language is always going to be a strong element when working across continents within group work. In our particular case, the individual was quite fluent in the English language but it took them significant time to translate workings back into Mandarin to thoroughly understand the information, and then re-translate their answers from Chinese Mandarin back into English. As we were aware of this slight issue early on, we reduced their contribution to the major report, as we all understood the large extra effort and difficulty for that person. It was also noted that for our pitch presentation, we designated a section to that individual early on so they had ample time in which they could rehearse their sections until they felt comfortable. In both these occasions, it proved quite difficult nearing towards the end of submission/presenting, as when it was found there was still significant work that had to be completed, it was too difficult both time and energy wise to outsource this evenly amongst all the members. Apart from the language barriers, it was pleasant having an individual within our group coming from a different background and culture. For this specific client and situation, their international knowledge of Asia was not exactly utilised, but it can be noted that for future campaigns and international workings, this could be a very helpful additive. In context to the ethical understandings from this experience, I have employed PRIA’s professional code of ethics. Outlined as a responsibility of the individual to the community, clients and employers, the PRIA’s code of ethics embodies 15 criteria statements for their members to abide by. At an initial glance it seemed that not many of the criteria would relate to the experience undertaken in PR campaigns. However after reading in-depth, it arose that a strong handful of the statements related to my personal experience of working in a team, as well as working with a not-for-profit organisation. A significant number of the statements relate to financial implications, which in this case, wasn’t a large issue. Saying that, I can easily see how future workings in PR, especially with NFP organisations, you would have to be very clear of working hours and time spent towards the campaign. In this case, I felt as a group we could have employed a stricter regime of writing down hours and time spent towards collating the proposal report. This process would have provided each member a more realistic understanding of budgeting for real world practice.

Client: The Green on behalf of Lend Lease
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Media Alert Representatives

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MEDIA ALERT Unveiling of The Green Apartments - Inside and Out.

Page 3 - 5 SPEECH Guest Speaker: David Thomas RNA President Topic: Our History is Our Culture - Embrace it and Move Forward

MEDIA ALERT Unveiling of The Green Apartments, inside and out.
Media Representatives Chris Herde Courier Mail Prime Site editor Phone: 07 3666 6645 Email: Twitter: primesite Sarah Danckert The Australian Ph: (02) 9288 3000 Fax: (02) 9288 2250 Email: Twitter: sdanck The Australian - Brisbane Offices Ph: (07) 3666 7465 Fax: (07) 3666 7499 Email: Heather McWhinnie Bmag Editor Phone: 07 3868 6222 Fax: 07 3268 3520 Email: Kylie Lang Brisbane news magazine Editor Ph: (07) 3666 8856 Fax: (07) 3666 8899 Email: Paul Reed Nine News News presenter/journalist Reporter/chief of staff Ph: (07) 3214 9943 Email: tqtnewsroom@nine.comau

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MEDIA ALERT FOR RELEASE Thursday, 22nd Novermber 2012 Unveiling of The Green Apartments - inside and out.
Lend Lease Australia is inviting investors, media and the elite Brisbane community to personally experience The Green Apartments hype. Marking the transformation forward, the night will showcase leading industry designs, in partnership with local and international designers and artists. The Lightspace studios will be fitted with The Green Apartment installations, inviting viewers to experience the high life livling on offer. Guest speeches and from local MP, RNA President and Lend Lease CEO will offer an insight into the rebranding of Showground Hill. WHAT: WHEN: Unveiling of The Green Apartments inside and out. A showcase of architecture, interior design and leading construction. Thursday 6th December, 2012 Refreshments and Canapes from 6:00pm, Presentations 6:30pm – 8:00pm Light Space - 30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD 4006 On behalf of Lend Lease Australia, CEO Mark Menhinnitt will be hosting the event. With guest speakers MP Jeff Seeney - Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure & Planning; and RNA President David


Photography and Interview Opportunities There will be photo opportunities with guest speakers, Mark Menhinnitt, MP Jeff Seeney and David Thomas following the speeches. Approximately 7:10pm - 7:20pm. Following on to 15 minutes for interview opportunities with Mark Menhinnitt. Location Directions Leaving Brisbane CBD heading north up Wickham St, turn left at the Audi dealership next to the Emporium on Wickham St. This is Light St, which you should follow all the way to the end. At the T intersection, on your left is Scanlan Street, the entrance to the venue is via Scanlan Street. Parking There is no onsite parking for guests at Lightspace. There is street parking available in Scanlan Street and Prospect Street.

MORE: Lend Lease Australia is the proud partner in transforming the RNA Showgrounds into $2.9 billion rebranding of Showground Hill. The Green is the first residential propoerty to be underway in the wider development by Lend Lease. Featuring five mid-rise buildings, The Green will offer sustainable urban development both residential and commericial, surrounded by flourishing private gardens . Just off St Pauls Terrace, The Green is minutes away from everything Brisbane has to offer.

Media Contact Lend Lease PR Manager P: 0402 696 560 E:

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Good evening and welcome to the unveiling of The Green Apartments – inside and out. [PAUSE] I am David Thomas President of the Royal National Agriculture and Industrial Association of QLD. On behalf of the RNA, I want to formally welcome you to the exciting transformation that is taking place at the RNA showgrounds. [PAUSE] [cue arm to slideshow] The RNA and RNA showgrounds are an integral part of Queensland’s history. It was established in 1875 and since 1876 held the annual Intercolonial Exhibition at the showgrounds. These were exciting times, watching history be made. The first Ekka which has now flourished into annual event to celebrate Queensland’s agricultural and industrial riches, and rejoice in our proud State’s history. [PAUSE] 136 years later, the RNA showgrounds is our history. It’s our culture. [PAUSE]

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The regeneration project embraces our past, and looks towards the future. [PAUSE] This project is a push towards a better Brisbane. The RNA Showgrounds Regeneration Project is focused on revitalising the 22 hectare site, into an innovative and functional commercial and residential heart of Brisbane City. We are evolving as a nation, as a state and as a city. [PAUSE] Brisbane

is growing and requires our property developments to grow with us. [PAUSE] Our goal for the next 15 years is for the showgrounds to be a place of city and a home to its people. The RNA showgrounds will still embody Queensland’s history, but will embrace the future. We want to invest in our future through developing places of high cultural importance through functional and innovative property development. [PAUSE] The Green Apartments is the very first development in this transformation and will play a vital role in embodying the Showground Hill culture. The Green Apartments will provide close distance living, in a sustainable and innovative living capacity. [PAUSE]

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The residents will be able to experience the rich history of the RNA showgrounds in a manner like none other. Surrounded by world-class lush gardens and leading architectural designs, Showground Hill will once again become an integral part of Queensland’s history. [PAUSE]

The regeneration project will also generate employment options and inject business back into the region, boosting tourism and reinforcing the strong history that Queensland holds. [PAUSE] Lend Lesase have strived in protecting the Showgrounds and our history, and have looked towards enforcing the RNA Showgrounds will not be a distant memory of the past. The leading architectural designs will enhance the heritage buildings and provide residents and the local Brisbane community to wander through the old stock houses and use the newly designer bike paths that interweave through the heritage buildings. [PAUSE] The Green has so delicately chosen local artists and designers for the apartment fittings. Following with movement of sustainable living, and embracing our local culture. [PAUSE]

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The new development will also enhance the annual Ekka celebrations. [PAUSE] With a more cohesive and functional design, it will direct viewers

through the grounds and minimise potential disruptions to the area. Road and transport changes are in progress of being made, to better house the Ekka festive, as well as allow for easier access to the historical venue. [PAUSE] Tonight we want to celebrate the hard work put into to create a cohesive design both inside and outside The Green Apartments. We cant to congratulate the long hours and dedicated works that have been there designing and constructing the largest development project in Brisbane since Southbank. [PAUSE] On behalf of Lend Lease, I want to invite you to enjoy your evening. [PAUSE] Explore the apartment designs. Sit down, relax, and imagine your life living at the breath taking and innovative The Green Apartments. [PAUSE] Thankyou,


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The Stitchery Collective

The Stitchery Collective
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Page 3-4 Media Release The Stitchery Collective Speaks Sewing, Style and Sustainability

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The Stitchery Collective
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Facebook Posts

The Stitchery Collective is very proud to announce they will be on a fashion panel discussing sustainable fashion & cultural identities at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2013 We’re so excited about MBFF 2013 we’ve already started prepping! So many things to speak about but such little time. What would you want to hear from us? Melbourne Cup is racing up quickly. What will you be wearing head to toe? Sustainable fashion we hope so! Pop onto our blog for list of local designers with stylish spring frocks! http:// Have you heard? Parisian Style High Tea at The Sofitel Hotel Brisbane next weekend. We never say no to a macaroon or a magnificent fashion parade – sustainable local brands of course! Get your tickets here new_high_Tea_gets_the_Parisian_touch!/ Christmas cheer and crazy carols! We’ve decorated the office with our eco-friendly little friends. Full DIY instructions just been uploaded to our blog! Great as gifts or sprucing up the office.


Christmas parties overload - Do you need a new fab frock for drinks and nibbles? Ash to Gold in Winn Lane are local Brisbane designers have you covered. With stunning fresh colours and high vibrancy patterns, flattering for all forms. Gorman clothing have delivered again! A summery 20% off everything instore and online until tomorrow night. We are going crazy over their high-waisted bikinis! Sustainable, stylish and perfect for summer heat.

m gra s nsta idea I

hot P


For optimal success, linking across all social media platforms increases audience reach

Twitter Posts
Preparations have begun! @MBFFB 2013 is shaping up to be mind-blowing! Can’t wait to share with you some of our plans! Keep up to date with all @MBFFB 2013 news on our facebook page – new details to be release soon! http://

al M

edia Tactics

Just drooled over #QUTFashionStudents portfolio pieces – might see some @MBFFB 2013 stay posted! First meeting with @MBFFB 2013 for Fashion Discussion Panel - friendly faces and fashion icons #wearesoexcited @MBFWA now has a new home! Beautiful warehouse space in Sydney - cant wait for 2013 Fashion Talks Fabulous write up on #sustainablefashion @TheAge A great read & great tips au/lifestyle/fashion/style-and-sustainability-201110281mnks.html LOVE the new @NobodyDenim #SS12 Collection. Sustainable & styligh! collections/form-function-finish-spring-2012/ Stunning collaboration @gormanclothing & Alexander Kori Girard: vibrant visual patterns perfected with sustainable practice alexander-kori-girard/ @EcoFashionWeek just wrapped up in Vancouver: Fab event with panels, seminary & stunning shows. We are inspired! html Swap the old for new, vintage and trendy! QUT Fashion Swap on tonight @ The Glasshouse Kelvin Grove campus 5-8pm We’ll be there! http://www. #EastonPearson just released their latest collection of ravishing rugs. Wonderful to see Australian label doing so well & sustainably! @EP_insider http://www.

Media Release

The Stitchery Collective sew their knowledge into the minds of Australia’s future designers Mercedes-Benz Fastion Festival Brisbane 2013 announce The Stitchery Collective as lead speakers on fashion discussion panel, following a move towards promoting sustainable fashion. This week striked new beginnings of MBFF 2013 with Treasury Casino revealing this years plan to focus on sustainable fashion and Australian designers. 2013 MBFF marks a new role for the local not-for-profit organisation, who will be taking a lead in the mentoring of showcasing local designers towards employing sustainable practice. Stitchery Collective founder Kath Horton comments on the long running relationship with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. “We’ve always really enjoyed speaking at the fashion festival, as it’s a great way to connect with the younger generations, and provoke the thought of what is sustainable fashion,” Ms Horton said. “It’s so wonderful that we have the opportunity to discuss fashion to a depth more than just clothes and beauty,” she said. “We want to bring back the thought of viewing an item of clothing more than just a trendy top, but a piece of work that has taken someone hours to draw and sew,” Ms Horton said. The Stitchery Collective has been established as a focal point for fashion discussion and sustainable knowledge, for the local and national fashion community. Kath Horton along with a team of dedicated volunteers, run the organisation with the hopes of fostering more Australian designers in utilising sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. (MORE OVER)
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Media Release
The Stitchery Collective Speaks Sewing, Style and Sustainability The online discussion can be accessed by anyone internationally, with the use of an interactive calendar providing fashion related events both locally and internationally. “We really want to bring the focus back towards providing our local and national community the tools for them to see what is being discussed about fashion at a global level, and what their impact can be in this ever changing world that is fashion,” Ms Horton explains.

The Stitchery Collective is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteer artists and designers towards promoting sustainable fashion practice in the local and national community. They hold regular fashion talks and seminars and provide extensive knowledge of sustainable fashion practice on their website, alongside upcoming events and workshops

ENDS Interview opportunities are available, please enquire via email if you would like to make an appointment.

For further information: Eloise Noakes, PR Manager The Stitchery Collective P: 0402 696 560 E: Kath Horton, Founder The Stitchery Collective P: 0439 365 047 E:

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Targeted Media Outlets
mX Newspaper Emma Chalmers, Editor 1300 304 020

Used for the media release

The Courier Mail Newspaper 1300 304 020 Bmag Magazine Heather McWhinnie, Editor (07) 3969 6222 Map Magazine Mikki Brammer, Editor Mikki! (07) 3251 4900 Marie Claire Magazine Erin White, Editor Coordinator (02) 9394 2372 Yen Magazine (02) 9901 6100 Fashion Journal Magazine Linda Curtiis, Managing Editor (02) 9428 3600

Reference List
Amed, I. (2011). The business of Fashion: Behind the Tweets-Learning from the Best of the Fashion Twitterati. Retrieved from: http://www.businessoffashio Chaffey, D. (2010). Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice: Using Facebook for Marketing – 10 company examples and engagement tips. Retrieved from: Chua, J. M. (2012). Ecouterre: 14 Mainstream Luxury Brands that have Flirted with Ecp-Fashion. Retrieved from: Eridon, C. (2012). Hubspot Blog: 9 Excellent Examples of Brands Using Facebook’s New Page Design. Retrieved from: blog/tabid/6307/bid/31752/9-Excellent-Examples-of-Brands-UsingFacebook-s-New-Page-Design.aspx Keach, E. (2012). Urban Times: Gucci-Sustainable Luxury at its Finest. Retrieved from: McMillan, A. (2012). Elle Canada: 7 Sustainable Luxury Brands Making Eco-Friendly Fashion. Retrieved from: trends/7-sustainable-luxury-brands-making-eco-friendly-fashion/a/57121 The Ethical Fashion Source Intelligence. (2012). Retrieved from: http://source. Vahl, A. (2012). Social Media Examiner: 4 Unique Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business. Retrieved from: Images used in this document were borrowed from Christina K