Community Commentary on the Work of Betsey Merkel Ralf Lippold Dresden, Germany @betseymerkel amongst • John Hagel: A1. Feminine archetype central to the shifts that are playing out in global business economy. #ideachat Alex P. Michaels, Cleveland, Ohio - Very talented and skilled at helping people. No one is more dedicated promoting positive civic engagement geared toward long term uplifting of the community...with Betsey it's not just civic engagement...it's civil engagement! - Len Steinbach The Institute for Open Economic Networks 'appeared in the late 90's / early '00's.... It was a monthly meeting where entrepreneurially minded / intelligent / doers / doer wanna be's would meet at Case Western Reserve University. Betsey was/is the glue that makes this group happen. She is one who is happy to intro folks to folks for the mere sake of creating something BIGGER... BETTER.... She is one of the social engines that connects those with ideas with others. The positive impact Betsey's work and linking of other like-minded folks together here in NEO is priceless. She is not only IT astute but people smart, witty and intellectually a diamond for NEO. - Sarah Reinbolt, Top Doers (That's people who get stuff done) in Northeast Ohio Betsey understands the importance of the incredibly simple 'plan your work, work your plan' route to success. - Peter E. Toomey, Principal, Toomey & Friends Advertising Marketing Communications, Cleveland, Ohio Betsey is one of the most generous network builders I know in addition to being a brilliant visual thinker. - Daniel F. Bassill, Founder, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Consulting, Chicago, Illinois Betsey is one of the best community engagement thinkers of her generation. Her foresight talent combined with knowledge of networks and technological communication makes her a jewel in the Internet world. Betsey is one of my top twitter feeds to watch and she is a genuine and caring person to boot... - Norma A Owen, LLC Strategic Consulting


Your work has had a profound impact on my own. Honored to share and support. Deep bow. - Sandy Maxey, Economic Development Professional If you like to see some inspiration in developing a LinkedIn profile! Betsey Merkel is a master in Open systems and Mapping of societal processes! Bert-Ola, Co-Founder, Social Capital World Forum Mom'd bproud & Women I hold hands w/: Betsey, your spirit is so vast I can feel it sometimes. Thrilled to have your awareness and kindness in my sphere. - @JenniferSertl In our work with the KM community we've come across a statistic - for every 100 people on a network, there are around 0.25% that actually produce and share knowledge - the rest are voyeurs. So, congratulations on being one of the 0.25%! - Steve Banhegyi, Co-Founder CommunityLED So far my favorite concept map from the amazingly talented Betsey Merkel. In addition, the line can very quickly do a 180-degree turn. Reputation is the single most important asset any business holds. - Chris Keffer The conversation on the utilization to support a grounded and comprehensive usage of social media is crucial. Betsey, the visual is spot on. ..It is I who is looking forward to our innovative ideas on full utilization of social media as it relates to the professional networking strategies. I have my own ideas and believe we are using this site more for the numbers, as opposed to the potential to expand our endeavors in our particular industries. Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. The visual of the way it works is a great tool for me and I see how the validity of the picture is working in my own network creation. - Carol Brown Crisis Area (SAP/STARS) Special Projects Tech at Pasadena Community College Your own presentation on COINS, which I read very closely, was fantastic. –Sofia Bustamante, Founder, Founder at London Creative Labs, Founder at Turn Up the Courage, Career Coach at Lifeworth I follow @betseymerkel b/c she is an amazing curator of valuable knowledge that more people need to be aware of. – Ken Homer, http://www.CollaborativeConversations.com Thanks to the great knowledge and info curator @BetseyMerkel for


showing me the way on open source #economic #development networks. Bruce Waltuck Betsey provided our Parish Nurse project with outstanding video material and communication knowledge for our project application and for future opportunities on the nternet. Betsey is highly motivated, extremely well organized, and completes a project on time. Thank you so much for an excellent job, Betsey. - Jeri Shaffer, RN, MSN Parish Nurse Project coordinator, Federated Church, Chagrin Falls, OH #ff @betseymerkel for her incredible ability as a knowledge curator, for her deep compassion, her perseverance, and her courage. - Bruce Waltuck These maps have power, especially if they are part of a story and a strategy. - Daniel F. Bassill, Chicago, Illinois - President/CEO, Cabrini Connections, Tutor Mentor Connections Betsey Merkel's outstanding collection of 22 Maps for civic leaders pertaining to the architecture of digital infrastructure and social process for information sharing and knowledge creation in Open Source Economic Development - Global Village Telegraph RT @JohnWLewis #innochat @DavidHolzmer @complexified: #FF @betseymerkel for the best curation and distribution of knowledge resources. Hi, I am only starting to discover what amazingly rich content and ideas u have on i-open! - stevebanhegyi on Twitter - Facilitator & Media Developer at www.storytelling.co.za and ThoughtFormz.com, Johannesburg Area, South Africa I have been listening to some of the interviews and have found them touching my thoughts and heart. I look forward to contributing to the community. - Jackie Stevenson, CEO, The Spirit of Leadership LLC My interview experience with I-Open was challenging specifically going through each of the interview points in the systematic fashion. When I was going through the interview I was very conscious of the format and felt very nervous during the discussion. However, looking at the final product, the interview, I feel that the structured process instituted by I-Open, really enhanced my ideas and provides added credibility to the discussion on this


topic. The interview channels the sticky mind-webs; those fragments, incomplete thoughts, and preliminary ideas, that we all have, into a focused and detailed conversation that logs the contributor's ideas in space and time. This data by its structured package is then portable and innovation through shared connections and experiences in the network are then possible. - James Flock

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