Gipsy mystical cross layout

Before you begin laying the cards you should decide on the time frame for the reading. Think of it in terms of weeks, months or even years as you shuffle the cards. The Gipsy Mystical Cross layout is not used for single question requiring an answer in days. However, you can discover your answer from the cards in the central blocks for a single question (4, 5/14/23/32, 6, 13, 15). My suggestion would be to use less cards and a smaller layout for those single questions like: will I get the job, does he still love me, will I meet someone …. Begin by shuffling the deck, cut it in 3 piles to your left with your left hand. Assemble the 3 piles back to one pile and place the 1st card upright in spot #1. Continue according to the chart until you get to card 19. Make sure you leave adequate room beside cards in the left/right wings to insert the second round cards. Once you reach card 18 you will begin at the top wing with card 19 placing it face down right beside it. Continue with the rest of the chart in this manner. Notice there are 4 cards in the center. Card 5 is upright and cards 14, 23 and 32 are face down. The spot is the “heart” of the Mystical Cross. The Gipsy Mystical Cross layout is a full reading much like the full board using all 36 cards in 4 rows across with each row containing 9 cards. 1/19 2/20 3/21 4/22 5/14/23/32 15/33 6/24 7/25 8/26 9/27








Locate the significator card Sweetheart or Lover depending on your gender. Next locate the significator card Sweetheart or Lover depending on the gender of the person you are interested in. Note: You can select a card from the deck and place it in the center block in spot #5 if you wish the reading to start off with a particular situation in your life. As I said above, you will get so much more information than the situation you are directing the cards to start off the reading with.


Center block 5/14/23/32 The “heart” of the Mystical cross cards reveal what situation is of the utmost importance. Your significator card here suggests you are in need of many answers from the gipsy cards. The other 3 cards can pinpoint a situation of current concern. Your significant other’s card here suggests this person is very much on your mind at the current time of the shuffle. The other 3 cards will pinpoint what influences this person brings to your life. If there are no significator cards such as Sweetheart/Lover (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck) or Lady/Gentleman (Lenormand deck) study the 4 core cards to determine the theme of the reading. The theme can involve money, travel, work, love and even betrayals. Left wing 10/28 11/29 12/30 13/31

Your significator card in the left wing indicates you are living in past circumstances, which are preventing you from moving forward. Your significant other’s card here indicates that person is part of your past and most likely you may not be dealing with them in the near future. Depending on the meanings of the other card joining it. Top wing 1/19 2/20 3/21 4/22 Your significator card in the top wing of the Gipsy Mystical Cross suggests many different circumstances that are currently going on or about to happen. Your significant other’s card in the top wing suggests that person will be involved in your life in situations close to you or about to get involved.


Bottom wing 6/24 7/25 8/26 9/27 Your significator card in the bottom wing indicates circumstances passing out of your life. Here you will find situations, which will no longer be important in the near future (right wing). Your significant other’s card in the bottom wing indicates that person will be not be as important but this does not necessarily mean they will not be part of the near future. Right wing 15/33 16/34 17/35 18/36

Your significator card here reveals you do not hang on to past circumstances and leave extra emotional baggage in the past. In this wing situations are suggested in which you initiate rather than sitting back waiting for things to happen. Look at the other card in this spot to determine what you want to materialize. Your significant other’s card here reveal that person is part of your near future. When I say near future I am giving it a 3-6 months time frame. You should decided on the time frame prior to shuffling the laying the cards in the Gipsy Mystical Cross layout. instructions 1. Study the central block until you get a good understanding of what the cards are trying to tell you. You may already know. 5/14/23/32 2. Begin with the top wing. Study card 1 and then flip over card 19. You will flip over all the face down cards when you get to the pairing process. Why do we place the coupling cards face down? Mainly so that you get an understanding of the first card before attempting the combination. (You can by-pass this if you wish and lay all the cards face up.) Begin pairing card 1 with 19 to get a combined meaning. Continue with card 2 and 20 followed by card 3 and 21 finishing off with card 4 and 22. What have you learned so far? Are the cards reflecting what is going on in your life? Many times the cards will show you situations that often people are not even aware of.


1/19 2/20 3/21 4/22 3. At this point you can continue with the bottom wing. I usually read the past wing right around this time. My reason for this is because once I get an understanding of the current energy I can look to the past for hints on why the current situation has unfolded the way it did. You can read whatever wing you want. Many people go straight to the future spots in a layout. Repeat the pairing process as in step #2. 4. Here we read the left wing in the same manner as step #2. You might refer to this wing off and on during the reading as a reference guide. 5. The right wing will have information derived from the combinations of the cards in the spots/blocks. Study card 15 with 33. Continue with card 16 with 34 followed by card 17 with 35. The last combination card 18 and 36. 15/33 16/34 17/35 18/36 At this point you might be wondering if the duo cards are read with the adjoining duo cards. For example card 15 with 16 or card 33 with 34. Yes, they can even be read in cards of 4 combinations such as 15/33 and 16/34. This more indepth study of the cards is for the advanced Cartomancer. Keep it simple by just pairing the cards in the different wings of the Gipsy Mystical Cross layout. Madame Jozefa Seaqueen
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