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GSX ID Manager

Product Overview

What does an ID Management tool do? Why buy an ID Management tool? Why buy GSX ID Manager? Product Tour or Demonstration

What does an ID Management tool do?

Automates the creation and maintenance of ID files or system credentials required for end users to gain access to secure computer systems New users, name changes, and organizational changes

Why buy an ID Management tool?

Save time Save money Higher Security Better, Faster Service

Save Time
ID creation and maintenance is a complicated process that is best automated

Better Service
High hassle factor of manual system means ID tasks are sometimes put off Employee self service on many types of requests (name changes, etc.) means less transcription errors, more control

Save Money
Lower skill set required to perform the tasks Can be pushed out to end user departments Can be pushed out of your budget Frees admin time for more productive tasks

Be more secure
A tool can abstract the underlying security mechanisms, keeping them more secure Approver of a process pushes a button with only one function, rather than use a more generic admin tool with every option

Why buy GSX ID Manager?

Save Money Better, Faster Service Greater Security

ID Manager saves money

Reduces skill level required Makes administrators more efficient and frees resources for other tasks Better resource utilization
Servers Administrators End users who rely on the system

Better, Faster Service

Automation enables fast turnaround to ID related requests Requests can be initiated or approved in the end user department, closer to the information source Provides SLA data including statistics on processing time and the number of requests by type

Greater Security with ID Manager

No need to distribute Certifier IDs
In Notes, if you have a Certifier you can do anything create users, servers, etc. If a Certifier ID gets lost, you have to create a new Certifier and recertify all your users and servers

Actions are limited to the transaction at hand

Approve name change or not Approve new user creation or not Functions not specifically granted are not available

Security (continued)
Once the system is setup, no one needs access to Notes Certifiers to managing IDs
Only the GSX ID Manager program accesses the Certifiers

Mail and databases containing passwords are encrypted Authentication rejects requests from unauthorized personnel Requires the approval of an authority before actually creating ID's

Easy, Wizard-Driven Interface

ID Manager supports Domino best

Create and delete user and server Ids
Creates mail boxes automatically (clustered servers and default ACL entries are supported) Mail-in databases

Rename, re-certify, or move in hierarchy Update user information Group Management

Create, delete Groups and assign new users to groups automatically Add and remove members in groups

Supports Domino Best (cont)

Manage ID validity dates Support for Internet Users
Setup non-Notes-Client person records and assigning Internet Passwords. Internet user documents can also be deleted and updated, including the Http password

Supports multiple certifiers, keywords and validity checks (such as duplicates) One installation can support multiple requesters in different locations

Password Management
Passwords generated internally are random and their length is defined according to the setup profile ID file and password can be split and sent to two different recipients to enhance security ID files and passwords are archived centrally, keeping the original ID's and passwords available for end users who lose their ID or forget their password.