Class Date Time Focus Theme Topic Learning Outcome

Year 5 ( Advance Class ) 2 April 2011 ( Tuesday ) 60 minutes Reading World of Knowledge Places Around You 3.3: Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs and whole texts. Curriculum 3.2.2 : Read and learn the meaning of key words for each Specifications topic taught. 3.8.3 : Read and understand simple factual texts by answering comprehension questions in relation main ideas and sequence. Language Focus Simple present tense Aim To be able to identify interesting activities in Labuan. Objective By the end of the lesson, pupils will able to : 1) read silently and answer comprehension questions 2) locate specific information from the given WebQuest and complete the task to design a brochure 3) organize and display data 4) use media and current technology as a research and communication tool to view, read and represent information Previous Knowledge Pupils have learnt interesting places in Sarawak from the previous lesson. Element Creativity Teaching aids Textbook, map of Sabah, Power Point, worksheet, computer and LCD Stage/ Time Set induction ( 5 minutes ) 1. 2. 3. 4. Pre- reading ( 15 minutes ) 1. Activity Teacher shows jumble up letters of Labuan in slide. Teacher asks pupils to rearrange the letters to form a name of a place. Teacher guides pupils to get the answer. Teacher shows where Labuan is on map of Sabah. Teacher discuss what can be done while on holiday on an island. E.g. a ) Have you visited an island? b) Which island is that? c) What did you do on that island? d) What are the places you visited on that island? Teacher gets pupils to talk about the picture show from the slide. Teacher introduce and explain news vocabularies, 1 Rationale To arouse pupils interest.

To activate existing knowledge.

2. 3.

To establish a purpose for reading the text and

2. 3. To check pupils’ understanding of the difficult vocabularies. stilts. pupils are required to create a brochure about Cameron Highland . Teacher asks pupils to match pictures to the correct words.( Worksheet 1 ) While. E. shipwrecks.g. Teacher asks question about the brochure and pupils respond orally. 2. coral to get the WebQuest storyboard. In groups. scuba diving and kayaking. Teacher drills pupils to pronounce the words correctly. 4 Teacher goes around the classroom to help pupils in the project. Teacher discusses the answers with pupils. Post-reading ( 20 minutes ) To explore pupils’ creativity on designing a brochure. to build text-specific knowledge.e. Teacher asks pupils to surf her Blog( http://ctkyleong.g. 1. 4. Teacher divides the pupils into groups of four. 2 . 5. To check pupils’ comprehension of the text. Teacher asks pupils to read the text silently. snorkeling. 5 Pupils print out the brochures and present to the others group 6 Pupils evaluate the brochure create by the other group using the Brochure Evaluation Tool. which of these place would you like to visit? Why? b ) Which of these activities would you like to do? c) How would you feel if you go diving to see a shipwreck ? 3 Teacher asks pupils to read the text second time silently and answers to the comprehension question.blogspot. ( worksheet 2 ) 4.reading ( 20 minutes ) 1. a) If you visit Labuan.

7 Teacher gives feedback to pupils. Pupils are asked to present their brochure in an exhibition held during ‘English Week’ To promote higher level of thinking skills. Closure (5 min) 1. Teacher asks pupils to conduct a role play. 3 .The tour guide has to provide a brief summary about the place to the tourist. one pupils act as a tourist while the other acts as a tour guide .

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