So, Michael is walking down some old stairs (seemingly frantically, and always looking behind him (holding a lighter), he gets to the bottom of the stairs and walks through an open door into a dark, old room using a cigarette lighter to lead the way, whilst he is rummaging through files in the background (the cameraman being just behind the doorway) a hand comes out of the darkness (from the left side) and reaches across to the door handle, and closes the door (tension here for what is going to happen, could use a sound effect maybe of gunshot or neck snapping). Then do the title and indents etc. They (company) are hiding something from the public view, it is in an envelope, and is being protected in a place no one would ever look. This could be explained by starting off with the antagonists all together, talking about how safe the envelope is, and that their main man (Damon) is guarding it. Then another man comes in and tells them It's gone, they went there to check on him and he's gone, along with the file. They are angry, they talk about how it was a bad choice to put Damon in charge. Protagonist reveals to audience he is still alive, he is burying the body of the man in the dark room in a forest, he opens the envelope to find the wedding ring. The company assume he (their guy who was protecting it) has run off with the envelope, the antagonists are fooled by this and are led on a chase to find the envelope. The antagonists are talking about what could happen if they used the envelope against them, and what their plot is. Michael's family talk about it and are upset blablabla. Meanwhile the protagonist hides and he is classed as missing in "newspapers" or maybe a "news report". Main good guy shows up alive whilst protagonists (brother and

wife) are talking and reveals to everyone he is alive and is planning to use this envelope. Upon using the envelope, the protagonists find the body of Damon, and realise what has happened. At this point it is explained that the boss and Michael loved the same woman, and so when Michael married her, he killed her and took the wedding ring as an attempt to frame him. And so Michael returns home to see his wife dead on the sofa, he has the ring in his pocket, and suddenly there are sirens from outside, the police are there. He runs.

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Who is your protagonist? Michael! A young man, who is working vigilante to stop an malevolent organisation from doing bad stuff. How is he/she introduced? In the first scene, when he is going down some stairs into a dark room. What does he/she look like? A normal guy (not any specific profession) although looks like he's having a hard time, poor. Does he/she belong to a particular social group? (youth, chav, unemployed, rich, etc) Poor, lonely, but patriotic. Who is your antagonist? (or what if it is an institution) A company who is trying to do bad stuff. How is he/she introduced? They are introduced in the second scene when there is a meeting and they find out that Damon has supposedly stolen the

What does he/she look like? They are a normal company, maybe they sell stuff. Does he/she belong to a particular social group? They are upper class. What is the cause of the tension between the protagonist & antagonist? Why is there conflict or tension between them? The boss and Michael both loved the same person, Michael got married to her, so the boss killed the wife and hid the wedding ring (the file) away so there was no evidence. How will you introduce this tension or conflict? What event sparks this tension? Boss smiling when they talk about framing him? When they (bad guys) go to put the wife in the house, the boss smashes a photo of him and his wife on their wedding day. How will you present the relationship between the protagonist & antagonist to the audience? Flashback of protagonist and antagonist at a party when Michael gets the girl. And their eye contact (Michael smiling with a "haha suck on that" face) In what time is your movie set? Now? Past? Future? How would you show this? Now, by filming it with nowadays objects! Do you manipulate the timeline? (flashbacks, flash-forwards, linear, nonlinear, parallel narratives, etc) Flashbacks maybe. What about locations? Where is your film set? Needs a house, a place where meetings could occur, and an old eerie room with a staircase (Ideally spiral) going to it. Maybe in a church? What time of day or night is it?

Mixture of everything. What thriller conventions are you going to use to appease your target audience of thriller lovers? In the opening 2 minutes, conventions will be followed such as: 2 opposing forces, one for the greater good, and one for the lesser. Big twists in the plot, looks like the protagonist dies, but doesn't. Bad guys Protagonist getting a strike against the bad guys A tense relationship between the 2 main characters. Unanswered questions. Death Night time. Complex motives from bad guys What is your USP though? (What conventions are you going to challenge? What is different about your thriller?) What is the first thing the audience sees on screen? Film ident? Otherwise complete darkness, and a lit lighter coming down the stairs, and the silhouette of a mans face. How do you build and maintain the tension? Explanations of the problems that are occurring and music. Is there a turning point where calm turns to tension (like Sixth Sense Opening)? When the protagonist shows himself as alive. which is tension to calm btw. From calm to tension would be when the hand appears and closes the door. You only have a short time, but does the tension ever resolve and start to build again? " " Basically it builds and drops for the title sequence, then builds again until he is seen alive, where it drops again. What 'cliff-hanger' will you finish on? (Remember, we need to leave the film at a convenient point that leaves the examiner feeling satisfied that you've presented a coherent narrative, yet there could be more of the movie to come - another 90 mins in fact!).

The protagonist opening the envelope, and finding the wedding ring.

We are only making the first two minutes of a longer film. Don't pitch the entire film to us. We do have to make this film, so be careful what locations, props, costumes, etc you include. Consider time. How would we make a film look futuristic, etc? Be careful! Consider the number of characters. We have to find actors to play them! Don't make it too complicated. Is is important that your audience understand your completed film. They must 'get it'! Don't be too ambitious. A badly made film can't be awarded high marks. Keep the images and camerawork straightforward, even simple. Remember, you are trying to achieve an 'AS' level, not win an Oscar! So maybe I've planned the majority of the film, helps me to better understand what happens in the opening scene. The locations are not too ambitious, but are varying and suitable for the genre. The props and costumes shouldn't be too difficult, may take a bit of time though. (Point 3 N/A). There isn't many characters! It isn't too complicated, though does require a bit of thinking, but then again it's a thriller. I think it is quite in the midway of AMBITIOUS and SIMPLE, maybe tipping the scales towards ambitious! And this is not the sort of do in my spare time, if we were winning an oscar, we'd be doing bromance. Period.

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