Fragments of Gararthum

2-4 Players Gararthum, wounded in battle, plummets to Earth’s surface. Wanting to live on, Gararthum revives the mutilated inhabitants of the forest that were killed upon his impact. Gararthum commands the animals to fight one another to the death; in order to determine which one of them is more suited for his spirit to inhabit. Game description: The objective is to be the last remaining animal, so that you may become Gararthum’s new body. To do this, players should collect Gararthum’s essence, the shards of his body, to empower themselves. Each shard grants a different benefit. Red shards give Attack Points. Green shards give Health. Purple shards give Stamina. Health: Your character’s numeric health is what’s keeping your character alive in the game.

Attack: One Red shard is equivalent to a single special attack. Once an Attack shard is used, it is removed from play. Although Red shards unlock the use of your special abilities, you must still be able to meet the stamina requirement. The same special move cannot be used twice in a single turn, regardless of how much stamina you have. Each character has a basic attack. This attack does not require a red shard. Stamina is the fuel behind every action that your character is capable of doing in the game. The more stamina you have, the more you can do. Echoes of Gararthum: Every time you obtain a shard, you then draw a card from the Echoes of Gararthum Deck.

Set Up
First, lay down the board. Then, go on and place the shard tokens on the color-designated shard markers on the board. After the shards are placed, the game can begin.


Game Play: Players begin by choosing a character. They then place the character token that they chose on one of the four light brown spaces located along the edges of the board. Multiple players cannot occupy the same starting point. Players may then flip a coin or roll dice to determine who goes first. Players start off with 4 stamina. For every action, aside from drawing a card, there is a stamina cost. One Stamina = move 1 space, Two Stamina= move 2 spaces, and so on. It costs 2 Stamina to attain a Health, Stamina, or Attack Shard. Every time a player captures a shard, they draw a card from the Echoes of Gararthum deck. These cards influence a player’s course of action. The Stamina cost of Special Attacks ranges from character to character.

Players can occupy the same space as a shard, but not the same space as another player You can keep track of the damage that’s being dealt to your characters health with the blue counters. When a player’s health reaches zero, the winner receives that player’s remaining shards. The defeated player is removed from the game. A character’s lists of attack abilities (along with its stamina cost) are located on their character card. A characters Stamina regenerates at the beginning of every turn, their Health does not.

Check for Victory Be the last player alive. End of turn
Stamina returns to full. Players are allowed to defend themselves outside of their turn. Play passes to the left


15 4 Basic Attack- Scratch: 1 Damage, 1 Lacerate: 3 Damage, 2 Diamond Dive: Dig under up to 4 spaces , damage enemies in adjacent spaces, deal 2 Damage, 3


15 4 Basic Attack- Swipe: 1 Damage, 1 Grapple: 4 Damage, 2 Bleed Out: 3 initial damage. In ict 1 damagefor every action taken by your opponent on their next turn. 3


15 4 Basic Attack- Shriek: 1 Damage, 1 Balistic Bite: 3 Damage, 2 Lunge: Can jump up to 3 spaces toward an opponent, 4 Damage, 3


15 4 Basic Attack- Scratch: 1 Damage, 1 Sudden Swoop: 3 Damage, 2 Poisonous Peck: Deal 2 Damage for every action taken by your opponent on their next turn.




Attack (Spirit)

Vampiric Indecision

You Are What You Eat


You’ve been bitten! For the rest of this turn and the next, whenever you attack an enemy, your attack deals 1 extra damage. In turn, you deal 4 damage to yourself.

NOMNOMNOMNOM! For the rest of this turn and the next, whenever you attack with your basic attack, recover health equal to the damage.

Your wounds are cleaned by maggots! Recover 3 health

Don’t Look Back

Gararthum’s Blade


You’re blocked by debris from Gararthum’s impact. You need to nd your way around.
Move forward 3 spaces based on the direction the head of your token is facing.

What’s this..?
This is a special ability. use this as you would a special ability except when it’s used, remove it from the game. Jump 2 spaces at an enemy, deal 2 damage, they’re paralyzed on their next turn, they cannot perform any actions. Costs 5 Stamina.

You smell something familiar that delivers a foreign warmth to your undead-soul. Gain 2 health for the remainder of the game.

Blind Fury

Early Retirement

Sharpened Shard

Look what you’ve done. With your remaining stamina, your opponent to the left can choose to move you.

I’m too old for this. Return to your starting space. End your turn. You start your next turn with 2 less stamina.

What’s this..?
This is a special ability. use this as you would a special ability except when it’s used, remove it from the game. Throw this shard 3 spaces toward in any direction from your token toward an enemy. Deal 4 damage, Costs 1 Stamina.

Gararthums Guilt


Fragmented Soul

You remind Gararthum of a past regret. His remorse is too overwhelming to ignore. You shouldn’t pick up any shards on this turn or your next. If you do, deal 5 damage to yourself.

Sleep? You need no sleep! Gain 2 extra stamina on your next turn.

You su er from an intense internal con ict Your turn ends and you take 2 damage.

Forgotten Footing


Fallen Limb

Your foot just broke o ! Get it together before the competition sees, geez. Your turn ends. You cannot move during your next turn.

Don’t doubt yourself now. Gain 1 stamina for the remainder of the game. (you may hold onto this card as a reminder)

Look up! ... Your re exes failed to respond. You’re unconscious. Your turn ends. Miss your next turn.


Bug O !

Fire y

Redo? Redo! When your turn ends... your next begins.

You’ve become quite popular with a y crowd.
This isn’t a good thing, dearie. They’re eating you. You take 3 Damage.

Fire ies are guiding you through the dark! You may move 3 extra steps on your next turn

Rotten Leg

Gararthum’s Gratitiude

Botched Stalking

Your leg is infected. You cannot move for the rest of this and the next turn.

Gararthum gives you his blessing. Gain two stamina for this turn.

You’ve got your eye on the prize... or do you? You may switch places with any player you choose.


Bloody Burden


Your down with the sickness. You take 3 damage. For the rest of the turn and the next, your basic attack deals one more damage per hit.

You seem to be carrying too much. You can either in ict 3 damage to yourself or return the shard you just took. Your turn ends if you put the shard back.

FILLED WITH ADRENELINE! GAIN 4 STAMINA! Choose to either use an attack (ability or basic) or move with all remaining stamina.

Living Shard

Hinderus Mutation

Bene cial Mutation!

OW! It bit me! You lose 2 health.

That extra hand turned out not to be so helpful. For this turn and the next, you cannot use any abilities or attacks.

This leg’s a real kicker! You may choose ONE special ability to use more than once on your next turn.

Drowned In The River


Soiled Scepter

Oh wait, there is no river! You are protected from your enemies attacks until your next turn.

Bloom Fish Christmas on Monday night with sunken destiny. Move beside or in front of one of your opponents. Your turn ends.

What’s this..?
This is a special ability. use this as you would a special ability except when it’s used, remove it from the game.

Wield the wonder of the stars. Teleport to a space beside an enemy. Deal 7 damage. Cost 5 Stamina.

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