1. Dead bodies are buried in a .............. a. Cannery b. Quay c. Hatchery d. Cemetery e.


2. A........ sells bread, cakes, cookies and pastries. a. resort 3. b. Apiary c. Bakery d. Hatchery e. Cemetery

Mitha : Good morning, Sir. Mr. Harry : Good morning Mit, sit down. This is Mr. Johny. He is one of the judges in the speech contest attended last week. Mitha : Oh, I see. How do you do Mr. Johny? Mr. Johny : ...., Mitha a. How are you b. Good morning c. How do you do d. You're welcom

Jack : Rita , .... Rita : Pleased to meet you. Don : Pleased to meet you too. a. Don is my friend b. Don wants to meet you c. Don't you know Don is my friend d. I'd like you to meet my friend Don e. Please introduce your self to Don X : I haven't met John for three days. What happened to him? Y : He was sent to the hospital because of his sickness. X : Oh, poor John. I hope he'll be better soon. The italicised sentence is used to express .... a. pleasure b. agreement c. sympathy

a. or romantic dinner will be a nice welcome gift. Anywhere. In the craft shop.com How to Find Unusual Gifts 1. Moreover. c. Give a welcome service. b. craft shops. weird c. So. especially when you were on a trip. giving gifts may be important for certain special moments. A massage. try these tips to find something unusual as your gifts. From a bazaar in Bandung to a tag sale in Berlin. d. great b. The picture frame that you bought in Bali might provide the perfect background for showing off the portrait of the recipient. Use the Internet. 3. Track down items such as rare prints. Unusual or even weird gifts would leave a sweet memory for us and the recipient. The word well-known in the first line means …. costume makeovers.d. satisfaction How to Find Unusual Gifts Giving gifts is a well-known way to show our attention toward somebody else. art galleries and factory stores for ideas. Come to a handicrafts store and talk to the people that make unique pieces. it is suggested that we . expectation e. famous 2. Follow links until you find what you want. Before give an unusual gifts. out-of-print books or antiques in the auction. Visit art supply stores. Combine one or two things for a spectacular effect.howabout. a day at the spa. In the internet. Look for gifts wherever you find yourself. Adapted www. In an auction. Where may we look for unusual gifts? a. special d.

The fryingpan must be made of iron. a welcome service 4. For three portions. rare b. namely that the frying-pan must never be washed with water but rubbed. • Then you can begin to record it. make us unusual b. first you have to plug in the cord. in other words. break them into a bowl. not of aluminium. important 5. a. Giving gifts may be important to …. and add . a unique furniture d. • After that you connected the • Finally pressed down the record and play button microphone. get the recipient attention d.give … first a. sweet c. • Well. unique d. a rare print b. when hot. season them with salt and freshly ground pepper. a. And here I feel I must stress a point essential to what might be called the background of omelette-making. • And then tested the voice level recorder. a photo frame c. celebrate special moments How to record on the cassette player /How to use a recorder • Then you put in the tape on it. The word in the text that means not too many is …. It is important that the fryingpan should be propor tionate to the number of eggs. tin or enamel. with salt and tissue–paper. complete our collections c. Making an Omelette This is the way an omelette should be made. to the size of the omelette. as this is the only way to prevent sticking. we take six eggs.

We beat this lightly with a fork or the wire–broom. once or twice. letting the liquid flow into the empty spaces. it is quite easy to roll it into shape. our fryingpan is getting hot. With a fork or palette-knife (a fork seems to work particularly well) we loosen the edges of the omelette all round and. taking care always to move towards the middle. we fold it. keeping as calm as we possibly can. All this is a swift business. It should never be too small to hold the eggs. over a quick flame for a minute or two. and we Making an Omelette drop in an ounce and a half of butter. in the middle. as the classical French term says. This last touch makes all the difference. Then. This is easy if we fold over and pin down with two or three fork-pricks about an inch and-a-half of the omelette along one side. Which of the following frying–pan . It should never be a small one. b. not too hot. Meanwhile. This takes half a minute. It should be the same size as the omelette. until it gives no more froth and has turned light golden. not the whisk.com 18. 19. What is important about the frying– pan? a.recipetips. d. and we may well feel a few extra heart–beats and a little breath lessness at that moment. letting it spread evenly over the frying–pan. until large bubbles form on the top. or butter and best lard. The flame is now turned down a little. c. Taken from www.a good teaspoonful of water. We give our egg-mixture another stir and pour it into the fan. This takes about two minutes. it is fatal to beat too long. It should never be a very flat one. Our omelette should be golden brown outside and wet inside: baveuse. Then. It is then slid on to a hot plate and its surface made shiny with a little butter.

Yes. When the flame gives no more froth. we feel impatient c. Dedy : How do you do? Reni : How do you do? a. c. Let me introduce you . It doesn't matter. The shape of an omelette. Rubbing with hot water.is among those mentioned by the writer? a. What is the only way to prevent sticking? a. Eka : to my friend. c. It is better than beating it for too short a time. When the butter is a different shade. We may well feel a few extra heart– beats because . One made of tin 20. When the frying-pan is getting hot. Dedy. 23. An omelette made in France. b. 21. Rubbing with salt and paper. Washing with salt and paper. d. The states of an omelette. b. One made of aluminium. No. c. b. b. One made of aluminium and enamel. I'll introduce b. Is it a good thing to beat the omelette too long? a. You are introduced c. we feel tired b. we feel relaxed d. What does the word baveuse mean? a. c. A soon as the flame is light golden. d. When should we pour in the egg mixture? a. 22. b. One made of iron. c. The size of an omelette. Rubbing with hot salt and tissue–paper. 26. a. Won't you introduce d. d. d. we're in a rush 24. d.

b. Evi : Alright. I have a class at 9 a. I go to the cinema b. Thanks a lot. Too bad it didn't work. Teacher : Thanks for your help. Ferry : I am Ferry. I was going to the cinema Ruben : Can I see you at 9 a. Jane : Where did you go last night? Frank : . I think so. Sure. Heldy : How do you do? My name is Heldy. tomorrow? Ayu : ______________________________. but I'm very busy. I went to the cinema c. b. e. Great. Evi : Will you come with me to the concert? Adi : . maybe.m. Don't worry about it. It’s a perfect time. that would be very nice. b. I don’t think so. c. b. I’ll be waiting for you. 29. Hanny. Sorry. That's very kind of you. I'd be unhappy to accept it.m. Student : . You are entirely welcome. Let me introduce myself. 30. Why? a. I have gone to the cinema d. but some other time. How are you? c. a. a. c. Sorry. I'll fetch you at 8 p. Pempek Palembang Ingredients Main Ingredients: • 250 gr cod or any white meat fi sh • 125 gr tapioca or corn fl our • 2 tbsp light soya sauce • Salt and pepper • 1 tbsp oil (to prevent the dough sticky) .27. a. it didn't work out. Sure. 28. Thanks.m. d. that will be fi ne. c. a. Yes. d. Yes. Good morning. d. How do you do? d.

how to make Pempek Palembang b. to fry the dough b. to heat the ingredients 20. The followings are the main ingredients you need to make Pempek Palembang. how to prepare the ingredients to make Pempek Palembang e. What is the use of the food processor? a. 2. deep fry it and add some of the soup. pepper b. Blend all the ingredients into food processor until the smooth like a dough. corn fl our d. the soup ingredients to make Pempek Palembang d. to boil the ingredients b. The text tells you about … a. to fry the ingredients d. soya sauce 19. to clean the dough c. you could put splash of water if you need it. Why is oil needed to prepare the dough? a. Put enough fi sh cake into your hand and put half boiled egg in the middle and cover it with the dough and put into boiled water until fl oating. to heat the dough d. Adapted from: www. to make the dough softer e. you need 3 hard boiled eggs slice half Soup Ingredients: • 5 chillies • 100 gr palm sugar • 2 tbsp sugar • Salt and pepper • 2 tbsp light soya sauce • 2 tbsp ebi (dried prawn) • Handful diced cucumber • 4 tbsp rice vinegar • 1 tsp tamarind • 250 ml water Method Soup Method Boil all soup ingredients into sauce pan Serving: 1. 3. . to blend the ingredients e. the equipment needed to make Pempek Palembang 18. Drain all the water.• For type Kapal selam.cest-ma-maison. to prevent the dough from being sticky Create /build up a conversation about expressing sympathy and give responses based on this situation. sugar c.net 17. how to eat Pempek Palembang c. to measure the ingredients c. A man meets a friend after his father’s funeral. except … a. Write the summary about thumbelina story at least 5 sentences.