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Building on the success of its debut last fall, the Festival of Trees is back to raise awareness and funds for the Aiken Area Council on Aging, a multi-service agency devoted to the well being of seniors. Last year, the festival raised enough money to continue the Meals on Wheels program and provide 5,300 meals to the countys seniors in need. The AAOC has bigger goals for its major annual fund-raiser this year. The number of seniors participating in our programs grows every year, and Meals on Wheels is by far our most popular form of outreach, says Scott Murphy, agency executive director. We have a wait list for the program, and I want to eliminate the wait list. A dazzling start to the holiday season, the Festival of Trees presents exquisitely decorated Christmas trees, along with wreaths, garland, and other decorations all available for purchase through a silent auction. Items are sponsored by local businesses and decorated by volunteers with vision. Each tree is designed with a specific theme, and decorators go above and beyond clever to create one-of-kind masterpieces worth every penny they bring in for the AAOC. Members of three sewing guilds have collaborated to make ornaments for a Victoriandesigned tree, friends of Barbara Sue Brodie NeedleWorks have

idland Valley onthly



Festival of Trees lights up Aiken November 21-25
needlepointed the Twelve Days of Christmas, and designer Zoe Meldrum is back after her wildly popular Christmas in the Woods tree on behalf of Sand River Womens Club sparked a bidding frenzy last year. Set in the historic Fermata Club this year, the festival kicks off the day before Thanksgiving with a morning viewing for seniors. That evening, the Festival Unplugged hopes to loosen up bidders with a cocktail party where guests can enjoy drinks, food, and live music. A much-anticipated addition to the party is a decorating contest that pits local media against each other armed with glue guns, tinsel, and a surprise element to incorporate into their designs. Its Wreath War, and it will be front and center up on stage for all to see. The winner will be selected by popular vote, and the results, too, will be available for bidding. The last special event planned for the festival is Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, November 24, where families with young children can eat among the forest of twinkling lights and have their photograph taken with the jolly man himself. The festival is open daily, November 21-25, when guests can tour and bid on the trees and other decorations while enjoying complimentary cookies and beverages. Visitors who find a favorite tree to light up their

Sensei Steve Durham Achieves 3rd Degree Black Belt Level

Steve Durham started studying the martial arts back in the late 1970s when martial arts schools were hard to find. He began training under the late Grandmaster Virgil Kimmey, a martial arts pioneer for our area. Mr. Steve tested for his 1st and 2nd degree black belt under Mr. Kimmey in the 1980s and has been training since then. He trained under Mr. Kimmey and Grandmaster David German who was from the Ed Parker Kenpo line. He came up from the school of hard knocks and specializes in Kenpo style self-defense and sparring. Anyone who has been hit or kicked by him will remember him forever. Johnny Hughes started training under Mr. Kimmey in 1991 and met Steve, who was training for his 3rd degree at the time. Mr. Steve was in and out of class because of his work and family schedule but kept training at home and in the dojo. Several years after Mr. Kimmeys death, Mr. Steve joined the school that Mr. Hughes opened in Clearwater. Mr. Steve finally achieved his 3rd degree black belt level the last week of October. Congratulations go out to him for his major accomplishment. Regardless of how amazing he is with his fighting skill, he is one continued to page 5

home this season may purchase it immediately at a Buy It Now price. Festival of Trees is a new holiday tradition for the entire community to bring awareness to and generate funds for the Aiken Area Council on Aging. Now in its second year, the Festival of Trees hopes to remain an annual affair whose funds will be used to continue the Council on Agings Meals on Wheels program, which delivers food Monday through Friday to homebound seniors in Aiken, Gloverville, Jackson, Wagener, and Windham House; and provide van transportation for the disabled and daily lunches at five locations within Aiken County. Tickets for daily admission and continued to page 5


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the Family Secure plan. Step Three: The parent or guardian, who enrolled in ProtectMyID, will then enroll minor dependents in the Family Secure plan. Q: After being enrolled as a minor in the Family Secure plan, what should I do when I turn 18 years old or begin to file tax returns? A: Call Experian for assistance 1-866-578-5422. Q: What are the benefits of Family Secure coverage? A: The primary benefit that Family Secure offers is monitoring the identity (primarily the SSN) of the minor for one year, even if the minor has no credit report. Once registered, in the event a child does not have a credit file, if any credit, loan or similar account is opened with that information, Experian will alert the parent or guardian. Details of the alerts on minors are not released unless or until the parent or guardian authenticates themselves with Experian as the parent or guardian of the minor. Family Secure coverage is for one adult and any number of minors. (Five minors can be enrolled via the website. For more than five, the customer must call Experian). The adult coverage includes a $2 million product guarantee covering the whole family, Score Tracker and Fraud Resolution. Minors receive monthly monitoring for existence of a minors credit report, and if a credit report is found, then Experian monitors for any changes to that report. Q: What if I file joint tax returns or have joint banking and credit accounts with my spouse? A: Every individual with a Social Security Number should register with ProtectMyID separately, because credit histories are tied to individuals Social Security Numbers. Q: Will my deceased family members be at risk? A: It is not necessary to sign the deceased up for ProtectMyID. However, you should notify all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). continued to page 5

Keeping You Informed

Since my last column last month, a lot has happened in our district. I hope that you find this update for the month of October helpful. Cyber-Attack on State: On October 26, the Governor and Chief of SLED announced that someone from an international email address had gained access to personal information of taxpayers at the SC Department of Revenue. Law enforcement is working to capture the hacker(s). Here is the latest information on the cyber attack on the S.C. Department of Revenue: INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS Q: Who may have been affected by the SC DOR security breach? A: Individual taxpayers, their dependents, and businesses who have filed a South Carolina tax return since 1998 to the present may have been affected. Q: What type of personal information may have been exposed? A: While the investigation is still ongoing, South Carolina taxpayers Social Security Numbers, debit card numbers, credit card numbers, and information that would be found on the front of a check like bank account and routing numbers may have been exposed. Q: What should you do if you have filed a SC tax return since 1998 to the present? A: If you have filed a South Carolina tax return since 1998 to the present, the State is offering you the opportunity to register with ProtectMyID free of charge. There are two ways to register: Option One: Sign up online. Go to scdor and use the activation code: SCDOR123 to initiate the registration process. All future notices from

by SC Rep. Tom Young, R-District 81

Experian will be sent to you by email. Only one email address may be associated with one registration for ProtectMyID. Option Two: Call the Experian Call Center. Call 1-866-578-5422 to complete the process with a live agent. You may choose to have all future notices from Experian sent to you by postal mail or email. If a taxpayer has no access to the internet, does not have a working email address, or if there is another reason why he or she cannot access the internet, then he or she must call the Experian Call Center. Q: What are the hours of operation for the Experian Call Center? A: Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST and Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST Q: What benefits will a taxpayer receive after registering with ProtectMyID? A: Experian will provide the following: Credit Report: You will get a free copy of your Experian credit report. Daily Credit Monitoring: You will receive alerts regarding any suspicious activity, including new inquiries, newly opened accounts, delinquencies, or medical collections found on your Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit reports for one year. Identity Theft Resolution: If you have been a victim of identity theft, you will be assigned a dedicated, U.S.- based Experian Identity Theft Resolution Agent who will walk you through the fraud resolution process from start to finish. Identity Theft Insurance: If you have been a victim of identity theft, you will immediately be covered

by a $1 million insurance policy that can help you cover certain costs, including lost wages, private investigator fees, and unauthorized electronic fund transfers for one year. ExtendCARE: You will get full access to personalized assistance from a highly-trained Fraud Resolution Agent even after the initial one year ProtectMyID membership expires. Q: Is there a deadline to register with ProtectMyID? A: January 31, 2013 is the deadline to register for one year of identity theft protection with ProtectMyID. Q: How much does it cost to register with ProtectMyID? A: No fee is charged to the enrollee to register with ProtectMyID for the first year. Q: How will someone be contacted who has filed a tax return since 1998 to the present in SC and no longer lives in the state? A: Notice will be sent to them by standard U.S. mail. CHILDREN: MINORS / DEPENDENTS / Family Secure COVERAGE Even though your minor dependent may not have a credit history, you may enroll them for identify theft protection. All individuals under the age of 18 must be enrolled by one parent or guardian. A parent or guardian will be notified several weeks after registration when Family Secure enrollment has opened by postal mail or email. Minors are individuals under the age of 18. Dependents are individuals who are claimed as dependents for tax filing purposes. Q: Have minors Social Security Numbers been exposed? A: Social Security Numbers of minors and/or dependents may have been exposed. Q: How do I enroll a minor for Family Secure coverage? A: There are 3 steps to follow: Step One: A minors parent or guardian must first enroll with ProtectMyID. Only one parent or guardian may enroll the minor. Step Two: The parent or guardian, who enrolled in ProtectMyID, will receive a letter or email explaining how to enroll minor dependents in

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Wm. Sammie Napier Funeral Director

Glenda K. Napier Vice President

Over 40 Years Of Continuous Professional Service By Wm. Sammie Napier 315 Main Street Graniteville, SC 29829 803-663-3131



Midland Valley Monthly ANNIVERSARY

Jimmy and Carolyn Hardy were joined in holy matrimony on September 8, 1962 at First Baptist Church in Langley, SC. The couple celebrated their 50th anniversary with a party given in their honor by their children and grandchildren, at Rosemary Inn in North Augusta. They celebrated with family and friends. Gene and Anne Sawyer celebrated their June 17 50th wedding anniversary with their family and, at the urging of the family, recently took a cruise to the Bahamas in October.

Crews will report for active duty to undergo basic training at the Navys Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill. Crews is completing his senior year at Midland Valley High School. Civilian Chelsea A. Freeman, daughter of Elaine M. and James W. Freeman of Graniteville, recently enlisted in the United States Navy under the Delayed Entry Program at Navy Recruiting District, Raleigh, N.C. The program allows recruits to enter the Navy and take up to one year to complete prior commitments such as high school. Using recruiters as mentors, this program helps recruits ease into the transition from civilian to military life. Freeman will report for active duty to undergo basic training at the Navys Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill. Freeman is a 2011 graduate of Midland Valley High School. Pvt. Michael E. Hunt Jr., son of Sheriff and Mrs. Michael E. Hunt Sr. of Graniteville, graduated from the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island on Oct. 5. Pvt. Hunt successfully completed 13 weeks of intensive basic training at MCRD-Parris Island as one of 94 recruits in Training Platoon 3072. While in basic training, Pvt. Hunt earned the Rifle Sharpshooter badge. Following 10 days home on leave, he reported to Camp Lejuene in North Carolina for one month at Military Combat Training, then Military Occupation Specialty School. Pvt. Hunt will be stationed with Detachment 2 MTM CO - 4th Maintenance Battalion, Augusta.

Midland Valley Area Chamber of Commerce will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 14th at Bobbys Bar-B-Q. The meeting will start at Noon. The speaker will be Anna Bigham, founder and executive director for Hidden Wounds, Inc. There will be an LBC MultiClass Reunion for classes 19521980. The event will be held Nov. 17th at 6:30 p.m. at the Horse Creek Banquet Hall on Hwy. 1 next to Bobbys Bar-B-Q. The cost is $15.00 per person. Dress is casual. Your advance payment will be your reservation. Contact either Kathy New at 803-593-9842, and email her at or Anne Fulcher at 803-979-4476 and email at On Thanksgiving Day, with volunteers and members from local churches working together, a hot delicious Thanksgiving meal is available. Working For Christ Ministries is providing a Thanksgiving Dinner from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Graniteville Fire Department. Deliveries will be made to the Senior Village. Along with great food and fellowship, canned goods, donated clothing and toiletries/cleaning

supplies will be available. To help or donate contact Working for Christ Ministries, 240 Mt. Zion Road, Graniteville, SC 29829. The Langley-Bath-Clearwater Historical Society will meet on the first Thursday each month at 7:00pm at the Midland Valley Lions Club (No. 1 Lions Trail, Bath). The GVW Parade will be Saturday, December 1st at 3:00pm. The parade will start at Leavelle McCampbell Middle School and end at Highway 421. The Midland Valley Parade will be Saturday, December 8th at 3pm. Line up starts at 1:00 pm, but if anyone has a big float and needs time to decorate they can start coming at 10:00 am. Four wheelers and motorcycles are prohibited from the parade. There is only one Santa at the parade, so please do not include a Santa on any other float. Application can be picked up at the Burnettown Town Hall from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. Please return them to the Town Hall or they can be mail to Town Of Burnettown, P.O. Box 944, Bath, South Carolina 29816. The North Augusta Parade will be Sunday, December 9th at 2:00pm.
Harrison Caver Park is located at 4181 Augusta Road, Clearwater (Hwy. 421). Hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm.
The park offers a lighted walking track, 2 outdoor tennis courts, outdoor basketball court, soccer, baseball, softball and flag football. The building is available for rentals and they have many recreational programs throughout the year (soccer camps, crochet classes, sidewalk art). photo by Julie Lott

Lydia Nelson Rooks announces the birth of her brother, Joseph Marshall Rooks, born March 28, 2012, to John and Jenny Rooks at Aiken Regional Medical Centers. Grandparents are Suzi Johnson of Aiken, S.C., Johnny Johnson of Augusta, Ga., Bill and Cindy Hamilton of Gloverville, S.C., and Mike Rooks of Windsor, S.C. Joe was born at 9:26 p.m., weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.

Civilian Wesley M. Crews, son of Raelynn B. and Lawrence W. Crews of Gloverville, recently enlisted in the U.S. Navy under the Delayed Entry Program at Navy Recruiting District, Raleigh, N.C. The program allows recruits to enter the Navy and take up to one year to complete prior commitments such as high school. Using recruiters as mentors, this program helps recruits ease into the transition from civilian to military life.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.
Helen Keller

continued from page 2 ADULT DEPENDENT/DISABLED Q: How do I protect an adult who is a dependent and/or is disabled? A: The individual charged with the legal authority to assist a dependent adult filing taxes can enroll the dependent adult with ProtectMyID as long as that individual provides proper documentation to Experian. MILITARY PERSONNEL Q: What if I serve in the military and filed taxes in South Carolina since 1998 to the present? A: The State of South Carolina will work with the U.S. Department of Defense to identify and notify all military personnel who have filed South Carolina taxes since 1998 to the present. BUSINESSES Q: What should I do if I am a business owner? A: South Carolina business owners are being offered two free products. Businesses have the opportunity to enroll with both Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business Credit AdvantageSM. Q: What type of business information may have been exposed? A: While the investigation is still ongoing, Federal EIN numbers, SC Department of Revenue tax ID numbers, credit and debit card information, and bank account information may have been exposed. Dun & Bradstreet: If your business has filed a South Carolina tax return since 1998, you should contact Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. who will give South Carolina businesses a CreditAlert product that will help them stay alerted to changes in their D&B scores or ratings and other indicators of fraudulent activity that could be taking place on their business. The deadline to register with Dun & Bradstreet is January 31, 2013. There are two ways to register: Option One: Sign up online. Go to visit to initiate the registration process. Option Two: Call Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Call Center. Call 1-800-279-9881 to complete the process with a live agent. Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m. EST. Experian Business Credit AdvantageSM: If your business filed a South Carolina tax return since 1998, Experian is offering a comprehensive business credit monitoring service called Business Credit AdvantageSM - a service that allows unlimited access to the companys complete business credit report and score, plus instant

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email notifications of changes to the business credit profile. These email alerts include reported changes to the business address, credit inquiries, newly opened credit lines, and score changes. South Carolina businesses can begin to view and protect their business credit information with Experian by signing up for Business Credit AdvantageSM at SouthCarolina. How-to-enroll: 1.) Go to www.SmartBusinessReports. com/SouthCarolina 2.) Register to get an Experian business credit monitoring access code 3.) An instant email is sent to the users email address with the access code 4.) Follow instructions on the email to redeem the access code at the web address provided CREDIT REPORT QUESTIONS Q: How can I get a free credit report? A: Under the Federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, you can get a free credit report through the Federal Trade Commission at www. or call (877) 3228228. The law entitles you to a free report from each of the three major creditreporting companies every 12 months. You may choose to order one report every four months. Further, the site contains tips on steps you can take to prevent identity theft as well as what to do if your identity has been stolen. Q: What does it mean to freeze my credit report? A: A credit freeze simply means that new credit accounts will not be approved and your credit file cannot be accessed by anyone without your approval. Therefore, even if thieves have all of your personal identifying information, they still will not be allowed to get credit in your name. However, freezing your credit account may slow down the process of obtaining credit legitimately. Q: How can I freeze my credit report? A: Contact one of the three creditreporting companies if you want to freeze your credit, which privacy advocates say is the surest way to protect against identity theft. Your answers to security questions will tell the credit agencies that you live in South Carolina, which entitles you to a freeze at no charge to you. However, if spouses have joint accounts, each spouse must seek a freeze independently of the other. You will be provided a PIN so that you can lift the freeze when you decide. Be sure to ask whether a freeze with one reporting agency freezes all your credit with the two others. The credit agencies names and numbers are: Experian, (888) 397-3742; Equifax, (800) 525-6285; and TransUnion, (800) 680-7289. You may also go to their respective websites to do this.

& Green, Plum Pudding and Tea Garden Gifts. Breakfast with Santa. Saturday, November 24, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Adults and children 13 and older, $12; children 2-12, $9; children under 3, free. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance.

...Festival of Trees
continued from page 1 special events can be purchased at Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks, the Council on Aging, Floyd & Green, Plum Pudding, and Tea Garden Gifts. The Fermata Club is located at 841 Whiskey Road in Aiken. DAILY HOURS AND TICKETS Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, Nov. 21, 23 & 24 Noon-6:00 p.m. Thursday, Thanksgiving Day 2:00-6:00 p.m. Sunday, November 25 Noon-3:00 p.m. Adults and children 13 and older, $5 Children 12 and younger, $3 SPECIAL EVENTS Senior Stroll. Wednesday, November 21, 9:00-11:00 a.m., $4 Festival Unplugged. Wednesday, November 21, 6:00-10:00 p.m. $50. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance at Barbara Sue Brodie Needleworks, Floyd

...Sensei Steve
continued from page 1 of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is quick to share his knowledge and loves teaching and talking to everyone. Mr. Steve now officially carries the title of sensei (teacher) and is the highest ranked instructor under Mr. Hughes at the CSRA Defensive Arts class, which meets behind Mi-Rancho in Clearwater. To see more pictures of Sensei Steve, go to www or call 803-221-0330 to visit the martial arts class.


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priority is to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people that need it and, surprisingly, want to hear it. We recently gathered in Clearwater Shopping Center. While we were there, in the rain, we met a lot of nice people. A lot of them were unchurched but more importantly most were lost. We met one young man in his late teens or early twenties that said he knew he was going to Hell and did not know what to do about it. We presented Jesus to him and he professed Jesus as his Savior in the rain, in Bi-Lo parking lot. We talked with another nice lady that was a church goer and professed to be a believer but was not sure she would go to Heaven. We were able to explain Gods gift of Salvation to her and she went away with the assurance that we would meet again in Heaven one day. But many ask, What is that doing to build Cowboy Church? Our answer, Not a thing! And we are so excited! You see, we are Kingdom builders. It is our job to build the Kingdom and God will take care of growing the church. We made a mission trip/revival to Akron, Ohio last May. That church is now on the move reaching people, building The Kingdom. We are going back this May to help some more. Then we are going to Zimbabwe in June to plant churches there. Then I am going to upstate New York to work with a new church plant there. God really is on the move! We


By Pastor Lynn Kirkland Phm 1:1-3 From Paul, who is in jail for serving Christ Jesus, and from Timothy, who is like a brother because of our faith. Philemon, you work with us and are very dear to us. This letter is to you and to the church that meets in your home. It is also to our dear friend Apphia and to Archippus, who serves the Lord as we do. I pray that God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ will be kind to you and will bless you with peace! the church that meets in your home. Hmmm. I was asked recently what my ideal church would look like. I responded, to have a church with NO walls - more of a flash-mob church where we just send out a text as to the time and place to meet. Well, we are getting close! Cowboy Church will be meeting this Sunday morning (11-4) at Gurleys IGA in Warrenville @ 9:30 am. We will also meet there on the 18th. Then Cowboy Church @ The

Hippodrome on the 25th for the Winter Classic Barrel Horse Show. Gods moving in our midst! We just need to get where He is. During a discussion about who or what church is recently a Pastor friend of Mine stated that when Jesus comes back He is not taking a bunch of buildings with Him. He is coming for people. We have reached a point we dont know who or what the church is. The early church met house to house most every day of the week. They knew that they the individuals - were church. At Cowboy Church we have a saying, We dont go to church we are church, and when we gather together with each other, or with other believers, we have church. A lot of folks seem to think we are a bunch of radicals, or even worse, a cult, because our regular gathering time is on Wednesday @ 6 PM. We also have services on Sunday if an opportunity presents itself (as in the case of Gurleys IGA and the Barrel horse Show!) We are not against having Sunday services. We are not against churches meeting in buildings. Its just that we have different priorities. Our number 1

just need to find out where He is and get in His midst. I can tell you this, God is not bound by a certain day of the week nor is He locked up in a building. Come visit us a COWBOY CHURCH where being a Christian is fun (stretching and expanding maybe, but still fun!) To support this ministry or to request prayer please contact us at: Dr. Lynn Kirkland EVANGELIST / REVIVALIST Impact Ministries International, Inc. COWBOY CHURCH P.O. Box 5431, Aiken, SC 29804 OFFICE PHONE: 803-400-3609 Sign up to recieve our monthly E~NEWS:


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Second Annual Community Unity Service

The Valley Alliance invites everyone to its Second Annual UNITY Service on November 29, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Midland Valley First Church of the Nazarene located at 3526 Jefferson Davis Highway, Clearwater. Our speaker for this years Unity Service will be Pastor Clifton E. Buckrham, Sr. Pastor Buckrham holds a B.A. degree in political science, a Masters degree from Duke Divinity School and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is presently the Founder and Pastor of Resurrection Fellowship UHC, Greensboro, NC. He has traveled nationally and internationally as a revivalist, lecturer, teacher, conference and camp meeting preacher. He has recently been designated Bishop-Elect of the United Holy Church of America, Inc. Special musical selections will be provided by the Ascending Faith Church Choir, Burnettown, SC. Come join us for an evening of inspiritional, uplifting music and a special message that will encourage, edify and motivate us toward unity for this Holiday Season. Photo by Margaret Lott For more information on the Kayla and Brittany from Mid-Valley Baptist Church with their Samaritans service or directions please call Purse shoeboxes. This is the first year that Mid-Valley participated in the event. The Pastor Gene Brown at 593-4050 or members have had a lot of fun gathering supplies and putting them together. Pastor George Webb at 270-4432.

The musical pageant A Night With the King will be staged at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. Saturday, December 8th and 6:00 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9th at Millbrook Baptist Church. Tickets are free, and are available at the church office and at the door on show nights. For more information, call 641-8241. The St. John Food Bank will be open on the third and fourth Saturday of the month from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at St. John Baptist Church, 286 Huber Clay Road, Langley. For more information, call 593-4186. Young Storm Branch Baptist Church, Langley, provides a clothes closet for anyone in need. For more information, call Dorothy Young at (706) 399-8117. The Clothes Closet at St. Pauls Episcopal Church, 117 Hard St., Graniteville, is open from 10 a.m. to noon every Saturday. Clothes are free. For more information, call Ann Mayer at 663-7440.

Support 1 Needs Your Help

To help cover the cost of the free Critical Incident Stress training offered to Emergency Service Providers, Support 1 is selling Never Forget Memorial T-Shirts. All proceeds from the shirts go directly to the training program. Critical incidents can cause an overwhelming amount of stress on the responders as well as their families. It is vital that their needs are meet before, during and after critical incidents. For more information or to purchase other items visit their website

Craft Show To Feature Food, Activities And Visit From Santa

The 42nd annual Christmas Craft Show will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1, at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center. The event will feature food, crafts, childrens activities and a visit from Santa on Saturday. Admission and parking are free. For more information, call 642-7631.

Johnston To Open Farmers, Artists Market For Holidays

The Johnston Farmers and Artists Holiday Market will be open from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29, on Calhoun Street in Johnston. To take part in the event, call Anne Rauton Smith at (803) 275-4097 or Donna Livingston at (803) 275-0010.

There are NINE things different in the picture. Can you locate the differences?

Can You Spot The Differences?







Answer on page 10


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Local Churches Celebrate Fall Festival

Burnettown First Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Clearwater First Baptist Church

Howlandville Baptist Church


George Town, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico Motor Coach Trip to Tampa, FL Vaucluse United Methodist Church
Vaucluse United Methodist Church photos by Patti Plunkett. Other photos by Julie Lott.

For more information contact: Wanda McGee - or 803-646-1385 Joe Taylor -

Hidden in the pages of this edition is a horseshoe.

Can you find the horseshoe?


Sponsored by Leavelle McCampbell School Alumni Association


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Submitted photo The Langley-Bath-Clearwater High Schools 58th class reunion was held at the home of Eleanor Weatherford of Trenton. The graduates, spouses and friends enjoyed a cookout and reminisced about LBC, which is now known as Midland Valley High School. Front (left to right) shirley sims Mcgee, eleanor weatherford, Barbara Carver Head, Joan Banks Hudson and Zora Lee Asbell nesmith; back, gene sawyer, Marvin Jones, Bo Herndon, Curtis oBanion and edwin Farmer.

santa to Appear At Living History Park

The Living History Park will host Christmas in the Backcountry on Nov. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The park, located at 299 West Spring Grove Ave., will feature St. Nicholas at the event. Throughout time and cultures, he is known by various names such as Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Sinter Klaas or Kris Kringle, among others, detailed park manager Lynn Thompson, who noted that Christmas traditions and celebrations varied throughout the colonial communities, usually dependent on the cultures of those who lived in each community. Father Christmas, better known to many as St. Nicholas, will visit on Nov. 24 to greet all who appreciate the true Spirit of Christmas. He will be dressed as in ages past, in his traditional Victorian coat and cap. I will be bringing candy canes for my visitors, and be available for photos by parents, promised Father Christmas. The low-keyed emphasis will be on the joys of sharing Christmas with the gift of presence, not presents. I have used this approach successfully for the last seven years of sharing Father Christmas with the community, added Father Christmas. And if folks are willing to participate, Father Christmas will lead some caroling late in the day. In addition to Father Christmas, Kessie, colonial slave, will be on hand for Christmas in the Backcountry to share stories and songs of life during the colonial era. Several shops will also be open with items to purchase for that special Christmas gift.
(top) The annual Sassafras Festival took over a stretch of Highway 421 outside Burnettown Town Hall. (middle) The southern thunder Cloggers performed. (bottom) Kayla Mayson and tyrus Carlton made balloon animals. Photos by Suzanne Stone

Answers to Kids PAge

1. Green book is missing from shelf. 2. Middle computers screen is blank. 3. Pink flower is missing from girls hair. 4. S missing from chalkboard. 5. Blue calculator missing from desk. 6. Red shirt changed to lavendar. 7. Bookends changed to blue. 8. White wire removed from purple computer. 9. Eraser changed to black


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A New Era Begins In Midland Valleys NJROTC Unit

By Katie Frazier, Midland Valley High School senior After 26 years of serving the community and the Midland Valley staff, Chief Horace Sweat retired in the spring of 2012. Taking his place as the NJROTC Naval Science Instructor is Chief Lee Self. Chief Self brings to Midland Valley a wide variety of Naval experience. Chief Self joined the United States Navy in 1988. He was a Hospital Corpsman and worked in various Navy and Army hospitals. He was also did tours on an aircraft carrier, with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Submitted Photo Wing, and at the Aviation Survival Midland Valley High School Sports Medicine students assisted athletes at the finish Training Center. Immediately after line of the Iron Man Augusta competition. retiring in October of 2011, Chief Self was the cadre Sergeant Major at a military boarding school for the 2011-2012 school year. Chief Self has enjoyed being here were there to assist the athletes as they crossed the finish line. The students saw first hand how athletic trainers, physicians, and nurses evaluate and treat injuries. Overall, working this event was a very valuable experience for the Midland Valley Sports Medicine program. at Midland Valley. He says It has been a positive first quarter. The staff has been welcoming, and I enjoy teaching the freshman in NJROTC. I love the football games and the culture here at Midland Valley High School. Chief Self teaches the freshman the basic principles of NJROTC, such as how to wear the uniform correctly, some military maneuvers, and academic principles that apply not only to NJROTC, but to all other academic classes. He takes pride in his role in the NJROTC Unit and always sets a good example of how his students should act both in uniform and in the community. Chief Self is highly motivated and enthusiastic about teaching at Midland Valley High School. He and his family are a great addition to Midland Valley community.

Midland Valley High School Sports Medicine Students at the Finish Line
In late September the city of Augusta, Georgia, hosted the ESi Ironman Augusta 70.3 for the fourth consecutive year. The sports medicine students from Midland Valley High School had the opportunity to work with the medical staff from Georgia Health Sciences University in the finish line medical tent. The students

Red Ribbon Week At Gloverville Elementary

This years National Red Ribbon Week was held on October 2331. Gloverville Elementary School kicked off the week with a presentation from the Aiken County Sheriffs Office Drug Dog team. Sgt. Feemster & Sgt. DeLoach gave a school-wide presentation on gun safety, drug awareness, and bullying. They also brought a fan favorite, Rick; who is Sgt. DeLoachs bomb dog. This years school theme was, Too Smart to Start. The week hosted daily themed dress up days where students, faculty & staff were able to dress according to that days theme to show that they pledge to be drug free. The daily themes included: Im a Jean-ius, Im Drug Free, Be All You Can Be, Be Drug Free, Were Red-y to Be Drug Free, Team Up Against Drugs, Dont Let Drugs Turn You Inside Out, and Stay Drug Free for Decades. The Red Ribbon Week committees goal was to educate our students on the dangers of drugs and encouraging them to be Too Smart to Start so that they will live a drug free life.

Leavelle Students Holds Right Choices Assembly

A Right Choices Assembly was held at Leavelle McCampbell Middle School on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. Sgt. Selwyn DeLoach of the Aiken County Sheriffs Office facilitated the assembly. He spoke to students about strategies for success. He shared with students that they should come to school daily, commit to doing all class work, show mutual respect, complete required homework, and prepare for the future. He expressed that these good choices for success begins in middle school. Sgt. DeLoach also spoke to students of things that would impede their success. He stressed the importance of making right choices which are to stay away from drugs, not to join gangs, and taking a pledge against firearm violence. Sgt. DeLoach warned students of violence portrayed in media such as on video games, television, and in music. He talked with students about reality versus fiction. During the assembly students were able to meet Sgt. Deloachs canine partner Ricky and ask Sgt. Deloach questions in small groups. Guests included Sgt. Jason Feemster of the ACSO and Mr. Carl White Princicpal of Midland Valley High School.


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grading period. The students that earned all As and all As and Bs were recognized for making the Honor Roll for the first 9-weeks grading period. Many parents, grandparents and other relatives attended the assembly and reception that followed the presentations. chapter Mu Eta Sigma and is a Palmetto Fellows Scholar. He earned a perfect score on the math section of the SAT, and coached the Aiken Area Home Educators MathCounts team for the past three years. Hoyle, son of Wally and Wendy Kinard Hoyle, is a homeschool senior who became a high achieving student despite a severe brain injury sustained at birth, which caused doctors to forecast a poor physical and educational future. He plans to study mathematics and computer science at USC Aiken.

residents D.J. and Laura Waterman, is a blue-ribbon reader, as judged in a diagnostic report from Aug. 29. The 9-year-old fourth-grader at Midland Valley Christian Academy was tested as reading better than ... an average 10th-grader after the fifth month of the school year, according to a report from Star Reading. Hannah, who said she enjoys reading pretty much everything, named Patricia Polacco as one of her favorite authors, and For the Love of Autumn (a little book about a kitten) as one of her favorite Polacco creations. Another favorite book is Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, and she enjoys mysteries and fact books as well.

MV Yearbooks
Yearbooks are on sale now! Purchase a yearbook through the Midland Valley High School website for $55 before December 1st.

Hoyle Named Scholar

Jonathan Wallace Hoyle of Warrenville has been selected for membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. Hoyle is a Palmetto Independent Educators student in a homeschool program, and is a member of the National Homeschool Honor Society local chapter Eta Sigma Alpha, Mathematics Honor Society

LMMS Perfect Attendance

Friday, November 2, 2012, the Faculty and Staff of Leavelle McCampbell Middle School, and along with Dr. LLoydette Young, the Principal, recognized all students that earned perfect attendance for the first 9-weeks

Blue Ribbon Reader

Hannah Waterman, whose parents are North Augusta

Byrd Elementary Schools 1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

Principals Academic Honor Roll (As in all subjects) (3rd): Slater Simpson, Carlee Downs, Lauren Friday, Katie Pifer, Makayla Smith, Levi Taylor, Emma Troup, Michael Hardie, Charles Mims, Dylan Willard, Ian Garland, Rebecka Maul, Ivanna Vasquez, Ella Westberry, Mallory Zinger; (4th): Gabbee Fee, Kimberly Mendez, Kendall Newsome, Jake Pifer, Blake Price, Calvary Romleski, Trace Seigler, Tessa Barwick, Rebecca Blackwell, Ryan Boswell, Myra Fernandez, Ellie Grodi, Courtney Youngblood, Summer Garrett, Carson Gibson, Brayden Hawkins, Dakota Jones, Angelina Spencer, Gabriel Barrs, Marissa Brewer, Grayson Creech, Jay Hays, Rita Hucksam, Gavin Lillard, Nick Lintner, Hannah Oestrick, Devin Randall, Laurel Williams; (5th): Matthew Cowart, Venice Douglas, Shelby Dyer, Sawyer Gordon, Savannah Pinchot, Kari Flannings, Adin Hillman, and Miles Roane. Academic Honor Roll (As and Bs in all subjects) (3rd): Bradin Boatright, Samantha Craig, Anastacia Lewis, James Morris, Quincy Wells, Adrian Miller, Marisela Arias, Hayden Blackmon, Madison Dodd, Dylan Siegler, Jasmine Trujillo, Gibson Willing, Kaiya Wright, Kaleb Drabb, Nikolas Isaac, Natalie Rushton, Reginald Cain, Blakelyn Crytzer, Breana Ginn, Joshua Matlock, Jeffrey Martin, Raevin McKinney, Ann Messick, Macarro Newsome, Christopher Peterson, Nicholas Brown, Jackson Fleming, Araceli Garcia, Jacob Kovacs, Alex Levister, Sierra Richardson, Casey Riffelmacher, Jaden Williams, Ashlye Garcia, Jaydan Odum, Trinity Wilder, Joseph Schaffhouser; (4th): Allie Barker, Kendrell Carter, Kevin Graham, Majesty Johnson El, Trinity Leverette, Kayla Mosley, Esther Sherrard, Bryson Slaven, Codie Steely, Alejandro Trujillo, Leyton Watson, A.J. Durst, Jordan Godwin, Briana Hiers, Marisa Maxam, Nick Prince, Kyleigh Widener, Carolyn Yonn, Candy Cano-Cortez, Taylor Compton, Rose Derrick, Teryn Harris, Mariah Johnson, Joe (Trey) Loveday, Kaitlyn Mosley, Julius Odum, Maurice Priester, Bradley (Shawn) Robertson, Andrew Urizar, Jayla Council, Linsey Dominick, Jalen Garrett, Maggie Griffis, Landon Johnson, Courtney Lewis, D.J. Newsome, Craig Speh, Layla Walker, Christopher Williams; (5th): Brandon Crosby, Devron Curry, Sarah Powell, Nikya Ravello, Kelly Rios-Perez, Martrell Ross, Shelby Salter, Caitlyn Widener, Jessica Bendickson, Laniya Carmichael, Christina Harding, Macee Johnson, TJ McLester, Parker Welsh, AJ Deibel, Holly Epperson, Madison Eubanks, Evan Johnson, Madison Mercer, Duffy Willing, Shakira Gathers, Wade Harmon, Zakiyah Jackson, Bryana Jefferson, Mia Kinard, Carson Lee, Alyssia Long, Kade Terrebonne, AJ Leach, Lane Owenby, Rebecca Price, Alica Speh, and Breonna Wright. Excellent Eagles Academic Honor Roll (1st): Antonio Atilano, Shantel Butler, Cameron Chavis, Emalee Densmore, Destiny Duffie, Kyler Drabb, Bethzy Garcia, Daniel LaFavor, Sara Montgomery, Cameron Perkins, Evan Smith, Morgen Tanner, Taylor Tolen, Lacey Wangberg, Michael Williams, Symia Wheeler, Haley Young, Kaylyn Baskett, Eric Boivin, Kaleb Burton, Billy Fonseca, Ally Gordon, Sandra Lawton, Peyton Owenby, Destiney Perkins, Keiry Rios Perez, Kaylee Sharpe, Christopher Stephenson, Victor Westbrook, Avery Wilder, Jordan Barnes, Gracie Barton, Hunter Bell, Gracey Chafin, Ellie Chambers, Rashad Daniel, Katie Downs, Kylei Falcon, Aaron Garland, Dilan Interiano, Cayla Jacobs, Chloe Mays, Judy Osorio, Kendale Pearson, Joey Phegley, Steven Wall, Gabriel West, Brayshawn Carter, Kaylan Crawford, Michelle Gonzalez, Kaleb Herring, Kyra Johnson, Zachary Locklair, Santos Brian Lopez, Addisyn Lowe, Uriel Ramsess Moreno, Evan Phillips, James Rushton, Christopher Snellings, Kelsey Trull, JaNiya Woods-Smith, Maggie Zheng, Hunter Bond, Geraldine Falcon, Gabriel Guzman, Isaiah Freeman, Jordyn Haaf, Marcellius Hall, Madison Krueger, Holly Miles, Joshua Rosier, Daniel Sanchez, Alexandria Williams, Miles Willing, Matthew Campbell, Omarion Johnson, Arienonna Jones, Javier Juarez, Justiana Melo, McKinley Morton, Gracie Prine, Cyndi Watkins; (2nd): Cytlalic Alarcon-Pulido, Katie Bales, Lindsay Bowie, Dashaun Brown, Heather Fore, Brizeida Jacobo, Morgan Jeffcoat, Raquel Jimenez, Marino Johnson, Tyler Johnson, Michael Lopez, Deana Martin, Tremain McElmurray, Bradley Moyer, Haylee Perry, Marianna Rodriguez, Grayson Weathers, Cody Black, Anna Bowers, Amber Busbee, Rachel Cisneros, Haley Ergle, Axcell Espinoza, Claira Gay, Jacob Kostochko, Madison Lilly, Brandy Santos, Mallory Taylor, Jeremiah Trull, Jennifer Vazquez, Reese Wilson, Mark Yonce, Audrey Bennett, Katie Combs, Bruce Leon-Diaz, Zachary Good, Maria Gutierrez, Isaiah Hutton, Izhariyah Jenkins, Kareem Nelson, Cheyene Speh, Eddie Wilson, Shayna Autwell, Amanda Busbee, Ayonna Butler, Antonio Carrillo, Lane Dunagan, Julia Edmondson, Jenifer Gonzalez, Dawson Gregory, Parker Harmon, Fawn Hasley, Justin Joiner, Arowyn Jones, Gavin Presley, Seth Randall, Mercedes Sullivan, Lily Boswell, Paige Davis, Kayla Gomillion, Madison Green, Scott Grodi, Kenniante Jackson, Kadi McLester, Kyle Mosley, Benjamin Olivera-Silva, Ella Page, Kaley Randall, Karen Askren, Clare Balsam, Braylon Barton, Raekwon Brightharp, Kamren Dehayes, Kylee Fonseca, Savanna Kaney, Mariah Ligon, Kaia McMullen, Terrell Nelson, Luke Preissler, Carmen Reyes, Maritza Trujillo and Nathan Vandegrift.


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Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle Schools 1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

All A Honor Roll (8th): Alivia John Brewe, Caleb Joshua Smith; (7th): Connor Patrick Boyd, Antonio Patrick Castillo, Bryson Lee Chapman, Cierra Danielle Alexus Darville, Jada Mayani Diggs, Miranda Lee Durden, Jacob David Fields, Payton Larry Fields, Marcus Corley Green, Wes UnSel Guyton, Kevin Wayne Holley, Olivia Kathryn Howell, Mark Cameron Jones, Ansleigh Shea McIntosh, Alexis Ali Molina, Steven Cole Petersen, Diego Armando Sojo; (6th): Daniel Roland Abney, David Wade Abney, Heather Renee Allen, Anissa Baksh, Mallory Grace Beard, Cade Aaron Bishop, Tessa Lynn Boone, Luis Enrique Briseno, Christina Ann Carlin, Madison Renee Evans, Ashlyn Taylor Ford, Tucker Montgomery Fulmer, William Tyler Hair, Karson Logan Harsey, Clint Brandon Humphreys, Katelyn Cassidy Hutto, Branson Conner Jones, Logan Harrison Lewis, Philip Edward Nettles, Meagan Renee OBanion, DeMonte LeShawn Pixley, Laci Morgan Prince, Iliana Sanchez-Cruz, Lauren Taylor Shoup, and Savannah Nicole Shuford. AB Honor Roll (8th): Justin Bailey Adams, Mallory Claire Alverson, Emilie Faith Anderson, Tannar Dylan Batchelor, Allie Camryn Beard, Jace Kaylee Bennefield, Dylan Todd Boyette, Brooke Alexis Byrd, Kaley Jane Deese, JaLisa Jade Drayton, Vanessa Elvira, Ethan Robert Ennis, Erica Renae Faircloth, Haylie McKenzie Fittery, Grant Colin Harris, Haylee Marie Harris, Justin Todd Harsey, Jacobia DeAndre Jones, Calista Liane Justice, Karson Reid King, Brittney Alana Lambert, Madison Brooke Martin, Makenzie Lynn Martin, Dianna Hart Mathis, Stephen James Mock, Mallary Nichole Owensby, Makayla Marie Pardue, McClay Dale Powell, Kristina Dawn Rhoden, Ella Elizabeth Ryder, Jada Marie Simpson, Emily Elizabeth Sloan, Timothy Garan Toole, Sarah Soonok Turner, Diego Alexander Villalobos, Olivia Grace Widener, Matthew Christopher Wright; (7th): Jeffrey Maze Adams, Austin Dakota Banks, Macey Leanne Barton, Hailee McKenna Baughman, Hannah Nicole Bussell, Alexandria Nicole Carlin, Kenneth Reed Davis, Austin Joseph DeRemigio, Sydney Anne Fikes, Taneesha Nicole Foster, Amanda Faith Harding, Mallory Breann Hodges, Tanasia Tranise Holley, Maggie Lynn Inabinet, Payton Alaine Johnson, Rhett Halen Jordan, Cindy Zhao Lin, Yordin Denilson Luis, Samantha Avery Mayer, Alexander Reagan McCord, Annalee Rose McDaniel, Rhonda Katelyn Moxley, Gage Zaccheus Moyer, Hannah Leigh Primrose, Lesly Nirel Reyes, Maritza Cruz Sanchez, Christine Lorraine Ann Sanderson, Jacobi Bernard Sapp, Braden Michael Schar, William Felicitas Sheehan, Chryshondria JuanDe Smith, Michael James Storey, Karen Itzel Mejia Valladares, Darius Bernard Wade, Kaitlyn Shelby Wall, Johnny William Walters, Kayla Brooke Waters, Tiana Markel Williams, Raquan Bryan Yeldell; (6th): Kyle Sheffield Adams, Estrelita Alvarez-Sanchez, Alyssa Courtney Anderson, Haley Marie Anderson, Morgan Nicole Anderson, Brandon Woodrow Barton, Nathan Bradley Boatwright, Baylee Caroline Braswell, Hannah Lynn Burckhalter, Orren Chandler Burke, Serena Michelle Bursey, Erick Giovani Cabrera Torres, Nathaniel Thomas Cato, James Blake Chriswell, Nakia Shanece Coleman, Benjamin LaRon Curry, Carson McKenzie Curry, Jaylen Carl Davis, Nicholas Christopher Dennison, Destiny Kaye Ford, Totyanna Samya Freeman, Tierra Rakeal French, Logan Drew Godwin, Aaron Thomas Gregory, Shaylenn Felicia Grey, Dalyn Javon Harris, Anna Grace Harrison, Zackery Christopher Hawkins, Brock Harrison Heise, Sara Denise Hicks, Ashlee Leanne Hill, Savannah Grace Holland, Connie Reign Jennings, Joseph Alexander Johnson, Barry Wayne Kieltsch, Trinity Michelle Kirby, Irvon Terryan Malcolm, Jennifer Saray Maldonado, Jasmine Leigh Martz, Deanna Aubrey McCord, Kirstie Joyce McElmurray, Alyssa Renee McGinty, Krizton RoMicah Mealing, Jared Austin Montgomery, Tabitha Marie Moore, Alana Marie Morris, Mallory Ashton Morris, Chloe Lauren Neeley, Caitlyn Dianne Oliver, Zohereth Ariana Ovares, Joseph Morris Parker, Wade Henry Partridge, Luis David Patino, Cameron Gauge Preachers, Kenneth Irvin Brian Randall, Jonathan DeMond Robinson, Maya Kinlye Rodriguez, Talynn Corinna Saxer, Sonjai McKeya Simpkins, Kiera Kimberly Nicole Smith, Madison Lee Smith, Blake Richard Titus, Phillippa Francine Truesdell, Chase Wylie Waller, Haley Victoria Williamson, Andrew Seth Wright and Brandon Nicholas Young.

LBC Gets Down and Dirty

By Debbi Mims This year, thanks to a grant from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LBC Middle School is piloting a school to home vegetable garden. Students involved are Haley Proctor, Tessa Boone, Cameron Preacher, Faith White, Tierra French, Cade Bishop, Allen Kub, Demonte Pixley, and Nicholus Cleghorn. After the garden was plowed by an adult volunteer, students prepared the soil and planted onions, collards, brocolli, parsley, cauliflower, radishes, carrots and cabbages. The students involved work hard and love getting down and dirty with the garden. So far, they have been able to taste parsley, and the rest of the plants are doing well. As a bonus, they are learning valuable math and science lessons that help them in their classes. Mostly, though, they and their families are looking forward to the day when they bring home a meal! The hope is that this first foray into vegetable growing goes so well that more students will get involved and eventually our produce can be used in the school cafeteria for organic, homegrown, healthy lunches, or that it will grow into a school/community gardening partnership which includes sharing work and produce with volunteers from our community.

Jefferson Elementary honors bucket fillers

The following students at Jefferson Elementary School were named Bucket Fillers for the month of October: OKiera Dubose, Joel Maldonado, Jadrius Valentine, Will Hixon, Ferando Rosales, Landon Chacon, Karleigh Wheeler, Brooklyn Davis, Colt Watkins, Tere Bautista-Pineda, Vanessa Diaz-Cruz, Ayden Cunningham, Soledad Cordova, Emily Blackwell, Brandon Sanchez, Gisel Guerrero, Dallas Freeman, Palmer Wiggins, Mattie Berendsen, Alyvia Gresham, Thorn Wilson, Justin Workman, McKayla Murray, Wil Chipley, Shelby Watson, Zoie Weatherford, Nylah Corley and Sinclaire Strom.

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Gloverville Elementary Schools 1st Nine Weeks Awards

PRINCIPALS HONOR ROLL (All As!) (1st): Cameron Campbell, Hayden Driver, Abigail Johnson, Victoria Knight, Yoshiah Spencer, Landon Corley, Nolan Johnston, Bella Scott, Emmie Thompson, Nolan Green, Lillian Williams, Aidan Moyer, Siddh Patel; (2nd): Jordyn Freeman, Emily Hawks, Mary Grace Martin, Andrew McCord, Caleb Lott, Luke McCombs; (3rd): Hailey Evans, Morgan Fields, Trayton Gregory; (4th): Emily Boatwright, Madison Christopher, Matthew Lankford, Jessica Matthews, Landen Adams, Madelyn Goodwin, Abigail Johnson, Benjamin McCord, Liya Patel, Eliana Pinckney, Austin Stone, Kirsten Rene Hanna, Gabrielle Hunt, Katelyn Lambert, Trent Petersen, Ansley Prosser; (5th): Amanda Johnson, Jasmine Landaverde, Megan Willing, and Megan Schar. HONOR ROLL (All As and Bs) (1st): Jayla Carroll, Phoebe Cato, Shawn Powell, DeAngelo Roberson, Brayden Anderson, Seth Ford, Nathan Bishop, Ryan Vickers, Jeremiah Carlisle, Parker Angell, Chrissy Burke, Brody Deer, Jadin Tanton; (2nd): Cody Bergeron, RJ Brookins, Garvin Polk, Conner Sims, Winston Whittle, Bradley Wimberly, Reagan Corbett, Ansley Keenan, Liberty Sellers; (3rd): KeKe Berry, Cameron Griffis, Robbie Hunt, Jacob Logue, Ryan Mitchell, Alexis Moore, Allee Smith, Logan Ward, Miranda Brown, Chance Cochran, AriAnna Edwards, Kristen Faircloth, Dominique Gallardo, Marrissa Joyner, Trista Kirkland, Caden Manning; (4th): Victoria Barton, Kolby Boatwright, Kirbie Fulmer, Jakob Hollowell, Joseph Keenan, Madilyn Ward, Jalen Eubanks, Brooke Henderson, C.J. Landaverde, Caleb Richardson, Chloe Shealy, Charlie Wright, Charles Campbell, Jonesea Green, Ethan Keenan, Victoria Odom, Kaden Wood; (5th): Ryan Kennedy, Jeanelle Pontoo, Zaire Williams, Casey Baker, Kayle Barton, Keenan Blackwood, Manshi Patel, and Hunter Wilson. PERFECT ATTENDANCE (4K): Colbey Boatwright, Olivia Moore, Laythen Rearden, Austin Tice, Karter Wood; (K): Ian Benson, Molly Clemons, Bricen Eubanks, David McKie, Ethan Moore, McKinley Ward, Addison Stone, Parker Arthurs, Brittany Barton, Xyian Fisher, Charlet Lott, Anthony Nolan Moxley, Kinsley Newsome, Takeyona Newsome; (1st): Jayla Carroll, Phoebe Cato, Jimmy Clemons, Jaylen Corley, Victoria Knight, Shawn Powell, DeAngelo Roberson, Brayden Anderson, Kaitlyn Drawdy, Seth Ford, Bella Scott, Nathan Bishop, Jeremiah Carlisle, Nolan Green, Abigail Johnson, Cayleigh Morris, Lillian Williams, Chrissy Burke, Brody Deer, Matthew Jenkins, Aidan Moyer, Siddh Patel; (2nd): Rhiana Cochran, Alexis Free, Tyzay Starlings, Garvin Polk, Winston Whittle, Sarah Bratton, Alma Gallardo, Caleb Lott, Tori Mikell, Mariah Shipley, Reed Sikes, Kevin Trueba; (3rd): Zayvian Butler, Sunnie Clemons, Angel Dunbar, Cameron Griffis, Robbie Hunt, Ryan Mitchell, Westleigh Scott, Logan Ward, Trayton Gregory, Trista Kirkland, Jacob Langley, Kayla Padgett, Patrick Sapp, Cody Shearer; (4th): Victoria Barton, Kolby Boatwright, Jakob Hollowell, Joseph Keenan, Matthew Lankford, Nicolas Leidy, Adrianna Mikell, Austin Patterson, Thomas Shipley, Landen Adams, Devin Arthurs, Chandler Bloodworth, Jalen Eubanks, Abigail Johnson, Aaron Key, C.J. Landaverde, Liya Patel, Eliana Pinckney, Caleb Richardson, Chloe Shealy, Austin Stone, Jonesea Green, Kyle Hall, Kirsten Rene Hanna, Ansleigh Hash, Mackenzie Haupfear, Gabrielle Hunt, Jacob Johnson, Jerell Newsome, Victoria Odom, Trent Petersen; (5th): Jaheim Bush, Christopher Free, Abigail Hunt, Amanda Johnson, Ryan Kennedy, Jasmine Landaverde, Skylar Morris, Brenden Moyer, Jeanelle Pontoo, Megan Willing, Kayle Barton, Emily Gresham, Carter Higgins, Dalton Jones, AShanti McKie, Brianna Mikell, Christian Odom, Manshi Patel, Autumn Phillips, Samual Powell, Megan Schar, Brentyn Switzer, Savannah Van Fossen, and Hunter Wilson. PRINCIPALS CITIZENSHIP (K): Jackson Benson, Christian Hawks; (1st): Yoshiah Spencer, Kirsten Reeves, Cayleigh Morris, Siddh Patel; (2nd): Alexis Free, Tyzay Starlings, Tyler Barnes; (3rd): Morgan Fields, Robbie Hunt, Dominique Gallardo; (4th): Madison Christopher, Avanna Grey, Landen Adams, Trent Petersen; (5th): Ryan Kennedy and Keishawn Jimerson. PRINCIPALS CITIZENSHIP: Wonderful Writer (K): Kinsley Newsome; (1st): Abigail Johnson, Emmie Thompson, Lillian Williams, Parker Angell; (2nd): Jordyn Freeman, Alma Gallardo; (3rd): Hailey Evans, Kristen Faircloth; (4th): Emily Boatwright, Austin Stone, Katelyn Lambert; (5th): Megan Willing and Megan Schar. Student of the Month: September (4K): Austin Lott, Colbey BlackMitchum, Olivia Moore, Graisen Sikes, Austin Tice, Karter Wood; (K): Hailey Bussell, Ethan Moore, Addison Stone, McKinley Ward, Parker Arthurs, Hanna Goff, Takeyona Newsome; (1st): Jayla Carroll, Phoebe Cato, Abigail Johnson, Victoria Knight, Shawn Powell, DeAngelo Roberson, Brayden Anderson, Seth Ford, Bella Scott, Nathan Bishop, Asia Council, Cayleigh Morris, Lillian Williams, Kaydence Bradley, Brody Deer, Siddh Patel; (2nd): Alexis Free, Mary Grace Martin, Andrew McCord, Avery Meyers, Garvin Polk, Tyzay Starlings, Winston Whittle, Bryson Fittery, Alma Gallardo, Ansley Keenan, Liberty Sellers, Reed Sikes, Trenton Turner; (3rd): Hailey Evans, Morgan Fields, Cameron Griffis, Jacob Logue, Valorie Shumaker, Logan Ward, Chance Cochran, Brooke Evans, Dominique Gallardo, Leydy Garcia, Trayton Gregory, Trista Kirkland, Caden Manning, Cody Shearer; (4th): Vanessa Brewer, Tori Barton, Emily Boatwright, Matthew Lankford, Jessica Matthews, Adrianna Mikell, Landen Adams, Devin Arthurs, Chandler Bloodworth, Jalen Eubanks, Brooke Henderson, Aaron Key, Abigail Johnson, C.J. Landaverde, Valerie Odom, Eliana Pinckney, Liya Patel, Caleb Richardson, Chloe Shealy, Austin Stone, Charles Campbell, Jonesea Green, Gabrielle Hunt, Victoria Odom, Trent Petersen, Ansley Prosser, Kaden Wood; (5th): Amanda Johnson, Ryan Kennedy, Jasmine Landaverde, Kayle Barton, and Manshi Patel. Safety Patrol (5th grade only) Annabel Cano, Ryan Hicks, Amanda Johnson, Skylar Morris, Manshi Patel, Ally Weathersbee, and Hunter Wilson. Flag Bearers (5th grade only) Christopher Free, Brenden Moyer, and Samual Powell.


Midland Valley Monthly