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AQUA 2012
Prague, Czech Republic (1-5 September, 2012)
Aliphos Blue Line is a range of high quality feed ingredients specially developed for use in concentrated aquaculture feeds. The range includes trace metals, microencapsulated products and highly digestible inorganic feed phosphates, such as Windmill Monamphos®. Aliphos Blue Line reduces the need for wild species in the production of aquaculture feeds and ensures healthy, productive fish and seafood. Be sure to include Blue Line in your feeds.


his 'Innovation and Products Review' focuses on the Aqua 2012 event, and highlights the products and developments that visitors to the event had an opportunity to discuss with exhibitors. Joint events between The European Aquaculture and World Aquaculture society occur once every six years. Here, International Aquafeed gives companies who exhibited an opportunity to remind our readers of what they might of missed in our end-of-year show and event round-up.

There was a happy buzz around the Sonac exhibition stand at Aqua 2012 as company representatives explained to conference delegates that some animal proteins had been cleared for use in aqua feeds from June 1, 2013. While member states voted for the reintroduction of non-ruminant processed animal proteins (PAPs) in aqua feeds in mid-July this year, Geert van der Velden of Sonac explained that changing rules and regulations to accommodate the change would take some time and then the year long wait.

At Aqua 2012 in Prague the Dutch company LGem presented the innovative GemTube photobioreactor. The easy-to-operate GemTube system makes it possible for hatcheries and nurseries to produce large volumes of high quality algae at low cost. It uses a revolutionary patented technology with waves to create stable culture conditions and to prevent fouling. GemTube photo-bioreactors are suited for fragile algal species and are available at culture volumes from 500 to more than 20 thousand litres.
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AQUAGEST® reducing feed cost in fish and shrimp • reduce feed cost by maximizing the efficiency of digestive and metabolic processes • taylored to fit the digestive physiology of each species

Shellfish Diet 1800® is a mix of four marine microalgae that all have demonstrated success with a variety of bivalve shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops. A mixed diet provides a much better nutritional profile, increasing both growth rates and survival across all life stages.

AQUAGEST® S for shrimp, improving hepatopancreas function and efficiency of lipid digestion, reducing cholesterol requirements AQUAGEST® OMF for tilapia and catfish, improving growth, feed conversion and filleting yield AQUAGEST® CAF for marine fish and salmonids, enhancing the digestive efficiency in carnivorous fish fed reduced levels of fishmeal

gets fish into shape

Reduce deformities in larvae and fry
LARVIVA ProStart™ is the first early weaning diet with a unique probiotic approved by the European Food Safety Authorities for its documented effect in reducing the occurrence of vertebral deformities in fish larvae and fry.

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