5 inch Ducky would be an excellent addition to any collection. This little 4. Sunny is 4 way thread jointed with a floppy head Blushed cheeks and a wee bit of feathers under her headband. Sunny looks very lovely in her pretty lace dress. .~Sunny~ by Cynthia Sickler Sunny Loves Long walks in the park… The best of course is when it is raining and there are puddles to play in ! This Sweet little Ducky girl is ready to light up your Rainy days.

MATERIAL LIST Fingering weight yarn in your preferred color I used a Bright Sunny Yellow Size 5/1.90mm Crochet hook Embroidery Needle and Floss color of your choice Fabric pens one Peachy pink and one Brown 8mm safety eyes Poly-fil 8 inches of 1/2-3/4 inch lace in your preferred color .

and simple shaping Medium Finishing skill required STARTER RING ch2 6sc in ch. repetitive stitch patterns. simple color changes.space (6sc) ABRIEVIATIONS LIST sc single crochet dc double crochet hdc half double crochet rnds rounds invdec invisible decrease st stitch MC Main Color .FINISHED SIZE (Approx.5 inches tall SKILL LEVEL Easy Projects using yarn or thread with basic stitches.) 4.

the bottom over 6 Ch2 (this is the middle of the bottom bill) hdc sc1 sc in back loop only Top bill [sc1 (in front loop of previous stitch)] sc1 hdc2 dc 2 hdc2 sc1 [sc1 (in front loop of nexte stitch)] Remainder of Bottom bill [sc1 (in back loop of previouse stitch)] 3hdc Finish with bery long tail to sew on . (2sc)]x6 18st Switch to MC 3-6 sc 4 rnds 7 *[2sc.~Sunny~ ARMS In MC make 2 starter ring 1 (2sc)x6 12st 2-6 sc 5 rnds 7 *[2sc. BILL In AC Ch 13 join to make ring Top of bill will be worked over 8stiches with an additional 2 stitches over lapping the bottom bill. LEGS In AC Starter ring in AC make 2 starter ring 1 (2sc)x6 12st 2 *[1sc. invdec] Invdec to close Finish and end with 8inch tail. invdec] 9st 8-12 sc 5rnds Stuff Firmly Invdec to close Finish and end with 8inch tail. invdec] 14st 8-11 sc 4rnds Stuff Firmly 12 *[2sc.

(2sc)]x6 18st 28 *[2sc. (2sc)]x6 48st 8 *[7sc. (2sc)]x6 36st 6 *[5sc. (2sc)]x6 30st 5 *[4sc. Tie the tails of the two legs together with a granny knot and work the remaining ends in. (2sc)]x6 24st 4 *[3sc. (2sc)]x6 42st 7 *[6sc. Attach the limb where you want it and bring your tail back up between stitches in the middle of the back. (2sc)]x6 24st 29-36 sc 8 rnd 37 [2sc invdec] around Stuff Bodyfirmly at this time 38 [1sc invdec] around 39 [invdec] around 6st Close and Sew in all ends The way I joint my limbs is with the tails left after closing the limb. Instead of Weaving in Bring up the yarn where you want to attach the limb to the body. At this time give a little tug and pull your knot into the body… Repeat for Arms Remember have to have that knot between the stitches to pull the know back into the body :D . (2sc)]x6 18st 3 *[2sc. (2sc)]x6 54st 9-17 sc 9 rnd 18 [7sc invdec] around 19 [6sc invdec] around 20 [5sc invdec] around INSERT EYES 21 [4sc invdec] around 22 [3sc invdec] around Stuff head firmly at this time 23 [2sc invdec] around 24 [1sc invdec] around 25 [invdec] around 6st Begin Body 26 (2sc)x6 12st 27 *[1sc.Head and Body In MC starter ring 1 (2sc)x6 12st 2 *[1sc.

. I also very carefully shade around the eyes DRESS INSTRUCTIONS RUNNING STITCH: 1.. With the brown Color the inside of your mouth and draw dots for Sunnys little nostrils. . Then glue this piece to the ribbon with fabric glue.. Cut the lace 3 times ish that length Sew a running stitch down one side Gather and tie. BLUSH AND SHADE The trick with a fabric pen is to apply the color to a q-tip wet the q-tip and rub color in gently where you would like…. Copyright © 2010 Demonstrative Bears All rights reserved.. This is also called basting. I apply blush wide out just touching outside of the eye….ATTACH BILL Remember the bottom tail used to sew on is also the center bottom of your bill. Give it plenty of time to dry !!! Pretty simple :D Sew Dress on with a little whip stitch through the ribbon. It is a loose stitch that will be pulled to make a gathered appearance The dress is a piece of Ribbon Cut long enough to go around the body and sew together. Embellish with the little button where you have sewn the ribbons ends together.

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