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All Saints Roman Catholic Church

410 Main Cross Street, P O Box 531, Taylorsville, KY 40071 Parish Office: 502-477-6676 Fax: 502-477-5278
Office Hours: M-Tu-Th: 8:30-4:00; W: 11:00-6:30; F: 8:30-12:00
Pastor: Fr. R. Dale Cieslik Deacon: Gerry Mattingly Deacon & Pastoral Assistant: Carl Fahringer Deacon: Nick Brown Bookkeeper, Dir of Rel. Ed., Secretary: Diane Black Youth Ministry: Laura Zoeller RCIA Coordinator: Mari Wertz email: SFX: 538-4933 or 955-5366 email: email: voice mail box 1 email: email: voice mail box 2 email: voice mail box 3 email:

Religious Education for Children/Youth continue to meet as scheduled each Sunday from 9:45 -11:15, beginning and departing from the Parish Hall. We ask that you arrive timely to be considerate of the others. RCIA: We ask that you pray for the inquirers and the RCIA team members through out their faith journey. Contact Marilena Wertz at 477-8534 ( with questions, or if you are interested in joining the Catholic Church. MS/HS Youth Group: A reminder that we are scheduled to meet this Sunday, November 11 , in the Parish Hall, from 12:30-1:30PM. Please pray for the following youth who will be participating in the Archdiocesan "Quest" day at Bellarmine University on November 17th: Megan Hayes, Lizzie Beeson, Maranda Keller, Bryce Nall, Kelsi Thornsberry, Shelby Wertz and Becca Walker! We pray for wisdom from the various speakers and blessings from our Mass with Archbishop Kurtz! Youth are reminded to wear your All Saints T-shirts, and meet at All Saints, in the basement, at noon for lunch. We will leave soon thereafter, and return to All Saints by 11pm. E-mail Laura w/questions. Adult Faith Formation: Please return your Faith Formation Opportunities survey to Deacon Carl soon. Extra surveys are on both tables in the back of church. This is the final week for our Why Catholic? Faith sharing groups. Ministry Schedule for Holy Days: In order to schedule liturgical ministers for the upcoming holy days, we ask that you indicate on the sign-up sheet on the table near the Cry room the Masses and dates for which you are available. Family Faith Formation: On the table near the loft stairs you will find the November Catholic Update, “Nine Reasons for Going to Mass,” the November issue of At Home with our Faith, and other take-home materials for all ages. Safe Environment: The Archdiocese of Louisville mandates background checks for all volunteers who are working with, or around, youth 18 years and younger. We are required to update these background checks every five years. Many parishioners at the 5-year mark and several have already received letters and forms from Fr. Dale, asking to have these completed and returned to Laura Zoeller in the parish office as quickly as possible. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and thank you for blessing us with your ministries! Holiday Bazaar: Read the bulletin insert for more information and shop locally at our Annual Holiday Bazaar on Sat. Prayer Garden: There has been a good response to the opportunity to honor families and loved ones in our Prayer Garden. Brochures are available near the display in Church; contact Connie Eisenback or David Young with questions. The deadline to apply for K of C Robert Alan Jones, Sr. Scholarship is November 30 . include the guidelines, are on the table near the loft stairs.
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To arrange for Baptisms or Weddings, please call the office. Confessions by request or 4 o’clock Saturdays at St. Francis Xavier

November 11, 2012
Nov. 10 Sat. Nov. 11 Sun. Nov. 15 Thur. Nov. 17 Sat. Nov. 18 Sun. 5:00 PM 11:30 AM 8:30 AM 5:00 PM 11:30 AM

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik Celebrant: Fr. Wayne Murphy Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik

Frances and Tom Elder For the People of the Parish Mary Franczyk Catherine Culver (Birthday Memorial) & Special Intention of Kuhn Family For the People of the Parish

Parish Support: $3,769.07 All Saints Day: $482.04 House of Ruth: $5.00 Thank you for your stewardship of treasure. “The Church’s love for the poor…is a part of her constant tradition.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2444) Next week, our parish will take up the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) collection. Envelopes are included in your boxed set, or pick one up in the back of church. Fight poverty in America. Defend human dignity. Give to the CCHD Collection. Prayer list: Martha Hopper; Patricia Hurst; John Gathoff; Carol Kennedy; Elizabeth Martin; Julia Ameral; Don Bealmear; Kathy Bishop; Ron Borman; Ray Carrico; Pat Drake; Mary Fowler; Margaret Glasford; Mary Hodges & Michelle Storm; Rose Jones; Benny Lyon; Bill Nall; Loretta Riker; Cody Robinson; Marilyn Stop; Kelly Taylor & Cheryl Gilbert; Russell Warford; Kathie Wright; Abby A. Howell (Anna Lee Stokely); Tommie Akins, Cheryl Riney, Modenia Akins (Mary Akins); Sue Allen, Emerson Chadwell, Charlie Craig, Linda Mitchell (Kapfhammers); Steven Carroll (Klotz’s); Matthew Lish (Lawson’s); Walter Hayes (Doug Hayes & Diana Welch); Phillip Rudolph, Sandra, Toni Rae, Yvonne & Pat Cheney; Steve & Olivia Fahringer, Rhonda McCarty, (Deacon Carl); Marguerite Gahlinger (Tim); Virginia Hinton (Gerard); Elaine R. Nation, Mary & Garland Boone (Diane & Cele); Dawson Moore; Jeremy Moreman (Penny & Tom); Charlotte Vowels (Pete & Mona); Chuck & Margaret Hardison (Darnells); Fred Barton, Henry Galbraith (Patti Grubb); Eva Blanford (Lyons); Rudolph Spurr, Doris Robards, Jan Kehne, Catherine Kehne, Harper D’Young, Ron Tucker (Kehne’s); Cindy Sanders (Kim Louis); Beverly Seabold (Tom Fleitz); Cathy Pusey Hyman (Jim Pusey); John Hunter (Lola Richards); Frankie Elizabeth Summers (Roger Walters); Lavoy Crutcher & Lori Young; Eula & George Koppel, Dick Wertz (Koppel/Wertz); Mary Jo Mattingly; Greg Zoeller; the unemployed; those serving our country: Jacob Crews, John Rock, Jamie Fleig, Wes Robinson, Bryant Fowler, Thomas Creed & Bryan Ford. Contact the office to add or delete a name from our prayer list, with his/her permission.

Application forms, which

Driving Directions: Please be aware that the entrance and exit directions have changed with the new parking lots. AA meets at 7:30 PM every Tuesday in the Parish Hall. An open discussion format is used. Upcoming Events: th Sunday, November 11 12:30-1:30 PM MS/HS Youth Meeting, PH th Wednesday, November 14 6:30-7:45 PM Holy Hour, Church th Saturday, November 17 9:00-3:00 PM Holiday Bazaar, PH th Sunday, November 18 12:30-2:30 PM K of C Monthly Chicken Dinner, PH Communion Ministers: Sat. 11/10 – Deacon, Ron Koppel, Carolyn Kapfhammer Sun. 11/11 – Deacon, Lori and David Young Sat. 11/17 – Deacon, Marian Pusey, Wesley Lewis Sun. 11/18 – Deacon, Bob Searcy, Susan Hayes Servers: Sat. 11/10 – Mary Anne Cecil Sun. 11/11 – Michael Richards, Trevor Hutt Sat. 11/17 – Pete Vowels Sun. 11/18– Liz Walker, Savannah Taylor Ministers to the Sick: November 10-11– Ron Koppel November 17-18 – LaVielle Cecil Ministers of the Word: Sat. 11/10 – Angela Runner, Pete Vowels Sun. 11/11 – Kim Snyder, Kelly Creed Sat. 11/17 – Phoebe Brown, Mary Akins Sun. 11/18 –Diane Black, Joe Bowling Ministers of Hospitality: Sat. 11/10 – Bruce Kapfhammer, Tom Burns Sun. 11/11 – Gary Kehne, Bill Nall Sat. 11/17 – Bruce Kapfhammer, LaVielle Cecil Sun. 11/18 – Darren Esterle, John Shirley Reminder: Liturgical Ministers are asked to find a substitute when unable to perform your assigned ministry, and to arrive 15 minutes before Mass.

Happy Birthday: 11/11 Earl Rose, IV; 11/12 Kaitlin Culver, Patrick Mouser, Lawson Pund, Samantha Wilson; 11/13 Shirley Bealmear, Janice Richards; 11/16 Ty Levesque; 11/17 Mary Fowler, Samantha Warford; 11/18 Tyler Robinson Month of All Souls: You are encouraged to write the names of your deceased loved ones in our Parish’s Book of the Names of the Dead and to pray for all the faithful departed during the month of November, the month of All Souls. The Catholic Service Appeal – Bringing Christ to Others: Our parish goal of $5,350 has been met with gifts from our members totaling $5355, but there is still a great need. If you have not yet responded with a gift, prayerfully consider doing so today. Envelopes are available in the back of church, or you may make a gift online at Sandy Relief: In the aftermath of the devastating hurricane and post-tropical storm, Sandy, our archdiocesan Catholic Charities agency will be coordinating donations to Catholic Charities USA to help. Consider making a gift and send your donation to: Catholic Charities, ATTN: Sandy Relief, 2911 South Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40208