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Despite being different, Zacky has maintained a strict level of denial, although his inability to digest anything but meat, preferably raw meat, is impossible to hide or deny. His puritanical and violent father controls him with religion and fear, and he leads a quiet, lonely life. After his twenty-first birthday, he starts to lose control of everything he's repressed, especially when he meets Tyler, a man who fascinates and terrifies him. Tyler and his friends force him to realize that he is not only gay but not quite human. Now he can no longer digest anything but blood, and his growing desires for Tyler and for blood conflict with everything he's been taught is right. He fights it, even knowing that he's hurting himself and Tyler in the process, and even when he accepts that he has to leave his home when the time comes for them to move on. Sensuality Rating: SEXTREME Genre: Alternative (M/M or F/F)/Paranormal Length: 88,801 words


Teya Martin


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Zacky shivered at the intensity of the gaze that somehow seemed to lay him bare. His tattoo covered arms were well built and strong. His delicately boned. packed lunch. that he was an English student.PACK TEYA MARTIN Copyright © 2010 Chapter One "That freak is looking over here again. His hair was long and shaggy. He'd seen the other guy around campus. I guess. He was hard to miss. Tyler's wide." Mark pulled a face. Tyler was tall and slim. and that he and his friends had transferred to Zacky's school recently. It wasn't normal to notice . "What's his problem. Zacky gasped and turned his head away quickly. angular face was as pale as Zacky's own. Turn the other cheek. and he continued to stare. his blue eyes dark with disapproval. "That's all he wants. He had a habit of wearing tight. remember?" "Yeah." Zacky said quietly. Annoyed. "They shouldn't let people like that into school." Zacky nodded uneasily. A natural red head. Zacky knew that his name was Tyler." Zacky looked up from his untouched. black clothes that clung and cupped in a way Zacky knew he shouldn't be noticing. man? He keeps staring at us like we're the freaks. he was almost as pale as Zacky. dark with red streaks. though quite muscular. black lines usually rimmed his eyes." "Don't give him the satisfaction of getting a reaction. Dark brown eyes met his. that's all I'm saying. making them seem even more intense. Thick. his freckles stood out against his ridiculously fair skin. glancing surreptitiously at Tyler through his eyelashes. across the cafeteria. following the direction of Mark's disgusted nod. thin mouth curved into a smirk.

He looked different. you know that. especially since he'd noticed Tyler watching him more and more often. Whether this was actually true or not. it became harder to pretend about the same time he'd noticed Tyler watching him. He always had been. "Can I have your apple?" "Huh?" "Earth to Zachariah.a tall. His father dismissed it as superstition. Zacky had tried to blend in. Zach. be normal. accepted." "You study too much. skinny man with spiky black hair. He had managed to suppress. His hair was too black. His whole life. at least to himself. It scared him. he glanced round again. Lately. "No. he'd always been in denial." Mark said. He felt the continuous urge to prove to his family that he wasn't different." . let alone one who had such a bad reputation and who wore make-up of all things. apparently. which was already bad enough. He didn't understand how anybody could flaunt their differences so blatantly. Tyler and his small group of friends were. Of course. “Unnatural. of course not. Feeling a sudden lack of pressure. he'd found it harder to pretend." "About?" "About going to the library later. "Were you looking at the freaks?" "No!" Zacky exclaimed hurriedly. acceptable. Coincidentally. arm in arm with one of his strange friends. and his eyes too green. They never seemed to have any female company. all homosexual. The only problem was that he was different. crossed herself and muttered prayers whenever his mother tried to change her mind." "My father won't accept anything less than perfection. He couldn't help feeling a sense of guilty fascination. but somehow still managed to make Zacky feel guilty and ashamed about the way he looked. flouting acceptance and normality.” his grandmother called him. although Mark had used a much more offensive word to describe them. but they did nothing to repudiate the rumors. I was just thinking. waving a hand in front of Zacky's face. Zacky felt an inexplicable sick feeling in his gut as Tyler walked away. his skin too pale. Zacky had no idea. repress and hide for twenty-one years. She wouldn't have him in her presence.Pack 9 things like that on a guy.

trying not to think about anything other than theology and his thesis or he'd have trouble concentrating at the service. He dropped his books on the bed and shed his coat before heading into the adjoining bathroom to wash his hands and face. to church or school. boy.. and quiet. Shaking his head. As he passed a large mausoleum. where his mother was cooking and humming cheerfully.. as he crossed the park and headed through the local cemetery. but for some reason. he thought he heard a noise. He pulled his jacket tighter round his body. putting on a tie before going back upstairs to help his mother set the table." his father said. like someone shifting their feet behind him. never going farther than a few streets away." She turned and held out her hands. listening carefully." Zacky said softly." Nodding. he went downstairs to his room in the basement." Zacky stood and plunked his apple in front of his oldest friend. and his heart started to pound. dear." "Maybe one day. studying hard. "Enjoy. breathing deeply to try and slow his heart rate.10 Teya Martin "You know what they say about all work and no play. A faint chill in the air made him shiver. "Go get washed up. He'd obviously been imagining things. Mom. he let himself into his house and headed to the kitchen. Down the street from the cemetery. "You look nice. easy. His shortcut home was normally quick. "Thanks. Zach. Even his college was on the other side of the park behind his house. "Hi. ." she said. stalking into the room. dear. He spent his whole life in that house. He froze. nothing felt normal that evening. nothing. Mark. There was a slight scraping sound. Zacky spent several hours in the library. he carried on through the cemetery. He took them and leaned forward to kiss her cheek." **** After class. Mom. I'll see you at service later. staring wide-eyed at." "Flatten your hair. It was dark when he finally left. He went back into his room to change his shirt. That would just get him into trouble. He swung around. "Hello. eyes glancing from side to side.

Zachariah. healthy food that he never seemed able to digest or keep down. His teeth were so sharp that he could easily eat it raw. and quickly brushed his teeth." He sat quietly. Amen. sir. The only thing he could eat without throwing up was meat. Mom." He ran downstairs and straight into the bathroom. "Amen." "Yes. sir." his father said. "Go get ready for service." "Yes." Zacky hurriedly patted down his naturally unruly hair. It would only worry his mother and earn him a beating when she couldn't hide it from his father. folding his hands and waiting for his parents to sit before bowing his head. He ate slowly. With a groan. "For what we are about to receive. Picking up his bible on his way upstairs. He smoothed his hair and put on a jacket. It wasn't that his mother was a bad cook. eat something. He learned at a very early age to hide the fact that he threw up most of what he ate. breathing deeply to control his nausea. At the end of the meal.Pack 11 "Yes. may the Lord make us truly thankful. ." "Okay. He just couldn't stomach most of what she made. he watched his parents serve themselves and start eating. sir. He felt his stomach roil and protest with every bite. Waiting again. Don't insult your mother. "Well. the rarer the better. "Sit down." he said. She cooked from scratch." Zacky murmured along with his mother. chewing methodically and forcing himself to swallow. reluctantly spooning food onto his plate. he cleaned up and washed the dishes. he rejoined his parents. he forced himself to his feet. dear. dropping to his knees and heaving silently into the toilet until his stomach was empty. spat into the sink.

He couldn't control it any longer. that he could hear the rush of blood through everyone's veins. and he wanted to know who the shapes belonged to. For a moment. Ever since he could remember he had felt these sensations. and it was getting harder to control as he got older." "He's mine. "Matt. and falling with a gasp. with dark hair shaved almost to his scalp. But as he sniffed the air. Zacky stumbled back. he was starving. Do you understand?" "Stop talking about me like I'm not here. "Stop it. Especially since he'd turned twenty-one only days earlier. "Just get on with it. He hurried home ahead of them. Tyler. he became aware of shapes moving around the large mausoleum. Leaping the wall. he barely took the time to shake the minister's hand and say goodbye to his parents. One of the shapes growled at him. like he should know them. tripping over a tree root. glaring at him. It was always hard to concentrate when he hadn't eaten. Matt stalked forward. deeper inside the cemetery. but one of them called out to him. he strode through the graves to the mausoleum." Zacky said. When the service was over. not sure what he was doing.12 Teya Martin Chapter Two The service was even harder to deal with than usual because he was hungry. he couldn't see anything. and he glanced around. harsh tone of his own voice. They somehow smelled familiar. another small noise startled him. On his way past the cemetery. He detected four distinct scents." One of the shapes straightened and approached him. or why he wasn't as scared as he probably should have been. Matt was taller and bigger than Tyler. He flinched. His gold-green eyes were dark and . shocked by the gravelly. He started to imagine that he could smell meat and blood. One of them filled him with a lust for more than food. Matt. No one touches him. claiming he had to study." Tyler said warningly.

" Zacky said defiantly. gasping and shaking his head. Zacky breathed in sharply. "Feed. was covered with tattoos. "I'm not going to hurt you." "What?" "Zacky. "Because I don't want to. . "You just don't know it yet.Pack 13 angry. "No. lifting his wrist to his mouth. “You need this." "Why not?" Tyler looked surprised. He growled. he leaned forward slowly." "No. He." "It's not wrong. Zacky felt like he could breathe again. "You're hungry. Tyler's smile softened and saddened." "I'm not yours. no." Zacky flinched away from the touch that seemed far too hot and burned his skin. you must. the lust he felt confusing him." Tyler said. Finally. tearing through his skin with teeth as sharp as his own. it's wrong." "Zacky. "It's just you. Matt nodded and backed down. Blood spurted. and he reared back. eyes glued to the blood dripping from Tyler's wrist. who stared back at his friend steadily. He snarled at Tyler. mouth twisted with annoyance. I can't. too. Licking his lips. and his lip was pierced with a small ring. tattooed man crouched in front of him and reached out. coppery smell started to overwhelm him with hunger. rearing back as the tall. Come here. "Yes you are. staring in confusion. hunger tearing through his gut." Tyler smiled at him and touched Zacky's thigh." Tyler yanked him forward. "It's wrong. "I know the signs. aren't you?" "How did you know?" Zacky whispered. come here. He heard Tyler calling after him and he shivered." Tyler whispered. As his mouth watered." He watched with a dream like sense of horror as Tyler knelt back. The word snapped Zacky out of his daze." Zacky ran home as fast as he could." He scrambled to his feet and started to back away. his groin tightened. and Zacky's heart started beating so fast he thought it might burst. Tyler turned to him and approached slowly. and the sweet.

If he lost it. went into his room. ." After a desperate prayer. No one had ever made him feel like that before. What if Tyler and his friends were still there? Tapping his knee for a moment. years before. "God. He had to go and find his Bible. He brushed his teeth. There was obviously something very wrong with him. Determinedly eating through his entire supply of raw meat. and he just wasn't natural. He was hungry. It was still dark. and that in itself was terrifying. stripped. all he wanted was to go back. he sighed resignedly. what in heck was he going to do? He needed guidance. **** He woke up with the taste of cow's blood in his mouth and gagged. and checked the time. The smell of Tyler's blood had been so good. The meat was barely making a dent in the hunger that the scent of blood had precipitated. leaning back and wiping his mouth. Sitting on his bed. he stared at all the empty packages. he suddenly realized that he'd left his Bible in the cemetery. No one could possibly understand. If he couldn't stomach meat anymore. He was obviously sick. scrabbling under the bed where. Yanking out a steak. "Help me. At four o'clock in the morning. he leaned over the toilet just in time to throw up meat and blood. even though it made him feel a little ill. he forced himself to his feet. Crawling across the floor to the bathroom. his father would beat him." he whispered. he prayed for help. Maybe his grandmother was right. please.14 Teya Martin He stumbled down to his room. he'd hidden a mini-fridge to store meat. He shivered at the thought of going back. he tore open the packaging and ate ravenously. so he wrapped a towel around his waist. but there was no one he could turn to. Cold sweat trickled down his temples and tears burned his eyes with every helpless retch. What was going on? What was he that he wanted to taste another man's blood? What was Tyler that he would offer it? Why did the thought turn him on so very badly? He barely even thought of himself as sexual. and showered. How could they when he had never understood? To make things worse. he wasn't tired.

Pack 15 He got dressed. The beam of his torch hit Tyler square in the face." He bit his wrist open again. "And my name is Zachariah." Tyler said with a smile. I bet you convinced yourself you came back for this." Tyler said. knowing he was breaking his father's rules. and he swung around. It felt oddly good. He wasn't scared exactly. clicking on the flashlight to see where he was going. grabbed a flashlight and slipped out through the basement window. shifting awkwardly. There was a thud behind him. He could hear the blood flowing in Tyler's veins. He groaned quietly. The memory made his stomach growl. moving toward where he'd fallen. Tyler's scent filled his nostrils. knocking . Zacky lowered the beam. Reaching the large mausoleum. Zacky shivered with lust. huh?" "I did. "Zacky. He'd never used it to sneak out at night before. He threw himself at Tyler. Why and how would the other man know that? "What?" Zacky whispered." "Sure you did." he snapped far too quickly." Tyler said." "The name you were given. and the smell of blood slammed need through Zacky like a whirlwind. "Why are you resisting me?" Tyler said softly. but he was definitely nervous. taking two steps forward. He'd be punished if he was caught. somehow. making his cock harden in his pants. but that's not the name you call yourself. Zacky stared in confusion." "Can I have it back?" "That depends now. "So. and he was scared. maybe. You're mine. "Come to me. his voice like silk. lifting his hand in front of his face and squinting. Zacky. watch it. He was so hungry. "Looking for me?" "No. and his groin tightened. He padded down the street and slipped into the cemetery. He'd never needed to. He realized what he was doing and stopped abruptly. Tyler held up the Bible. doesn't it?" Zacky frowned cautiously. "On what?" "Come closer. he cast around for his Bible. where Tyler had offered him blood. but he was doing it anyway.

unadulterated pleasure bloomed inside his chest. "Oh fuck yes. and ran home as fast as he could. "Zacky." Zacky whispered. "Do it." Tyler said. wait. Tyler grabbed Zacky's belt with his free hand and hauled Zacky on top of him. shuddering with release. He seemed so oddly distraught that Zacky almost paused." Tyler sat up and reached out for him." Zacky scrambled back. Tyler rocked under him. he got into the shower and scrubbed himself raw until tiredness overwhelmed him. What was he? Stripping quickly. He clamped his mouth over the wound." Tyler whispered again. baby. coming harder than he ever had in his life. The terrible sense of guilt and horror grew at the sight of his blood smeared lips." With a whimper. Grabbing his Bible. desperately trying to hold onto normality. Tyler jerked up against him. until he suddenly heard howls fill the air. but he couldn't. leaned against the sink. "You're mine. Diving into the basement. licking his skin gently. He wasn't remotely hungry. licking and sucking desperately as he rocked his hardened. Feed from me. and pulled on pajama . warm blood. reaching up with his other hand to stroke Zacky's cheek. his hips jerked harder and faster. He'd never tasted anything so good. "Yes." As Zacky swallowed the sweet. Grunting and sucking hard at his wrist. horror overwhelming him. Letting go of Tyler's wrist. he locked the window tightly." "It's wrong. baby. Pure. "You need it. ran into the bathroom. oh no. grabbing his other arm and lifting his wrist to his mouth. Zacky tipped his head back and howled." he whispered. he quickly got to his feet and started to back away. and pain shot through his body. pushing him over the edge. He panicked. pleasure building till it was unbearable. His stomach was settled. "Not for us. Zacky lifted Tyler's wrist to his mouth and licked up the slow trickle of blood. aching cock against the other man's groin.16 Teya Martin him to the ground and grabbing his wrist. suck me hard. He wanted to throw up. Teeth tore into his skin. never felt anything so amazing. need consuming him. panting and groaning." Tyler groaned. dried off. He got out. "Oh yes. Laughing. What had he done? "No. and stared into the mirror.

even his mother commented on how subdued he was. It was a cloudy day. He slid under his covers and clung to his Bible. but the next morning." he gasped in relief." He picked up his books and wrapped his arms around them tightly.." "What kind of issues?" "It. and they started to walk again. His stomach recoiled.. "Eat some breakfast. "Thank you. and he spun around.Pack 17 pants." He stared at his best friend for a long moment. "Whoa. "Goodbye. He needed their solidity to feel real. trying to gain comfort from the tome somehow. really. aren't you?" "Yeah." He stood and bent to kiss her cheek. Everything seemed bigger. louder and more colorful somehow. thank you." "All right. "That would be nice Mark. but he wasn't hungry.. It's nothing. Mom. He was always hungry." "You're welcome. Thought you might like some company." "Mark. sweetheart. There was a soft noise behind him. All he could think about were the lack of bite marks on his wrist. unsure if he wanted company. holding out a hand defensively. "Who did you think it was?" "I don't know. putting a plate in front of him. I really need to go to the library before class. and Zacky sighed. Mom. Don't be late for dinner.. "Just having some issues. it's only me. It's the most important meal of the day." he said softly. Zach. dear. unwilling to lie to his oldest friend. brighter. **** He was always quiet. but I'm not hungry. Had he healed. but I figured you'd be up." "I won't. You okay?" "I." He paused. "You ran home pretty quick after service last night. He stared until Mark started to look hurt. but he still needed to squint as he walked down the street." Mark grinned." his mother said." . It was freaking him out. "You're up early. or had it all been some insane dream? He wanted to believe that.

elbowing him with a small leer. freak alert. She took dedication to the Lord to a level that even Zacky found scary." Mark shook his head. Come keep me company in the cafeteria.." he whispered in Zacky's ear." "Okay. all you ever do is study or go to church. Zacky. still?" "Yeah. You know that. You need a girlfriend. What had happened the night before was wrong and could never happen again. pointing behind him. I worry that you work too hard. "It is a girl. he's actually coming over. I'm not allowed a girlfriend. Mark was so used to Zacky not eating that he never questioned it." he said truthfully. Never." "There's no girl. sitting with him after Mark got some bacon and pancakes. he turned away quickly. They want me to marry Ruth. that's all. "No. . come on." Mark groaned. "What do you mean. biting back a groan." Tensing defensively. at least she's hot. wincing at his hurried denial and his friend's raised eyebrows. He met brown eyes and watched thin lips curl into a smile. Ruth was their age and went to their church." Mark sighed. "Oh man. "Hi. "I need some breakfast. cringing at the reality." Mark said. "Besides. isn't it?" Mark crowed. "If you say so. "Well. "Oh man. and lust.. She was nice enough. that's a relief. They were the same lips that had pressed to his wrist and sucked on his blood the night before." "Yeah. almost resting his chin on Zacky's shoulder. Shivering with a mixture of guilt. "You're twenty-one now. Surely they want you to settle down. horror. I know. and he looked around before he could stop himself." Mark whispered. It's just." "Ugh. but they had nothing in common except church." "They do.18 Teya Martin "Girl issues?" Mark asked with a little smirk. Tyler's scent filled Zacky's senses. get married. "Man. "Don't encourage them." Zacky followed his friend across the campus to the student cafeteria." Tyler stopped behind them and bent over. Zacky stopped and stared at his friend. ' relief'?" "Zach." Zacky snapped." Zacky shrugged.

"No!" He shook his head violently. over to his friends who were all watching. freak. He really didn't want to lie." he said with a low chuckle. "What." Mark blinked at him. "No. "Were you hanging out with the freaks?" Mark exclaimed.. I must have dropped it. He'd forgotten it in his hurry to get away from the cemetery." he said with a shrug. I ran into them. "the heck?" Zacky stared at the flashlight in horror. that's all." Mark said with a sneer of disgust. "Are you sure there's no girl?" . "You left the house? At night?" Mark gasped and grinned." "Ran into them where? When?" "I went for a walk last night. get lost. putting his flashlight between him and Mark. I.. Tyler ignored him and moved to the side of the table. and now there was no denying what had happened. He turned and walked away. The tall. skinny one laughed manically. "You forgot this last night.Pack 19 "Hey.

What did he do? He couldn't eat anything anymore. baring his teeth. and while he'd been hungry the day after drinking Tyler's blood. with it. and he screamed. He'd managed to avoid Tyler since he'd returned the flashlight. Tyler dived in. solid and hot. and he was getting desperate. The body above him jerked harder against him. meeting Tyler's dark brown gaze with a gasp. Somehow he knew that Tyler was watching him. Dreams filled with blood and sex came every night. he didn't want to. Zacky opened his eyes. It seemed like every time he closed his eyes. Always watching him. shivering with need. **** Hazy pleasure filled his body. Especially as his friends and family smelled of blood. It had been a week since the night in the cemetery. He didn't struggle. A strong body. The hard length of an erection was digging into his hip and soft. he saw that smile. he managed to leave quickly again. biting down on Zacky's neck. After a terrible church service. to feed. moist lips moved over his neck. pinned him down. Warmth and lust slowly took him over. **** . and he was reluctant to sleep. Closing his eyes. he tried to force himself to relax and get some sleep. lifting up from his chest. He wanted to come and. it seemed to have given him more control." Tyler growled. He got straight into bed.20 Teya Martin Chapter Three Zacky was unbearably hungry again. He ran past the cemetery to try and get home before he could give into temptation and find Tyler. but Zacky hadn't been able to avoid thinking about him. "Mine. Pain shot through him.

" Tyler snapped. let's go hunt. don't. "Go away. approaching slowly. every sense filled with Tyler's presence. spinning around and pushing him against the mausoleum. remember?" Zacky groaned quietly. "Tyler. "Johnny. walking silently to the cemetery. baby. and his cock twitched with lust. more powerful than anything he'd ever felt before. He grabbed Tyler." Tyler reached him and touched Zacky's arm. The hunger was too strong and overwhelmed him. taking him to his breaking point. gesturing at his friends. He didn't want to be there. "He's strong. It was painful. "I need you gone. didn't want to need what Tyler could give him. he got dressed and climbed out the window. almost hating himself for sounding so plaintive. arching his body against Zacky's. His fingers itched with the need to reach out. Ty. but he couldn't help it. pudgy." Tyler said with a gasp. "Oh yeah. fuck off. knees weakening." Tyler said firmly. His eyes locked on Tyler's face." The other three men left. he couldn't stand it any longer. Before he could even jump the wall. "Matt." "But you-" "I can wait. over to the mausoleum. just get on with it." Tyler said firmly." "Hey!" The short. "Guys." "It'll take as long as it needs to. . shivering as sweat trickled down his neck and back. a strong hand grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. He struggled helplessly until he was slammed against the large tomb. Lust curled in his belly. Need pulsed through his veins. "This is taking too long." Tyler whispered. glaring at Tyler." Matt snarled. That's a good thing. He was disgusted with himself. and Zacky couldn't control himself any longer." Zacky whispered.Pack 21 Bolting upright. Matt. Shaking with fear and lust. "For fuck's sake. Almost in a trance. He could barely focus on what they were saying. His need grew desperate. and hauled him into the cemetery. looked offended. He was desperate. "Easy. Jimmy. Zacky gasped for breath. and Zacky shuddered. pretty blond Zacky recognized as Johnny. Electricity streaked through him." Matt snarled. "Fine.

" Zacky breathed. his lover's hips thrusting faster against him until Tyler froze with a sudden whimper. A gentle hand cupped the back of Zacky's head and pulled him to Tyler's neck where the scent of blood overwhelmed him again. Heat and tension built quickly in Zacky's groin as Tyler bent his head. arching into him. moaning at the feel of Tyler's pulse under his tongue." Zacky whispered. A solid erection pressed against Zacky's. making him gag until the sweet flavor hit his tongue. "Shh. Zacky felt Tyler's lips parting over his neck and the other man bit down." he sighed. The thick slide of blood down his throat felt and tasted so good. "Harder. opening his mouth wider and biting down." "God forgive me." Tyler grunted. "Get off me. "Just bite me already. He heard Tyler moan against his neck." Zacky lifted his head with a gasp. The pain was agonizing. rocking harder and faster. rubbing quick and hard. nuzzling Zacky's neck and licking his skin. jerking helplessly. shoving Tyler. that pleasure swept through Zacky's body until he felt like he was going to explode. Disgust and horror were returning full force now that his hunger had been slaked. "Let me get my breath back." Tyler's eyes flashed at him. "I'm not yours. He leaned in to lick the sweet. baby. Thrusting helplessly. "No." Tyler whispered against his skin. ." Tyler groaned. screaming as he came. back rigid.22 Teya Martin "Shut up. leaning heavily against Zacky. "I said shut up. "Oh fuck. so tempting. The pulse of blood was so close. self-loathing and horror starting to take over again. pinning him to the wall and inhaling deeply. pressing Zacky against the wall. salty sweat from the other man's neck. Zacky sucked hard." Zacky whispered." "Get off me!" he snapped. He dropped his head back. shooting through every nerve of Zacky's body." Zacky whispered. it made his mouth water. Blood spurted into his mouth. and he spun them around. his fingers clenching Zacky's hips. hot and thick. "Fuck." Tyler gasped. "Whatever you say. licking his lips and swallowing hard. and he swallowed eagerly. turning his head away. hips pumping. gripping Zacky's hips and yanking him hard against his body. tearing his skin.

"Lead us not into temptation." he muttered over and over. dressed slowly. It wasn't natural. Tyler glared. it is for us. starting to back away. He couldn't let it happen again. Zacky got up. Zacky turned and started to walk away.Pack 23 "What the fuck is your problem?" Tyler glared and looked almost hurt. didn't want to risk seeing Tyler or his friends. wait. Maybe he could hide in the library. It couldn't happen again. then that's exactly what you are. eyes narrowing. Zacky didn't reply. "Yeah. "I'm not like you. He wasn't like that." Zacky shook his head. normal." he whispered. . expression softening. and walked upstairs lost in thought. "You have to ask?" Zacky gasped. He couldn't be." Stiffening and yanking back. and you know it. He sat at the kitchen table. You've never been normal. "So why did you come back?" Shaking his head. and Zacky would get punished. He ran home as fast as he could. He needed to scrub away all evidence of that night. his father would hear about it. but what choice did he have? If he missed a lecture. until he was red raw. "Zacky. He needed a shower. "How can you act like this is normal?" "Because. "If that's what you think I am. stripping his clothes as he crossed the room." Tyler said. or right." Tyler held out a hand. I do. You're just like us." Flinching. don't go. He would just have to try and find something else he could eat. that he'd drunk blood. He washed his already healed skin." "That makes me a freak. That he'd done it with a man. once again. acknowledging his parents with a polite nod. not looking around. so he could resist temptation. "I don't want this." Zacky paused mid step. "Yes you are. gesturing at his neck. **** Waking up not hungry was a guilty relief. He climbed back into his room and locked the window carefully. He didn't want to go to school. that he'd come.

24 Teya Martin "Are you listening to me. At the entrance to the cemetery he paused. "What?" Zacky whispered. "You need it. "I won't be back. I don't need it. “Your control won't last as long this time. "I don't want it. "My blood won't help you stave off hunger for as long this time.” Tyler said. The heat of . "Well? Get to school." He grabbed his books and walked slowly down the street. Why would he be? He was not going to let a couple of lapses of control affect his life." "No I don't!" Zacky yelled. and he wasn't gay. and he turned to face Tyler who hovered at the edge of the cemetery. making his heart stutter and his groin twinge. sniffing the air instinctively. Zacky quickly quashed a surprising wave of disappointment. he stepped into the cemetery and hurried down the path to the park. Zacky gasped and struggled." "Yes. He was not disappointed that he didn't see Tyler. When he didn't catch the scent of Tyler or Tyler's friends." He wouldn't turn around. Taking a deep breath. His feet overrode his brain. grabbing Zacky's arm and yanking him against his body. It lasted until a noise behind him made him freeze." he breathed fearfully. boy?" His father smacked him hard on the back of the head and glared. It wasn't natural. spinning around to glare at him. "Zacky." "Don't bother. and I don't need you. sir." Zacky said. A sense of foreboding gave him the feeling of being watched. He couldn't be. He would not. An arm slid around his waist. How could he have allowed himself to get so distracted around his father? That could get him into serious trouble. I just wanted to warn you and tell you I'll be waiting. and pulled him close. "Yes. he hit the park with a sigh of relief. his dark brown eyes soft and sad. Despite being empty. as though trapped within it. but the other man was too strong. sir. Tyler strode forward. Speeding up. the graveyard felt strangely oppressive. finally managing to turn away." Tyler said quietly. and the very scent he'd searched for hit his nostrils." Tyler's brown eyes widened with hurt for a split second before darkening angrily." "Yes you will.

He wasn't hungry. but he couldn't control or stop himself. Kissing Zacky back for only a second. Zacky couldn't take it any longer. and he whimpered. Wrenching his pants open. Tyler shoved him away abruptly. back arching helplessly to press his hardening cock against his zipper. It was so similar to the taste of Tyler's blood that Zacky's craving started to grow unbearable. you'd better crawl to me on your hands and knees. He stroked hot. stroking his bare skin. turning and starting to walk away. but no matter how much he tried to deny and repress it." "I won't be coming back. Every nerve moved him to lean up and press his lips to that teasing mouth. Desire pulsed through Zacky's body. "You keep telling yourself that. He had rarely felt the desire to touch himself. Zacky forced them down and wrapped a hand around his shaft. He licked his lips harder to try and taste more." Shaking with anger and confusion." Zacky gasped. "You stay away from me. lips curling into a cruel smirk. "Tell me again how you don't want it. The taste of Tyler exploded on his tongue. But as Tyler gently inserted a thumb under his shirt. and . speeding up to get away as quickly as possible. Slowly." "You son of a. fuck you. panting for breath as pleasure curled down his spine and settled deep in his groin. he did want Tyler. and had been far too conscious of sin to give in to the desire. and Zacky bit back a groan as his mouth watered." Zacky shouted over his shoulder. and tight. "Yeah? Well. mouth hovering tantalizingly close. He'd never had feelings like this before. warm breath brushing Zacky's skin. and fast. Shock. Tyler bent his head. The fact that he was doing it in a public bathroom just made him feel worse." "I'm not the one who came looking. he parted his lips and slipped the tip of his tongue over his top lip.Pack 25 Tyler's body felt good." Tyler snapped. leaning against the wall and breathing deeply to try and calm down. even in his own room. His muscles ached as he fought his impulses and tried desperately to stay still. When you come back. "I hate you. He locked himself in a stall. hurt and a continuing desire to kiss Tyler confused him. His balls tightened. and his groin tightened in spite of himself. Zacky ran to the campus and straight to the nearest restroom." Zacky yelled.

he wished Tyler really had kissed him. He cleaned up quickly and flushed the tissue away. Squeezing his eyes shut against a surge of nausea and self-disgust. It made him look like he'd been kissed and. He caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror and gasped. doing his pants up before leaving the stall to wash his hands. What had Tyler done to him? Why was he losing control of everything he'd kept buried for years? What was he? . he wished he had been. shockingly. and the light pink flush of his cheeks somehow made his skin look more translucent and porcelain. No matter how wrong it was. His eyes seemed even brighter than usual. He couldn't bear to look at himself. His bottom lip was reddened and a little swollen from biting it.26 Teya Martin he bit back a groan as he exploded into orgasm. how bad and dirty it made him feel. shooting hard over his hand and onto the floor. he sniffed back tears.

" . I mean no. I. the day after feeding from the other man. Are you nuts?" "No! I mean.. "You just picked up ostrich steaks. "What's complicated. He seemed to be losing his grip far too quickly. He grabbed a basket and started filling it with meat—as many different kinds as he could find—trying to ignore the scent and pulse of blood all around him from the other customers." He sighed and shrugged. but he refused to risk contaminating his family and friends. he forced himself to walk the other way to the store. you having a barbeque or something?" He jumped.. He'd awakened even hungrier than before. No matter how much he fought. "It's not that I'm not. I'm glad.. He couldn't risk losing control around them.. "Hey. Things are a bit complicated right now. "Mark!" "That's me. Not that Zacky had any idea what was really happening either. He was desperate and needed to find some other way to feed himself. without even realizing it." "Mark.. After finding himself wandering toward the cemetery yet again. barely holding back a screech of surprise. for several days after seeing Tyler.Pack 27 Chapter Four Zacky had avoided everyone. Zach? Why aren't you talking to me?" Mark followed him as he continued along the meat aisle. He knew Mark was concerned and a little hurt. particularly his family and Mark. Mark would never suspect what was really happening. man?" "I just. he'd been heading toward the cemetery.. You remember." "Where you been. He would not go to Tyler. far too often." He turned and picked up another pack of meat. but at least his friend thought it was something to do with a girl. Zach. Just feeling. He could not.

he dropped the basket. . Mark reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. I don't even know what. Tyler smacked him. trying not to sound desperate." he started. lightheaded with hunger. He'd nearly.. not even close to how amazing Tyler's blood smelled but enough to make him sway. Inside a dorm building. He was just so hungry." "You said you'd be waiting for me." Tyler snarled. Mark. There was no one there.28 Teya Martin Mark raised an eyebrow at him. horror swelling and tightening in his chest and throat.. glaring at him. you're right. "Tyler. but I can't." Zacky sighed.. When he found it. I'm not talking to you. and I'm sorry. He knocked hurriedly. Rearing back. and he bit back a howl of frustration." "I thought you weren't coming back. he loped down a corridor. Zacky hit the wall hard and slumped to the floor. not hearing the clatter it made. "You don't get to come here just take from me. "I want to. snatching his hand back. seeing his friend's hurt expression. "You don't get to do this. The sudden heat made his hunger flare." he breathed. He could hear his friend's heartbeat and the sound of blood. "Zach? What's wrong with you?" Mark gasped. desperately. sniffing the air for a trace of Tyler's scent. Zacky suddenly realized he was growling low in his throat. gasping in pain. following the strengthening scent to a door. The smell was sweet and strong. Not after saying that you hate me and that you don't need me. pulsing thickly through the veins in Mark's wrist and arm. "Hey! Zacky. he grabbed Tyler. turning and pelting out the store towards the cemetery. so he didn't attack any of the students he ran past." Stopping again. but what other choice did he have? He'd come so close to attacking his best friend in the middle of a store.. sending him flying across the room. he followed it back towards campus. almost falling into the room when Tyler opened the door. heading for the dorms and somehow maintaining his control." "Tyler!" Zacky started toward Tyler again. hey!" Tyler shoved him back. and pushed him back toward the bed. "I have to go. "Okay. Slamming it shut. He didn't want to give in. He'd almost. he dropped his chin to his chest.

and his blood. "You are mine. "Come here. I don't want to hurt you. taking Zacky's hand and drawing him to his feet." Zacky gasped as Tyler crouched next to him. Tears of shame. sliding a finger up Zacky's rapidly hardening shaft and making him shudder. Now he had to admit he was weak? Tyler sat on the bed. desperation. Zacky." "Why are you doing this?" Zacky whispered." Tyler said softly. He could taste the tang of his sweat in the air. watching long. It was bad enough he was there at all. and sat next to him. unbuttoning Zacky's shirt before tugging off his own t-shirt." he whispered. Somehow. "You're mine. I-" "You need me." "Tyler. "Please. but what you fail to realize-” Tyler stopped and knelt on the bed. Zacky. He could smell Tyler." Tyler said softly." "Tyler." "Stop saying that. slender fingers unzipping and tugging his pants open.Pack 29 "You waited too long. pricked his eyes. Zacky looked up again. "What are you doing?" Zacky whispered." Swallowing back bitter resentment and pain. long and hard. pushing him gently back onto the bed. lust. "Giving you what you need. "Say it." Dropping his gaze in humiliation." "Say please. Tyler's cock jutted out. and he wanted it all despite the guilt and selfloathing. . Zacky nodded." "Shut up." "No!" "Do it. his musk and arousal. "Fuck. Zacky couldn't quite resist reaching out to touch." Tyler snapped. and you can have what you need. and most horrible of all. pulling Zacky's pants and underwear down his legs before unbuttoning his own pants and shoving them down his thighs. "You're right." Tyler whispered." "Fuck!" Tyler suddenly jumped to his feet. only a little reluctantly." he begged. "You said you didn't want to hurt me. "Crawl to me on your hands and knees. don't. "I need you. Smell his body. He followed Tyler to the bed.

Tyler's skin felt silky soft under his fingertips. Zacky dropped his other hand onto his lap. eyelids fluttering as his hips jerked. "Yes. I need you. "You said. and so very wrong. Tyler glared at him. Control went out of the window. need slamming into his gut. Catching Tyler's wrist and clamping it to his mouth. The slide of a hard cock against his own was amazing.30 Teya Martin "Ah Zacky. "What were you going to say?" Zacky asked softly. making his cock jerk. Tyler tore his wrist open with his teeth and held it out. "Fuck you." Zacky whispered. and not just for blood." Tyler whispered. Heady pleasure swept through him. legs lifting to wrap around Tyler's hips and drag him down. Bite me. Zacky sucked on his lover's blood. tongue lapping over his pulse point. Tyler yanked himself back with a growl. bucking harder against Zacky as pre-cum eased the slide of their dicks against each other. He was so hungry. shoving his erection back in his pants and zipping up. urgently lifting his head. Don't fucking play games with me. "Tyler. shock tempering his need enough to realize that Tyler was hurt. He arched up helplessly and moaned." "Say please. and Zacky shuddered. he nipped at the other man's skin. fisting his shaft . Zacky. 'what you fail to realize'. and Zacky lunged forward. Tyler's mouth opened against his neck. Fuck you. He thrust up harder. and Zacky gasped. I can't risk that happening again." Zacky blinked. His lips were warm and moist. and Zacky couldn't help rubbing up against the other man. turning away. What do I fail to realize?" "Nothing." Tyler groaned. and good. Zacky reached for Tyler and swallowed his shame. Please? I nearly attacked my best friend. licking hard with a moan. You came to me because you need me." Tyler snapped. Zacky shuddered. It was hot. Sitting up. that he almost didn't care anymore." Tyler turned back but didn't meet Zacky's gaze. "What?" "You heard me. "Fuck!" Tyler gasped." "Fine. What was he doing? Tyler crawled over and dipped down to kiss Zacky's neck. Burying his face in the crook of Tyler's neck. hunger building with his lust.

The pulse of blood flowed into his mouth. sucking it into the heat of his mouth. covering his face with his arms. Zacky held out his wrist in front of the other man's mouth. Tyler licked a stripe down Zacky's groin and bit down on the soft flesh of his inner thigh." Tyler lifted his head. and he arched up with a scream. His orgasm was almost shocking in its intensity as he bucked and came all over Tyler's hand. to reach farther and take Tyler's cock into his hand. Zacky shuddered. tearing through the skin and sucking hard. Dropping his head back. Somehow the lack of physical contact with Tyler made him feel almost as bad as what had driven him there in the first place. He had a sudden urge to stroke long. he knelt between Zacky's legs. "Tyler. he bit his lip and looked away. The pain ripped through Zacky's body. swirling and licking hard. but he couldn't help loving the taste. "Please!" Grinning. he reached out to touch Tyler's shoulder. He was too close to the edge and too needy to object. tapping gently. Eyes widening in confusion and question. removing his mouth from Zacky's cock with a noisy slurp." Zacky groaned. Zacky moaned. It wasn't right. Then. Zacky whimpered against the flesh in his mouth and arched up in a silent plea. trying not to thrust too deeply. "Say please.Pack 31 and stroking as he passed his tongue over ragged flesh. Looking down. Tyler held his gaze for a seemingly interminable moment. Tyler licked up the length of Zacky's shaft and over the head. "What?" Tyler sighed. stroking himself quickly as he sucked harder on Zacky's thigh. he licked his lips and groaned." Meeting Tyler's darkened brown eyes. rocking his hips. Lifting his hand from his groin. craving it desperately. lowering his head until hot breath caressed the sensitive skin of Zacky's erection. dark hair. Spine tingling pleasure started to overwhelm Zacky. wet suction on his dick as Tyler's tongue slid up and down. bite me. Tyler replaced his mouth with his hand. Murmuring quietly. Tyler dropped his cum-covered hand into his own lap. and moving faster as he was driven to the brink of ecstasy. . fist twisting up and down the length. Instead. Zacky watched as Tyler forced a smile. He'd never felt anything like the hot. "You got what you wanted.

Tyler slumped on top of Zacky and panted for breath. "No. a freak. licking delicately. grasping Zacky's chin. Afterwards.” Tyler said softly." he whispered wonderingly." Tyler's fingers dug into Zacky's face. "No!" Tyler shouted. Tyler froze and shuddered. tongue pushing at his lips until he parted them with a moan. Tyler's tongue flicked out over Zacky's skin and it made him shiver. We are not. "You are not. he grabbed a pack of wipes from his bedside table. staring wide-eyed at the man holding him down. made him feel ill." He cried out. "What am I?" Zacky whispered. he pulled his jeans back up. Tyler's kiss gentled suddenly.32 Teya Martin Sucking and grunting noisily. You're like me. It's not right. Zacky didn't struggle. and his lips moved slowly. "You do know. starting to struggle hard and feeling hysterical." "I'm nothing like you. "I'm sick. "You're like me. He couldn't even bring himself to cover up his shameful nakedness." Zacky shook his head. Tyler jerked against him. . Suddenly. His mouth crashed into Zacky's painfully hard. wet heat splattering Zacky's leg." Zacky laughed hysterically. Tyler shifted to sit on the edge of the bed next to Zacky's chest. conflicted. "I know what it's like you know. cleaning them both off gently. crying out softly against Zacky's skin." Zacky gasped." Zacky said. "No. deep brown eyes. “Being alone. His disgust and hatred. Every so often. Scared. He was too confused. "I told you. are you?" Tyler leaned over him and pinned his arms to the bed. Tyler lunged at him. but stared up into the other man's beautiful. and sucking on his bottom lip until Zacky was gasping and needy all over again. tongue sliding between Zacky's lips. "It's not right!" "Just shut up. you're not." Zacky said with very little fight." "I'm unnatural. Leaning over. Hungry? We all know what it's like." Zacky whispered. combined with his shame and insecurities. twining their tongues. "You're not like anyone else though. Tyler cupped Zacky's cheek and kissed him harder again. and full of self-loathing.

tattooed arm shot out to keep the door shut. Matt spun around to face Tyler. He pushed Tyler aside. shielding him from Matt's penetrating sneer. "Why do you think? He needed me. "Oh." Zacky snapped automatically. we need to talk. "I tracked him I guess. heading for the door. Ty." He stared at Tyler in shock. and we need to talk about it." Tyler snapped." "He is mine." Zacky snapped. What were you expecting? Post-coital kisses and cuddles from him?" "Enough." "See." Tyler whispered. "You can't. "Where are you going?" Tyler asked. "What?" "You can't keep doing this. Matt. I told you. despite the doubt that was starting to settle in his mind. Matt stalked across the room and towered over the bed. He's strong. "Who said you could interfere?" Tyler yelled. "How did you find him?" Matt asked. I'm reminding you what needs to be done. come on. "Are you challenging me?" Matt spat. baring his teeth as he took a step closer to Tyler. Panic. isn't this all candy and roses?" A menacing voice interrupted them. "And you brought him to the fucking dorm? Do you want us to get caught?" "He found me. standing up to shove his feet back into his shoes. . It is not your place. looking furious. nausea. his expression frozen. and a sense of fear filled Zacky as he scrabbled for his clothes and dressed hurriedly. "Who said you could leave?" Matt growled. "What do you want. Tyler broke the kiss with a sigh and twisted to sit in front of Zacky." "I'm not yours. Matt?" "Why the fuck is he here?" Matt asked.Pack 33 "Well. muscular. "I can't keep doing this. glaring at Matt." Zacky sighed. Matt! Zacky." Tyler replied." "No. making him shiver and quickly button his shirt." "There's nothing to talk about. trying to find the right word. "He's mine." Matt's glare found Zacky. "I'm not interfering. A large. Zacky blinked." Tyler smiled brightly." "Maybe I don't want to talk about it.

leave him be. baring his teeth." Zacky said.34 Teya Martin "No. "What's 'pack'?" Zacky repeated. "Matt exerting his dominance." The thought made Zacky want to snort with amusement. or I will." Matt yelled. Zacky. cub. it's not me. The noise resounded loudly around the room. Is he?" Tyler glanced at him. I'm dealing with it." Zacky whispered." "Why?" “I lost my pack. "You'd better." "Whatever you think I am. letting go of his arms." Matt said." "I don't want you. "I'm not your family. managing not to flinch from the big man's glare. "Not just my family. my pack. we have to find our family." "But they're not your real family. lashing out a fist and smashing it into the wall. but he couldn't. and he raised an eyebrow. peering at Matt from over Tyler's shoulder. you do. "I already have a family. torn between the desire to stay and find out what was going on. "What was that?" Zacky asked." "And I keep telling you. "Technically no. "Matt.” . "I'm telling you to back the fuck off. of course I'm not challenging you." "You've got a week. "You're my family." Matt yanked the door open and stalked out. "Our families and our mates." Tyler sighed. slamming it shut behind him. okay?" Matt turned to stare at Tyler. and Tyler pulled Zacky away quickly. back to denial and desperation. Zacky." Tyler said. his eyes suddenly full of sorrow." Tyler inhaled sharply. still not quite understanding." Tyler stared at him. "You don't get to speak to me at all.” Tyler swallowed." Tyler's face fell. Our kind. we don't have time for this shit. my mate. "You can't stop me from leaving!" Zacky said defiantly. "But he's not dominant to you. "Yes. Tyler slowly got up and walked over to stand in front of him. but I run with his pack. "You don't mean that. starting to look very upset. Zacky wanted to look away. like you found me. and the desire to run away. eyes dark with pain.

calling him to comfort. "You know it's true. Maybe Tyler was right. It was like being in high school again. . go. There it hadn't just been his looks that had made him abnormal. The trouble was. he needed to stop before he couldn't or didn't want to. formal clothes. see if I care. everything he'd ever been taught to believe told him what he was doing was wrong. Johnny looking strangely sympathetic. He hated that. Tyler's pain hurt him.Pack 35 "No. Zacky couldn't deny that he cared too. unnatural. and my mate says he doesn't want me. Tyler's expression hardened. but his plain. hard work. Zacky opened the door and stalked out. sick. awkward. lounging against a wall. he didn't know if he could go anywhere near Tyler without needing to do more than talk. His father would kill him if he had even the slightest idea what was happening. He heard something smash into the door behind him. Somehow. "I think I have to go. He did care. "Are you happy?" "I run with a pack that's not mine. Zacky wasn't scared. "Fine." Turning. and religious denomination. and his throat tightened with regret. Then. It had to stop. politeness. and Jimmy leering. Yet.Matt glaring. Tyler was lying. Maybe if Zacky understood what was happening. arms casually slung around Johnny and Jimmy. Even if he was like Tyler and the others." Tyler whispered." Zacky gasped. and dirty. he still wouldn't fit in. He slammed the door shut behind him and leaned against it. he'd give in. and he couldn't let that happen. and the terrible thing was. "Don't you want to be happy?" Zacky snorted. All three men stared at Zacky as he passed. reaching out. and inadequate. taking a deep breath. His only friends at school had been other kids from his church. confliction ripping him apart. It was getting harder and harder for Zacky to deny it. particularly Mark. He hurried away before he gave into the urge to go back inside." he whispered. but they made him feel nervous. he could fight it. "What do you think?" If Zacky stayed any longer." Tyler said with a bitter laugh. a loud sob came from inside. and they needed to talk. He sped up when he saw Matt farther down the hallway. yet he still didn't know what was happening.

though he was pretty sure he already knew what it was. and there was no way he could miss it without incurring his father's wrath. Turning over. The only positive thing at that moment was that he wasn't hungry and could actually concentrate enough to think. Why did his hunger return more quickly and urgently each time he fed from Tyler. and how long would he be able to control it this time? These were the most important questions of all. . Tyler still hadn't really explained anything. he hurried home and talked to his parents for as short a time as he could get away with before escaping to his room. He just prayed he would get through tomorrow. he stared at the ceiling. Zacky didn't understand. arms crossed behind his head. He didn't want an answer to the last question. there was going to be a church picnic. and what did they hunt? Zacky shivered. he curled up into a ball and prayed for some sort of guidance. Lying back.36 Teya Martin Shuddering. After Sunday service. He got ready for bed and climbed under his covers as quickly as possible. 'Their kind'? What were 'their kind'? Why did they have to find each other? How did packs work.

giving him a slightly nervous looking smile. He hadn't had a chance to apologize or attempt to explain what had happened in the store.Pack 37 . It was all he could do to not turn and look . biting his lip when he spotted Tyler sitting at the very back. even above the multitude of other bodies around him. and Zacky sighed with regret. black shirt and tie. The church fell silent as the preacher greeted the congregation and started his sermon. and he was dressed in a smart. Zacky mouthed. Zacky's father had smacked him twice already. and they filed into church silently. by a plain scarf. Those brown eyes were startling in Tyler's pale face even without their usual rim of black. It only made Zacky feel guilty. Mark stared at him. “It's a free country. he listened to the minister.once for not eating breakfast. Eyes widening. he turned his head and looked around. who'd chosen that day to preach about the sins of the flesh. and he barely held in a gasp when he realized what it was. He followed them along the street. his mother between him and his father. his mother's head covered. Chapter Five It had been a hard morning. They sat in their regular pew. "What are you doing here?" Tyler shrugged and mouthed back. Zacky became aware of an incongruity in the scents he was so used to. Tyler's hair was slicked back neatly. He could smell him. Slowly." Biting his lip Zacky turned back around. as usual. She patted Zacky's knee as if she knew how agitated he felt. His skin tingled with desire. Zacky's mouth watered with the memory of Tyler's taste. Fighting for control. Suddenly. and once for taking too long getting ready for church. smiled and winked. His parents were dressed in their formal best. next to the aisle. Especially since all his senses seemed to be focusing on Tyler. He could hear the ebb and flow of blood through Tyler's veins and arteries. Tyler saw him looking.

" "What?" "He hit you. Tyler pressed his lips gently to Zacky's mouth. "What? I can't go to church?" "Not my church!" Tyler touched him again. and his eyes darkened." Zacky whispered." Tyler's expression turned serious. sir. that. drawing him to the side before they reached the door. "And you think I'm insane? Come here. Zacky's father leaned over and punched him hard in the leg. He clutched Zacky's face gently and tipped his head up. He groaned quietly. startled by the slide of fingers against his knuckles." Grabbing Zacky. guilt and shame fought against need and desire to simply know why the other man was there. "You don't mean that. staring at him far too blatantly. The rest of the service was a struggle to concentrate. Zacky. "Sorry.38 Teya Martin at Tyler's beauty. Anyone would think you didn't want to see me." Zacky said through gritted teeth. Bending." Tyler breathed. His father grunted. Had he forgotten what was said the day before? "I don't want to see you. tongue lapping over the small gash where Zacky had bitten through his lip. Zacky stared at Tyler in confusion. Then." Tyler blinked incredulously and said. That was just a punishment. "I needed to understand you better. "I'm hurt. Zacky jumped." Twisting his head. Now I do. he started to get nervous. squeezing his eyes shut and biting on his bottom lip until he could taste blood. snapping him back to attention. "What are you doing?" he whispered from the corner of his mouth. and locking the door behind them." "No. Did he hurt you?" "Who?" "Your father." "Are you insane? What is wrong with you? Go away. Tyler dragged him into the restroom before stopping at a stall. Tyler slipped out into the aisle next to him. As Zacky and his family filed out toward the exit. glaring at him. I deserved it." "Oh. Zacky . baby. "What are you doing?" "Shh. and Zacky flinched. Tyler was leaning against a bench.

"Hi. and that his father might catch them. ignoring Tyler's eye roll." Mark sighed. far too aware of Tyler's presence and scent behind him. Just not feeling great. Mark. despite feeling a sense of terrified nausea that they might get caught. "It's not you at all. There are just some things I'm dealing with right now that I can't explain. his throat dry. when Tyler opened his mouth to speak. I'm okay." "Thank you. Mark?" Zacky asked. and they froze." Zacky said softly. "Yes. I haven't seen you here before." "Okay." "Mark. Tyler let go and unlocked the stall. why haven't you introduced your new friend before?" Frozen to the spot in horror. "Zach? Are you okay?" Zacky pushed Tyler back and cleared his throat. "Oh my gosh. A blonde girl darted over and thrust her hand at Tyler. "My father." Zacky pressed his lips together and squeezed his eyes shut. . Zachariah. "Why?" Tyler asked. Zacky tried to speak. Mark. "I'm sorry. the restroom door opened. About yesterday." "Why?" "I guess I just haven't been supportive enough. Zacky headed towards the church exit. even as he clung to the other man.. barely taking a breath. "What is it. his mouth open. Suddenly. Zach?" Zacky bit back a sigh. lips still pressed together in a soft kiss." With a sigh. holding a finger to his lips warningly. "I'll pray for you. thank you. "I have to go." "You're welcome. I have to. no." "Your father looks pretty mad. my name's Ruth..Pack 39 couldn't hold back a moan." Zacky whispered. I mean. He couldn't resist kissing back either." "Okay. jumping slightly in surprise when Tyler gave him a gentle hug. I'd get out there quick. Are you new to town? How do you know Zachariah?" She babbled rapidly.

Zachariah?" Tyler said. right. trying to restrain anger and guilt. but thank you. Tyler?" Zacky said. Zacky. "Huh?" "Just a private joke. If you'd just let yourself admit it. You must come. Tyler." The other man said." Tyler's eyes darkened. Zachariah?" "Isn't it time you were leaving. "I just got invited." "Uh duh." Tyler snorted. "Funny." she said. "Don't you get it yet?" "Get what?" Tyler shook his head. "It's invitation only." "Stop saying that. It's not going to make it true just because you keep saying it. "Excuse us. "I'm afraid I will have to decline your kind invitation this time." "Oh. I'm uninviting you. Where did you meet him?" "School." Zacky whispered. smiling and winking. I'll wait for you." "Well. and don't bother denying it. "You'll need me tonight. shaking Ruth's hand and inclining his head in a slight bow.40 Teya Martin "I'm Tyler." **** ." "Tyler. you'd know that you're mine. Ready to go. Don't you Zachariah?" Ruth blinked. and he leaned close to whisper in Zacky's ear. "He seems nice. “We're all getting together for a picnic. you can't leave now. Ruth?" "Oh yes. Zachariah. You and I both know you'll be there. can I speak to you in private for a moment?" Zacky said as he took Tyler's arm. a small frown of confusion creasing her brow. "Stop saying my name like that. and you don't even want to." "It sounds wonderful. Zacky." Zacky whispered fiercely." Tyler returned to Ruth. smiling brightly and hanging onto Zacky's arm as he watched Tyler leave.” "You can't come. Zacky. glaring.” Ruth said enthusiastically. Ruth." "Like what. "Oh no. you're welcome. "You can't uninvite me. not ever. "And Zachariah likes having me to himself." Zacky said.

The fifth and sixth lashes drew blood." Tyler murmured. sir. His hunger and the beating seemed to have sapped his strength. "Feed." "Tyler?" He whispered. His father moved around behind him. suddenly. Tyler's warm. He was still lying naked on his bed. Soft skin slid over his. "Ah. nuzzling the back of his neck." . and he frowned in confusion. and Zacky gritted his teeth. "I can't feed you anymore. and he felt his stomach lurch with sudden hunger. Zacky. He unbuckled his belt and slid it out of his belt loops. he hurried to his room as soon as his father dismissed him and took a shower. baby. presenting it to his father with a bowed head. he realized he had to protect her. knowing just how often his mother had taken them for him when he was a child. When he'd been old enough to realize what she was doing. and he groaned again. naked body was lying on top of him. but he kept silent other than to give thanks for each blow.Pack 41 Spending time with Ruth at the picnic earned Zacky a slight reprieve from his punishment for his distraction in church. Tyler's hard cock pressing against the crease of his ass. He let the water rinse away the blood before getting out and patting himself dry carefully. He stumbled into his room and collapsed naked on his bed. The first lash was always the worst. Wake up. he always took them willingly. removing his shirt and tie and folding them carefully into a neat pile in front of him.six lashes of the belt instead of his usual dozen. "Thank you." he said. **** The scent of blood assailed him. The bed moved under him and. As he became more aware. he felt himself drift. Inflamed with lust Zacky sucked harder on Tyler's wrist and rocked his own growing erection into the mattress. baby. Closing his eyes. he shivered with fear and anticipation as he knelt in his father's study. come on. he licked at the torn wrist under his mouth and groaned. bringing him out of his slumber. He felt so terribly weak that he couldn't move or put on some clothes. Nonetheless. and he bit back a cry with difficulty. Each blow pierced his skin with pain. However many lashes he received. solid. Horrified.

Tyler was holding a small tube and coating his fingers in a clear gel. "What are you doing?” ." Zacky said with a whimper. "Yes. baby?" Tyler said with a chuckle. By now. and over to the other side. burying his face in his pillow. Tyler. I.” There was a snapping noise and a sudden." he whispered. and heated his blood.. tongue running the length of his spine." Zacky said in a soft. "Oh my!” He gasped as Tyler slid lower. strong smell of something slightly chemical that Zacky couldn't place. The sense of emptiness made him shake because it was so intense. He lifted his head. "You ready for me. but it was quite possibly the hottest thing Zacky had ever felt. baby?" Tyler whispered. Please. looking at the other man. this is.Oh. licking along Zacky's shoulder. sliding over the entrance to his body.. any of this. across his neck. It was insane. wet touch of tongue lit his nerves with desire." Tyler whispered." Tyler said. Zacky. The soft. especially in his room with his parents just upstairs. His cock was rigid with desire." he groaned. He shouldn't be doing this. "Tyler. feathering his lips over Zacky's ass. "Tyler?" "Yeah?" "Are you going to. desperate need that surged through Zacky was distracting. huh. "No." he whispered. Zacky. The sudden.42 Teya Martin Tyler's cock slipped between Zacky's cheeks. "The last step. It shouldn't have been. The most insanely ticklish pleasure swirled through his groin as Tyler stroked over and around the tight muscle of his ass. pressed into the mattress just enough to torture him. "No. "Yes. All he could do was arch his back and moan with helpless pleasure. Maybe he was insane." "I'm going to fuck you. It was a tease. kissing Zacky's shoulder. He lifted his head up with difficulty. "Feels good. nipping at his skin gently.. Sharp teeth nipped Zacky's ass as wet fingers pushed between his cheeks to stroke the entrance of his body. he knew that no matter what he tried. pleading tone. "Mmm. making need flutter through his stomach. I've wanted this for so long. Oh.. he would only give in eventually. so he wouldn't make too much noise. He'd given up protesting and objecting.

then he thrust back inside him in another hard stroke. pressing his erection into Tyler's hard stomach.Pack 43 "I told you before. "That depends on if you want it to hurt because it feels good or so you can pretend that it doesn't feel good. "Feels good. pushing his cock down Zacky's ass with the other. wrapping his legs tighter round the other man's waist." Tyler pushed a finger into Zacky's body. burned. "Zacky?" "I want you like this. He felt full. somehow amazingly good. Feels good when it hurts. almost uncomfortable feeling. He felt like he wanted to push against the intrusion. Zacky choked back a scream. I don't like it. Pain and pleasure surged and mingled together through every cell in Zacky's body. I can smell when you're lying. His cry was swallowed as Tyler kissed him. tearing him open. I don't want to hurt you. "Why are you giving in so easily?" Tyler asked. Tyler. but it started to feel good. Tyler used the gel to slick his cock thoroughly. Zacky moved. "I'm just not denying what I need. He moaned helplessly." he whispered. "What if I want it to hurt?" Tyler paused. quickly easing his length from Zacky's body." Tyler whispered. but I do. drawing Tyler on top of him." "Are you sure?" Tyler looked uncertain. He rocked his hips up urgently as Tyler started to . stretched. Zacky bit his lip. He rocked up. Before he could position himself. Zacky groaned at the strange. He stroked slickened fingers down the crease of Zacky's ass to probe the entrance." Zacky said. Tyler's words were strangely reassuring and warming. of course. tongue thrusting deep into his mouth. yet. tugging urgently at Tyler's hips. burying his face in Zacky's neck. Tyler shifted. He shifted his weight onto one arm." Tyler withdrew his fingers. stretching him wider. A second finger invaded his body. Tyler's hips rolled back. hard. "Don't lie to me. He couldn't explain it. Tyler." Tyler's eyes dropped as he plunged into Zacky's body." he gasped again. and Zacky frowned. turning onto his back and spreading his legs wide. I wish I didn't want it. "I'm not. "Yes. thrusting his hips back to force Tyler's finger deeper." "Oh. but he wanted to be face to face when Tyler took his virginity. bending to kiss Zacky's back before squeezing more gel into his hand.

Tyler lifted his head and shook it. and you were far weaker than you should have been when I found you. "Mine. liquid mess. rocking his stomach down against Zacky's cock. Lips and tongues kissed and licked as they moved faster. Don't tell me nothing happened. Heat blasted inside Zacky's body. head lifting. "Bite me. He panted hard into Tyler's mouth. It was the first time Tyler had come close to begging for anything. Tyler froze and arched up. It was almost too intimate. and he wasn't sure he wanted to give in." "What?" "Do it. It was nothing. He bit through his tongue and tugged Tyler down. Tyler eased out of Zacky's body and lay down." Tyler whispered. Zacky was driven to the brink. Zacky turned onto his side." Grunting. fucking each other harder. bucking hard as he broke apart with pleasure. Zacky wanted more. groaning at the taste of their blood mixing together. Hips jerking. digging his fingers into Tyler's back and clenching his ass muscles around Tyler's cock." Tyler growled." Tyler stuck his own tongue out and dragged it over his teeth. It was an overwhelming and agonizing ecstasy. Realizing what Tyler intended Zacky hesitated. facing away from Tyler. Tyler stroked Zacky's back. Tyler's hips slapped into his ass." "Punishment for not paying attention in church." "You've got four welts and two lacerations on your back. He couldn't deny it anymore. "Bite your tongue. and Zacky couldn't resist. Sighing loudly." Tyler snapped. ass full and burning with pleasure. "What happened?" "Nothing. . lips drawing back to bare his teeth. teeth digging into his neck. coming over their bellies in a hot. hissing quietly as blood trickled over the edge and onto his lips. It would be another step down his path to damnation. "Please. his fingers clutched Zacky's shoulders. cock throbbing painfully. Tyler whined into Zacky's mouth. gently touching the lash marks. needed more. dropping on top of Zacky and kissing him hard. Zacky cried out against lips and tongue.44 Teya Martin stroke his cock hard and deep into his body over and over. kissing him." "Bullshit.

and Ruth can accept who you really are?" "I am not like you." Tyler's quiet pain hurt Zacky." He hadn't meant to do this to either of them. Surely that meant. like he should crawl up the stairs and beg for more lashes from his father. "What do you mean?" Zacky whispered. "Our kind are usually happy and relieved when they find their pack. that's not. use the pain to drive away his guilt and shame. Mark. You have to understand. eyes dark with anger. "Are we going to argue again?" "What do you mean again? We only argue. but I've never seen anyone resist like this before. Zacky. Tyler made him feel good and accepted. "I don't need you. pulling away. leaping from the bed and yanking his clothes on. It hadn't occurred to him until he said it. in his room with a man. He felt sick and dirty. He'd let a man fuck him and he'd enjoyed it. find out they're not alone anymore. "Okay. Tyler glared at him. most of the time. You have no idea how badly that makes me feel. so I don't need you anymore." he said slowly and firmly." he snapped." "You really think your family." Tyler stared at him wide-eyed. "You just wait and see. Tyler had said he couldn't feed him anymore. "Only sometimes?" Sighing. It just showed how little hope was left for him. "What?" "You said you weren't going to feed me." Zacky bit back a sudden gasp of realization. actual sex. and again he was torn.. It's wrong and now.Pack 45 "It's not bullshit. called to him for comfort again. but maybe he could finally push the other man away before it was too late. "No. How dare you." Zacky gasped.. hugging him gently. Pain and anger radiated in waves from Tyler as he . He shouldn't have been thinking that it felt good. Don't you get that? You make me crazy sometimes." "I don't want to argue with you. Tyler urged him around." Tyler's face hardened suddenly." Zacky couldn't help a snort." "I'm not alone. What hope was there for him now? He shouldn't have even felt conflicted. “I can't be like you. and he glared. He'd had sex. right? I have to try and find redemption. real.

Curling up on the bed. It was his chance for salvation. was overwhelming. It made Zacky feel ill. He had to get Tyler out of his life. The urge to take his words back. seeing his pain. Why did it hurt so much? Watching Tyler walk away. He had to or he wouldn't be able to resist any longer. He opened the basement window and started to climb out.46 Teya Martin dressed rigidly. you just wait and see. so he bit the inside of his lip. apologize. . "Well. made Zacky feel like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. "You are such a--" Tyler stopped and shook his head. It was better this way." He gave a humorless laugh and disappeared into the darkness as tears pricked Zacky's eyes. he wrapped his covers tightly around himself and tried not to cry.

He was desperate. He needed Tyler. It was him. That wasn't a problem yet though. need was building and growing uncontrollable. His life looked right. torturing him every night. Although. What the fuck do you think you're doing here? You got a fucking death-wish?" "Leave him alone." . and he didn't know what to do anymore. He didn't know what he was going to do if the hunger kept growing. their expressions dark. he couldn't take it anymore. friend. but he could smell the presence of the other three men. It had filled his heart with sorrow and regret to know that after the way he'd treated him. wanted Tyler. and student. Nothing felt right anymore. Tyler had avoided him since the night in his room. Zacky was a dutiful son. He felt empty and cold. his need urgent. craved Tyler. but he'd caught his scent several times. Matt grabbed Zacky's shoulder and flung him against the wall." Zacky gasped. meeting up with Mark and attending service every night. He escaped from morning service and ran to the cemetery. like a part of him was missing. Just like before. he caught himself walking towards the cemetery far too many times. studying hard. Tyler was still watching. It was unbearable. His dreams were once again full of blood and sex. Johnny and Jimmy stared at him. Instead of hunger. By Saturday. he wasn't out of control. While he was hungry. Johnny once again looked oddly sympathetic. Swallowing back nerves. "You. He hadn't seen him. Everything was as it should be except for one thing. the scent of misery assaulting him. "Tyler. There was no sign of Tyler. he climbed over the wall and approached the mausoleum. The thought of feeding on someone other than Tyler nauseated him.Pack 47 Chapter Six For almost a week.

like he hadn't changed clothes the whole week." Tyler whispered. glancing between Tyler and Zacky." Zacky said. and unshaven. tugging Tyler forward to kiss him harder. He wanted to cry. his lips parting for a split second before yanking back. "You can't keep doing this to me. he knew he couldn't be without Tyler anymore. This is supposed to be easy. Finding your mate is supposed to be . Zacky. It was like he'd broken Tyler. I didn't." "You lied to me. and I'm your mate.. his eyes red rimmed and bloodshot. and terrified. "But you'd better sort this out right now. his voice ragged and tired. "Yes. You did nothing but delay the inevitable. "I didn't lie to you. I can't take it." Zacky shouted. Matt. wanted him. and you hurt me so much I didn't try to explain. and Zacky stared at Tyler. and he clapped a hand over his mouth to hold back a sob. Matt let go and backed off. "Don't. Don't make me fight with you. lifting his head." His voice broke. leaning up to kiss Tyler gently. I need you.. and we need each other. I need you. stepping into view. "Fine. "But--" "But nothing. despite how wrong he knew it was." "And you need me. "You know why. Ty. How had it come to this? It was too much and. "So. He needed him. "I still need you. Tyler groaned. You said I wouldn't need--" "No. I said I couldn't feed you anymore." Tyler said quietly. I mean it. Tyler shook his head and pulled back. They disappeared. his eyes dark and dull as they fixed on him." Growling loudly." Matt said. angry. "You're my mate. suddenly upset. gaunt. You misunderstood me." Tyler nodded curtly. I just let you see. "You told me." "Which is?" "You need me. He looked terrible. you're back then. that's all. You'd do the same if it were Johnny." Tyler snapped." Tyler said quietly. and you know it." he whispered. I'm not in the mood.48 Teya Martin "Why are you defending him?" Matt snarled. and Matt beckoned to the other two. "Don't!" Tyler snapped. Tyler moved to stand in front of him and slid a hand under Zacky's chin.

"They would have been our pack. no. feeling regret and guilt for hurting the other man. All the fight seemed to have drained out of him. Daylight and crosses don't affect us. "I'm here now. We're strong and fast. You've hardly explained anything to me. our senses are enhanced. vampire or demon. Tyler leaned against him. It made more sense than anything else. Actually they will." Tyler whispered. "What are we?" "We're not quite human. he'd also been denying Tyler." "You're usually too busy denying me or running away from me." . Finding you has been nothing but pain. Tyler." He turned away. Our mothers and sisters are the carriers but only boys are born Pack. wrapping his arms around his chest and bowing his head." "I was starting to realize that. Zacky swallowed painfully. Near as we can tell. "What happened to your pack?" "Our pack. wrapping his legs around Tyler's hips and holding him tightly. gently turning him around. resigned pain that thickened Tyler's voice. if it hits a vital organ. a recessive trait of some sort." Zacky eased them both to the ground." "We weren't careful. "I'm sorry. Tyler's pain was his pain. Any kind of stake or bullet will do. He put his hands on Tyler's shoulders. Zacky?" Tyler sighed. He slid his hands down Tyler's arms." "You blame yourself?" "Yeah. "What are you doing. it's a genetic mutation. "What are we then?" "We call ourselves Pack." Zacky whispered. drawing him forward." Tyler said bitterly. We're not werewolf." Zacky was less shocked than he probably should have been. "Do you even know why?" "Apart from hurting you? Not really. but we are different.Pack 49 joyful. but only because we're not immortal. I wasn't careful. dropping his head onto Zacky's shoulder." Zacky shuddered at the dull. and the pack paid for it." "I'm sorry. A wooden stake to the heart or a silver bullet won't kill us. and he suddenly realized that in denying himself.

shaking his head. "I'm sorry I wasn't what you wanted. you don't think just being yourself is enough to damn you to hell in your family's eyes?" Zacky flinched. when they died. It filled the air and tasted bitter. Everything we've done I was taught is a sin. This is so hard for me. Then." Zacky flushed." "I know. why do we have to be wrong?" "What we do is wrong." Zacky whispered. I should have protected them. "I never said that." Zacky said softly as he leaned against Tyler. . "Wish?" "That you could accept it.” Tyler said. It's just who we are. wrapping his arms around Zacky's chest to kiss his cheek. Tyler's guilt and hurt was palpable. but all I cared about was finding you. and I don't just mean outside. don't you see? Sex before marriage is bad enough. dark brown eyes wide and surprised." "No. you have to understand. I just wish. "Zacky." Tears pricked Zacky's eyes. “We're born of human parents." "And I hurt you right back. "What?" Tyler lifted his head and stared.50 Teya Martin "But why?" Zacky whispered." "But I--” "You're everything I wanted. pulling away and hunching over his knees. Tyler moved behind him. don't forget. "I was alpha.. you don't. It's not unnatural or wrong. I was a virgin Tyler." Tyler sighed. "You are the most beautiful Pack I have ever seen. "How can you put so much stock in something that damns you simply for being another of God's creatures?" “Are we though?” "Yes. all I had to look forward to was finding you." Tyler lifted a hand to cup Zacky's cheek. Why do you think it kills me when you fight so hard to resist?" "But I hurt you. Just because we're different. Zacky. but sex with a man? That damns me to hell. Tyler. his voice husky from unshed tears. baby. pulling Tyler closer. They were my responsibility.." "It's not.

" Tyler said softly. "What?" Tyler stood and grabbed his arm. but do you want to starve to death?" "No. "Hit me again?" "That's not fair. "We feed on blood because that's all we can digest." "Really?" "Yes. Tyler moved closer. We are drawn instinctively to our mates." Zacky sighed." Zacky frowned in confusion. not resisting when the other man pressed up against him. pushing his head up. and he wasn't even sure why. "Do you want to live a life without love?" "Love?" Zacky was angry again. He slid a finger under Zacky's chin. damn it!" Tyler exclaimed. "Because you--" "Because I deserved it. and he shook his head." Tyler said softly. The solidity and heat of Tyler's chest pressing against his back made him sigh happily. "It's not-” "If you say it's not natural one more time. Can you tell me that you can live without me? Without--" Tyler's eyes closed." ." Tyler whispered.Pack 51 "What do you suggest we do. flushing with shame at his feelings. "I hit you once. "Love. "What has any of this got to do with love?" He yanked himself away from Tyler. my pack. moving closer. and I'm sorry. Zacky backed up until he hit the wall of the mausoleum. and he scrambled to his feet. shoving away. and he leaned against the other man. "There is no female Pack. I mean. I swear I'll--" "What? You'll what?" Zacky shouted. Now Zacky knew what it was like to be so close to someone and feel so good. Zacky?" Tyler snapped. turning his head away. I shouldn't have hit you. and Zacky shivered. ignoring the pang he felt from the loss of contact. trying to resist reaching out to touch the other man again. I'm supposed to protect you. "No.. He couldn't imagine living without Tyler.. I don't know why." Zacky interrupted. You know that. No. "Without what?" Slowly. He seemed to crave contact with Tyler. You've felt that. "Don't you think two men can love each other?" "No." "I can protect myself. You're my mate. spinning him around. "No one deserves to be hit.

hurrying over to crouch by Mark. Tyler. "I know you're strong." he sighed. his tongue sliding deep and licking into him with growing urgency. and Zacky snapped his eyes open in horror. It had never occurred to him that maybe he didn't have to. "Just kiss me. Zacky leaned his head against the wall and breathed out heavily. resting his forehead on Zacky's shoulder. Tyler wouldn't let him. "This is all a bit too much right now. Get off him!"A loud voice shouted. Zacky could smell it. Zacky grabbed Tyler before he lunged at the prone figure of his best friend. "That's why you let your father beat you I suppose?" "That's punishment. and his stomach clenched with sudden. "You're twenty-one years old. "You fucking freak." "I don't know how. and you definitely should not be getting beaten as a man. . Zacky moaned quietly." "Now that's a choice I like. You're a grown man. Don't you think you can make your own decisions and be responsible for yourself?" "I don't know. and I don't know how to deal with it. throwing him back onto the path. urgent hunger. "Everything has happened so fast. watching Tyler spin and hit Mark. trying to look away again. and he quickly checked him over. bending to kiss him. feeling uncertain. and Zacky couldn't help but moan. curling his tongue around Tyler's and sucking. You've turned my whole life upside down. "You should never have been beaten as a child. flicking his tongue over them gently." Zacky whispered. He'd spent his whole life trying to live up to his father's expectations. just a soft brush of lips.52 Teya Martin Tyler snorted." Zacky whispered." "Don't try so hard. "Just be. Zacky. harder. Tyler kissed him. His friend was unconscious." Tyler said." Zacky whispered." Tyler whispered against Zacky's lips. "You can make your own choices without being punished for them." Tyler kissed him again. Tyler was pulled back." Tyler said." Pulling back a little. He put his hands on Tyler's shoulders and squeezed gently. Tyler. I bring it upon myself. Mark was bleeding. sliding his arms around the other man's waist to tug him closer. baby. "What the heck do you think you're doing?" Zacky shouted.

"That was--" He heard a groan and gasped. He could have been attacking you for all I knew. stopping to lick his fingers and groan. His hands cupped Zacky's ass.. Lifting his head with a gasp. carrying Mark. Mark!" His need for Tyler had overwhelmed him so completely that he'd totally forgotten his best friend was hurt." Zacky said softly. "Oh no." Zacky pulled his hand back from Mark's head. I can't help needing to protect you. Zacky bucked up. His hips jerked as he came helplessly in his pants. Zacky. "Tyler. His eyes slid closed. need clutching his chest. the taste so sweet. "I have to go." Zacky snorted and started to walk back towards his street. surprised at how easy it was." Tyler whispered. Then. thick blood that flowed freely between their lips. "You can't just hit people." "You can't just. "You're so fucking sexy. licking and sucking hard. watching blood trickle down his fingers in a daze. and he gasped for breath. but almost. he stopped. Tyler caught him with a grunt.." Head falling back. regretfully. He ran back over to where Mark was starting to come around and knelt beside him. holding onto Tyler tightly. the heat of his cock burning through layers of Zacky’s clothing. "Just don't forget what we talked about." He wasn't ready to think about the implications of having tasted Mark's blood. Tyler kissed back. okay?" "Like I could. twisting and jumping on Tyler." Tyler muttered. Swinging . moaning at the spurt of blood.Pack 53 "He attacked me. swallowing eagerly. slashing into Zacky's tongue with his teeth. bucking up hard and shuddering against him. dropping his legs and pushing Tyler back. squeezing and rocking him into his groin. "He attacked me. He lifted his friend into his arms." Zacky started. Zacky cried out as pleasure swept over him. He sucked his fingers clean before scrambling to his feet." Tyler said from behind. "Come for me. You are my mate. It wasn't as good as Tyler's. Zacky sucked Tyler's tongue into his mouth and bit down hard. I have to take him home. stumbling backward as Zacky kissed him. Tyler looked sad and angry but he nodded. the blood so warm it made him shiver. a low growl in his voice. rubbing himself frantically against Tyler. Tyler turned and slammed him into the wall of the mausoleum. biting Zacky's lip and rocking harder into him. Tyler stared at Zacky wide-eyed and licked his lips. moaning as he sucked and swallowed the sweet. and stood. "Fine.

"Yeah. Shifting Mark in his arms." "Oh gee." "Go. thumbs still deep in his back pockets. baby. kissing him back for a moment before pulling away. but he couldn't help his feelings and beliefs." With a sigh." "All right. Tyler looked dejected. huh?" Tyler said softly. It was just as hard for him to accept everything as it was for Tyler to deal with his resistance. thumbs hooked in his back pockets. go eat and get some sleep." "Since when do you care?" Feeling a little hurt. "You're my mate too." Tyler kissed him once more and backed up. "You need to look after yourself better. sleep. "When will I see you again?" "You'll need me tomorrow. "Wow. His resistance had put Tyler through so much. Tyler cupped his cheek. thanks. Gasping quietly." Tyler said with a soft snort." Tyler smiled widely. . right?" "Yes." "You do?" Tyler's eyes widened hopefully. I am. Shifting Mark again as his friend groaned. Tyler walked over to Zacky a little rigidly. and it warmed Zacky so much that he kissed him again quickly." Zacky quirked a smile. head bowed. You look terrible. turning and heading towards the dorms. Zacky shrugged." he whispered. Zacky leaned back and kissed Tyler softly. and hair flopping in his face. "I don't know. he felt his heart flutter. "Yeah. Zacky left the cemetery and carried Mark home. Zacky smiled. I'll see you tomorrow. and it tore at Zacky's heart. "Tyler?" "Yeah?" "Come here. I do. Tyler.54 Teya Martin around. "What?" He muttered. but I do care. shoulders hunched. "Don't you mean you'll need me?" "You finally realized.

" Mark's face screwed up in disgust. Will you carry him up to his room? I'll get the first aid kit. Mark! Zachariah. "It's complicated. his own godmother. sweetie. "Is he forcing you somehow?" Mark asked." . He lay his friend on the bed. "You're wrong.. and Zacky gasped. "You don't let another man kiss you. Mark. don't do that. "I'm so sorry. Don't you think if I could. Mark. Mark." Zacky whispered. I need him. "What's going on with you?" "Nothing." Zacky climbed the stairs to Mark's room. Mark was finally coming to." "Not through choice. "I'm exactly like them. I think he's okay though.Pack 55 "My goodness. sitting next to him with a guilty sigh. but I am like them. staring at his hands." He didn't want to lie to Mark's mother." Mark's words hit home like a jackhammer. "He tripped in the cemetery and smacked his head." Zacky breathed out slowly. what happened?" Mark's mother exclaimed as she opened the door to them. It's disgusting! Has he got something on you?" "What?" he asked in confusion. thank you for bringing him home. Zach. Mark. "You let that freak kiss you. Zach." "How is it complicated?" Mark exclaimed. Mark. "Come on." Zacky couldn't say mate. I would talk to you?" "You haven't talked to me at all lately." "You were. "Well." he whispered with a sense of acceptance that lifted the weight on his heart. but he didn't see another option." Zacky sighed." "Too complicated to tell me?" "Oh. Why would you do that?" Zacky sighed. It would only make him sound more insane. It felt really good to say it." "Of course.. "What?" "I can't explain it. "I told you it's complicated. what's he got on you? You aren't like them. Mark." "You need him? What the heck does that mean?" "He's my. “Don't act like I've wronged you in some way.

don't worry. He managed not to run down the stairs and headed straight into his bathroom." he said softly." "You're welcome. curling up into a tight ball. breathing a sigh of relief when Mark lowered his gaze. "I called them. . Zacky moved over to the door so she could sit on the bed and tend to her son. It had felt so good to tell Mark that he was like Tyler and the others. how much he wanted him all the time. Tyler was just protecting us. see you tomorrow. and he'd never slept in anyone's arms before." "Of course he is. Luckily." "Thank you. Brushing his teeth.56 Teya Martin "He hit me hard enough to knock me out." Mark said shortly. but I really should go. "Of course I am. and you still let him kiss you. It was getting harder and harder to hold down food. He couldn't deny it anymore. It was a relief and gave him a sense of completion. How could he miss what he'd never had? It was insane how much he needed Tyler. **** He managed to get through dinner without throwing up on the table. Mark." "Thank you for bringing Mark home. studying was more than an adequate excuse to escape to his room. He dropped to his knees to empty his stomach. sighing in relief when it stopped convulsing. My parents are probably wondering where I am. he got ready for bed and climbed under his covers. He'd never shared his bed with anyone." "I can't believe you're defending that sick-” "Here we are. See you tomorrow." "You grabbed him. All he could think was that he felt lonely. Maybe he didn't have to be who his father wanted him to be. It would be nice to find out who that was." "You're coming to service?" Mark asked with a slight sneer. Zacky hurried home as quickly as he could. Aunt Jane. Maybe he could actually be himself for a change. dear. Zacky stared pleadingly at his friend. "I should go. "Fine. Why ever wouldn't he?" Jane said." Mark's mother bustled into the room.

since he couldn't be without Tyler anymore? . like he could be himself.Pack 57 With Tyler. could he accept himself? And wasn't it too late anyway. he felt normal and accepted. The question was.

and he didn't even know why. Mark had been his best friend his whole life. He followed his parents down the street. . knowing Tyler as he was starting to. I'm still me. he blinked in shock. Stay away from me. It was a bit much to ask though. he thought it was very likely. "Let me finish. he'd hoped Mark would handle things differently." Mark snapped. A friend who'd never questioned Zacky's differences. Stay away from me from now on." Zacky whispered painfully. He'd hoped Mark would manage to accept this one." Mark pulled away and sped up." he said nervously. I will tell your father." "I'm not your friend anymore. turning slowly and staring in horror at the entire pack seated at the very back. catching up with his parents. "I haven't said anything yet. considering his own reaction." Zacky said. but I will if you don't stop this perversion. When it did. flinching when he suddenly smelled Mark nearby." "Yeah? Good." Zacky sighed. Mark. aghast and scared.58 Teya Martin Chapter Seven Zacky dressed more carefully for church than usual. "I don't know who you are. How likely was it that Tyler would show up again? Then again. "Hi. "I haven't said anything. Mark. His friend and his Friend's parents caught up with them. He filed into church and sat next to his mother. and yet. Mark grabbed his elbow. Zacky sighed heavily with pain and regret. waiting and hoping for the scent of the room to change. pulling him back so they walked behind their parents. "He'd kill me. You got me?" "But. He shouldn't have been surprised at his friend's reaction." "Thank you." "How can you say that? You're my best friend." "You can't.

Zacky breathed out nervously. He just hoped they weren't going to make trouble for him. The other man shrugged helplessly and gestured at Matt. and Zacky. He was desperate for some sort of contact with Tyler. Looking at Tyler again. feeding from him wouldn't really be enough this time. Zacky was completely on edge and nervous about why the whole pack was there. The growl was thankfully not loud enough for anyone else to hear. Mark glanced back at him with a glare and then turned to look at the pack. His jaw dropped in surprise as he watched Matt nuzzle and kiss Johnny's cheek. but that seemed unlikely. Tyler got up to move next to him and stroked the back of his hand. eyes softening as his lips curled up gently. Electricity tingled up Zacky's arm. . he tried to concentrate. helpless in his need to fill his gaze. Zacky felt like he was shaking. The smell of Tyler's sweat and blood was driving him mad. Zacky slid his gaze to the large pack leader who stared hard at him. easing Zacky away from the rest of the congregation. Turning to face the minister again. Zacky couldn't help a smile. The two men must be mated.Pack 59 thankfully in the shadows. Tyler smiled back. Looking away again. even if it was just to touch his hand. tried not to grab Tyler's hand. he knew that even if Tyler let him. **** By the end of the service. somehow. He met Tyler's gaze. The other three pack members followed. He let his parents file out in front of him. still nervous. He managed to introduce the minister to the four pack members quietly. watching Mark slip into the aisle beside them. They were all polite. He was so hungry again and. The kiss looked sweet and soft. He turned his head. Johnny smiled and Jimmy snickered. He suddenly understood what Tyler meant when he'd said Matt would do the same thing if it were Johnny. blowing a kiss and elbowing Matt who growled. Why did they all have to be there? He was going to get into so much trouble. a complete contrast to everything he'd seen of Matt so far. As Zacky passed the final pew. raising both eyebrows questioningly. Tyler slid his gaze back to Zacky. but all he could feel was the weight of Tyler's gaze on the back of his neck.

"He was my best friend. Are you insane?" "Just wanted to see why you got so many issues." Mark said angrily. grabbing Zacky's arm and spinning him around." Tyler sighed. "It's time. and Tyler shoved Mark out of the way. starting to run faster and faster until." Jimmy said with a giggle." Every word of Mark's rant stabbed Zacky with guilt. "Oh baby." . I'm going to stay away from you like you asked. "Look." Matt said. dude. Zacky stiffened at the quiet exclamation from behind him. letting his tears fall freely. Zacky sighed. Zach. "Zacky. guys? What are you doing here?" Zacky whispered.” His voice broke into a sob. "Time for what? You can't just show up here. "Don't you touch him. wait! Zacky!" He sped up. trying to pull Zacky into a hug. "Zacky. he found himself at the dorm.60 Teya Martin "What's going on. "Baby. suddenly. leave him alone. there's something we need to do. he hurried away. "I'm not. and yet here you are. leaning his forehead against Tyler's door and panting for breath. "You're letting him call you baby now?” Mark continued. He had to get out of there before he burst into tears and let Tyler comfort him in front of everyone." Tyler whispered just behind him. "Don't talk to me asshole. Zacky batted Tyler's arms away." Tyler breathed against the back of his neck. What more do you want from me?" "Some sign of repentance maybe?" Mark snapped. sliding his arms around Zacky's chest. Zachariah? Do you care at all that you're sinning against God? Aren't you ashamed of what you've done? Your perversion brings shame upon the whole church. Turning. calmly socializing with these freaks like everything's okay. You shouldn't listen to him." "That's so wrong. "Well." Tyler said with a low growl." Mark said. “And what the heck do you think you're doing letting these freaks into our church?" "You think I can stop them?" Zacky asked softly. don't cry. and tears pricked his eyes. "Guys.

baby. Tyler twisted and grabbed the large.Pack 61 "Then he shouldn't judge you. His mouth watered. living person.” "We hunt people?" Zacky whispered. Tyler spun him around and pressed him against the wall. leaning into him. There was movement behind them. Please. "Oh that's fucking disgusting! Do you have to do that in public?" In the blink of an eye. "You need to feed. you can. to a degree. Zacky." Tyler let go. or we starve. Being born different is not a sin. If he were really your friend." Meeting his mate's pleading gaze. what are you doing?" "Showing you what we do. Apparently. he wouldn't treat you like unwilling." "But he's right. I can't kill. He wasn't really human. the sound of footsteps pausing. he couldn't refuse Tyler anything when he said please. "I thought we were past this. You're not a freak. that Tyler was right. He had to feed or risk losing control." Tyler grunted with one hand over the blond man's mouth and the other clasped around his neck to hold him up against the wall. sick with horror as his stomach growled with hunger." "That's what we do. Tyler." "I never said anything about killing anyone." Tyler whispered. He didn't want to weaken Tyler anymore either. Zacky knew." Tyler begged. I can't. Tyler. I can't keep you alive with my blood anymore." "But I--" "Do it. "Yeah. Do you understand?" "I don't think I can. opened the door. blond jock. Zacky. then it was all over. kissing him again. The blond struggled uselessly." "I tasted his blood. his eyes wide with fear. If he fed off another. "Tyler. "Tyler. Take his wrist and bite it. there was no chance of redemption." "Damn it. If he did this. Zacky could smell the fear in the air and the heightened rush of blood through the jock's body. and pushed them all inside. and I wanted to drink more. Zacky sighed. You're draining me." "Yes. we hunt people. Zacky. and he wasn't sure he was ready to admit that. We do it. punching the wall. like he nearly had with Mark the night before. .

" "Wait for what?" "To accept you into the pack. blood pounding through his body and settling in his groin. kneeling in front of Tyler and the blond. "Yes. Trust me." He breathed out. but we are safer in a group. Zacky. relief flooding him so intensely that he felt his knees weaken. Blood burst into Zacky's mouth. struggling harder. He groaned again. Zacky. He dropped down. I would never leave you. where he lay unconscious." Tyler whispered. I'm trying to let you accept this in your own time. search out the taste of blood in his mouth. He let go of the blond and lunged at Tyler. and Tyler let him drop to the floor. Zacky shivered with need. kissing and passing blood between their mouths. touching his skin." "You're my mate. The blond groaned." The blond whimpered against Tyler's hand. tongues touching as they sucked and swallowed. They licked over the blonde’s wrist.62 Teya Martin "Zacky." Tyler whispered. I might be older than Matt but I run with his pack and so will you. heart pounding with sudden fear. stroking and scratching. fingers digging in. He took Zacky's hand and bent down." "I thought you were my pack. He has to know that you can fend for yourself. twisting and licking across Zacky's top lip as he fed. Zacky. what would you do?" "Are you seriously asking me that?" "Yes. his groin tight already. and so very good he had to swallow and suck harder." Zacky stared at Tyler. but Matt isn't going to wait any longer. and thick. knocking him to the floor and climbing on top of him to kiss him." Zacky said softly "I am. and that you won't weaken us. "You're not going to hurt him. until all he could taste was his mate. hot. Tyler's hands were everywhere. biting down. sliding his hands down against smooth skin. He pushed up Tyler's tshirt. Zacky lifted his mouth and kissed Tyler hard. Unbuttoning and . kneeling next to him and leaning in. "If he didn't accept me into his pack. "Damn it. eyes rolling back in his head. Tyler. With a soft groan. tearing at Zacky's clothes. He took the jock's wrist and closed his eyes. and lick.

Use your imagination. baby?" "I need you. "Don't look away from me. similar to his lover's blood. Zacky. Tyler." Tyler whispered. Still. tongue sliding down silky skin to feel the pulse on the underside. "I'll lose my nerve. head dropping back again. The taste was amazing. He wanted to feel complete and share blood with his mate. sitting up and cupping Zacky's chin. Tyler lifted his head to stare down at him wide-eyed.Pack 63 unzipping Tyler's pants. baby. and fuck. making Tyler groan and writhe. before letting go. He should have been ashamed and disgusted with himself. he licked over the slit and tasted the addictive pre-cum. "Harder. bitter. looking away in embarrassment. that's good. what are you doing?" "Don't say anything." "Shut up. Zacky tugged them down to release the other man's erection. sucking gently on the head of Tyler's cock." "I do really want this. He lifted up slowly." "You don't have to. Swallowing and sucking harder. It was salty. "Tyler?" "Yeah. What did it matter anyway? He was eternally damned. thick and hot. Zacky groaned. as much as he wanted to taste Tyler's cum in his mouth. "I want you to really want this." Zacky whispered." Tyler whispered. "Oh fuck. He sucked Tyler's cock into his mouth. but he couldn't find it in him anymore. He desperately wanted to try and taste. spreading over his tongue and making his cock jerk." Zacky snapped. or if he could. he was starting to feel empty again. needed him so desperately that it hurt to be without him." Tyler gasped. Zacky? You have to tell me. but he had no idea what to do. He needed to touch. Please?" "Need what. "Baby. He grasped his mate's cock tightly and bent to lick the tip." . and kiss." Tyler said softly." "Show you? How?" "Show me how you want it." Zacky whispered. "I need you inside me." Zacky sank down as far as he could without gagging." "Show me. and he wanted Tyler. "Oh fuck.

Tyler." "I'm coming." Zacky growled impatiently. biting his lip hard while he watched his mate slide his hand up and down his cock. Zacky got to his feet and slowly undressed. "Oh. resting teasingly against his thigh. fingers trembling as he unbuttoned and pushed off his shirt and slacks. pushing himself up to his knees and reaching out to him. Tyler leaned over to whisper in his ear. grabbed something. sliding a hand over his ass. sweet and more amazing than anything else. baby. Tyler reached under the pillow. "Who's the alpha around here?" . pulling his hand away. "I like it when it hurts. "Fuck!" Tyler stood up and wrenched his t-shirt over his head as he stalked across the room.64 Teya Martin Swallowing nervously." "Are you sure?" "Now!" "Hey. and lifted up to kneel between Zacky's legs." Zacky repeated. He looked back. Zacky. Zacky sucked gently on the fleshy part of Tyler's palm." Tyler whispered. "I told you. "Fuck. "Easy. Tyler. heated brown eyes and smiled shyly." With a groan. Finally. Holding a hand in front of Zacky's mouth. "Tyler. "Please.naked and helplessly hard. Twisting his head around. he was naked under Tyler's hungry gaze. The slick touch made Zacky moan. I want you so badly. under the thumb and bit down hard. baby." Zacky gasped. "Bite me." Tyler breathed. shoving Zacky forward and licking across the small of his back. Zacky met shocked. Tyler licked Zacky's spine all the way to his neck and nipped his skin hard." Zacky whispered. turning and walking to the bed. sliding slickened fingers over Zacky's ass and pushing one into his body. climbing up on all fours. heat tingling over his skin. the sudden lack of heat and contact making him shudder desperately. pushing back against the solid length of his lover's cock. clambering onto the bed. slapping Zacky's ass gently. you're beautiful. Blood gushed into his mouth. Zacky shook his head and backed away." Tyler whispered. "Please. "God. Better than Mark or the blonde’s blood." Tyler said with a low chuckle. spreading lube along the thick length." Tyler said.

Gasping. inflaming Zacky with desire." Tyler slid slowly back and stopped. "You are." With a soft whimper.cock so hard it hurt. balls tight. "Fuck. "Please. arching his back again. trying to push back hard. plunging harder into Zacky's body. easing back. only the head of his cock holding Zacky open. "Say it. "Fuck me. not stopping for a second as he . thrusting a little deeper and harder. patience. bending over and nipping Zacky's back. Fill me up." Zacky breathed. Zacky. what do you want me to say?" "Say it like you mean it. biting down on his lip hard. Tyler. His hips rocked slowly and gently. long stroke that stretched and burned him with pain and pleasure." Tyler murmured. He whined with impatience. Tyler shifted closer." "Fuck me!" Zacky yelled. Zacky. "Oh yes. Tyler pushed into him. frustration overwhelming him. "Fuck yes. muscles rigid with need. "More. Zacky groaned desperately. Stretch me wide." Tyler shuddered. cock pressing between Zacky's ass cheeks and sliding up and down the crease. rocking back against Tyler." Tyler grunted. Zacky dropped his head and clenched down hard around Tyler's cock. Zacky could barely stand it." Tyler whispered. "What?" "You heard me. grabbing Zacky's hips tightly. "Again. It was torture. Tell me how you really want it." Tyler gasped. Zacky dropped onto his forearms and shoved himself back until his ass smacked hard into Tyler's hips." Tyler whispered. "Tyler!" "Say it again. I need you inside me. He was so close already. "Say what you really want. hips jerking a little harder into Zacky." Easing his finger free." Tyler growled." Zacky whispered." "Say it again. Tyler cried out. "Please. His fingers dug hard into Zacky's flesh. "Tyler.Pack 65 Zacky jerked with a shocked moan of pleasure at the playful smack. barely moving inside him. but Tyler was too strong and held him in place." Tyler froze. cock invading his body in one.

“Nothing. "Yes." he moaned. we don't usually feed so close to home in case someone does remember. “What did you say?” Zacky murmured. completion and utter shame before. guilt. kissing his neck. horror. meeting and exploding into his climax. Tyler nodded. Tyler grunted and bucked against him. Need to come. Pleasure shot up Zacky's spine and pain shot down. sliding his hands up Zacky's sides and around his chest. Zacky slid down to lie flat on the bed.” he whispered. Licking Zacky's bitten shoulder. He shuddered and jerked back. "Rakastan sua. We don't need enough to risk that kind of exposure. satiation. Ty. He quickly grasped his dripping cock. He turned again and buried his face in the pillow. heat filling Zacky before Tyler collapsed on top of him. sighing quietly. Tyler tensed for a moment and sighed. fuck me harder. spurting onto the bed." Tyler whispered against Zacky's skin before biting down and sucking hard.” Tyler said quietly. They're usually too confused about passing out to remember us. hips jerking into him. Tyler bent over.” Zacky didn't believe Tyler. baby. holding tightly. but he didn't know how to confront him either. Zacky frowned. He bent . "It'll feel like a hangover when he comes around. because of the blood loss. Tyler kissed the back of his neck and eased out of his body. Are you okay?" "I don't know. Tyler pushed deeper and harder with every stroke. He'd never felt such a strong combination of happiness. He was lost now.66 Teya Martin pulled back and thrust into him again and again. “Just heat of the moment stuff. hips and thighs slapping into Zacky. We don't need to kill. baby. He turned his head away and stared guiltily at the unconscious man they'd fed from. and he couldn't even find it in himself to feel sick. intense pleasure spreading through every nerve.” “Won't he remember us?” “Not really. I admit. "Will he be okay?" Zacky whispered. jacking himself hard." Zacky sighed. “Not in a way that'll make sense to him anyway.

giving in once again." Tyler said. but think that what we just did is wrong?" "Do you hear what you're saying?" "Yes. it wouldn't be a punishment. . "Tyler. I'm the one making sense." Zacky whispered." he said with a quiet sigh. slick slide of tongue. His groin tightened and his cock twitched. "You don't have to live by their rules. frowning at him. turning him over. "You think this makes sense?" "It does for us. "I want to.Pack 67 over... even as warm pleasure tingled over his skin from the strong. don't. licking him clean." "How can you accept that. kissing Zacky's spine all the way down to his ass." Tyler sighed." "So let me do it. "Too much." "Okay." "Why?" "What do you mean why?" Zacky exclaimed. nipping one of Zacky's hip bones. You wouldn't have to even if you were human. pulling away and sitting up." Zacky gasped." "All the more reason to stay. "Does it feel good?" "Yes. Don't you get that?" "It's not that easy. Zacky. "No. He pulled on his t-shirt and did up his pants. baby. "Will he hurt you?" "If it didn't hurt. "I have to go home. His tongue slid over Zacky's stomach and groin." "That's not easy. wiping himself off and getting up to pull on his clothes. You have to be excused?" "Yeah and if Mark told my father anything. getting up to clean himself off before handing Zacky a wipe. starting to sound angry. He groaned." Tyler said softly. what are you doing?" "Hush. "Just let go. Tyler. covering his face and arching into the wet touch as Tyler licked him hard." Tyler whispered." "But it could be." Tyler said." he sighed at Tyler's questioning look. "Do you have any idea how much trouble I'm already going to be in just for leaving church without being excused?" "You cannot be serious." Tyler said softly.

his voice low and trembling with tension and anger. feeling Tyler's glare burn into his back." Zacky said pleadingly. Even if his father wouldn't know exactly what Zacky was accepting punishment for." . "You're choosing them. holding back a sob. but you keep letting me. striding over to the door. "I'll come back." "They're my family. "I'm the one who accepts you for who you are. You don't have to go. When he was hungry and needy. shaking with conflicting emotions. "Zacky. wait. "Oh gee." "I'm your family. So what? You're just going to use me? Don't you care at all what you're doing to me?" "What I'm doing to you?" Zacky exclaimed. Tyler? You keep telling me I can't.68 Teya Martin "And that's your answer for everything. he felt torn apart. heart clenching painfully when Tyler's face fell. As long as Mark hadn't said anything. thanks for the reassurance. "Zacky!" Tyler shouted. "You did this to me. stalking out." "Why can't I. You need me. It was almost like he could feel the other man's pain. but when he wasn't. You can't keep pretending you're still normal and sneak back to me when you need me. he felt like he could accept what he was. He knew what he was doing to Tyler. He almost wanted to kneel for his father's punishment. isn't it?" Zacky spat." "Fine. "I can't just not go home or my mom--" "You can't keep doing this. Am I just supposed to sit around waiting for you to need me? Is that it?" Tyler said. damn it!" Tyler shouted." He yanked the door open." Tyler went even paler than normal and took a step backwards. but he couldn't help it. He felt so badly for what he doing to the other man. too. You have a choice. "What about when I need you. Zacky? This isn't all just about you." he whispered. Zacky froze." "Then accept that I have to go. of course. "You fucking bastard. then I choose to go home." he said softly. don't forget.

running to stand in front of their alpha and growling. "It's our business because he's our friend. On his way home through the cemetery. and I will not allow you to keep fucking with him. He walked away. "Maybe not. trying not to feel sick about treating Tyler so badly." Shoulders stiffening. "Nothing. "I just can't deal with anything else right now. but Tyler runs with my pack. "You'd better get your head out of your ass. "You are not my alpha." Matt growled. The bigger man went flying back. and Zacky stared in shock. glancing over. . that's something at least. So much had happened and so much was still going to happen." Zacky snapped.Pack 69 "I know that okay?" Zacky sighed. smashing into the mausoleum. "Not from Tyler?" "No. He was nervous about what he had yet to face at home." he snapped." he said through gritted teeth." "Did you two fight again?" Johnny asked quietly. "and soon. Matt stood slowly and put his hands on their shoulders as he laughed. getting up and walking over. still not turning around. cub." Matt snorted. "Zacky. "Breaking what?" Zacky whispered. He is my friend." "Well." Matt said harshly." Zacky glared at the large man. "Leave me alone. Johnny and Jimmy immediately leapt to their feet. not from Tyler. He couldn't look at the other man or he'd give in. he passed the other three pack members drinking by the mausoleum. or you will have me to deal with. He was starting to lose it. shoving Zacky hard. and soon. He stopped and sighed. Zacky couldn't quite bring himself to ask why 'soon'. "What?" "Did you feed?" "Yes. smacking Matt as hard as he could. "Don't touch me. and Matt was just pushing him closer to the edge. shoulders hunching defensively." "You have to Zacky. Johnny." Matt yelled." Matt said. and you're breaking-” "Quiet." Tyler said softly. "What business is it of yours?" Johnny sighed.

" "Yes. "Where do you think you are going?" Freezing. He walked to the center of the room. at least you're not weak. "Do you think that is acceptable behavior?" "No. Zacky looked up." "Don't be. hoping that she hadn't already been subjected to the same punishment. flinching at the mention of his mother. Soon. sir. boy.70 Teya Martin "Well. He kept his eyes shut. Just remember what I said. . staring in shock." "You bring strangers to church without permission." "You disappear for hours and make your mother worry. I. "They go to my school. Zacky twisted his head slowly. taking off his tie and shirt and neatly folding them.. swallowing nervously at the sight of his father sitting in the study. sir. He removed his belt and presented it with a bowed head." Zacky sighed. locking the door and tiptoeing down the hall towards the basement. sir. "I'm sorry. and you run away from church without being excused." Swallowing hard. not really lying." he said. Lying is a sin. Zacky. Does any of that strike you as acceptable behavior?" "No. you cause a scene in public." Matt said." "Come here. smirking." His father stood and moved the chair out of the way. listening to his father prepare until he realized that he could hear the jangle of his belt buckle." "You know them well enough to introduce them to the minister." "I'm not lying” "Kneel and prepare. Zachariah. sir. Why soon? Why did they all seem to be in such a hurry? He let himself into the house quietly.. beckoning to him." Zacky closed his eyes and knelt. "Who were those boys?" "I don't really know them. "Sir. It had better be soon. Zacky nodded and backed away before turning and running home. staring at him through the door.

"I didn't hear you. arms reaching with clawed hands for Zacky's father. Zacky screamed." Zacky begged. "I'll kill you!" "Tyler. boy. let me go!" Tyler screamed. stop. smell the blood that flowed. and he stared in shock." "He hurt my mate." Swallowing back a protest. "Sir I-” he started. He could feel his back welting. sir. teeth bared in a snarl. splitting his skin instantly. and he growled. Johnny and Jimmy followed quickly. "Be quiet. "Get out of my house. the belt buckle ripping his back apart. "Esther! Call the police. "Thank you. "Matt. his father struck him with the leather end. It wasn't fair. "No. reaching out to his mate. Pain lanced through his nerves as he tried to breathe. face flushed with fury. and he barely held back a cry of pain. The belt hit him again." Zacky whispered. grabbing hold of Tyler." his father thundered. The first blow smashed into him. and he couldn't help but scream. He hadn't used the buckle end in years." "Thank you. It wasn't fair." Zacky whispered. hair and eyes wild. he heard shouting." Zacky managed to grit out. starting forward." "Tyler. All three of them struggled to hold him back as he tried to lunge at Zacky's father. Blood trickled slowly down his back. . He tried not to cry and tried to thank his father. no!" Matt. Zacky closed his eyes and dropped his chin to his chest. You know we can't. the study door burst open. I'll kill you for touching him. "How dare you?" "You fucking asshole.Pack 71 Usually. falling forward onto his hands and shaking helplessly. no." "Tyler." Tyler was actually dragging the other three forward. sir. Tyler. He could feel the wound swelling already. boy. his breathing speeding up apprehensively. trying to push off the floor. He couldn't help crying out at the second and third strikes. Suddenly. As the fourth lash slashed through his skin. Then. "You son of a bitch!" Tyler shouted. we can't risk this kind of exposure. Tyler stood in the doorway.

"You." Then everything went black. lightheaded. Zacky stumbled back. Blood sprayed from Tyler's mouth. his head jerking back as he cried out. the buckle catching him full in the mouth. fury replaced with horror at what he'd done. blood trickling down his chin from his ravaged mouth. "No!" he screamed. Zacky strode over." Zacky breathed.. furious and shocked. eyes shining. "Oh." Zacky snarled. "You do not touch my mate. and he swayed.72 Teya Martin "What?" his father shouted. Fear flashed behind his father's eyes. "Zacky. . and he scrambled to his feet. The pain from his back surged again. Zacky watched in horror as his father lifted an arm and lashed the belt at Tyler." he whispered." Tyler lifted him up into his arms. His father slammed into a bookshelf and fell to the floor unconscious. "What is this?" He stared angrily at Tyler.. His father stared at him. And my son?" Everything suddenly seemed to go in slow motion. blood pumping furiously through his veins. "Good. and Zacky growled. ripping the belt from the old man's hands and grabbing his collar. He lifted his father clear off the floor and threw him across the room. "You chose me. Rage exploded through Zacky. "What did I do?" Tyler smiled.

You knocked him out. "Hot. were not okay. baby. like his brain wasn't quite ready to work. "How can you ask me that? How can you care about him after what he did to you?" "But I--" "He's fine." Lifting a hand wonderingly. The weight shifted forward and soft lips pressed a kiss to his earlobe. "You scared me half to death when you collapsed. yet here Tyler was. His back was stiff and a little sore but not even close to as painful as it should have been. he touched Tyler's undamaged mouth." Tyler said softly with a tiny smile. "What happened?" Moving to the side. His heart pounded fearfully.. "You came to save me and my father hit you.Pack 73 Chapter Eight Consciousness came slowly." Zacky gasped. Tyler turned him so they were facing each other. "You certainly are. "Oh no. You've been unconscious for over a day. Zacky felt confused and hazy. that's all. he did and you saved me. "Didn't he?" "Yeah. looking after him and worrying. He blinked in confusion. "What do you remember?" "I uh. Your back was shredded. swallowing hard. Tyler was lying on top of him. turning his face into the pillow and lifting a hand to bat at whatever was weighing him down." "Tyler?" Zacky opened his eyes in surprise.. He was warm and pressed against the mattress by a weight too heavy to be his covers. . and he drew back a little. You. "Is he okay?" Tyler's eyes darkened with anger." Zacky stared in shock. glancing back awkwardly over his shoulder to meet warm brown eyes. baby. on the other hand." Tyler stopped." Zacky smiled weakly." he muttered. He seemed to do nothing but hurt his mate. throat tight with worry.

black bed in an otherwise empty room." "I thought you said we don't kill. especially if it's your mate. "our saliva heals us faster. looking sad and pained. holding back a snicker of amusement. Zacky kissed his mate back quickly. If someone attacks Pack. "Where's here?" Zacky glanced around at the unfamiliar surroundings. "I'm just glad I got to you before he hurt you more. but." Tyler stopped. "I felt your fear and pain." "We might be or we are?" Zacky asked. "Don't freak out. I couldn't let him hurt you." "I wondered why you hung out in the cemetery all the time.74 Teya Martin "I'm sorry. gently licking over his lips." "Pardon me?" "Haven't you wondered why our bite-marks heal so fast?" "Well. I probably would have." "Why would I freak out?" Zacky asked with a frown." "I said we don't need to kill in order to feed. yeah." Zacky whispered. nodding slowly." He cupped Zacky's cheek and leaned closer. You know that." Tyler looked up and stroked his cheek gently." "Yeah. kissed you. all bets are off." . Smiling." "Did you come after me?" "Not exactly. "Held you. You felt that. I need to protect you. "If Matt and the others hadn't stopped me." Zacky whispered. why doesn't my back hurt?" "I licked your wounds. I went to the cemetery." Tyler stuck his tongue out and tapped it. "Because we might be in a hidden chamber under the mausoleum. It's kind of a bolt hole. "I know." "So you-" "I brought you here." Tyler whispered." "We heal fast anyway. and licked your back until you healed. "We are." "Would you really have killed him?" Tyler sighed. I'm sorry I didn't get to you before he hurt you at all. with bare brick walls and a few candles in sconces. "Tyler. They were lying in a large. yes. You're my mate.

"What does Jimmy do?" Zacky asked softly." "You all look my age yet-” Zacky paused. We use it as a base." Mark said softly. "Well. climbing out of the bed. are you?" Zacky asked. a volunteer. Matt and Johnny are really loud when they fuck after they feed. and Tyler's expression saddened. He was hungry." "I think maybe we should wait for the explanations until after you've fed." "How long?" Zacky asked a little tentatively. We all are until we find our mates. "Here we are. He pulled on a black t-shirt and jeans and shoved his feet into a pair of boots. He didn't have a lot of choice." "Tyler!" "What? They are. "You're not going to bring some sacrificial lamb here for me to feed on. . blinking in realization. leading Mark into the room. Once we turn. We call it turning but it just means maturation. I guess you can't be." Tyler kissed him gently. He will be lonely and incomplete until he finds his mate. but Tyler was right he was weak from the beating. You're weak from the blood loss. Tyler." Releasing his breath shakily. "How long has Jimmy been waiting or how long have I been waiting?" Tyler whispered." "Okay. "I guess both. I'll be right back. "No. He hadn't asked nearly enough questions and didn't know half as much about Tyler as he was sure Tyler knew about him. Frankly.Pack 75 "Not all the time. Zacky. Brown eyes slid away from his face. "Not like he's been waiting long though." Tyler said." Zacky said. feeling a little sick at the thought." "I'm not sure I can move." "It's okay. at least then you have family." "We become fully Pack at twenty-one. sighing helplessly. "Zach." Tyler said. "He feeds by himself. snorting with laughter. that's when we can mate. Tyler laughed." "A what?" "Just wait for me. Tyler forced a smile. You don't have to. Being in a pack helps. that's when we start feeding on blood.

rearing back. "I can't feed from my best friend. Zacky." "I don't really understand what you are. and I want to help. "Mark? What are you doing here. Mark?" "Yes. eyes shining. Tyler." Jaw dropping. "Tyler. He can't possibly know what helping me means. I'm sure." "I'm so sorry. I ran in after them." Mark's face screwed up. moving over and sitting on the bed. Zach. "Why are you guys in such a hurry?" "I will explain everything later. I swear." Tyler said. "I could have helped. "No. I didn't know your father did that to you." "Okay. . baby." Mark said." Mark said hesitantly. "Time for what. please." Zacky sighed. "Don't. what's going on?" "He wants to help. baby. The heat." "No." Zacky sighed." "He wants to help you. I don't understand." "You'd rather feed from someone unwilling?" Tyler said softly. Please feed. Tyler?" Zacky whispered. "That's not fair. you can't ask me to do that." "Let him help you. "But they said you need blood. He wasn't getting any stronger sitting there arguing with both his mate and his best friend." "Are you sure." "Yes." "I never wanted you to know. "I saw Tyler and the others break into your house. Zacky shook his head in disbelief." "Yes. Tyler. scent. I do. We're running out of time. and I saw." Mark whispered." Mark whispered." Zacky gasped. giving in. Why didn't you ever ask for help? You know the minister would have stopped--” "Mom and I just would have gotten into more trouble.76 Teya Martin Zacky stared in shock. "I'm so sorry. and sound of blood from his friend almost overwhelmed him." "Why?" "Because I saw what happened. Zacky.

“Patience. Zacky let go of his friend." Zacky said softly. stretching Zacky wide and making him groan with pained . hips jerking against Zacky's ass." Tyler said." Tyler said softly. Tyler slipped his hand down to his groin." Mark breathed. “You need me." he whispered. He pushed deep in one hard stroke. looking back desperately. He took Mark's arm and met worried blue eyes. He settled back against Zacky. and he slapped Tyler's arm. pulling his ass cheeks apart and plunging into his body. and Mark shifted to sit at the head of the bed." Tyler shuddered. climbing back into bed naked. Groaning. cock pressing against him. Zacky whimpered. Need consumed him. you are my only concern. Zacky lifted his friend's wrist to his mouth and bit down. "Tyler?" "Yeah?" "Fuck me. sucking more blood into his mouth as he swallowed. Mark stared. Mark groaned. Zacky almost wanted to laugh at his friend's expression. taking a moment to slick his cock with the lube he'd acquired from under a pillow. Zacky clamped his lips around the wound. eyes wide with horror. Tyler spooned up behind Zacky.” Tyler murmured. "What are you doing?" "Getting back into bed. He toed off his boots and pulled his tshirt over his head. and kissed the back of his neck. rolling his eyes at his mate. He shrugged as he stripped off his jeans. wrapping his fist around Tyler's cock and slicking the silky skin with saliva. While I'm grateful to Mark." "Okay. "Tyler.Pack 77 "Thank you. eyelids fluttering as his blood gushed into Zacky's mouth. "I won't hurt you. Zacky lifted his head and glanced up at Mark to see that he was unconscious before looking back at his mate. Are you ready?" "Yeah. Tyler bit down on his neck and sucked gently as he eased back. He spat into his hand and reached back. He bent his top leg up and arched back against his mate. Swallowing one last mouthful of blood from Mark's wrist. Zacky turned onto his side. palming his half-hard dick and rubbing it to full erection. He stroked a hand down Zacky's side and under the cover to his hip. Sucking and licking at Zacky's skin. "What?” Tyler said.

"Mmm. thrusting harder and faster into his ass and kissing him deeply as his tongue lapped at Zacky's torn lip. you know. It's not like we're actually here to study. Zacky rocked faster. patting Zacky's thigh as he gave him a quick kiss and got up again." . Pulling away. We're going to want each other most of the time.. fisting his cock tightly. "Too much. Zacky moaned softly. not quite comfortable with the thought. "So good. Tyler shook his head. holding himself deep and filling Zacky with heat. kissing him gently. Tension was tight in his groin and need for his mate was intense and overwhelming. biting hard on his bottom lip and sucking. Aftershocks of pleasure shook Zacky's body until his mate cried out." Tyler mumbled against Zacky's skin. "You know it's okay to have sex without feeding. "Yes. frantically." "I just. and he shivered." Tyler moaned. eyes widening. Then. "We have some self-control. It felt so good. turning his head back so he could kiss his lover. With a groan. Zacky. "We're mated. shuddering as the tension exploded and he came hard. fuck yourself on me. and he jerked back hard. Then he kissed Zacky again. clenching down around the length of cock inside him. Zacky could taste the mix of his cum and blood in Tyler's mouth. he pushed back hard. Tyler pressed hot." he whispered. The pain swept through Zacky." Tyler murmured. and he twisted his torso." Zacky stopped and sighed.78 Teya Martin pleasure. "So good. rocking himself between hand and cock. against Zacky's back as they moved together. desperate to come. slick with sweat. every thrust stabbing him with burning pleasure. sucking kisses up and down Zacky's neck and shoulder. this is just cover. biting at Tyler's lips hard to taste his blood. Zacky rocked his hips forward to push his cock into his mate's hand. groin stirring already. Tyler grabbed Zacky's hip. impaling himself on Tyler's shaft. His chest was solid and slid." He lifted his hand and licked Zacky's cum from his fingers slowly. baby.." Trembling with lust." "Most of the time?" Zacky exclaimed. he shook his head. "Oh fuck yes. "How do you get any work done?" Snickering. Zacky. Zacky.

"So. sneak him in. Why don't you get dressed so we can talk? Your friend brought you some clothes. Taking a deep breath." He nodded over to a small chair behind the bed. half-smiling. He pulled on his clothes again and picked Mark up from the bed. "No. halfgrimacing and looking oddly apologetic which made Zacky feel very nervous. okay?” Tyler interrupted." Matt said. Tyler stared incredulously at him. staring steadily at him. Tyler? What's going on?" "Come sit with us. ." Tyler sighed. drawing him down to sit opposite the other mated pair. “For you. He heard Matt say something about running out of time and started to frown as he walked towards them. He found his way out of the mausoleum before Tyler came back." "Ready for what." Tyler said quietly. There was an opened six pack on the ground next to them. "’Bout fucking time too. Zacky walked to stand beside Tyler. Ty.” “For me?” “Yeah." Matt said with a chuckle. I want an explanation." "Tell me about it. okay? We already explained that to Mark. Watching Tyler disappear with Mark in his arms. "I know. Am I Pack or not?" "You're definitely Pack.Pack 79 “Why are you here then?” Zacky asked. Both men had beers in their hands. "Jimmy's going to drive him home. "But he's made his choice now. and his mate took his hand. explain. “Did you think it was coincidence that we showed up now?” “No but--” “Just let me deal with Mark first. of course. We're nearly ready. His mate was talking to Matt and Johnny who were sitting by a tree." "Do you want a beer?" Johnny asked.” Tyler said with a soft smile. licking the last of the blood from his hand before getting dressed. Tyler looked both relieved and proud. Stop avoiding the question. Zacky shook off the strangest sense of jealousy and got up.

" Zacky snapped. He was nervous and apprehensive." "Know what?" "Everything. "Well. "So?" "Where to start?" Tyler sighed. why not explain why you're in such a hurry." He nipped the blonde’s chin and chuckled as Johnny whined and arched under him. and Zacky isn't Johnny. "Oh no. Matt raised an eyebrow at Tyler. up until recently." Zacky whispered." Tyler stopped and grimaced.. "Yeah. and that." "Hey. Shifting. He had nothing to go back to. and he wanted to know what that meant." "Really?" Johnny looked up at his mate. "Tyler. Matt rolled Johnny over and pinned him to the ground. What's going on?" "You probably realize that there are not very many of us. I want to know.80 Teya Martin "Tyler. we often didn't survive childhood. feeling a little uncomfortable with the other couple's openness.. starting to get frustrated. Zacky cleared his throat. "It means you guys have a different type of relationship than we do." "Yeah. "Is Mark okay?" Zacky asked." Johnny's eyes flashed with mischief. "You're gonna let your mate talk to you like that?" Tyler shrugged. I'm not you. biting off the cap and sucking down a long draught. we aren't born very often and. eyes flicking down. The pack was now his family. "Of course." "Yeah. "I don't have to be submissive?" In the blink of an eye. "You mean. and he grinned. what does that mean?" Johnny exclaimed with a pout." "Yo. especially since he knew now that he had no choice. It sort of turned him on." Matt growled softly. "You okay." Matt said. he's fine. baby?" "Um no. The last fifty to a hundred years have seen more of us survive. still worried about his friend." Jimmy collapsed next to them and picked up a beer. I'd guessed that." "Okay. Every mated pair does. Zacky . "You do. I'm back." Zacky looked around at the pack. "Dude. seriously.

Matt. "You said we're not immortal. biting back a sigh and reaching out to gently touch his mate's thigh." Zacky said. but what's this got to do with more Pack surviving?" "Too many of the newer. murdering bastards?" Jimmy said with a giggle. . but too many are lost to us. "When Tyler's pack was killed. "So you and Matt. vicious. "There have always been Pack who didn't follow the rules..." Tyler murmured.. but we don't grow old. we knew where all the families carrying the line were.. rogue Pack are. "We're not immortal in the sense that we can't be killed. It's a lot easier to discover that you can only survive on blood if someone's there to help you through it.” "Wait. our. The trouble with so many people emigrating from Europe to the new world was that it made it impossible to keep track of Pack. trying to take it all in. Johnny and I took care of him." Tyler sighed. "Subtle. "Well." "Okay. a century or so is recent?" Matt snorted. We find some in time. closing his eyes and swallowing audibly. yeah.Pack 81 tried not to get impatient. love to create fear. It wasn't that recent." Jimmy said with a shrug. "Yes. so that explains why there are two alphas in one pack.. I'm not the baby anymore." Jimmy said emphatically." Matt interjected. Jimmy." Tyler whispered. glancing at Tyler. "Other alphas. "Only for Jimmy. uh. even kill their prey." "Are you calling me a baby?" Zacky exclaimed. but not like rogues. Well. "So." "Who teaches alphas then?" Zacky asked. Alphas would go to new Pack at turning and teach them. I don't really know for how long. What?" Zacky rubbed his forehead. "In the past. "But not rogue Pack. "Blood thirsty." Matt said." Tyler paused. pack?" Zacky asked softly. frowning in confusion." "He turned me." "Shut up. Some love the power. "What? They are. "Just how do you know that? How old are you?" "Old." "Did Pack kill your.. "That what?" "It has created problems. We can live for. confused. and I ran with his pack until I found Johnny." Tyler snapped." Zacky blinked.

" Matt said quietly. When he was turned he focused all that hate on me. but Connor blamed Tyler for the whole thing. "About three hundred years ago." Tyler said softly." Matt snapped." "Jimmy." Matt said. "How long ago did our pack die. "What? I thought we were telling him everything. Tyler lifted his hand and kissed his knuckles gently but didn't reply. so there. who believe that we're evil. we went to war. feeling uncertain." Inhaling shakily. stronger and he was insanely jealous. "Yeah. He stroked Tyler's leg in an awkward attempt to soothe him. I was older." "But why kill our pack?" Zacky asked his mate quietly." "I'm twenty-one." "What happened?" . and he was treated appallingly. Tyler?" Tyler's breath hitched for a moment." "Why?" "I was in charge. and we did. I found Matt and Johnny." "I'm a hundred and forty-six. “Who killed them?” "An alpha named Connor. The alphas are the leaders because. "And you three are older?" "Yeah." Matt said with a firm nod. We can work together more easily than you'd think. "Connor blamed me for Jamie's death. essentially. but Connor could never let it go. Connor completely lost it. they're stronger." "Safety in numbers. and they let me run with them. Zacky stared in disbelief. We fought against one of the larger groups of hunters." "Why?" Zacky whispered. especially to be with a mate. hunters. When they died. His mate kept him balanced but when Jamie died. Any Pack can change who they run with.82 Teya Martin Jimmy laughed. nodding slowly. "There are men. "Many packs lost members. He grew up when the English were invading Ireland. Tyler brought some of the packs together to fight. "Nearly three hundred years ago." Tyler sighed. There were deaths on both sides. "A hundred and forty-six?" "Yeah. It made him hate authority. Pack structure isn't rigid.

Although. "Oh." Zacky stood. bile rising to the back of his throat as pain flared." Jimmy said with a loud snort.Pack 83 "He managed to trap and incapacitate us." "Lucky?" Zacky said. laughing.. his throat tight with emotion. I barely made it out alive. it was just sex. He turned and started to walk away." "Jimmy!" Matt exclaimed." Matt sighed. that's for fucking sure. stroking his hair gently. It's easier that way.. his eyes full of grief. He'd almost accepted his relationship with Tyler because it felt special and unique. he was starting to accept that it was his nature and not a choice. "Yeah. "Mika would have loved him. and he wrapped his arms around his mate. his voice tense and a little choked. Tyler's pain hurt him. I'm so sorry. this isn't what you think.” Zacky stopped and kissed his mate gently. Liebling. but you and I were lucky. He set himself on fire right in front of us. He needed to get away and think. "Not having a mate doesn't stop me from getting horny when I feed." Johnny leaned over to pat Zacky's hand. mated and living on blood. "We were found by our alphas and mated at turning. "Matt?" Johnny murmured. trying to stop him. Tyler. It was going to take a while for him to get his head around it all. eyebrows raising doubtfully. . Now. "Go ahead. "I wish I could. How could he accept this? "Baby. nudging his mate's cheek with his nose gently. "I was the only one. except here he was." "Yeah. He still couldn't get over feeling that it was wrong and that was hard." Tyler whispered." "I just wish you could have met them." Tyler said. He'd thought the whole situation was insane before. "What?" Zacky's heart sank. He still felt guilty and ashamed. “No!” "Dude." Tyler said with a nod. "I know it's a lot to take in." Tears pricked Zacky's eyes. looking up at his mate. and now Tyler doesn't fuck me. He almost didn't believe it. it seemed it wasn't. trembling with confusion and uncertainty. The big alpha nodded. but this was huge." Tyler said.

" "Shut up." Growling loudly. just two friends trying to ward off the pain and loneliness of not having a mate. It's nothing like what we have. still following him. "He fucked Matt too." "Zacky." "Just leave me alone." "And Matt?" "I haven't had sex with Matt for three hundred and fifty years. Strong arms slipped around his chest. you stupid asshole. "I've never had sex with anyone else. yanked him close and grabbed his face. "Jimmy and I were lonely. wrapping his arms around his chest and suddenly feeling very alone. nuzzling Zacky's neck gently." Tyler sighed. Zacky gasped in shock. Zacky kept walking. heading for the path.84 Teya Martin "What do I think it is?" He shoved Tyler away and carried on walking. Being unmated doesn't stop you from needing sex." Tyler whispered. stop. "Something that's more than it was." Jimmy called after them." "Baby. Being mated is special. "Listen to me. "It's not what you think. He's right. simple and uncomplicated. stop. Shaking his head. He gasped helplessly." Tyler sighed." Tyler shouted. I know you feel it." Tyler whispered. "Baby. It's a big fucking deal to Zacky. "Where are you going to go?" Zacky sped up. It's no big deal. "It was just sex. We kept track of your family." "I wouldn't know. "Zacky." Tyler said. following after him. bowing his head. "I don't care as long as it's away from you. We stopped having sex when we came here for you. don't say that. Jimmy. we just fucked. and he couldn't even struggle. completely unable to resist the command no matter how hard he tried." Zacky whispered. . Right now!" Zacky froze. You can't tell me you don't. Tyler spun him around. You don't see Johnny spazzing out." "Really?" "Really.

He rubbed his cheek up the length of Zacky's cock. until he found Johnny. "God. but I was alone for a long time. just barely kissing him and making him shiver." Tyler said with a rueful smile." Zacky whispered. He needed reassurance. "You're my mate." "Yes. "It's not even about that." Tyler whispered. baby. He hasn't touched anyone else since they first met." Zacky breathed. and he kissed Zacky again.Pack 85 "Nothing we've done together was just sex." "How long have they been mated?" "Three hundred and fifty years." "I just don't understand. kissing him again and backing them both into the shadows until they hit a tree. baby. "I just can't imagine wanting anyone else. and warmth. Zacky groaned." Tyler whispered." Tyler whispered against his lips. It's about craving contact. "As long as you and he-” "Yes. Tyler's eyes lit up with a smile. Zacky. and he needed to feel warm and complete again. "Show me that I'm yours." Zacky admitted. biting his lip and flushing as he realized the truth of what he'd just admitted. "Matt fucked everyone who didn't have a mate and a few humans too. nuzzling Zacky's crotch and inhaling deeply. and you're mine. pushing up into a hard kiss. staring down at his . Zacky. You can't expect me to have been a monk. "I'm yours. You know that's true or you wouldn't have reacted like this. "Tyler." Tyler slid down his body to his knees. He doesn't have eyes for anyone else." He stroked Zacky's face gently. I'm never going to want or need anyone else now that we're together. Tyler's tongue quickly possessed Zacky's mouth as he leaned in and rocked against his rapidly hardening cock. tugging open Zacky's pants and yanking them down along with his underwear. I can't imagine wanting anyone else either. Zacky. "Now that we're mated. I haven't wanted anyone but you since I first laid eyes on you. I love your scent. turning his head to lick over the tip. tugging him up until their mouths brushed together. meeting darkened brown eyes. and empathy. loosening his grip on Zacky's ace and kissing him quickly." Tyler sighed." Tyler smiled and slid his hand around the back of Zacky's neck.

walking slowly through the cemetery back to where the other three were waiting. that's so hot. bucking hard into Zacky's fist. tongue sliding deep to taste himself in his mate's mouth. smiling softly and standing up. dark hair and slid his thumb over the head of Tyler's cock. Tyler!" Zacky cried out. slim lips parted over the head of Zacky's cock. They did up their pants and took each other's hands again. Zacky slid down the tree. Brown eyes stared up at him. baby. He wrapped his fist around his dripping cock. It was so similar to Tyler's blood. Tyler. scratching. Will you come back?" "Yes. "Oh fuck. shaking helplessly. harder. Zacky lifted his hand. Zacky slipped his free hand into long. Then. quickly sucking his mate's seed from his fingers and moaning happily at the bittersweet flavor. and faster with each stroke until Zacky was panting and writhing desperately. thick fluid slid over his tongue and down his throat. he had to touch his cock. Zacky. working Zacky's shaft with lips and tongue. jacking himself. twisting his hand around the shaft. up. standing up. He held out his hand. resting his knees on his mate's thighs as he batted Tyler's hand away and fisted his gorgeous. Tyler sucked and swallowed. down. warm and full of desire. sucking him into wet heat that slid quickly down his shaft. and Zacky groaned at the stirring of lust in his groin." Zacky gasped. his hips rocking as he pushed his cock through Zacky's hand urgently. I--" Tyler stopped abruptly and leaned forward to kiss him again quickly. and Tyler's beautiful. "Oh. Tyler's hands roamed down Zacky's chest.86 Teya Martin mate. "Thank you. "Oh. sitting on his heels and ripping his pants open. Tyler groaned loudly. his back arching and his whole body shuddering as he sucked on Zacky's bleeding tongue. stroking. he bit down on his own tongue." Zacky whispered. Tyler swallowed and pulled back. Tyler looked so beautiful. "God." Tyler whispered. kissing and panting into his mouth. Moaning. and Tyler took it. pulling back and licking his lips. pleasure rocketing through his body as he spurted cum down his mate's throat. coming all over his hand. his cock jerking needily as pleasurable pressure built quickly in his groin. thick cock tightly. and gripping his hips. He stroked hard and fast and leaning in to kiss Tyler. He came hard. The silky. . and so much a part of his mate's essence that it filled him with a sense of completion. Tyler cried out.

shut up. stroking Johnny's blond hair gently." "Jimmy. making him stiffen." Tyler said with a snort." Matt said. is it?" Jimmy said. "Besides." Zacky couldn't help watching the pair. Sit down. you saw what he had to overcome." Zacky managed with a nod." "I mean it was just sex. loving and completely unashamed. We could be discovered. Tyler sat and tugged gently at Zacky's hand until he sat next to him. "That's okay." Matt glared at Zacky. you really need to learn when to be quiet. "I guess I'll make do with beer." Jimmy said with a nod. "Ow!" "Enough.” "Chéri. pouting at them. "What kind of plans?" "We have to move on." Johnny sighed. "I really didn't think it was a big deal." Jimmy sighed. preferably stuffed in your big fucking mouth. twisting around and laying his head in Matt's lap. He couldn't quite imagine being that comfortable in front of other people. "That would be fucking awesome. "You both need to lighten up is all I'm saying. "You know we didn't plan to stay this long. "Jimmy." Tyler bent and cuffed the back of Jimmy's head." Matt snorted and shook his head. frowning. we're .Pack 87 "Dude. "Yeah. "Discovered by whom?" Zacky asked. "Is everyone done now? We have plans to make. Matt and Johnny snickered. "Okay already." Jimmy mumbled." Matt snapped. He clutched at his mate who looked like he was about to shout." "Plans?" Zacky said. you know?" "Okay. "I know. "Why move on?" "Most packs choose to roam. "What I need is cock. and the risk of being seen feeding. "I said shut up." Jimmy muttered. demonstrative. and Zacky felt his cheeks heat up in horror and humiliation." Johnny said softly. Liebling." Matt said." Matt sighed." Tyler said softly. “We only came here to get you. I'm really sorry. "We've stayed here far longer than we should have already. It's not like you didn't make up. It helps to avoid the hunters and the rogue Pack.

but Tyler caught his arm and held him down. "No then?" "Apparently not. it's-" Matt paused." “I don't interfere with your pack. "And his word is law because he can compel you to do whatever he says. of course" Johnny said softly." Tyler started. Zacky blinked and turned his head slowly to glare at his mate. that's all. "Hey. Your only loyalty is to your pack. Tyler." "Yeah. completely infuriated." Matt added firmly." Tyler whispered. "Would that be Tyler or you. Matthias. "Don't you start with me." Jimmy said with a firm nod. "Baby. . "I wouldn't just-” "You just did." Tyler snapped. if he wants to. "Alpha's word is law. "Your alpha is Tyler." "What are the rules?" "Pack is family. Matt's bottom lip protruded further and he grimaced and nodded. giggling. in my case?" Zacky asked." Tyler sighed. Not even God would take away my free will.88 Teya Martin always checking on new Pack. "I was under the impression that you deferred to Matt." "So you thought it was okay to force me to stay?" Zacky exclaimed." He tried to get up. how can you even ask that?" Rolling his eyes. "Do you two ever stop arguing?" Matt sighed. "sorta true." "Oh really? Is that what he told you?" Tyler cocked his head and looked at his friend. Zacky couldn't help a snort of laughter." Jimmy said. pouting slightly. Besides. that's not exactly what I said. arching an eyebrow.” Tyler said firmly. "Is that what you did to me just now?" Tyler flushed and shrugged. but usually only crappy alphas do that. We help them transition when they turn and teach them the rules. "I just needed you to listen so I could explain. "Only because you wouldn't stop walking away. "He's got you there.

"Oh right. closing his eyes. How can you take what choice I have left away from me?" "That's not fair." Tyler huffed out a breath. “I don't have a choice in any of this." Zacky said again." Zacky said." Zacky whispered. Tyler. and you think I have power over you. "Tyler. "You just have to say please. I can't lose that." "I know. It's always me who's unfair. I tried to help you through this." "You do. Zacky." . "That's not fair. "Excuse us.Pack 89 "This isn't a joke." Tyler nodded and lifted his head. "I know." Tyler whispered. I swear to you. not quite a laugh." Matt snapped. I swear." "I could have forced you through all of this. "Stop fighting this." Tyler growled. dragging Zacky with him. Just--" He stopped and shook his head. "Really?" "Yes." Zacky snapped." Zacky sighed. trying to wrench his arm free." Tyler whispered. "Free will was granted by God. managing a small smile. Tyler." Climbing onto the bed. his eyes darkening before he looked away. "If you hate to hurt me. "Please." "Where are we going?" Zacky asked. I'll never compel you to do anything against your will. "We haven't got time for this. You know how much I need you. his eyes so dark they were almost black." "Stay out of it. "None of us have a choice. I tried to give you time that we don't have to accept it. "I know. He got to his feet. It hurt him to hurt Tyler but he pressed on anyway. burying his face in Zacky's neck. Tyler pinned Zacky down. and smiled. glaring at the other alpha. tentatively sliding his hand through his mate's hair. Tears sprang to his eyes as he felt his mate's pain wash over him. This is who we are. "Or don't I get a choice in that either?" Tyler dragged him into the room below the mausoleum and threw him on the bed." He let go of Zacky's arms and lay on top of him." Zacky said softly. "God. but I didn't. you need to control your mate. why do you keep doing it?" "You can't force me to do something against my will.

squeezing his mate's fingers. can you please try and accept what you are?" Zacky smiled and lifted his head to kiss his mate.90 Teya Martin "Then." Tyler kissed him back and pushed himself off the bed. and he's got a temper. He worries. "Let's go. holding out his hand. baby." Tyler said. . Tyler glanced at him and chuckled." "Thank you. "I hadn't noticed. Zacky took it and got up. and don't mind Matt." Zacky said with a snort. "I'll do my best.

odd ones here and there. "But they think we're all the same. "Rule three." Matt growled." Tyler sighed. burying himself in his mate's arms." Tyler said shortly. Unfortunately. Johnny made a quiet whining noise and turned." "Hunters?" Zacky asked softly." Johnny bowed his head and tilted it away from his mate. "Pardonnez-moi. "Yes.Pack 91 Chapter Nine They rejoined the others who stared at them slightly warily." "Why?" "Because they think we're evil. Let's go back to the dorms. there's also a highly organized group of militant fanatics who are trying to exterminate us. ." Tyler said quietly. I don't think you're helping. We'll come get you at dawn." "The fewer humans who know about us the better. "Johnny. dude. nuzzling his neck gently. Pack light. exposing a small tattoo just under his ear of the letter M. "There are already too many who do. "Drama much?" Matt snorted. "They're not far wrong with some packs." Jimmy said with a grimace. Matt leaned over and nipped Johnny's skin. "Let's finish with the rules and get ready to leave." "Come on." "Chéri. Zacky felt a wave of sadness sweep over him. Matt rested his cheek on Johnny's blond hair and stared steadily at Tyler and Zacky.we do not kill our prey or risk exposure unless we are defending ourselves or the pack. mon amour. "Don't." Matt said." Johnny said softly. as they put it." "About time.

Tyler?" He pulled away from his mate to look at him quizzically. . He wanted his mother to have the chance to at least meet Tyler so she'd know who he was leaving with. "No. Zacky?" "I need to see my Mom before we go. she's a lovely mom." he whispered. "Come in with me. picking up the beer and empty bottles. She was still staring into space. but he couldn't just abandon his mother without some sort of explanation. She looked pale and sad." Tyler kissed his forehead and stood. "We'll see you tomorrow. "Come on then. Inexplicably. "Do you want me to wait for you?" Tyler whispered. holding back a chuckle." Zacky said. "Are you sure you want to go back there?" "I have to see her." Quietly. There was nothing in his old life that couldn't be left behind." Tyler nuzzled Zacky's neck gently and wrapped his arms around him. except his mother and Mark. "Tyler?" "What is it. "No. Tyler. They slipped around back." Zacky said softly." Tyler lifted a hand to give them a brief wave and stroked his hair." "Okay. His mother was sitting at the table. I have to say goodbye. I'm sorry. "No. Zacky knew he couldn't do it alone. The other three got up. "Are you scared of meeting my mother?" "Scared?" Tyler looked put out and shook his head.92 Teya Martin "I haven't anything to pack. pulling Zacky up with him. He knew Mark would understand that he had to leave. It hurt to see." "Sure?" "I'm sure." "Thank you. and that made him feel unbelievably sad. and they slipped inside. he unlocked the back door. baby." "Of course not. "Oh. of course not. His mother hadn't moved or heard them." Zacky let his mate take his hand and lead him out of the cemetery to his parents' home." He wouldn't miss anything he left behind." "Is she a scary kind of mom?" Zacky almost laughed. and he peered into the kitchen window. "We have to do it now.

. unable to help smiling at his mate. It made Zacky's heart ache. filling with emotions like happiness. he's asleep. I have to say goodbye." "Baby?" "Tyler and I." Tyler said. leaning up to hug her. "You knew?" "No. and I wanted you meet Tyler so you would know I'm not alone. Mom. Tyler's breath hitched quietly.." He pulled back and stared at her. baby. "Tyler's my. "I promise." Zacky sighed." "I'll take care of him." She sighed. You can't help how you were born. "You wanted to kill my husband." "Don't be.Pack 93 "Mom?" Zacky said softly. "Oh." she breathed. your grandmother told me that you weren't human." . We have to leave town." "You two are together?" "Yes. and a touch of fear. not exactly." "Don't be afraid." "We have to. who would?" "Nobody these days. "I'm afraid I can't control my reaction to that." "Tyler. She looked up at Tyler and fear entered her eyes again. darling. I mean." Tyler said with a grimace. "Is father around?" "No. sadness. but it's true. Mom. taking her hand. Mom. "Mom. "I'm sorry. "Did I hurt him?" "Not like he hurt you." Zacky cleared his throat nervously.. "I just wanted to say goodbye. "Zach. tears trickling slowly down her cheeks." Zacky whispered." "Oh." "He was hurting Zacky." Tyler said quietly." he whispered. "I'm sorry." she whispered. He won't hurt you. but I didn't believe her. her eyes widening." Zacky breathed out in relief.. we are." He let go of Tyler's hand and knelt down in front of her. She looked at him. no. my darling. I have to protect him. listen. "When you were born. well.

. I always knew you were special. she smiled and looked at Tyler. tugging him closer." "You will stay in touch. darling. and back onto campus." "How did she know?" "She said her uncle was the same way. Tyler let go of Zacky's hand and slid an arm around his waist instead." Tyler said with a firm nod. too. Zacky took Tyler's hand and let his mate lead him away." "I love you." Zacky said." "We're not evil." She stood and held out her arms. She was scared. "My darling boy. Mom. They walked slowly through the cemetery. Zacky wanted to tell his mom to leave too. There was no point." With a sigh. he wasn't concerned with anyone seeing them together. She bent forward to hug Zacky. She twisted her head to kiss his cheek again. "When you see Mark. "Some of us are bad. but we're not inherently evil.94 Teya Martin "Thank you. Somehow." He got to his feet. barely holding back tears. "Love is never a sin. Pulling away. half leaning against him as they walked." "When do you leave?" "At dawn. leaning into his mate for comfort. across the park. Mom." she whispered tearfully. Zach. Love you. won't you?" "Of course I will. "I'm holding you to your promise. "I love you. Zacky stiffened in shock." she whispered in his ear." "I know. Zacky?" "I guess. just like humans. Mom. kissing his cheek. Tyler put an arm around him. ma'am. will you tell him I said goodbye and thank you?" "Yes. even if I didn't quite believe my mother." Tyler sighed. of course." "Thank you. but it was pointless. "I know because I know my son." "I won't let you down." she said. Zacky took comfort in the solid heat of his mate's strong body. He knew she wouldn't leave his father." "Love you too. He pulled away from Tyler to hug her again. but I don't know why. "Ready to go.



They were leaving in the morning. Besides, no one could judge him any more than he'd already judged himself. "I'm sorry, baby," Tyler said suddenly. "Why?" "Because I know how much it hurts to lose your mother." "Does it stop hurting?" "Not really." Tyler tugged him to a stop and pulled him into a hug, smoothing Zacky's hair back with one hand. "I'm glad you had one good parent, though." "She did her best," Zacky whispered, swallowing back tears with difficulty. "Considering." "I know." Sighing softly, Tyler bent his head and kissed him. A soothing, gentle brush of lips met Zacky’s mouth, and fingers clutched at his hair. "See, I told you they were fucking queers." Zacky pulled back with a gasp, and they both looked around. The jock they'd recently fed from was standing and sneering at them along with four other jock types. "Crap," Tyler sighed. "We really have been here too long." The five men moved slowly around them, and Tyler pushed Zacky behind him. "Back off, guys. We're not doing anything to you." "Aw, look. He's trying to protect his bitch." The men laughed, and Zacky's heart started to pound, adrenaline pumping his blood hard. "Baby, try not to hurt them too bad, okay?" Tyler said softly. "Hurt us?" They laughed harder. Then, suddenly, three of them lunged at Tyler. Fury erupted through Zacky's body. "No!" Zacky screamed, starting after his mate. One of the other two jocks grabbed his arm and spun him around, punching him in the mouth. The taste of his own blood and the rush of pain filled him with strength. He stormed forward, smashing his fist into his attacker's jaw. The jock went flying backwards. Zacky turned, growling angrily at the sight of Tyler fighting against the other three. The fifth man ran at Zacky and jumped on his back, trying to punch him in the face with one hand and throttling him with the other.


Teya Martin

Tyler roared, throwing two of the men back and head butting the third. The two men he'd shoved leapt at Tyler, and Zacky gasped in pain as he felt Tyler's shoulder get wrenched out of its socket. Zacky pulled at his attacker's arm and bit down, tearing through the skin and moaning in ecstasy as blood spurted hotly into his mouth. He swallowed quickly until the jock on his back collapsed. Then, he ran at the other two, who Tyler was having more trouble with because only one of his arms was working properly. "Watch out," one of the attackers grunted. Another let go of Tyler and spun around, catching Zacky in the face. Zacky fell back. "No!" Tyler straightened up. He grabbed the jock who was still attacking him and lifted him off the ground. "You do not touch my mate," he thundered, eyes flashing with fury. "Jesus," the man standing over Zacky whispered, fear thick in his voice. Tyler threw the man who attacked Zacky into the side of a dorm building, where he slid to the ground and remained unconscious. Then, Tyler turned and glared at the last man standing. Tyler put his hand on his loosely hanging arm and shoved it up. His shoulder snapped back into its socket. "You." Tyler shot forward, moving several feet in the blink of an eye, and punched the last guy square in the chest, sending him flying. "Do not touch my mate," he whispered. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head and crouched next to Zacky. "Zacky," he breathed, lifting a hand hesitantly. "Are you okay?" Zacky whispered, taking his mate's hand and instinctively tugging it to his mouth to lick the bloodied knuckles. Tyler groaned, watching him wide-eyed, mouth open as he panted. "Yeah," Tyler whispered. "We should get inside." "Shouldn't you," Zacky paused, unable to quite believe what he was going to say. "Shouldn't you feed?" He frowned suddenly, realizing something. "Tyler, when was the last time you fed?" "I don't know. A couple days ago." The protective instinct that had kicked in during the attack flared again. Zacky pushed himself up, grabbing the foot of one of the unconscious men. "Feed." "We have to get out of here, Zacky."



"We're getting out of here at dawn. Feed now," he snapped. Slim lips curved into a soft smile, as Tyler leaned up to kiss him hard and fast. "Who's the alpha around here?” Zacky couldn't help a chuckle, and he shook his head. "Act like one, Ty." Tyler's breath hitched, and he leaned up to kiss Zacky again. The kiss was so tender it made Zacky's heart swell with emotion, and he whimpered softly, clasping Tyler's face and kissing back a little desperately. "Mmm, Zacky," Tyler whispered against his lips. Zacky pulled back with a gasp and looked away, cheeks flushing with shame, as he realized that it wasn't feeding or blood that precipitated his need for Tyler. He simply needed Tyler- needed to touch, kiss, hold, and have sex with him. He had no excuses to hide behind anymore, and his lack of horror filled him with guilt all over again. "Feed, Tyler," he said. Sighing, Tyler lifted the jock's arm and bit into his wrist, swallowing down blood quickly and noisily. Then he shoved the man away and stood up. “Let's go.” “Okay,” Zacky said, wincing with pain as he stood. “You're hurt.” “I'll be fine,” Zacky said. He licked his split lip and Tyler's eyes darkened. Zacky swallowed hard, need filling him. He slid his tongue over his lip again. "Zacky," Tyler growled softly. Zacky smiled. Tyler bent his head, smashing his mouth onto Zacky's. His tongue plunged deep and his teeth bit Zacky's lips, making him groan and pant with desire. Lust weakened his knees. He melted against his mate's strong body, kissing and rubbing his hardening cock against Tyler's groin. Tyler lifted his head, eyes dark and indecipherable, as his lips parted, and he panted for breath. "How do you feel now?" "A bit better," Zacky whispered. “I think I need more.” Making an incredible, strangled growling noise, Tyler hauled Zacky into his arms, carrying him far too easily and running fast up to the room. He slammed the door shut behind them and threw Zacky on the bed.


Teya Martin

"Get your clothes off, Zacky," Tyler murmured, stripping out of his own. He was so gorgeous- pale, and strong bodied, all lean muscle and smooth skin. Tattoos decorated his chest and arms, some faded, some colorful. Zacky sighed, his cock pushing painfully at his zipper. Tyler had already seen him naked and Zacky could feel how much his mate wanted him, but he suddenly felt painfully shy and inadequate. He hesitated despite his own want and need. Why would someone like Tyler want someone like him? "Zacky?" Tyler sat on the bed and stroked Zacky's lips gently. "What's wrong?" "Why choose me for a mate?" "Oh." Tyler sighed and took Zacky's hand. "It doesn't exactly work like that." That made Zacky feel worse. "So you didn't choose me," he whispered. "I didn't say that, Zacky." Tyler licked his lips slowly, staring with a hint of wariness in his eyes. "It isn't a conscious choice. It's a connection between us. We choose each other. It's a little like the way an alpha and his pack connect, but on a much deeper level." "Deeper?" Tyler pressed Zacky's hand against his chest. "I feel you inside me all the time. We're connected here. You make my heart beat faster, just looking at you. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you. I'd never seen anyone so beautiful. Realizing that you were mine, I've never been so happy." "Until you actually met me, huh?" Zacky whispered with a slightly bitter laugh. "I wouldn't change anything, Zacky," Tyler said softly, lifting his hand and kissing his fingertips. Zacky's heart tightened. "Even though I hurt you and fight with you all the time?" "You wouldn't be you if you just did whatever I said, baby. I wouldn't want a mate who did," Tyler said with a sigh. "I just want you." Tyler tugged Zacky closer, kissing him with utmost tenderness, his tongue lapping gently at Zacky's bruised, split lip. His fingers slipped up Zacky's chest and unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders. The pads of his fingertips stroked gently over Zacky's chest. Zacky gasped in shock as his nipples tightened under the firm touch of his mate's fingers. Desire flooded his body.



Tyler's tongue slid over his lips and up his cheek, licking a small cut. Tyler's lips pressed to his skin for a brief kiss before he licked lower, over a tender spot on his jaw. His fingers moved lower, unbuttoning and unzipping Zacky's slacks as he pushed inside to stroke Zacky's cock. Zacky couldn't help a moan of want and desire. His fingers clutched at Tyler's neck and shoulders as he reacted to the gentle ministrations of his mate's mouth and fingers. Tears trickled from his eyes, and he pulled Tyler up, kissing him urgently, rocking helplessly into his palm. "What's wrong?" Tyler asked, pulling back to frown at Zacky in concern. "Nothing," Zacky whispered. "Just make me come, please." Tyler nodded, sadness filling his gaze for a second before he bent his head to kiss and suck gently on Zacky's bottom lip. Tyler's fingers curled around his mate's cock, stroking harder as his thumb and forefinger teased the head. Zacky shuddered. Pleasure burned through his gut, down to his groin, and he jerked his hips, rocking his dick through his mate's hand. Tyler's touch was so good. Zacky's skin tingled. He was so needy. It was insane how much he wanted and needed Tyler. He'd almost thought of himself as asexual before and now, suddenly, he could barely survive without his mate's touch. Gasping, he arched up, shocks of pleasure coursing through him as he came and spurted over Tyler's hand. "Baby," Tyler breathed, burying his face in Zacky's neck. "MäMä rakastan sua." His hand eased from Zacky's pants and dropped to his own crotch. He fisted his cock to stroke himself hard and fast, sucking gently on Zacky's neck. Zacky pulled away to stare, licking his lips as he watched Tyler's strong hand working his cock, pre-cum dribbling over split and bloodied knuckles. It was too much. He slid off the bed to kneel between Tyler's legs, leaning in to lick over his mate's hand. The sweetness of his blood and the tang of pre-cum filled Zacky's mouth, and he groaned, lapping eagerly at Tyler's knuckles and over the head of his cock. "Yes, fuck," Tyler gasped. "So good." Moaning quietly, Zacky wrapped his hand around Tyler's fist and put his lips around the head of his mate's cock, sucking as they both stroked him hard.

"Coming. hips rocking jerkily. His softened cock was nestled against dark. wiry hair. Easing back. but I'm up for you licking me anywhere you want." Zacky said quietly." he said with a quiet sigh. Isn't that enough?" Swallowing audibly. baby. When he let himself out. he found Tyler lying on the bed. uh. He looked thoughtful and sad. you're not. curling up against his mate who pulled him onto his chest. "I'm fine. Tyler glanced at him and smiled. Tyler nodded. baby. Zacky pushed himself to his feet." Tyler said with a teasing grin. Not quite managing a smile. Thick. nuzzling into his neck. holding out a hand. he laid his head on his mate's thigh. Tyler?" "Not really. Zacky stripped off his clothes and slid into the bed." "Don't. he still needed to relieve his bladder. please just leave it alone. baby. . and he swallowed with a happy sigh. hot cum filled Zacky's mouth." "I can't do that. Not when I can feel your sadness. "Are you hurt anywhere. "I just need. fuck." Tyler sighed. sighing again when Tyler gently stroked his hair. It fills me. He peed quickly. and Zacky stared sorrowfully. "No." "Tyler. "I'm going with you. using Tyler's toothbrush to freshen his mouth." A little hesitantly but unquestioningly. "Come to bed.100 Teya Martin "Ah fuck. baby. While he hadn't emptied his bowels since he'd started feeding on blood." Zacky sucked harder as Tyler arched and shuddered. then washed his hands and face. staring up at the ceiling. still completely naked. rubbing his nose gently against Zacky's neck and licking his skin soothingly. Zacky.” Tyler groaned. "I wish you'd talk to me. arms crossed behind his head." He pointed at the other door and quickly locked himself into the tiny ensuite. Zacky closed his eyes and held on tightly.

. leaning farther over to lick his ear gently then moving back slightly to lick along his shoulder." "What?" Tyler snapped. turning over to press a soft. The thought that Tyler was apparently grooming him should have disgusted him. "What the fuck is your problem now?" Zacky reared back in shock at his mate's reaction." “I beg your pardon?" "I said I'll buy you whatever you want once we get away." Tyler murmured. I'll stop. I just." "I haven't showered in two days. "Morning. wet tongue lapping slowly and thoroughly over the back of his neck. as he felt the sensation of a hot. Why don't you take a quick shower?" Perversely. "What are you doing?" "Enjoying you. apologetic kiss to Tyler's lips. Zacky shivered. All he could do was tip his head forward to give his mate more room. not quite of complaint. "Fine. groaning low in his throat." "No.. but it felt so good. skin tingling with warmth." he said quietly. pushing himself up. . I heard you. Zacky felt disappointed by his mate's withdrawal and bit back a sigh. I'll go shower. "I'll buy you whatever you want once we get away. soothing and filling him with a sense of connection. but Tyler grabbed his wrist. "I haven't got any clean clothes." "I'll lend you some underwear and a clean shirt for now." Tyler lapped over the knob of bone at the base of his neck and down to his other shoulder." Tyler said. "Nothing. He got up.Pack 101 Chapter Ten He woke with a moan. Never mind. "Have we got time for this?" Tyler groaned and pulled back. my beautiful mate." "You didn't mind when it was your cock I was licking.


Teya Martin

"Wait, I'm sorry. What is it?" "I haven't got anything," Zacky whispered. "Zacky, that doesn't matter. You're my mate. What's mine is yours. I've been around a long time. Don't you think I'm pretty well off?" He blinked at Tyler. “Really?” “Yes,” Tyler said with a soft laugh. “I know it doesn't look like it right now, but we all have money. Centuries of savings and investments build up, you know.” "But I can't contribute." "That's okay. We've got all the time in the world for that." "Okay." Zacky managed a smile, and Tyler let him go. **** After a quick shower, he dressed in the clothes Tyler had left out for him, while his mate showered in his turn. Tyler had packed up his clothes and a few bits and pieces into a backpack and duffel bag and, by dawn, they were waiting for the others to come around. There was a knock, and they got up to answer the door. "Come on. The sooner we get out of here the better." Matt made an abrupt gesture and walked off. "He's not a morning person," Johnny said with an apologetic grimace. "Come on," Matt yelled from down the corridor. "We're coming, dear," Johnny sighed, starting after his mate. "Are you sure it's not the fact that you didn't come this morning that's making him crabby?" Jimmy said with a snort. "How would you know that?" Jimmy laughed, "My room's right next to yours. You, my friend, are a screamer." Johnny smiled a little dreamily and nodded. "Yeah, true, but he just does me so good. Mmm." Zacky flushed and ducked his head, trying not to get embarrassed and failing miserably. Tyler shifted the bags and slid an arm around his waist. "Don't pay any attention to them. They talk about sex more than girls." "Girls talk about sex?" Zacky asked hesitantly. "Honey, you have no idea," Tyler said with a snort.



Zacky glanced at his mate. "Honey?" Tyler cleared his throat. "You never said anything about me calling you baby." "You always called me baby. I suppose I didn't think about it." Tyler frowned, looking a little upset. "I can stop." Zacky stared at his mate. Tyler had called him baby from the beginning and, for some reason, he'd never really questioned why. He'd just accepted it. The thought of Tyler stopping made him feel terrible. He swallowed against the sudden lump in his throat. "I don't want you to stop." Tyler smiled shyly. "Thank you." "Come on, come on, bags in the trunk. Let's go," Matt said, snapping his fingers at them. "Chill out, Matt," Jimmy sighed. "Johnny, can't you do something?" "Like what?" "I don't know. Blow him or something." "Jimmy, shut the fuck up and get in the car," Matt snapped. "I could blow you if you want me to, chéri," Johnny said, his lips curving up into a grin, eyes twinkling. "Oh right. While I'm driving?" "Wouldn't be the first time," Jimmy said with a giggle. "Yeah, and if you'll recall, we got pulled over last time. Johnny was blowing me and Tyler was fucking you in the backseat." "Yeah," Jimmy snorted, biting his lip, trying not to laugh out loud. Zacky stared at them, flushing in shock, trying to ignore the small surge of jealousy in the pit of his stomach. He knew there was nothing between Tyler and Jimmy now, and knew there hadn't been anything between them other than companionship, but Tyler was his mate. The thought of someone else touching him made Zacky want to hit something. Tyler smiled at Zacky, stroking his arm from shoulder to wrist, then taking his hand. "Easy, baby," he whispered, threading their fingers together. Despite the intimacy of the gesture, Zacky couldn't bring himself to pull away. He enjoyed the feeling of closeness even though he was still finding it hard to accept.


Teya Martin

"I don't want to get arrested again," Matt said, raising his eyebrows at Jimmy. "Even if..." Johnny smiled. "You do want me to blow you." Matt sighed. "When do I ever not want you to, mein Herz?" "Je t'aime, chéri," Johnny said softly, leaning up to kiss him gently. Zacky blinked, shock trickling through his whole body as he stared at the pair in realization. They were actually in love with each other. They weren't together just because they were mated. They loved each other. They were two men who were in love, a concept he'd never accepted before. "Look, if it'll sweeten your temper, why don't you two get in the back?” Tyler said. “I'll drive." "Really?" Matt half-smiled, half-leered. "Yes, come on. Let's actually get going, shall we?" The car was a large convertible with bench seats so it was easy enough for Zacky and Jimmy to sit in the front with Tyler, leaving the back free for Matt and Johnny. He couldn't quite believe they were actually going to have sex in the car, in front of them, but he didn't say anything. He just got in beside his mate and let Jimmy squash him in on the other side. Tyler started the engine and pulled away, and Zacky looked back with a pang of sadness. He'd never left his hometown in his entire life and, now, it seemed unlikely he'd ever return. There was no turning back now. He was Pack. He was Tyler's, and Tyler was his. Sighing, he rested his head on his mate's shoulder and put a hand on his thigh. "I know, baby," Tyler said softly. He twisted his head quickly to kiss Zacky's hair. A soft moan from behind them startled Zacky, and he couldn't stop himself from glancing back. Matt and Johnny were kissing passionately. Johnny had opened Matt's pants and was stroking his short, thick cock with a tight grip, fingers only reaching about half way around, thumb swirling over the head. Flushing with shock and embarrassment, Zacky looked away again, pressing his thighs together tightly at the stirring of desire. Having sex with Tyler was one thing, and he could just about cope with the fact that he enjoyed it, but he could not watch two other men and get aroused.



Jimmy, apparently, had no such qualms, leaning over the back to watch, rubbing his crotch slowly. "Tyler," Zacky whispered. "Are they really going to--" "Yes," Tyler said softly. "I know you're uncomfortable, but it really is a case of 'the sooner you get used to it, the better'." "Okay," Zacky said reluctantly. He closed his eyes tightly, his head still on his mate's shoulder. "You should just enjoy the show, dude. These two are hot," Jimmy said. The moans were getting louder, and he heard a quiet slurp. He bit his lip, unable to stop himself from looking back again, staring at Johnny sucking eagerly on his mate's cock, the fat length stretching his lips wide. Matt was watching avidly, hips rocking, one hand clutching tightly at short, blond hair. "Yes, Johnny, Jean, harder," Matt groaned. "You know what I want." Moaning happily, Johnny moved faster, sucking noisily and burying his mate's cock inside his mouth so deeply that Zacky could hear him gagging. Yet Johnny didn't stop, rubbing Matt's balls through his jeans, and letting his other hand slide up under his t-shirt. Zacky bit his lip, stomach tight with lust, his dick hardening despite himself. He shouldn't even be watching them, but he couldn't seem to help it. Jimmy's hand was now down the front of his pants, and he was jacking himself as he watched the pair. Zacky squeezed his eyes shut again, fingers clenching around Tyler's thigh. "Enjoying the show, baby?" Tyler asked. "No," Zacky said, shaking his head in denial. "It's okay if you do, Zacky." "I don't want to," he whispered, feeling almost desperate. It was so wrong to watch, wrong to get aroused, wrong to want to. It seemed he did want to. "It's just a part of who we are," Tyler said softly. "It's not wrong or unnatural, Zacky. They're having sex. It's normal to get horny and want to watch," Tyler sighed. "You don't have to, but it's okay if you do." "Fuck, Jean, fuck," Matt growled suddenly, and Zacky looked back without thinking, watching the alpha thrust up hard into his mate's mouth.


Teya Martin

Jimmy moaned quietly beside Zacky, shuddering against him. With a noisy slurp, Johnny lifted his head and swallowed, smiling and licking his lips. "You want to come, Liebling?" Matt murmured. "Oui, s'il te plait," Johnny whispered pleadingly. Matt stroked his mate's face gently and shook his head slowly. "Not now." "But." "Ah ah," Matt said, raising an eyebrow at his mate. Johnny ducked his head and bit his lip. "Sorry." "Good boy," Matt said softly. "Liebe dich." "Je t'aime," Johnny murmured, curling up against the large alpha. Zacky frowned in confusion. He didn't understand why Matt would deny his mate. He leaned up to kiss Tyler's ear. "Don't you ever do that to me." "Wouldn't dream of it," Tyler said. He turned quickly to kiss Zacky before looking back at the road. Zacky licked his lips to taste his mate and sighed quietly, his cock pulsing in his pants. It was torture, sitting close to his mate, smelling his arousal, being turned on but unable to do anything about it. The worst thing was he should have been horrified with himself, but he wasn't. "Poor fucker," Jimmy said with a giggle. "Shut up, Jimmy," Matt murmured, lying back against the seat lazily and hugging his mate close. "Yeah, okay." Jimmy pulled his hand from his pants and licked his fingers clean before leaning against the door and closing his eyes. "Are you all going to sleep?" Tyler asked. "Uh huh." "Lazy fuckers," Tyler sighed, shaking his head. He turned to kiss Zacky's temple and smiled. "Are you going to keep me company at least, baby?" "Okay." Zacky shifted slightly, curling up against his mate with a sigh, trying to ignore the scent and the way it only increased his desire. "What's wrong?" “I don't want to feel like this."

I could jump you at any moment. you can. He had no idea what that meant or how to deal with it." he whispered. "Okay. "Really?" "It's not funny." "Yes." "On a mission?" Zacky asked in confusion. It's not immoral to want to have sex with your mate. **** Zacky woke with a start when the car stopped." he whispered. He and Tyler had replaced Matt and Johnny in the back half way through the day.Pack 107 Tyler sighed and glanced at him with darkened brown eyes." Jimmy said with a shrug." he whispered. It depends on if we're on a mission or not. "Where are we?" "Some hick town. "I don't want to want you like this all the time. and then Jimmy. Tyler's words impacted his heart unexpectedly. screwing his eyes shut so he didn't have to meet his mate's intermittent glances. Matt. Tyler. that he gained comfort from the source of his stress and distress. "You don't know?" "We just point the car and drive until we get where we're going. You didn't have sex before marriage. For all intents and purposes. really." Tyler grinned at him. somewhere. I can't do this. He couldn't even begin to formulate a response or work out how to react. It was ironic. jaw trembling with emotion. Rubbing his eyes. catching up with their sleep. Like my nature contradicts my morals. . "Like what?" "Like my life is completely out of control. one hand on the wheel as they cruised down the highway. Tyler wrapped an arm around Zacky's shoulder. "Are you okay. He felt like he wanted to cry and laugh hysterically. took over the driving while he and Tyler dozed. okay?" Zacky licked his lips. Zacky?" "Not yet. snuggling closer to his mate for a sense of comfort. Zacky sat up and looked around. baby." "Do you know where you're going before you start?" Tyler grinned. "Sometimes. we are married. Sighing heavily.

Now can we get some dinner?" Matt snapped. People are food. but aren't they going to attract unfavorable attention going into a small town bar with their arms around each other?" . "Are we on a mission or. okay. Zacky moved closer to Tyler. you won't be able to feed. You have to make the distinction or you won't survive. He took the card from Tyler and headed towards the motel lobby. digging in his pocket. "He's right. Even though we don't kill. baby. Here. Zacky frowned after them. "I'm starving. okay?” "I'll try. Jimmy waved but didn't look back. let me make that very clear to you. but we have people to see. okay?" A little taken aback. "Ugh." Jimmy agreed. Zacky. snickering loudly.108 Teya Martin "Tracing new Pack to help them." "Yeah. take my credit card." Tyler said. "Yeah. "If we're in some hick town. He wrapped his arm around Johnny and glared at him. "Dinner?" Zacky gasped. "We're not on a mission this time." Tyler said softly." With his arm still wrapped around Johnny's shoulders." Matt shook his head. "See you in the bar. so we know where we're going. "That's funny. just pointing?" Johnny laughed. Am I paying?" "No. Zacky. I might be generalizing. uh. you volunteering?" Jimmy made a rude noise. "Do we really have to call it hunting?" “Call it whatever you want. I just don't like the idea. you have to get that clear in your mind." Zacky stared at his mate." "We booking into the motel first?" Jimmy asked. Liebling. "That's people you're talking about." He stopped and sighed. "Let's go. "No." "Spoilsport." Matt yelled after him." Jimmy muttered. No porn this time. “If you think of it any other way. That's food. Can we just get on with it?" Matt sighed. "Get three double rooms. is it a good plan to be so obvious? I mean." "People or Pack?" "Pack. Matt led the way to the bar that was situated a little way down the strip." "Oh.

" Zacky followed Tyler into the bar after the other pair. sit down." . "Don't laugh at me." "Ty?" "Beer. It's easier to feed from the assholes. Johnny stood behind him and draped himself over his mate's back. sitting with shared jugs of beer and smoking. baby." Zacky blinked and frowned. merçi mon amour." "Polite isn't he. Nodding. Zacky." Tyler said softly. He wasn't sure whether feeding from assholes made it easier if they had to bait them first." "For tonight. Come on. "I'm sorry. "Some Jack. The few younger guys seemed to congregate around the pool table." Zacky whispered. Matt walked up to the bar and sat down. twisting his head to nuzzle Johnny's cheek.Pack 109 "Unfavorable attention?" Tyler whispered. He'd never been in a bar before." "Yeah. wrinkling his nose at them. "Zacky. his lips trembling with obvious amusement." Tyler said. I think I'd prefer that. "Just water please. staring down at the sidewalk as they walked. Liebchen. Matt started to laugh. "He wants ID. and a few scattered tables up front. flinching at the looks they were getting already. dingy place. It was a small. Most of the patrons were old trucker types. Liebchen?" "Oui. stroking the back of Zacky's neck gently. Matt." Tyler said with a nod. "We don't have to do it that way." the barman said. "Oh. your cub?" Matt snorted." Tyler said softly. but that's the idea. "Zacky?" Zacky shifted awkwardly on his feet. sitting next to him. a pool table at the back. dark with a long bar down one wall. "We can find our own way. we'll just see what happens. "Don't call me 'cub'." "ID. and it made him feel extremely uncomfortable. patting the stool next to him. Zacky sat and cleared his throat. It just works for Matt and Johnny.

" Zacky said quietly." Matt said." "How come we can drink other things but not eat other things?" "I don't know.110 Teya Martin Chuckling quietly. sipping his beer. and Zacky shifted closer to Tyler nervously. you know. and he nodded at Zacky to do the same. "What the fuck is taking Jimmy so long?" Matt said. forcing himself to swallow quickly. horrified with himself for even thinking it. "Well. you. "Do you find this funny?" The man growled. Jimmy snorted." Jimmy said with a snicker from behind. "How convenient. taking their money almost suspiciously. Johnny took his wallet out of his back pocket and slipped two ID cards from it to show the bartender. You do that innocent thing very convincingly. He won't be long. Reluctantly. It was bitter. Why would anyone drink that?" He exclaimed." Hesitantly. "You sure you only want water. "That's disgusting. "Do you want to try some of my beer?" "Okay. Zacky took a sip. "He's not going to miss out on a drink." Johnny said with a soft smile. He knew by now that they could easily defend themselves." Zacky flushed. Zacky pulled out his ID and showed it to the barman. checking the cards carefully." Johnny snorted and buried his face in Matt's neck. "Right. Something to do with our metabolism I think. "It's an acquired taste." Tyler whispered. You funny guys too?" Tyler had already pulled out his card. Maybe because it's liquid." ." Tyler said. and he grimaced." "That's because he is innocent." Tyler said firmly." Tyler shrugged. The barman served them all. well. Zacky?" "I don't drink. Matt. "We can. "And. "Just a private joke. glancing at Tyler and winking. "Like cum. realizing what he'd said. You're all twenty-one. "It doesn't affect us. downing a shot of Jack Daniels quickly. They were drawing a lot of attention. "That's not true. because innocent little boys regularly suck cock. but he hated being stared at.

touching his arm." Cheeks hot and red with humiliation. He nodded and left the bar hurriedly." "Jimmy." Jimmy sighed. "I think I'm just going to go to the motel. heading for the door. leave it. Okay. do you want me to come with you?" He did. you know I was only teasing right? I mean. touchy. . Zacky stared down at the bar. "Sure. Zacky pulled back and turned away. desperately. "Zacky." Tyler said softly. jeez." "Ow." Tyler said. The hurt in his voice washed through Zacky and brought tears to his eyes. so he shook his head. "That's enough mouth from you. may I have a key?" he whispered.Pack 111 "Hey!" Tyler turned and smacked Jimmy hard." Tyler said sharply. "Dude. "Don't forget we need to eat. but he couldn't let himself admit it. "I want to be alone." he whispered. holding one out. Jimmy. before he could give into the urge to go back to his mate. "Baby. I'm really kinda impressed.

Swallowing hard." "Zacky. "I thought you didn't want to play with your food. It felt wrong. He glanced back. "That's a good one. Zacky turned and quickly opened the door. His mate laughed. It didn't feel right. and he was getting very hungry." "Very funny. Tyler grinned at him. baby. but two men appeared to be. and Zacky breathed a sigh of relief. Tyler?" . He wasn't." Zacky said. trying to suppress the chill he felt walking away from his mate. leaning back against it. pretty boy." "Maybe we'll hurt you instead. He reached the motel fast enough to startle himself and found his room. what am I doing. "Hurt him?" Tyler's voice cut through his fear. but he couldn't quite bring himself to bait. Fists pounded against the door. "Tyler. "Oh no. heart beating faster when they sped up after him." he muttered to himself with a snort as he started to run. He knew they had to feed." Tyler grunted. open the door. letting himself in and locking the door. and we won't hurt you. knocking the man to the ground. Let us in. glaring at his mate. "Nice move. and he shoved them into the room. Zacky instinctively twisted out of the way. "Come on. now is not the time to actually listen to me. One of the men broke free suddenly. Zacky wrapped his arms around his chest." one of the strange men shouted. lunging at him. he sped up.112 Teya Martin Chapter Eleven Walking back towards the motel. Tyler had both men by their necks." Zacky stared down at the unconscious man in horror. hoping Tyler was following.

Trembling with need. He tugged Tyler up into a hard kiss. He was hungry. Tyler pressed soft. Look. or we'll die. Zacky dropped the man's wrist and slipped his tongue over his bottom lip to lick up the blood. You have to get used to this." Zacky stared at his mate in confusion and fear. Tyler leaned up and nuzzled under Zacky's neck gently. You'll weaken us both until we die or we're killed. and Zacky knelt by the other. "We?" "If you don't feed. . He could smell the blood pumping through the unconscious man's body. Warmth spread downwards. Zacky ripped it off his arms and lifted them to grasp long. and feel the warmth of it. Tyler's eyes were dark and heated as he stared back. he lifted the man's wrist to his lips and bit down. Licking up his throat and nipping his jaw. If you think about it. Zacky grunted. you'll end up feeding on me like before. Tyler crawled slowly across the floor. cock hardening painfully. you caused him the least amount of pain he could have suffered if you'd fought him. plunging his tongue between his lips to search out the taste of blood in his mouth. sparks shooting through his nerves." "Thank you. Meeting Tyler's eyes. you just knocked him out. "You're just doing what comes naturally. and he let him drop to the floor. Tyler made a soft. unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off. whining noise. Reaching him." Tyler knelt down by one man. He was transfixed by his mate's eyes. Breathing heavily. could hear it. Licking blood from his lips. Suddenly." "Yeah but-” "Just feed. Swallowing hard. he didn't move. flooding him with such pure pleasure that he wondered why he'd even objected. Please feed. Zacky closed his eyes for a moment and nodded. the intensity of Tyler's gaze burning into him. his skin tingling." Tyler said with a pained grimace.Pack 113 Tyler sighed. we can't go through this every time. Tyler let go and leaned over so he was on all fours. sucking kisses over Zacky's neck and shoulder. turning and clamping his hand around the second man's throat. The man Tyler was holding finally passed out. Hot blood gushed into his mouth. his hunger turning into lust as he swallowed and watched his mate lick and suck the other man's wrist. taking his wrist. Moaning softly. He tipped his head back to give Tyler more room. "Baby." Taking a deep breath. soft hair. "Okay.

" Tyler whispered. sweet blood into his mouth. kissing him harder. gently sliding over his chest. until Tyler was straddling his lap and kissing him passionately. Pre-cum slickened their movements. sucking on his mate's lip." "No. "Say it." Zacky whispered. a trickle of pre-cum sliding down his shaft. pulling him close and kissing him again. and it felt so good that Zacky clung tighter. I want you to. and he helped Tyler push their pants and underwear off before pulling him onto the bed. Zacky. "Oh fuck. walking them slowly back towards the bed as he unbuttoned and unzipped both of their pants without breaking the kiss. needed to feel skin. He kept his . and he pulled back enough to tug at his mate's t-shirt. His hands moved down to grasp Tyler's hips. dropping his hand to his cock and stroking slowly as he watched his mate carefully. lifting his head to stare down at him. I want you so bad. "God. Rearing back." "No. Tyler sucked on the gash and thrust harder against him. He gasped at the feel of Tyler's thick. his cock jerking. and they slid together faster until he started to feel desperate. sliding his hands up and down his mate's back to feel the silkiness under his fingertips." "Please. He wrenched Tyler's head back and licked his bleeding lip. and the pain shot need harder through his nerves. "Say it." Zacky said again. thumbs smoothing over his nipples. putting his arms straight back around him. Zacky. wetting them as thoroughly as he could. Tyler hauled them both to their feet. He lifted his other hand to his mouth and sucked his fingertips. "You're so beautiful. then slashing it open with his teeth. "I need you. hard cock pressed into his groin." Tyler whispered.114 Teya Martin Strong fingers stroked Zacky's skin. Lust made him feel empty. Tyler bit hard on Zacky's lip. sliding against his erection as he rocked over him and kissed him again. Tyler groaned and bucked against him as Zacky sucked his mate's gorgeous." Zacky breathed. and he clutched at Tyler's hair. Tyler leaned back and yanked it over his head. pulling his mate down on top of him. He gasped softly and tugged his mate closer. Tyler's skin was warm and smooth. He needed more contact. Zacky felt warm and needy. Tyler knelt between his legs and smiled. His cock pulsed with need." Zacky moaned.

Oh fuck." Tyler spat into his hand and spread saliva and pre-cum thoroughly over his beautifully hard cock. as he clenched down hard around the thick length inside him. his ass down into his mate's thrusts.. Tyler. "That feels. "Zacky. He dragged Tyler on top of him." Zacky lifted up and bit his mate's earlobe. the burn making him shudder. "Fuck. plunging deep and hard into Zacky's body.. teasing him unbearably. He clutched at his mate. "If I say it. Zacky cried out again. biting down on his own lip until he could taste blood. holding himself up. cock pushing against his ass insistently. He pulled Zacky's fingers free and Zacky groaned at the sudden lack of stretch. baby. stretching him beautifully. will I what?" Tyler said again more insistently. pain and pleasure tore through him as he clutched at his mate's shoulders and wrapped his legs around his hips. stretching him open. "Harder. "Oh my." "Tyler. "So fucking good. Tyler dipped down and kissed him again. digging his fingers into his back." Tyler groaned. but he didn't care.." . “will you fuck me hard?" Tyler's eyelids fluttered. Oh fuck." Tyler whispered. "If I say it. almost hovering. bent his legs back. Zacky cried out. It was going to hurt without proper lube. and he groaned loudly. Zacky." he groaned. sliding the head of his erection up and down Zacky's hole. "If you say it." Zacky stopped and grinned. He couldn't seem to help the urge to tease despite his need to be filled. will you. His cock pushed a tiny amount inside Zacky. holding them both still. that's hot." Tyler groaned. I want you.Pack 115 gaze locked on Tyler as he reached down. Tyler pulled out almost all the way then thrust into Zacky even harder. They were teasing each other. "Will I what?" Tyler murmured with a strained voice. and pushed his fingers inside himself with a groan.." Tyler gasped. please say it. He kissed Zacky almost tenderly in contrast to the fast. but Zacky couldn't take it anymore. his lips barely brushing Zacky's. rocking his cock into his mate's solid stomach. "Oh yeah. hard thrusts of cock plunging inside him." Zacky groaned. "Why?" "Because it really turns me on.

Sighing." he groaned." Tyler grinned and wrapped his hand around Zacky's cock. but Tyler's were actually quite beautiful. The movement rocked his ass over Tyler's cock. and he shivered with sparks of pleasure. putting his hands on Tyler's chest and thrusting into his mate's fist. and the roots reaching to his wrist. He thrust back. impaling himself as deep as he could. moving both hands to Zacky's hips and rocking him up and down his dick. That's hot.116 Teya Martin Gripping Zacky's hips tightly. Wolf-like creatures descended down one arm." "That's really beautiful. Zacky gasped as Tyler's cock pushed even deeper inside his body. fuck yes. Zacky groaned and leaned forward. and he smiled happily. Each one I get makes me more me. branches and leaves wrapped around Tyler's entire shoulder. He'd been brought up to think that tattoos were disgusting. a story." Tyler stopped abruptly and shook his head. He flopped forward onto his mate's chest. I got them because they're a part of who I am. sliding his fingers in his cum. and that no decent person would have them. stroking him tightly. shuddering happily. "Do they mean anything?" "Yes. He rocked harder and faster between fist and cock until his climax ripped through his body. kissing the sweat-slick skin under his mouth and inhaling the scent of satiation. the trunk extending most of the way down his arm. but it's hard for me. Tyler rolled them over so Zacky was straddling him. "Now you can fuck yourself as hard as you want. "Ty. Intricate and detailed symbols he didn't recognize spread from shoulder to shoulder. and meeting dark brown eyes as he licked them clean. Then. panting softly. Zacky gently stroked Tyler's chest. Aftershocks of pleasure rippled through Zacky's body. “It's complicated.” . tracing the line of one of his tattoos. "Why do you have tattoos?" "I got them because they were traditional where I grew up. "Oh God. for convicts and sailors. across his mate's chest. "Fuck!" Tyler gasped and arched up. yes. and a large tree wound its way down the other." Zacky whispered. baby." Tyler panted. There's a reason. Tyler's hips jerked and Zacky was filled with the heat of his cum. for each one. and he came over his mate's stomach. hard.

almost completely. I wouldn't want to be stuck with me.. "What is it?" "You're stuck with me." Tyler said softly. stroking his hair gently. They probably wanted to mug you." "You were on your own." Zacky admitted softly. arms wrapping around him loosely. when Zacky barely trusted him with anything? He frowned at the sudden realization that that actually wasn't true anymore. "I'm not stuck with you. looking down." Tyler said with a wry smile. "I'm not sorry I followed you. "Well. It'll be easier when we actually have some time to sit down and really talk. Do you think of yourself as stuck with me?" He stared at his mate thoughtfully." He stopped abruptly. but he was starting to realize that he hadn't for a while. that's all." "Zacky." Zacky felt a little hurt and sad that Tyler wasn't going to share something so personal with him." "I still haven't got any clean clothes. You're mine now. that's a relief.” . I need you. you know? I guess I'm used to being alone. we have to move them. "I didn't even do anything. his cheeks heating up a little. "It really is complicated." "I know. but he had no idea how to trust his own feelings or even how to express them. "I was embarrassed. They just started chasing me.. but we can sort that out as soon as we get to New Orleans. but then why should he." Tyler shook his head. “Come on." Zacky whispered. "You're not alone anymore. "No. "I'm not stuck with you. Zacky stared at the men. sadness flicking through his eyes momentarily." Tyler sat up. "Why haven't we got time now?" "We have things to do." "Yeah. Stuck with Tyler? Maybe he should have thought that way.Pack 117 "Oh. and I'll never leave you." "Like what?" "Well. shower for a start. shower. I just needed to get out of there. I know you said you wanted to be alone but--" "I didn't mean it. He trusted Tyler." Tyler's gaze dropped. I want you. I." Tyler pointed over the edge of the bed at the two unconscious forms. "What?" Tyler said with a tone of exasperation and wariness." Zacky sighed. Then. Zacky.

It washed desire through Zacky. "Don't. How is it fun?" "Lots of people partying. stopping and looking around when Tyler made a small noise of pleasure. "I'm sorry. I like seeing your body. How could it be fun? Tyler stared at him. beaming. baby." "Okay. It's an annual meeting place for us. smiling and kissing his cheek.118 Teya Martin Zacky frowned a little worriedly." Tyler put a hand on Zacky's arm." "Oh. it'll be fine." Tyler gasped. it can be." Zacky swallowed hard. flushing at his naked body. "Isn't it a dangerous place?" "Yes. but that's why we're going. Zacky blinked and looked down at himself. his fingers dug into Zacky's flesh painfully. squeezing. but still. "If it's good feeding." Tyler's voice was husky and a little strained. He'd heard terrible things about New Orleans. "What?" "You just walked across the room naked." Tyler said softly. Zacky." "I'll be careful. admittedly mostly from his father. and having a good time? It's good feeding for a start. "Yes. Tyler sat up with him. he escaped . He moved his hands down to cover his groin. Groaning quietly." Zacky got up and walked towards the bathroom. "Why don't you go take a shower? I'll get you some clean underwear. getting drunk. that can be fun too. "It's a close second to touching your body. suppressing a feeling of loss as Tyler's softened cock slipped out of his body. Although. but it can be dangerous. especially around Mardi Gras." Zacky lifted up carefully." "Baby." Zacky stared down at his lap. "I need you to be careful. thank you. It'll be good for you to meet other Pack. feeling nervous. I've just found you. you're hurting me. "Baby. "Tyler. his nervousness increasing along with his feelings of inadequacy. won't there be other Pack there?" Zacky asked. It hadn't even occurred to him to cover up like he normally would have." Tyler said. His groin twinged with renewed need." Tyler said. There could be hunters. and I don't want to lose you. Nobody notices the odd sip here or there. Mardi Gras was a licentious festival of sin.

He still wasn't quite ready to admit that he wanted and needed Tyler all the time. It felt so right and good. too overwhelmed by his emotions to be too close to his mate. That distinction made him feel good but also guilty. He crouched down by one of the unconscious men and hauled him over his shoulder. not just when they fed. "Maybe. Zacky glared at his mate. "Zacky. Sighing. "Yeah. "Get the other one. and boots. He wrapped his arms around his mate and kissed him softly. quickly washed. and his brown eyes widened. "What?" "Happy to see me?" Tyler chuckled. Zacky leaned against the cold tiles. watching the water streak down his front. I guess. Zacky found himself wanting to cover up again. quickly replacing the towel with boxers and pulling on slacks and a t-shirt. cupping his cheek gently as their tongues twined." Tyler's smirk faded. pointing at Zacky's groin. t-shirt. digging through them to find clean clothes for them both.Pack 119 into the bathroom before he could run back to the bed and climb on top of his mate. Tyler glanced over at him and smirked. Tyler smiled and kissed him back. His dick was still hard. he ignored his erection with difficulty. and got out of the shower. Tyler had put on some boxers and got the bags from the car. "Can we just get rid of those guys so we can go to sleep?" "Fine. It was a tender kiss that made Zacky's heart pound and tears prick his eyes. not just when Tyler provoked him." Tyler started with a sigh." Tyler looked a little flustered. will you?" . "Really?" Zacky smiled shyly and shrugged. just thinking about the way his mate had looked at him. He pulled back with a sigh and turned away." Zacky whispered pleadingly. There was no doubt in his mind that Tyler wanted him as much as he needed him. and Zacky felt an unexpected surge of warm emotion that made him unable to resist crossing the room. "Not now. tenting the towel. his cock hardening despite himself. it was overwhelming. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist before leaving the bathroom." Tyler sighed again and yanked on his jeans.

It'll be fine." "Man. without thinking twice. "Matt is going to die laughing over this. "What if they get robbed or something while they're unconscious?" "Are you kidding?" Tyler said with a loud snort. because we're better than that.” Zacky stared at his mate. "This was your idea. No way." "That's not very charitable. They certainly wouldn't have taken you home afterwards." "No. We have a distinct advantage over them. and quite possibly raped you. glancing back. aren't we?" Tyler sighed heavily and stopped in the parking lot. If we drive them home in their car.” Zacky put the man he was carrying down and searched through his pockets as Tyler did the same. "Well. "Check his pockets for a wallet and keys. Come on then.120 Teya Martin "Okay. what do you suggest? Should we drive the fuckers home?" "Well.. and they would have hurt you. Zacky picked up the man he'd fed from. The point is that we don't do what they might have done. "They knew it was two against one. "But they didn't know that. Tyler. "You're serious. wallet." Grimacing in disgust. is it?" Zacky said softly. Never forget that they brought it upon themselves. how do we get back?" Tyler glared at him. "Aren't you worried about being seen?" “We're just going to sneak them around the corner. frowning at his mate." he said." Tyler sighed again and shook his head. . Zacky. you know. and followed Tyler from the room." "Is that a yes?" "Yes." "We should just take our car." Tyler snapped. slung him over his shoulder with little difficulty.. robbed you. aren't you?" "Yes. "Who cares? Serves them right for trying to attack you. Okay." "Why keys?" "For their car." Zacky said." "Why not? We can afford to be charitable." "Wait. Zacky." Tyler sighed." "That's not the point. "A ha! Keys.

"I thought you were going to ask him. Can you put them in the car?" "Sure. tugging Zacky into his arms. "Not till you tell me why." "I repeat." "I'm just doing something for Zacky. you will not. what the fuck for?" "Just give me the keys.Pack 121 "It's Matt's car. here. The sooner you give me the keys." He started towards the motel room next to theirs. "No. listening as Tyler hammered on Matt and Johnny's door. I know alpha's word is law but this is stupid. "It's not about winning. I'm allowed to disagree with you." Tyler ran after him. "For goodness' sake. "We're taking the car. am I?" Tyler muttered. grabbing his arm and spinning him around. fucking fine. I'm going. "Yes." "Thank you. "We're kinda in the middle of fucking. "I need the car keys." Zacky went back to the car and hoisted the two men into the back. "Happy now?" Zacky smiled. what the fuck?" Matt snapped." Zacky raised an eyebrow. sighing heavily. Tyler. stuck out his chin stubbornly. still glaring. Zacky almost managed a smile. the sooner you can get back to Johnny. okay? Don't be a dick. sorry. "Now. okay. I'll ask Matt for the keys." "What the fuck for?" "We're going for a drive. "Zacky. "Yeah." "So? Look. you know?" "Yeah." Tyler pouted." Tyler said. "Ty. "Okay. go ask Matt for the keys. as he yanked the door open." “Fine. I said no. and I am not going to ask him for the keys and explain what we're doing." This time Zacky smiled and leaned up for a quick kiss. aren't I? Will you just let me do this so I don't feel so bad?" "I'm never gonna win with you." Zacky crossed his arms over his chest. and glared at his mate." Tyler said." "Oh is that so?" Tyler said with a snort. It's about me being right." ." Tyler snapped." Tyler stalked back to the car and jangled the keys.

"Me too. curling up against him with a sigh. "And modest. and sweet. he wanted to get rid of the evidence of his feeding and go to sleep with Tyler's arms wrapped around him." Zacky whispered. "Don't. Tyler trying to work out where they were going. He was starting to wonder how he'd ever managed to sleep alone. okay? They'll be safe enough." . Tyler." Zacky said with a soft smile. "What is it. sliding an arm around Tyler's waist. lips quirking into a smile. He sighed quietly and turned his head to bury his face in Tyler's neck. kissing his mate's cheek. "I've waited such a long time for you. and Zacky got in the front next to him." Tyler sighed. baby?" "I'm so tired of not knowing how I feel about anything anymore. "Right." "I'm glad I'm not alone. and sexy. They drove in silence for a while. They were in a rundown neighborhood." Tyler said softly. You're not alone. and smart. and kind. I just want you. Can't you just be yourself?" "I don't know who that is." "I'm sorry I'm giving you such a hard time." "I know that you're strong. Tyler. and I'm happy. looking around. putting a hand on his mate's shoulder and leaning up to kiss him. I'm not." Tyler chuckled. The warmth and solidity soothed Zacky immeasurably. "You're giving yourself a hard time.122 Teya Martin His mate shook his head. "You're welcome. Zacky paid no attention." Zacky whispered. and Tyler nodded. the street full of decrepit wooden houses covered in graffiti and peeling paint." "I wish you could just be happy knowing who and what you are." Tyler got behind the wheel." Flushing hotly. baby. "We'll leave them both here. Come on. "And brave. He couldn't drive anyway. I suppose that's all right then. Truthfully." Tyler parked the car and got out. here we are." Tyler twisted to quickly kiss his forehead. "Well. Zacky shook his head." "That's something." "Thank you. so it made no difference to him. pulling him closer. The house they'd parked in front of had a large porch.

" "I'm sorry!” "Let's get out of here. much older. "Shit. The door of the house opened and a large woman shuffled out. dropping his load onto the floor which creaked ominously. Tyler started the engine hurriedly and pulled away from the curb in a screech of tires. They both froze as lights switched on in the house. "Shit. Tyler shrugged. I'm not his father. They don't expect to have that alpha then run with them. Zacky. until they form their own pack. but we're both alphas. she started screaming. Zacky. and it's a bit of a reversal.. when he was much. and I trust Matt with my life. Seeing the two unconscious men. and Tyler and Zacky dived into the car." Tyler said with a sigh. Tyler sighed and glanced at him. "You're older than Matt. They carried both men to the porch." "Zacky. Why does it matter to you what he thinks?" "It's not that it matters what he thinks exactly." "That's still odd. and we all raised him. shit!" Tyler smacked the steering wheel hard." Zacky got out of the car and hoisted one of the men over his shoulder. "What?" . He grabbed Zacky's hand and yanked him towards the car. and I'm going to have to tell Matt why. "Now we're gonna have to leave. and he tripped. "Safety in numbers. "His parents were killed by a mob when he was eleven. frowning curiously." Tyler said. "Yes." Zacky grimaced in distaste. you and he.. he was still running. because his village decided he was a devil child. "We?" He stared at his mate in confusion. Even though I'm older than him. We took him in." "Why did you stay after you healed then?" Zacky asked softly. When we found him a year later." Zacky frowned in confusion. it's a matter of pride because I run with his pack." "But." "What do you mean?" "New alphas run with the pack of the alpha they're turned by. You're an alpha." "Why?" Zacky asked.Pack 123 "Okay. we're all related." "You raised him?" "Yeah.

"I can't believe you did something so fucking stupid!" Matt yelled." "Did you know him?" Tyler grimaced." "No. "I promise. Will you get the stuff from our room? I'll get the others.124 Teya Martin "We all come from the same family line. "Baby." "I thought maybe he was one of the rogues. okay?" "Why?" Matt snarled. after all." "Really?" Zacky gasped." Tyler sighed. "I'll try and explain more when we're back on the road but not now. "It was his idea wasn't it? You're too fucking pussy whipped to say no to him. It's done. Act like it. but he'll get over it." "Because your grandmother was scared of him?" Zacky nodded. quickly grabbing everything. I knew him. He could hear shouting and glanced at Johnny and Jimmy who were both hurrying over with their bags. he always does." "There's more to this than you're telling me. "Ever since you found that fucking cub." Stopping abruptly." . it's not like I'm deliberately withholding things from you. Matthias. "Yes. Another alpha turned him. it turned out there was more to know. eyes flashing with fury. It wasn't his mate's fault. but it felt like every time he thought he knew what was going on. and carrying it back to the car. you've been completely irrational. "Well. You're the fucking alpha. he was bitter but not rogue. stalking back towards the car." Jimmy agreed with a nod." Zacky whispered." Johnny said. "Just leave Zacky out of this." "Yeah. There's so much to tell. sure." Zacky got out of the car and hurried to the room. Tyler straightened." Matt continued to rant." "You're one to talk. "Matt's pissed." Tyler snorted. I didn't know him that well. I did. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" "He died before you were even born." "Okay. shoving it into the bags. "Do not push me. "Don't worry. trying to suppress his hurt that Tyler didn't quite trust him. smiling. so can we just go?" "You always taught me to never risk exposure. okay?" "Promise me. "Yeah. That's why your great uncle was born Pack." Zacky whispered as they pulled into the motel lot.

lips pressed together in anger. "I said leave him out of it. "If we don't get there in time. It's about the blood. curling up against Tyler and sliding his arm around his waist. doesn't it?" "Yeah. Zacky slid into the front. uncontrollable." "Well." Tyler said with a grimace." Zacky whispered." "I'll try. they are lost to us. get in the front with me. dude." "I know. but we're worse than them. "I couldn't just dump them. "More dangerous. it's only fair considering it's not my fault we have to leave. "Yeah. the transition is supposed to be made through Pack blood. "The reason we always try our best to be there when Pack come of age isn't just to teach them about the rules. maybe. You have to remember that. "I hate it when you call me that. twisting to kiss his forehead. next to his mate. I guess you're right but food is food. Jimmy squashed in next to him. "Thank you." Matt said resentfully. vicious killers. glaring. we're not." "I hate to break it to you." "No." ." Matt glared at Zacky making him flinch. baby. but it makes you stop. baby. I'll drive. "So are you going to tell me about the others?" Tyler sighed. If they're alphas.wild." Jimmy sighed." Tyler said quietly. but not worse." Tyler said. They sat in silence for a while and soon the car was filled with gentle snoring from the other three Pack. "It would make me feel like I was as bad as them. "Just get in the car. They become rogues." Tyler said quietly.Pack 125 Matt stopped just behind Tyler. they can force their pack to do anything. and their first taste of blood is human." Zacky said quietly. "Come on." Nodding." "What about it?" "When we hit twenty-one and become fully mature. "Did you really take your food home?" Jimmy asked. while Matt and Johnny got in the back and snuggled up together. Tyler pulled out of the lot and headed straight for the highway. not speeding so they wouldn't get pulled over.

pain. Neither of them had it easy. Zacky put a tentative hand on Tyler's thigh." Zacky forced a smile and buried his face in Tyler's neck. "Of course I do. he was bad at being Pack." "Then why was my grandmother so scared? Why did she hate me?" Zacky whispered." Zacky lifted his head to look at his mate. He felt Tyler glance into the rearview mirror and nod. Leaning against him again. "Okay. but it might help if Zacky actually knew all the facts. and fear that he felt from his mate. It's not your fault her uncle was an ass. uncertainty. "Tyler. I guess I knew that. "Not this!" Tyler snapped angrily. He didn't understand why Tyler was so resistant to telling him what he'd said." Matt said. Zacky reared back in shock at Tyler's reaction and the sense of frustration. His mate felt too good and warm. his voice almost gentle. now. leave it alone. you promised to tell me everything. He only seemed to hurt the people he loved.126 Teya Martin "Are you sure my great uncle wasn't like that?" "Yes. "Get some sleep." Tyler whispered. "Tell me." Zacky said softly. He glanced back at the large alpha in surprise and raised an eyebrow. "She didn't understand. Zacky. "You do what?" Tyler pressed his lips together tightly and shook his head. I'm sure." Zacky whispered. relax. "Rakastan sua." Matt sighed heavily. "Dude. shoving Zacky back against Tyler. sighing in relief when his mate wrapped his arm around him and pulled him in tight. It's not your fault. It made him feel even more like he didn't belong. I can't sleep with you all tense next to me like that. Nothing like Connor. sitting straight up between Tyler and Jimmy. okay?" "Okay." . "Of course. He was tired and just as frustrated as his mate." "Zacky. but he liked being powerful." Jimmy sighed. baby. smelled too nice to resist. his grandmother's rejection even more painful. "Do you?" Matt said quietly from behind them. arms wrapped around his chest as he tried to hold himself away from them both. seriously. closing his eyes. He'd been bad as a human and. liked to scare people.

"Thanks." Matt said sleepily." Zacky whispered.Pack "What about you? You need to sleep too." "I'll take over in a few hours. 127 .

Zacky?" Tyler whispered. okay. I can't remember now. blinking in surprise and unable to breathe momentarily. chéri." Zacky pushed aside a surprisingly intense feeling of disappointment and nodded. I just feel out of sorts. relaxing slowly back against his mate.. "You think?" Jimmy said with a snort. "What were you thinking of getting. "I think I was having a bad dream.. "Yeah. Matt smiled indulgently. "Baby? You okay?" "I. man. I was just asking." Tyler said." He frowned but could only remember mad. his tone just the right side of wheedling. "Why are we at the mall?" "So you can get some clothes and things." He glanced around and frowned. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try and spend time away from his mate. feeling a little edgy.128 Teya Martin Chapter Twelve "We're here. green." . can I get another piercing. Maybe he'd be able to think straight without Tyler's presence clouding his judgment. chill out. "Matt and I have a meeting. "Mmm. "Matt. He could try and work out how he really felt about everything." "Oh. "Well. please?" Johnny asked. laughing eyes and flames everywhere. Matt nodded. mein Herz?" "Nipple. I enjoyed that one last time." Zacky snapped." he said. so we'll pick you." "Sorry." Leering at his mate. "Whoa." "Are you sure you're okay. Very well. Jimmy and Johnny up later. Yeah." Zacky bolted upright.

"Put yourself in the hands of the master. Johnny started grabbing pairs." Zacky swallowed. one navy. where to. feeling distinctly nervous. They guided him to the changing area.that he claimed made Zacky look black. seemingly at random. and throwing them at Zacky until he staggered under a mountain of denim and couldn't see anymore. "Okay. He'd never actually been into a proper mall before. and Jimmy got out of the car. yet it seemed he couldn't escape him. Then Zacky. adding two belts. feeling a little overwhelmed. "Okay. "So. My mom used to get my clothes for me. "Oh. Get anything you want. baby. Zacky. Zacky took the card a little reluctantly and nodded. chest tightening with sudden desire." Jimmy said with a leer. dude. I guarantee you Tyler will want to eat you alive. he started to try on pair of jeans after pair of jeans." Johnny said." With a sigh. "Makeover?" Zacky whispered. grinning happily. Johnny. The other two grabbed an arm each and led Zacky into the mall. man. jeans. eyes twinkling. parading himself in front of the other two men." Johnny said. "See you later. Just remember we have to travel light. "Pretty please. Zacky?" He looked around." Tyler said. we haven't got all day. "Try them on. "I don't know really." Inside the store." "Oh. they started all over again with button-down shirts. batting his eyelashes. mon amour. Come on. You definitely need jeans." Johnny kissed Matt again. Johnny picked two pairs. piling them high . Zacky couldn't help a smile and nod.Pack 129 "Merçi." Tyler kissed him gently. "All of them?" "Yes. Jimmy. both bouncing a little excitedly." Zacky was aghast." Jimmy said with an enthusiastic nod. This was exactly why he needed time away from Tyler. "First stop. Finally. Then. here's my credit card. "Only in the very good way. "I feel a makeover coming on." "Oh fucking rad idea. trying to ignore the fact that the idea turned him on." "Eat me alive?" Zacky breathed. trying not to react to the thought." "Excellent!" They took his arms again.

Putting his shoes back on." "Really?" Johnny said with a frown." Jimmy said with a giggle. "Go pay for it. "Tyler said any amount." With a heavy sigh. then did the same with a pack of socks. once again trying it all on and parading himself in front of the other two. and underwear for the new briefs. "Go change. Zacky went to pay. "No way. "You're learning. Zacky went back to the changing room and swapped his slacks. I guess. "Boxers." In a daze. picking up a pack of briefs and staring at them before shaking his head and putting them back. "Very nice. "Come on then." "I'm tired." "I prefer briefs. what do you think?" "Well. "Are we done now?" he asked hopefully. You need t-shirts. one of the jackets. Zacky followed Johnny around the store again.130 Teya Martin in Zacky's arms and making him try them all on until he'd picked out several." Johnny sighed." He stared at Johnny in horror." "But it's nearly five hundred dollars. "Try it all on?” Zacky sighed. Jimmy. and shirt. a jacket." He picked up the briefs again and pulled a pair out. some boots. Just do it. borrowed t-shirt. He added several t-shirts. spoilsport. He felt exhausted. Hurry up. "We're getting you some underwear too." Johnny nodded decisively. he went back out to the others. all right. He needs good boots." "We're going to spend a lot more than that before we're through with you. hats. socks." "Definitely." Zacky went back into the changing room. and a couple of hats to the ever growing pile and nodded. ." "You need boots. "Fine. "Just buy them. "Fine.. which was more money than he'd spent on anything his entire life.. nearly swallowing his tongue at the total. preemptively. Johnny sighed and nodded." Johnny said. Not boots though." Johnny said with a grin. holding out his arms for t-shirts. jeans." With a sigh. "Well." Johnny said firmly. "Any chance we can do it all in here?" Pouting just a little. jackets and hats." "Okay.

Matt's a hardcore Dom. Zacky tried to protest again at the price. what happened to his last piercing?" "What do you mean?" "Matt said he had it before." . “Matt ripped the last one out with his teeth.” Zacky shuddered. they took him to a shoe shop.. "Jimmy. and he tried on several pairs of boots before Johnny picked some black biker boots." Johnny frowned thoughtfully and made a vague gesture. "Why?" He gasped. He couldn't imagine why anyone would want to get anything pierced. trying not to move as the barber started to chop at his hair. "He's a sub." Jimmy quirked a smile and sat down as the barber sprayed down Zacky's hair.. "Because he wanted to. He loves Matt. but Johnny brushed it off as nothing and led him to a barbershop. giggling. nausea tightening his throat at the thought. **** Next." Zacky sighed. okay?" "I guess. I'm going to get pierced while they do your hair. "What's wrong with my hair?" "It's just a bit. his nerves growing the longer they took." Jimmy said with a shrug." "Seriously?" Zacky breathed. you know. "Shit. "Thanks. I guess sometimes he thinks Tyler should just make you do things. right. watching Johnny leave. let alone a nipple. Believe me. Zacky sat while the other two had a long discussion with the barber." "Oh. Johnny loves every minute of it. He does anything he says. Jimmy will keep you company. "And he gets off on pain. "Zacky." Jimmy said with a nod. you don't know about them." Zacky said with a sigh. He does whatever he wants to Johnny." Jimmy said." "Is that why Matt is so weird with me?" "Sort of.Pack 131 "And a haircut. but to each their own.

so it's time for finishing touches. nothing. slim lips parting in shock." Jimmy said. "Nothing. and Zacky managed to smile back. Tyler wants you just the way you are. and pink. They're on their way. He looked kind of good. They headed out to the parking lot. and he knew that Tyler was close. something scratchy along the edges. "Now what?" He said with a slight whine." "Yeah." Zacky sighed and sat between two sinks." "If you say so. His eyelids were rimmed with red and black. dude. The reflection in the mirror was him. giggling again.132 Teya Martin "Tyler wouldn't--" "Of course not. We all know that. I'm sorry. "Got a text from Matt. and Zacky met brown eyes that widened." Johnny said hurriedly." "I do. and shiny. **** After the barbershop. He opened his eyes. Tyler is gonna die when he sees you." Jimmy said. Jimmy moved." He paused at the feel of something powdery smoothing over his eyelids. His lips were full. There was an easing of tension in his chest. making his green eyes stand out in his pale face." Jimmy smiled. "Ow.. Something slick was spread over his lips. Jimmy stood in front of Zacky as the car pulled up. No wonder Tyler's so-" "Jimmy!" Johnny elbowed him hard. "Should I be scared?" "Nah. his hair cut." "I don't know what the heck you think you're. and Zacky started to feel better somehow. Zacky let Johnny and Jimmy lead him to the restrooms. and he felt the other two men move back. "Eyes closed. just sit on the counter and relax. "Come on." Jimmy whispered." "Say what?" Zacky asked with a frown.. "I wasn't gonna say it. gelled and spiked. "Oh my fucking-” . "Why don't you take a look?" Zacky got off the counter and turned slowly. "Wow. then." Jimmy exclaimed. "Zacky?" Tyler said softly. "You're pretty. grinning. okay. but it was a him he didn't quite recognize.

Zacky stared curiously as Matt grinned and stroked his mate's chest. "Did that feel good. resting his forehead on Zacky's shoulder." He kissed Zacky again. and the other three got in the front. chill out. whining loudly and shuddering. sliding his tongue between his lips and possessing his mouth until he was shaking with need.Pack 133 "Wow. Matt driving. Tyler cupped Zacky's cheeks gently and brushed his lips.God. "Is it okay?" Tyler jumped out of the car and strode up to him. sliding into Matt's embrace. "So beautiful." Matt said with a smirk. Zacky pulled back with a gasp of horror. kissing back with urgent desire. Zacky's knees weakened and he sagged against his mate." He dragged Zacky into the amazing. kissing him softly. baby. "Not good." Johnny breathed. Lifting his hands." Johnny murmured. straightening up and frowning in concern. pinching the nipple Johnny had pierced. Zacky shivered at the intensity of lust and desire in his mate's brown eyes. "Mmm I like that. "Guys. smiling blissfully. "It's really serious. mein Herz?" "Hurts so good." Matt said with a chuckle. Although. "How was the meeting. Tyler made him lose control. he'd almost accepted that he couldn't help it. and he still wasn't used to it." Matt muttered. You can't have sex right here. chéri. . cheeks heating up in embarrassment. He just wished Tyler wouldn't affect him so publically. "You look. “We'll talk about it tomorrow. his heart starting to pound." Tyler whispered. "I want you so much. "Thanks. mon amour?" Matt pulled a face. and Tyler sighed loudly. "Tyler?" Zacky whispered." "Missed you. Johnny bit his lip. Back in the car. but I--” Tyler stopped and squeezed his eyes shut for a second and shook his head." Tyler said softly. stopping abruptly in front of him." "What happened?" Johnny said.

"Sometimes Pack maintain close ties with their families. guys. patting Oudinot's back." Johnny said with a smile. "Oudinot is my great. usually brothers or sisters and. "He'll supply us. I guess. sometimes." "They let you?" "Mark let you. We've known Oudinot since he was born. "Grandpère!" Johnny jumped out of the car. right. "Oudinot. his whole family does." "Supply us?" Zacky whispered. we're here." Matt said softly." Zacky managed a tight smile. and Tyler turned to smack Jimmy across the back of his head. it's been too long. getting out of the car and holding out his hand. It's sort of a term of endearment. "No. we're staying with Oudinot tonight. great. arms wide. lifting the elderly man into his arms. Zacky. A large man with silver hair and a red face flew out of the door. their children and their children's children. yadda. Matt jogged up the steps after his mate. yadda nephew." Tyler said quietly. "He and his family often let us feed from them. guys. Jimmy. "It just seems strange. sounding happy and excited." Johnny pointed out. a huge smile on his face. "Come on. catching the hand Jimmy held out to him over the seat in apology. "Did he just call Johnny grandfather?" Zacky asked his mate." Jimmy said with a wide grin as he climbed out of the car." Tyler said.134 Teya Martin "We getting any food in?" Zacky flinched." Zacky frowned in confusion. .” "Hey." Jimmy grimaced. don't forget." "Oh. running to meet him halfway up the steps. "Yeah. "Sorry. "Ow! What?" "Don't put it like that. great. mon petit. "Yeah." They were parked in front of a beautiful old town house with pillars and balconies all covered with trailing ivy and wisteria." Johnny exclaimed.

Just ring down when you'd like Theresa to join you. There weren't quite enough seats but Johnny sat in Matt's lap and Zacky." "Thanks." Zacky got out of the car and took his mate's hand. "Nice to meet you. and everyone settled in a large sitting room. but if you don't mind. "Come inside. "Come." "Of course. They vaguely resembled Johnny." They followed the family into the house. but he didn't want to meet Johnny's family when he'd just had to leave his own behind. yeah. meet Johnny's family." Oudinot said softly. so they all fit. "Come here. hugging and kissing Johnny and Matt.Pack 135 "Oh." Tyler snorted." Johnny said with a smile. Tyler. blond. and he wasn't sure how to react. "This is Zacky." "C'est vraiment un plaisir. So am I." he whispered. a little reluctantly. "Tyler." "Okay. "Seigneur. beaming widely." Zacky said." Oudinot said quietly. feeling oddly shy. "Thank you. The sheer age of his companions was still something he couldn't quite get his head round. we're going to retire for the evening. baby. "Zacky. Theresa. "Don't be ridiculous." Oudinot said softly. "And who is this handsome young man?" "Tyler found his mate at last. sat in Tyler's lap. holding out his hand. "I'm so happy to see you mated. as if it were okay." Zacky shook his head. Tyler patted Zacky's hip gently." Tyler said with a firm nod. He felt distinctly unsettled knowing he was being introduced to the people who were essentially his next meal." . He didn't want to be rude. "Oudinot. "Can we?" He stopped." He gave the old man a hug and kissed his cheek. these are my children. "Thank you. Oudinot smiled at Zacky over Tyler's shoulder. They were all smiling and nodding at him. Abigail and Jonathan. letting Tyler lead him up the steps to where Jimmy was hugging a young man and two women who had joined the rest of the group. Come inside." All three were in their late twenties. we don't mean to be rude. still smiling." Zacky said softly.

He wanted to touch his mate. sumptuously decorated bedroom. He wrapped his arms around Tyler's neck and kissed back. cupping his cheek. baby. and suck him down until he came in his mouth. taste his pre-cum. "As much as I love the new clothes on you. He wanted to feel Tyler's strength holding him up." Tyler whispered against Zacky's lips. soft skin and solid body against his chest. eyes dark with sorrow and resignation. Tyler quickly stripped them both of their shirts and tugged Zacky back into his arms. He wanted nothing more than to jump up on his mate and wrap his legs around his hips. Sensation flooded Zacky's body. Moaning softly. Strong hands stripped Zacky of his belt before sliding under his t-shirt.. He wanted to stroke Tyler's cock. It didn't feel wrong anymore. Tyler possessed his mouth deeply. It felt natural. Zacky looked around in awe. licking his lips as he panted for breath. He stared up at his mate. stroke and taste his skin. and all he could do was hold on as his knees weakened. Zacky leaned closer. He pushed Zacky gently onto the bed and climbed over him. Tyler stared back. They ran down his face to collect on the . "Why can't you just let me love you?" Tyler's eyes suddenly welled with tears that spilled onto his cheeks. It overwhelmed him. The huge bed had brocade covers and curtains tied to four posts. desperately trying to come to terms with his feelings. and he didn't even have a hope of denying how much he wanted and needed his mate. parting his lips to the insistent probe of his mate's tongue and lifting his hands to clutch Tyler's neck. Then." he whispered. twining his tongue around his mate's and reveling in the feel of warm. harder." He kissed him again. slowly sliding his arms around Zacky and kissing him. He stroked his mate's smooth skin from jaw to collarbone." Tyler murmured. stroking his back and arms as they kissed. Pulling back. He'd never seen such a richly decorated room before. "I really want to take them off right now. Zacky yanked himself back. "Mmm hmm. With a gasp of shock. "Wow.. unable to quite accept the intensity of his feelings without the excuse of feeding to hide behind. Tyler's face fell. groin tightening as his mate's touches filled him with need. and desire slowly warmed Zacky's blood. press their erections together and rub himself against him. turning around slowly.136 Teya Martin Tyler led Zacky upstairs to a large.

"I just want you." Zacky whispered. Tyler rocked his hips hard into Zacky once then clasped his face. He felt even worse for how much pain he had caused his mate. "Would it be easier if we fed first?" Tyler paused. The taste of salt hurt Zacky. rocking into Zacky harder. "Tyler. wrapping them around Tyler's back and pulling him down on top of him. "I love it when you say that. please?" Growling softly. Tyler whimpered into his mouth. He rolled his hips against his mate. "Tyler. groaning as his cock pushed out against the soft cotton of his underwear. making Zacky feel even worse for denying him. Zacky couldn't bear seeing his mate in pain. Zacky whimpered into Tyler's mouth. pushing his lengthening erection into his groin. "No. not when he could relieve it. desire tightening his muscles. rolling over and straddling his mate so he could tear open his jeans. Tyler's answering hardness made his gut clench." "Oh God. Zacky stroked his other hand down the satiny skin of his mate's back and under his waistband to cup one firm cheek." Zacky moaned. dripping down onto Zacky's lips." Tyler kissed him again. I need you." His mate's joy washed over him. and he lifted his arms." Tyler's offer tore at Zacky's heart. he cupped Tyler's cheeks and gently wiped away the tears. He couldn't hide behind the excuse of feeding. dipping his head and kissing him with such soft tenderness that it brought tears to Zacky's eyes. wrapping his other leg around his mate to rub harder against him." Zacky gasped again. Fuck me. Sliding his hands back around. Tyler lifted his head slowly. biting his lip as he looked down again. and he managed to push up. "I need you. tension building with his need. his passion driving Zacky's need higher. eyes wide and wary. thick hair." Tyler breathed. He curled a leg around Tyler's thighs and dragged him down. The constriction of the tight jeans around his erection was starting to hurt. clutched painfully at his heart. and Zacky pushed up to kiss Tyler desperately. Carding his fingers into soft. . low in his throat. jerking against him.Pack 137 tip of his nose. It makes me so hot. "I can call Theresa if you want. "Please. possessing his mouth urgently. drawing him into a soft kiss. will you fuck me.

sucking his way down and licking along his mate's collarbone. dribbling pre-cum. slide my tongue over your cock. Suck me off. and he pressed . It felt good." Tyler gasped." Tyler whispered. His mouth was watering. pressing a kiss to the center of Tyler's chest." Tyler said. "I want. It felt so good against his lips and tongue. the taste of his mate's skin was as addictive as his blood and cum." Zacky whispered. I think you're going to kill me. Zacky dipped his tongue in the hollow at the base of Tyler's throat. "Oh God. softly. gripping Zacky's hips tightly. "I want to lick your skin down to your groin." Tyler dragged him down for a deep kiss. "Do it.138 Teya Martin "Ah fuck. Tyler groaned softly. and swallow you down until you come. He licked up Tyler's breastbone. "Tyler. Zacky jerked into Tyler's touch and slid his lips up Zacky's jaw nipping his earlobe. tasting himself with a groan. dipping his tongue into the hollow spot again with a quiet moan. thrusting against him. bucking. Shivering. fingers digging in so hard that Zacky knew he'd bruise. Ty. sliding a hand down Zacky's chest and stomach and wrapping it over the head of his cock. "Oh yeah. Oh fuck. rubbing Zacky's cock gently through his underwear." "No. sucking on his lips and fingers. Zacky..." "Oh. tasting the salt-sweet sweat starting to pool there. and he rocked his hips harder against Tyler's. Zacky lifted his head briefly to smile at his mate then shifted lower. "Not before you fuck me. He slipped his fingers under the waistband of Zacky's briefs and slid them over the slit of his dick before pulling them out and sucking them into his mouth. "I want to taste you." "Fuck." "What?" Tyler groaned in shock and smiled softly.. "I haven't tasted the rest of you yet. rubbing teasingly." "Tell me. and moaning softly as his cock jerked. God. Zacky bucked into his mate's touch." Tyler groaned. baby. and he wanted to taste everything." Zacky whispered. his hands slowly stroking up Zacky's back to clutch at his neck and hair. shuddering happily." Tyler breathed. suck you into my mouth. Tyler's erection was digging into his thigh. feeling his cheeks heat up.." Zacky whispered. His hips rocked uncontrollably as he leaned down to kiss his mate.

Desire for Tyler almost overwhelmed him. Tyler's cock jerked against his thigh. lips tight around its shaft. Grasping his mate's hips. Tyler's cock pushed out. lapping over Tyler's nipple before biting down without warning and drawing blood. his voice strained and husky. . Zacky. Zacky rocked his groin into his mate's leg. Sliding his tongue over the tip before sucking the head into his mouth. "Fuck. Zacky pushed him down and licked the trail of pre-cum. Tyler's hands carded through Zacky's hair. swallowing on every down stroke. His mate lifted his hips from the mattress to help Zacky push them down to the middle of his thighs. cock jerking and leaking into his underwear. Leaning up. he kissed Tyler hard. baby. Please. The silky texture and bittersweet taste were so good. and he wanted more. The skin puckered." Tyler whined. he moaned quietly as pre-cum leaked onto his tongue. and he couldn't help rubbing his groin against Tyler's leg. He sucked harder. hard and thick. I'm gonna come in my pants. pre-cum dribbling down the shaft into pubic hair. Moaning desperately. cheeks hollowed with suction as he swirled his tongue along the length." Tyler groaned. "Fuck. and Zacky smiled. Tyler cried out. arching against Zacky. please. The sound of it pierced Zacky with more desire.Pack 139 down against it as he dragged his tongue down Tyler's chest to circle a nipple. and he wanted more. Zacky licked the blood from his lips and smiled shyly at his mate. He sank down his mate's cock. the rich flavor increasing his need." Tyler said. "I can't take any more teasing. Zacky couldn't resist any longer. baby. leaning harder against his mate's cock. sliding up and down Tyler's cock faster." Pulling back for a moment. tasting him before shifting back and kissing a trail down the center of his mate's chest and stomach. flicking his tongue over the tip on every upstroke. His cock was so hard it hurt. rubbing his scalp. panting and groaning loudly. He tugged Tyler's pants open quickly. Tyler's reaction made him feel good. trying to relieve the pressure of his need. fingers clenching Zacky's hips so hard he felt his bones groan under the pressure. Zacky sucked happily on his lover's blood. "So good. clasping his neck as he writhed. shivering as the taste made need tingle through his whole body. Feels so good. Harder.

With a quiet growl." "Are you horny. for wanting more.mouth. Fuck!" Zacky sank down and swallowed hard as Tyler arched into him. baby.You are totally addictive. "I wish I weren't. smiling." Tyler rocked up. Pain surged through Zacky's body. Shuddering. easing his hand free and lifting it to his mouth to lick his fingers clean. Tyler slid it under his briefs and wrapping his fingers round his cock. Tyler's glazed brown eyes were fixed on him. Tyler bit down on Zacky's lip. He truly cared for Tyler. and kissing him deeply. "I don't care. straining against Zacky's hands. Zacky lay back against the mattress." he whispered. flopping onto his back. "You're doing it. Tyler.for doing it. "Coming. kissing back eagerly. baby. Zacky kissed Tyler harder. aren't you?" Tyler sighed. kissing the tip before letting go and looking up at his mate." Tyler murmured. Oh yes. "I messed up your hair. "Mmm.140 Teya Martin "Yes. He just wished he didn't feel so guilty afterwards. baby?" Tyler whispered." Zacky sighed and rolled over. Tyler's thick. slashing it open and sucking hard. The resignation in his mate's voice made him feel worse. tugging Zacky up. coming with a gasp of happiness and pleasure." Zacky smiled. trying not to let his conflicting emotions ruin the moment. He swallowed the salty bitter fluid with a soft moan and slid slowly up Tyler's shaft. "Oh. "You taste so good. "Doing what?" "Guilt-tripping. . thrusting his dick hard and fast. lying against his mate and putting his head on his chest." Flushing hotly. tongue probing his mouth. panting and moaning. blood and cum. trying to pull away." Zacky said. skin. hot cum shot into Zacky's mouth. Tyler hauled Zacky over and pushed him against the bed. lust throbbing through his whole body. heaving. Zacky whimpered and nodded." "I guess that's progress. Stroking one hand down Zacky's chest and stomach. and he bucked into Tyler's hand." "I'm trying. Fuck. and the sex was amazing. for enjoying it.



"Don't do this." "Tyler, I'm not,” Zacky started, his throat tight with sorrow. "I could feel you. I could feel that you were starting to feel badly." Tyler sighed quietly, getting off the bed and yanking his pants up. "You know what? Never mind. If having sex with me makes you feel badly, I don't think I can stay here right now." So much pain filled Zacky's heart. He wasn't sure how much of the pain was Tyler's and how much was his. It hurt so much that he couldn't make his voice work, and he watched his mate walk out of the room. Tears filled his eyes and started to trickle down his cheeks as he reached out uselessly. The door had already slammed shut. Curling up on the bed, he grabbed hold of the pillow Tyler had laid on, burying his face in it and inhaling the scent as he cried helplessly. Zacky couldn't bear it. Hurting Tyler was tearing him apart. He wanted to accept who he was, wanted to be what Tyler needed, and it was getting easier, but there was still confliction in his emotions that he didn't know how to deal with.


Teya Martin

Chapter Thirteen
There was a light tap on the door, and Zacky looked up as Theresa peeked into the room. "Mr. Baker?" "Yeah?" "Seigneur Tyler sent me up. May I come in?" Zacky blinked uncertainly. He was hungry but he'd never fed without his mate before. "Is he coming?" "Oh. I don't think so." She smiled apologetically. "May I come in?" "I guess." Zacky sat up, wiping hurriedly at his face. The woman approached the bed and sat next to him. "Don't worry," she said, smiling. "I've done this many times before. You won't hurt me." "But I-" "You must feed," she said quietly, holding out her wrist. The pulse of her blood thrumming through her veins filled Zacky's ears. The scent made his mouth water, and his stomach clenched painfully with hunger. He took her hand tentatively, staring at her face, wide-eyed and a little frightened. "Go on," she whispered, still smiling. Lifting her wrist to his mouth, he bit down, groaning with pleasure as the hot, sweet blood hit his tongue. Need started to tingle across his skin. It was the painful need for his mate that made him want to cry. He swallowed her blood, and she fell unconscious onto the bed. Why wasn't Tyler feeding with him? Had Tyler fed at all? Drinking as much blood as he dared, Zacky got up from the bed and lay her down more comfortably on the mattress, supporting her head with a pillow. Pulling his t-shirt back on, he left the room, trailing silently down the stairs, following his mate's scent to a much smaller sitting room. Tyler was sitting on the large, comfy couch, staring into space, arms wrapped around



his chest. It broke Zacky's heart, and he stumbled into the room. Tyler looked up, almost in surprise. "Zacky?" "Did you feed?" "No." "Tyler, I wish you wouldn't do that." "I can't feed when you hurt me," Tyler said quietly, looking away. "That's not fair." Zacky moved slowly into the room, tears pricking his eyes. "You can't say things like that to me. It's not fair." "It's just the truth, Zacky. I'm not saying it to make you feel badly. I know you're going to hurt me. I hurt you sometimes. It's just that I." Tyler stopped again and looked up, his brown eyes dark and brimming with pain. "And you don't." "What?" "Nothing," Tyler sighed. "Did you feed?" "Yes." Zacky crossed the room and climbed into his mate's lap, partly for his own comfort and partly to relieve Tyler's pain. "I don't ever want to feed alone again, Ty. Please don't do that to me again." Zacky leaned up and kissed his mate. Tyler stared in surprise but slid his arms around his waist, kissing him back briefly. Meeting his mate's eyes again, Zacky lifted his wrist to his mouth and bit down, tearing his skin open with a groan of pain. "Zacky?" Tyler whispered, breath hitching in surprise. "Feed," Zacky said, lifting his wrist to his mate's mouth. "Please." Groaning, Tyler grabbed Zacky's wrist and lifted it to his mouth, licking up the trail of blood. Tyler's tongue tickled his skin, and Zacky squirmed slightly, wriggling closer to lie against his mate's chest. Tyler clamped his lips around Zacky's wrist, tongue flicking over the torn skin as he sucked and swallowed, moaning quietly. It felt good, the pain just an edge to the pleasure Zacky felt just from watching Tyler feed and feeling his mouth on his skin. Zacky leaned in and kissed Tyler's neck, pressing his lips to his mate's throat to feel his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. It was warm and comforting, yet hot and sexy. He could feel Tyler's cock hardening. Lifting his head from Zacky's wrist, Tyler licked blood from his lips and stared at him again. "Still want me to fuck you?"


Teya Martin

Desire shuddered through Zacky's body, warm need clenching his stomach, and a sense of emptiness making his cock harden fast enough to leave him lightheaded, and he nodded jerkily. "Yes," he breathed, shifting around to kiss him again, harder, tasting his blood in his mate's mouth with a shiver. Tyler pushed him back suddenly, clutching his chin with one hand, thumb and fingers digging into his cheeks. "Why?" "What?" Zacky whispered in confusion. "When we're together, it's amazing. It makes me feel so good and so happy and then I feel your confliction, your sadness, even your despair sometimes. So why even bother?" Tyler whispered, pain visible in his eyes. Zacky dropped his gaze and curled up tighter in his mate's lap, holding onto Tyler's wrist. "You know why. I need you," Zacky said, feeling more upset and distressed with each word. "But you don't really want me," Tyler whispered, breath hitching quietly. "No, that's not true," Zacky whispered, his mate's pain starting to overwhelm him. He pulled Tyler's hand from his face and gently kissed his fingertips. "I always want you, always need you. You make me feel good and happy, and that's why I feel conflicted, because I was always taught that it's wrong." "If it makes you feel good and happy and you're not hurting anyone then how can it be wrong, Zacky?" "I know, okay? I'm trying, you know I am." Tyler sighed heavily, pulling his hand free and lifting it to stroke through Zacky's hair. "Yes, I know. It's just sometimes it feels like I'm not... enough." Zacky stared at his mate in shock. "But that's how I feel. Why would you feel like you're not enough? You are.” He stopped abruptly as he suddenly realized what he'd been about to say. Everything. How could Tyler be everything to him? His heart flipped in his chest, constricting with emotion, but his brain screamed in denial, and he shook his head. "I am what?" Tyler asked. "You know who you are and what you want. Why would you feel like you're not enough?" Tyler shrugged. "Why would you?"



Zacky snuggled closer to his mate, his need for comfort increasing beyond his confusion. "Because I feel like I don't know what the heck I'm doing. I mess up. I hurt you." He sighed and stroked his mate's cheek. "I hate hurting you. You know that." "Yeah, I do," Tyler said quietly. "But you've only known you were Pack for a few weeks. I know you've felt under pressure, but you don't need to. We have our whole lives, and you are enough. You are everything." Zacky's breath caught in his chest. Tyler's words echoed his thoughts and made him wonder at their connection. He could feel what Tyler felt, knew when he was close, felt empty when he wasn't. What else might they be able to do? "You know how we're connected?" Tyler smiled softly. "Yeah." "How deep does it go?" "What do you mean?" "It seems so strong, like you know what I'm thinking." "I feel what you feel so strongly that maybe it seems that way, but it's empathy, not telepathy, baby. You feel what I feel too," Tyler said, his voice soft with happiness. "I know. It's just overwhelming sometimes. Like you said, I haven't been Pack that long." "I know," Tyler murmured. Zacky cuddled closer and rubbed his nose against his mate's neck to inhale his scent. Tyler was right. It felt good to be accepted for who he was, to not be alone anymore, to be a part of someone so completely that he felt empty without him. But that also scared Zacky. Being so reliant on another person made him feel vulnerable and exposed. "Don't be scared of me," Tyler whispered in a tiny voice, arms tightening around him. "I'm not scared of you. I'm scared of what will happen if I-” "Let me love you?" Tyler sighed. Zacky swallowed hard. "Do you?" He whispered uncertainly. "I want to. I want you to let me," Tyler said, his smile forced and pained. "I want you to want me to." It was all a little too much, and he buried his face in Tyler's neck.

" Zacky smiled at his mate and kissed him before lying against his chest and snuggling closer. turning around to kiss his mate. "I'd like that. no worrying. He curled up under the covers." Zacky said." Tyler whispered. Zacky shook his head slowly." "Good morning. wrapping his arms round him and nuzzling into his neck with a soft murmur. Tyler's warm tongue lapping over the back of his neck and making him tingle. his body warm against Zacky's back." Tyler said with a soft smile. **** Zacky woke slowly. "Rakastan sua." "Promise?" "Yes. no guilt. Zacky's eyes closed with a sigh of contentment. his cock pressed against his ass. . smiling against his mouth. Tyler climbed naked under the covers with Zacky." He watched his mate carefully lift the young woman and carry her from the room before stripping out of his clothes. He'd had a lovely night just lying there with Tyler. "Get undressed. He needed connection with his mate but he didn't want either of them to be hurt again that night which was likely if they had sex.146 Teya Martin "Can we just go back to bed?" "Do you still want me to fuck you?" Tyler asked hesitantly. throwing one of the pillows on the floor so they had to share one. Then. baby. or wondering. "I wish you'd tell me what that means. okay?" "Okay. wrapped up together with no pressure. Tyler's arms were wrapped tightly around him. I'll take Theresa to her room. "You look happy. so their scents would mix on the fabric. solid and hot. I promise. Tyler came back into the room. and stripping out of his clothes." They got up and headed up the stairs to the bedroom. "Tyler." "One day I will. closing the door carefully before crossing the room." Zacky murmured quietly. "Can we maybe just cuddle tonight?" Tyler clutched him tighter. Tyler pulled him close. baby. "Morning.

"God. hips moving faster as pleasure built in his groin. licking gently over Zacky's torn lip. "Yeah. It felt good and warm. wet heat spreading over his stomach. Licking into Zacky's mouth. didn't you?" Zacky blinked at his mate. sliding his leg over his mate's hips. and Zacky didn't feel cripplingly guilty for a change. "Harder. panting as his fingers dug into Zacky's skin. Groaning loudly. He smiled at Tyler and kissed him again. Tyler moaned quietly." With a grunt. "I don't know. Tyler sliced through his tongue and blood spurted into Zacky's mouth. his own need starting to overwhelm him." Tyler mumbled. and Zacky couldn't help wanting more. suddenly realizing that he wasn't sure. After all. I did what my father told me to do. Tyler bit hard on Zacky's lip and sucked his blood." Tyler's expression darkened. and he shook his head." Tyler kissed him gently then tipped his head back. unfortunately. drawing back to look into his mate's dark brown eyes. sweet and hot. Lips and tongues moving together." "Yeah. the pain sending aftershocks of pleasure through Zacky's body as his mate groaned and bucked into him. taking Tyler's mouth in a soft kiss and rocking his hips to rub his cock into his mate's groin." "Good. and he jerked hard. they rocked and touched. He clutched at his mate and kissed him harder. "I wasn't lazy just because I was a student." Zacky frowned.” It did feel nice. baby. rocking harder into his mate." Tyler sighed. what's the point in living as long as we do if we can't follow our interests?" . a drop of pre-cum smearing over his stomach. you've got all the time in the world to think about what you want. but baby. "Hey. He moved his head. coming with a small cry over his mate's stomach. He moaned quietly as their cocks brushed together. you actually gave a damn about what you were studying." Tyler groaned. not being lazy students. licking up the column of his throat. Zacky's skin tingled with desire. The soft skin and wiry hair against his erection filled him with need. hands gently stroking over smooth skin. "What are we doing today?" "Well. you feel good. Zacky moved faster. "Mmm that was nice. Pleasure exploded from Zacky's taste buds down through his whole body as he swallowed.Pack 147 "I feel happy. "Well. and he moved closer.

"You mean I have to put up with you for the rest of my eternal life?" Zacky said.” Tyler smiled a little sheepishly and nodded.” Tyler sighed. and it felt like he could breathe again. and Zacky held on tight. Tyler yanked him to his feet. Showering together had never occurred to him before. "Yes. I've never been mated before. Tyler. I could have been stuck with Matt." Zacky said softly." Joy swept through Zacky and was echoed by his mate's wide smile.” Zacky said." he whispered. "Well. surely you can feel it. reaching for his mate. still holding out his hand. I was just teasing. “I'm sorry." Zacky smiled at his mate and leaned back. hurt filling his eyes." "Baby." Tyler said." "You've been Pack a lot longer than I have." "That wasn't very nice." "Want to shower together?" He stared at the older man. you have me. Tyler blinked.” Tyler tensed immediately. you know?" "Glad?" "That I'm with you. teasing his mate. I guess I'm reacting before I think. accepting." "It would drive you insane. "That would be nice. "Yeah. you know. "Really?" Tyler whispered." "It's just you haven't really been. wrapping his arms around his chest defensively. Tyler finally took it. you're right. you do.148 Teya Martin "I guess it would get a little boring after a while. The first lifetime is the easy one to get through. "I need a shower. "I'm just glad." Tyler grinned again and nodded." Tyler said quietly. "But you're still young." "Ty. He switched on the water and checked the temperature before dragging Zacky under the spray and back into his arms." "That's true." Tyler grinned at him and winked. “It's hard to tell when you're teasing me. leading him into the en suite bathroom. "I'm new at this too. The warm water felt good ." "I know. Plus. "I'm teasing. pulling him into a tight hug. "Oh.

licking his lips as his eyes roamed over Zacky's body. "I need you to touch me. wrapping his arms around his neck and resting his head on his chest. Tyler stroked down Zacky's chest. "Tell me what you want me to do. Whimpering quietly. leaning closer so the heat and scent of his body was overwhelming. Zacky pushed his hips up. talk to me. Zacky licked his lips and stared down at his mate's long.Pack 149 over Zacky's skin. His hands teased lower and lower until he was tangling his fingers in Zacky's pubic hair. rubbing gently over his nipples until his skin felt like it was coming alive. "Zacky. brown eyes following every movement. baby. Tyler kissed his forehead and gently pushed him back. or anything that caused difficulties between them. "Talk to me. catching Tyler's mouth in a hard kiss. cock pulsing with need. picking up the shower gel and pouring some into his hand. With a growl of frustration. moving closer to him and stopping most of the spray from hitting his body. . and he murmured quietly. Gasping. His mouth hovered tantalizingly close. They swayed under the water. gently spreading the foam over Zacky's shoulders and arms. wet chest sliding up against his soapy one. and he curled up against his mate. trying to encourage his mate's hands lower." Tyler whispered. It felt good. Tyler groaned loudly. completely avoiding his aching cock and balls." Zacky groaned." Tyler muttered urgently. or different. He leaned back against the tile wall as his cock lengthened and hardened. Tyler's lips parted as his breathing deepened and became harsher. every nerve alight with pleasure." Tyler whispered. he lifted his head. fingers sliding over skin that felt silky smooth under the water that flowed between them. fingers digging into Zacky's hips. biting down on his lip and sucking his blood into his mouth. Slippery hands slid down to his stomach." "You can do better than that. It was nice to be with Tyler without feeling wrong. his desire building quickly under Tyler's touch. content to just enjoy each other's company. elegant fingers working around his groin. stroking Tyler's chest. "Tell me." Tyler breathed. thrusting his hips forward. He lathered it between his palms and smiled as he lifted both hands.

" Zacky licked his lips and parted them immediately over the head of his mate's straining erection." Tyler shuddered. "Ah yeah. every muscle tightening as he shook and came hard. "Zacky. harder. licking his cum from smooth skin and hard muscle. "Suck me off. He ran his fingers slowly along the insides of Tyler's thighs. rubbing hard under his mate's balls as Tyler panted and groaned. jacking him with short. Zacky sank down as far as he could and swallowed. Humming quietly into his mouth. He swallowed again. and he couldn't help enjoying everything they did together. Tyler tasted musky and salty under the bitterness of his own cum and Zacky cleaned his stomach eagerly with his tongue. Zacky slid his mouth up and down the hard length. The sharp burst of pain tipped Zacky over the edge. sucking gently until his mate stopped . but actually good. sucking hard. "Fuck. Zacky." Tyler gasped. Zacky couldn't stop himself. water splashing over his head and back as he leaned forward. He dropped to his knees. I'm gonna come. Looking down." Tyler moaned. Zacky. pressing his thumbs up under his balls. thrusting deeper into his mouth. Zacky whimpered into his mate's mouth. a little shocked with himself." Tyler grunted. Pleasure flooded his body. Zacky met glazed brown eyes and smiled. Please. Tyler eased his kisses until he'd pulled away. "Wrap your beautiful. Oh fuck. Zacky groaned quietly at the sight of his cum trickling slowly down Tyler's skin towards his groin." Zacky whispered. spinning them around and pushing his mate up against the wall. He felt good. He needed Tyler. Maybe he was actually starting to accept that. baby.150 Teya Martin "I want you. spurting jerkily over Tyler's stomach. fingers sliding through his hair and gripping tightly. clutching at him as he pushed his cock through Tyler's fingers faster. Tyler bit down on Zacky's tongue and sucked his blood. his hips jerking as cum shot down Zacky's throat. Tightening his lips. long fingers around my cock and make me come. sucking gently. tongue plunging deep into Zacky's mouth. tongue flicking over the slit to taste him. He shifted and fisted Zacky's shaft. tight strokes that had him on the brink of ecstasy in seconds.

Pack 151 shuddering. "Are you sure?" Tyler said quietly." He smiled tightly. When had Tyler become so important to him? It had snuck up on him before he could stop it." They finished washing quickly and got out of the shower to dry off." Tyler said softly. He clung on a little tighter for a moment then nodded and pulled back. I'm sorry it all cost so much. stroking his hair. "Are you okay?" Zacky smiled at his mate." Tyler said. "Yeah. The happiness that poured from his mate filled his heart. A little overwhelmed. it seemed to be all that mattered. blinking at his mate in surprise." he whispered. baby. rinsing himself off. "I'm okay. thank you. He still felt bad and sinful sometimes." Tyler pulled on a pair of boxer-briefs and smiled back a little sadly. "Yeah. made it worth changing his entire life and damning his soul to hell. you know?" "Yes." he said hesitantly as he started to dress. the warmth and emotion visible in his dark brown eyes made Zacky's stomach tighten. "No. whenever you want. but it was as if he didn't care anymore. Now. and he opened his eyes. and it's nice to sit with them for a meal and feel normal for a change. but the family does. "Remind me to program your cell so you have all our numbers. lifting a hand to stroke his cheek. Do you want to call your mom?" "Can I?" "Of course." . he kissed Tyler's hip and got slowly to his feet. Johnny made me spend ridiculous amounts at the mall. "I'm used to family meals. backing up so he was directly under the spray." Tyler said quietly. "Is that okay?" "But. burying his face in his chest. and Zacky smiled. he threw his arms around Tyler's neck and held on tight. "What?" "You're beautiful. I suppose so." "That would be great. but disgust had been left behind. Guilt niggled at the back of his mind. we don't eat. Tyler's happiness made it worthwhile. He felt the weight of Tyler's gaze. "Oudinot will be expecting us for breakfast. Easing back.

"Sit down for me then. Everything had changed so fast and so completely. rubbing it between his fingers." He sat on the edge of the bed. and as Tyler approached him. "Want me to do your hair. standing in front of the mirror to quickly line his eyes in black. relieving Zacky's moment of jealousy immediately. "Besides. he lifted his hand and caught a lock of his hair. but I've always liked it. He combed Zacky's hair out then styled it quickly and easily." he said with a small smile. "There we go. "Ready to go down?" "Yeah." "You know. I already went down." "How long have you worn makeup?" "In this lifetime? Since the Seventies I guess. and Tyler dug a comb and some hair gel from his bag." Zacky snapped. You always look sexy baby. right?" "Yeah. black jeans. band t-shirt and boots. climbing on the bed behind him. ." "I'm not Jimmy. "Can I persuade you to try makeup again?" Zacky scrunched up his face and shook his head. it was worth it. You look fucking sexy in your new stuff. it was scary how much less it seemed to scare him each day." he said softly." Tyler smiled. "No. "The trend for makeup comes and goes. "Besides. I know. baby?" Tyler asked him softly. He did up his belt and watched his mate finish getting dressed in his usual tight. He was so beautiful he took Zacky's breath away." Tyler said. He smiled and flicked his eyebrows up." Tyler said emphatically. Jimmy would have made a crass joke at that. "How do you do that so fast?" "Practice. "I'm not trying to change you. "Thank God." "Thank you." "It does make you look good." Tyler held out his hand." "Okay." "What was wrong with what I wore before?" "Nothing. Zacky nodded. taking a small pencil from the bag when he replaced the gel and comb." Tyler smiled and got off the bed again. You know that." Tyler leaned around and kissed his cheek.152 Teya Martin "I told you what's mine is yours." Tyler frowned at him. You look gorgeous.

" Oudinot said. "How are you feeling today. "For me to actually feed from. "Morning. "Didn't you feed last night." Tyler said. "We are all family here. are they not?" . baby." She smiled and nodded. "Strong enough?" Zacky asked. A long table surrounded by beautifully carved chairs dominated the room." Tyler said. slamming his hand on the table. staring at the big man. thank you. "Thank you for putting me to bed. stroking his face and nuzzling into his ear. "I fed from Zacky. Theresa spoke up. and it's none of your business now. Oudinot and his two daughters were already seated. but you're young." Tyler said with a sigh." Zacky winced. and Tyler led him into an elegant dining room." Tyler said shortly. "Thanks for feeding Zacky. Don't you fucking dare make comments on what happens between my mate and I. taking a seat beside him." "Yes." They walked downstairs hand in hand. "Good morning." Matt snapped. It can be too much. It was none of your business then. "Where's Jimmy?" "Jonathan fed him last night." Johnny frowned. Mr." Matt said. and I'm fine. and Tyler stroked his arm in silent apology. Baker?" "Zacky. smiling at them." The alpha veritably seethed with fury. "Gentlemen." "You're welcome. "It was an accident. Everyone is happy and healthy.Pack 153 Snickering softly." "Fuck you. trying to calm him. and Johnny was sitting in Matt's lap. but before Zacky could question it. "I have enough selfcontrol that I didn't almost kill you. However. Ty?" Matt asked with a frown." Tyler glanced at the other mated pair with a raised eyebrow. and his mate murmured softly." Tyler frowned and made a slightly disapproving noise. Tyler tugged him close and kissed his cheek. fatal even. "I don't understand." "Oh. and you know it. I guess they're still asleep. "Nice to know we're all being a bad influence on you. Zacky reared back in shock. "Are you sure he's strong enough for that?" "Yes. I've fed from you.

"Hey." Jimmy said almost pleadingly. "Sorry. you don't. but I have been through a lot of pain in the past trying to make myself believe that I was. I didn't tell you never to get involved with humans because I just felt like it." Jimmy said quietly." Tyler said." "He could be. We do not fuck our friends. "Yes. and I care about Jimmy." Zacky stared at his mate. and he's going to die. His gaze flicked over the table to Matt who was still glaring. child. you know. you're not." Tyler said. you're right. suddenly looking deflated and sad. guys. Do you really think that's fair on either of you?" "Just because he's human and I'm Pack doesn't mean I'm not in love with him." "And therein lies the problem. I do." Matt said softly. Jimmy.154 Teya Martin "Yes. what's with the heavy vibe?" Jimmy and Jonathan entered the room together. but you'll never be in love with him. Mattie." "Yeah. Jimmy. arms wrapped around each other. you were young too. and he's going to go through life knowing that you can never love him the way he wants you to." "You're not fucking him anymore. "I care about you." Jimmy said sulkily. looking equally confused. "What the fuck is this?" Tyler snapped. Tyler glared at the young man. Jimmy." Jimmy said." "But I am. “You might care about him." Tyler sank back down onto his chair and put his head in his hands with a heavy sigh." Tyler repeated. completely frozen in shock." "No." "No. leaping to his feet abruptly. "He's not your mate. "I love him. "What the fuck is what?" Jimmy asked." "How can you know that?" "Because in over twelve hundred years. it does. sounding pained. I've never been in love before I saw Zacky. and he wasn't sure which admission was the most shocking. desperation in his tone. Whoa. "He's not Pack. He could barely comprehend the ." "I'm not just fucking him. "And he loves me. Zacky frowned in confusion at the level of fury he could feel in his mate. "Yes. What do you care?" Jonathan snapped. "What have I told you over and over again about humans?" Tyler yelled. "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't get involved with humans. He's going to grow old.

that fact was just as shocking to Johnny and Jimmy as well as the human members of the group. Matt sighed. something. "One thousand two hundred and twenty-one years old. his tone hurt. "Jean. He knelt in front of Zacky and put his hands on his knees. Johnny. but none of them know the whole story. "You have nothing to say?" Tyler whispered. He tried to focus on that information because somehow it was the least overwhelming. question. “Zacky. apparently. They were all staring at Tyler. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" "Of course it does. mouths open. and he looked down at his knees." he whispered." "And you never told me?" Johnny gasped. "I just told you how I feel about you. Every single one of you is descended from my sister." "Why aren't you surprised. I don't even know the whole story. I'm the only one who knew." Matt said reprovingly. He felt like he was going to pass out. but it wasn't for me to tell. I am." Tyler said. "I love you. "You're twelve hundred years old?" "Yes." "Zacky?" Tyler whispered. beg Tyler to say it again. I-” "You're how old?" Johnny interrupted with a slight squeak. "I'm the oldest living Pack." Tyler replied slowly. He wanted to cry. laugh. beg him to take it back. He wanted to run but he couldn't move. . eyes wide. Tyler pushed him gently onto the couch. "Because I knew.Pack 155 age of his mate and. "Oh? Is that it?" Tyler whispered." Zacky sighed. He had no idea how to react. All the alphas know that Tyler is oldest. "What do you expect me to say?" "I don't know." "Oh. "Is that really all you have to say to me?" "What do you want me to say?" Tyler took his arm and pulled him to the sitting room. Matt?" Johnny asked his mate quietly. It was his mate's declaration of love that had him really overwhelmed. raising an eyebrow at his mate who ducked his head apologetically.

and he pulled away. "After everything I've put you through. You know that." Tyler continued as if he hadn't spoken. Tyler. I do. "Tyler. and he stopped. He didn't want Tyler to have to feel his guilt. "You already had so much to deal with. Tyler. "I'll love you forever. because there's so many things wrong with what you just said. "Don't love me. lifting his head. The tenderness with an edge of desperation made every cell in his body ache with a need that seemed tainted by guilt. eyes burning with impending tears." "Oh. "Don't love you?" Tyler exclaimed. He shifted around." "I do care about you. a lump growing in his throat. You might as well ask me to stop breathing." "Why didn't you tell me before?" "Because I didn't want to overwhelm you. Zacky?" "I don't want you to feel bad.156 Teya Martin "I don't expect you to feel the same way." Tyler sighed." Tyler said with a rueful grimace." Tyler started to laugh. shaking his head and clutching him tighter so he couldn't move. He sat on the couch and held out his hand. You're my mate. "You are worthy. It's impossible. you love me?" "Yes." "What do you mean?" Zacky whispered. climbing into his mate's lap and clutching his cheeks. Zacky. "I don't even know where to start. pulling him closer and sinking into his mouth. leaning in to press a gentle kiss to his lips. I just don't know what to say. "But I need you to at least acknowledge what I said. sorrow filling his heart." He smiled tightly and shrugged. Tyler grasped his ass with one hand and clasped his neck with the other." Zacky breathed. "You can't say that to me. and of course it means something to me." "Neither do I. With a muffled whimper. dropping his forehead onto his mate's chest." "But I-” Tyler put a finger over his lips." he murmured." he said. Tyler. You make me feel good and happy and like nothing else in the world . I don't want you to have to feel the guilt and shame that I can't help feeling when you make me want you and need you. "I'm not worthy of it." His throat tightened with emotion his heart clenched painfully. "I didn't really expect to tell you like this. making it hard to swallow. How can you think you're not worthy." "All this time.

" He stopped and shook his head. "And you are more than I could ever ask for. He couldn't work out what he'd said that had made Tyler happy. With a soft moan. I don't want you to feel my guilt." Tears pricked Zacky's eyes. "It was like being brought back to life. his mouth soft and warm. "How did you know I was your mate?" "It's a sense of recognition. and then I saw you. You don't know what that means to me. "Let me make a guess. and now that he had Tyler." Tyler whispered. "Can you at least accept that?" . "Thank you. If you were taught that men being together was unnatural. though." Tyler stroked his cheek and smiled. honey. kissing him. It was as if I spent my whole life hovering close to death. Zacky. his face breaking into a smile. "I'm so sorry. "You don't deserve that." "So why would it even occur to you that I love you?" "I don't know. holding him tightly." Tyler said softly. "What for?" "For not knowing. For being so blind to how you felt even though I knew I was hurting you. leaning into him." Tyler clasped his hand against Zacky's cheek. With each of our pack members. melting against his mate.” "I do love you. gently stroking his mate's cheek. Zacky. right?" "Yeah." Tyler pulled him closer and gently nuzzled his neck." Zacky whispered. you were taught that men couldn't be in love with each other. and he clutched at his mate.Pack 157 matters more than being with you. he couldn't imagine living that long unmated.” "In twelve hundred years you've never found anyone?" Zacky shook his head. but he was glad that they weren't fighting. because it's not fair. He couldn't imagine living that long. Zacky let himself kiss him back. It was like having my chest torn open and my heart squeezed until it started to beat again. I felt an immediate connection. He wasn't sure why the matter felt resolved between them. baby. "I've waited so long for you." Tyler said with a tight smile.

" He got up from his mate's lap reluctantly and held out his hand." Zacky flinched. . and if he's always liked John. "He seemed really upset." Tyler said with a grimace. I shouldn't have shouted at you. baby. wrapping his arms around his mate's neck and kissing him. gently stroking with his fingertips." Zacky flinched sorrowfully and kissed his mate again. "Yes. Tyler looked back at him and smiled softly as he petted Jimmy's hair." Jimmy sobbed quietly. I don't want you to go through that.158 Teya Martin "Yes. He wants a mate. is it?" Zacky said quietly. increasingly saddened that Tyler had been through so much pain over the years. and it must be worse now that I'm mated as well. but a hundred years can feel like an eternity. One of my lovers actually committed suicide because I couldn't love him the way he needed. "I know what it feels like being in a pack where you're the only one who's unmated. Oudinot and the girls were gone." Zacky said. "He's lonely." Tyler smiled more genuinely. "Jimmy." "Do you think we should go back?" "I should probably apologize to Jimmy for shouting at him. He reached down to touch his mate's shoulder. "Hey. okay." "He was. Tyler took it and squeezed gently. "I'm glad you can see that. "No. he'll be desperate to believe that he's in love with him." "It's not like he has waited twelve hundred years though." Tyler said softly." "Are you okay?" Zacky asked softly. Ty." Tyler sighed. They walked back to the dining room where Johnny and Matt were trying to calm Jimmy and Jonathan. "You can't spend time around Matt and Johnny and not realize that they're in love with each other. I'm really good actually. unable to help feeling guilty that his mate had waited for so long. but I've been through this and it hurts too much. "Shall we go back to the dining room?" "Yeah. "I just don't want to be alone anymore." Tyler grimaced.

I do love you. and he turned." Matt said." Jonathan sagged onto the couch. "I just hate knowing you've been hurt so much." Tyler said sorrowfully. I promise. "I'm not Pack. I love Jimmy. I don't get a mate. touching his mate's arm. taking his hand. gently stroking his hair as tears trickled silently down his face.Pack 159 "I know." Jimmy said. "I didn't mean it like that. hugging him close. "I wish you were my mate." Tyler said with a snort. looking up with an expression of determination." Johnny said softly." Tyler whispered. "Why not? I can take care of him." "I'm a mistake?" Jonathan said quietly. Ty. "We have to go anyway. It is ancient history. I'm just worried about you. Zacky felt Tyler's distress. Believe me. Jon. and Jimmy put an arm around his shoulders. s'il te plait." "Jimmy. "Matt. chéri." Jonathan's eyes shone. and he quickly moved to stand next to his mate. Do think you can live with that?" Tyler said gently. "When you find your mate. "I'm okay. "I just meant I want to be with you. but it's so much harder this way. indicating Jimmy and Jonathan who were still clinging to each other. "No. he can't come with us. John." "Now is not a good time for hauling a human around with us." Jimmy whispered. you'll understand. Jimmy held him close. ." "But-” "I'll make my own mistakes. burying his face in Jimmy's neck. literally." "Don't be." "Hauling?" Jimmy exclaimed." "What are we going to do?" Matt said quietly." "What about me?" Jonathan suddenly snapped. What the hell am I supposed to do?" "You've got to try and move on. John. but you don't need this kind of heartache. “How are you feeling baby?" Tyler whispered. He'll never really be in love with you. "I don't want to leave him. "And what if he meets his mate when he's still with you? He'll break your heart.

I wasn't always the oldest Pack. "We can't waste time with this bullshit right now. then looked up at Tyler. Once I was the youngest.160 Teya Martin "I'm serious." "What about the survivor?" Jimmy asked." he said quietly." Matt started quietly. Matt pulled his mate closer and kissed his cheek." "Is it hunters?" Johnny whispered. looking up again. "I lost my family. You'll just get hurt and the way things are right now." "In trouble how?" Johnny asked softly. mein Herz. it's not your fault. "We're down to half our numbers already. Whole packs have been systematically killed. Matt. "He just doesn't know. Ty's right." Tyler sighed. and ridiculous responsibility weighing on his shoulders." "I know you lost your pack. let alone who attacked him. "I don't know if I can go through this again." Tyler bit his lip and looked up at the ceiling. "We're being hunted again. Only one has survived the killings. his voice trembling just enough to fill Zacky with fear. "We're in trouble. John. his head still turned away from them all. you could get killed. sorrow. His shoulders were hunched. pained anger radiating from him." Tyler said softly. "I didn't just lose my pack. "We don't know. "Doesn't matter. There seemed to be so much pressure on him. tension vibrated through his whole body. sniffing loudly. He's not entirely sure how he survived. so much pain. "Ty. leaning in and putting an arm around his waist." Matt snapped." Zacky stared at Matt. Zacky stared at his mate." Tyler snapped suddenly." . twisting his arm around to take Johnny's hand. "What does he mean?" Tyler sighed and turned his head away.

Alphas were more like officers. "Our family was privileged beyond any other because we were considered blessed by Odin. A group of hunters locked everyone in the great hall and set fire to it. Non-Pack brothers remained with their father's tribe. and you know it. and she didn't feel well. "That was not your fault. and his mouth curled into a half-smile. “Pack hierarchy was a lot more fluid in those days. and I escaped because we weren't in the hall. "How?" Zacky whispered. I couldn't save them. It was non-Pack brothers who were the first hunters. Not just Pack." Tyler glanced at Zacky." "So what happened?" Zacky asked quietly.” Tyler stopped for a second and took a deep breath. and he sagged against Zacky. but the women and children too." "Ty. so I had taken her out to the forest for some fresh air." Matt said. “We all grew up together until we reached eighteen then the boys were sent to live with their fathers. "It was my brother. Those of us who were born Pack were known as Wolf Warriors. the baby. all Pack would come home and join the family for the Feast of Odin." Tyler's voice broke. The older alphas had more authority. I was the youngest.Pack 161 Chapter Fourteen "What do you mean?" "I had only been fully mature for a year. My sister. She was pregnant. you barely escaped with your life when Connor killed your pack. just like I couldn't save my pack. Freya. They knew our habits and our traditions. "Every year. whereas Pack brothers could return to the family whenever they wished. They were supposed to marry and contribute. and they killed the whole family. Chiefs would vie for the honor of lying with our mothers and sisters in the hopes of fathering a Wolf Warrior who would eventually fight for their tribe." . It needed to be with us all living in one place.

"I need to stop feeling sorry for myself." "War?" "I said 'if necessary'. "Please. and he stared at his mate." "I might be Pack." Matt snapped. pulling his mate into a hug. but I was stronger than he was. "You're Pack. I cannot take a life. Your name can't be Tyler. Ty. "If someone attacked. I had three brothers and four sisters. Matt was right. Ty. and we need to do something about this. Even though I was younger." Zacky whispered. "Bullshit you can't." Tyler shrugged. "No." Zacky said softly. We need to find out who's doing this. you'd kill them without even blinking." Zacky snapped back.." "Oh. I'm so sorry. He resented the fact that I was Pack. The Elders tried to make sure we were all treated equally. Loki was the one who killed them." Zacky whispered.162 Teya Martin "I can't lose a third family. It's a part of who you are. My mother found it amusing to name us all after the Gods. but the thought that he might kill someone made him . "What?" "You're a twelve hundred year old Viking. Matt." "What's your real name?" Tyler looked at his mate in surprise. my brothers would always take my side when we fought. and Zacky knew it. and my brother Loki hated me." Tyler's expression was solemn." Tyler managed a small smile. faster. Staring at his mate. I can't lose you or Zacky or anyone else. "It's okay." Fear tightened Zacky's throat. I was the only Pack. Especially if it's just a rogue pack or a few hunters." Tyler hugged him fiercely for a moment then straightened up. aren't you?" "Yeah. baby. Zacky started to shake his head. go to war. "I can't.. "You're talking about killing. "My name was Tyr. Mattie. squaring his shoulders. It might not come to that. "It's bad enough having to watch the humans in our family grow old and die. trying to distract his mate from the pain." Matt snorted. but if it's bigger. but I'm also me." "All?" "There were a few of us." Tyler whispered. his eyes dark and full of worry. and if necessary.

"I know you care about me. and the hurt he could feel in his mate. His mate seemed to appear right in front of him." Tyler said firmly. "But there are times. "I love you. don't start this again. "Do what?" Zacky snapped. I know you want me and need me. Would you rather we'd left you to become a vicious. no more." He flinched away despite the pain it caused him." He stopped at the top of the stairs and looked back at Tyler. and he ran from the room. uncontrollable killer?" "No. The horror and self-disgust that had constantly filled him when he'd first met Tyler overwhelmed him again. the sense of rejection made him realize just how badly Tyler felt when he did the same thing." Tyler whispered. He moved so fast up the stairs that Zacky nearly jumped back." Tyler shouted. putting a hand on Zacky's shoulder. He wrapped his arms around his chest and turned away. It felt like he'd gone all the way back to the beginning. "Enough." "You are Pack. you would have been Pack. his voice lowering to a pained whisper." Tyler turned and started to walk back down the stairs. Zacky. and we are mates. and then maybe it wouldn't hurt so damned much. Shame. "Zacky! Zacky. no matter how much we might wish we could. "Baby. but sometimes we don't have a choice. Please don't do this to me again. his confusing emotions making him angry. "Matt's right. Sometimes it's kill or be killed. don't you fucking dare put the blame on me again. "Come on. "Remember who I am and what you did to me?" "Oh. but ." Zacky flinched again." Johnny said softly." Matt said. "No matter what I've done. baby. let alone kill. That is something neither of us can do anything about. slowly walking up the steps towards him. when I really wish I didn't. "I know you don't want to hurt anyone. stop.Pack 163 feel sick. Zacky." "Ty-” "No." Tyler said. guilt and self-loathing started to take over again. bile burning the back of his throat." "And you will defend your mate to the death. You are Pack.

” Zacky sighed. "Hello?" "Mom. leaning against him." "But-" "Just go call your mother. Tyler was giving him what he should want. I hate it. Despite his doubts and guilt. he loved curling up in Tyler's arms at night. He'd become comfortable with. "We'll still feed together like I promised. "So we're going to stop. Mom. It was true. He was used to touching his mate.164 Teya Martin you don't want to." Tyler stopped and looked up at Zacky. I can't touch you knowing that you don't really want me to. and it struck him painfully. so why did it just leave him feeling empty? Forcing himself to turn away. Not like this." "Stop?" Zacky whispered in confusion. kissing him. He didn't know what to do. How are you and your man?" "Tyler and I. "I don't want you to stop. eyes dark with sorrow. “How does it make you feel when you fight?" "Terrible. Haven't you realized?” she said softly. “keep fighting. watching his mate walk away. Even though he knew he shouldn't. getting his new cell phone from his bag and curling up on the bed before dialing home." Tyler turned away again and walked stiffly back towards the dining room." "What about when you're not fighting?" "He makes me feel good. sweetheart. he walked slowly back to the bedroom. Zacky. it's so good to hear from you." ." Zacky whispered. growing close to Tyler had been the best part of being Pack. and I need him." "Zach! Oh my darling. but that's it." "That's it?" "I can't be with you anymore. I keep hurting him. but he said he can't be with me anymore. and accustomed to. their physical relationship. I don't know what to do. He makes me feel complete. I can feel how much it hurts him. and we'll probably have sex. feeling his warm body pressed against his.” "Oh. and it is breaking my heart. hugging him.

I miss you too. It's wrong. Even being away from him for a couple of hours at the mall. left him feeling empty. the church." **** He'd talked to his mother for a long time. ." she said quietly. potentially forever. God is love. Finding love astounded him." "Yes. his heart pounded painfully. Seeing Tyler made his heart beat faster." "Yeah." Zacky whispered. Tell yourself the truth. “It's not wrong. I'm fine. How can love be wrong? Love is never a sin. made him feel like his chest had been torn open and his heart was being stuck with a knife that twisted and turned. that Tyler might think he was saying it just to placate him. I could tell the moment I saw you with him. and they'd be together. and it hurt that he couldn't tell his mate and make them both happy." "But. “How are you? Is Father treating you okay?" "Of course. I just miss you. Thanks. He couldn't bear the slightest chance of doubt." "Who says?" "Father. His chest hurt. You're not sinning for being in love. Mom. His smile made his breath catch in his throat. He'd never imagined that he'd find love before he met Tyler. I'm not--" "Of course you are. Tyler was his mate. to get him to back down. I can't. but the timing couldn't have been worse. He had almost accepted a life of never fitting in. God. okay?" "Okay. but it was more than that. Knowing Tyler was hurting enough to pull away. above and beyond finding out he wasn't quite human. "No.Pack 165 "You love him. and his breath stuttered. Mom." "Don't be ridiculous. It should have made everything better. trying to push his revelation from his mind." He lay back and stared at the ceiling. a loveless marriage to Ruth. "I love him." his mother said.

"How's your mom?" "Um. "I need to think about it. How ironic that." Zacky stood up. "But I don't want you to stop touching me. Now what did he do? He never imagined love could be this painful. feel his worry and his curiosity. Zacky watched his mate walk out of the room. "What's wrong. "Do you want me to pack for you?" Zacky asked. blinking. pretty much everything. He knew Tyler could feel his hurt." "Right." Tyler said quietly. after Tyler admitted how he felt." Sighing painfully." . busying himself by repacking the few things they'd taken out during their brief stay. swallowing back tears. He finished packing the bags and dragged them down the stairs. tucking it under his opposite arm and turning away. you know." "Good. that it made him feel guilty." "Don't. Tyler seemed determined to distance himself. I need you. biting back tears and quickly grabbing the bags." Zacky whispered. but I need you. "Oh. and Zacky sat up. Zacky?" Johnny asked as he walked into the hallway. The pain was sharp in his chest. Ty. "Are you okay?" "What do you think?" Zacky said a little sharply." "Okay. automatically reaching out for his mate who flinched away. and he could feel his mate's pain also." "Thanks. Ironic.166 Teya Martin Tyler came into the room. Zacky was the one having to hide his feelings. "I don't want to be selfish. I don't want to hurt you. "I was just-" "I know I took a step backwards today. and he didn't know how to bridge the gap. "Tyler. He could feel Tyler's gaze burning into his back. sagging onto the bed." "I don't know. she's good. "Are you sure?" "Yes. We need to get packed." He looked up at his mate and held out his hand hopefully. please don't stop calling me baby. bab--" Tyler stopped abruptly." Zacky said. staring at his hand. and he yanked his hand back. too. He didn't know what to do.

Zacky. Sorry." "I know." "A French aristocrat. "Matt and I went through fights and arguments like you wouldn't believe before I could accept that I was his mate and that he loved me. Look. When I finally did. "I know it's difficult for you to accept. raised as the heir until a legitimate son was born when I was twelve. especially considering your background. of course. and I was suddenly second best. he'd been educated. he was miserable. he was. "As you can probably imagine. I realized that I loved him rather desperately. They might be big." Johnny snorted and shook his head." "German peasant?" Zacky said slowly." Zacky flushed and looked away." Johnny drawled slowly with a large smirk." Zacky whispered." "I bet that annoyed Matt a lot. His life had changed completely. raising a surprised eyebrow. Now. He couldn't believe it was just a few weeks since he'd met Tyler. I was a pompous." "Oh yeah. . "Why did you resist?" Johnny grinned. After running with Tyler. I was horrified to find myself irresistibly drawn to a boorish German peasant. but he loves you. Johnny's words hitting a little close to home. French nobleman. but they're complete suckers for their mates. no matter what Tyler might have told you." Zacky managed a weak smile and hauled the bags out to the car. He closed the trunk and sat on it. don't worry. effete. He's in love with you. instead of being happy like he should have been that Tyler loved him. but that didn't matter to me at the time. It seemed both amazing and ridiculous. arrogant snob of an aristo. I forgot you're not quite used to us yet. "Made for some damn good sex though. "Oops. looking away quickly." Johnny said softly. "Well. rich." Zacky flinched.Pack 167 "The early stages of mating aren't easy for any of us. shoving them into the trunk. drawing his feet up and wrapping his arms around his knees. really?" "Illegitimate son. a very long time ago. "In Matt's words. strong alphas. being a posh.

He just couldn't take that his mate might doubt him. when it comes to us and being together." Tyler started with a sigh. Ty. "Are you okay?" "Will you stop asking me if I'm okay?" "Don't do this. "Really. Tyler. his expression softening." Tears started to prick his eyes. Please. "No." "I know." He held out his hand. and Zacky leaned up." he snapped. His sadness and pain grew every second that Tyler stayed away. lips parting under the pressure of his kiss. "That was torture." Zacky whispered. and his indignant anger faded to leave him. a soft sadness filling his tone. and he turned his head slowly to meet a solemn brown gaze. wrapping his arms around his mate's neck to pull him closer. I promise. You're the one-” "Trying to protect my heart?" Tyler interrupted." "It won't make you feel badly?" "No. Ty." Tyler said. I'm sorry. I won't." Tyler closed the gap." "Really?" Tyler whispered hopefully." "How do you know?" "Because I-” He stopped himself and bit his lip to stop from blurting out his feelings. The sense of relief and happiness was almost overwhelming. Tyler glared fiercely at their three friends. lips pressing gently to Zacky's mouth. "Touchy. Tyler licked into Zacky's mouth with a quiet groan. full of misery. "Thank God. man. I've accepted us. "Shut up. once again." Tyler murmured.. and Tyler shot forward. cupping Zacky's jaw with both hands and tipping his face up as he bent close enough to brush his skin. wait till we're on the road. "I'm not going to break your heart." Jimmy snorted. I've accepted it. it won't. "I'm not doing anything. appearing in front of him in a split second. ." "No." His mate's voice sent a tingle down his spine. "Please.." Pulling back with a growl." Zacky interrupted. "Dude.168 Teya Martin "Zacky. "But you will still feel guilty and ashamed. I'm sorry. pushing right between his legs and rocking up against him. "At least you're not leaving your lover behind. It hit Zacky like a punch to the gut. "It's something my Mom told me.

" "Thanks. I might take advantage. "Torture. Matt." Matt said. "Prove it. Zacky shifted onto his knees and moved around to straddle Tyler's lap. "I want you. and Zacky could feel the tension that suddenly gripped his mate. wrapping an arm around his waist." Tyler took Zacky's hand and pulled him into the backseat. "Yes. Zacky curled his legs up on the seat under him and leaned against his mate." Zacky whined." "Um. Sighing happily. "Figured you'd need some time. and you pretty much have me wrapped around your little finger. Tyler stared at him." "No. "No. "I'll drive." he murmured." Tyler snorted quietly and kissed the top of his head. "Here? Now?" Tyler's gaze darkened slightly." Tyler said. His voice was quiet and husky with desire." Tyler said with a smile. how?" Zacky asked warily. he couldn't quite resist a tease. "A couple of hours of abstinence was torture. Tyler was testing him. I don't know whether you've noticed but I love you. sounding sleepy." Matt said with a shrug. dropping his hands onto Zacky's hips and tugging him closer." Jimmy pulled a face and slid into the front passenger seat. "How do you want me?" Tyler stared at him with a mixture of shock and delight. huh?" "What?" Tyler asked. Feeling better now that Tyler was touching him. you wouldn't.Pack 169 "Yeah. and it made Zacky's skin tighten. resting his head on his chest. "You two take the back. "Yeah." "You shouldn't tell me things like that. his mouth going dry." "Yeah. licking his lips slowly. "Just like this. a glint of mischief in his eyes. You're too good. . well. I'm not." Keeping his gaze fixed on his mate's eyes so that he could ignore the presence of the other three.

"Yes. His cock jerked as Tyler shifted back and buried his face in his groin. Tyler swallowed hard and lifted up again." Groaning loudly. Zacky leaned in close. brushing his lips over Tyler's ear. A tense ache built in his groin as Tyler licked. Ty. He leaned closer and licked Tyler's neck. "I want your mouth." Zacky whispered. moving faster over his erection until his climax ripped through him." Tyler murmured. ." he groaned. "Yes. "Mmm. He couldn't tell Tyler that he loved him. The wet heat of Tyler's tongue licked over his balls and slowly up his shaft until it reached the tip. sliding his fingers into long. tugging at his jeans until he managed to wrench them open and pull them down." Zacky breathed. erection rubbing against his hardening cock. his mate swallowing as he shot down his throat. you taste good. "You sure?" Tyler whispered. brown eyes flicking up to fix him with a heated gaze. "I want you to suck me off. He watched Zacky as he slowly slid his mouth down the length of Zacky's cock." Tyler groaned. his cock dripping pre-cum. pressing him against the seat and crushing his lips in a passionate. Tyler pushed him into the seat. Tyler dipped his tongue into the slit of Zacky's dick until he was gasping and writhing. sucked." Zacky gasped more urgently. But at least he could prove to his mate that he wasn't going to feel bad or guilty for wanting him or ashamed of it after the fact. pleasure sparking through his nerves. "What do you want then?" Zacky smirked. Lifting his head." Zacky breathed against moistened skin. oh please. and swallowed. needy kiss. Pleasure exploded.170 Teya Martin Biting back nerves and embarrassment. yes. swirling his tongue around the head of Zacky's cock before sinking back down. rocking his hips against his mate until he felt soft lips part over his skin. urging his mate down. dark hair and gripping tightly. fingers digging into Zacky's hips tightly. "Oh Jesus. "Tyler. "Fuck. Tyler stared down at Zacky. Heady pleasure filled Zacky's whole body." Tyler gasped. Tyler swung him around. The sense of desperation and need from his lover made Zacky feel so good. making Zacky cry out as his back arched and he jerked helplessly. "I don't want to come in my pants. bucking.

baby." Tyler grunted. Zacky forced a smile. I feel good. shifting up to straddle Tyler." "As long as you're sure. "You okay?" "Yes. "Thank you. Zacky shifted around and grabbed the tissues." he interrupted. Jimmy laughed harder and nodded." Zacky whispered." "Need some tissue?" Jimmy leaned over the back of his seat. sitting back on his knees and reaching to open his mate's pants. Zacky turned back to his mate who was smiling widely at him. a slight tension visible around his eyes. "Fuck yes. Tyler pulled back a little and stared at him. zipping him up. Ty. "Are you sure? I thought I felt--" "I'm okay. He jerked into him hard and stiffened as he bit down on Zacky's lip and sucked blood into his mouth. rocking up against the hard length of cock digging into his groin. "Yeah. tasting himself eagerly. Flushing a little with embarrassment. "I'll do that." "That's okay. "Sorry I made you come in your pants. like that. watching his lover shift back and gently tuck him back into his jeans. "In fact. holding back sudden tears as he stopped himself from saying “I love you”. Zacky stuck his tongue out. slipping his tongue out to lick the gash on his lip. "It'd be hot.Pack 171 Tyler lifted his head and crawled over." Turning his head. holding out a handful of Kleenex and leering. baby?" ." he said." Tyler snorted. "You gonna use your tongue then." Jimmy said with a snicker. Sucking you off made me so hot I would have come in my pants anyway. grabbing the tissue. Pained pleasure rippled through his body." Chuckling softly. "Asshole." Tyler smiled back at him. clasping Tyler's face and wrapping his legs around his lover's hips. He kissed back a little urgently." He grinned. and he kissed Tyler again. leaning down to kiss him." "I am. "You should use your tongue.

" Tyler kissed his cheek and took the tissue. We need to see if we can find out what happened. feeling his mate's worry. "It's okay. "She just made me realize that hurting you made me feel so much worse than anything else. sounding a little huffy. his tone strained." "What's happened to him?" Zacky asked quietly. where are we going?" "We need to find out who's killing the packs. Tyler smiled and shifted them both around so they were sitting curled up together on the seat." Tyler tensed." Tyler sighed. baby. "So.172 Teya Martin "Well. "The survivor was an alpha." he whispered. leering just a little. "But I will if you want me to. "Remind me to thank her. "A flaw in our makeup." Tyler said. lifting it to his mouth and sucking on it for a taste of his lover. and that I'd be happier if I accepted it." Matt said. is it?" . glancing back at them in the rear view mirror. I don't know how long he'll survive now. Tyler shivered against him and pulled him into a tight hug. "I only meant that it's not exactly good for our survival if we can't live without our mates. leaning in slowly to nuzzle his mate's neck. and Zacky stroked his lover's arm apologetically. that God made me this way for a reason. cleaning him up carefully with the tissues. I wasn't. That maybe I had my priorities skewed." Matt sighed. "She told me not to feel guilty about my nature. Zacky shifted and unzipped his lover's pants. "I mean now that he's lost his pack. What did your mother say to you?" Smiling again." He looked down and slid a fingertip over the head of Tyler's cock. "He's joined the pack of the alpha who turned him. and we know where they were attacked. "Jesus." Tyler said quietly. sadness welling through him." "I will." he said with a laugh." "A flaw?" Johnny said." "What do you mean?" "We tend not to last long once we've lost our mates. "Liebling. but he lost his mate. it's a bit of a weakness." "Yeah. Tyler moaned quietly. zipping himself up as he stroked Zacky's hair." He smiled back at Tyler. "Oh. fingers clenching against his hips.

but I'm your pack." Tyler said quietly." Matt said softly. I kinda thought you hated me. "If you lost Johnny." "That's not the same thing. "No. Matt turned his head to quickly kiss his mate. "We wouldn't want to lose you Johnny boy." Zacky said quietly. "That's true." His heart tightened painfully." "That's what you were saying. mein Herz. I seriously doubt you'd be able to live with me if I ever lost Johnny." "You'd still have us though." he sighed. Jimmy." Johnny sighed. wait a minute." Jimmy interrupted. cool. "Yes." "Hehe. he'd been so blind to both their feelings and now he wanted so desperately to be able to tell his mate how he felt." Zacky said. "Ich liebe dich. turning to look at him in shock." he whispered. isn't it?" Zacky gasped. of course. the steering wheel creaking under his grip. Jean. Matthias. You can't just leave me on my own you know." Johnny leaned in closer to his mate and nuzzled his neck. You're my alpha. "I would kill anyone who took you away from me and then follow you. and Zacky smiled back." "Can we stop talking about dying please?" Tyler said tensely. shaking his head. Matt staring at the road. "Thank you. Oh. "You're right. huh?" "Yeah." "Wow. “You could join another pack but I suppose I couldn't desert you. "What. baby?" "You've been saying 'I love you' since." Jimmy grinned at him. baby. "Would you last long without me?" "You know I wouldn't. Tyler." There was a long moment of silence." . I don't hate you. you've still got me. slinging an arm around Johnny's shoulders and kissing his cheek." "I know that. "Really?" Jimmy gasped. "Say it to me. still looking sulky. That would definitely suck." Jimmy winked and turned back around.. "Now can we stop talking about dying?" "Yeah." "No.. "Je t'aime." Jimmy nodded slowly. "You just freak me out sometimes.Pack 173 "I suppose. Matt will take care of you anyway.

He pulled Zacky back onto his lap and kissed him." "Mä rakastan sua. kissing sweet and soft as if they needed to confirm and reconfirm each other's presence. Zacky leaned against his lover's shoulder. He kissed back softly. **** They traveled in almost total silence for the rest of the day. He lifted his head and fixed his gaze on his mate's face. that they had to find out what was happening as soon as possible. saying a silent “I love you” as he smiled and leaned close to kiss Tyler's cheek. stroking his face tenderly. except that it wasn't sexual. Ty. "Having had the option taken away from me. absentmindedly stroking his thigh and turning occasionally to watch the other couple in the back. "In what language?" "Finnish." "It means 'I love you'. barely even speaking when he and Tyler swapped places with Matt and Johnny. “Mä rakastan sua." . People. I want to take advantage whenever I can. trying to put all the feelings he couldn't express out loud into the touch. the other couple couldn't keep their hands off each other. He wanted to beg them to stop the car so he could drag his mate somewhere private and reconfirm their bond in a much more intimate way." "It's really beautiful. They couldn't afford to take any extra time. "Why?" "Please.” “I love you. "I just wanted to. "What was that for?" Tyler asked glancing at him and smiling. After the depressing conversation they'd had. It wasn't a big change to their normal behavior." he said with a small shrug. stroking faces and arms. Pack.” Tyler said fiercely. doesn't it?" "Yes. He knew how they felt. Zacky wrapped his arms around his mate's neck and held on tight." Tyler sighed. were being killed.174 Teya Martin Tyler stared at him a little uncertainly. no matter how briefly. They just clung to each other.” Zacky whispered. But he knew that they couldn't stop.

Pack 175 Tyler looked a cross between pained and surprised. baby." he said." "Sorry. I'm just getting used to it. He couldn't take hiding them anymore. ." Tyler smiled at him again and turned his head for a quick kiss. "It's nice. "You do?" "I wasn't joking when I said I need you to touch me. Ty. licking his lips happily." he said softly. "I know I haven't been very accepting or very demonstrative but I need this. and I'm sorry it took me so long. and he frowned slightly in confusion. Maybe he could convince Tyler of his feelings." "Good. I need to touch you too.

"Yeah. "What the fuck was Rob doing bringing his pack to this shithole in the first place?" Matt growled. Zacky took it and let his mate help him out of the car to stand next to him.none of it particularly artistic. he smacked Jimmy on the back of the head. this was their bolt hole. "I just hate when everything is so serious. Jimmy. but they finally made it to a suburb on the outskirts of a small town in Washington. that's true." Jimmy said softly. who's doing the CSI thing?" "Zacky." Tyler nodded and climbed out of the car. holding out his hand. "They did fight. "Sorry. staring at the house in disgust. I'm just pissed." "When aren't you?" Jimmy said with a nervous giggle. things are going to stay serious for a long time. glancing at Tyler. and the walls were covered in graffiti. pouting just a little. “Things are serious. "Okay. "Matt. Matt didn't reply. What would you have done?" "Run farther or fought. "Yeah. "You seen CSI?" "I don't even know what that means. Start training. Ty?" He asked. remember?" "Yeah.” Tyler said. should do it." Matt sighed. "Come on then. I didn't think you'd like that. The windows were boarded. They were on the run." Jimmy said. pulling up outside a dilapidated old house." . I know.176 Teya Martin Chapter Fifteen It took a few days. the garden overgrown." "What." "Yeah. and unless we sort them out quickly." Matt said." "You really think we'd have done any better?" Tyler snorted." "There's not a lot we can do about that. Instead.

along the path.” "Well yes. what do you want me to do?" "Climb up. look. "Take a look at the ground. The walking imprints are probably from the police." "Okay." "Do I look like I was allowed to watch TV. and Zacky followed. it's pretty cool." He jumped down into the garden. and they were fairly smooth." "Gunfire." "You just have to learn to focus. okay. I guess. Seriously. if they split up for safety. sadness infusing his voice. he realized that he could discern different impressions in the dirtfootprints mostly." Tyler trailed a hand slowly down Zacky's back. You use your enhanced senses already. "Dirt?" Tyler rolled his eyes. but Jimmy's obsessed.” "Nah.booted feet that had been running." "How many were in the pack?" "Six. Right. pointing. I think. taking his mate's hand briefly to squeeze his fingers." Tyler said quietly. deep breath. "Didn't do them much good though. "Funny." He paused." "Anything else?" "Sort of. As he looked. A lot of them trailed directly in and out of the house. "More than likely. he stared at the ground. "Is that from Pack?" Zacky asked. "Oh. inhaling again. trying to focus. "Pack blood from the house. As he looked closer. yeah. Tyler?" He said with a touch of sarcasm.Pack 177 "It's a TV show.." Tyler grimaced and shook his head." he whispered with a shiver. Closing his eyes." "Then why are there only three sets of prints?" "They may have come a different way. "Blood. "We do our own version. "It's a show that dramatizes forensic investigations of crime scenes. Zacky took a slow. Three mated pairs. but not deliberately." Tyler grinned.." "So." "That sounds boring. . "Do you smell anything?" Tyler asked." Sighing. What do you see?" Zacky glanced at his mate with a raised eyebrow. "Metallic or sulfur-like." Tyler got up on the wall. he could see three more sets that were different. Zacky jumped down to join him.

still curious about the everstrengthening scent. He stood again. "There were people crouching and lying here?" Zacky ventured. look I'm here. acrid scent hit him." Tyler moved over and crouched down. "Come on. "They shouldn't have known where the bolt hole was in advance." Tyler said softly." Shaking his head. we're here. "But didn't you say there were six in the pack?" "Yeah. It's important. He was about to enter the house when his mate grabbed . scuffed footprints led from the trees to the door. yet slow. He wrinkled his nose as a strange. "Yeah. "Yes. "Is that sweat?" he asked. Tyler frowned and walked over.178 Teya Martin "Guns?" Zacky gasped.. "They were lying in wait. "The hunters shot them.. still pacing. "Well get him up. "Rob. suggesting that it was the point of entry. "You're right. Had someone let the hunters in? If so. hey." "Is that bad?" "It's disturbing." He led Zacky around the perimeter and pointed at a line of trees along part of the wall. Albert." Zacky said. Is Rob around?" Tyler said into his phone. pulling his cell phone from his pocket and quickly selecting a number. "Who else was with you?" Zacky walked closer to the back door. Listen. I know. "This is far more organized than I've ever seen the hunters before. Not quite like sulfur." Tyler's lips pressed together in a tight line." Zacky said quietly. Tyler led his mate around to the back. eyes snapping open to stare at his mate in horror. Ty. scanning the ground closely." Tyler said as his lips drew into an unconscious snarl. No." Tyler said with a nod. Zacky glanced at the house and stood. It was open." Tyler sighed. why? "Albie? Yeah.. why?" "I can see four sets of prints running towards the house." He frowned. and it didn't look like it had been forced. You can smell the anger and fear.. listen to me. There was an incongruous scent that had started to nudge at his nostrils. sorrow darkening his eyes. pointing at the track of ground leading to the back of the house." Glancing over." "More Pack prints here. and he walked slowly over to the door. Yeah. pacing as he waited for an answer. "The metal smell is strong.

"Okay. "Yes. Is that what that is?" Zacky asked in surprise. and if he was going to accept himself for who he was. Zacky glanced at the door. okay. but. Oh. considering how long it had taken him to realize how he felt about his mate." Zacky leaned up and kissed his mate. gently nipping his bottom lip for the sweet burst of a droplet of blood on his tongue. Rob. baby." He hung up with a sigh and looked over. "You okay?" Tyler asked carefully. there are seven sets of prints. "But maybe potential witnesses. "Smells a little weird. his nose wrinkling in disgust. I know.. See you. and Zacky pulled him into a hug. "Just want what?" "I want you." Tyler pulled a face.. it was hardly surprising that it was taking Tyler time to adjust. He was hungry. nodding slowly. Ty. he had to learn to deal with the fact that he needed to feed. clutching him for a moment before pushing him back and slipping his tongue out over the bite." "Get a room. and Tyler shook his head." "I wasn't trying to tease." "But he never saw this other Pack?" "No." "Oh. "I just want. "Did he get upset?" "You could say that. Four around back. "No. "Don't tease me.. Is he okay? Yeah." Zacky said with a sigh." "Smells like dirty teenagers. yeah. "Why didn't you let me go into the house?" "There's people in there. It wasn't working. baby. but his mate mentioned getting a warning from another Pack. "He doesn't remember an extra person." Tyler said." He stopped." Zacky barely stopped himself from grimacing. Tyler groaned quietly. Let's get the others over." . We might as well feed while we've got the chance.. I'm sorry. sighing again. He glanced up in surprise." Nodding. and not knowing who it was is really going to piss me off.Pack 179 his arm and stopped him. okay? I just want you. Albie. Calm down." Tyler sighed.

Zacky realized he could detect a tremor of fear." "I mean it. yeah. "What are you doing back here anyway?" "We figured it was time to go in the house. followed closely by his mate. "You could try. and Tyler nodded. Ty.180 Teya Martin "Fuck off. and surprisingly young. He clung tighter to his mate's hand. "Come any farther. strangely dead atmosphere that made him shiver. and paint was peeling off the walls except where more graffiti was sprayed." Matt snapped. and we'll kill you. Matt howled and pounded up the last of the steps. With their heightened level of hearing. We will cut you." "Yeah." Jimmy sighed. Matt growled loudly and laughed. Jimmy take point. They're only kids. chéri. two figures came flying out of one room. The whole place had a cold. his brown eyes glittering dangerously. pulling back." Tyler snapped. a warning tone to his voice. man. Before they could move. shaking his head and rolling his eyes. his heart pounding more with nerves than lust as they met up with Matt and Johnny at the base of the stairs. Garbage and broken pieces of furniture were strewn everywhere. Jimmy whooped and ran after them as they heard the sound of many pairs of sneaker-clad feet scrambling around." "Okay. let's go." "Where are Matt and Johnny?" "In the front. heading straight for the stairs. . He could certainly smell tension and fear. "Be nice boys. He tiptoed in an exaggerated manner towards the entrance. and the rush of adrenaline and anticipation took over his senses." Johnny murmured." "I think he's giving us a come on. all of them ascending cautiously. "Kids who are threatening us. He could feel his hunger growing." Tyler said. and Tyler followed with a snort. Before Tyler could reply." The voice floated down the stairs. strong. Jimmy. You might want some help with the occupants. aggressive. hear a multitude of heartbeats pounding and blood flowing through veins. Matt pointed up.

He shoved the boy into the room where Matt and the others had secured the rest of the kids. Two were unconscious. "Premises secure." Tyler exclaimed. spinning around to twist the boy's arm behind his back and wrapping an arm around his throat whilst. "Move it. "Mouthy little fucker." "Yeah. "Let go of me. "Ow. I'm sorry." "Fucking assholes. a hand around his throat." the first one spat. I'm just frustrated. "They didn't kill the pack." Matt shouted. after a second." Tyler growled softly. "Those freaks were our friends. baby?" "Yeah. Tyler twisted so he could wrap his hand around the kid's neck who. that's enough. what'd you do to him?" Zacky pushed the kid he was holding into the room and patted his back." the kid yelled. "Don't worry." Tyler said with a frown. He dragged the second one to his feet and held his wrists tightly behind his back. and varying levels of facial hair. man. They were all in their late teens. "You got that one. "He better not have killed anyone. grabbing one as he tried to streak past. and I won't hurt you." Zacky said. Matt had one against the wall. right Tyler?" . yanking hard so the boy fell back and slammed heavily into the stairs. Fuck.” "Fuck you." "You talking about those freaks who got shot up?" The second kid asked as they pushed them both up the stairs." "Shut up. still trying to escape. somehow. and Jimmy was sitting on another." Tyler said in response to Matt's raised eyebrow. "This house has seen enough death. wearing gang colors.Pack 181 "Stop them. "I've had enough of you." Tyler said tightly. Zacky barely managed to grab the collar of the second boy trying to run past him." Tyler muttered. man. "Will you shut up?" "Ty. not falling off the narrow step. You didn't hurt him. "Dude. You trying to kill me?" The kid groaned as the one Tyler was holding cursed and struggled uselessly. collapsed. I know. kid." Zacky said softly. Almost distracted by his mate's elegance and grace of movement. shaven heads.

182 Teya Martin "Of course not." Zacky said softly. I was just kidding. They were doing some weird. okay?" "You guys are some freaks." the second kid said with a grimace. "Easy." "Shut up. He reached out to draw Tyler away from the others." Rodney exclaimed. "Yeah. "How?" "Some soldier guys were waiting for them." Jimmy sighed. He reached up to stroke Tyler's cheek and smoothed a thumb over the crease in his brow. feeling sorry for the kid. Luckily. wincing when he realized what he'd let slip out. "I know." the kid Jimmy was sitting on whispered harshly. "You guys some kinda homo cult or something?" Tyler chuckled as Jimmy burst out laughing. "I like the way he speaks to me." Matt said with a shake of his head. the freaks were dead. The freaks ran in here. Soldier guys went in after and blam. and Zacky couldn't help smiling back. "Ah jeez." Zacky flinched at the pain and frustrated anger he felt surge through his mate." Rodney said. I'm the oldest." "I just. You wanna join?" Jimmy asked with a leer. man." Tyler sighed heavily and held onto him tightly for a moment." The kid shrugged and glanced around." Zacky said. man. ain't like we gotta choice. "Jimmy. "Thank you. smiling." Tyler flashed a smile. He wanted to say “I love you” but he held it back with a pang of bittersweet sorrow. saw them though. "Hell no. Look at these guys. love. "What's your name?" "Rodney." "Did you know them?" Tyler asked. "Dude." Zacky whispered. man. freaky shit in here. "It wasn't your fault. "Did you see what happened to them?" Tyler asked softly. "I can't believe you let your mate speak to you like that. They're like the others. "Yeah. baby. Tyler was too distracted to notice. you know?" . but I still feel responsible. Just like those others. They was trapped. "Nah. "We stayed away when they came around." Rodney said. rearing back in horror.

" the boy muttered. They looked like swat.Pack 183 "Yeah. Tigger.” Rodney said. “Nah. “Whoa chill. rubbing his throat.” “What new guy? What did he look like? How long was he hanging around?” Tyler asked quickly. Didn't feel safe when he was around. you know? Seemed to know we were watching." Tyler said. “Been around a couple of times with one of the others. "Like. but it wasn't. "What are you?" . First time. He was one of you guys." "Are you actually encouraging me to kill?" Tyler asked. red hair. I just saw three of them running in the front. can we?" It was a dilemma that should have been tearing him apart. which is why I know you won't give up until you find out who's responsible and stop them. warily. I don't know. “Never seen anyone but your guys here before. Matt finally let go of the kid he'd been holding. rearing back in surprise. but we can't let them keep killing us. "Man. man. "You don't know how much that means to me. Like Johnny had said." “You seen them before?” Tyler asked.freaky looking." Rodney snapped. man. "Yeah." "All armed?" "Heavy. Jimmy slapped his ass.” Rodney stared at them all.” “Why was he creepy?” Matt asked. "Did you see how many there were?" Tyler asked. "Nah.” Rodney replied. who dropped down to his knees and coughed. but all in black. "Did you see how many soldiers there were?" Matt asked. “He was intense. whether he liked it or not. ten maybe. man. and the boy yelped.” “Nothing else weird recently?” Rodney shrugged. sliding one arm around Zacky's waist and gently stroking a fingertip over his bottom lip. that is some sick shit. it was kill or be killed. These guys could kill us. Thought they was cops at first." Rodney said. smiling and leaning in to press a gentle kiss to Zacky's lips. "Shut up. Then the shooting started and we got the fuck out. coughing again. dude. "No." the boy Jimmy was sitting on mumbled. “Just the creepy new guy.

"What are you doing?" "It's okay. hot blood spurted into his mouth. "Baby. is it time or what?" Jimmy asked suddenly. as Zacky lifted his wrist to his mouth and bit down." "Time for what?" Tigger asked nervously." "Ty. twisting his head to look up. "Yeah. yanking him closer. Rodney. "Thanks for your help. pulling the kid closer. He could feel his lover's cock hardening against his groin as he straddled and rocked into him." he whispered. I won't hurt you." Tyler groaned. "We both will. you want to take Rodney?" "Yeah. "No way. Zacky leapt at his mate." The kid's hazel eyes fixed on him. "Dude. what's he doing?" Rodney exclaimed. and he shot to his feet. Zacky watched the line of his mate's throat as he swallowed. and he groaned." ." Tyler murmured as he knelt by the mouthy kid and bit his wrist." Tyler said. sure. running out of the room. feeling guilty for a completely different reason. "Don't worry." Jimmy shouted. grabbing the young man again. you look sexy when you feed.184 Teya Martin "You don't need to know. man?" Rodney said. Zacky sliced through his own tongue with his canine and kissed his mate hard. okay. baby." Zacky buried his face in Tyler's neck. We won't hurt any of you. pushing him back against the floor." Zacky sighed. "Don't struggle. Sweet. The presence of the other three men did not affect his need. managing to catch Rodney as he passed out. wide and dilated. "I didn't think." Matt sighed. chéri?" Johnny asked. "I am not going to sit here on my own and watch you have sex. "Shit." Jimmy whispered. "Do you want me to go after him. Letting go of Rodney." Tyler said. I will not!" A sob burst from his mouth. "What the fuck. interrupting them. Jimmy grinned and shifted until he was lying on top of the kid. "Yeah. moaning happily when Tyler sucked his tongue. and his groin tightened as lust surged through his body along with the blood. "God. nuzzling into his neck. starting to sound panicky. "Nothing you need to worry about.

or something. "What's wrong?" "I miss our pack." "Yeah. You'll have to tell me about them. Jimmy was in the middle while Matt and Johnny hugged him tightly between them. "When does the next one turn twentyone. getting up and adjusting himself with a groan. Thank you. eyes bright with tears. Zacky turned around and reached over the seat to pat Jimmy's knee." Matt said quietly. Maybe. "you could tell me about your tattoos sometime too?" "Yeah." "It's a bit more 'or something'. or used to it." Tyler said softly. Zacky pressed a desperate kiss to his lover's lips and pulled away. "Thanks a lot. Zacky got in next to him and curled up against him. "I got you. The three Pack were sitting in the back of the car. "I'm sorry. sliding his arm back around Tyler's waist and putting his head on his shoulder." Jimmy snorted." Zacky smiled hesitantly. I know. for having to wait so long." Jimmy said." Tyler smiled a little tightly and got up. "Sounds good." Tyler kissed his temple and led him over to the car. "You okay?" Tyler whispered. "Motel?" Tyler asked as he climbed behind the wheel. and Matt was petting his hair. "I feel bad for him. Ty. his breath hitching. and I loved you from the first moment I saw you." Tyler whispered. "I'll get over it. Zacky slid an arm around his mate's waist and hugged him. and for you." "Yeah?" "Of course. "It's okay. smiling tightly at him. Tyler paused in the doorway. "I know. I'd like to." "It was worth it. baby. "We'd better go.Pack 185 Zacky heard the other couple leave." Tyler said softly." Biting back tears. Johnny was nuzzling Jimmy's cheek with the tip of his nose. Ty?" . and he lifted his head. taking Zacky's hand as they left the kids in the room and headed down after the others. With a sigh." he whispered.

He couldn't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't been mated from the start. looking horrified. He shook his head. even if he was still young?" "Yes. to have had to deal with wanting sex outside of a committed relationship. made him balk. even if they have to wait. "At least they have someone." Jimmy snorted. "Know what?" "If an unturned Pack was your mate. Let's wait and see. "What?" . you would have. The thought of becoming sexually aware and needy without Tyler. "We've got the odd. right?" "Once we find out what's going on here. no!" Tyler exclaimed. Otherwise it's a few years." Tyler smiled softly. "No. it's not because of the blood. eyes distant with remembering. Why?" "Well. "No. that's kind of sick." "Dude. Tyler inhaled sharply. okay?" "Yeah. I know. Pack would never do anything that might hurt a future mate. "Young Pack were often specifically mentored with their future mate to strengthen their bond. okay. "We're not perverts.186 Teya Martin Tyler chuckled softly and glanced back." Zacky felt his eyes widen. new one you haven't met yet. Jimmy. Even though cubs have often been known to try and push for more when they think they're old enough." There was a moment of utter silence." Tyler said with a nod. isn't it?" "God. It's because of how I feel about Tyler. "Joining the pack of an alpha who's already mated kinda leaves you high and dry unless there's another unmated Pack around. I wouldn't want that. tensing next to him. Not with anyone else." Jimmy sighed. believe me. You know that." "Oh. completely unconvinced. and its depth prevents any abuse." "Would you know?" Zacky asked softly. The love mates share is there even before the bond is made with blood. okay?" "We can go see them. don't forget." "Are you kidding?" "No.

"Oh. He had no idea what to say. "Zacky. Eyes wide. His throat tightened. and he felt his heartbeat speed up until he almost couldn't breathe. mouth closing abruptly. or I will. Zacky turned back to meet the wide." Zacky begged. Zacky.. "Tyler. you know. Zacky stared at his mate who had gone even paler than usual. please. the almost nonexistent reaction from Tyler was terrifying. "What?" Tyler breathed. I." Tyler pulled into a motel parking lot and stopped the car before turning in his seat and frowning." Zacky stared in surprise. "Don't touch me right now. he hadn't meant it to come out quite like that. "Tell him. Matt. "I love you. Johnny and Jimmy jumped out of the car." he whispered. go get us some rooms. and he didn't want to take that last step in front of the others. I." Zacky stuttered helplessly. heading into the lobby and leaving them on their own. concerned gaze of his mate." he squeaked. his voice choked and a little harsh. what's going on?" Tyler whispered. "Nothing. Right now. Johnny leaned over the seat and shook his head." Tyler snapped. Johnny looked completely serious despite the sympathy he could detect in his eyes. desperately trying to think of something to say. "Zacky?" "Well. please talk to me." ." he continued to stutter. reaching for his lover's hand. "Oh for fuck's sake. "Tyler?" "Matt.." Matt snapped. "Don't.Pack 187 "Well. and his eyes burned as he slipped his tongue out over his bottom lip." Tyler said. Swallowing hard... would you tell Ty how you feel? You're making both of you miserable. "I just meant that I." Despite knowing that his mate loved him in return.

and he couldn't quite prevent a sob from tearing its way from his throat. Zacky groaned quietly. digging his fingers into the mattress when his mate pushed his shorts off. He didn't reach out. setting him gently on his feet and throwing one of their bags towards the bed before he closed. and chained the door. and they were so full of emotion that it took Zacky's breath away. Tyler slowly stripped. kissing cheek. Tyler carried him to a room and let them inside. He opened his eyes as his mate laid him down.188 Teya Martin Tears spilled over. Standing by the edge of the bed. "Where are you going?" Tyler asked quietly. and now he'd just hurt his mate again. He waited. hauling Zacky into his arms. his heart pounding with nervous anticipation and lust. Something was slapped into Tyler's hand and he bent down. His knees seemed to buckle under him." he whispered painfully. he fell out when Tyler suddenly appeared and opened the door for him. Tyler clasped his face gently between both hands and kissed him with such unutterable tenderness and reverence that he was overwhelmed with emotion. Every single inch of skin he revealed left Zacky more and more breathless and needy. The soft slide of lips over Zacky's skin left trails of tingling nerves. locked. Bending his elbows. His brown eyes were almost eaten away by dark desire. and jaw. lips still moving in a soft kiss as he carried Zacky to the bed. He didn't make any move to undress himself. Before he could say a single word. Tyler turned his head and held out his hand to someone out of Zacky's line of sight. the thick length of Tyler's cock made his own pulse with desperate need. Tyler climbed onto the bed and crawled over. and he groaned as his cock pulsed. biting his lip as he waited for his mate to move. mouth. Warmth flooded Zacky's body. Tyler caught him. Tyler leaned down and nuzzled Zacky's cheek. still full of uncertainty from the way Tyler had spoken to him. the pressure of his need increasing. He landed on the ground. . pulling back with a series of smaller kisses. hands resting on either side of his shoulders as he stared down. Scrabbling at the car door. He should have known better. knees either side of Zacky's hips. His groin tightened until his cock pressed painfully into his zipper. "I don't know. inhaling deeply as he moved back slowly.

" he whispered." he said. Zacky's skin tightened under the light touch. Shuddering as pleasure tightened his stomach. please." Zacky whispered desperately. "Too much." Tyler said with a leer. He was so needy." Tyler whispered. sliding up the length of his body to catch Zacky's mouth in a hard kiss. "Tell me exactly what you want me to do." he groaned. "I might consider it if you take my jeans off. His dick hurt from pressing so hard into his zipper. making his balls ache. Still holding onto Tyler's hair. Zacky grabbed Tyler's hair and pulled gently. Zacky. shifting lower as he trailed fingertips over his chest and around one nipple. my love. He knelt back." "You can do better than that. grinning as he slowly slid the zipper down. He writhed needily. and Tyler smiled wider as he tugged his jeans down around his hips. bending his head and sliding his tongue slowly down Zacky's chest until he reached his navel." "Fuck. Tyler kissed his stomach and looked up. rubbing his cheek along the length of his cock. "Shh. He whined helplessly when his lover pulled back again. Zacky groaned in relief as his dick pushed out. shivers spreading through his whole body. .Pack 189 Tyler shifted his weight and lifted his hands to stroke Zacky's chest and." he gasped. I love you so much. and he arched up helplessly." Tyler murmured against his skin. finally free of constriction. Breath shuddered from Zacky's lungs. smiling down at the older man. Tyler's touch was warm and soft. "Tyler. licking along his waistband." Tyler put a finger over his lips and bent to kiss him again. "Mmm. tongue sliding into his mouth for a teasing. "Ty. "Don't want to come without you inside me." "I already told you that I need you." Tyler repeated. eager for his lover's touch. lifting up as Tyler yanked his shirt open and wrenched it off. "That's a good start. Tyler smiled. Zacky held him close. breathless moment. deepening the kiss urgently. straddling Zacky's thighs and popping his button. "But I need you." Tyler groaned. "Shh.

Fuck me hard with your beautiful cock. arching up to press himself harder into his mate. teeth nipping at mouths. their cocks sliding together. eyes dark and intense as he licked his bottom lip. "Fuck.190 Teya Martin pleasure throbbed through his whole body. Tyr. "I need to feel you inside me. and he pulled back. and he wrapped his legs around Tyler's hips." "Tyr. "Say that again. He groaned again. "Please. his cock dripping onto his stomach with every pulse of pleasure. practically lifting him from the bed in his passion. Zacky. moaning into his mouth. rocking him against him." he whispered against his lover's lips. hot and slippery. He could barely breathe." Tyler whispered. bucking harder into him. lips fused and tongues tangling. Tyr. "Please. he felt so empty that he just couldn't wait any longer. Stretch me out with your fingers." he murmured. clinging to his lover. tracing his fingers down the sharp planes of his cheeks. The drip of pre-cum onto his stomach and the hard length of cock against his groin almost seemed to burn into him." ." he said softly. urgently." "Oh Zacky. and his groin ached. One hand moved from his face down to his hip. clutching desperately at his shoulders. Tyler's breath hitched. Zacky smiled and lifted his hand." Tyler clasped his face gently and kissed him hard. needing to be skin to skin as they continued to kiss." Tyler whispered. He lifted his head with a gasp and stared. sounding a little desperate. dragging him down on top of him. Tyler jerked harder against him. They both shoved hurriedly at Zacky's jeans and underwear. eyes wide and startled. fingers digging into his hip. Most of all. biting down harder on his mate's tongue and sucking on his beautiful." "I need you. soft pleading in his voice. "I love you." Tyler groaned. sucking it into his mouth. addictive blood. I want you to fuck me so hard that I'll feel you inside me every time I move. swiping a finger over the blood on Tyler's lips. but he didn't care. spreading the blood from the gash over his mouth. "Tell me you love me. "Tyr. rocking his hips helplessly.

Zacky pulled his legs back. kissing him as slickened fingers trailed down the crease of his ass. letting go and grasping his mate's hips instead. lifting his head to catch his mouth in a deep kiss. "In me. "Easy. more." he gasped. guiding himself down to Zacky's ass. Right now. pushing down with his hips to try and get his mate to touch him properly. stroking in and out of his body. It felt so right. with pleasure. Ty. pushing slowly into his body and filling him in one." Tyler said with a soft smile." "Better fuck me now then. "Stop. and he clutched Tyler's ass. grasping his dick with the other. licking between his lover's lips as his mate rolled back and plunged into him. leaning over and kissing him softly as he took his hand. or I'm gonna come. rotating and scissoring until he was panting and gasping. repossessing him with two fingers." he begged. baby. "Give me your hand. "Ty. opening himself up to his lover. and he lifted his head to kiss his lover harder. but I don't want it to hurt. "Mmph. every cell. so good. His eyelids fluttered shut. Tyler's skin was hot and soft under his fingers. He squeezed lube into Zacky's palm and wrapped it around his cock. He pulled out a tube and quickly squeezed lube onto his fingers." Tyler whispered as he pushed a finger inside him. He balanced on one hand. almost tickling. Tyler pushed deep. With a groan of anticipation. Zacky found it hard to remember why it had ever made him feel badly.” Tyler pulled his fingers free and shifted between Zacky's legs. I want you to feel this one." Tyler gasped. stroking his cock tightly. yanking himself back to reach for the bag beside the bed. fuck yes. a small possession of his body that made him shudder." Tyler gasped. . He groaned at the penetration. hadn't you?" Zacky whispered. then pulled back. Tyler leaned over him again. definitely teasing. Just the feeling of completion was enough to overwhelm him. I need more.Pack 191 "Fuck yes. grazing his prostate and lighting every nerve. "Oh. pulling back. baby. writhing against his lover as his feelings of need grew unbearable. strong stroke.

kissing. For what I said. slamming into him." "I know. I just had to shut down for a moment. holding onto his lover as he shifted to the side and laid half back on top of him." Tyler sighed. back arching as he shuddered and filled him with heat. Zacky grunted quietly with the feeling of loss. "If you'd touched me. pleasure ripping as he came. thrusting. I'd have lost it. Groaning. I just. spurting over their stomachs. in growing passion and desperation. finally say it was overwhelming. you know? After twelve hundred years. rocking." Tyler whispered." Tyler cried out. soothing laps and Zacky felt his eyes grow heavy.192 Teya Martin They moved together. Tyler collapsed on top of him. "I love you too. hitting his prostate again. I'd have taken you right there in the car. Zacky. grasping his mate's cock and stroking tightly as tension built in his whole body. burying his face in his neck and kissing him gently." Tyler smiled wider. lifting his head to smile." "I'm not." "So say it. Tyler licked his neck." "Say what?" Zacky whispered. "Asshole. teasing gently. fucking him deeper and harder. baby." Zacky whispered. slow. "Don't tease me." Tyler kissed him on the lips and slowly eased out of his body. "Harder. fuck. stroking his sweatslick back slowly." he gasped into Tyler's mouth. it was overwhelming. He wrapped his arms around the older man. "Yes. "That's what scared me. “For scaring you. Tyler moved faster. Tyler shifted slightly. muscles relaxing as sleep started to take over. and Zacky slid a hand between them." Tyler snorted. The tension exploded. Hearing you say it." "I love you. . "I'm sorry." "I couldn't feel you.

especially now that his mate knew how he felt. and he turned his head when he felt a draft." Tyler said quietly. Both their bags were now by the bed but Tyler's clothes were missing.Pack 193 Chapter Sixteen When he woke. "Sorry I wasn't here when you woke up. He sat up and blinked sleep out of his eyes. . The bed next to him was warm. Tyler was right. hot water pounding his muscles. Turning around." Zacky was silent. he leaned forward. but it was a good ache that filled him with warmth. sliding a hand over the sheets while he looked around the room. baby. had no idea where he could have gone or how long he'd be. wondering where the other man was. he could feel that ache lessening. "Hey. lonely feeling in his heart that dulled his happiness just a little. Zacky was shocked and hurt to find himself alone. washed his hands and face. At the very least. which was exactly what he'd wanted. and Zacky frowned. Accepting himself had made him happier. he waited a moment for the temperature to settle then slid under the spray with a blissful groan. There was movement on the other side of the shower curtain. All that was missing now was his mate. and brushed his teeth. and he could detect his lover's scent quite strongly in the room. It was like he could still feel his lover inside him. Even as he thought about it. Switching on the shower. but he didn't want to just sit around in bed. He ached. He felt another ache with his lover away from him. He relieved himself. He didn't know whether to get up or wait for Tyler. and Tyler climbed in with him. waiting for his lover to explain. He should probably thank Matt and Johnny for forcing the issue. he needed a shower. He stood and stretched before grabbing his wash bag and walking slowly to the bathroom. letting the water flow down his back as he dropped his head onto his forearms with a quiet unpleasant.

stroking his stomach gently." "Matt and Johnny did that for Jimmy?" "Yeah. It's just that I think we've really corrupted you. "What?" Zacky asked. so they could have sex. Matt and Johnny looked after him. The press of hot. ducking his head." "I wouldn't call it corruption. Which was why he was up so early." "Looked after him?" Zacky asked." he whispered." he said with a smirk. "How long have you known?" "Since I spoke to my mom." Zacky turned and wrapped his arms around his mate's neck. then snuggle with them. "Why didn't you tell me?" Zacky sighed and smiled a little tightly at his lover." Zacky admitted with a small grimace. "I didn't want you to doubt me." "They lasted that long without?" Tyler drew back to stare at him in amusement. resting his cheek on a firm pectoral.194 Teya Martin naked and beautiful. "No. . quickly sliding up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist." Tyler sobered suddenly. "Nothing. I'm sorry. "When one of us needs comfort. Tyler snorted and kissed his forehead. He's not doing so well today." "Why would I doubt you?" "I didn't want you to think that I was just saying it to get you to touch me again. "Did he sleep on his own?" he asked. feeling strangely guilty. are you?" Tyler murmured. kissing his neck." Tyler kissed him again." he said softly. "But it would have been nice to wake up with you. staring at him seriously. wet chest and groin against his back made him smile. "Oh really? What would you call it then?" "Acceptance. "I went out to get a newspaper and buy some orange juice but I ran into Jimmy. "You're not mad at me. "No. the rest of the pack will wrap around them and lick them till they sleep." "I know.

"Fuck. mouth dropping open in automatic shock. It sounded ridiculous now that he thought about it. Tyler smiled softly. "You make me want to do the filthiest things. "I think I might be persuaded if you used your mouth. "I love the fact that you're so innocent. "Don't be. "Did you tell Matt and Johnny?" "Of course not. wild sex and provoking Matt is a great way for Johnny to get seriously fucked. Zacky. Tyler jerked hard against him. I told you they love loud. but at the time." "Tyler." he exclaimed." "He's pretty hard headed when he wants to be. I don't even know how they knew. Zacky grinned at his mate. "You're not a liar. dropping a soft kiss onto his lips. "Only if it involves you coming on my face. Why would I not believe you?" "I don't know. ." Tyler sighed." Tyler smirked. yet when we have sex. you know? It's too important. I would never have thought that." he breathed." "Sorry." Tyler said with a nod. "But why didn't you tell me afterwards?" "I still didn't want to risk you not believing me. fingers digging in as he groaned loudly. leaning up to kiss his mate again. flushing lightly." He shrugged helplessly." "Oh really?" Tyler said with a smirk. but I didn't want to risk it. "Could I inspire you to do something filthy with me now?" He rocked his hips up." he exclaimed." Tyler whispered." he said. "We obviously haven't completely corrupted you. it had scared him to think that Tyler might not believe him.Pack 195 "Zacky." "Your fault you know." "Really?" "Oh yeah." he murmured into his lover's ear. You don't manipulate. slipping a finger under Zacky's chin to tip his head back up. meeting his eyes seriously. my love. you come out with the filthiest things. his heart pounding and his legs trembling." "I know." Zacky's cock twitched against his lover. "Matt loves it." he sighed. and he moaned as lust welled up. thrusting the hard length of his erection against Zacky's groin. "I can't believe Johnny threatened to tell you like that.

sliding his lips over the head and lapping up droplets of pre-cum. and he licked eagerly for more. He kept his hands on Tyler's hips just watching the water streak down his lover's chest and stomach to bead in his pubic hair. and he turned so he could run his lips along his mate's dick and taste him." Tyler gasped. baby. . "Yes. and it jerked helplessly with the pulses of his lover's shaft in his mouth. the feel of smooth skin over hard muscle. "Come on me. but somehow. and sucking gently. I want to touch you. licking droplets of water from his mate's balls. fisting Zacky's hand and encouraging a faster stroke. "Yes. With a soft moan." he murmured. slipping his fingers into his hair and clutching tightly. baby. meeting hooded brown eyes as he leaned forward. The taste was heady. cheeks flushed." Tyler groaned. sliding his lips farther down the thick shaft." Tyler whispered. kissing Tyler hard until he was breathless. lips parted. It was amazing how quickly he'd become addicted to his lover's body. "Don't come yet. "Fuck. His cock was so hard it hurt. He smiled up. Tyler looked so gorgeous and sexy it took his breath away." Need shuddered through him. and he worked the length harder. burying his face in his mate's groin and rubbing his cheek along his cock. and eyes glittering with lust was amazing. filled him with deep love and unbearable need." he murmured." Tyler grunted. The scent of his lover rose on the steam. and Zacky closed his eyes. The skin of Tyler's cock was soft and slick under his cheek. Tyler moaned. hips thrusting slowly against him. "Fuck. ignoring his increasingly painful need.196 Teya Martin "My thoughts exactly." He wrapped his fist around the base of his lover's cock and slid down till his mouth met his fingers. He let his knees give way so he slid down the length of his lover's slim body. baby. please. Zacky managed to pry his fingers from his shaft. Zacky pulled back and looked up at his lover with a small smirk. dropping his other hand to his groin and wrapping his fingers around his cock. "Harder. sliding up and down and swallowing happily with every spurt of pre-cum onto his tongue. he turned his head so he was fully facing his lover. scent. Taste. everything. Seeing Tyler. He knelt back to stare. so close.

"Okay. and got dressed quickly. my love. Huh. hauling him to his feet and practically throwing him against the wall." he said. Zacky arched against his lover. dirty man. They washed." he whispered. tongue forcing them apart and plunging deep inside. dried. and pleasure burst through him as he shot over his mate's groin and stomach. He swallowed the blood happily as Tyler pulled his head back. Tyler rocked hard against his cock and crushed his lips with his mouth. sitting down next to him. I suppose you're right. burning pleasure into his skin. Then Tyler wrapped an arm around his waist." Zacky said with a chuckle." "Oh fuck. gently pushing Tyler back. . that's what showers are for. smiling widely at him. Jimmy had a bottle of Jack by his elbow and was downing a shot. Zacky sat down on the other side and stroked Jimmy's back. is it?" Jimmy snorted. panting for breath." he explained. Zacky!" Tyler cried out. "I was thinking more along the lines of using my tongue. Blood spurted into his mouth. "Don't tempt me. "Not like I'm gonna get drunk. The older man sighed and nodded." Zacky whimpered. arching an eyebrow." He smiled and kissed his lover. but he shook his head. packing and hauling their bags to shove in the trunk of the car. "Maybe I should clean you off." "Why not?" Tyler whispered as he nuzzled into his neck. Inside." Tyler whispered. don't you think?" Tyler said gently. "Please. "I feel badly leaving Jimmy on his own. and they walked down the road. eyes glittering as they fixed him with a joyful gaze. bucking into their combined grip as hot cum splattered over Zacky's face and chest. Tyler let go of his hand and bent down. following Jimmy's scent to a bar. "I need you. pressing into him with the full weight of his body. rubbing his cock into his groin as he bit down on Tyler's tongue." Zacky's stomach tightened with renewed need. "Little early to be drinking. baby?" "Well. "You are a beautiful.Pack 197 "Ty. filling him with heat. but okay." "Thank you. "I'm only dirty because you came on me.

They walked back to the car where Matt and Johnny were waiting. standing up again and taking his arm. leaning against the hood. Zacky and Tyler climbed in the back with Jimmy." Tyler said. It's been over a hundred and twenty years." Jimmy shook his head. You and I both know that Matt's bark is worse than his bite when it comes to us. I met him when I was seventeen years old. "Ignore him.." "Jimmy. And don't call me Jim. jutting his jaw out stubbornly. "Including my first disappointment. Only Henry got to call me Jim. "You okay?" Matt asked quietly. Matt. "But you don't want him in a mood for the rest of the day. do you?" "I guess not. I loved the son of a bitch.198 Teya Martin "That's not the point. "Henry was my first love. "Yeah." "It's okay." he sighed again. not looking at his alpha. "I know it's hard. "Who was Henry?" Zacky asked quietly.. and I rode with him." Tyler said with a grimace." He laughed bitterly." "Yes." Matt got in the front with Johnny.. true. Matt and Johnny are probably done by now. Jim. "Come on. stroking Jimmy's chest gently." Jimmy said shortly. "Henry McCarty. Can you drive?" "Sure." "Hey asshole." Tyler sighed. "Let's go. or Matt?" Zacky smiled at his mate and shook his head. that's true. Matt and I both know what it's like to be unmated." Jimmy said. "My first everything. okay. okay. Jimmy sighed. "Come on. "Sure." Tyler put an arm around Jimmy's back and Zacky went around to the other side. He let me call him Henry even when he made everyone else call him Billy. This isn't going to help. cuddling up to him.." Jimmy snorted. leaning over to rest his cheek against Zacky's hair. half-smiling." Jimmy poured himself another shot and downed it before standing up and throwing some cash onto the bar." ." "It's okay. my first passion. "Oh fuck off. slipping his arm around Jimmy's waist. arms wrapped around each other." Jimmy sighed heavily. you want me on your back. "No." Tyler said. We'll sit with him. He was the first person to treat me like I was normal. Jimmy." "Maybe it didn't help you. "Jimmy." "Sorry.

Had to take him to the other side of the country before he'd even talk to us." Tyler said." Matt said quietly. "You're welcome. smiling finally." Jimmy said.Pack 199 Zacky stared.." "You rode with Billy the Kid?" "Yeah. Matt found me in jail. Everything is still fresh. Matt nodded." Jimmy smiled tightly." "How are we going to find out if the police have any leads from the library?" "Because we happen to have a master hacker in our midst. framed for a murder I didn't commit. "I wouldn't go that far. This happened a week ago." Tyler said quietly. are you talking about Billy the Kid?" he exclaimed. He died before I found him again." Matt said with a firm nod. I'll find the computers. and I. We need to do some research. He left me without a word." "You're kidding.. Until one day I woke up and he'd just gone. "Thanks a lot. The car stopped and Zacky looked up curiously. They all climbed out of the car over the doors and headed up sweeping steps to the library. "Where are we?" "Library. "Got him out and turned him. you know?" Jimmy said." Johnny snorted. "Really?" Zacky asked." "No. looking back and reaching over the seat to pat a bony knee. laughing softly. asshole. about to be hanged. "That doesn't sound like you." "Took me a while to trust a bunch of freaks like this lot. "Wait. "You?" "What Tyler doesn't know about computers isn't worth knowing." Tyler said." Jimmy said with a snort." Jimmy grimaced and buried himself deeper into their arms. Zacky lifted his head to stare at his mate. "You guys go scour the newspaper articles. "I want to know what happened and if the police have any leads. "Yeah. Jimmy. I rode with him. . leading Johnny and Jimmy away. "Even after the Lincoln County War ended.

nodding slowly. None of them got to fight back." Tyler said. Why would any Pack work with hunters. Why kill the other five so professionally and leave Rob alive? What about the other guy Rodney mentioned?" Zacky asked. leaving practically no evidence. they had been kneeling when they were shot. yet Rob lived." Johnny sighed as he and Jimmy got up to head back to the car. no suspects. "None of this makes sense. shifting the chair closer and leaning against Tyler's shoulder to watch him work. from their positions. and Tyler nodded.200 Teya Martin Tyler took Zacky's hand. All shell casings had been removed. Grabbing a spare chair. so he might be considered a clues. They found Rob's blood. "They shot Rob. Tyler quickly found the crime scene report. why would the hunters work with Pack?" "I don't know. and they walked together to one side of the main floor where banks of computers sat. How about you?" "No suspects. Zacky rubbing his lover's back as he got more and more tense. or rather Johnny and Jimmy were while Matt paced agitatedly. Zacky took it. and for that matter. "It's like Rob's a . "Anything?" "No. little evidence. Let's find the others and see what they've found. baby. okay. Tyler sat in front of one. One in the head and one in the heart of each." "Yeah. "How are the packs being found? They're being overwhelmed by gunmen. "That doesn't make sense. "But I still don't understand. None of them stood a chance. beckoning for Zacky to sit next to him. He sat." Tyler sighed." Zacky whispered. "Somebody wanted you to know?" "The 'creepy new guy' perhaps?" Tyler mused. and they read through it together. and they walked together to where the other three Pack were trawling through microfiche copies of recent newspapers articles. "It's being dismissed as a gangland slaying. the bullets dug out of the bodies. Five bodies had been found and." Tyler stood up and held out his hand. Why?" "It was deliberate?" he ventured. but they don't think so. the five Pack had been summarily executed. Ty. "Come on. It didn't seem to take long before Tyler was scrolling through the police department files." he said softly. kissing his mate's cheek gently. A sixth blood sample had been found.

frowning worriedly. If they get me. "But they'd kill us. "Yeah." Matt growled. "Hell." Tyler whispered in a tone that filled Zacky with sudden fear." "Do you think we should leave?" "Not yet. "A bolt hole might be more dangerous. Why not grab you then?" Matt said." Johnny said." "Then he doesn't know me too well. but not guaranteed. yeah. Every other Pack was killed ruthlessly and efficiently." "It would lead them to us. but I'm feeling a little confrontational." Tyler sighed." Zacky exclaimed. I don't know about you. does he?" Matt snorted. Matt." "Well. "Possibly not. We're ready for them. "No. They're not going to walk into a trap. stopping on the steps." Johnny said suddenly. "Not willingly." "Someone wants us here?" Zacky said tentatively. Sounds good." "Which means us too." Matt started to smirk. "I doubt hunters would attack us in such a public place though. Ty. "But I think we should stick together and assume we're under observation.Pack 201 messenger." Matt said. "True." "Someone wants us to know." Tyler started. they have the potential to find every family we still know of that carries the bloodline and wipe us out. Anyone who knows Pack well enough to kill so many of us knows that I would come straight out here to find out how and why. no. "Not if we're expecting them." "But why not attack us at the house or the motel?" Johnny asked." "I'm not happy with us staying at the motel. "Not just know. neither are we. They let Rob survive to tell the alphas because they knew we'd come and investigate. "I don't know." "They lie in wait. Think about it. musingly. "No.O. "Someone wants me here. Messing up with Rob doesn't match the M." "You'd never give that information up." . It has to be deliberate. and you went out on your own this morning." Matt exclaimed. Matt." Tyler said.


Teya Martin

"But you said that we're probably under observation--" "Zacky, enough," Tyler snapped, glaring at him. Zacky flinched at his lover's tone and the swell of frustrated anger he felt. "Let's just calm down," Johnny said quietly. "Maybe we should go back to the motel and feed. Then, we can decide what to do next." "We can find the hunters," Tyler said harshly. “I want to know who the fuck is betraying us. None of Rob's pack would have anything to do with a rogue." "Ty, calm down," Zacky whispered, starting to feel desperate. "I want to find them." "So do we, but you need to stop taking this so personally." "Someone's killing off my family in an attempt to get to me, and you don't think I should take this personally? What else am I supposed to do?" Zacky stared at Tyler in dismay. He could feel the complete confliction of emotions in his mate, the struggle for control, and he didn't know what to do. "Don't look at me like that," Tyler said a little sharply. Zacky turned and started to walk back up the steps towards the library. "Where are you going?" Tyler called after him. "I just need a minute, okay?" Zacky said softly, still walking. "Okay," Tyler sighed. Zacky could feel his lover's misery, but he really did need a moment to just gather himself. He knew Tyler was angry and scared of losing more family, but he didn't know what to say or do to help him. He made his way to the restroom and bent over the sink to splash his face. A scent hit him, a Pack scent that confused him for a moment- a stranger's scent. He looked up, meeting crazed green eyes in the mirror. "My, my, aren't you a pretty one?" Before he could do or say anything, the stranger lunged forward and smashed him face first into the mirror, punching him hard to the floor. His head spun, pain filling him as he started to black out. "That'll only damage you for a bit, boy. Let's go." The strange Pack hauled Zacky over his shoulder and carried him from the restroom. Zacky opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out as the stranger wrapped his arm around his throat and squeezed. Everything went black.



Chapter Seventeen
Zacky woke to total darkness, cold and naked, lying on what felt like a bare, stone floor. His right side was sore, aching as though he'd been lying there for a long time. He had no idea how he'd gotten there. The last thing he remembered was walking away from Tyler. Trying to shift his legs, he realized that large, metal cuffs enclosed both ankles, chaining them tightly together. The smell of ammonia was nauseating, but despite that, his stomach was cramping with hunger. He pulled himself up carefully, trying to peer through the darkness for some clue to where he could be. He couldn't feel his mate, and that terrified him more than anything else about the situation. "Hello?" he whispered. He should never have gone off on his own like that, not when he'd known the danger they were all in. It just hadn't occurred to him that he might be a target. But what better way to get to Tyler, if the intent was to find out where the families were, than through him? His mate would be beside himself. Pained guilt filled him, stinging his eyes with tears and tightening his chest until he almost couldn't breathe. There was no reply, the silence almost as claustrophobic as the darkness. He reached out to one side, touching a cold, brick wall before his arm was even straight. The wall was just as close on the other side, and the third wall of his possible prison was right next to his feet, but as he reached out in front, he encountered solid wood. The space was barely large enough for him to lie down in. Shivering with the chill seeping through his body and the overwhelming hunger, he tapped on the door. "Hello!" he called out more loudly. Something slammed loudly into the door, and he scrambled back against the opposite wall, heart pounding fearfully. He stared forward, trying to see something, anything, to give him


Teya Martin

some clue, but there was nothing, not even a sliver of light around the frame of the door. The smell of sweat and urine was too strong for him to discern any other scent, and his hunger was affecting his ability to concentrate and think straight. "Tyler, I'm so sorry," he whispered. He bent his legs, wrapping his arms around them, resting his head on his knees, and squeezing his eyes shut against the continued threat of tears. He hated the loneliness and emptiness inside heart, body and soul when he was apart from his mate, hated not being able to feel Tyler in the back of his mind. It wasn't right, and more than ever, he could understand why Pack didn't last long if they lost their mates. He was still himself without Tyler, but that had never been enough. It wasn't so much that he was half of a whole without his mate, but that he didn't actually feel quite alive without him. **** The silence, cold, and dark continued but, in the total blackness, he couldn't tell for how long. He was freezing and starving. He'd been without blood for long enough that he couldn't even pee anymore. He hurt all over from lying on the stone floor. There was no give. No way to get comfortable enough to sleep. He'd passed out a couple of times from sheer hunger, pain, and exhaustion but, otherwise, he lay curled up, trying to find a position that didn't hurt. Heartbroken tears came regularly and worse than anything else about his situation was the hollow, aching emptiness of being apart from his mate. He started awake when his cell was suddenly flooded with light. It blinded him, and he screwed his eyes up against the sheer brightness that seemed to sear across his retinas painfully. Scrambling against the wall, he cowered nervously, covering his face with his hands. "Oh, you look like shit." The harsh voice was familiar somehow, but he didn't know why. All he knew was that the tone was terrifying and implacable, and he was in more trouble than he'd already anticipated. A strong hand gripped his arm and yanked him up, slinging him over the man's shoulder. The bone dug into his stomach painfully, pushing bruises into the only part of his body that had thus far been undamaged.



He was carried into a small, bare room and shuddered with fear as he saw the chains on the walls and a low-slung table with cuffs attached to two of the legs in the center. Part of the room was blocked off by a curtain and he could only dread what might be hidden behind it. "Zachariah, isn't it? Your wallet was a little bare but your ID picture was very pretty. So tell me, how have you enjoyed your stay so far?" the man said with a cackle. "Please," Zacky whispered, wincing as his dry lips cracked. He licked them quickly, desperate for a taste of blood even if it was his own, and groaned as it made his stomach clench and roil. "You're pleased?" The man snorted with laughter as he put Zacky on his feet and shoved him face first into the wall. "Why?" Zacky managed to whisper. "Why?" The man loomed closer, hot, harsh breath blowing over his ear as his wrists were cuffed to the wall. His legs weren't strong enough to hold himself up, and he slumped down, the cuffs digging into his wrists and splitting his skin. The scent of blood was tormenting, especially knowing he couldn't reach up to lick it away. "Because you're Tyr's mate." "But..." "But nothing," the man screamed at him, smacking the back of his head hard enough to smash his face into the wall. He whimpered as he felt his nose crack and more skin split open across his forehead, torturing him even more with the scent of blood. "Tyr, fucking Tyr," the man ranted. "Let's join the packs together and fight the hunters, get them off our backs once and for all he said. Yeah, great idea, Tyr, you arrogant, fucking prick." Zacky flinched fearfully as the man paced closer and closer to him. "I lost my mate," the man breathed in a pained whisper. "I lost my beloved Jamie." "Wait." A sudden horrifying thought occurred to him. "You're Connor." If he'd thought his situation was dire before, he now wondered how long he was going to survive. "Oh so he deigned to mention me, did he? Fucking son of a bitch." "You killed our pack," Zacky whispered. "He killed my mate," Connor shouted, wheeling around to punch him in the back.


Teya Martin

"The hunters killed your mate." "Shut up, shut up!" Connor shouted. Then suddenly, he went quiet, and Zacky's breath hitched in fearful anticipation. "This has been a long time coming, Zachariah. I have kept myself alive, waiting for you with as much anticipation as Tyr so that, finally, I can take everything away from him." "It wasn't his fault," Zacky breathed. "Yes, yes, it was! Jamie wasn't a warrior. He was a poet. He should never have had to fight." "He was Pack," Zacky said, wondering even as he spoke why he was risking provoking the older man. "So that means he had to fight? To die?" "Yes, same as I would no matter how much I wouldn't want to." "Bullshit. Tyr would never risk you." "Yes he would because he knows I couldn't let him fight without being by his side." "Enough of this shit," Connor snarled in annoyance. "I've waited long enough. By now, Tyr will be frantic, going insane with fear and worry." "Don't do this. Please don't do this to him," Zacky begged. "I've lived three hundred years alone, dead inside, waiting to do this to him, and you're just the tool for the job. Let's use your pretty, little cell phone and give him a call." Zacky heard a beeping noise behind him, and the distinctive sound of a ringing tone. "Zacky? Oh my God where are you? Where have you been?" His mate's voice, so full of distress on the other side of the line, tightened his heart with guilt and sorrow, tears pricking his eyes. "Tyler?" he gasped. "Baby, what's happened?" "It's called vengeance, Tyr." There was a long pause, the silence tense. "Connor?" "You remember. I wonder if I should be flattered." "I'm hardly going to forget the mad man who killed my pack and nearly killed me, am I? I thought you died." "Did you really think that you'd paid enough for Jamie's death?" "Don't do this," Tyler said tensely. "He's got nothing to do with this."

"Call you right back. and Zacky cried out." "How touching. please. Tyr. "He's hurting you. "You son of a bitch!" Tyler shouted as he answered again. "Ty. crying and pleading for Connor to stop.Pack 207 "He has everything to do with this. and he could hear something other than the blood rushing through his ears. the blows stopped. You wouldn't want me to really hurt him. What he could hear caused him more pain than anything physical Connor could do to him. Don't insult my mother. how about a little video camera moment? Your boy doesn't look so pretty now.. and it's killing me to hear it." "How can I help it?" Tyler whispered. voice breaking with tears. "Now be nice. The phone blipped behind him then started to ring. Zacky grunted. Your pain is all that concerns me. "So. "Now.. "That doesn't concern me. There was another loud smack and pain smashed between Zacky's shoulder blades. You know what that does to our healing ability. all over the rear of his body with no rhythm or pattern. "Don't let him hurt you. all his weight taken by his wrists. "He's your mate. Tyr." Connor snapped. "Oh. don't you?" "You son of a bitch!" Tyler shouted." . Are you ready?" Pain cracked through the top of his back unexpectedly. now. I should have protected you. he is far from okay." Tyler said quietly." "You look the same." Tyler begged." Tyler whispered." "It's not your fault. Tyr." Connor said." he managed to whisper. I assure you." he said in a singsong voice. Tyler was sobbing on the other end of the phone. crying out with his scream-worn voice. Finally." Connor said with a loud snicker. He hasn't fed since I took him. and the punches came hard and fast. trying desperately to hold back his cry of pain and not worry his mate." "He's only twenty-one. would you?" "No. "So do you. Each blow shocked him until he was slumped against the wall. "Zacky!" "I'm okay." Zacky whispered. But there wasn't a pause. You can't bear to hear it? Just wait till I show you.

" Matt snorted. he'll rip you to shreds. jolting his shoulder even more and threw him back over his shoulder." Connor started to laugh. I saw your mate. Matthias? Suck Tyr's cock for him?" "Don't try provoking us. isn't he?" "You fucking asshole." "No. and I'll be there with my beautiful mate to chew up your remains and spit them out. taking over the line. Matthias. little frog bastard. I've been planning this for three hundred years. Connor yanked Zacky up. what have you done to him?" "Oh shit!" Matt's voice suddenly took over. not even able to find a purchase to try and bite the alpha." "No please. Zacky screamed as he felt his nose break again. laughing again. Connor. He's a fat. but this is too much. He let himself sag completely. "Now then. "I'll call again tomorrow." Matt snarled. time to go back to your room." Connor said with a snort. and the bones in his wrists sheared and crunched. . don't hang--" Tyler's voice was cut off. Do you really think I won't have taken everything into account?" "You were never the brains of your pack Connor. Zacky tried to fight back. not caring when one of his shoulders popped out." Tyler said. Zachariah. but he was too weak." "Yes. Connor suddenly grabbed the back of Zacky's head and smashed his face forward into the wall. be quiet. it would most likely only earn him more pain." Tyler groaned. especially Connor's. please. "You're letting him feed too much. He couldn't hurt more than he already did. You're not going to find me. was abhorrent to him. "When Ty finds you. what are you going to do about it. Connor. Besides. "Matt." "Oh. "Connor. We're both mated now. if he even tried. "Oh my God. The thought of drinking any Pack's blood other than Tyler's. leaving Zacky feeling utterly bereft.208 Teya Martin "Oh God. what do you want?" "I want you to suffer a great deal more before I tell you what else it is I want." Connor said." he gasped as Connor unlocked the cuffs and let him slump to the floor. Not that he wanted to. ankles giving way and spraining. "You always were a sick fuck. a pain shot up his legs. Tyr. "Always so melodramatic.

He curled up on his side. His skin was welted. Trying to gather moisture in his mouth. bouncing uncomfortably on the sharp bone. What do you think?" . only a tiny trickle from a leak sustaining him. The whole of his back. my boy. His own blood did nothing to nourish him especially in his weakened state. leaving him once again in the utter blackness of the tiny room.Pack 209 Connor threw him into his cell. and the door slammed shut. There was no way he could sleep. He was hauled up over Connor's shoulder again. "Time for some fun. ass and the back of his legs throbbed like one enormous bruise covered the rear of his body. the ankle cuffs making it difficult. but he could barely even cry anymore. Tears burned his eyes. but there was nothing left. only smell. stomach painfully tight from hunger. He felt like a husk. yanking him to his feet with his bad arm. trying to protect his back. "I think the table will be fun today. but maybe he'd pass out eventually." Connor grinned at him. I honestly can't wait. The tang of blood and metal from the cuffs made him shiver. He shifted up into a semi-kneeling position. me of course. but the knowledge of how badly this would hurt his mate. **** The light blinded him again.dehydrated and shriveled. and Zacky felt his throat close up and his stomach drop from fear. he lifted his hands and licked at the shredded skin around his wrists. He wanted to throw up. every movement tugging at the clotting wounds and sending fresh trickles of blood over his skin that he couldn't feel. He'd barely even had water. wrenching his shoulder even farther out of its socket." "Fun for whom?" "Well. It wasn't the physical pain and hunger that really hurt him. and tearing the muscle. grimacing with pain as the cold stone seemed to press bruises into his bruises and irritate his broken skin. At least his saliva was helping to heal his wrists if much more slowly than he was used to.

" "Tyr. You can't." "You bastard. Off him. Then even if I don't carry out the rest of my plans." Zacky froze in horror. smacking his chin on the edge. Killing me will do nothing but send me to my Jamie. and Connor forced his wrists into cuffs already attached to the other. "Sitting on him. Connor flipped his phone open and sat down on Zacky's back. pain racking his joints and shooting through his bruised and welted skin. and it made Zacky shiver. And I will kill you. but a belt? Even worse was the memory of the beatings he'd received from his father over the years. It stretched him uncomfortably. make him feel better. "I will find you. filling him with feelings of guilt and self-loathing again. He gasped. "No." Tyler whispered. what are you doing to him?" Tyler demanded immediately through the phone. "Somehow your blood still smells sweet." Connor snorted loudly. He leaned over and inhaled deeply." he repeated. "I have a new game. Just make it through today. "I want to listen to you suffer some more. "Make me." Tyler's voice was quietly dangerous. I can't--" "I'll be okay." Tyler whispered. No." "Hold on for me. Tyr. Today I shall be using my belt. voice tight with anger and pain. Connor. wishing he could be there to calm his mate. "Just find me. “Please don't do that to him." "Get." . please. "No. "Connor." Tyler snapped." "Get off him. Don't think that I won't. His beating the day before on top of his enforced starvation had been bad enough." "I'll be okay. baby. "Don't do that to him. my revenge would be complete." "What do you want?" Tyler asked. it's too much. Zacky shuddered. poor little Zachariah would die before the unlikely event that you did ever find me. tearing at the welts on his back and ass.210 Teya Martin Zacky tried to shrug. The cuffs around his ankles were pinned to one end. the table. "Yes. At least on the table he wouldn't be supporting his weight with his wrists again." Zacky managed to whisper." Connor flipped him over the table." Connor chuckled. don't you think killing me would be doing me a favor? After all. "Oh that's right." Connor drawled.

" "Oh. "Don't be ridiculous. pulling his belt from his pants with a loud hissing noise that made Zacky shiver fearfully. Zacky moaned. "Don't worry about me. "Stop it!" he cried out. not pausing or giving him any chance to breathe. I can't. He wanted to reassure his mate that he could cope with it. Tyr. He could hear himself screaming." "How touching. Just hold on for me. "Be quiet. You haven't suffered nearly enough. I swear. trailing the end of the belt over his broken skin. the loud smack almost as painful as the blow itself. "Just leave him alone. He swallowed back nausea so he could speak. "Thank you. "Thank you. please leave him alone." "What's going on?" Connor growled." Connor shouted. sir. agh!" He screamed as Connor hit him again." Connor growled at him. you make me sick." The belt lashed him again. hitting him again. unable to take the pain any longer." "Stop it. and Connor laughing. "Stop doing that. "Thank you. I can't bear hearing Tyler's pain. stop it!" Connor screamed. his nausea increasing. "Oh God. It'll be okay. "I'll find you." he gasped." "I love you too.Pack 211 "Enough." Tyler breathed." Tyler begged. Before he could brace himself. smacking him over and over with the belt. even harder. baby. "Connor. Tyler crying. sir." Connor snorted. and he bit back a scream and swallowed hard so he could speak. his pain growing to agonizing levels. please stop. ripping his lips open. "Thank you. . sir. Connor suddenly brought the belt down on Zacky's back. no. Connor moved around beside him. slicing pain radiating across his face. It was starting to drive him insane. Zacky." "Ty?" "Yes?" "I love you. and Zacky cried out. across his ass." The belt flicked over and smacked him in the mouth." he breathed." he whispered. Tyler sobbed brokenly over the phone.

"Nothing pretty about your boy now. Tyr?" "He is beautiful. I'm not going to tell you. let Zacky go. give you anything. Connor? Please tell me." "No--" Tyler was cut off again." Connor said with a snort." "Stop threatening me. and that's never going to happen. "Don't be silly. Now be quiet." . "Don't you dare touch him. Tyr. out of his line of sight. smashing Zacky's face against the table. "Look up for the camera. "The more you hurt him. I'll call you back." Connor said harshly. cub." "Connor. "Not for long. Suddenly. the more you're going to suffer before I kill you. I didn't want any of us to die. I didn't want him to die. I'll tell you anything." Connor murmured. "Like I said. blah. blah. that's so pretty. I have a little gift for you.212 Teya Martin "Oh." Tyler said softly. you have to find me first. You're boring me now. and Connor moved away from Zacky. "Your mate's blood tastes so sweet." "What do you want." "Tyr. Please." "Can you give me Jamie back?" "Ah." "You fucking prick!" Tyler shouted. he heard a hissing noise and smelt gas before there was a quiet whoosh and the smell of a gas flame and metal heating. "Blah. Zachariah." Connor grabbed his hair and yanked his head up." Connor walked slowly round Zacky's body until his feet came to a stop near his head. reaching down and rubbing a finger over his lips before sucking it into his mouth. and he will always be beautiful to me." "I can't." Connor chuckled quietly." Tyler growled. you arrogant fucking bastard. eh. Connor. "And give away the surprise?" Connor chuckled. "What are you going to do?" he whispered. Connor. It's time for another video call. "There's nothing you can say to stop me.

remember? They're young. wandering over to where Zacky could hear the hissing flames. They want rid of us once and for all. Otherwise. obsessed with being the one to find you and kill you and the packs once and for all. easy enough to control. then I will be alpha of alphas." . he dies before you even get near. the big dog. "In the unlikely event that you do manage to track me down." Connor said almost conversationally. Tyr." "Oh but he will be. he gets to remain my property for the rest of time. All you care about is being leader of the Pack." Connor got up again. you asshole. "Time to become my property. I'll probably have to do it to you every day too. He groaned." "And Zacky?" Tyler whispered." Zacky frowned in confusion." "How does that help you lead?" "Loki will kill off the packs and families for me. the English did this to me when I was younger. sitting down on Zacky again. his tone horrified. "You know. not even strong enough to cry as his ribs cracked. Tyler had told him that Loki had been his human brother.Pack 213 "You're such a lying. Besides I've already beaten the alphas into submission. "Who exactly do you think is helping the hunters?" "How could you?" Tyler gasped. Zachariah. not for much longer. fucking." "What do you mean?" Connor snorted. Well. Trouble was I always healed without scarring." "You can't lead rogues. "Oh. They want to find the families that carry the gene. As mad as every Loki before him of course. "Loki was very interested in forming an alliance with the hopes of getting to you. and that pissed them off. How could he still be alive?" "Loki?" Tyler whispered." "And I'm insane. the current Loki I should say. They're out of control. asshole bastard. I'm the one who's going to be giving orders soon." "He is nobody's property. Now that I know where all the hunters are stationed. so they did it to me every day. Information that you have. the rogue packs I've found will get rid of them for me.

more convenient for tomorrow. we've got all the time in the world to make it stick. not that. His lips ached." "Well." he managed to pant." Tyler sobbed over and over. and Connor sat on him again. gentlemen. His face throbbed. every muscle tightening. "Eventually. White-hot metal pressed into the base of Zacky's neck. please. "Don't be ridiculous." Connor snapped. now. at least you're honest. don't. searing into his skin. Tyr. "I'll heal." Tyler gasped suddenly. "Now. cut." "Please. Zacky whimpered as his burned skin was crushed and squashed under the alpha's hand. welted and. Zacky could hear the sounds of his friends trying to calm Tyler through the phone. "Besides. you'll tell me where the families are long before that'll happen. leaning leisurely on the brand and crossing his legs. "No. I'll tell you where the families are if you let him go. but he guessed it was going to be worse than anything he'd done so far. branded. "Oh. Zachariah? Will it be more or less uncomfortable than the cell?" "I don't know. throwing the brand across the room.214 Teya Martin Zacky shivered fearfully." The light went out." The phone snapped shut. Connor. He was bruised. body shaking and convulsing as he screamed and screamed. I'll kill you. I think. but his . "I'm debating leaving you here tonight. There wasn't a single inch of him that didn't sear with pain. He wished he could cry because he wanted to release the pain so badly. "No. and it hurt Zacky so much." Connor said with a soft snort." "I'll kill you. Just accept that I'm going to see you suffer and then I'm going to see you dead. I have things to do. Tyr. He didn't know what Connor was going to do." Connor said with a chuckle. ignoring Tyler's pleas. "Oh." Connor got up. It was the worst pain he'd ever felt. What do you think." Tyler begged. Until tomorrow." "Ready?" Connor said. as amusing as this conversation has been. He tried to lick them. don't be so pathetic. and Zacky was alone again. His voice was broken and choked. "I'll leave you here. anticipation closing his throat.

and he dreaded to think what the mad alpha had planned for that day. Good morning." "Don't you mean hurting you?" "No. Tyler must have had a plan. "Stop hurting him. staying silent. I have a little preparation before I call Tyr so stay quiet. and Zacky gasped in shock as he was sprayed with ice-cold water." Connor said with a laugh. Tyr." Connor said. let's leave the reveal for Tyr for maximum effect. "Time for a video conference. "His pain hurts more than anything you can do to me. He just seemed to feel less empty. He'd been so specific asking him to hold on for that day." He couldn't see what Connor was doing. "Now. "Now. but it's going to get you into trouble.” Tyler said anxiously. "I'll bet Tyr enjoys it. then. shall we?" "Please." he whispered. He wanted to say something." "We'll see if you still feel that way after today." Pressing his lips together. Knowing that Tyler was looking for him and that things weren't completely hopeless. "You've got a mouth on you. he closed his eyes and prayed for unconsciousness. slow scrape of metal against metal filled Zacky with nausea and fear. Dropping his head against the table. he looked back down. At least his blood offered some sort of moisture. but he couldn't provoke the alpha. but the long. **** The light came back on. "That's better. In his current state." Zacky said quietly. it almost hurt as much as the belt. made it almost easier to bear than his father's beatings. "What are you going to do?" he whispered. He needed to survive and give Tyler time to find him." he whispered." Connor said with a loud snort." "So sorry to offend you." "Connor.Pack 215 mouth was so dry it didn't do a lot of good. Somehow. and he hoped that meant that Tyler was close to finding him because Connor was upping the ante each day. now. “What are you doing?" . "You were starting to stink up the place. he didn't doubt that his mate would find him.

letting his cheek rest on the edge. no!" Connor screamed. and he couldn't help the feeling of hope that swept through him. Zacky started to feel warmer. sounding shocked. one arm ramming straight into his throat. He cried out. Well. "Can you see your boy okay?" "Yes. Tyr?" "I feel pretty good actually." "What?" Connor stopped. I see. It was sharp and agonizing as Connor drew the blade over his back. .216 Teya Martin "I want you to see what I'm doing today. how. "Oh. He smashed his other fist into Connor's chest and stomach over and over. "But." Connor tutted. just harsh. Despite the increasing pain. his voice failing because he'd screamed so much over the past two days. and you're feeling good?" The alpha paused. and suddenly. the terrible." "I don't think so." Connor straddled his ass. Connor started to cut him deeper. starting to pace agitatedly. You're trying to get me to stop by pretending it's not affecting you." Connor leaned over him. Connor got up. "Of course I'm going to hurt him. shoving him back into the wall. you obviously haven't learnt yet--" The door slammed open. He relaxed against the table. hot pain sliced through Zacky's back as a sharp blade carved into his skin. no crying or begging. "How're you feeling. "I just carved my name into your mate." "No.. pain weakening him further. It doesn't have the same aural impact as fists and belts you see. The pain didn't stop. "Please don't hurt him." Tyler whispered. As if he sensed the change. lunging at Zacky with the knife. hitching breath that sounded more like he was running than watching.. He screamed almost silently. Tyler was strangely silent throughout. and he tried to breathe into the slashes of the knife." Tyler said in a quietly dangerous tone.." Tyler said. grunting as he pressed the knife into him harder. sitting on him heavily. You just earned your boy another beating. "You lying son of a bitch. up and down and around with no discernible pattern.. "Oh really? Well. I feel good. hollow ache in his heart easing. and Zacky groaned. and Connor laughed. it won't work. Tyler jumped on the insane alpha. welcome howls filling Zacky's ears as Tyler and the others streamed into the room.

grunting quietly with pain as Tyler lifted him into his arms." "Don't talk." Tyler sobbed quietly. and he swallowed quickly. shoving Connor onto the floor towards the other three. Let's go. biting his wrist open and holding it to his mouth.. come on." Tyler murmured. oh God." "I found a. The alpha was hanging from the cuffs in the wall." Tyler sighed. licking and sucking eagerly. taking the blanket. and he groaned. dragging Tyler back.Pack 217 "Stop. We need him alive. "I should never have let you go off on your own." Tyler said shortly." Tyler said softly. I didn't mean it like that. supporting him carefully as he wrapped the blanket around him. Then he dropped to his knees on front of Zacky and gently lifted his head. "I knew you'd find me." Matt shouted." "What about Connor?" Matt asked. and Johnny stopped abruptly. stroking face and chest. The taste was blissful. pulling his wrist away. The movement and the pressure of the cloth against his wounds were painful and he whimpered. holding it out but not making any move closer to them. He sat and pulled Zacky into his lap gently. "Let me?" Zacky murmured in annoyance. "Now. I'm so sorry I didn't get to you sooner." Zacky said softly.. grunting and groaning as Matt worked him over with his fists. lips kissing him so softly. He lifted Zacky. "Let me just get you out of here. "Chain him up." Tyler said. "…a blanket." Tyler snarled. baby." Tyler said firmly. he could barely feel it. Ty. baby. . "I'm sorry. baby. "Don't take too much straight away. The scent overwhelmed Zacky. okay?" "What about him?" Zacky nodded at Connor. beautiful Zacky." Zacky whispered. "Guys." "It's not your fault. "Oh. "Don't you worry about him. "My love." Johnny finished. reaching back to uncuff his ankles as well. lips clamped tightly around his mate's wound. baby." Tyler unpinned the cuffs round his wrists and carefully eased him up. "Easy. "My poor. "Thank you." Tyler whispered." "S'okay.

inhaling deeply as he slowly lost consciousness." Matt shook his head and held his hands out to his mate." Matt wrapped his arm around his mate and held out his other hand to Jimmy." "But--" Jimmy started to object." Tyler growled." "Okay. "Better. and Tyler carried Zacky out after them. Zacky is my only concern right now. mon amour?" "Thank you. "He can stay here and starve. . Liebchen. Johnny smiled softly. Zacky buried his face in his mate's neck. bruised knuckles slowly and lovingly.218 Teya Martin "He stays here. okay. taking them in his and bending to lick the torn. "He stays here. They walked out. Treat him just like he did Zacky.

." he managed to whisper. "You okay?" "I will be now. "None of this is your fault. the water actually started to feel good. "Okay. Ty--" "Not yet okay? I can't. which . we'll be back later. I just--" "Argh!" Zacky gasped as Tyler shoved his shoulder back into its socket mid-sentence." he sighed." "Brace yourself for me. The water seemed to burn his wounds and bruises. and he groaned." He gritted his teeth against the pain as his mate slowly unwrapped the blanket from his body. shifting painfully in his mate's arms. baby.Pack 219 Chapter Eighteen When he woke again. baby." "But. trying not to jar his ribs." "Tyler. "No. and he lay back against his mate's arm." "I know. He breathed in slowly. "And I need to make you better. "I'm still sorry." "Stop apologizing. okay?" "Okay. Eventually." Pain racked him as Tyler lifted him into his arms again and gently lowered him into warm water. Zacky dropped his forehead back onto his mate's shoulder. Don't move if you don't have to. feel you. muscles tensing against the pain. Breath hitching. "I need to pop your shoulder back in first." "I need to. I'm sorry. I just can't. he was still enveloped in his lover's embrace. He could hear water running and Tyler and Matt whispering. "Easy." "Thanks.." Matt sighed." Tyler whispered." Zacky murmured.

The taste made him moan happily." he said softly. Ty. his mate's blood eased his cramping hunger and filled him with warmth and a sense of comfort. **** . "I feel so much better already." Tyler kissed his forehead and carried him out into the motel bedroom. trying not to whimper so Tyler didn't stop. He needed to get rid of the smell of the cell and the feel of Connor's hands on him. Tyler bit into his wrist and held it to his mouth. He lathered up his hands and gently started to run them over Zacky's body. holding onto Tyler's shoulders tightly. trying to stay relaxed." Tyler said softly. easing him back against the bath and leaning over for some soap. and Tyler lay him down carefully before lying next to him. supporting his weight easily and carefully rinsing off the soap residue with the shower head. and ammonia washed away by his lover's touch. "I'm sorry. blood. okay?" "Okay. "I need you to feed a little then sleep. "I'll try not to hurt you. The soap stung. and everything that Connor had done was replaced by the tender strokes of long. Zacky fell asleep to the soft. He swallowed slowly until Tyler drew his wrist back and carefully spooned up behind him. "I'm okay. Ty." Tyler shifted over." he whispered. The scent of fear. The spray felt harsh against his raw skin. Just try not to feel bad. There was a cotton sheet over the bedspread. and he curled up against his mate.220 Teya Martin was supporting him and keeping his back from touching the surface. lifting him back into his arms and switching off the shower. He grasped his mate's hand." He was already feeling exhausted from the bath. He kept his legs bent so only his ass hurt from the contact of the bath." "You're going to hurt me no matter what. Zacky sucked on his bottom lip. but he tried not to flinch." Tyler murmured. Once Tyler had washed his whole body. warm licks of his mate's tongue over the back of his neck. he emptied the bath and helped Zacky to his feet. and even the softest touch hurt him. loving fingers. licking delicately at the blood that flowed freely." "I know. dirt. "I want to be clean. "I'm going to wash you.

Matt and a naked Tyler were wrapped up together in a tight embrace. and Tyler fed. you're awake." He sighed. kissed. Johnny smiled at him." Tyler murmured. "Tyler won't leave you so Matt's feeding him so he can feed you." Tyler turned to the bed. Frowning in confusion." Tyler flinched and buried his face in the back of his neck." Tyler climbed back onto the bed behind him and stroked his shoulder gently." "You're welcome." he said. "God." Suddenly realizing he was still naked. "You don't have to hide from us.Pack 221 Zacky drifted in and out of consciousness several times over the next few days. stroked. The first time he woke up actually feeling normal again. Ty. Johnny. and Zacky blinked at his friend as he got up from the bed. "Thank you for keeping him warm for me. baby. wrapped in strong arms that didn't belong to Tyler. pushing him back. guys. he flushed and curled up further. At the end of the bed. he was warm. "Thank you." Matt said." The body holding him shifted. and licked him until he was starting to feel like himself again." Johnny said softly.. that's what gave me hope. "How are you feeling?" "A bit better I think. "I'm sorry I had to ask you to hold on like that. We're gonna go now." "No. I wish I could have found you sooner. enough." "How did you find me?" "Traced your phone. Ty. "My skin doesn't feel like it's going to burst open and peel off my body anymore." . "Hey. "See you later.. starting to lick Zacky's neck again. "I know but. and his heart froze for a split second until he realized that his mate was feeding from the younger alpha. he opened his eyes and looked around." Matt said. Mattie. later. "I don't think Connor was counting on me being able to hack into the police systems." "What's going on?" he whispered. clapping Tyler's bare shoulder." "Yeah." "It's okay. "Okay.

and you have tattoos. He felt good. Maybe?" "Zacky." Tyler tipped his head to the side. don't cry. Every time he fed. but I do belong to you." he begged. Still. Zacky licked his mate's neck. sniffing as hot tears trickled over the back of his neck. his blood nourishing. the tears easing as they held each other close." Tyler gasped softly." Tyler breathed. and loved. exposing his neck. I need you to mark me." . Zacky felt strangely unclean." "I know." Tyler pulled back and lifted himself onto one elbow. like he needed something more of Tyler to replace the violation." "Mä rakastan sua. I'm here. please. "No. his mouth watering at the taste of salt. we might heal fast. and I love you. grunting painfully as he turned over and buried himself in his mate's arms. You can't. and well. even though he was healing and knew he wouldn't scar. tears back in his voice." he sighed. "I need something of you. "I'm okay. I might not be your property. You've got me. "But I know I need something." "Even if I could bring myself. stroking his neck and back whispersoft. whole. He kissed his mate and let Tyler turn him around. but tattoos are definitely permanent." Tyler gasped. groaning as the thick. hot. Oh I don't know. "And I need to feel that. he felt stronger and could feel his body healing through his mate's strength. arms wrapping around him as his mate started to lick his neck and shoulders." "Would you like me to tell you about mine?" "Yes. He smiled as he pulled back. "You want a tattoo?" "I don't know." Tyler stiffened behind him. He swallowed quickly. baby?" "Yeah. "You hungry. His breathing slowed. "Ty. You can't ask me to do that. I would. it wouldn't stay. "Your tattoos stay. He bit down. coppery fluid flooded his mouth. "Ty.222 Teya Martin "Okay. Moaning happily." Tyler said quietly." he whispered. sweat and musk.

and Zacky's heart clenched with sorrow for his mate's loss. stocky. "The tree is Yggdrasil. He would have done anything for that boy. reaching up to stroke back long. "German. He was. many years. He would have loved you so much. very strong in both body and mind. Then it was just me and Wil for many. there was Daniel. His mate was his own great-great-great nephew." he whispered. Tyler sighed and kissed him." he whispered. "My second pack member was actually Wilhelm. reaching to stroke the tattooed arm. You should have seen Wilhelm when he saw Danny the first time. I did promise I'd tell you about them. We found him in England. "What about the wolves?" Tyler sighed." Zacky said gently." Tyler's gaze dropped. Then I found Piotr. loving boy I have ever known. then he sat up so Zacky could see his arm. of course." Tears escaped sad. I got it to represent the life I grew up in and the family I lost. gruff. tall and skinny. and he drew Tyler onto the bed. "My beautiful Mika. as sharp as his bony body.. his lips trembling. Mika. He was such a beautiful." Zacky smiled at his lover. dark hair. filthy sense of humor. . the tree of life that connects the different planes of existence. All three of us were lovers. until we found Mika and he mated with Piotr. most soft-hearted.Pack 223 Tyler helped him roll onto his other side and lay down to face him. squeezing his lover's hand. it's okay. He adored Mattie. "That's beautiful. "maybe we should stop. "Tyr. so reliable. "I didn't have a pack for many centuries." "No. He and Pi used to fight all the time when they weren't fucking. I thought it would interfere with looking after all the Pack." Tyler sighed. special. such a romantic. "And finally. sensible Russian boy." Tyler sniffed as he almost laughed. I didn't want to give him to another alpha." The heartache and sorrow so visible in his mate hurt Zacky." "So the wolves are our pack?" Zacky whispered painfully." he whispered. It means I'm always connected to the past and the people I loved then. dropping his gaze for a moment. brown eyes. I've never seen such a transformation. "I would like to know. snuggling in close and stroking his hair gently. "The sweetest..

"I want you so bad." he said softly. You haven't finished healing yet. starting to shift backwards. and he already felt desperately empty. His mate's cock slid over his groin before Tyler lifted himself up slightly. He plunged his bleeding tongue into Tyler's mouth and pulled him on top of his body." Zacky whispered. ." "Baby I. please." Tyler shook his head. jerking against him. kissing him harder. lips parting eagerly to his mate's probing tongue." He recognized the stubborn tone in his lover's voice and. baby. Zacky gasped as need and warmth swept through him. It was the first time he'd had the strength to respond physically. Ty.. Zacky. tugging at his lover's hand to pull him closer." he whispered. I need to know you're here and alive. It's too soon." Tyler groaned. I just need you. "It's not too soon. I had Yggdrasil re-inked. "I'm sorry. wrapping his legs around Tyler's hips and arching into him. Zacky." "I need you too. Tyler pulled away again. "Maybe this was a mistake. He wrapped his arms around him and kissed him softly.224 Teya Martin "Symbolically." "Oh fuck. warmth and connection. He'd missed this love and lust. and he wanted Tyler badly. in desperation." "So take me. yeah. pulling Tyler back in." "But I want your weight on me. "Tyler?" "Don't want to hurt your ribs. His dick pulsed and ached." "Oh Tyler. "I'm so sorry you had to lose so many people you loved. "I need you too. I want you to fuck me.. warm pre-cum trickling onto Zacky's stomach as their cocks rubbed together slickly. baby. Zacky bit through his tongue and leaned up. Tyler tasted so good it just made him need more. clutching his lover to him so he didn't break the kiss." he gasped when he finally released his lover's mouth. and the wolves done to commemorate them. but only for long enough to dig lube out of the bag on the bedside cabinet and coat his fingers. As soon as I healed from the fire." Tyler stopped and clasped the back of his neck. kissing his mate hard. dragging him into a kiss that felt desperate and urgent. and Zacky rolled onto his back. hardening his cock slowly. It feels good.

" Tyler groaned." Tyler panted. back arching as he came over his hand. "Mark me. He clasped Zacky's face and dipped down. Tyr. I need it. teasing the entrance. thrusting faster into him. "Stretch me out. He fell back against the bed gasping for breath. soft skin. brushing over the sensitive spot inside him until he was writhing and begging for more. I want you inside me. Tyler's cock slid into him." Tyler whispered. working against the tightness of his ass. "Please. easing his finger back and pushing two inside him. "Yes. you make me so hot when you talk like that. fuck. my love?" "So ready. "Tyler. hips bucking hard against Zacky who felt heat fill him. carefully pulling his fingers free. clutching and urging him on faster and harder. now. and he shuddered. He groaned quietly and pushed down. Pleasure overwhelmed him." "Oh God. and . love. crawling over him and leaning down to kiss him gently as he settled between his legs." he moaned. "Fuck." "I love you. "More." "God." he groaned. Tyler filled him again and again.Pack 225 "Fuck yes. kissing him tenderly and gently as he fucked him harder." Tyler lifted up. rocking against him and pushing a finger straight inside him. He knelt up between his legs and spread more lube over the length of his cock. and he started to feel complete again as he breathed into the slight burn." he gasped." he moaned. sliding his fingers over his lover's smooth. Come in me. Tyler." "You are so beautiful. tongue stroking his lips. guiding his cock down to press at the entrance to his body. I'm yours." Zacky groaned as his lover slid slickened fingers down the crease of his ass. Zacky. stroking in and out. clutching at his lover's shoulders. stretching him. Tyler groaned. "Feels so good. He squeezed around his mate's cock. breathing into the discomfort until it felt good. Tyler. tightening his legs to pull him deeper." Tyler whispered. stretching him open. Zacky bit his lip. filling him with more and more pleasure and need. "You ready. pushing a hand between them so he could fist his aching dick. holding most of his weight on his elbows as his cock stroked in and out of Zacky's body. Tyler moved slowly.

"I know. "Hush. baby. I'm yours. You are my everything. Tyler's slick. "Why are you crying?" "Because of everything. Never. It felt too good. "Just relax and enjoy." Tyler said. thumbs sliding over his cheekbones. stop. "It was the same for me. He moved down. His eyes shot open again. "Sleep. Tyler shifted lower. teasing him until he was starting to feel breathless. now. softening cock sliding from his body." Tyler murmured. "Tyler. kissing and sucking his lips before nipping through his tongue and letting the blood drip into Zacky's mouth. kissing Zacky's forehead." Suddenly. nose. eyes. slowly licking the sweat from Zacky's chest and the cum from his stomach." Zacky sighed. I promise. I've never been so scared. looking up at him. kissing his mouth tenderly." "I know. I can't be without you. Please just cuddle with me. "I wouldn't survive without you. "I'm too tired to get turned on again. it's okay if you fall asleep. and he clung to his mate. and lips over and over. then eased back." Tyler whispered. "Oh. pushing Zacky's legs apart as his tongue slid down to his groin. closing his eyes and enjoying his mate's gentle tongue bath." . comfort and sleepiness starting to take over. nuzzling his neck. burying his face as he started to cry. and he groaned. gently." Tyler nodded." he whispered.226 Teya Martin Tyler lay carefully on top of him. Tyler kissed him once more. Zacky swallowed happily and stroked his lover's hair back. strong tongue licking him clean." he whispered." Zacky whispered. I will always be here. baby. my love. kissing his way back up his body then lying down next to him and pulling him into a close hug. so empty and alone. I was so scared without you. stroking his hair and easing him back to cup his cheeks. Zacky." "Tyler. and I missed you so much. Zacky's eyes burned and his breath started to hitch as everything that had happened overwhelmed his emotions. I'll be here when you wake up. "I love you too. "Tyler. cheeks. He wasn't sure if that scared him more than when he'd actually been apart from his mate. and I love you so much." "Really?" "Yes." "Okay." Tyler whispered. my love." Zacky murmured.

Tyler?" he asked more firmly." Zacky swallowed back a moment of nausea. jaw clenching. I want to hurt him until he begs for death. I want your tattoos. Zacky wrapped himself tightly around his mate." "Oh." Tyler said quietly. smiling and dotting a kiss on the tip of his nose. when we're finished with all this." "Finished with what?" "Well. "I don't want you to. ." "What." He touched his mate's mouth gently. running his fingers over the symbols that dotted over Tyler's chest like a necklace. "You can't be serious. "I want that where he." Tyler clasped him close." he whispered. and I know you want to hurt him for what he did to me." "If you do that. I want to hurt him for what he did to you." he blurted out suddenly. "Where the brand was. Please. "I can't let him live." Tyler said. baby?" "Yes.. "How did you know that?" "I don't know." His mate blinked at him in surprise.. "Are you sure." Shivering. "And I want.." he pointed at a symbol that looked like an arrow. You know I can't. baby. we'll get you tattooed. We need information from him. as much as I'd like to.." Tyler said stubbornly. Ty. Zacky leaned forward and kissed the symbol that adorned his lover's breastbone. love.Pack 227 "I want a tattoo." he begged. and then rip his fucking throat out. "I just feel it. feeling tearful again. for me." "You're right." "I want to descend to his level. "They're runes. Zacky. and these ones in particular are known as Tyr's aett. This one. kissing him desperately hard." "I know." "What?" "Nothing. "is Tyr." he said with a shrug. These ones. "Okay. you'll be no better than him. we can't just leave Connor hanging from that wall. "But you don't have to descend to his level." he said quietly." On impulse. "I want to kill him. "These are you. tracing a finger over his bottom lip.

"I need to feed first. all dressed in boxers and looking sleepy. licking at his skin needily. "Zacky?" Tyler said. okay. "Sorry I kept you awake. closing his eyes." Tyler said. There was a thud. easing him back and kissing him. I guess not. "Join us. Zacky kissed his lover gently and buried himself in his arms again. make sure you're okay. my love." "Oh." Tyler reached up and pounded on the wall. you two okay?" Matt asked with a jaw-cracking yawn. and maybe lick you. "Hey. he pressed his face into Tyler's neck. But he was still hungry and groggy when consciousness resumed. "Baby. It wasn't much later when their door opened." Tyler said softly. "It's a Pack thing. and Tyler settled down again." Matt crossed the room and climbed onto the bed with them. kissing the top of his head. **** Zacky was getting used to waking up warm and comfortable again." Johnny said earnestly. "I need to feed. Just be here when I wake up. clinging onto his mate tightly. They want to cuddle with you. for his stomach not to be tight and pained with hunger. crossing the room quickly to get on the bed with them. "Can we?" Johnny asked. finally exhausted." Tyler said. spooning up behind Tyler and offering him his wrist. I still want to hurt him. "Really?" he said softly. "Matt!" he yelled." he murmured. Tyler sighed heavily. "Thank you." "I know." "No. but he didn't mind a group cuddle. Mumbling quietly. Zacky. "No. don't go. "Okay.228 Teya Martin Zacky almost wanted to laugh. and their three friends stumbled in." "That's okay. His twelve hundred year old mate was pouting like a child throwing a tantrum. my love." Tyler murmured. if you don't mind it. wait. "I'm not going anywhere." Smiling. "Can they what?" Zacky asked in confusion." "Always. Johnny lay down behind him and wrapped him in ." He wasn't sure about the licking part.

sprawling across the top of the bed so he could reach all of them." Jimmy sighed. "Time to go back to our room. just a touch.Pack 229 a hug. Zacky watched slim lips redden with blood as Tyler sucked and swallowed." "Thank you. he took Johnny's hand from around Zacky's waist. because you're a good alpha. suddenly feeling like he really belonged. "Hey." Johnny kissed his shoulder gently and sat up." Matt murmured." "Okay." "You want to feed?" "Yeah but. he was strong enough to feed from. "I like puppy piles." The scent of blood made Zacky's mouth water.. pressing their lips together. pulling his wrist away and moving his arm to wrap it around Tyler's waist. "Feed from me. reaching across to Matt who took his hand for a moment. hearing the rush of blood through veins and arteries made him ." he whispered. and he wasn't sure if he was turned on or jealous. love. and Jimmy crawled over them. See you two later. "Ty. wake up. Zacky smiled happily. feeling his mate's warmth in front of him. Seeing the pulse under his skin. Jimmy." Matt yawned and sat up. arms wrapped round him. "Yeah. patting Tyler's arm. "Come on. and Jimmy gently petting his hair. It was nice snuggling as a group." Tyler whispered as he wrapped both arms around Zacky and tipped his head to expose his throat." "You want us to go." "Mmm?" Matt murmured. not quite a kiss. brushing his lips over his mate's mouth. gently stroking Zacky's hair and kissing the top of Johnny's head. "Please. like he'd not only found his other half but his true family as well. he was hungry." Jimmy said softly. Matt. Tyler kissed his nose then leaned back against the other alpha so he could get to his wrist more easily. He shifted even closer to his mate. Still.. and now that Tyler had fed. Then. love. mon chéri. don't take too much. Johnny's behind him." Matt snorted. "Hungry." Johnny said softly. "Let's go then boys. "Only because you're usually in the middle of them.

and Tyler pulled back. hot and thick. moaning against his neck as he sucked and swallowed.230 Teya Martin groan needily. Slowly. feet pressing into the mattress as he came hard in his mate's mouth. spit-slick fingers teasing the entrance to his body. Ecstasy overwhelmed him. He licked his lover's neck. Pleasure shocked through Zacky as his mate sucked his cock straight into his mouth. heated desire throbbing through his groin with every pulse of blood into his mouth. licking a drop of blood from his mouth. the lack of friction taking him back from the edge. Tyler groaned suddenly. and Zacky arched up. Tyler shuddered against him as he pierced through. trying to get his lover inside. cum flooding over his stomach." Zacky murmured happily. I feel pretty much normal I think. "I love you. he slid back and eased his fingers from Zacky's body. "I love how you taste. pressing his teeth hard against his lover's skin. lapping the rapidly healing bite mark." He needed to come badly. rich life fluid that filled him with love and desire. Ty." he whispered. cuddling close and burying his face back in his mate's neck. Tyler moaned around his cock. nuzzling with his lips until Tyler was gasping. They rocked and thrust together." he said quietly. cocks pressing and sliding against each other. my love?" "Yeah. He nipped Zacky's lip and sucked gently. hands clutching him tightly as he bucked against him. Zacky's cock hardened against his mate's hip. reaching deep and rubbing against his prostate." Tyler sighed. It felt so good. you taste perfect. "Do you think you're well enough to get up today. and he rocked into him. Two fingers pushed straight into Zacky's body. swallowing him down as one hand clamped onto his hip and the other slid down between his legs. and he pushed down." Zacky whispered. "Mmm. . Tyler sucked gently until his hips stopped jerking. Zacky's cock slid more quickly. crawling back up his body and kissing him. "So close. He whimpered. surrounded and filled by his lover's warmth and love. and blood spurted into his mouth. the vibration sensitizing him further. my Ty. "Love you too. licking the blood off his mouth and kissing him gently before pushing him onto his back and slipping down his body.

" Tyler murmured. when it came to his mate. actually I was going to suggest that you should. to descend to that level." "Come on then. and he knew Tyler would have a hard time dealing with him. swallowing hard as his voice cracked. given their nature." "What's that got to do with my mom?" . do you mind if I call my mom?" "Oh. just letting the warm water stream over them." "I know. What he wasn't looking forward to was the confrontation with Connor. clinging onto his lover until he set him down on the toilet seat. And Zacky was afraid that when he saw Connor he might descend to his level because of what the insane alpha had done to him and his mate." Tyler looked so oddly guilty that Zacky frowned at his mate." Zacky chuckled. "Ty." Tyler paused. would only take a day or two. It's nice. “couldn't even feel you. it was like Matt said. "I'm just taking care of you." Smiling. "Ty. He eased them upright and pulled Zacky carefully into his arms. He just needed to build up his strength. when I couldn't even. You just need to build up a bit more strength. "I'd like that. He let Tyler wash him and dry him and carry him back into the bedroom and set him on the bed. what to think. "Oh?" "When we couldn't find you. standing and carrying him to the bathroom. His legs still felt a little weak but Tyler was right. He knew how much pain the renegade alpha had caused his mate. He really didn't want Tyler to go too far. slipping both arms round his waist and walking him under the spray. yeah. He wasn't normally a violent man but. "What?" Tyler said with a small pout. resting his head on his chest.Pack 231 "I think you've healed fully. um. Why don't you take a shower then we can grab the others and go get you some juice or something. Zacky nodded and stroked his lover's chest with his fingertips. Zacky leaned against his lover. he'd pretty much healed. I didn't know what to do. Which.all bets were off." Tyler flipped on the shower and pulled him to his feet.

"What do you mean?" "I was abducted. Bye. "Have you got my cell?" "Yeah." Tyler whispered." . He pulled on a pair of boxers and sat on the bed. Call me soon. "You really thought. too. His mate smiled and crawled over to lie on the bed next to him." she said softly." "Gone home?" he whispered in disbelief. and happy I promise. Mom. I love you. "He was so devastated when he couldn't find you.” Zacky sighed. didn't he?" "Yeah. "I was so worried." "I didn't know what to think. "I'm glad." Zacky whispered." "I love you. "Hey. "Sit with me." "I'm sorry.. tight around his waist." he said with a wry chuckle." she gasped." "Thanks. to let her know you were safe. "Found you?" she said." "And he believed you. Mom. bursting into tears. Tyler's taking good care of me like he promised." Tyler sighed. well. okay?" "Of course I will. holding out his hand. Mom. Zacky sank his fingers into long. dark hair as he dialed home. I'm okay.232 Teya Martin "I called her. “Oh. "Yeah. "I should go. oh my boy. and he blinked away the stinging in his eyes." "And did you tell him that you love him?" Zacky sighed happily and nodded even though his mother couldn't see him. sounding confused. resting his head on his stomach. baby." "You're sure you're okay?" "Yeah." Tyler sat on the bed and handed it to him. are you okay?" "I'm fine." He stopped and smiled at his lover's long arms." he whispered. Zach. "I hoped she'd heard from you or that maybe you'd gone home. "Hello?" His mother's voice filled him with a momentary sense of homesickness. darling. “I called her after we found you.." "Abducted?” she gasped. I just wanted to reach through the phone and hug him." "Oh. really. Zach. Tyler found me.

but that's okay." Frowning a little in confusion." In the diner. you're not. Thanks. "No thanks." He pulled on underwear. jeans. the weight of his gaze making Zacky look up. baby. His mate's eyes were shining. whatever. see you there." She snapped her chewing gum and poured Tyler a cup of coffee from the pot she was carrying. his mate stroking his shoulder gently. sitting frozen." Tyler slipped an arm around Zacky's waist and they left the room. "I'm fine. "What?" Matt yelled." He hung up with a sigh. "Tyler?" Tyler smiled. Will you let me wear one of your t-shirts today?" Tyler didn't move. they sat next to each other. sliding into the booth. sure." "Hey. and Zacky leaned against his mate. leaning in to kiss him softly. I need your scent around me." "No. What t-shirt do you want?" "Something you've worn please. sitting up in front of him." "Okay. "Okay?" Tyler asked. a soft smile played on trembling lips. "What can I get you kids?" "A black coffee and an orange juice." "No." Tyler smiled at him again and went to dig in his bag. Treat me to some juice. and he couldn't help a chuckle even as he breathed in deeply. pulling out a well worn t-shirt and throwing it at him. I'm not." "Okay. . "Sorry. It landed on his head. boys. Are you okay?" "Very okay." "Anything to eat?" Tyler grinned. Zacky stared up at his mate. "I'll bring the OJ over.Pack 233 "Bye. darling. "I love you too. "We're going to the diner. "Come on. and his boots and stood slowly. knocking on the next door as they passed." Matt mumbled sleepily." "Thanks. Tyler's t-shirt. beloved." "Spoiled. "Love you." he said with a quiet snort. "I know. Johnny and Jimmy slid in beside him. We've eaten.

" Jimmy started. That must have hurt Tyler. and let's go. "Good." Zacky's gut tightened in fearful denial. squeezing gently. It's what we do. finish your drinks." ." Jimmy sighed. fresh blood would boost his healing. "Rest of you boys ordering any food?" "Just coffee all around thanks. "Tired." he managed. Besides. "I can handle it." "He's right. "OJ. We're going today." he said determinedly as the beginning of an idea occurred to him. taking a quick swig of his drink before he could speak. Zacky glanced up in surprise. "Been sustaining Ty too much. I'm just saying physical torture isn't accomplishing anything. and he breathed heavily." Tyler said. "It's okay baby. "You think he's ready to talk?" "I think he's ready to die. okay?" "Thanks. Matt?" Zacky asked in mild concern. He knew it was time." Zacky whispered." The waitress plunked a glass in front of him and pulled out her pad. Ty. "Hey." Matt said with a sigh. "Oh. "Oh. cupping his cheek gently." Tyler said with a scowl. we need the information. Tyler couldn't keep feeding him. but he nodded. "He can't die until we know where the hunters and the rogue packs are based. He hadn't realized the other three Pack had been questioning Connor." Matt said with a shrug. "It'll accomplish me feeling better. just like Matt couldn't keep feeding Tyler. filling up the cups in front of them and heading away. "Tyler." Tyler said quietly." "I know.234 Teya Martin "Are you okay." She sighed and nodded. He slid a hand over to his mate's thigh." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "I think we should get our own food tonight. Zacky couldn't quite help a grimace." "I'm sorry." Tyler growled. I know. if you think you can. no problem. it's made us all feel better. "So Connor's softened up pretty good." Johnny said in a low growl. "I mean.

He got up as Tyler dropped far too much cash on the table before taking his hand." Matt said with a derisive snort. The other three men drained their coffees and got up." Johnny said with a soft smile." Zacky leaned against his lover and sipped his orange juice slowly. but Johnny was definitely the boss. baby. baby. "Hush." "Don't be ridiculous. "Whoa." "I'm sorry. the beta just got bossy. Zacky nodded. what the hell do you think--" Tyler jerked out of the kiss." "Hush. "Well. you know he is Tyler's mate." . Matt might have been the alpha and the dominant partner. still holding in giggles." Zacky said with a soft laugh. it's safer. quickly stopping his lover with a press of his lips against his mouth. Matt. We'll get the stuff organized." he said. "Yeah. "Of course. "We had the audacity to kiss. "Kinda makes him the boss." "Thanks. She blanched." Pressing his lips together. mon chéri. You did scare that waitress. It's going to start drawing attention. "Tyler's the boss. teeth bared. None of this was your fault. "I guess it's time to go then." Jimmy said with a snort." Johnny smiled." "No beta is the boss of me. fingertips under his chin to coax him closer." Johnny glanced up and winked. He's the alpha. squeaking as she backed slowly away. "Are we going to head off after this then?" he asked." "Yeah.Pack 235 "Ooh. "You relax. "Be fair. Matt's had to feed a lot to keep us going. Tyler put an arm around his shoulder and kissed his temple. "Hey. Ty. Tyler turned back and kissed Zacky quickly before getting up with a sigh. They strode out of the diner as the others drove up in the car." Tyler said. Matt is blissful in his ignorance. head snapping around as he snarled at the waitress. love. I guess. followed by shouts from the diner. making a rude noise. what did you do?" Jimmy asked as they jumped into the car." "Yeah. dropping his gaze. and Zacky could barely hold back a snicker.

236 Teya Martin "Sorry I missed it. ." Matt said with a laugh as he drove them away.

" Jimmy said." Matt said with a grimace. The alpha was hanging limply from the wall. steering him into the house. At the end of the corridor was the room where he had been brutalized by Connor. holding onto his mate but straightening up again. slightly rickety steps into darkness. jumping out of the car. looking over the seat at Zacky. They walked down narrow. "Let's go." he said. not a psychotic killer." They walked down the tiny corridor. Of course. "It's downstairs. unlived in except for a few necessities in the bathroom and an airbed in the sitting room. but still. In complete contrast to the outside of the house. squaring his shoulders and getting out of the car. It looked like a cottage where a little old lady might live. the inside was bare and undecorated. turning and clinging to his mate. "You gonna be okay?" Johnny asked. "Are you sure you're ready for this. past a door.Pack 237 Chapter Nineteen They parked in front of a very ordinary looking house. "Yeah. realizing it was the cell he'd been kept in." he sighed. gently stroking his hair and back. One of the others must have cleaned it out. Tyler jumped out with him and slid an arm round his waist. because there was no sign that it had ever been occupied. being a little old lady didn't preclude you from being a psychotic killer. "Come on. "Yeah. He glanced in and shivered. Zacky's heart pounded hard in his chest. I was just having a moment. the white picket fence and carefully maintained garden certainly gave no indication of the torture that had gone on inside. my love?" Tyler asked. He gasped in fright. and when the light flicked on it startled him badly. his wrists tightly .

"Guys." Connor said with a chuckle. He felt Tyler shift. "It's not open for discussion. Zacky flinched as blood sprayed across the wall behind Connor. "Really?" Zacky murmured. "But-" "Tyr. He couldn't go through with his plan if they had an audience." "You're not getting off that easy. "No thanks to Matthias and his baby pack. "Never. He was covered in cuts and bruises but. How many times do I have to tell you to stop insulting my pack?" Matt growled. patting his arm on the way past. "Tell us where the hunters are based. but they couldn't let the hunters continue killing off Pack." Connor said with a sneer. raising his eyebrows at them." Jimmy whined. clear out. as soon as he saw them. he smiled sickly." Tyler said. "Yeah?" "Go for a drive. stalking across the room and smashing his fist into the renegade alpha's jaw. still laughing. "Fuck you. "You're looking pretty again. Connor. and his mate's brown eyes fixed on him quizzically. "Don't do anything you'll regret.238 Teya Martin bound by the cuffs. staring at his former captor. "Matt." Zacky whispered." Tyler said." Zacky said quietly." "I don't wanna miss anything. Connor. "Baby?" Zacky didn't miss the tiniest flinch from the renegade." "Thank you." "You're not. and the alpha started to laugh. "Do whatever the fuck you want! Nothing you do to me could hurt worse than my Jamie's death. "We'll be outside. "The cub's got teeth. please. and he smiled a little regretfully." Tyler said softly. glancing at their friends." Zacky said quietly. "You call this torture?" Connor said. You'll just have to kill me." Connor snorted. Johnny. Jimmy. He didn't want to cause anyone pain." Zacky said firmly. Zachariah. "Fine." Matt snapped. ." Johnny said quietly." he said.

" Connor spat. ." Connor snorted. "I want you. "I am yours. Connor!" "Ignore him." "Shut up. sliding a hand under his lover's t-shirt.Pack 239 "I won't. what are you doing?" Tyler whispered. kissing his mate tenderly. stroking his chest. Zacky ignored him and stroked his lover's lips gently. leaning into his mate and clasping his cheeks gently. "Take it off." Tyler pulled his t-shirt off. round and pushing his t-shirt up. and he leaned closer to Tyler." Zacky said. Tyler turned to him. tugging him back. smiling against his lips as he heard Connor groan. Tyler moaned and slid an arm around his waist to pull him closer." he whispered softly. my mate. "I love you. sliding his hands down between their bodies to unbutton and unzip Tyler's jeans. kissing his lover. "Make love with me. ignoring the other alpha." When the three had left. hard and ready." Zacky whispered. "Baby. "Oh get a room. his voice trembling slightly. Ty." Despite the situation. leaning up to brush his lips over his lover's mouth." Tyler frowned in confusion. Zacky still felt his cock harden when his mate groaned and bent his head to kiss him again. and the company. my beloved. "We're going to be together for the rest of time. possessing his mouth deeply. you stupid fucks. the place." He heard Connor inhale sharply. Zacky sighed happily and pushed his mate against the table." "Here?" "Yes. my Ty. "Just wanted to get you alone. "Are you sure?" "Yes." Zacky breathed. I want you here and now.” "You're not alone. his other hand sinking into his hair." Zacky murmured. He moved to stand between Tyler's legs and leaned up. stroking soft skin and tight nipples. "I love you. "You make me sick. "What are you up to?" Zacky tilted his head slightly and smiled. tugging and pushing at them until his cock sprang out.

fingers clasping his hair tightly. Zacky sucked Tyler's cock into his mouth. please. Ignoring the alpha. kissing his mate desperately as Tyler fisted his cock and started to stroke." He kissed the centre of Tyler's chest and sank down to his knees in front of him. "Please stop. my love. "Fuck yes. "I love you. "My love. pushing himself up and wrapping his fingers around his mate's cock again. Tyler moaned and rocked into him." Tyler groaned. "Stop it. Ty. I'll tell you anything if you stop." Tyler turned them around and pushed him up against the table. "Please no. Zacky licked over the head of his mate's cock and groaned." Zacky said with a nod. "Yes." Leaning forward. backing up and lapping over the head. baby. you fucking bastards!" Connor shouted. "No!" Connor gasped. baby." Tyler gasped." "Stop it!" Connor screamed. "I love the way you taste." he whispered. dick straining against his pants as he licked away more pre-cum. "Stop it." Connor said quietly." Zacky gasped." he whispered against soft lips. kissing him again." Tyler begged softly. you feel perfect. "My beautiful mate. forever. moving back just enough to let Tyler unbutton his shirt and jeans." . Connor groaned. his breath hitching. "Oh yes. I want to touch you all the time." Tyler whispered." he said. "Stop it!" Zacky sucked and swallowed. pushing the pants down to release his aching cock. I love you so much. "I love you too. sliding down as far as he could. worship you with my hands. "Make love with me. Zacky arched into the touch." "God. "I'm yours.240 Teya Martin "You are so beautiful. sliding his fingers up the length of his shaft. stroking slim hips and flat belly before he slid back and looked up. my love. "Stop it. "Let me touch you." He wrapped one hand around the thick length of his mate's cock and stroked slowly. kissing him harder. leaning up to kiss him and share his taste with him.

" Matt said with a heavy sigh. get this. "I don't know." "Do you want us to take care of him?" Matt asked softly. back outside to join the others." Jimmy said. that's all. The rest apparently are non-Pack brothers." Connor sighed." Tyler said with a smile. He buried his face in Tyler's neck and breathed in deeply.” Matt said with a regretful grimace." "What do you mean?" "Handed down from father to son. just let me tell you. "Yeah." Tyler said quietly. "Yeah. "You got it out of him?" Matt asked." **** They strolled hand in hand through the house. "You're a genius. "He used Connor's weakness against him. "Let's hear it. tears unexpectedly springing to his eyes in sympathy for the heartbroken and shattered man. For at least half of them. "Go on then. "What can I say? My mate is a genius. Zacky flushed and shrugged under three shocked gazes. "Great. I can't bear to see you two together." Tyler whispered before looking over at the other alpha." “Ah. "You always know." "Already?" Jimmy exclaimed." Jimmy whined. you were in there for about half an hour." Tyler said softly.Pack 241 Zacky smiled at his mate as comprehension suddenly dawned in Tyler's deep brown eyes. not knowing that they had to kill him. like Loki. and let me die. Tyler snorted. “It's militant fanatics. eyes wide. I don't get it." "Remind me not to get on your bad side. Connor. “So what did he say?” Matt asked. There's one main base for the hunters. Please. He couldn't afford to feel sympathy towards the madman. and there are around twenty currently operating. "We've been working him over for days and he's said nothing. He actually thought about what would make him break. this is the family business. Ty. Why should I believe you'll tell me the truth?" "You'd know. Connor. "Yeah." Zacky bit his lip. .

" "I wanted you to love and respect me more. baby. . "Don't take it the wrong way. Eventually. he had no idea. Bright red was emblazoned across all three. Zacky squirmed against his mate." Tyler sighed." Zacky flinched again. turning to his lover and hugging him tightly." "Isn't psychological torture worse?" he whispered. but they had no choice." Tyler said with a slow nod." Tyler murmured. trying not to listen to the howls and cries. and they were both okay.” Tyler said softly. Zacky grimaced. Matt wiping blood from his mouth and chin. After all. you didn't lay a finger on him. Zacky tried not to watch as Johnny bent over his mate and sucked his cock deep into his mouth while Matt jacked him. He and Tyler got in the back of the car and curled up together while they waited." They climbed into the front seat so the other three could get in the back and change their clothes. What exactly they would do to kill Connor. Zacky flinched at the visible evidence of Connor's death and turned away. the other three Pack emerged. If they let Connor live.242 Teya Martin "Yes. He didn't want to be involved in death. “I know you wanted to. "Yes. He knew it was something he had to learn to deal with. That would be a step too far away from humanity. and you know it. He buried his face in his mate's neck. kissing the top of his head. He was safe. Tyler drove away from the house and back towards the highway. I know. Tyler was with him. his groin tight. pretending that it was all over. Zacky. his hand wrapped tightly around his own erection. "Relax.” he whispered. but he hoped he'd never get used to it. "Thank you for not killing him yourself. and Jimmy watched. “Besides you did a pretty good job of punishing him yourself. their t-shirts spattered with copious amounts of blood. That was all that mattered in the end. baby. "We did what we had to in order to survive. and he neither wanted to know nor imagine. he'd just come after them again.

watching Johnny's overstretched lips slide up and down Matt's thick cock. A wide grin spread over slim lips. Tyler increased the pressure. twisting his hand to curl his fingers around the underside of his shaft. rocking up into his lover's touch urgently as moans and cries from the backseat got louder and made him want even more. "Fuck." "Fuck." . "Ty?" "Hush. Shuddering needily. but his mate pushed him back down. trying to shift his pants down so that Tyler could touch him properly." he groaned." "Okay. Zacky groaned as his mate popped his button and drew down his zipper. "They're all too busy with each other to notice if you want me to. fuck. rubbing the flat of his palm up and down the underside of his rigid cock. Ty. love." he groaned. "Change gear. and he still wanted his lover desperately regardless of the terrible circumstances. baby. and he nodded." Zacky managed. stroking down Zacky's chest and stomach to his waistband. reaching into his pants to palm his erection. The heat in Tyler's dark." "Change gear for me. the edge of frustration burning through him." They hadn't finished making love after torturing Connor." He glanced up at his mate.Pack 243 "I can't. Let me do it my way." "What?" Tyler pressed harder against his cock. harder. eyes fixed on the backseat. "Take the stick and push it right and up when I say. staring wide-eyed and pleadingly at his lover." Zacky groaned. and Tyler slid his arm from around his shoulders. I don't know how. keeping his grip restricted by the crotch of his jeans. The exhibitionism behind them wasn't helping at all despite his continued level of embarrassment with public sex. brown eyes made him shiver. "Please. "Need me to touch you?" "I don't know." "Learn fast or I stop." "I. his muscles tightening with need. Zacky arched up. Tyler teased the head with the heel of his hand and sliding over Zacky's balls with his fingertips.

244 Teya Martin Panting and a little panicked." "It wouldn't do any good. "Wow. Zacky looked up in time to see Matt bucking into his mate's mouth as Jimmy came all over his own hand. "Mass car orgy.” Zacky frowned. placing his palm over the round knob. not while I'm driving. touching his shoulder. squeezing and rubbing his cock harder and faster." Tyler murmured. except I didn't get off.. "But couldn't we try. "Ready?" "Yeah. if we could reason with them." He pushed right and up. Zacky kissed his cheek and settled against the seat as the others got dressed." he squeaked. "It's okay. Zacky reached over for the gear lever." Jimmy gasped.” Tyler sighed. accelerating steadily. "Fuck that's hot. Zacky flushed again and glanced at his lover. "You're welcome. “By whatever means necessary. his balls tightened and he came with a gasp." Tyler said with a snort..” Tyler said seriously. and the car shifted up a gear. He shuddered as sparks of pleasure started to burst under his skin. A second later Johnny shuddered and came over Matt's hand. soaking his briefs and his mate's hand. love." Tyler said with a soft smile.. baby. "Shouldn't we still try?" "Have you ever tried dealing with fanatics. . "Later. Zacky shivered." he gasped. "So." he whispered as Tyler pulled his hand free. The other three men redressed and settled in the back while Zacky found some tissue in the glove box and wiped himself off.." Jimmy giggled. He raised both eyebrows and glanced back at his friend." "Thank you. He looked up to offer some tissue to his lover but found Tyler licking his fingers clean." "Yeah. Zacky?" Johnny said. "Now. a tendril of lust winding down his spine again at the sheer sexiness of the gesture." Matt started. "Thanks. “we going after hunters then?" “We need to stop them.

" Matt murmured. I do. "Okay. "I think we should find somewhere to hole up. Ty. don't you?" Curling his feet on the seat. cock whipped. I need sex so badly right now. "We'll be making a stop soon then." Matt said with a loud huffy sigh. "Ah. and he turned his face into his lover's neck." "Bed good." Johnny said softly. I just want a reasonable distance between us and. "We might not even get that option. and the car lurched. "He's got a point." he sighed. I was only teasing." he muttered against Tyler's skin. chéri." "I didn't think it was going to be easy.. and if I can remind you." Tyler glanced at him for a moment before turning his gaze back to the road." "Matt." Jimmy said with a slight whimper. I'm sorry. "Somewhere near a bar. Loki was my brother. you know?" "I know. "You're pussy whipped. get something to eat and go to bed. I know. "Mon pauvre." "Mark accepted me when he saw that I was still me. Zacky leaned against his lover. "Yeah. It's not going to be easy." "I know.. murmuring something in French." Jimmy drawled." Matt snorted." Johnny started softly.. I think so. Zacky. you've been so. "Zacky. head on his shoulder. "Shut up." Tyler chuckled softly. Ty. I don't want to just kill humans if I don't have to.Pack 245 "Are you kidding me? Didn't you go to my church?" Johnny pulled a regretful face. you know that. but he still hated me enough to try and kill me. we'll stop soon." Tyler said softly." . His mate shivered." "Fine. "Yeah. he's not a girl." Tyler snapped. I forgot. "Oh all right." he said softly. "Yeah. "I'm saying we should at least try. Zacky felt his cheeks heat up." "Mark loved you like a brother. stroking his mate's chest and lying against him to rest his head on his shoulder..

"Keep still and shut up. a little shocked. Tyler smiled and nodded. "All the time. He knew he'd love Tyler no matter what." ." Tyler said.246 Teya Martin "Yeah. quirking a smile up at his mate. would you? You're driving me insane. to be flexible." Tyler said with a soft laugh. Zacky looked back. why are you so smart sometimes?" "Only sometimes?" he asked. why don't you come and sit up front with us?" "Really?" Zacky glanced at his lover with a raised eyebrow. "Rakastan sua. Jimmy!" Jimmy looked up. Jimmy?" "If we stop the hunters and the rogues do you think maybe we could go hang out in New Orleans for a while?" "Sure. The single pack member tapped and fidgeted and sighed unendingly until Matt suddenly exploded. but it made him feel better that the man he loved wasn't just a killer and that he wasn't trying to turn him into a killer either. "Jimmy. He stroked his lover's stomach and chest gently. Zacky felt Tyler stiffen and leaned up to kiss his cheek. "Just stop it. Let him make his own mistakes." Zacky agreed with a sigh. and Zacky looked back again. not trying to arouse just soothe and pet and love. kissing his temple." "Ugh." Matt growled. "Yeah. He was just happy that Tyler was willing to listen. come on." Matt said softly. heart tightening in sorrow. despite the increasing sense of need he could feel in his lover and the frustration that was steadily growing in Jimmy. "Matt?" "Yeah. me too. love. You know he has to. "I love you." he whispered. "Wh-what?" he whispered. He's lonely. "Hush. **** They continued to drive for some time.

" "I know." Matt sighed." Johnny mouthed silently. He was the picture of abject misery. sliding an arm round Zacky's shoulders so he could pat Jimmy's hair." Zacky whispered. cub. I'm sorry I shouted at you. "Don't call me cub. pulling Johnny into his lap and Jimmy rested his head on Zacky's shoulder again. Sniffing. snuggling. He didn't entirely understand why but he felt the need to comfort him. Blinking at him in surprise. mon amour." "Don't be ridiculous. "Merçi." he said with a pout. Zee. "Thank you. Zacky smiled and stroked Jimmy's hair gently. Chuckling. "Thanks. soothing him as he felt the warm trickle of tears down his neck. "You're not a pussy for having a heart and wanting to use it. resting his head on his shoulder. too lonely. "You're welcome. I'm being such a pussy.." Jimmy whispered." Tyler said quietly." he whispered. Jimmy climbed over the front seat and sat next to Zacky. you've always got us. "Thanks. and he glanced back.. "Come and sleep with us later. "It's gonna be okay. Jimmy." "I know. Matt ruffled his hair then sat back again. I love you but. squishing himself back up against the door. Turning his head." Jimmy sighed. Sometimes it's just too much. lifting an arm. "It's just that sometimes being around you guys is what hurts the most." Jimmy sighed. "I know you do. A soft hand touched the back of Zacky's neck. sitting forward and wrapping his arms around both him and Jimmy. Zacky kissed Jimmy's forehead. and Zacky sighed." "I know. Jimmy shifted over. "I don't know how you dealt with this for so long. Zacky wrapped an arm around him and nuzzled his nose gently into messy. black hair." Johnny whispered to his mate.Pack 247 "Thank you!" Matt huffed." Jimmy sniffed and looked up. "No matter what." Matt said softly." **** .

" Tyler started. I want to be with you without shame or guilt. I really need a fuck now. "You think he's cute?" Matt said. getting up with a sharky grin and slinking over to the pool table. you're not jealous. You're mine. "Aesthetically. "Yeah. pretty. kissing him fiercely as Matt and Johnny chuckled. we could take them. mon amour. I've only been yours." "Chéri. tipping his head up so his lover could kiss him on the lips." . Since the day we met. "I think taking on the whole bar might be pushing it. At least we won't have to worry about dinner. and he cupped Zacky's cheek. "Okay. "You belong to me. so be it. as fun as it might be." Tyler said. "Do you know what you're doing. "Mmm. "Uh huh. "Zacky." "Of course I am." Jimmy murmured.248 Teya Martin As it grew dark." Matt said with a snort." Johnny said with a shrug. "Planning on take-out." Jimmy said softly. his eyes narrowed and dark. I guess so. "I just don't care." Tyler's expression was a mix of shock and delight. they made their way to the bar and sat down at a table while Tyler went and bought four beers and an orange juice." "Ah." he said quietly. and if that draws attention. of course I know. Dumping their bags inside. He smiled and leaned against Tyler. "Oh. are you?" "Jealous? Of a human?" Matt curled his lip in disgust and snorted rudely. baby?" "Kissing you?" he said with an innocent smile. they found a motel with the customary bar and diner next door and got three rooms." Tyler murmured against his mouth. yeah. but I'd like a shot at hooking up here. guys. boys?" "Well. okay. His mate sat next to him and kissed his cheek gently. "Why don't you go challenge that cute blond who keeps looking over here to a game of pool?" Johnny said softly.

"Mmm." "So. So will I to a degree." Zacky replied. "Well. food back with us today? I don't want anyone else in the room with us. Johnny grinned and picked up his beer. carrying him from the bar as Zacky watched with a mixture of amusement and mild horror. and even if something happens. of course. Matt and Johnny will know. "I'm ready. Come on. smiling up at his lover. but I'm not ready to joke about it yet." He finished his orange juice and got up. "Just can we not take our. Tyler squeezed his fingers gently.. downing it in one go. pulling a face and smacking his mate's leg. Jimmy glanced over from the pool table and waved. "Yes. "Just how I like it. tugging him round." Matt grabbed his beer and swallowed it quickly. Jimmy. holding his lover's hand. I think it's time for bed." "I was just trying to keep it light." "You mean like you did with me when my father. and they strolled towards the exit." "We can grab a bite on the way back. but an alpha can always sense if one of his pack is in trouble or in pain." "I know. "We do still have to eat though." Zacky stopped as a terrible thought occurred to him and he pulled Tyler to a halt. you ready to go?" "Yeah. "That's really not funny.Pack 249 Matt smiled slowly and leaned in. Matt hauled Johnny into his arms." he said softly. you know?" "Okay." Tyler said. I guess it's just the two of us then. Ty." Tyler called out. slamming it on the table before he stood and tugged at his mate." Tyler said softly. due to the proximity. cupping Johnny's cheek and kissing him passionately.. "Yeah. He'll feel it if Jimmy's in trouble.” He paused to swallow a little painfully." Zacky winced. "You felt them die?" .. "Will he be okay?" Zacky asked as they left the bar. "See you later." he whispered. but only because I'm so much older than he is." "How?" "Matt's his alpha. baby. of course. "Not as intense as with a mate." "I'm getting there..

I'll love you forever. "Oh fuck. and to know that I've contributed to that pain." he snapped. "Yeah." he growled." Tyler smiled widely at him. hand flying out to grab him around the throat and yanking him forward. as Tyler slid his arms round his waist. Zacky snapped his head round and snarled at the man. and Tyler bent his head. desperately trying to convey his feelings. eyes lit with love and joy. stop right now." Zacky clasped his mate tighter. his breath exhaled sharply. pulling him with him as he carried the man into an alleyway. I can't even imagine. "Oh. "As easily as you can hurt me. his lover kissed his cheek before biting the other side of the man's neck. Zacky bit down on his neck. tears stinging his eyes. my love. you're so fucking hot. Leaning over his shoulder. I love you. "You've suffered so much pain over the years. "Take it off the street." Zacky's heart tightened. you fucking queers!" A man sneered as he shoved past. slamming the man into the wall." Tyler said firmly. chest clenching with happiness until he couldn't breathe." He flung his arms round his mate's neck. Ty." Lunging at the man. "Baby?" Tyler whispered." "No. you can take the pain away with just a look or a touch or a word. "Yes. groaning as the thick. hugging him tightly." he whispered. it is. "Oh. lips moving tenderly and softly over Zacky's mouth. "Ty." Zacky gasped. "He just interrupted one of the most beautiful moments of my life. His mate's solid. "You just volunteered. You're my mate." Tyler gasped. Long fingers clasped his cheek gently. Zacky. kissing him desperately as he cried. baby. He caught Tyler's hand. that's not true.. warm body pressed against his back and the hard length of his cock dug into Zacky's ass. and I regret it with every beat of my heart. "My love. Nothing really hurts knowing you love me. kissing him again. . "He's lucky he's only going to wake up with a headache.250 Teya Martin Tyler's gaze dropped." Tyler said softly.. hot blood spurted into his mouth.

"So take me. Ty. "Now?" "Yes." he whispered. unbuttoning and unzipping Tyler's pants and pushing under his boxers to curl his fingers round thick. kissing and licking his neck up to his earlobe. cupping balls and cock and rubbing torturously slowly." he gasped. rocking up eagerly. rocking his ass back against him. He barely noticed the man slump to the ground when they let him go. baby. "Lean against the wall. He moaned needily. passionately and deeply." Zacky whispered. pushing his pants and underwear down to his thighs. reaching back to cup his lover's cheek with one hand. "Baby." His breath hitched. pushing him against the wall. kissing him again as he slipped his other hand between their bodies. Shivering with need. eyes full of concern." "Oh. bucking up into his hand. he swallowed a last mouthful and dropped his head back on Tyler's shoulder. He eased him back and gently stroked his hair. to be stretched and filled. "Mmm. Please tell me what's wrong. but the brick. "Oh. want you. now. Tyler groaned. "Need you so bad." Tyler moaned. I-" Tears stung in his eyes. Their lips and tongues moved together. baby." he gasped. "You're shaking. I didn't think. cock rubbing into his hip. Tyler turned Zacky around to kiss him." ." "I'm sorry." Tyler grunted." Tyler quickly pulled his pants up and lifted him into his arms. and he was desperate." Tyler whispered. twisting to throw himself at his mate. hands stroking his dick. Don't be sorry. "Ah fuck. "I wanted to. and his throat started to close up. He wanted nothing more than to shove their pants down so his lover could fuck him right there and then. The cold. "It's okay. trembling in his lover's arms. Tyler moved his hands to his hips. Zacky turned and rested his forearms against the brick. my love. and he reared back with a small cry. aching. "I want you." he begged. "The cold brick. Yes. His cock was throbbing against his mate's hand. rough surface sent a chill down his spine. hands sliding farther down to push under the waistband of his jeans. "Zacky?" Tyler said softly. and he blinked rapidly. baby. hard cock.Pack 251 Groaning happily as his cock hardened with need. what's wrong?" "I can't." he murmured.

" he whispered. Tyler's eyes flashed with concern for a moment." Tyler groaned.252 Teya Martin "Neither did I. lifting it to his mouth. baby?" "Yeah. Tyler undressed them both slowly." Tyler whispered into his mouth. Getting up onto his knees. and stroking him even as he continued to kiss him so sweetly it hurt his heart. stretching him wide as two fingers pierced the tight muscle. but Zacky carried on pushing until his mate was on his back. baby. His mate lay them on their sides. baby. "I need you in me. "Please." he gasped. lapping the blood with a shiver as the taste made his cock jerk and leak over Tyler's stomach. "Mmm. still carrying him and held him close as he stroked his hair and kissed him. and the background thread of fear dissipated under his lover's tender touches. He locked the door firmly behind them and carried Zacky over to the bed. safe and happy. urging him to rock his hips and rub their erections together. you are so beautiful." He wrapped his arms around his mate's neck and buried his face." "Fuck. reaching down and sliding his fingers over the entrance to Zacky's body. "Want me to touch you. Zacky felt warm and comforted. Ty. stroking his skin with gentle fingertips until he was tingling all over and his cock was starting to harden again. lust and . He slid his hands slowly up and down Zacky's back. kissing Tyler again and biting both their tongues until their blood mingled in their mouths. Whimpering quietly." Tyler murmured." Zacky whispered. groaning quietly at the press of lips against his and the feel of dick. carrying Zacky out of the alleyway to their room at the motel. rubbing over Zacky's prostate until he was shaking and whimpering desperately. Zacky straddled his lover's hips and bent down to kiss him. you feel so good. hard and hot. He smiled as he nipped his lover's fingertips. "Come on. God. Sparks of sensation tightened Zacky's groin and left him feeling empty. he grabbed one of Tyler's hands. Tyler climbed on. "No. He grabbed the lube they'd already unpacked and squeezed some out onto Tyler's fingers. Tyler moaned loudly. pushing into the crease of his ass. fingers gently pressing into his muscles before they eventually settled on his ass. He pushed in deep. pushing his mate back. wrapping Zacky's cock in a tight grip. pushing back urgently.

Tyler kissed Zacky. clutching tightly at his mate as he shook and came. I want to feel it. rolling his hips forward slowly. He didn't stop moving. jerking up again and again before hugging him close and burying his face in his neck as heat pulsed inside his body. sweat." He dropped forward." he grunted. "Baby." he groaned.. "Yes. Putting his hands on Tyler's chest. and musk combining to make his gut tighten and his cock jerk. you feel so good. burning pleasure streaking through his nerves. Squeeze down around me. "Oh fuck baby. and Zacky screamed. rocking forward and thrusting back hard. moaning with the ecstasy that threatened to spill over." Tyler gasped. he sat up. full. Pleasure jolted through Zacky. Come all over me." Tyler groaned. resting his forehead against his mate's chest and inhaling his wonderful scent. He pushed back as Tyler guided his cock against the entrance to his body. "So good. biting hard at his lover's lip and shoving his ass back hard. "You gonna ride me. "So. hands sliding from Zacky's hips to his shoulders. overwhelmed by happiness and pleasure." Zacky repeated. He shuddered with pleasure as Tyler pressed down hard then yanked his fingers free." Tyler yanked him down hard. "Yeah. "Fuck me. slamming into his prostate. gripping tightly. Tyler pushed up. baby?" Tyler whispered." Tyler gasped. shuddering at the slide inside him. The head stretched him wide. back arching. tongue probing deeply and leaving him breathless. "So good. ah fuck. hand bumping Zacky's ass with each stroke. crying out softly with happiness and pleasure. please yes. and he gasped. fucking himself harder and faster. yanking him down hard. gripping his hips tightly and easing him all the way down his thick length." Tyler breathed. "Oh yes. "Come for me..Pack 253 pleasure contracting every muscle and lighting every nerve with the need to be filled. head tipping up as he shivered. He slicked up his cock quickly. precum leaking over Tyler's stomach. "Oh God. He grabbed Tyler's hand again squirted more lube onto his palm. groaning as his lover sank even deeper into his body. lips crushing his. baby." Zacky growled. blood. oh God. "Fuck." Zacky moaned." He sat up. .

His mate rolled them over carefully. "I'll always be with you." he whispered." Zacky whispered. Zacky curled into his mate and closed his eyes. "Are you okay?" "As long as I'm with you. Tyler kissed him again. lifting his head to kiss him gently. staying inside his body." Tyler murmured softly. Zacky. harder. kissing his mate's temple. Joy swelling his heart. stroking his hair gently. holding him as close as he could." Zacky whispered.254 Teya Martin "Love you. "Rakastan sua. . Ty. I'm okay.

walking Jimmy over to the bed. His friend was dressed in boxers and shivering. "What is it?" "Do you think maybe I could sleep with you guys?" "I thought you were sleeping with Matt and Johnny. frowning in concern. "Come on. can you move closer. and he looked up.. but they're. they need some privacy. love.Pack 255 Chapter Twenty A tap on the door jolted Zacky awake." Still half asleep." "Okay. my love?" "Sure. "Zacky. sliding an arm over Jimmy's waist to put his hand on his mate's back." "Jimmy. frowning inquisitively. "Hi. baby?" "Move over. um. They hugged the lonely man between them until his shivers stopped. leaning over to gently kiss his mate. curling him up between them and under the covers." "You're freezing." Jimmy looked so miserable that Zacky couldn't help reaching out and drawing him into his arms. I didn't want to disturb you but I." Tyler sighed. skin pimpled from the early morning chill. "Hmm? What is it." "I was. "So what happened." he said." he murmured.. "Jimmy?" Tyler lifted his head. and Zacky urged Jimmy onto the bed with him. "I'm sorry. "Tyler. and he started to relax. Tyler stirred but didn't wake. so he carefully extracted himself from arms and legs and went to answer the door. Jimmy?" . shifting them both round so he could close the door." Zacky said." Zacky shifted forward. let's get you warm. Tyler shifted to the edge of the bed.

" "Anything for you. good feeding. I didn't wanna face him. "I'm sorry you feel left out sometimes.256 Teya Martin "I hooked up. "You okay?" he whispered. "Yeah..." "So you waited until you were freezing cold?" Tyler shook his head and sighed. **** They must have fallen asleep again because Zacky woke up to Jimmy fidgeting. sorrow filling his heart for the lonely man." he whispered. you know? Really hot sex." Tyler said quietly. but it's not your responsibility. I got lonely so I went to Matt and Johnny and slept with them for a while. "Next time. okay?" "Thanks. but you don't have to go anywhere. but I forgot that guy was still in my room." Jimmy whispered with a shrug. head dropping." "Why are you fidgeting then?" Jimmy turned over carefully and grimaced apologetically. and I didn't wanna disturb you. "Just do it. black hair." Tyler reached over Jimmy and stroked Zacky's cheek gently." Jimmy whispered. "Thank you. "Ty's already feeling interested. Is that okay with you. "I was kinda waiting to get kicked out. just disturb us." he said. okay?" "Yeah. and it was really good." "You're welcome." "I'm kinda everyone's alpha. face scrunching up. love. “Then. Jimmy.” Jimmy sighed." "But?" "They needed to be alone. not really. baby. "Of course. ." "Oh Jimmy. "Thanks." he said firmly. Zee?" Jimmy asked looking back at him. almost a smile." "But you and Ty--" "Will be fine. patting messy. "I kinda slipped out." he said softly." Jimmy said with a nervous giggle. "You're not my alpha.

" Sitting up." "Tyler stop teasing him." Jimmy said with a snort." Matt yelled. You might want to swap sides. meeting Jimmy's cheeky grin with a slightly embarrassed grimace. He paused for a second in surprise with himself. wide eyed. Zacky lifted the covers and climbed over his friend. Zacky kissed his mate's ear. swallowing hard as he realized how it might look. "Aw. mouth open. "What always happens when I wake up next to you. you woke up next to me. Jimmy rolled onto his side and leaned against them. "Can you save it for now?" he whispered. Settling down on his mate's body. guys." "Yeah. realizing for the first time as he did so that he was naked. Get up. yeah. and you know it. "What's this?" Zacky murmured. **** "Come on. Zee. baby?" Zacky glanced over at his mate. Zacky held out a hand to Jimmy." Tyler's breath hitched. "Um no. ." "Really?" "Really. hard cock against his body. grabbed Zacky by the hips and hauled him on top of him. "Shut up. spoilsport. "Yeah." Zacky squeezed Jimmy's fingers and nuzzled Tyler's neck. "Thanks. "You got something to tell me. rocking gently into his mate's erection. and he nodded wordlessly. hammering on the door." Tyler whined. He was just moving over to lie next to you." "Technically. tugging the other Pack closer again. Leaning down. He was essentially straddling Jimmy and naked. relaxing into sleep again. really?" "I promise I'll suck you off in the car if you wait." "Okay.Pack 257 "Oh really?" Zacky said with a soft snort. Zacky shivered happily at the sensation of warm. smooth skin and hot. eyebrows raised in surprise. With a happy sigh." Tyler reached over.

we need to get on the road quickly and that won't happen if we share a shower. He murmured and rubbed his nose into Tyler's neck as the door shut behind Jimmy. Tyler slid a hand down his chest. but could I?" Chuckling at his mate's expression. and the fact that he was with Jon when we were in New Orleans." "Without me?" Tyler asked with a pout. who might turn out to be his mate?" "Yeah. "Yes. "I know what it's like to be lonely. "Ah." Tyler said. Tyler grabbed him just past the doorway. I doubt any of them are. "Thank you for doing that last night. "I'm going to take a shower. If his mate were near. Zacky patted his lover's chest and climbed off him. my love. He was still lying stretched out on top of his mate. his skin tightening and tingling with sensation. knees weak with desire." "I couldn't help it. he would have been twitchy. but to be honest. "Didn't you say there are Pack he hasn't met." "Why?" "Instinct. I hope the next one will be Jimmy's mate. and it felt good and warm. lips crushing his before he could even cry out." Tyler smiled at him. Zacky winked and locked himself in the bathroom. He took a quick shower. His cock grew helplessly hard as Tyler's tongue swiped his lips and forced its way into his mouth. Zacky whimpered and clutched his mate. yanking the towel from his hips. Heat and need surged through him. I did.258 Teya Martin Jimmy sat. It really helped Jimmy." "Okay." "I could control myself. sliding his arms around Zacky's waist. bending his legs to straddle his lover. experience. Smiling back." "He's always twitchy." Tyler whined." Zacky said with a quiet snort." "Yeah. "True. swinging him against the wall. until he reached his waist. rubbing his eyes and sighing quietly." Zacky said softly. So do you. . fingers digging in. "I guess I should go get my stuff from the room then. dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist before slipping into the bedroom." Zacky sat up. we'll see you at the car.

Pack 259 Devouring Zacky's mouth. coming and shaking." Tyler thrust harder and bit down on his lip. shoulders scraping against the rough surface of the wall. every sensation just building the tension and need in his body." he groaned. Tension built to a peak. my love. thrust hard into him. "Say it." he gasped urgently. Tyler pushed into him. "Right now. as he pulled back. already slick with lube. It almost tickled. Zacky arched up." Tyler held him tightly. "You feel so fucking good. but he didn't care." Tyler whispered. Zacky's whole body shaking with the need to come. "Fuck me. Groaning needily. ready. encouraging his legs to wrap around his waist. trying to push down to get his lover inside him. baby." Tyler growled. Pain shot through Zacky. and he groaned. The length of Tyler's cock burned into his skin. and he cried out against his mate's lips. biting Zacky's lip and sucking hard as he bucked into him. hard stomach. "I love you so much. I want to feel it all day. every cell and nerve suffused with pleasure. cock throbbing and leaking against his lover's stomach." ." "Yeah. "Please. rubbing over the entrance to his body. Zacky locked his ankles behind his mate's back and slipped his arms around his neck to hold on tightly. jerky thrusts that stayed deep inside his body until warmth filled him. kissed him and. sparking pleasure through his whole body as Tyler rammed against his prostate. With barely a second to let him breathe. and Zacky squirmed urgently. "Mmm." "Yes." Tyler groaned. "Fuck me hard. baby?" Tyler gasped. Tyler plunged into him again and again. sliding slow and deep into his body in one stroke that stretched and burned and hurt. groaning at the slide of his own erection against flat. The cheap wallpaper was scratching his back. "Come for me. Ty. Tyler lifted him up. "Hurts so good. slicing his tongue on his canine. fuck yeah." Tyler guided his cock down between his cheeks. blood spurting into Zacky's mouth. sliding easily in the groove between hip and thigh. Digging his fingers into his mate's back. hard and deep with every stroke. The taste took Zacky over the baby?" Tyler breathed. shooting over Tyler's stomach. More. "Okay.

" "Come on. nodding slowly. yeah." "Okay. he nodded. Matt." Tyler murmured. honey." "Oh all right." "But." "Me neither. still buried inside his body. He kept his arms around his lover's neck and kissed him again. Zacky squeezed his mate tighter. I don't know why I didn't just agree to this in the first place. carrying him into the bathroom carefully.." Tyler climbed into the tub with him and flipped on the shower." "No. I think so.260 Teya Martin Smiling happily." Tyler said softly. Just help me stand up. "You just forfeited your blowjob in the car." "Another shower?" Chuckling quietly." "Aw. "I've been waiting to fuck you all morning. I like this. ." Tyler said. eyes twinkling with amusement." He laughed softly at his mate's pout and kissed him. putting his feet back on the ground." "We are not stopping for ice cream." Tyler eased him off his slowly softening cock. Zacky buried his face in Tyler's neck and kissed his skin. "Yeah." Jimmy whined. "No complaining. "Mmm. "Good. "I love you too. Warm water flowed over his shoulders and down between their bodies. "Did you just ambush me to get your own way?" "Pretty much.." "Together this time." Smiling. lighten up." Zacky said with a mock sigh. **** "Come on. "No. lifting his head from Zacky's shoulder." "Please. Zacky groaned at the sense of loss.

but Johnny turned and met his gaze." Silence resumed." Zacky glanced at Tyler with a curious frown." Jimmy muttered with a pout. climbing over the seat to fall onto their laps. Matt." Tyler said warningly. smiling up at him." Matt sighed. “It might have been a long time ago but it still affects him. glaring at them in the rearview mirror. "Jimmy!" Tyler exclaimed with a chuckle. "I know. "Thanks. Matt was staring hard at the road." he whispered. after they refused to let him kill Matt." "Thanks. "I just can't kill if I don't have to. sliding closer to half wrap himself around him without affecting his ability to drive. He hates hunters. Forgive me for not feeling lighthearted today. Zee." Jimmy sighed. okay. "I'll try not to kill anyone." "Sure. "Yeah. "Ooh. Matt more affected by what had happened to the packs this time than Tyler. ." "I know. but Matt will find it hard to control himself if provoked. They seemed to have reversed roles.” "Oh. and Zacky leaned against Tyler. "I'm getting in the back with you guys. "It was a hunter who instigated the mob that killed his parents." Zacky sighed. you do need to relax. you two are comfortable.Pack 261 "We're going to find the bastards who killed our friends. understanding his anger better. "I'll relax when they're neutralized. "Can I stay here?" Tyler glanced at him." Matt snorted. just so long as they can't hurt anyone anymore. "Matthias." "Like you could. and he looked at the normally brash alpha." Jimmy said." Matt snapped. "Matt. His mate grimaced and leaned closer. petting Jimmy's hair as he snuggled in their laps. smiling tightly. "You're welcome." Johnny whispered." Johnny stroked his mate's short hair gently." Johnny sighed and nodded. and Zacky nodded. Ty." Zacky's throat closed up painfully. Dead or alive I don't care." "I understand and I won't try to stop anyone if it's necessary. "I'm sorry. slipping his hand down to rub his mate's neck.

"I could sneak in and-" "No way. Liebling" . Matt gestured. "Come on. you know I can do it." Matt said firmly. "Really?" Jimmy exclaimed. crossing his arms over his chest. "I know. "Don't you ever say anything like that ever again. Jimmy?" Matt asked quietly. "Of course not. and Tyler nodded. but-” Tyler paused and caught Matt's arm. I would have liked to have blocked the exits and torched the place." Matt whispered." "I don't think so. "Shame. "I wouldn't do anything but disarm." Jimmy said. no engaging the enemy. Jimmy. Tyler. "Why do we have to rethink?" Zacky asked. grimacing as he patted Tyler's shoulder. "It might not be such a bad idea." Matt said. pulling him aside and whispering to him. Zacky exchanged a confused glance with Johnny. trying to distract the two alphas a little. bouncing urgently. I used to do it all the time." Tyler said slowly." Matt grimaced and nodded." Johnny said hurriedly. in and out. I'm just worried. sorry.262 Teya Martin **** "What do you think?" "I think we have to rethink what we're going to do. stroking his mate's arm. "You really want to go in there. Zacky glanced at his mate and frowned. who shrugged. chéri." "Shit. The two alphas moved back to them. The idea of killing anyone by fire after having been through it himself must have just been too much." "Matt!" Tyler snapped." "He's my pack. punching the younger alpha hard. "I have a really good feeling about this. not yours. arching an eyebrow at his mate. clapping his hands and grinning." Matt said. especially his mate. "We have to do something about their guns. you know. "You can't seriously be considering it?" Johnny gasped. There was something else going on and he could feel Tyler's tension and thoughtfulness. "Are you questioning me?" Matt said softly.

the only one of us good enough to be a SEAL. mon chéri. "Something's wrong. you freak." Johnny whispered. just go. "But be careful. He's coming. laughing quietly." Tyler said with a rueful grin." Matt chuckled and shook his head." "Yeah." Matt said with a slow sigh as he stroked Johnny's arms. "Surreptitious entry?" Zacky said doubtfully." "Careful is my middle name." he murmured." Matt said proudly. but-" "Quiet Jean! That is enough. "Tyler and I were dishonorably discharged. "I'll deal with you later. "Best cook on the force." Matt sighed." "I know. "I was a cook." Matt sighed. "If you run into any trouble. "Trained how?" "Navy SEALs. Matt looked up and blinked suddenly. but the staying young thing isn't great for staying in one place for too long. We all did but he was the best at it. Matt wrapped his arms around his mate tightly and kissed the top of his head." Johnny said with a soft smile. "What is it?" Johnny asked. mon amour. "Jimmy was good." Zacky laughed." "Thank you. "Believe it or not. "Yes. we'll be there. I'm sorry. "Johnny was great though. excited. It is my decision!" "Pardonez moi." "Oh. right?" Jimmy said." Jimmy hugged everyone tightly and pressed a quick. He's really upset. "Pardon me?" "He joined the navy for a while in the eighties. it's okay. soft kiss to Zacky's cheek before hurrying off." Tyler sighed." . Funnily enough we had a problem with authority. "I know.Pack 263 "Yes." "So I can go. bowing his head. I think he was kinda sad to leave actually. "Is this really a good idea?" Zacky asked. he's actually trained in surreptitious entry." "You do surprise me." "Yes." Johnny said." "Should we go in after him?" "No. guys.

" "Did you neutralize their firepower?" "Of course I did. Ty! We have to get him." "Neutralization?" Zacky asked cautiously. Zacky. I know it. "What is it?" Johnny gasped as Jimmy ran up and threw himself in Matt's arms. baby. yes. swallowing back nerves. "We knew there were kids in there." Matt said softly. Okay?" "Okay. "You knew. "Just knock them out. "Just stick close to me. "Matt. taking his hand. "Well. Matt. they." "They have Pack in there. "One of them is my mate. The younger alpha nodded vigorously. tears streaming down his face. looking a little grim. stroking his hair." Jimmy whispered. That's why the alphas had changed their plans. "Like glue." he said. I didn't want to get your hopes up. **** . and they'd both let Jimmy go. and he burrowed farther into Matt's arms. Ty. "Tell us. All locked up and ready to blow. Fresh tears streaking his cheeks as he started to sob. them. his eyes wide and dark with pain.264 Teya Martin Jimmy appeared a few minutes later. His breath hitched. pulling himself free. out." Matt said. "Take them out whatever way you can so they can't interfere. "And I was fairly sure one of them was Jimmy's. why Tyler had talked to Matt." "I guess you were right.." he whispered. "Because I wasn't sure. Matt wrapped him in a tight hug." Jimmy's chin trembled." Tyler admitted. Matt. "Retrieval and neutralization of the hunters." "Good boy." Tyler said.. He stared at Tyler." Tyler said looking at Matt." "My hopes?" Jimmy shouted." "Why didn't you tell me?" Jimmy gasped. Ty?" "Our first priority is getting the kids out." Matt sighed. kids." Zacky said in sudden realization. "My mate is in there with hunters.

" The voice was deep and harsh. frowning when they heard a whimper." Tyler put a finger over his lips." . pushing Zacky into a small alcove. but Zacky really didn't have a clue. periodically pausing to neutralize hunters. love. and so are they. "I've been a warrior my whole life. letting him lead him down the corridor. taking his mate's hand again." he said." "But Jimmy said--" "He could sense his mate." he whispered." "I can't. We can all sense our mates. I should hope I'm good at it by now. or maybe you'd like Billy to join us too." "Oh I see. "What are we doing? Where did the others go?" he whispered as they snuck through the building. Tyler pulled back slightly. Both men were unconscious on the floor before Zacky had a chance to blink. please. That's different. He stopped him just before they got to a corner. "Be quiet. "No! Please leave them alone. dragging Zacky in a different direction to the other three." "That's better. He followed Tyler as closely and quietly as he could when they broke into the building. but we need to remove potential problems wherever we can so we can get them out safely. He couldn't quite help a gasp as his lover's solid body pressed into his." "No. "You're scarily good at that. dropping his finger to kiss Zacky quickly as a door opened just along the corridor and they could hear voices. Michael. flattening them against the wall as two uniformed men came around." Tyler whispered. and it made Zacky shiver. and Tyler nodded. "Ty?" "Hush. "It's an alpha thing." "Can you sense them?" "Yes." "True. my love. Tyler smiled. baby. "We're looking for the kids. I'll do anything just don't hurt them anymore. Matt made a couple of gestures.Pack 265 The other four Pack knew what they were doing." he said with a frown. I'm sorry. "Bring Oliver." The second voice was young and so full of fear and pain that it broke Zacky's heart.

licking his lips. "Oh. skinny man with ratty. "And he'll keep drinking until you talk." "Thanks. Zacky groaned softly. "Loki. reluctantly. The man gasped. Then. tear filled brown eyes. It's Loki. grasping at his mate's shoulders." Tyler murmured. Zacky gasped and shoved his mate back." Tyler said with an ugly chuckle. what the heck do you think you're doing? He's just a kid. take his wrist.266 Teya Martin The door closed again. "You son of a bitch. "Ty. Zacky watched his mate." the man gasped. wrong answer. As the man turned. messy brown hair and huge. He erupted with fury and stalked across the corridor. The boy was kneeling in front of a chair. lust weakening his knees." he gasped. "Zacky. A short. they heard the cry. Zacky lifted his wrist to his mouth and made to bite down. and footsteps approached. letting the man drop to the ground and yanking Zacky into a hard kiss. heart pounding as desire filled him. slowly lifting his head. one arm wrapped around arms and chest. fear. his pale. Tyler pulled back. unable to resist baring his teeth in a humorless grin. "Fuck you. about to smack it across the back of a boy no more than twelve with shaggy." Tyler twisted the man's head to the side and bit down on his neck. hitting the wall with a grunt. and pain. blond hair was holding a belt." Biting back the urge to question. watery eyes widened in shock. The cry resonated through his heart and mind filling him with horror. mouth open. . Zacky darted forward and yanked the belt from his hands. legs flailing. Zacky took the man's wrist." Tyler hissed. spinning around and grabbing the man who passed them. and he flew back. his wrists strapped down to the arms by strips of leather. "Who's in that room. slamming the door open. tongue pushing deep into his mouth. "What's he doing?" "He's going to bite down and start drinking. Tyler groaned. but he still didn't speak so." He slammed his palm into the man's breastbone. "Wait." The man's eyes widened in horror. the other around his throat." the man managed to choke out.

your ancestor." the man sneered." . “Connor. We're going to get you out of here." Zacky snarled. but I." he whispered. You're just proving me right. baby. wide. you're all the same." Tyler said from behind him. or even hurt." Loki snarled. Ty. "And I have never killed anyone." "Your brother?" "Loki.” Tyler snapped. vicious freak like you." "You're lying. "He's a boy. Don't tempt me to start with you." "You're Tyr? You're the evil one." "I'm not gonna let any of you out of here.” “That two faced. "Calm down. Loki. "My name's Zacky. You don't have to be afraid anymore. "Evil?" Tyler laughed bitterly. mostly innocent people because of the petty jealousy of a man who's been dead for over a thousand years. "Is that what he called me? He called me evil?" "Easy. you ignorant piece of shit." Loki's tone was sneering. I've killed." Zacky whispered. have never killed." the man spat.Pack 267 "He's a murdering. I should never have listened to him." "Loki!" Tyler snapped. "You don't know what you're talking about. A man who killed his and my entire family. an innocent or a child. unlike my brother." “How do you know who I am?” Loki asked in surprise." Loki said harshly. "You're not a killer?" "Oh. Michael. "Just shut up.” “We are not." Tyler said. backstabbing bastard. Zacky crouched next to him and slowly lifted his hand to just in front of the boy's face. "Yeah. "You have spent your whole life killing turning briefly to touch his lover's chest before moving to the boy. calm down. "Hi. "The first Loki was a hero who rid the world of a plague that you restarted.because he wasn't like me. in self-defense and defense of my pack and even in defense of this country. clutching his chest and bending over to cough harshly." "Baby. including our own mother. brown eyes staring at him. Instinctively. women and children. The child whimpered.

“Son of a bitch. Loki jumped Tyler and stabbed him in the chest. He slipped his arms around Zacky's waist and pressed his face into his neck. "Zacky!" Tyler screamed. I promise. Tyler grabbed Loki as he fell against the wall. "Come on then. forcing himself to his feet. getting up from the chair and stumbling towards them." Zacky murmured.” Tyler grunted as Loki wrapped his hands around his neck and squeezed.” Zacky gasped. “No. Zacky reacted purely on instinct. He smacked his head hard and grunted. Crying out." Tyler sighed. we were a family. “I'm okay." Tyler breathed in relief. kissing his lover then turning to the boy. okay. yanking Loki up and throwing him aside." Zacky eased back." Tyler was thick with pain and anger. we have to get the kids out of here first.” Tyler said. Tyler. We can tie him up and deal with him afterwards. "You're okay. okay?" "Yeah. "You are not getting away!" Loki yelled. Tyler was struggling with the hunter. pulling Zacky close and kissing his forehead. He killed women and children who weren't Pack. He finally wrenched it from his chest and thrust it at Loki who just managed to knock it from his hand. He put his hand over the wound and pressed down hard. throwing himself between the two and grabbing Loki's arm. he grabbed the knife from the floor and ran at them. stabbing Loki in the back. tears stinging his eyes. Tyler shoved the hunter away and dropped to his knees. and Zacky carefully shifted the boy he'd now untied onto the chair and got up. "Our friends are going to save them. "My love.268 Teya Martin "No.” Zacky whispered." The boy nodded vigorously. rubbing the back of his head. Michael?" "What about Ollie and Billy?" Michael asked tentatively. twisting as they fell to the floor. "Ow. “Tyler. Loki. Zacky didn't think twice.” Michael screamed too late. wrapping his arms round his mate. "Would you like to come with us. . "Look out. He burned them to death because he hated me. lunging at Tyler. Seeing a flash of metal. fighting one handed while he tried to pull the knife free.

holding out his hand to the boy." he sighed. On the floor by his feet. "Future mates?" Zacky whispered. stroking blond spikes gently. buried so deep in his arms that only a shock of black hair and enormous blue eyes were visible. Jimmy." Michael exclaimed happily. trying not to cry. the knife protruding from his back. "Come on." Tyler said softly. yeah.. A kid with bright blond. "Mikey!" "Ollie. almost white hair and blue eyes. Johnny and Jimmy rounded the corner. pulling him against the wall. "I think so." Tyler wrapped an arm around Zacky's waist and hugged him close. about nine years old." "Yeah. smiling at the boy. Zacky gave his mate a quick. No matter the circumstances. my love. you guys okay?" Johnny asked." Tyler said softly." Michael whispered. "Let's go. Tyler met Zacky's eyes and smiled softly." Jimmy whispered." Matt." They looked up at the boy who was standing over Loki. still bleeding. looking concerned. okay? I need you to take care of Michael while I keep an eye out for more hunters. guys. "I tried to look out for them. . Zacky." He paused for a second. I'm sure you did what you could. "He's mine. but he was so. "Hold it together for me. and Zacky took Michael's hand. "Do you know where the other boys are?" "Yeah. "This is Billy. Michael. Loki was dead. "None of this is your fault. Let's find the others. desperate kiss then got up. The third child was clinging to Jimmy. running forward to wrap his arms around the younger boy." "Thank you. "It's the guys." Swallowing back tears.." "I'm glad. "It's okay. his breath hitching lightly." "Tyler. relief stark on his pale face. screeched when he saw them." "Let's go get them then. Zacky turned and buried his face in Tyler's neck.Pack 269 "He's not." Tyler whispered." "It's okay. Horrified. he'd taken a man's life and he couldn't even begin to work out how he felt.

270 Teya Martin "Me? Yeah. Zee. let's get you somewhere safe." Zacky sighed with a shake of his head." Johnny murmured." Billy lifted a chubby arm and pushed on the remote Jimmy held in front of him." Jimmy whispered. His eyes shone as he wrapped the boy up in a tight hug." Tyler said with a grimace. "Cool. "Oh. and Jimmy sat on the hood. and I couldn't hear any other signs of consciousness.” Zacky stopped and winced. no matter how he felt about it. you wanna see some explosions?" The youngest child looked up at Jimmy and nodded solemnly." "Everybody neutralized?" Tyler asked as they headed out. bouncing earnestly." Jimmy said with a small grimace. blow the charges as soon as we're clear. These kids need food. He shifted to put his arms around the two older boys. "Good. leaning against his mate. "Let's get a motel. and he looked up at Jimmy. "Good?" Billy nodded and shifted round. "Oh. "It's not my blood. "Hey." They climbed the hill opposite to where they'd parked. oh. . It was no use arguing. "All right. "They kept giving us vegetables and stuff. clothes." Matt said firmly." Michael said with a grimace of disgust." Jimmy said with a shrug. "Jimmy." "Loki's dead." Tyler cupped Zacky's cheek and drew him around for a gentle kiss." "What about the hunters?" "They won't feel a thing. "As far as we could find. "Sorry. Billy." Matt said. kids. and their wounds checked. "Press this button for me. shifting Billy into his lap. "That's so sweet. sweetie. "Come on." Zacky whispered. everyone in the car. blinking slowly. A tiny smile crossed Billy's face. "Yeah. putting his arms round Jimmy's neck and kissing his cheek. A series of explosions went off and building collapsed inward on itself. It had to be done." "We're starving." Oliver said.

glancing in the rearview mirror." Michael stopped and grimaced sadly at the youngest child. "We know exactly what you'll like. comforting." Johnny said. "Billy stays with me." Matt said. . "He doesn't speak. "You can stay with us. "If you're too old to sit in laps." Zacky said softly. Billy. Oliver climbed into Tyler's and an embarrassed looking Michael shifted to sit in Zacky's. Michael reached out for Oliver's hand and shook his head. turning to look back at them." Michael said. a snarl of defiance erupting low in his throat." Michael said quietly. Jimmy." Zacky was starting to need some alone time with his mate. tucking his head against his shoulder and closing his eyes. kid. "Can we puppy pile?" Jimmy asked with a slight whine. you can sit in the front with Matt and Johnny. sweetie. He petted Billy's hair gently." "Oh. "Sure. don't worry. and that's why he doesn't speak." Tyler said. "Well. cry. stayed in Jimmy's lap. "Matt?" Tyler said with a raised eyebrow. "Are we gonna live with you now?" Oliver said with a hopeful grin.Pack 271 "Don't worry." Johnny said softly. "Are you special too?" "Yeah." "Why did he take us?" Oliver asked. "You're gonna love puppy piles. "We think something bad happened to Billy when they took him." Flushing. sounding panicked. "Because you're special. "We won't separate you. "It's okay." "Cool." "What about their parents?" "Ollie and I are foster kids." Jimmy said with a grin." Matt said with a laugh. He needed to talk. They're nice and warm. you could say that." He opened the door and pushed the seat forward so the kids. Zacky. smiling at the blond boy. of course. "We want to stay together." Jimmy said. kiss and be kissed. touch and be touched. "Once the boys have eaten. you boys have had a pretty tough time." Billy snuggled closer. and Tyler could climb in the back.

" Zacky smiled gratefully at the alpha." Zacky whispered." He and Tyler helped the two older boys out of the car while Jimmy still hung onto Billy. my love. "I wanted to hurt him so much. "See you in a while then. I need to get my mom. but he was a murderer. “I know you've missed her. don't feel guilty." Tyler pulled over to the side of the road and tugged Zacky onto his lap." Zacky whispered. he would have continued to hurt those boys. then they got in the front." he whispered." ." "So did I. "Thank you. thinking I deserved it and that I had to protect my mom. okay. "Yeah. "How are you feeling?" "Like I killed someone. "Why don't you two go and get stuff for the boys? We'll get them settled. baby?" "I was so angry when I saw what he did to Michael. "It's about time. "Ty." "But I wanted him to die. "You know I'd never want you to be the one dealing with this." Tyler said with a nod. my love. Not when you did it to save me." Tyler pulled out of the lot again." Tyler stopped and sighed. "It's just that I think I'm kinda glad it was me. He might have killed them. putting an arm round Zacky's shoulders to draw him close. sliding his arms around his mate's neck and kissing his cheek.272 Teya Martin Pulling into a motel. Matt and Johnny climbed out. cupping Zacky's cheek and kissing him softly. He cuddled into his mate's side with a sigh. and Matt turned to them." "Don't be hard on yourself. "What do you mean." he whispered.” "Yeah." "I'll try. If we hadn't stopped him. I love you. twisting his head quickly to kiss Zacky's forehead. "No one deserves it." he murmured. and if anyone deserved it--" Nausea hit the back of Zacky's throat. but please. and I was so angry that I went through so many years of that. Tyler behind the wheel. baby. "I know this is hard for you." "Of course." Zacky said with a heavy sigh. trying to work out how he felt.

Do you feel any better?" "Kinda. . huh?" Smiling.Pack 273 "I love you too. let's get the boys some food and clothes. He found himself looking forward to curling up with the pack." "Okay. It'll take some time. but I think I'll be okay with this. Zacky nodded and shifted next to Tyler. baby. Come on.

scratching his stomach as he yawned and stretched. Billy. guys. It's a special day. kissing him quickly and hard.274 Teya Martin Epilogue Zacky extracted himself from several sets of limbs and stood. "My love. "Even today?" Tyler said with a pout. reaching up to ruffle spiky. "Sweetie." Mikey muttered." Matt said softly. Come on. . you okay?" Billy nodded slowly and sat up. don't forget I have to go to school. "It's time to get up. don't do that!" Jimmy gasped. "Where do you think you're going?" He smiled at his mate." Tyler said before lifting Zacky up into his arms and carrying him out of the room." "Believe that when I see it. sitting upright and jostling Billy. "Yes. we'll be quick. Zacky chuckled quietly. Okay. "What? Why?" "Have you forgotten what day it is. wrapping his arms tightly around his mate's neck." Matt said with a yawn as Tyler stood and wrapped Zacky in a hug. glaring balefully. "I promise. leaning against Jimmy. The youngest of the boys gave a small smile. black hair. and why we're all here?" "Of course not. "Aw. and he squealed loudly.” Zacky said with a chuckle. "Make it a quick one." Matt prodded Jimmy under his ribs. He was happy and complete. "Sorry." Tyler glanced at the two boys who were waking. "Dude. Care to join me?" "Oh yeah. and he sighed as his mate carried him to their bedroom and through to the ensuite. "Shower. guys. turning to bury his face in Billy's neck." Tyler said with a leer. Shut up. kissing his cheek with a soft sigh." he said softly. shaking his head softly. "Everyone get up and shower. Jimmy." Jimmy complained.

Groaning and thrusting hard and fast. but." "I know. you feel good. sliding against his water slickened skin. . "Mmm." Zacky whispered. You know that. Tyler started to shudder and more cum shot over them.. pushing him against the tiles and leaning in." Tyler whispered. the water soaking them both. beloved.. bucking into him faster as he swallowed the delicious spurt of blood. Tyler groaned loudly. slipping his arms around his neck. God. He jerked up with a gasp." Zacky gasped quietly at the feel of his mate's erection pressing into his hip. "It's a special day.Pack 275 "You could take a day off. but we're only needed for a few minutes of it. "I'll say yes one day." Tyler moaned. I couldn't." "But-” "No." Tyler murmured. "So now you want a couple of days? "Baby. "You're entitled to a couple of sick days." "I know. He turned to get into the enormous shower and switched on the water. rocking his hardened cock against Tyler's groin." Tyler stopped and growled. rocking harder into Zacky and biting down on his lip. you know. "It's one day. leaning up to kiss his mate gently. Zacky sank his fingers into his mate's long." "Yeah. wet hair and thrust against him again. thick. "Fuck." "You know. it's not like you're ever sick. "No." Tyler groaned. resting his forearms against the wall on either side of Zacky's head and kissing him hard. The stab of pain sharpened Zacky's pleasure. putting him back on his feet so they could quickly strip out of their boxers. I want every day. "You promise?" "I promise. sucking his tongue into his mouth and biting down. pulling him close again.” "Aw." "You say that every day." Zacky said firmly. He grinned. splattering his mate's stomach with cum." Zacky whispered. his dick throbbing needily. because you say no every day." Tyler got into the shower.

"Yes. and Michael started to bounce excitedly. licking over the gash on Zacky's lip and kissing him gently. With a grunt. Matt and Johnny joined them a moment later. the scent of blood making his mouth water. "Yeah." Oliver said. Smiling proudly. huffing out a short laugh." Oliver whispered." Tyler said.276 Teya Martin "Mmm. "Are you ready. Smirking. Zacky pushed his mate back with two fingertips to his breastbone." Tyler whispered. "Oh fuck. Zacky slipped an arm around his lover's waist and leaned against him. Oliver bent his head and bit Matt's wrist." Oliver gasped as Matt yanked his wrist away. turning and jumping on his soon-to-be full mate." "I love you. "Yeah. "Ty?" Tyler smiled and held out his arm to Matt. "Come here." Matt said. Oliver. little blond. beckoning to the pretty." Taking a deep breath. returning his lover's kiss gently. His groin stirred again. "Drink. Oliver let go of Michael's hand and stumbled forward. sucking and swallowing. heading back to the bedroom to get dressed. Mikey. please yeah. "I don't know how you controlled yourself. Matt bit down and swallowed. love. "You really have to go?" "Tyler!” "I know. Zacky shifted closer to his mate. clamping both hands around Matt's arm. cub. Tyler pulled away. gripping Michael's hand tightly. He groaned." Zacky said softly." Michael said with a small shrug. "Ollie. Jimmy and Billy were already waiting. growling at Matt who just smirked. you know that. Ollie?" Matt said softly." Michael whispered. "I'd do anything for you. taking Matt's proffered arm." He kissed his mate smartly and led him back to the large sitting room where Michael. "Oh." ." Tyler sighed. let's get cleaned off. They washed and dried off quickly. who grasped his hand and lifted his wrist to his mouth. but I think I love you even more for waiting for me. "Yes. dear. What a way to start the day. 'shut up'.

"Bed. "Aw." Matt said with a proud smile. smart and reserved. petting dark spikes of hair gently." Matt looked over at where Jimmy and Billy were wrapped up in each other. "No need to wait any longer. "So sweet. Unlike the other two boys. They weren't about to wait a second longer. "He spoke." Johnny said. Eyes lighting with lust and joy. "Only three more years." . While Zacky suspected that Billy did speak to Jimmy." Jimmy breathed. hauling the younger man into his arms and out of the room." Jimmy whispered.. rarely separating from Jimmy. stroking his mouth with his thumb before kissing him again." Johnny agreed. Despite having had a sexual relationship since Oliver was eighteen. "Yeah. the boy hadn't taken no for an answer. Jimmy nodded. they'd decided to wait until he was turned before taking the final step of penetrative sex.. sweetie. wrapping his arms around Jimmy and kissing his forehead." Grinning." Zacky said with a smile. his tone awed." Matt sighed. "I love you. don't cry. hooking a leg over Jimmy's thigh and kissing him desperately hard. "Matt. none of the rest of them had ever heard him utter a word before. his enormous dark blue eyes filming over. "Oh my sweetheart. but since Billy had turned eighteen." Tyler said softly. "I love you too." Billy whispered. "Oh. over exuberant Jimmy. Although all three boys had recovered from their ordeal. Billy had always been the most affected. mon chéri?" "Very. Zacky gasped as Tyler grabbed him tightly." He cupped Billy's face gently." Zacky sighed happily." The youngest boy looked up at Jimmy.Pack 277 "Go on. and Matt and Johnny turned to stare in complete shock. He was solemn and thoughtful. Jimmy had tried to wait. never speaking." Billy said softly. "You okay. the two young lovers hurried from the room. "I'd wait an eternity if it meant I got my Billy. "He didn't take too much?" "He was too horny to take too much. they hadn't waited. and he balanced out the slightly insane." Billy twisted around in his seat. "Yeah. Jimmy looked up and smiled. boys.

I'm the teacher. my love. shivering against his mate. I have to go to school. liebchen.sirenpublishing. come on. picking his mate up and carrying him out of the room. Tyler slipped an arm around Zacky's waist and walked him to the door." THE END http://www. Ty." Tyler said." Zacky gasped. He ran the tip of his nose up Zacky's throat and nuzzled his ear. You're really going to leave me on my own in a house full of fucking mated pairs?" Zacky shook his head and laughed." Matt said with a soft . He helped Zacky into his jacket and pulled him close." Pouting." "Aw. "If you're good. pouting again. "Beloved.278 Teya Martin "Oh yes. "I'm sure." Tyler said with a leer. you can pick me up after school." "I still don't see why you have to go. "Well. I guess that just leaves us. Walk me to the door. "Ty. "Are you sure you won't stay?" Tyler murmured. baby. He resisted the urge to jump on Tyler and beg him to take him to bed. "Come on.

I distinctly remember having a Ladybird copy (English young children's books) of Dracula so I think my tastes were set quite early. I don't know if other writers feel the same but they're my babies and rejection is extremely painful.ABOUT THE AUTHOR My mother likes to boast that I was reading at the age of three. in fact the thought of real life was off putting enough that I went and did another degree straight away.. I wanted to write. . Microbiology and Virology. okay not technically a sex shop as we didn't sell porn but still an adult 'toy' shop. Once the second degree was finished I was stuck... what was I thinking? Naturally I didn't do anything with it.. Like a friend once said.. only write. complete novel. Some of them were brilliant though. I kind of always wanted to be a vampire. Medical herbalism this time. although again it took me a while to actually start sending them out. During this time I lived with my sister which was also brilliant but made me incredibly lazy. I didn't want to practice herbalism. while other young girls wanted to be ballerinas.. It took nearly five years before I actually wrote a full length. I'm not sure if that's strictly true but my childhood memories are mostly of being indoors with a book of some description. Moving to the other end of the country to live with one of my best friends. So I got a job in a health food shop and that was the first in a long line of short term jobs to pay the bills while I wrote. and I would go as far as to call her my muse. Not sure why I ever stopped because once I started again it became a compulsion. much better although it was in my final year of this degree that I rediscovered writing. I grew up in Belgium and went to a multi-national school before moving back to England to get my first degree. really kickstarted the novel writing and now I have several that are complete. I met some of my best friends ever when I was a barista in a coffee shop and I got many wonderful books and ideas when I worked in a sex shop.

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