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Accelerated Ancient History (9th Grade Level) Social and Political Structure of Ancient China November 6, 2012 Objectives:

1. Students will be able to recall information on Confucianism that they learned in a previous lesson. 2. Students will be able to accurately explain the ideas of filial piety, Mandate of Heaven, and the Confucian way with a focus on the idea of duty. 3. Students will be able to apply the concepts mentioned above to a series of Confucian Analects to explain how they describe Ancient Chinese society. Suggested Procedures 1. Start by introducing myself and having every clear their desks except for a pencil. I will then explain that we are going to start off with a power point for the new information and that they will be taking notes with a note matrix. (3 minutes) 2. I will pass out the note taking matrix and explain how to use it. The bubbles are all headings that will appear on slides for the students so that note taking is easy for all of them. 3. Teacher will go through the power point with the students. The lesson will start off with a small review of the concepts learned last week. The concepts blend into one another so it is crucial that students are able to draw from prior lessons. The power point will go over Confucian way, Mandate of Heaven, and filial piety. (15 minutes) As the power point moves the teacher will check for understanding and ask for student input. 4. After the power point is over the teacher will explain that there will be an activity to follow. She will pass out the worksheets of the Confucian analects and explain that students need to go through the analects and explain how they explain Chinese culture, what relationships they include, and what they mean. After explaining the instructions the teacher will divide the students into groups to work on the worksheets. The first analects we will go over as a class to check for understanding. (5 minutes) 5. Students will have time to work with their groups to complete the worksheet. The teacher will circulate the room answering questions and prompting discussion. (10-15 minutes) 6. After all groups are finished the students will go to their original seats and we will go over the worksheet as a class. Students will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback on the Chinese analects. (10 minutes) 7. If there is more than 15 minutes left in class there will be a second activity. For this activity students will create a venn diagram to compare and contrast Indian and Chinese societies. This will serve as a check for understanding and critical thinking skills. 8. Before students leave they will need to write down something they learned, something they would like to learn, and something they dont understand. This will be collected before they leave for the day.

Evaluations There will not be grades for this lesson but the students will be filling out a worksheet and exit slip that can count as formative assessments. These will all be used to check for students understanding and the teachers effectiveness. There will be a test at the end of the unit that concepts from this lesson will be tested on.