The Happy Spotter’s Handbook

www.com 1 Hello! This is a guide for veteran and rookie Happy Spotters. It contains tips. examples.happyspotting. and more so that you know exactly what we are after and are inspired to send your spottings to us! .

Tips! Examples of requests and spottings Get Spotting! ..happyspotting.com 2 Contents: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-13 14 Who are we? What makes a great Happy Spotter? / What’s in it for you? Words from some (very) Happy Spotters. Getting started! Writing a submission...www.

www. 90+ countries 2. from Beijing to Boston… we track it all. from urban to rural.. If you want to maximize your chance of earning points. which can be redeemed for gifts. keep reading. From major brands to small businesses.000 readers) and the Premium Trend Database. .com’s global network of savvy spotters.400+ spotters Your spottings provide trendwatching. Great spottings end up in the monthly Trend Briefings (with over 160.happyspotting. This global view is part of what makes it such a valuable resource for business professionals. We (that includes you!) discover innovations around the world.com with worldwide evidence of its trends. Each accepted spotting is awarded points. from low-income to luxurious.com 3 Who are we? Happy Spotting is trendwatching..

happyspotting. professionals and retirees can discover fantastic local content. your spottings might be viewed by some of the biggest brands in the world! Here is a selection of trendwatching. Kindle Fires. When you earn enough points you can redeem them for gifts that include Amazon vouchers. and more. you see our insights on the trends we track before anyone else. in a magazine. crediting your account with points when appropriate. You get invaluable experience in the world of trend spotting that you can put on your resume or share with your colleagues. What’s in it for you? Gifts and more! We track all of your contributions. You do not have to be stylish. at a museum. Spottings can be: new businesses and startups. launched a pilsner named after the fictional beverage from The Simpsons Finally. Along with the gifts. or new marketing campaigns. Have an opinion. we are not about fashion! You do have to be observant. a German brewery. iPad 3s and more! Be curious. * Eschweger Klosterbrauerei.com 4 What makes a great Happy Spotter? Spotters come in all shapes and sizes. in a local café. from a friend’s tweets. A great spotter discovers innovation all around them: on a billboard.com’s readers: . students. Be open.www. new products and services.

interesting new trends are posted. I just did it as good karma for my influences. South Africa Every month or so. Netherlands Before being introduced to Happy Spotting I used to surf. Egypt . which to me ..www. and completely pressure free (as there is no commitment to provide a certain number of spottings).com 5 Words from some (very) Happy Spotters. There are many trend consultancies who also offer you the opportunity to contribute as a trend scout. I’ve just started a Masters course so having the opportunity to collect Amazon vouchers to equip me for my studies has been a total blessing. every day! .has become an indicator of basic respect.. They treat me like an individual even though they only know me virtually. I was not expecting anything in return out of it.Marizanne Knoesen. . I have been with Happy Spotting since March 2012 and up to this point I have always received replies to my emails. You become very knowledgeable on certain emerging trends . I enjoy diving into the ocean of trends. read..happyspotting. search.. I always feel that the people at Happy Spotting really value my submissions. write and share a lot of creative and trend information online.in the Internet Age . and as a naturally curious person I relish the task of finding out more about this subject matter and uncovering some interesting examples from all over the world.Murtaza Patel. not only is the task enjoyable. But when I focused on the requests from Happy Spotting as a fun task. but you get great rewards for your time.Milly Sell. but you will not regret joining Happy Spotting. I started to see points accumulate in my account along with evaluation of my shared info.people are constantly wondering where I get all this information from! So. I’d certainly recommend joining for anyone who’s naturally interested in new trends and innovations and wants a nice way to get rewarded for it! .

See what is available. .www.. Some are for existing trends and some are completely new. There you will find our current Live Requests. and make claims once you have enough points! HISTORY .com 6 Getting started! When you log into your account you will see an OVERVIEW. Each Request is for a trend we are tracking. SUBMIT . It will explain what we are looking out for and include a few examples of the trend in action.Go here if you have a submission. so you are the first to see them! Click a Request’s title to expand the description.. Navigate via the tabs to view: GIFTS .Check your old spottings and see which have been accepted.happyspotting.

Then click SEND and you should see a confirmation.www. Once you have clicked SUBMIT.happyspotting. Include a URL that either links directly to the brand/product/service/business or to an article about it. The description does not need to be long! Always include the WHO. we wish we had the capability to handle other languages but we don’t at this point! Each example you spot needs its own submission.how does it work? WHERE . please do not put multiple examples into one entry..which brand or company did it? HOW . HOW and WHERE: WHO . Your submission has to be in English.which country did it happen in? Please tell us WHEN it happened if you can. .com 7 Writing a submission. You are automatically notified as soon as we process your spottings.. choose the relevant trend name from the drop-down menu.

www..g. why not put it on your blog? If you send us something from major content providers (e. the more you submit. We read a lot . not B2B (business-to-business). PSFK. It is one of the many reasons you are all so valuable. We need examples of the trends we already track. the better your chances! Make sure it is B2C (business-to-consumer). Finally. Springwise.happyspotting. we focus on consumer trends! Please do not submit new trends that you have spotted. You have that advantage over us..-) Remember – we usually don’t have access to your local newspaper or blogs in your native language. The innovation has to affect the consumer. The newer the spotting. If you have spotted a consumer trend of your own. the better you’ll get! We love it when you send something from your own turf! RECENT Send examples from the last year only.com 8 Tips! Three ingredients for Improve your chances a great spotting: of getting points: LOCAL You will not be awarded points if the submission has already been spotted. Fast Company) we are more likely to have already seen it. RELEVANT Make sure what you send actually relates to the Request! . The New York Times. TechCrunch.

com 9 Examples of requests and spottings: Here are four examples of Trend Requests that we have posted in the past along with four cool spottings from your fellow spotters. .www.happyspotting.

spherification. brewing. new technologies have arisen to match this demand.Sonia Riesco. We’re looking for examples of (relatively) affordable professional quality products that enable consumers to create premium output.molecule-r. they have the time and money to learn. As many of them grow more affluent. As more consumers seek to master new skills.happyspotting. URL: http://www. They are creative and enjoy learning new things. Spain . or professional filmmaking are rare and therefore a source of status. In today’s knowledge-based economy.com/en/66-cuisine-revolution. emulsification) used by top chefs at high-end restaurants.www. Spotter’s response: Description: Molecule-R in Canada offers a kit that includes some instructional DVDs and the required equipment to create molecular gastronomy.html . Consumers are naturally curious about how things are made. Customers can experiment at home with the techniques (gelification.com 10 EXAMPLES Request: PROFESSIONALL Professional quality products that enable consumers to master skills. skills such as watchmaking.

axa. France . We are looking for examples of products and services that help users protect or clean up their online reputation. No matter how many times consumers try to opt-out. is saved somewhere (and can therefore be accessed). Everything that is written. protect. posted or uploaded.www. Consumers are spending more and more time online. Spotter’s response: Description: Axa Protection Familiale Intégr@le is an insurance contract designed to protect you and your family from online reputation risks and the dissemination of harmful information (e. photos or abusive language on social networks). If there is an issue.fr/prevoyance-protection-desproches/Pages/protection-familiale-integrale. URL: http://www.Florent Lesauvage. companies are still tracking their online behavior. AXA guides you through the steps necessary to recover your e-reputation and remove malicious data from the Internet supporting the cost of resolving the dispute. or restore one’s online (and therefore offline) reputation. aspx . accessing their profiles and social networks whenever and wherever.g.happyspotting.com 11 EXAMPLES Request: REPYOUTATION Products that remove.

and enjoy time together. Users launch the free app (available in both English and Japanese) and hold their devices face to face “as if they are kissing”. Australia . if none are found. If multiple matches are found. send gifts.Arthur Chan. ChuChu means kiss kiss in Japanese :) URL: www. it brings it up for shared enjoyment on both users’ phones. and very busy! We are looking for examples of innovations that help couples stay connected.www. The app searches through both music libraries. the app indicates strong compatibility. it delivers a message indicating that the two partners might be better off seeing other people!! PS. brands have offered tailored products. tech-savvy. if it finds a matching song. services and experiences to couples. Spotter’s response: Description: The ChuChu Tune is an app from Japan that assesses the compatibility of those in a relationship by comparing their music playlists.jp/chuchutune/index_e. The modern couple is urban.com 12 EXAMPLES Request: COUPLE CATERING Business innovations that meet the needs and desires of couples.happyspotting. We aren’t looking for Valentine’s Day promotions or gimmicks. highly mobile.html . Since the dawn of commerce.tyo-id.

membership in a likeminded community. and then share them with friends to earn virtual badges or stickers for their vehicles. as long as the campaign is genuine and has that human touch. India .happyspotting.in/ford-india-launches-ipledge-to-drive-safe-facebook-campaign. Consumers are always looking to be part of something greater than themselves. discovering their higher purpose. whether it’s a connection with a higher being. and consumer participation toward a cause.html .www. We are looking for examples where brands encourage sharing (often by social media) in a community. They welcome brands to help them in this. and more.Radhika Kulshrestha. Spotter’s response: Description: Ford India’s “I Pledge To Drive Safe” is a Facebook app that rewards fans for pledging to drive safely. Users can make promises to always use a seat belt. URL: http://lighthouseinsights. or to check their rearview mirror frequently.com 13 EXAMPLES Request: BRAND MOVEMENTS Branding with a higher purpose.

We will always try to email you when we are in your town so that we can meet you and other local spotters.com . please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or suggestions you have about the network or system. Sao Paulo. please let us know.www. Maxwell Luthy. We are actively planning to make it bigger and better! Thanks for reading. You are. We aren’t immersed in your national culture. or your local scene.happyspotting. however. and Singapore. We want you to be motivated to represent your region and send us plenty of cool innovations from wherever you live :-) There is no minimum amount you have to submit. We’ll even buy you a few drinks to sweeten the deal! Finally. Global Director max@happyspotting. the more the better! If you move to another country or city after signing up.com 14 Get spotting! We hope this handbook has helped explain how Happy Spotting works and inspired you to contribute! We try to keep abreast of global happenings as best we can from our offices in London. but there is a certain amount we can’t see.

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