Reality of God and Nature in Brief

By John Paily 1] Spirituality is a search for Truth and Light. It speaks God as Spirit/ Word/Knowledge/Power/Light -- that exists eternally and rules over Darkness. It tells us that this Spirit Manifest into Blood and Flesh to lead humanity in the path of Truth and Light. The kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. The aim of spirituality is to regain the lost Knowledge, Power or Light and lead humanity in the path of Truth and Justice. The ancient spiritualist in knowing God and its reality also knew Nature and its reality 2] The same is true to science. When Einstein proved that matter is energy enfolded and that the energy and matter are inter-convertible, he made a mile stone break-through in science. But he failed in wholesome understanding of Nature and thus failed to comprehend God. 3] Spirituality and science are different paths to the same reality. This world cannot survive unless science and spirituality becomes one and Truth of God reveals in all simplicity. Only then everyone would understand God and Nature and surrender to God and Nature to learn to live in peace and harmony with nature. Only Truth can liberate us from the clutches of the evil of Self. The modern science came as anti-thesis to church that was in-filtered by evils and was virtually ruling the mass and amassing wealth in the name of unseen Spirit God, than getting filled with Spirit and spreading Spirit and Good News. As long as science fails to evolve to know the Truth the evils existing in temples churches and mosques are bound to rule the world leading it to self-destruction in the name of God. 4] The key to evolution towards Truth or God and understanding Nature exist in  Inventing a Second force that acts against Gravity  Inventing New or Parallel Space-Time reality where Gravity is converted into Anti- gravity. We must note anti-gravity is a force that Einstein strived to introduce but failed. 5] When we deal with spirit/matter and realize that the unseen spirit is primal then the two laws of Spirit becomes primal to our understanding of nature. These are known as the two laws of thermodynamics; First law states that nothing [energy and matter] cannot be created or destroyed but can only

be transformed. The second law states that there is a loss of spirit in every transformation and thus there is a time direction. Thus the key question of that has bothered both scientist and spiritualist is the comprehension of the universe in Time. Since time direction is inevitable, it means there is an origin, end [death] and New Origin and thus perpetual existence. It is this understanding that has bothered the spiritualist as well as scientist and led the whole world into complexity. 6] Two different visions of universe exists; one the living vision that is written in ancient spiritual scriptures and the material that modern world is pursuing through complex mathematical language. I am not sure whether truth can be expressed in any mathematical language. If my memory is correct a famous mathematician Kurt Godel has written about the limitation of mathematics to explain nature. 7] However, these two divergent paths can become one, if we stand back to observe nature from a point of freedom [Freedom from Plato‟s chair of science at the mouth of the cave] and incorporate the idea of Second Force [anti-gravity] and New or Parallel Space-Time Reality. The most important reality that stands out as we observe nature from a point of freedom is that life opposes gravity and time in material world. We also note that life is also bestowed with an inner space-time reality. The second law of thermodynamics applied to material world and living world shows this opposition. Now this brings up some vital conclusions 1] Nature cannot be understood in isolation of life and its inner space. 2] Human and his mind, its intent which enquires into Truth plays an important role in nature and its existence in time. A human who enquires into truth and God does so with intent. This in effect means Truth cannot be sought by Human mind. But it has to come to humans as Grace, for a Divine Purpose. Here the words written in spiritual scriptures [Knowledge] stands out and calls for extensive review and simplification] 3] The universe is one Living Being and next step of scientific pursuit and understanding of nature has to take clues from biological science. It is in this context of thinking that I speak Calvary as Creation Point. The Big Bang can be traced to Calvary where God the Spirit manifested into a Primal Soul took flesh and spoke the Word and Truth and eventually made the Highest Sacrifice possible to conquer time and death. It is in this Self

Sacrifice the secret for perpetual existence of Light and Life exist. The Spirit of God shed on earth is transforming human souls with free will and is expected to lift us up from darkness and initialize us in Light. It needs to be understood as consciousness and intelligence or Mind of God unfolding and leading us to initialize us into New Time Cycle. This no way supports the religion called Christianity. I am human with all associated weakness, but I stand for Christ and God. I feel the religion called Christianity is actually hiding the Spirit behind the curtains and binding people into four walls. They hesitate to speak Truth and liberate people. They are self-centered. The Truth and knowledge I speak came to me as Grace. It came in an instant when I surrendered my mind unconditionally and accepted death before God the Spirit, manifested as Christ and who made the highest sacrifice to transform our souls and lead us from darkness to Light. Expansion of this article exist in – “Reinventing Gravity and Discovering New Space Time Reality” address – I have made the knowledge revealed to me by His Grace as simple and logical as possible. More exist in my site “2012 - Science meets Mind of God” „that now has become huge disordered place of collection of spontaneously written matter – Address-