Character Development And Races First of all, these characters will have the drawn style of mature anime

characters. Serious looking artwork. The land, time, is all going to be created and constructed by me. The races, and characters all hold a power, whether it be manipulation of fire, telekinesis. These powers are attained to each individual race, or tribe. Each character has the potential to harness new powers, but their main power attached to their group or race is their most powerful one. Noctis: :Latin for Night, night sky. Last name: Nemerian (cemmerian and nebulous mixed. Black). The name in total means blackest night. Noctis Nemerian is the main character. He will be a dark skinned, and have jet black hair. He will be of a more husky muscular build. His eyes will be crimson red (due to a lineage of his ancestors, this will be more in-depth). His age will be around 20. He’s fierce, emotional, but a critical thinker. He rarely forgets, and he rarely forgives, though that does present obstacles in his future. He’s very strong and agile, and holds a power that he has yet to discover. Leaves his family. He is exiled. Which later contributes turning evil. Nemerians are the masters of darkness. Their prominent are dark skin, jet black hair, and crimson red eyes. They are a race of men and women who derive from a more ancient race of which is not discovered. They are rarely seen during the day. They prefer to stay out of the way of the public eye, and they are a very secluded people. Their dark skin and hair allows them to blend in the night, and their eyes are red because they can see in the dark, though the tint of the light is red. They average from 4’10 to 6’0. The men are usually a tad husky/muscular, while the women are more slimmer, yet very curvy. Their use of weapons mainly consist of bows/arrows, short swords. Their hand to hand combat skills are more of a wrestling/ judo type. They can live for an average of 200 years. Their blood is black. As in a love interest, the possible name for the girl that Noctis ends up liking could be “Bliss”. Meaning, perfect, or happiness…though her character ends up contradicting that name. Bliss: Book nerd. Love interest, can help noctis in terms of providing information. Telekinetic woman. Very fair skinned. Part of a race that masters in telekinesis. Jet black hair, very white skin, extremely light eyes. Very supportive, sideline girl. The kings personal slave, queen hates her. She’s about 5’7. Curvaceous.

which the king is. but constantly has to fight with himself due to his alignment. But they are called the “mortals”. He does end up becoming the first Numerian king who forcibly takes the throne from the mortals and rules them all. King as to why noctis would go for his slave. And his family has ruled for years. the spirits all retreat to a special shrine that remains unknown to all “living” numerians and all other mortals. even more than the acient numerians. their spirit becomes visible and they are still able to communicate with the mortal world.The king is of a naturally royal/ yet powerful race. King 6’6. One characteristic them is their ability to adapt. This starts out as the beginning for everything. With a small little queen who’s intimidated by him. And it may not be that they are actually more powerful. Which their last names are only recognized by their race. but are very strong. it’s how they use their power to extremes to where it may seem that they are a more dominant and powerful race. This reason why is because of an event he experiences that changes him. who later becomes the antagonist. it gets to a point to where it almost drives him crazy. Kings such as himself have to fight for the throne between brothers. This book hopefully will be a prequel to span 2 or 3 other books. since they are a very tight nit race. The average humans. King’s name is Biscaso Jurisnance (meaning beautifully broken in Russian) The 4 races still need to be established. they are a younger race. muscular. (though debatable) because once they die. and were rapid to become a more powerful race. So far we have the Numerians. So he does become evil. Noctis is actually a good person. . because she’s a commoner. Numerians are actually classified as immortals. marriages are arranged.

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