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In some cases, DeVry and Chamberlain students will have access to software for
installation on their personally owned computer. The following are general guidelines
for support of student software installs.


Instructions and information concerning software available to you as a

DeVry/Chamberlain student is provided in your course materials or in the student
portal ( or by going to Student Tools  Student

Your eligibility for various software offerings is dependent on your enrollment in a

course or your student status. Information about your eligibility will be provided in
the instructions for the specific software offer. Make sure that you read all
information. The instructions will help you successfully acquire software.


What do I do if I cannot login to the software site?

Check the instructions first. Make sure you are using the correct login
information as this may vary by source. Some software is only available at
certain times, so make sure that you are trying to access the software when it
is available. If you have verified this information and still cannot login,
contact the Help Desk (877-784-1997). Be prepared to provide the following
information: What site you are trying to access, the date and time you
attempted to access, any error messages you received.

What do I do if I have problems while downloading or purchasing software?

Contact technical support for the site from which you are downloading or
purchasing. Contact information will be available on the site.

What happens if my software needs to be re-loaded or I’ve lost the original

installation disks?

In most cases, software cannot be replaced due to licensing limitations. It is

important that you keep a back-up copy of any software you purchase as well
as the license key. Make sure you store this back-up copy and license
information in a safe place. Software downloads from some vendors require a
Username/Password and key code to be able to download additional copies
for use on multiple PC’s.

What if I want to get a newer version of the software?

The software you are provided is consistent with the software used in our
curriculum. When an upgrade is supported by the curriculum, the new
version may be made available to you and you may have the opportunity to
order an upgrade. Some software vendors will release patches for existing
versions of software. It is recommended to you review the Read Me
documents to verify that this patch will not corrupt your copy of the software.

What if I already have a copy of the software used in my class?

If you already own the software that is taught in the curriculum, you may use
that software for your class work. Make sure that the version you are using is
the same version as the one being taught.


Software installation can be relatively simple and straightforward, but it can also
pose challenges. The following are some rules of thumb you should follow when you
install any new software package.

1. Verify that your computer and operating system meet at least the minimum
specifications provided by the software vendor. If the minimum
requirements are not listed on the packaging (or at the download site), go to
the software manufacturer’s website and locate this information. Usually,
this information will be provided in the Support section of the website. For
example, here is Microsoft’s Product Support Center index page:
2. Read the installation instructions whenever possible. If the installation
instructions are not provided, locate the support site for the application and
locate instructions there.
3. If you have previous releases of the software, it may be necessary to uninstall
the older version before you can install the new version. Check the
manufacturer’s website to see if this is the case.
4. Back up important files on your computer. Before doing an install, it is
always a good idea to back-up files on your computer. For help on backing
up your computer, try “Windows XP Backup Made Easy,”
5. Turn off Pop-Up Blockers and virus scanners while installing software.


On Your Own: Installing Software,

Software Install Guide

Microsoft Help and Support Center

Also, many communities have User Groups that provide friendly assistance to
members of the community, please contact you local library for information on these
clubs and groups.


Many software applications also have user groups that may be able to help you if you
run into problems with your installation. When requesting help, you should always

identify your hardware and Operating System as well as the exact error messages
you receive.

Because users have many different operating systems and hardware configurations,
it is not possible to provide full support for student software installations. If your
problem cannot be resolved based on common troubleshooting steps, you should
seek out help from a local computer service supplier.


It is recommended that you install software in conjunction with the courses you are
taking. Your instructors will help you to master the use of the application, and this
will also give you a better understanding of how to install and work with the
application. If you install an application that is not supported by your curriculum,
you may look for support in using the application through the software
manufacturer’s website, user groups for the application, and books in libraries,
bookstores, or online. Check the Online Library for resources to help you master the