One of the metaphysical applications of any alphabet is gemetria. Gematria is the art of interpreting letters, words, and phrases in order to expand upon their meaning. Each letter has its own gematrial qualities and significance that helps explain upon its individual numbers and individual letters, words, and phrases, which give us a better understanding of its aspects and inner nature.










1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________










10 / 10 -- 11 / 20 -- 12 / 30 -- 13 / 40 -- 14 / 50 -- 15 / 60 -- 16 / 70 -- 17 / 80 -- 18 / 90

_____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________









19 / 100 -- 20 / 200 -- 21 / 300 -- 22 / 400 -- 23 / 500 -- 24 / 600 -- 25 / 700 -- 26 / 800

_____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

JUDAH (1x10) + (2x300) + (3x4) + (4x1) + (5x8) = 666

NERIO (1x50) + (2x5) + (3x90) + (4x9) + (5x60) = 666


(1x6) + (2x90) + (3x5) + (4x5) + (5x40) + (6x1) + (7x50) = 777

The Following list of meanings of individual alphabetical letters is used by the Witches as a guide to interpreting words and names by letter value…. A: The qualities of the letter A are ambition, leadership, initiative, selfknowledge, strength of character, integrity, and self-control. a: The lesser qualities of a are a tendency to be egotistical and selfimportant. B: The qualities of the letter B include concern for others, nurturing, charity, receptivity, reticence, fixed ideas, and preference for reaction over action. b: The lesser qualities of b are secrecy and deception. C: The qualities of the letter C focus on communication, self-expression, creativity, and self-absorption. c: The lesser qualities of c include shallowness and the dissipation of energies. D: The qualities of the letter D are conservative, self-limiting, concerned with safety and security, loyal, hard working, and dependable. D’s tend to create unnecessary limitations for themselves, especially if there is more than one D in a name or word. D’s usually benefit from stretching their boundaries. d: The lesser qualities of d are stubbornness, unwillingness to move or change, and tendency toward depression. E: The qualities of the letter E focus on words and communication, personal expression, freedom, and expansion. A double E in a word gives a quality of extreme expansionism and progressive ideas. e: The lesser qualities of e are extravagance, impracticality, ungroundedness, and a tendency to over-think things. F: The qualities of the letter F deal with duty, responsibility, and care-taking.

F’s are orderly, supportive, and organized. F also deals with issues of structure and practicality. f: The lesser qualities of f are overwork and tendency to self-righteousness. G: The qualities of the letter G include desire for understanding, examination and interpretation, inner seeking and self-improvement. G’s are idealistic, meditative, and questioning. g: The lesser qualities of g include being overly critical, hard to please, and intolerant of imperfection. H: The qualities of the letter H include inner and outer growth, desire for selfexpansion and accomplishment, intellectual and spiritual curiosity, and personal self-control. h: The lesser qualities of h are being overly demanding, possessive, and having a tendency to be judgmental. I: The qualities of the letter I are focus, concentration, self-direction, ability to achieve and accomplish, and connection to the Higher Self. When I is at the beginning of a name or word, it indicates focus upon a goal in process. When I is found at the end of a word it indicates achievement of a goal. i: The lesser qualities of i are a tendency to be self-centered and to expect too much from others. J: The qualities of the letter J focus on intelligence, practicality, knowledge, memory, and the ability to use all of these traits in a constructive manner. J can envision and create what it desires, with little need for assistance. j: The lesser qualities of j include self-centeredness and dishonesty. K: The qualities of the letter K focus upon mastery of self, inner balance, and issues of internal and external control. k: The lesser qualities of k are over-focus, nervous strain, and impatience with interference or delay. L: The qualities of the letter L are creativity, self-expression, artistry, empathy, intuition, optimism, warmth, impartiality, and a tendency to do things with extreme passion and drive.

l: The lesser qualities of l include indecisiveness, playing both sides against the middle, and impatience with distraction. M: The qualities of the letter M include the ability to guide and teach others, practicality, protectiveness, nurturing of people or projects, and willingness to focus upon the needs of others. M is said to be the letter of the Mother Goddess, its shape representing her nurturing breasts. It is the thirteenth letter of the Indo-European alphabets, and the word for mother in most languages begins with M. m: The lesser qualities of m include over-protectiveness and inability to see differing points of view. N: The qualities of the letter N have to do with cleansing and purification, personal and spiritual growth, releasing the old to make way for the new, spiritual initiation and spiritual teaching, and balance of inner and outer self. n: The lesser qualities of n include strong emotion and sensuality, which may tend to be overwhelming. O: The qualities of the letter O focus upon responsibility and practicality, stability, family, security, material success, and money. O is acquisitive and protective. o: The lesser qualities of o include jealousy, possessiveness, and resentment of others. P: The qualities of the letter P focus upon persuasiveness, the ability to use communication to get ones way, concentration, mental strength, magical ability, curiosity, and desire for growth and expansion. p: The lesser qualities of p include stubbornness and a tendency to force ones will upon others. Q: The qualities of the letter Q include balance, centeredness, psychic ability, connection to Spirit, and integration of masculine and feminine elements. q: The lesser qualities of q are difficulty in taking action, overcoming inertia, and a tendency to need a push from others to get moving. R: The qualities of the letter R include rebirth and new beginnings, spiritual

growth and over-coming obstacles, and release of the old to make way for the growth. r: The lesser qualities of r include frustration and over-emotionality, which results if one fights against necessary release. S: The qualities of the letter S focus on individuality, self-reliance, selfdirection, self-expression, creativity, sensitivity, psychic receptivity, and the ability to see below surfaces. The letter S also deals with sudden changes and also sudden inspirations. s: The lesser qualities of s are over-confidence and disinterest in others. T: The qualities of the letter T focus on cooperation concern for others, altruism, and the desire for and the ability to make peace. t: The lesser qualities of t include over-sensitivity and inability to deal with distractions. U: The qualities of the letter U include emotional sensitivity, inspiration, creativity, and high ideals. U tends to hide the inner feelings behind a façade, which may vary with the audience. u: The lesser qualities of u include being double-faced, indecisive, overly hesitant, and easily annoyed. V: The qualities of the letter V center on the idea of making connections between things: people, ideas and resources. V is practical, cooperative, and good at getting things done. v: The lesser qualities of v are emotional insecurity and a tendency to overreach. W: The qualities of the letter W include emotionality, sensuality, intensity, and strong need for freedom from all restriction. W in a name or word also indicates flashes of inspiration and enlightenment. w: The lesser qualities of w are indulgence and dissipation. X: The qualities of the letter X are those of high idealism, charity, and desire to improve the world. x: The lesser qualities of x are egocentrism and such an attachment to one’s

ideals as to have difficulty seeing other points of view. Y: The qualities of the letter Y focus on the idea of separation between the spiritual and the material, which is of course, an illusion. Y indicates the need to integrate the spiritual and the material together, to bring spirituality into daily life and greater “earthiness” into spirituality. Y shows a need for meditation and for working with the Higher Self, but also the need not to rarify the spiritual experience. y: The lesser qualities of y include the illusion of separation between spirit and matter, difficulty in balancing these, and a tendency to be overly inwardfocusing. Z: The qualities of the letter Z include the ability to understand motivations, to see below the surface of things, to gather and systematize knowledge. To uncover secrets and discover the inner nature of things. z: The lesser qualities of z include a tendency to be too focused, too determined, so that other aspects of life suffer.

Mars Kamea Gematria
The scriptural cipher of the Liber AL – one of the ciphers commonly used in it’s day to encrypt cipher manuscrips…

The following is the “Mars Kamea Gematria Cipher”

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