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:Mark-Everett :Austin, AR SPC c/o PMB 194, 2844 E. Main Street, Ste.

, 106 Farmington, New Mexico; near (87402) Non-Domestic without the US November 5th, 2012 To: Douglas Shulman, IRS Commissioner or current Commissioner of the Internal Revenue and Internal Revenue Service employees. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20224 Certified Mail Number: 7012 0470 0001 7824 #### RE: MARK E AUSTIN/000000000

I Mark-Everett :Austin, Secured Party Creditor, submit this letter as a friend of the IRS and I trust that you will uphold your oath to the Constitution for the United States of America and honor this request to balance the books. In September of 2010, I sent documentation to Timothy F. Geithner, being commercial notice of appointments for Eric Thorson, Timothy F. Geithner and Douglas Shulman, Commissioner IRS* as Appointment of Fiduciary along with IRS Form 56 for each. All were appointed with the fiduciary responsibility for overseeing and representing me through MARK E AUSTIN 000000000 in matters of the IRS and the discharge of public debt. *I have enclosed a copy for your reliance. Therefore, as my Fiduciary, please coordinate and execute payment via my Contract Trust account. I believe it is possible there has been a misunderstanding as I have submitted money orders in the past, believing that settlement was achieved and as of this date the accounting has not been adjusted. I am sending, as is within my right, an additional $30 Million dollar money order to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, for payment to the UNITED STATES TREASURY, to you Douglas Shulman, or acting Commissioner, my Fiduciary and Trustee, and each of the addresses listed below for the purpose of completing the payment and settling of all accounting concerning any potential shortfall on the account of MARK E AUSTIN/00000000. Said money order is to cover the tax years 1999 through 2012 and to offset any future assessments should they transpire. IRS Technical Support Division C/o Treasury UCC Contract Trust Internal Revenue Service 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20220 Certified Mail Number: 7012 0470 0001 7824 #### Internal Revenue Service Stop 4440 P.O. Box 9036 Ogden, Utah 84201 Certified Mail Number: 7012 0470 0001 7824 #### 1

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division Box 192 Covington, Kentucky 41012 Certified Mail Number: 7012 0470 0001 7824 #### Through this misunderstanding a new Agent within your organization has been waging an unsubstantiated attack against me a Secured Party Creditor. Her name is Rose Basile and works out of the Albuquerque IRS Office. She has threatened the Broker of the Real Estate office where I work with prosecution for questioning her authority in withholding my rightful property. Rose Basile, your employee, has without the scope of her authority sent notice of Levy to all my banks and I am effectively damaged by these baseless actions. I know there is no actual Levy or Lien, however, that fact does not change the fact that Rose Basile is operating without the scope of her authority fully aware of her unlawful actions. I expect you as my fiduciary to correct any error that I may have made or may make in settling this account now and in the future and I expect you to have your employee Rose Basile and this Albuquerque IRS office cease and correct its destructive unlawful process as they have behaved in dishonor of their oaths. I believe they could have worked with me instead of attempting to unlawfully confiscate my property, intimidate my broker and cause me and my family much distress. My Broker, XXX INVESTMENTS INC, ### N XXX AVE, ANYTOWN, XX ZIP has in addition received a Notice: CP-2100A for Tax Year: 2011 from IRS Philadelphia, PA 19255-0833 regarding a possible error your Department has indicated. Please correct this error immediately and notify my Broker of this correction. Douglas Shulman. and or acting Commissioner, as my fiduciary and trustee you, or an appropriate qualified delegate, will contact me to assist me in settling this account. I may be peacefully reached by you or a peaceful delegate at (###)###-####. Thank you in advance. At this time I :Mark-Everett :Austin the Authorized Representative and Secured Party Creditor only require an expedited resolution without malice and I know with your assistance as my Fiduciary and Trustee this can be accomplished. Please process this lawful money order immediately to balance and settle all accounts for any past due taxes, fines, levies, penalties, liens, etc., and any future assessments, etc., for the account of MARK E AUSTIN/000000000. This money order and account is to be processed immediately upon receipt, per international UPU jurisdiction and handling. (ie; 21 days). Once the above account has been paid and settled in full and the accounting balanced upon my eventual death the Department of Treasury may use any potential overpayments (if applicable) for use as they see fit. 2

I affirm for the record there may have been a misunderstanding as to my birth and birth record, I am of age, I have an identifying number issued 000000000 and I am not a decedent! With that declaration, I am a beneficiary and I claim all of my inalienable God given rights to Life and Property. I claim my right under Lieber Code section (2) 38 and also under international treaty Hague Convention article 43 as a peaceful inhabitant on the land. I affirm that you Douglas Shulman and or the acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue are my Trustee and my Fiduciary. Thank you for all your efforts in rectifying this very disconcerting matter. My very life is at stake. ___________________ Date ____________________________ EIN ######### Authorized Representative Secured Party Creditor All Rights Reserved without Recourse

Acknowledgement San Juan County New Mexico State ) ) )

SUBSCRIBED TO AND SWORN before me this 5th day of November, A.D., 2012, ________________________a Notary, that Mark Everett Austin, personally appeared and known to me to be the living man whose name subscribed within this instrument and acknowledged to be the same and affirmed under penalties of perjury to the accuracy of the statements made by him in this instrument. ____________________________ Seal: My Commission Expires: ___________________

___________________ Date Signed

___________________________________ Signature of Authorized Representative Exemption ID Number 585170679

cc. Dean Chavez/Rose Basile, #85-00554 5338 Montgomery Blvd. NE Stop:5304ALB Albuquerque, NM 87109-4042
Certified Mail Number: 7012 0470 0001 7824 ####

cc. Treasury Department Internal Revenue Service Philadelphia, PA 19255-0833

Certified Mail Number:7012 0470 0001 7824 ####