November  13,  2012  

Former  U.S.  Policymakers  on  Both  Sides  of  the  Aisle  Agree:  Congress  Must  Approve  Russia  PNTR    
Action  Needed  to  Ensure  America  Fully  Benefits  from  Russia’s  WTO  Membership  and  Market-­‐Opening  Commitments  


Until Congress approves PNTR, however, and graduates Russia from Jackson-Vanik, the U.S. cannot claim all the benefits of having Russia take on the obligations that come with WTO membership. Meanwhile, the other 150-plus WTO countries, including our biggest competitors, will most likely press their advantage in the Russian market to land contracts and win new opportunities for their exporters — at the expense of U.S. workers, farmers, service providers and manufacturers.

Former  U.S.  Trade  Representatives  Charlene  Barshefsky  and  Susan  C.  Schwab,  POLITICO  Op-­‐ed,  September  11,  2012   [W]e believe the United States must extend PNTR status to take full advantage of Russia’s WTO membership. This will encourage economic recovery by significantly expanding U.S. exports to Russia, creating more U.S. jobs across a range of important economic sectors, and ensuring favorable market access for U.S. companies.



-­‐ Former  U.S.  Secretary  of  Commerce  Donald  L.  Evans  and  Former  U.S.  Senator  and  Governor  Charles  Robb,  Letter  to     House  Ways  and  Means  Committee  Leadership,  June  20,  2012  


Russia’s accession to the WTO will give American workers, farmers, and businesses a significant new opportunity to expand their exports to Russia and help strengthen U.S.-Russia commercial relations. It is estimated that U.S. exports of goods and services to Russia could double—from $11 billion in 2011 to $22 billion in 2017. Unfortunately, the United States will not be able to fully realize these benefits until Congress passes legislation graduating Russia from the Jackson-Vanik amendment and permanently granting Russia PNTR.

-­‐ Former  U.S.  Trade  Representatives  Susan  C.  Schwab,  Charlene  Barshefsky,  Michael  Kantor,  Carla  A.  Hills,  Clayton  K.   Yeutter  and  William  E.  Brock  III,  Letter  to  Congressional  Leadership,  June  19,  2012  


It’s  Time  for  Congress  to  Approve  Russia  PNTR  and  Help  U.S.  Companies  and  Workers  Compete!  
Learn  more  about  Russia  PNTR  and  the  importance  of  trade  with  Russia  for  each  state  at  

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