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FLO Newsletter
April 11, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 9

Bi-Weekly Update
Good afternoon FLOs, This issue of the FLO Newsletter will cover the period from March 20, 2012 to April 10, 2012. • In the Intake Highlights and Analysis section, seven incidents are highlighted, including one Tip and Lead (T/L) from a FLO in Region I. The incidents reflect potential indicators of activity that could be part of a plan with a nexus to terrorism. • The Synopsis section includes further information on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). HSIN is an effective information sharing platform and you are encouraged to share information between each other and the WSFC on this portal. • For Training Opportunities, seats still remain for the Explosive Awareness Training to be held in North Bend and Ephrata. If seats still remain after this week, we will open the registration to non-FLO trained personnel. • Also for training opportunities, the next FLO Basic course will be July 10th12th (see attached flyer). For the next iteration, we seek your assistance in recruiting new FLOs, particularly with our tribal partners, as only 3 of 29 tribes are currently represented. We also lack FLO representation from the counties of Skamania, Klickitat, Columbia, Ferry, and Garfield. If you have contacts in those counties, please encourage them to attend one of the training sessions. Finally, as you are reminded in Administrative Notes, please send us your feedback on this publication and on the FLO Program. We value your insight as we continually look toward improving this publication, and the program in general.

Inside this issue:
Bi-Weekly Update Intake Highlights HSIN Synopsis Administrative Notes Training Opportunities 1 2-3 4 5



FLO NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 9 Page 2

Intake Highlights and Analysis
(U//FOUO) [Region 1] On 3 April 2012, a Blaine Station Border Patrol Agent reported that an individual in a black Honda Fit was taking photographs of his house. The agent‟s wife identified the vehicle and saw the subject inside the vehicle utilizing a long lens camera directed at the agent‟s house. The suspect vehicle had an identifying sticker on the rear hatch back of the vehicle. It was red, possibly a Nine Inch Nails (NIN) sticker. The sticker was placed below the rear Washington State license plate on the rear bumper. Once the agent was advised by his wife of the suspicious vehicle, the vehicle left the area before a license plate could be obtained. A second Blaine agent and his carpool partner also reported that the same vehicle has been observed on their street. The agent stated that the driver appeared to be a white male with blond hair. The two agents live on different streets off of Gate 3 in Sudden Valley. Both agents stated that they don‟t believe that they have been followed from the Blaine Station. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-04-10T11:56:37 Status Open (U//FOUO) [Region 6] On 26 March 2012 at approximately 1400 hours, a female student had a discussion with a male student while both were at the Bothell Campus of the University of Washington. The male made statements that he just converted to the Muslim religion and proceeded to share some of his views. He made several statements that all gay people should be killed and that "we should stand up and kill them.” Additionally, the subject showed YouTube videos of an interview with a radical Muslim, where the radical states there should not be any tolerance for any alternate life style or beliefs which contradicts the Muslim religion. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-04-03T08:53:23 Status Open

(U//FOUO) [Region 6] On 25 March 2012 at approximately 0835 hours, an unidentified subject was observed taking photos of the new Amtrak Equipment Maintenance building. The person observing the subject felt the activity was suspicious due to the length of time the subject spent in the area and his continual pacing while taking the photos. The officer also felt the incident suspicious due to the clothing worn by the subject and the apparent high dollar value of the camera used. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-04-02T14:06:04 Status Open

REPORT SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR WSFC INTAKE: 1-877-843-9522 intake@wsfc.wa.gov


FLO NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 9 Page 3

Intake Highlights and Analysis
(U//FOUO) [Region 6] On 24 March 2012 at approximately 0320 hours, a small, four inches long by 1/4 inch in diameter, metallic cylinder was discovered attached to a bulkhead inside a vessel assigned to the Washington State Ferry System. The vessel was tied to the terminal dock at Bainbridge Island. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-03-28T15:37:54 Status Closed WSFC Comment: Upon investigation, it was determined that the cylinder was from an electronic cigarette. The adhesive label on the cigarette had been peeled off and used to attach the cylinder to the bulkhead of the ferry. (U//FOUO) [Region 6] On 22 March 2012 at 2148 hours, a female shopper (did not provide name) contacted the control room of a mall to report a possible threat against the mall. The caller reported that between the hours of 1730 and 2130, as she was shopping, she had noticed four Middle Eastern appearing men around the mall observing people. As she was shopping she noticed that the men did not appear to be in the mall for retail purposes. She stated that she saw the men observing, relocating and observing again, and that the men were in several different locations. As she was exiting the mall, she saw the same four men exit the garage in a small blue sedan. No license plate was obtained. The caller found it strange that all four men were never in the mall together, but left in the same vehicle. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-03-23T16:16:34 Status Open (U//FOUO) [Region 6] On 18 March 2012 around 0330 hours, two males were found sleeping in the north lobby area of the Colman Dock Terminal. A preliminary investigation revealed one of the two males climbed the fence at the NW corner of the terminal and opened a side door on the north side of the terminal, which allowed access for the second male. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-03-23T13:19:38 Status Open (U//FOUO) [SD] On 17 March 2012, the South Dakota Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle, with Washington plates, that had a hidden compartment which contained $221.010.00 in U.S. Currency. The driver claimed to be traveling from St. Paul, MN to Hillsboro, OR and disclaimed any knowledge of the money. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-03-20T12:33:53 Status Open


FLO NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 9 Page 4

Synopsis – Homeland Security Information Network
• The Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) has transitioned to a new communication collaboration platform to enhance the ability to share information with and between our partners. This platform is based on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). HSIN‟s collaborative nature provides information which enhances our collective efforts to deter, detect and disrupt those determined to do harm to infrastructure and citizens of our State. • In Washington State, the WSFC has been designated as the administrator for HSIN. The HSIN platform is divided into Communities of Interest (COI) to represent the varied groups around the nation. In Washington there are currently two COI‟s: HSIN Washington and HSIN Washington Law Enforcement. • HSIN Washington provides a secure platform to share up to „For Official Use Only‟ (FOUO) information with vetted public and private sector members. This information is appropriate for all of our partners and contains information relevant to the Critical Sectors. It also provides resources to share information between all of our partners through a variety of libraries. • HSIN Washington Law Enforcement is the WSFC‟s primary platform for sharing „Law Enforcement Sensitive‟ (LES) information with its law enforcement partners. This COI is targeted for sworn law enforcement partners and those who provide them mission support. It is used to share law enforcement sensitive (LES) information securely. As with the HSIN Washington COI, partners have the ability to share sensitive information directly with each other. • The HSIN platform is SharePoint based, designed for collaboration. While these COI‟s are the primary mechanism for the WSFC to share information, their real strength comes as all members contribute information, best practices, and lessons learned with community members.. We strongly encourage all of our partners to take the time to share relevant information by posting to these COI’s. With strong emphasis on two-way sharing, this platform can significantly help everyone in their mission and protect lives and property in Washington State. • In addition to sharing information with partners across disciplines, critical sectors, and the State of Washington, members may also request access to other COI‟s from around the nation and gain access to additional tools which facilitate information sharing. These additional tools are provided free of charge and can be used by all members. • One of the primary tools is HSIN Connect. HSIN Connect is based on Adobe connect and is a Web based conferencing solution to host web meetings. These meetings can be accessed by non-HSIN members as well as members. The web conference services includes full audio and video streaming as well as the ability to present information such as documents and PowerPoint presentations. The Connect sessions can also be sent to a variety of handheld devices such as Android and iOS phones.


FLO NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 9 Page 5

Administrative Notes
• As FLOs, you will be nominated and validated for access to the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). Some of you have already accessed HSIN, while some of you may be going through the process to gain access to HSIN – remember, “Patience is a Virtue!” If you are having any difficulty accessing HSIN, please notify the WSFC webmaster at webmaster@wsfc.wa.gov. • When you submit a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), or Tip and Lead (T/L) to the WSFC Intake (intake@wsfc.wa.gov), please identify yourself as a FLO in the subject line. • We value your feedback, and want to hear from you. Whether it be with respect to online courses we suggest, recommendations for training in the future, or the contents of the FLO Newsletter, your input is important as we continue to strive to improve the FLO program. Send your feedback to: flo@wsfc.wa.gov.

WSFC FLO Coordinator (FC): Det. George Mars 206-262-2265/ flo@wsfc.wa.gov

RIG 1 FC: Det. Kevin Fairchild 425-257-8495/ 425-508-6018 (c) RIG 9 FC: Det. Dan Blashill 509-477-3181/ 509-370-0104 (c) dblashill@spokanesheriff.org

KCRCIG FC: SGT Steven Davis 206-296-7527 sar@kingcounty.gov

RIG 5 FC: Det./SGT Jim Loeffelholz 253-573-2434/ 253-255-7608 jloeffe@co.pierce.wa.us


FLO NEWSLETTER Volume 2, Issue 9 Page 6

Training Opportunities
• For the WSFC sponsored Explosive Awareness Training, seats are still available in both locations. As of 10 April 2012, North Bend (24 Apr class) has eight seats available, and Ephrata (26 Apr class) has 39 available seats. See attached flyer for further details on registering for the training. • The next iteration of the FLO Basic class will be held 10-12 July 2012. The training will be held in Spokane, Burlington, and Burien. See attached flyer for further information. • The FLO training FLO concept is something we are still finalizing and hope to have in practice within the next couple months. For the concept to become a reality, we will need your participation and encourage you to coordinate with the WSFC to set up a training session in your area of expertise, and share with your fellow FLOs. For those of you we have heard from already, we will be contacting you to coordinate the training. Additionally, if you are aware of training that would benefit FLOs, such as the Explosive Awareness Training that will be held later this month, please post that information on HSIN, or send the information to flo@wsfc.wa.gov.

• From the FLO Basic class, many of you requested the Arkansas shooting video, which is available on YouTube. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZEdH6BRjAY
• For other training opportunities, we encourage you to visit HSIN and explore the “Training Links.” Particularly for expanding your knowledge in the critical infrastructure realm, the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) Training & Education link is ideally suited to meet that need.


Washington State Fusion Center

LOGISTICS: DATES: April 24 & 26 TIME: 0900 – 1300 LOCATION: 24Apr -Fire Training Academy 50810 Grouse Ridge RD North Bend, WA 98045 26Apr -Grant County Public Work Building 124 Enterprise Street SE Ephrata, WA 98823 LIMIT: 50 Students/Class

TOPICS: • IED Common Explosives • IED Components • Current Trends • Thefts • Lessons Learned LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS: • Explosive Types • Detection K-9 INSTRUCTORS: • WSP Bomb Squad • WSP HSD K-9

To Register: Email flo@wsfc.wa.gov with requested date



TRAINING Announcement

COURSE DATE (s): This one day course will be held at various locations around the state from July 10-12, 2012. (See dates/locations below). TIME: 0800-1700 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 8 hour basic Fusion Liaison Officer course will: • Provide a basic understanding of the FLO program. • Provide instruction on the Statewide Integrated Intelligence System. • Provide instruction on Privacy Policy, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and 28 CFR Part 23. • Educate the students in key concepts of intelligence, networking, terrorist infrastructures, red team methodology and emerging threats corresponding to better conducting the FLO mission. • Provide students with a basic understanding of the National Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative. COURSE LENGTH: 8 hours TARGET AUDIENCE/DESCIPLINE: The instruction is designed for personnel (LE/Fire/CIKR) who will be functioning as a FLO within Washington State. COST: All training and course materials are FREE! LOCATION: July 10th – CJTC 2302 N. Waterworks, Spokane, WA July 11th – Burlington FD 350 Sharon Ave, Burlington, WA July 12th – CJTC 19010 1st Ave S, Burien, WA TO ENROLL: Fill out the FLO Application and send to the FLO Coordinator: Secured Fax: 206-262-2014 or FLO@wsfc.wa.gov
BACKFILL AND OVERTIME: All overtime, backfill time, and travel expenses must be approved by the student’s agency/employer. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with several read-ahead documents. Application deadline is June 11, 2012.

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