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January 16, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2
Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake, Skamania County

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01/10 Study: online terror social media
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The majority of online terrorist activity is now taking place on social media, a new study has found. Prof. Gabriel Weimann, of the University of Haifa’s Communications Department, found that 90 percent of organized terrorism on the Internet is occurring on social media websites. ―By using these tools, the organizations are able to be active in recruiting new friends without geographical limitations,‖ Weimann said Monday. Weimann, who has published a book on Internet-based terrorist activities, studied public and password-protected sites over the past decade. Facebook, chat rooms, YouTube, and other sites that have been key to the Internet’s evolution are also being utilized by Islamist radicals, he found. http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=252926 01/10 Online project maps militant groups What’s the difference between Hamas in Iraq, the Islamic Army in Iraq, and the Jihad and Reform Front? The three militant Islamist groups are based in Iraq, but they have different historical roots and leadership structures. And their goals and strategies do not necessarily align, say researchers at Stanford University. These differences highlight one of the biggest challenges to tackling terrorism: understanding the motivations, allegiances, shifting priorities, and organizational structures of the dozens of militant groups around the world. Groups with similar grievances and demographics sometimes merge with one another; other times they don’t. Organizations that begin with one leadership structure might splinter or change over time, giving birth to a hydra of new militant groups that may also merge or diverge in new and unexpected ways. To better understand how these organizations interact with each other and with governments, political scientist Martha Crenshaw is building a searchable, online map that shows the history and relationships among militant organizations. This visual representation includes detailed descriptions of the groups, and shows dates of leadership changes, major attacks, and the beginning and end of relationships with other militant groups. The result, she hopes, is that policymakers, journalists, intelligence officials, scholars, and others can begin to see the diversity among terrorist organizations and recognize that they may have a variety of goals, and historical and behavioral patterns. http://www.futurity.org/society-culture/online-project-maps-militant-groups/ 01/10 Propaganda fueling the lone wolf Two American individuals were arrested Monday, charged with independently trying to carry out assaults against the United States– and as John Miller reports, the trend since the September 11 terror attacks by the al Qaeda terrorist organization has been towards an increased threat from ―lone wolf‖ terrorists, many of whom are home-grown. Craig Benedict Baxam, an ex-Army soldier from Laurel, Md., was arrested for attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization in Somalia. On Monday in Florida, Sami Osmakac, a Kosovo-born Muslim man, was Continues… UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

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Special Points of Interest: FLO Basic training February 6—8 at three locations in WA.

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charged with plotting to attack crowded locations around Tampa, Fla., including nightclubs and a sheriff's office. "I think what we're looking at here is a very interesting trend," said Miller. "After 9/11 we saw an average of four of these cases a year roughly, and then in 2008, 2009, 2010, you see that really spike, so that you're having 13 cases, 18 cases. Last year we had another nine cases. So the question is, what made this kind of self-radicalization go up? "I attribute a lot of it to Anwar al-Awlaki, when al Qaeda discovered that in their midst they had a master propagandist." Al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric who promoted the terror group on the Internet, was killed by a U.S. drone attack in Yemen last September. Miller said that while the power of Awlaki's message may have dimmed - the number of "lone wolf" cases has dropped a bit recently - his effect is still powerful. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57355812/propaganda-fueling-lone-wolf-terror-threats/ 01/11 Terror conviction rates high An informer who led the FBI to a Pinellas Park terror suspect got paid to do so. Along the way, the informer introduced the suspect to someone who seemed to have access to explosives: an undercover FBI agent. The informer's and agent's prominent roles might trigger questions about the arrest Saturday of Sami Osmakac, 25, but they likely won't hurt the government's case, an expert says. About 90 percent of federal terrorism cases result in a conviction, either through a plea deal or a trial, said Karen J. Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School in New York. "You don't see acquittals," she said. The center has tracked hundreds of terrorism-related arrests since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks but logged only nine acquittals, 13 complete dismissals and five vacated guilty verdicts. And in the middle of the past decade, researchers saw an upswing in the use of informers, without a compromise in conviction rates. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/conviction-rate-high-in-terrorism-cases-even-when-informerused/1210056 01/12 Terror threat to London Olympics A SUSPECTED al-Qaeda chief has been banned from flying to the UK amid fears of a terrorist threat to the Olympics. Sami Mohamed Ali al-Fadli, 20, is thought likely to launch an attack in the UK or on a plane. Home Secretary Theresa May ordered the suspected terror leader to be barred from all flights into Britain after intelligence chiefs warned he poses a threat to the Games. At least 150 airlines are affected by the urgent blanket ban on Fadli — with 90 of them operating from Heathrow alone. It is also thought Fadli — believed to be lurking in terrorist hotspot Yemen — might try to blow a plane out of the sky in a suicide bombing spectacular. A British intelligence source said last night: "This man is regarded as a very real threat. "Information about him indicates that he could also be in a position to influence and lead others." Fadli — a shadowy figure who once lived in Britain as a refugee — was the SECOND suspect with terror links to be made the subject of a flight ban and exclusion order as fears mounted that al-Qaeda agents could stage a bloody atrocity to disrupt this summer's Games. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4055150/No-fly-ban-put-on-fanatic-Sami-Mohamed-Ali-al-Fadli-afterLondon-Olympic-Games-alert.html


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Sabotage/Tampering/Vandalism WSFC INTAKE 1-877-843-9522

(U//FOUO) [Region 6] Between 5 January 2012 at 1800 hours and 6 January 2012 at 0600 hours, an unknown subject placed an Improvised Incendiary Device in the (REDACTED) Bank ATM lobby located at (REDACTED) in Seattle. The device failed to function as intended. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-01-16T15:50:34 Status Closed


Tips and Leads
(U//FOUO) [Region 5] On 12 December 2011, a black Pelican style case containing what appears to be some type of optic or sighting system was found by the side of I-90 at mile post 56.5 in the east bound lanes. Also found inside the case were several "Special Forces" patches or armbands. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-01-11T13:59:30 Status Referred (U//FOUO) [Region 5, 6, 8] On 13 January 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection discovered, during a routine inspection, suspected Opium poppy plants intended for delivery to addresses in Seattle, Yakima, and Roy, WA. WSFC Tracking No. TL_2012-01-16T14:54:20 Status Referred

NWWARN www.nwwarn.org


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FLO Program Calendar January 2012
Resource: US National Counterterrorism Center—2011 Calendar, www.nctc.gov * Refer to Volume 1, Issue’s 43 through 45, and Volume 2, Issue 1 for an in-depth description of each training event for January 2012.

1 (Sun)
2009, India: Serial explosions in Guwahati kill five and wound 67; United Liberation Front of Assam believed responsible

2 (Mon)
2008, Algeria: Bomb attack on police station in Naciria kills four, wounds more than 20; al-Qa’ida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb claims responsibility

3 (Tue)
2009, Afghanistan: Car bomb and suicide bomber kill 15 policemen and first responders in Khash Rud; Taliban claim responsibility

4 (Wed)
2009, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Fifteen people killed, many kidnapped in separate incidents; Lord’s Resistance Army believed responsible

5 (Thu)
2003, Israel: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade’s simultaneous suicide attacks kill 23, wound 107

6 (Fri)
1963, Colombia: National Liberation Army (FLN) founded

7 (Sat)
2007, India: Armed assailants fire on civilians in Sibsagar, killing seven; United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) claims responsibility

8 (Sun)
1998, US: Ramzi Ahmed Yousef sentenced to life plus 240 years for 1993 World Trade Center bombings

DOC Narcotics Dog Academy (Jan 8 through Feb 23)—Shelton Adv. Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement—Mt. Vernon Basic Mountain Operations Course 2012 (Jan 7—12)

9 (Mon)
2001, Colombia: Army rescues 56 hostages from ELN; group captures 15 more and kills one

10 (Tue)
2009, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Six civilians, several military personnel killed in Sambia; Lord’s Resistance Army believed responsible


2010, India: Two killed as attackers fire on local traders; no claim of responsibility but Communist Party of India-Maoist widely suspected

12 (Thu)

2007, Greece: Rocket-propelled grenade attack against US Embassy in Athens, no …

Technical Entry Concepts Course: Lock Picking Grant Writing Workshop—Spokane Valley

First Line Supervision: Mastering Leadership Skills—Bremerton Collision Investigation– Basic (Jan 9—13) Tactics Instructor Course (Jan 9—13) Field Training Officer Academy (Jan 9—13) Child Abuse Investigation and Interviewing (Jan 9—13) Basic Mountain Operations Course 2012 (Jan 11—16) — Priest Lake, ID

13 (Fri)
1987, West Germany: Mohammed Ali Hamadei arrested at Frankfurt airport. Charged with 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847/murder of passenger and Subtle Mechanical Breaching Skills—Seattle — Spokane Valley and Seattle — Seattle — Bellingham — Burien — Priest Lake, ID

14 (Sat)
2004, Gaza Strip: First female HAMAS suicide bomber kills four, wounds 10 at Erez Crossing

15 (Sun)
2002, West Bank: Palestinian militia leader Ra’id alKarmi killed by bomb outside his home; Israel implicated

16 (Mon)
2006, Afghanistan: Twenty-two civilians killed, 27 wounded by suicide bomber on motorcycle in Spin Buldak; no claim of responsibility

First Level Supervision– 80 Hour Online (Jan 16 through Apr 28)—** Course is online

Advanced Concepts in Motor Learning and …

Websites queried for training opportunities : www.cjtc.state.wa.us; www.wsema.com


FLO Weekly Volume 2, Issue 2 Page 5

FLO Program Calendar January 2012
Resource: U.S. National Counterterrorism Center—2011 Calendar, www.nctc.gov

17 (Tue)
1996, US: Umar ’Abd al-Rahman (the ―Blind Shaykh‖) sentenced to life in prison for his role in 1993 World Trade Center bombing

18 (Wed)
2011, Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 50, wounds 150, in attack on police applicants in Tikrit; no claim of responsibility but al-Qa’ida in Iraq strongly suspected

19 (Thu)
2007, Ethiopia: Twenty-five killed in attack on community in Gunagado; Ogaden National Liberation Front believed responsible

20 (Fri)
1981, Iran: Remaining 52 US Embassy hostages seized in November 1979 released

WSEMA Mid-Year Networking Lunch—Airway Heights Performance for Motor Skills Instructors Course (Jan 16—20) — Burien

How to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute a No Body Homicide Case—Olympia Grant Writing Workshop—Burien

21 (Sat)
2003, Kuwait: Gunman ambushes vehicle near Camp Doha, killing one US contractor and wounding another

22 (Sun)
1999, France: GIA ringleaders sentenced to eight years for terrorist acts; 84 others sentenced in mass trial

23 (Mon)
2002, Pakistan: Extremists kidnap and later kill US journalist Daniel Pearl


2011, Russia: Suicide bombing kills 36, wounds 180, at Domodedovo airport in Moscow; Doku Umarov claims resp.

SLATT: Muslim Culture for LE; Psychopathology of Hate Groups; Explosives, Methods, and Attacks—Spokane Valley Rural Policing Training Workshop: Drug Endangered Children—Monroe Crisis Intervention Team Training, In-Service– King Co—Burien

Reading Body Language– Interpret Signs of Danger, Deception, Demeanor and Disagreement (Jan 24)—Puyallup Leadership Under Fire—Spokane Valley Crime Scene Photography– Digital (Jan 23—27)

Crisis Intervention Team Training, 40 Hr Basic– King Co (Jan 23—27)

25 (Wed)
2011, US: Ahmed Ghailani sentenced in civilian court in New York to life in prison for role in 7 August 1998 bombing of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam

26 (Thu)
2009, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Assailants kill 36 civilians in several villages; Dem. Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda widely believed responsible Developing and Managing Complex Investigations—Kennewick Student Substance Abuse: Deterrence and Steps to Detection—Burien

27 (Fri)
2003, Afghanistan: Armed militants attack UN convoy, kill two security officer escorts

28 (Sat)
2008, Burundi: Assailants kill three soldiers, then booby-trap bodies to target responders, in Kayanza; Party for the Liberation of the Hutu People (Palipehutu-FNL) believed responsible

Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion Training—Spokane Valley — Vancouver — Burien

Street Intelligence for Patrol—Kennewick

2003, US: Richard Reid, failed ―shoe bomber‖ who attempted to bring down American Airlines flight 63 in December 2001, is sentenced to life in prison

29 (Sun)
2008, Pakistan: Abu Layth al-Libi, al-Qa’ida senior military commander and spokesperson, killed

30 (Mon)
2010, Afghanistan: Female suicide bomber kills 14 civilians and three soldiers in Khar; no claim of responsibility

31 (Tue)
Gordon Graham: Discipline of RM; Five Concurrent Themes of Success; Why Things Go Right Go Wrong—Puyallup Intro to the LE Tactical Board/NIMS-ICS Responder Tabletop Trng Exercise—Arlington

1 Feb

Ethnic Criminals—Kennewick

Asian Gangs and Organized Crime (Jan 31 through Feb 2) — Spokane Valley

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Investigations—Spokane Valley Taser Instructor Course—Spokane Valley Defensive Tactics Instructor Level 2 (Jan 30 through Feb 3) — Burien Hostage Negotiations (Jan 30 through Feb 3) — Burien

Websites queried for training opportunities : www.cjtc.state.wa.us; www.wsema.com



Training Opportunities
** The following training announcements are provided to our FLO’s as an opportunity for furthering education and is not endorsed by the WSFC, or DHS, unless specifically stated. We encourage FLO’s to research each class to see if it meets their training needs before attending. For more information on courses, click on below icons. ** Local
(U) Crisis Intervention Team Training, In-Service– King CO (Selections made 4 weeks prior to class start date), 7 Mar, Burien Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us (U) Writing Well: Back to the Basics, 8 Feb, Kent Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us (U) Applied Leadership Principles, 9 Feb, Kent Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us (U) Background Investigations for Public Safety Positions, 13—14 Feb, Edmonds Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us (U) DT: Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint Instructor Recertification Course, 14 Feb, Burien Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us (U) 2-Day Law Enforcement Media Training Seminar, 14—15 Feb, Kent Website: www.cjtc.state.wa.us

WSFC Sponsored
(U) Fusion Liaison Officer (FLO) Basic - February 6—8, 2012 This is a one day (8-hour) course. For more information on course objectives, target audience, and how to enroll, click here: FLO CONOP FLO Application



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FLO Coordinator: Det. George Mars 253-279-9669 FLO@wsfc.wa.gov

RIG FLO Coordinators are as follows: RIG 1: SGT Matt Myers has been reassigned and, until his successor is named, Det. Kevin Fairchild will be the acting sergeant and FLO point of contact for Region 1. work 425-257-8495 cell 425-508-6018 KCRCIG: SGT Steven Davis/ Criminal Intel Unit 206-296-7527 SAR@kingcounty.gov RIG 5: Det./SGT Jim Loeffelholz/ South Sound Regional Intel Group 253-830-6533 253-405-6214 jloeffe@co.pierce.wa.us/ Entire RIG: pcintel@pierce.wa.us If you know of any federal or local training you would like to add to the FLO Weekly, or if you would like training on a particular topic, please reply to FLO@wsfc.wa.gov. If you need SAR training material to share with your co-workers please notify Detective Mars. Handouts and a 15 min DVD are available and will be provided to you. For those of you who would like additional information—and have a legitimate need-to-know—on a SAR or TL mentioned in any of the FLO Weekly’s, contact the WSFC via email or tip-line and provide the WSFC Tracking No. and a justification. If your department, agency, or organization identifies any suspicious activities, please contact your local law enforcement agency and the WSFC at 1-877-843-9522 or email intake@wsfc.wa.gov. Additionally, reporting can be accomplished by using the ―Report Suspicious Activity‖ feature at the Northwest Warning, Alert, and Response Network (NWWARN) at www.nwwarn.org/. Please include the word FLO, followed by your region number (1-9) then your name when you submit information to intake@wsfc.wa.gov. Put this information in the subject line of your email; for example, FLO 1 Joe Smith. By providing the WSFC this extra information, it will assist us in keeping track of FLO information submitted. On another note, when you submit a Tip and Lead (TL) to the WSFC we ask that you courtesy copy (Cc…) your RIG FLO Coordinator as well, so that they may obtain situational awareness. If you do not have an established RIG in your area, courtesy copy (Cc…) your local police or sheriff’s department when submitting a TL to the WSFC—doing this will help WSFC assigned detectives follow up necessary TLs.


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