Chapter One: (Akira P.O.

V) (speaking in third person) She stepped out of the truck slowly, taking in her new surroundings. The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air as she took in a deep breath. She looked around with desperation. He was nowhere to be seen. She was alone, standing there all alone, waiting for someone who wasn’t there. “Wake up you idiot! He’s not usual. Don’t be so depressed, you knew he wouldn’t show. Grow up girl! Smack some sense into that head of yours...AND STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF!” My inner self yelled. I shook my head. (Speaking in thought
with self...weird I know) “He’ll show...he’s just, taking his sweet time about it. That’s all.” I replied. I talk to myself, so what...everyone has their own problems, I talk in thought with myself...I could name worse. It’s not like I’m high or something... Quick description of self; I’m 16, 5’ 2”, long curly red hair just passed my rib cage, pale blue eyes, regular ear piercings, and I’m lean...curvy to be specific. Either way. I’m considered cute by a lot of people, especially by my can get really annoying some times. Other people can think whatever they want about me, I don’t really care what they think! Anyway...I just moved to a small town located in the absolute middle of NOWHERE...I have no idea where the heck I am really, just some small town I never knew existed till now. I just took a three hour flight to a busy city, just to sit through a five hour drive to my present destination. Tons of fun right? After arriving in this small town I’ve been left waiting in front of the visitor’s center outside of town waiting for my mom’s boyfriend to come and pick me up. I have no idea who he is, I’ve never met him, and by the looks of things...I may never meet him, not I mind. I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes now and he’s still NOT HERE! I’m starting to think they forgot about me...wait...he finally decided to come get me, somehow I thought I’d be happier...oh well. “Hey! You must be Akira...I’m Claude, your mother said you wouldn’t be here till a quarter to one, sorry ‘bout that.” He said as he extended his hand to me. I put on a fake smile and tilted my head to the side crossing my arms behind me. He smiled like he enjoyed my little girl look. “It’s least your here now.” I laughed. He sighed and we shook hands. He seemed like a nice guy...sort of. “So what do you think of town so far?” He asked. I hate it when they try to start conversation. “It’s quiet.” I said. “It’s awesome! So empty and horribly silent! I love it Claude.” My inner self teased. He looked at me for a moment.

“That’s it?” “Well...yeah. There’s not much here, it’s...quiet, like theres no one even living here. Not much too really say about it.” Whatever it was I said, it seemed offended him for reason. I wonder why? I sat in the passenger seat of his silver corvette, we didn’t talk after that, it was silent but not weird, and we just didn’t really have anything to talk about. It wasn’t long before he pulled into the driveway of a small white house about a mile outside a very small town...WHY is EVERYTHING so...isolated here? I just don’t understand. “Welcome to your new home. Come on, your mother’s working so she won’t be here till diner, I’ll help you get situated.” Before I could stop him he was pulling my bag out of the trunk and hauled it inside. It was bigger than it looked. My room was upstairs, the one only up there besides storage. It was descent. I had everything I needed; a dresser, closet, desk, shelving, my books, school stuff, and a nice view of the forest through my window...good for sneaking out of too I imagine. Not that I would do that! Just saying, I have paranoia sometimes, the idea that someone could sneak into my room that way...didn’t make me feel all that well. Claude toured me around before setting out to making something to eat, by the looks of what he was grabbing...some buttered turkey with peanut butter...guys eat the weirdest things! Ewwwee... I went to my room so I wouldn’t throw-up my last meal watching him scarf down peanut buttered turkey...seriously how he can eat that!? Never thought I’d be so happy to see mom when she brought in Chinese food take-out. I love egg noodles, my favorite, as my mother knew of course. We ate and I went to bed, feeling fat and happy, up to my room to catch some ZZzz before my first day at my new high school...what fun that will be. I’m so excited I can’t wait for mom to drag me out of bed in the morning  “Akira! Akira...get your lazy butt out of bed!” Mom yelled as she yanked the covers off me...ohh its cold! “Mom! Brrrrr....cold.” I mumbled as my teeth chattered. I rapped my arms around myself as, with a grin, she tossed the blanket on me and walked out. I swear she gets some sort of sick pleasure out of that! So MEAN...sometimes. I got up and dressed myself in dark blue jeans, a light blue loose fitted blouse with lace and brushed my hair into a long ponytail. After getting ready for the day ahead I ran downstairs for breakfast. Claude was sitting at the table eating toast with jam on it, mom was driving away to work. “Does she walk long hours of something?” “Yeah...12 hour days, gone most of the time...I work night shift 4 days a week so I’ll be here when you get back.” He beamed, like it was some sort of privilege. Whatever, I grabbed some toast and buttered it before shoving it in my mouth. So mom makes the best toast EVER, wish I could have said goodbye before she left for work. Oh well, no sense crying about it, mommy will come home eventually...I had more important issues to address, like my new...high

school. I finished my first year in my home town till mom ordered me away, now I have to adapt to an entirely new school for the next, worst, two years of my life...uhhhh! I can’t stress how horrible it is to step out of your mother’s boyfriend’s car on your first day of school. Every signal person there was staring at me like there was a huge arrow blinking above my head! I was happy when he drove away silently, not saying anything weird like mom does...that’s one point for Claude! The school was a red colour with medium sized white windows and steel double doors, it was huge, and I couldn’t wait to tour it...mainly to find the library. I really like books! As I dreamed of the pages I could shove my face into a blonde hair girl stepped in front of me. “Hi! You must be new here.” She said sarcastically. I thought that would be obvious to anyone that saw me arrive; I obviously never appeared here until today! Obviously...I’m new. “Yeah...I’m-“ “I don’t care who you just need to know who I am. I’m Catherina Colbry, head cheerleader of this dump. Now run along little girl, you have a good day now!” She laughed with her three friends, her evil minions by the looks of it. “Rude much!” My inner self yelled as she walked off. I walked on slowly to the principal’s office to get my school schedule and my books. As I walked down the hall everyone walked by me like I was invisible to the human eye...this kids are harsh! Maybe Catherina got to them...hummm? “You must be Miss Drey. I’m Mrs. Andrews, your English teacher. I have your things here for you.” Beamed a short red haired woman who looked like she was somewhere in her mid twenties. She was wearing a black suit jacket and long black skirt. She looked very pretty. “Yeah. I’m Akira Drey, nice to meet you Mrs. Andrews.” I replied, taking my schedule and books from her. “My mom was suppose to have filled out my paperwork, did she?” I asked. “No, actually, a Mr. Claude Darren filled it out yesterday morning before running off, said he was late for something.” Her face was plank like a piece of white paper. That must have been why he was late picking me up. Now it makes sense, he’s a really nice guy! “Good, is this everything then?” “Yes. You such be all set.” She said as she walked off. “I have some paperwork of my own to do. I’ll see you in class later on. Bye now.” “Bye.” I uttered as she closed the door. I didn’t even have time to enter the room. I was still standing in the hallway! Now people were looking at me...when I don’t want them too. I stood out like a sore thumb; glossy red hair, simple (but cute) clothing, studded emerald earrings, and carrying books up past my nose...I really stood out. Catherina walked up to me, eye to eye. “Hey...looking good bookie! I’ll be sure to rely on you when I need my books packed...bye now!” She hummed, waving to me. Man she’s annoying! And those minions of hers.

After I found my locker, which took me about 5 minutes to do, I headed off to my first class...English. Learning more and more everyday is good and all...but VERY boring all the same. I was glad when it was over, went on to my other classes, then there was lunch. And boy was I hungry. Running all over school would do that to you, hurrying around like that. I was so glad when I was the food in the cafeteria that my stomach growled in joy! I grabbed my tray and lined up, waiting patiently for my food. It all looked so good; macaroni and cheese, steamed veggies, roasted chicken, and white chocolate and vanilla pudding for desert...I was in food heaven. My eyes widened as the lunch lady put some of everything on my plate and gave me a cup of pudding. The pudding was the best part of it all! I wanted to eat it first, but desert is like a reward for finishing your meal, thus I eat it last. I sat at one of the unpopular kid’s tables where everyone else sat, that table right next to the one Catherina was sitting. Huge mistake! I sat and she sat across from me, like she planned it from the start...she`s pure evil, I knew it all along! She was ignoring me, which is a good thing, but she’d occasionally glance over at me. This worried me about what she might be up to. “Then I said to him, you really expect me to go out with you? You should have seen his face!” They laughed. I’m not exactly sure what they were talking about, and I don’t care, I do know that whatever it was, it involved a minion being mean to some innocent. “Hey bookie, how’s it going?” Catherina said, with a teasing grin on her face, I would have loved to slap it off her, but I held myself back despite my feelings. Like a good person would do. “Hey, Catherina...I’m fine. Enjoying your lunch?” I uttered quietly. She eyed me carefully. “It’s fact, I enjoyed so much I think I’ll have my pudding now.” “HEY!” I exclaimed, getting up quickly. I don’t tolerate it when someone takes something from me...especially when it’s my food, that’s a big no no!” “That’s my pudding cup, give it back!” “Yours? What makes you think’s in my hand is it not?” “That’s because you took it from me!” I hissed, she didn’t like that. “Opps...uh oh, my bad.” She laughed with her friends. The pudding spilled all over the floor, my pudding...I thought I’d cry. My heart broke at the sight of spilled pudding, it was too much to bear, and I love pudding it’s my favorite thing to eat! And now it’s all gone...a shame! “M-my p-p-pudding...why, what did I ever do to you?! Why torment me so?” I asked. I can be over dramatic sometimes, I over react a lot. “Because it’s for my enjoyment, remember that!” She hissed like a cobra. She stood away from me as I sat down in silence, she laughed in her amusement. Something tells me this place is going to be a nightmare. My life has ended...

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