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பாலண பாலண பாலண பாலண:9845610390
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வாமிநாத வாமிநாத வாமிநாத வாமிநாத:9841072214
“֧֗ֈ֞֊֞ե ֚֞֐ वेदोऽि᭭म” So goes the saying which gives an important place in our vaideeka dharma.
But Sama Vedas are continuing to be a vedic minority.
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal has ordained that a
SAMA VEDA SABHA be held in which Sama veda pundits, those who have studied Sama vedam and those
who are Sama vedis as well as Sama veda patashala vidyarthis will participate. The broad objectives of the
sabha would be :
1. It would be an opportunity for Svashakha Sama vedis to know one another
2. To enable Sama vedis preserve their identity
3. To acquire more knowledge about Sama vedam
Accordingly arrangements are being made to conduct this sabha on Sunday (Brindavana dwadasi – tulasi
vivaham) the 10
day of karthikai of nandana year i.e. on 25-11-2012 at SANKARALAYAM, Mayor
Ramanathan road, Chetpet, Chennai.
During this event, Sama veda vidyarthis will perform Samaveda parayanam. Senior Sama veda
pundits will deliver lectures on Sama veda. There will be a purposeful discussion regarding support and
encouragement of higher studies for those who have completed their adhyayanam, as also on other topics
such as Sama veda and yagnas (srowtham), on those Sama vedis who are agnihotris (Somayagis) and on
various notes in tamil literature about Sama vedam.
Elderly Sama veda pundits will be suitably honoured and other Sama vedis and vidyarthis will also be
suitably rewarded. It is also proposed to bring out a Sama veda directory after this sabha.
We therefore request all Sama vedis – particularly the senior pundits, vaideekas, vidyarthis and
gruhasthas to benefit by participating in this sabha.
DATE : 25-11-2012, SUNDAY
TIME : 8.00 AM – 1.00 P.M AND 2.00 P.M TO 6.30 P.M
Morning breakfast, lunch and evening snacks will be provided
For further details please contact :
SRI BHASKARAN, Bangalore – 9880080009 SRI BALAKRISHNAN – 9845610390
SRI BHASKARAN, Chennai – 9840720504


SRI SWAMINATHAN, Mylapore - 9841072214

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