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Aloha Hawaii Teacher!

Grassroots leaders of FACE (Faith Action for Community Equity) developed this survey to capture your and your colleagues thoughts about what is working and what should be changed in Hawaiis education system. We have no preconceived notion about what is going on with teaching and learning in our state. But we are troubled by the way the debate on education reform sidesteps the manao of teachers themselves. The intent of this survey is to listen to teachers about what is most needed to improve public education in Hawaii. We will use these survey results to create a report to be authored by UH Professor Cliff Tanabe, and well distribute the report to everyone who filled out the survey, as well as to House and Senate Education committees, the School board, the Governor and the HSTA officers. One more thing, while we are asking for contact information, as well as your school and grade, please be assured that not only are your results anonymous, but we will never share, sell or otherwise misuse your information! Unless you indicate that you are interested in hearing more from us we will contact you only once after the survey and that will be to provide you with a copy of the survey results.

School & District: __________________________________ Years of Experience: _________ Grade Level/Subject: ________________________ Are you willing to be contacted if we need more information for follow-up? Please provide your name and contact information if you are willing. Name: __________________________________ Phone: _______________________________ Email: ___________________________________ Preferred method of contact: _____________ QUESTIONS 1. What is the best thing about being a public/private schoolteacher in Hawaii?

2. What is working well in your classroom or school? (Were worried that the current drive for education reform is looking too hard for quick dramatic fixes, and is missing what does work well. We are more interested in what you think is working than what isnt working. So we are really interested in what you think is

working well inside your classroom whether it be teaching style, school policy, administrator, or a personal innovation).

3. What is the worst thing about being a public/private schoolteacher in Hawaii? (We know teachers get paid less in Hawaii than in many other states and were pretty sure no one is happy about that, but were really interested in administration policies, school procedures, curriculums, the teacher contract, or anything else that you are concerned about)

4. Have you ever thought about leaving the profession of teaching? Why?

5. What do you want or need to do your best work as a teacher?


Is there anything you would like to talk about that we did not cover?