Chapter I : What is ProfitClicking?
ProfitClicking aka JustBeenPaid/JBP ………………………………………………. 2 Equivalent Terms from JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking …………………………. 2 So how do members earn from ProfitClicking? So how does ProfitClicking earn money? What are the Revenue streams? ......... 3 So how can we make sure that ProfitClicking is indefinitely sustainable? ........... 3 So how does Restart Feature make ProfitClicking Indefinitely Sustainable? ...... 3

Chapter II: ProfitClicking Tutorial for Newbie!
Newbie Registration on How To Claim $10 Pay-It-Forward Money ……………. 4 View 3 Ads Per Day or More …………………………………………………………. 8 How To Add a URL or Referral Link………………………………………………… 9


What is ProfitClicking?
ProfitClicking aka JustBeenPaid/JBP is an online program designed by Frederick Mann with the
concept of giving opportunity for a lot of people to earn online in an easy way. In ProfitClicking, you don't need to sell products, meet quotas or recruit people. All you need is to just buy tripler positions and earn from that every day. Easy isn't it? ProfitClicking's business is advertising. Every 1 Advertising Packages you purchase gives you 1000 advertising credits or impression. Each credit/impression is equal to one page view. You can advertise your own website, referral links from other programs, online store, etc. as long as it with the Terms and Conditions of the Traffic Exchange.

Equivalent Terms from JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking
o o o o o o o JSS Tripler Position = Ad Packages JSS Position/Matrix Position = Ad Panels Restart Feature = Profit Shift Credits = Impressions Placements = Accelerators Expedited = Turbo Upgrades Premiums = Nitro Upgrades

So how do members earn from ProfitClicking?
There are three ways:

First, is by purchasing Advertising Packages. Each Advertising Packages costs $10 dollars each

and has an earning lifespan of 88 days. Once it is placed, you will earn $0.20 (Monday to Friday) and $0.10 (Saturday to Sunday) per position you buy. After 88 days (note that every positions has a separate 88 days lifespan), your tripler position/ad packs will mature and will stop earning. It will then give you $15 dollars total, including a $5 dollar profit. Also that matured position will have a "JSS pending" status, and will eventually become "JSS Transferred." Also, in order to earn every day, you need to view 3 ads in order to be able to receive the daily earnings.

Second way is through PC Panel or Matrix positions. A PC Panel will give you a rebate of $60 for
each PC Panel those cycles. You can get PC Panels by: Purchasing a PC Panel which costs $20 each Receiving a free PC Panel for every 4th matured/expired Advertising Packages (provided you upgrade to Level 1 for a fee of $15.00 which will have to be renewed every 3 months) Restart In order for you to earn the $60.00 rebate, you need to cycle a matrix. Unlike Advertising Packages, it takes months before you receive the rebate. A matrix will cycle when you have a Full Name and an Email appearing in the "Full Name" and "E-mail Address" fields for all 6 Spots in a matrix.

Third way is through Referral Commissions. Though it is not mandatory to look for referrals, it is
highly rewarding financially. Here is what you will earn with your referrals: 1. Direct Referrals


$1.00 for every Advertising Packages they purchase. (First position from PIF will not give you a Commission) $5.00 for every PC Panel they cycle. 2. Second-Level Referrals $0.50 for every Advertising Packages they purchase. (First position from PIF will not give you a Commission) $2.50 for every PC Panel they cycle.

So how does ProfitClicking earn money? What are the Revenue streams?
Revenue streams are the following: $10 Advertising Packages 4-8% Withdrawal fees $5-10 Placements, and Premiums $15 Level 1 upgrade fees $20 PC Panel

So how can we make sure that ProfitClicking is indefinitely sustainable?
Frederick Mann wants 98% of people who wants to earn through the internet to be successful. In order for that to happen, he thought for almost six years to have a system that is indefinitely sustainable, thus Restart Feature was created.

So how does Restart Feature make ProfitClicking Indefinitely Sustainable?
First let’s look at the two sides. Advertising Packages. ProfitClicking pays 2% (M-F) and 1% (Sat-Sun) to its members every day. It is considered a liability by the company because at some point in time, the cash going in will outflow the cash going out. PC Panels or matrices. Matrices are what Fred Mann calls Double Asset Money Multiplier or DAMM. It is considered as assets by the company because for every $60 dollars they pay out, $80-120 dollars must come in first (through Placements and Premiums) and it is $20-$60 dollars profit before they pay out the $60 rebate. That is what makes it an asset. Restart converts the liabilities (Advertising Packages) to assets (PC Panels). Restart will also take a percentage Ad Packages, and expire them prematurely to stop paying the 2% and 1% payments daily, then it converts the Advertising Packages into PC Panel. Your daily earnings will be reduced by the Restart, yet in the long run you will earn more from your JSS positions rather than what you would earn from your expired Advertising Packages. That is how Restart makes ProfitClicking Indefinitely Sustainable.

To Create Your PC Account Please Go to:



ProfitClicking Tutorial For Newbie!
ProfitClicking: Newbie Registration on How To Claim $10 Pay-It-Forward Money
What I'm about to show you from this article is all about getting started with ProfitClicking and How to Claim the $10 Pay-It-Forward money from the ProfitClicking system to be able to test how this ProfitClicking program works and earn from company's profit-share, 2% on weekdays(Monday-Friday), 1% on weekends(Saturday-Sunday) for 81 days with total profit of 150% from each $10 Ad Package(s). The first thing you need to do is to create a Gmail account. Gmail account works better and recommended for this program, just go to www.gmail.com. If you have a Gmail account then proceed to the following 8 easy-steps below.. Step 1.) Login to Gmail Account. Go to 'Contacts' and add "noreply@profitclicking.com" to your list, to make sure you receive all the important information and updates from ProfitClicking. See image below.. Image A: Click Contacts

Image B: Add "noreply@profitclicking.com"

Image C: Go back to Gmail Inbox


Step 2.) Signup with ProfitClick h king just go to ☞ http://www.pc-success.us/ and click t sign up / the button.

Step 3.) Fill-up the registration form with y r your real Na ame, Email ( (Gmail), Pas ssword and t the Account Security PIN Code of our choice (4 to 6 digits only). The check the box to 'Agr ' the t P f en e gree Terms of Service and hit the 'Joi Now' but f d in tton.

Step 4.) Go to your Gmail accou and conf unt firm the Ver rification Li that Pro Link ofitClicking sent to you, like exam below image and co mple ontinue the p process..


Step 5.) Login to yo ProfitClicking account with you Member ID and Passw our D word located at the upper-rig of the pa See image below. ght age.

Step 6.) Click 'Buy Ad Package button. Se image bel A es' ee low..

Step 7.) Type 1 only ($10 each A Package( and click 'Proceed w y Ad (s)) k with My Or rder' button to continue. See imag below.. ge


Step 8:) Click 'Yes, Confirm My Purchase' button and you're DONE! ^_^

If you wish to earn MORE from ProfitClicking program then simply buy MORE Ad Packages to maximize your daily earnings. You can use your Credit Card/Debit Card Visa via Payza payment processor. It is also advisable to create and use other payment processor to fund your ProfitClicking account like

• Egopay • SolidTrustPay • LibertyReserve • PerfectMoney

☞ http://goo.gl/kUgXq ☞ http://goo.gl/0sVIc ☞ http://goo.gl/bu2VM
☞ http://goo.gl/scstZ

so that you have an options make withdrawals from this payment processors in the future aside from Payza.


Pro ofitClickin View 3 Ads Per Day or M ng: More
In or rder for you to earn and receive dail commissio of 2% on weekdays (M d ly on Monday-Fri iday), 1% on weekends n (Satu urday-Sunda in ProfitClicking the you must view minim ay) en mum 3 websi daily as one of the re ites equirements s of Pr rofitClicking program. View only 3 ads and you done for t specific d requirem g V ur the day ment. See im mages below.. Imag A: Click 'VIEW WE ge EBSITES' bu utton.

Imag B: A new tab will pop-up and advertisers ads will displa with 20 Seconds desc ge w ay cending time er.

Imag C: After 20 Seconds timer reache down to Z ge es Zero, a 'View Next Ad' button will appear. Clic that w ck butto to procee viewing advertiser's w on ed a website unti you reache 3 ads and you're Done il es e.


If you're unable to log-in daily to view 3 websites, you have an option to view more than 3 ads per day to reserved and covered the days you weren't online.. This number of views is good only for 45 days and expires.. Example: View 21 Ads is will covered 7 days you weren't online. The more views the better..

ProfitClicking: How To Add a URL or Referral Link
This article is an instructions on How To Add a URL or Referral Link from other online programs you have to promote using your Credit Balance from your ProfitClicking account. Remember that ProfitClicking is an advertising company that offers Traffic Exchange to members and help them promote their websites and be seen by millions of members. Each $10 cost of Ad Package(s) you bought contains 1000 advertising credits that equivalent to 1000 views or impressions. See below images.. Image A: Click 'ADD URL' button.


Imag B: Type Title, URL or Referral L ge Link and ass signed Cred to receiv views or im dits ve mpressions f that for parti icular URL you want to add and click 'Add' but o tton. (You ca add maxi an imum of 3 U URL's only).

Imag C: You can edit the URL you ha added by adding or s ge U ave y subtracting a assigned cre edits by hove ering your mouse pointer below 'Credit Applied' tit You hav also an option to 'Dele the URL and replace with other t tle. ve ete' L r URL you have. L


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