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I flm an old stroked out, 100% disabled mass murderer. Yet my
total tirpe behind bars is nine days. I drag my feet, the best I can, in my
inexorable slide toward ... "the hell prepared for the Devil and his
Sp why, you might fairly ask, do I bother you with my gruesome
tales? Humor me, for a few minutes, and find out.
I fim also a retired dairy farmer / goat herder, of little note, nor
long to pe remembered. Kindly know that I vociferously opposed the
return of Indochina to colonial occupation after WWII.
Then the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, in 1965,
transformed my future. President Lyndon Johnson, ordered (U.S. Army
and Marine Corps combat units to South Vietnam.
I was young and in good health. When the United States went to

war, it was my patriotic duty to volunteer. So on August 27, 1965, I
freely offered up my life and my eternal soul, by joining the U.S. Army, as
a vOlunfeer.
The National Security Agency picked me up as a counter
intelligence agent trainee, immediately after I completed boot camp at
Fort Orf' I was trained to protect cryptographic equipment codes and
cryptographic code operators.
On August 29, 1966, I flew to Qui Nhon, South Vietnam. I began
serving three extraordinarily violent combat tours in South Vietnam. I
volunteered for all three tours of duty. A few days later, I was appointed
as the l'1ational Security Agency Deputy Chief of Station for the central
40,000 square miles of South Vietnam.
My principal responsibility was to conduct, and to direct,
surveillance of any potential threats to the safety of our cryptographic
equipment, codes and cryptographers. It was also my job to evaluate
and elirpinate all such threats within I and II Corps Tactical Zones of
South Vietnam.
As recounted by Arthur Belmont Osborne, III ... "Virtually every
day of the approximately 485 days that I served as Mr. Sannes' chief
personal body guard, we flew to and from the 4 7 communication
centers ... in central South Vietnam. I also rode through hell with
Sannes. I also was a member of Dave's 45 man quick reaction force,
which ~ e w and/or rode into places where sensible soldiers had fled
fram ... On countless helicopter flights, we minimized enemy fire by
flying just above the ground. We flew together a minimum of 1,054
flight missions in our 16 months .. .where Sannes was delivering
codes ... on trips when Sannes was delivering codes, Sannes wore a
thermite suicide vest. Sannes also carried high explosives when we
traveled with cryptographic KW-35 machines. I rode, sat, flew and
fought next to him. So how could that be a problem?"
vyell, for me, the problem starts with the fact that my job was to
evaluatf and eliminate threats to cryptographic equipment and codes.
For 20 months, I utilized strategic B-47 and B-52 bombers to eliminate
threats to an average of 47 communication centers across the 40,000
square miles I was responsible for. I utilized tactical bombers also. I
used every tool we had.
Our bombers carried smart crews but dropped dumb bombs. On
behalf Of my fellow Americans, I murdered thousands of Vietnamese
men, women, and children. I have my chains to drag through life and
into hell. I have no reason to complain. I will die as a warrior patriot to
this terribly imperfect union-the United States of America.
I write this letter to plead for timely granting of a Veterans
Admini/itation compensation award for Sergeant Arthur W. Trangmar,
103 Brqokforest Drive, Belton, South Carolina 29627. (1-864-338-
8156). He was my driver and bodyguard for approximately 512 days in
Vietnam. If Americans learn nothing else about Trangmar, they should
hear of at least one incident before he dies from heart disease and PTSD.
Trangnpr volunteered for a suicide mission. We were eight minutes out
from death when Mr. Antuna radioed to my two gunships that our
cryptowaphic equipment and ANGR 26 mobile communication station
had completely destroyed-so we could return to the 41 st Signal
Battaliqn base in Qui Nhon. When we got back to our base, Trangmar
just that we just did what we had to do.
Trangmar is virtually totally combat service disabled.
he has not been able to be his own advocate, he has never
receiver even one bloddy penny from Congress. Our brave and patriotic
members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives have
, .
given tqemselves health care and pension benefits-while severely
trimming the numbers of people who evaluate service connected claims ..
Thank you members of Congress-. and I'I\ see most of you in hell.
David Richard Sannes
P,S. It only took from October 30, 1996 until May 28, 2010 to
my claim.
P,P.S. Just visit a VA hospital and observe the state of veterans
passing through those doors ..