Britney Spears started off as an innocent girl who at the age of 17 wanted to make music, but progressed into

a woman as she aged. As she continued to make music, she broke free from her innocent girl image and became a sexy and free woman of her own. Because of her transition she has evolved into the famous and the world-renowned icon of Britney Spears.

1.)…Baby One More Time
This was the first single that Britney Spears came out with in 1998; this song was an automatic hit with everyone. The single hit #1 on music charts, making Britney a star. Her music video for “…Baby One More Time” featured Ms. Spears dressed as a school girl, breaking free of the rules of the school and dancing around; this was something new the music industry hadn’t seen before, and they couldn’t get enough.

2. ) Oops!...I Did It Again
After her first hit album “…Baby One More Time” fans were craving more from the southern belle teen and she had to deliver. In 2000, two years after her first album, “Oops!...I Did It Again” was released, along with the eponymous single. The song claimed that Britney was a heartbreaker and she knew it (“I’m not that innocent”). The music video included an astronaut exploring Mars, and coming across an unknown creature (Britney) who he ends up falling for. Britney is playing him which shows how girls aren’t always innocent and sometimes have other motives for “playing with your heart.”

3. ) I’m A Slave 4 U
In 2001, Britney at the age of 19 going on 20, wanted to break free completely of her “good girl” image and portray more of her sexy side. She came out with her third self-titled album Britney, and new single “I’m A Slave 4 U” which was a sexy dance mix which made everyone see she was growing into a woman. The music video included a sweaty and dancing Britney who just wanted to be treated as an adult and not a little girl anymore. This shift from innocent to sexy started controversy with some as they were afraid she would lose her younger fan base. [1]

4.) I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
This single was from Britney’s third self-titled album, as well as her movie “Crossroads” in which she starred. The movie was based on a girl going after her dreams and going on a journey to find herself. The song is a reflection of the movie and is about a.) a girl who is coming of age and growing up, inbetween the age of becoming a woman b.) taking responsibility c.) keeping her childhood innocence. Britney used this single as to show that she’s going to be okay, but growing up is something new for her as she has to find herself as she grows.

5.) Toxic
With Britney’s image already changing, she released her single “Toxic” from her fourth album “In the Zone” in 2004. This single includes Britney in a few alter egos, a sexy and mischievous flight attendant, a red headed bombshell on a motorcycle, a brunette assassin, and a girl wearing almost nothing but a see through white body suit. This song helped Britney create another hit on the billboard charts and keep Britney the “pop princess”.

6.) Gimme More
After the birth of her two sons, Britney needed to come back into the music industry with something new and different. She had her public meltdowns and fans were still unsure if she had it in her to deliver another hit like she used to. At the MTV VMA’S in 2007, Britney performed her new single “Gimme More” which sparked controversy immediately. Fans believed she made a big and great comeback, but her critics believed she lost her touch and should go back to being a mother and stop dancing around stage. The music video displayed Britney dancing around and claiming that she’s back and not going anywhere as the crowd is demanding more from her.

7.) Piece of Me
In 2007, with this smash hit, Britney addressed her haters and critics as she didn’t care what they had to say about her. She openly sings about how she has been in the limelight since she was young and all her career she’s been judged on her appearance and her image and not for who she is as a person. “Do you want a piece of me?” The song and the music video show Britney laughing at her critics and their lame stories, and how she’ll never get away from them but they don’t matter to her. The video has Britney dancing and showing how she fixed herself, back to the old Britney and sexier than ever.

8.) Womanizer
Britney in this song is addressing how a guy can be a “womanizer” but will be caught and how devious guys can be. Some say the song might be related to her and her relationship with Kevin Federline as it was the same time as their divorce. The song was released in 2008, and showed Britney in a bunch of different alter egos harassing the same man and showing him how much he’s going to have to pay for messing with other girls (all being Britney). The song claims she knew how the deceiving the guy was as she was going to expose him to the world. This song was an instant hit on the charts and kept every one guessing what she would come up with next.

9.) Circus
With her next latest released track in 2008 “Circus”, Britney had another hit single. Britney sings that she’s “the ring leader, I call the shots” which directly states Britney wanted to take control of her life and her career the way she wanted to. The song shows how she has all the attention of the media and she was going to be big and attention grabbing. The music video has Ms. Spears as the ring leader and calling the shots of who is honorable enough to be in her life and who could handle hanging with her.

10.) I Wanna Go
On her up to date latest album from 2011 “Femme Fatale,” Britney uses this single as a song to express herself against the media. In the beginning of the music video appears Ms. Spears who is answering dumb and crazy questions from the media then cursing them off and leaving. It’s a response from Britney to the media to let her live her life and stop worrying about her. The music video shows Britney portraying what the media believes her to be and act, which isn’t true.

11.) Hold It Against Me
In January of 2011, Britney released this single as a.) a song about herself, b.) her feelings about someone c.) how she wanted them to be with her. This song was an instant hit on the charts for weeks and kept people asking for more and more from Britney. The song is an instant club mix, which is danceable and still portrays a meaning to Britney’s life.

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