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"Mobile Phones are Strictly Banned inside the Examination Center Premises"
ADMIT CARD FOR ALL INDIA ONGC GT-2012 TEST Date & Time of Examination: 04.11.2012 (Sunday), 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Roll No. : 142318103393 Category : GENERA L Date Of Birth : 01/09/1984 Domain Name/Code : Registration No. : 353465 PWD: No Language Opted : English Financial Management/18 CA NDIDA TE SHOULD A FFIX HIS / HER RECENT A TTESTED PA SSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRA PH (Refer Point no.2 of Instrunction)


Name & A ddress : PURA V RIA T L-25 FIRST FLOOR KA ILA SH COLONY, NEW DELHI 110048 , KA ILA SH COLONY DELHI 110048 MR Bharti Model Sr. Sec. School KH No 53/15 Friends Colony Examination Centre : Near Mundka Metro Station, Mundka Delhi-110041

Invigilator’s signature

Candidate’s signature (In Presence of Invigilator)

Candidate’s signature

1. A dmission to the test center will be on production of this admit card only. 2. In case the photograph/Signature is not uploaded/printed above or is not visible /cle ar, the candidate should affix his/he r re ce nt passport size photograph in the space provide d and ge t it as we ll as the candidate ’s signature atte ste d by a Gaze tte d O ffice r. 3. Candidate to bring one photo identity proof (Driving license/Voter ID Card etc.) in original for verification purpose.Departmental candidates should also bring their ONGC Id Card. 4. C andidate is re quire d to carry with him his own blue/ black ball point pen in ade quate num be rs. 5. C andidate is advise d to m ak e sure about the location of e x am ination ce ntre in advance so that he /she appe ar for the e x am ination on the spe cifie d date and ce ntre at le ast 30 minutes be fore com m e nce m e nt of the e x am . 6. At the Ex am ination ce nte r, the candidate m ust occupy the se at allotte d against his roll num be r and is e x pe cte d to m aintain discipline . Thus inte rchanging se ats, cre ating disturbance , e x changing note s, consulting/ talk ing to e ach othe r, se e k ing/ re ce iving any he lp from e x te rnal m e ans / using m obile phone s e tc. will re sult in cance llation of his candidature for the post. C andidate s found using unfair m e ans will be disqualifie d. 7. The adm ission to the Ex am ination C e ntre will be allowe d from 09:30 A M. C andidate s will not be allowe d to e nte r the e x am ination hall afte r 10:30 A M unde r any circum stance s. The y will not be allowe d to le ave the e x am ination hall till the com ple tion of the te st. 8. Mobile phone , page r, e le ctronic calculator, te x t book , note s, scale s and logarithm table shall not be pe rm itte d during the te st. C andidate s have to m ak e the ir own arrange m e nt to k e e p the se ite m s out of the Ex am ination C e ntre . 9. The te st consists of 3 se ctions. (1) Ge ne ral Aware ne ss: 40 MC Q s having 40 Mark s, (2) C once rne d Discipline /Dom ain/Subje ct: 80 MC Q s having 80 Mark s, (3) Aptitude Te st: 30 MC Q s having 30 Mark s . Test Duration is 3 hours. 10. There is NO negative marking. 11. C andidate to e nsure that his signature and invigilator’s signature are put (in the space provide d for it) on the Adm it C ard as we ll as on O MR answe r she e t & atte ndance she e t, failing which the O MR answe r she e t will be tre ate d as invalid. 12. Candidate to please hand over the Question booklet & OMR A nswer sheet along with A dmit Card to the invigilator before leaving examination room. 13. Candidate should keep a copy of this A dmit Card with him as this A dmit Card has to be submitted to the Invigilator at the time of examination. 14. SC /ST/PW D candidate s are e ligible for re im burse m e nt of 2nd class rail/bus fare by the shorte st route , on production of original railway/bus tick e t and SC /ST caste / PW D disability ce rtificate failing which No TA will be Paid. TA form can be downloade d from our we bsite , duly fille d in and subm itte d for paym e nt. 15. O NGC re se rve s the right to cance l the proce ss if conside re d ne ce ssary at any stage of se le ction/appointm e nt. 16. C andidate to ple ase note that this Adm it C ard doe s not confe r an offe r of e m ploym e nt to him . His candidature for this te st is provisional and is subje ct to his fulfilling the e ducational and othe r e ligibility crite ria pre scribe d for the post. Me re atte nding the writte n te st doe s not bind O NGC to se le ct the candidate
www.eonlineapply .com/ongcAdmitCard/Pages/ongcAdmitCard1.aspx 1/2

DGM.HR RECRUITMENT SECTION.for e m ploym e nt. ONGC . 17. C anvassing dire ctly or indire ctly will disqualify the candidature .

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