he joint ac on with the NASUWT has now been running since 3 October. The ac on is aimed at ge#ng the Secretary of State for Educa on to ensure good condi ons of service and pay in all schools and colleges. We are hearing many, stories some of which are reproduced below, of how the ac on is making life be,er. Please send your story to reps@nut.org.uk so that we can publicise successes. Primary School Rep “A new appraisal policy had been dra1ed for our school, but we decided not to implement it, as it did not specifically define the three hour limit on observa ons. We are now rever ng back to the previous performance management policy. Those teachers in our school who have been given responsibili es for some areas of the curriculum without a TLR are now ge#ng me off to develop that area. Also, the teacher will not be the named person for that area, should OFSTED come in. Thanks for the ac on short of strike ac on. It worked in our school!” Secondary School Rep “In spite of NUT/NASUWT union guidelines, management were insis ng on countless observa ons by line managers. If a teacher refused to do this, they would be given two days' no ce of an observa on, which would be carried out by a member of the SLT. Furthermore, governors would be informed of the teacher’s reluctance to be observed and they would consider how much pay should be docked. I knew members were willing to stand firm and would show overwhelming support for a strike unless management climbed down and that the Union would back them.


#NUTNT Issue 50 Autumn Term 2012


At a mee ng on Monday, members were unanimous in wan ng to take sustained strike ac on and I went to talk to the head teacher immediately a1erwards. The head teacher was completely intransigent – they would be s cking to their original posi on. Yesterday, however, out of the blue, I was called to the head teacher’s office and told that

management had capitulated. There will be just three observa ons in total this year! For too long teachers here have been bullied and oppressed by a draconian management style and have felt powerless to do anything about it un l now. Our ac on has empowered them and given them the confidence to stand up to fight

back for decent working condi ons. Sixty members united and won a great victory and now have the confidence to take on the management. This victory has also emphasised to members the value of belonging to NUT.” Primary School Rep “We’ve just held a fantas c mee ng, the members were incredible! Nearly all members a,ended. Workload is seriously out of control- and new planning format and observa ons were the key issues we discussed (someone said it takes them more me to write the plan for a day than it does to teach the actual lesson). They agreed unanimously that nobody would be handing in planning from the following Monday. Members agreed unanimously to put all the ASOS demands to the head teacher tomorrow, telling them that NUT members will be following union instruc ons to the le,er. There were four volunteers willing to go along to the mee ng too to show solidarity. There was definitely momentum at the mee ng for taking ac on if it was felt necessary.”

rom January 2013 Ofsted will publish details of the backgrounds of all inspectors on its website. For the first me therefore Schools and Colleges will be able to find out who is passing judgement on them. In addi on, schools will be able to know in which sector the inspector gained their experience, what posts they held and … when they last taught a class themselves. Concerns had been highlighted in the Summer when Tribal, one of the main firms which carries out inspec ons on behalf of Ofsted, was employing at least five lead inspectors who did not hold qualified teacher status. Apparently Tribal emailed the rest of its inspectors to find if there were any others!


hris ne Blower, NUT General Secretary and Ian Mearns MP, and former Chair of Governors of Joicey Road Special School, officially opened the new NUT Northern Regional Office on the site of the former Joicey Road Special School, Gateshead on the a1ernoon of 14 September. The Union has relocated from their High Chare, Chester le Street offices which they have outgrown to occupy the largest office suite on the Joicey Road development. This has involved the refurbishing of the old special school, a site na onally listed for its unique educa onal buildings. The suite provides a stunning open plan office environment within the original school hall at the heart of the site.


office which will now cater for all their requirements and member needs. The NUT has recognised the significance of this historic site as the last remaining open air school and its strong links to the Union. To celebrate the history and NUT connec on the Union has commissioned a brief history of the site from its opening in 1937 under an NUT Headteacher and staff to its closure as a school with the then Gateshead NUT Secretary Doreen Jackson as a member of staff. The history was presented to official guests at the opening and you can get your own copy by email from northern@nut.org.uk.

and be,er enable them to serve the needs of our members. The staff are to be commended for ensuring that the service to members has been unimpaired throughout the reloca on and extensive building work that has accompanied it.”

Chris ne Blower, NUT General Secretary said: “Everyone who has seen the site is very pleased with it and it will provide a pleasant working environment for our staff

The reloca on forms part of the NUT‘s review which iden fied the benefit in reloca ng their Northern Regional Office from their former premises, approximately 1600 square feet, to a suite measuring approximately 3,500 square feet. Working closely with the Adderstone Group, the NUT were able to design the space to create a custom centre for their regional
#NUTNT Issue 50

Mike McDonald, NUT Regional Secretary said: “As a former history teacher it was important to me that the development of the site was sympathe c to its past. In that respect Adderstone’s have done a fantas c job and we are grateful to them for that. As the largest teachers union our staffing has increased in recent years and we simply outgrew our previous offices. We now have an extremely pleasant working environment and are be,er equipped to support our members. For the first me we will have mee ng rooms with sufficient space to hold regional execu ve mee ngs rather than having to hire them and this will be much more cost effec ve both in me and money. We are also looking forward to having sufficient space to house, and make best use of, our extensive resources centre. Loca ng the office in the heart of Low Fell was an environmental and equali es decision for us, one that will cater for the needs of all our members. The office is easily accessible to all via public transport links across the region.”

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repara ons are currently under way for The Regional Early Careers Teacher Weekend #RECT13 which will take place 1-3 February 2013 at The Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Hotel. There will be members there from throughout the region. The event which is free to members has proven to be very popular and highly successful in recent years and since numbers are limited it is important to book your place early to avoid disappointment! Feedback we have received from previous delegates has always been very posi ve with many wan ng to a,end mee ngs and get more involved in the life and work of the Union. A representa ve sample of last year’s evalua on comments is reproduced below: “Overall, the weekend has been excellent. It was such a great opportunity to network with other primary teachers and especially to liaise with different authori es and get new ideas and just to see how things work in other places. A fabulous loca on in Newcastle and being able to stay at the Hilton encouraged people to socialise on an evening which has built some nice


friendships. I would recommend this weekend to all types of teachers and personali es because it has something for everyone.

I had a great weekend and one of the highlights for me was the networking that took place.

This has been an excellent weekend with loads of opportuni es to share good prac ce. Thank you.
Excellent conference/ training. Really enjoyed the opportunity to Network. Thanks for making it all informa ve.

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The workshops were good informa ve but most of all I found networking to be of good use. To hear similar stories makes me feel less isolated and more united. A big thank you to the organisers and leaders.
A thoroughly enjoyable and very useful weekend. Thanks!

A really great weekend – was great mee ng other teachers and sharing ideas etc.
A great weekend. Very informa ve and enjoyable. Thank you.

A lovely weekend. Thank you.
This is the first conference I have been to and I feel inspired that this is actually quite a good job a1er talking to other teachers (some mes it’s good to get a new perspec ve). Thank you very much!

Excellent weekend, well organised and very informa ve. All staff involved (NUT) were helpful, friendly and great company!
A great event and opportunity to get to know more about NUT. Would love to get more involved in NUT.

Had a wonderful informa ve me. These events can lend themselves to boredom, however you have organised this really well. The workshops were relevant and informa ve. The speakers were enthusias c, relevant and humorous.

Thank you for a fantas c weekend. Will be spreading the word. A great weekend with opportuni es to meet some fantas c people. Thank you..”
If you are interested in reserving a place on the event, or would like to assist by leading or sugges ng a topic for a workshop please do so via the dedicated website www.rect.org.uk www.rect.org.uk.

he government has introduced a new law from October 2012 designed to help people save more for their re rement. It requires every employer to enrol all of their employees eligible for Auto Enrolment into a workplace pension scheme if they are not already in one. This means that any eligible teacher who is not contribu ng to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) or Local Government Pension Scheme


(LGPS) will be automa cally enrolled into the TPS or LGPS. The Auto Enrolment process is being introduced gradually from October 2012. Each employer has a date on which they have to begin the process of Auto Enrolment. The date when an employer will automa cally enrol its employees depends on its size. Your employer will be able to provide you with this date. Teachers can con nue to opt out

of the Scheme if they want to. Teachers who have opted out will be able to re-join at a later date. Under Auto Enrolment, employers have a duty to automa cally re-enrol teachers into the TPS every three years even where a teacher has opted out. For further informa on on Auto Enrolment please contact the Regional Office: northern@nut.org.uk or 0191 482 7700.

#NUTNT Issue 50

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eachers from all over the Northern Region travelled to London on 20 October, to support the TUC ‘A Future that works’ demonstra on. Teachers came from the primary, secondary and sixth form sector


joining school and college students and re red colleagues. Together they made the case against cuts to educa on and for a halt to a,acks on pensions. The lively NUT bloc marched from the Embankment to Hyde Park where

NUT General Secretary Chris ne Blower spoke to a 100,000 strong audience telling them that the NUT was leading the fight against Gove's reforms. "We need to keep campaigning un l we win." afuturethatworks.org

The Na onal Union of Teachers is both a professional associa on and a trade union. It is the largest and most influen al teachers' organisa on in Europe, recrui ng only qualified teachers, or those who are on courses or in posts that will lead to teacher qualifica on. Complete Protec on. Being a member of the NUT brings access to the very best legal and professional protec on. It gives you a service unrivalled in the teaching profession. Support and Advice. The NUT has a network of regional offices in England and NUT Cymru in Wales. Each office has experienced casework officers and solicitors, as well as other expert staff to give confiden al advice, informa on or assistance on employment rights and other ma,ers rela ng to your professional life. Campaigning. The NUT campaigns for a reduc on in working hours, the removal of excessive workload, and a be,er work-life balance. We also campaign for fair pay and reform of the assessment system. Experts in Educa on. We work on curriculum issues as well as pay and condi ons of service. Con nuing Professional Development. Our con nuing professional development programme is recognised as one of the best in the country. Benefits and Services. We offer a wide range of membership benefits and services. Our members save hundreds of pounds a year by accessing discounts available through their membership. Equal Opportuni es. Our groundbreaking policy work on equali es issues has been adopted by schools, local authori es and other government ins tu ons. Young Teachers. We have a thriving young teachers’ sec on for all full members under 36. To find out more, visit our website www.teachers.org.uk. One Union for all Teachers. The NUT campaigns consistently for professional unity in the teaching profession. We believe that a single professional body, ar cula ng the views of the profession, would benefit both children and teachers. Educa on for All. We campaign for a good local school for every child and for every community. We are also a member of the Global Campaign for Educa on, working for every child in the world to have a primary school educa on by 2015.
NUT Northern Region 3 McMillan Close Saltwell Business Park GATESHEAD NE9 5BF T: 0191 482 7700 F: 0191 482 7720 E: northern@nut.org.uk

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