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: Room 301- A2 Building- Block 1- Nguyen Khanh ToanCau Giay Dist, Ha noi, Viet nam

Telephone number:
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Customer consulting: Hotline: 0903 222691

(84) 4.62813221- (84) 4.62813326 Fax Email : (84) 4.62813247 : contyac@yahoo.com

Ha noi.301.Cau Giay Dist.000 đ 2 .000. Cau Giay Dst.62813221.200. Charter capital : 0103000339 : 3. Viet nam Head office Telephone number: (84) 4. Block 1.(84) 4.AC INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT JOINTTOCK CO. Add: R.62813247 GENERRAL INFORMATION  Company name: CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN TƯ VẤN ĐẦU TƯ XÂY DỰNG AC International transaction name: AC INVESTMENT CONTRUCTION CONSULTANT JOINTSTOCK COMPANY  Abbreviated name: AC CO.(84) 4.Block 1.A2 Building.62813247 : contyac@yahoo.62813326 Fax Email : (84) 4.62813326 Fax: (84) 4. : Room 301. Ha noi Tel: (84) 4.com   Business license No. A2 Bld.Nguyen Khanh Toan. Nguyen Khanh Toan Str.62813221.

measuring. and analysing air quality: Ambient airs. and analysing water quality: Surface water. exhaust.ENVIRONMENTAL FIELD • CONSULTING ABOUT DESIGN. and groundwater - Surveying. exhaust from boiler. drinking water. EXECUTING. measuring. waste water. measuring. - Surveying. and analysing soil quality: . industrial and living solid waste treatment system • • - ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING Environmental impact assessment Environmental Protection Commitment Environmental Protection Project Cleaner Production Technology Environmental Monitoring Program Environmental investment capital consulting BUSINESS Chemical and environmental equipment trading • FUNCTIONS OF LABORATORY - Surveying. purified water. INSTALLATION. AND MAINTAINCE Waste water. and air at production area.

Executin g . Organization chart BOARD OF DIRECTORS DIRECTOR ASSISTANT DIRECTOR MANAGEMENT VICE DIRECTOR FINANCIAL VICE DIRECTOR TECHNICAL VICE DIRECTOR Marketing Dept. Chief Accountant Constru ction Design ME & Water treatmen t Design Technolog y consulting Quality Control KCS Dep. Administrative Dept BUSINES S Dept.ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT CHART 1.

Staff Constuction Design Dept. . Professional Qualification Experience MBA Bachelor of Economics > 7 years 3 years 2 . Board of directors Shareholders Mr. Dam Dai Thang Share type Common shares Common shares Common shares Common shares Quantit y 4 2 2 9 2 7 11 Title Director Director Assistant Vice-Director Vice-Director Management Board 3.Head of Dept.2.Head of Dept. . Ngo Duc Dat Mr. Position Business & 1 Marketting Dept. .Head of Dept.Staff ME& Water treatment Design Dept. Dang Tuan Hiep Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang Mr. Human resource ability No. Nguyen Viet Anh Mr. . .Staff Quality Control- Master of Engineering Bachelor of Enginering 8 years 3 years 3 4 2 9 3 Master of Engineering Bachelor of Engineer 6 years > 3 years .

. Ha noi Tel: (84) 4. Cau Giay Dst.AC INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT JOINTTOCK CO.Staff Total 1 2 4 1 3 36 Engineer of Enginering Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Economics 5 years > 3 years > 6 years 3 years 6 .62813247 5 KCS Dept. .62813326 Fax: (84) 4. Block 1.301. Nguyen Khanh Toan Str. .Head of Dept.(84) 4. A2 Bld.Staff Accountant Dept.Head of Dept. Add: R.62813221. .

Cau Giay Dst.. tourism . 7 . LTD for Texgarco Factory – Hai Phong city Waste water treatment system for Vi Son Threads Vi Son .. Design wastewater treatment system.. Design wastewater treatment system.Italia Threads and Elastics Factory. build. Hospital wastewater treatment system for Kim Bang hospital – Ha Nam province Hospital wastewater treatment system Children’s hospital – Thanh Hoa province Sao Phuong Nam Investment ..62813221.62813247 No Name of project Investor Scope of work Design.62813326 Fax: (84) 4. Hai Phong City. installation wastewater treatment 01 system for VietNam . Hai Phong City Installation water treatment system.Italia Threads and Elastics system. Design wastewater treatment system. execute. installation wastewater treatment VietNam .JSC Kim Bang hospital forChildren’s hospital – Thanh Hoa province Design. Nguyen Khanh Toan Str. Nha Trang. Execute.301. A2 Bld.. installation wastewater treatment system Texgarco. Ha noi Tel: (84) 4. installation wastewater treatment system.JSC Wastewater treatment system for Ocean View Resort – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa province. Factory. Design wastewater treatment system.(84) 4.JSC Factory– Hai Phong city Waste water treatment system Mattress Factory – Ha Noi for Kymdan Sai Gon – Kymdan .AC INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT JOINTTOCK CO. JSC Design plumbing system for Rang Dong Hotel – Rang Dong hotel and Design plumbing system. 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Design. Add: R. Block 1.

Lao Cai Province Investment. Nguyen Khanh Toan Str. Cau Giay Dst.301.62813326 Fax: (84) 4. A2 Bld..62813247 Northern Electric Wastewater treatment system for Sapa Resort – Trade and Build. Add: R.AC INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT JOINTTOCK CO.(84) 4.62813221. Ha noi Tel: (84) 4. Block 1.JSC Wastewater treatment system for Cua Tung – Cua Song Hong Viet Resort – Quang Tri Province Corporation 09 10 Design wastewater treatment system. Design wastewater treatment system. 8 .

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