Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Table of Contents
Hermann Hesse: A Biography Table of Contents
By Coral Saloman

Table of Contents

I. Hermann Hesse: A Biography

Background and Upbringing

Major Accomplishments and Awards

Major Themes

Personal Life

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and all of them wrestled with questions of self and soul that haunted their author throughout his life. and by allowing the entire literate world to act as spectator to his own tumultuous internal journey. and wondered if the role of the artist was inevitably to be an outsider. Hesse was a prolific author. The reading public tends to fall Hyperink 3 Hyperink . ignored and worshipped by the English speaking world. and blacklisted by almost every newspaper in Hitler's Germany. living through two world wars that nearly destroyed his native country." as Hesse said. publishing seventeen novels as well as several poems and essays. His novels tend to feature pairs of characters. but still find themselves anchored to social and familial obligations. one representing the ideal he wishes he could achieve. and his protagonists wrestle with the same problems he faced. but all of them represented Hesse. His characters faced the most complex questions of life. psychological. For Hermann Hesse. and the readers are reminded of similar dualities in their own lives. an observer. and the battle between self and society is recognizable across vast temporal and cultural distances. as he uses his characters to live out the different paths available to him. and he managed to brilliantly turn that cathartic act into timeless art. coming from different places and times. He desperately craved social acceptance. These questions and more are mirrored in his fiction. but not a participant in life. as for so many authors. and one the less romantic reality he knows he must accept. He accomplished all of this simply by writing some of the most honest and introspective fiction in modern literature. his works tended to follow the path of his own life. writing fiction was a way to sort through the emotional. and cultural events in his life. accused of being a Nazi sympathizer. Hesse's characters strive for individualism and to "live what they are. the spiritual world and the sensual one. He was constantly battling with the conflict of the mind and the body.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Introduction Since the publication of Peter Camenzind in 1904 Hermann Hesse has been loved and hated by his own people. a natural loner. and. different backgrounds and ambitions. These themes are universal. as well as haunted by a sense that they will never entirely escape the need for community. though mostly fiction. During his life he struggled with questions of nationalism and pacifism. but found himself to be awkward.

“The Radical Appeal of Hermann Hesse's Alternative Community” (86-93). Hyperink 4 Hyperink . as Lawrence Wilde observed in his article.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman in and out of love with Hermann Hesse. and to any citizenry in the throes of major cultural shift. but he always seems to step back into the limelight during times of social unrest. His existential angst and constant quest for self- acceptance ring true for each new generation as they begin to feel the strain of the responsibilities they must soon accept.

and during that time Hesse felt divided between two countries. but clearly had no intention of following through with the plan his parents had crafted for his future. and languages. he had no use for his education and felt tyrannized by his teachers. Both sides of the family were extremely devout. and assisting his father at the publishing house. but withdrew in 1892. young Hesse was finally able to prevail on his parents to bring him home in 1893. when they moved to Basle where Johannes taught at the Basler Mission. His parents even tried schools designed for emotionally troubled or retarded children. The family lived in Calw until 1861. cultures. After trying out several institutions. in 1890 Hesse was sent to Latin School. Maria. They stayed there until 1886. as he said in his autobiography written for the Nobel Prize Committee. a religious publishing house of which Gundert was the director. This man was a world renowned expert on the culture and people of India. After returning from India. but after Johannes absolutely refused his request. and in 1891 he attended an exclusive Protestant school in Maulbronn. His father. He felt stifled in school. but was forced to return home to Europe due to health issues. After they returned to Calw. having studied that vast nation for most of his life. who was an imaginative. which was difficult for young Hermann. which he left early. Johannes joined Gundert at Calwer Verlagsverein. had been a missionary in India. Johannes Hesse. and was misunderstood by his peers and instructors alike. a Baltic-German from Estonia. the second of six children.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Background and Upbringing Hermann Hesse was born in Calw in the northern Black Forest in the south of Germany in 1877. It seemed as though being around people his own age only served to remind him of how isolated and lonely he was. gardening. but he lasted even less time there. he decided to take an Hyperink 5 Hyperink . was the daughter of missionary and Indologist Hermann Gundert. and sensitive boy. he could see no way to begin that life. creative. and he spent the next six months reading voraciously. He begged his father to allow him to leave home and pursue a literary career. Even from a very young age Hesse knew that he wanted to make his living as a writer. but. He was a constant source of stress to his parents. His mother. He was being groomed for the pulpit.

and his first book of poetry. where he began to try in earnest to join the world. and no classroom or literary discussion was complete that hadn't addressed Hermann Hesse's work. born in 1905. and Heiner. Though he was ignored almost completely by the English speaking world early in his career. Romantische Lieder (Romantic Songs) was published in 1899. The writings of Hermann Hesse have been translated into around thirty-five languages. and left him little time or energy for the work he loved. He also wrote. 1904. He attended parties. He has received accolades from almost every respected literary institution in the world. studying the great writers of the German language. Bruno. After fifteen months of this work. During this time he also wrote Peter Camenzind. some bearing the names of his unrequited loves. in which his protagonist struggles with the same concepts of loneliness and isolation Hesse faced. by the 1960s Hesse-fever swept the United States. and in 1946 only three of his major works had been translated into English. he tried to make friends. and Hesse may have retired to solitude at that point had it not been for his successful courtship of Maria Bernoulli. particularly Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Here he continued to read everything he could. They had two sons. who he married on August 2. He hoped that this trade would provide him with an income but still leave him time to pursue his literary aspirations. and he even shyly courted a few women. born in 1909. he found that it was difficult and exhausting. he was also twice embraced again as soon as war had passed. Though in his lifetime he was twice called a traitor to his country. and in 1895 he left his position for one in a bookshop in Tübingen. and his works are taught at Universities across the globe. striving to find love but fearing that he is destined to be alone. Hyperink 6 Hyperink . He published another book of poems. Hesse began to consider retreating from society altogether. He changed his mind once again. He then left for Basel.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman apprenticeship with a clock maker in Calw. but after being rejected repeatedly.

and in 1950 he won the Wilhelm-Raabe-Preis. which later transitioned into the Verdienstorden für Wissenschaft und Kunst or the Order of Merit for Sciences and Arts. In his presentation. For all of these reasons and more. as well as Buddhist teachings and Existentialist authors such as Nietzsche and Dostoevsky. Both are highly coveted awards. as he struggled with questions of faith and philosophy. The Order of Merit was originally the Hyperink 7 Hyperink . Hesse finally began to receive recognition from outside of the two nations in which he'd lived. as well as the Goethe Prize. Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy described the power of Hermann Hesse's writings. This award came only two years after the publication of Peter Camenzind. His style was pure and admirable. fitting itself as well to tales of rebellion as to those of focused internal contemplation. named for one of the authors who most influenced him. In 1947. In 1928 he was awarded the Mejstrik-Preis by the Schiller Foundation in Vienna. then in 1936 he received the Gottfried-Keller-Preis. In 1906 Hermann Hesse won the Bauernfeld-Preis. an Austrian dramatist and poet. even to give an acceptance speech to the Nobel Committee. exploring his own Christian roots. an award named for Eduard Bauernfeld. and in 1946 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Hesse was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Bern. which is one of the oldest awards in Switzerland. it wasn't long before the awards began rolling in. named in memory of the German poet Wilhelm Raabe (1831-1910) for his complete works. Osterling was honored to present the Nobel Prize to the envoy of the Swiss Federal Republic.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Major Accomplishments and Awards Once he began to publish. One of the more interesting honors given him was his induction into the Orden Pour le Mérite. As the accolades began to arrive at a faster pace. His sincerity was mesmerizing. who accepted on behalf of Hesse. though at sixty nine years old Hesse was at a stage in his life when he was either unable or unwilling to leave the tranquility of his Montagnola home. shortly after receiving the Nobel Prize. Anders Österling.

of the struggles all humanity faces due to the dualities of existence. and fine arts. which finally recognized the torment he had suffered during the two world wars that shook Germany in his lifetime. and the structure became very specific. both physical and spiritual.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman highest military order for German soldiers in the Kingdom of Prussia. and through his works the reader is given a rare glimpse of his own internal battles. It would be impossible in such a short space of time to thoroughly sum up all of Hermann Hesse's accomplishments. The true power of Hesse's writings is that they so honestly mirror his own inner turmoil. natural sciences. In 1952. and the civilian version of the honor was founded in 1842. Hyperink 8 Hyperink . then President of West Germany revived the tradition. These groups of thirty must be divided evenly among the three disciplines of the order: humanities. and the turmoil that we all face when dealing with the most complex issues of the world. as well as thirty foreign members. There can be only thirty German citizens in the order at any given time. He wrote stories of profound conflict. Theodore Heuss. in 1955 Hesse became the sixth recipient of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. It began in 1740. Finally.

Hesse once wrote in a letter to his parents that "the morality of artists is replaced by aesthetics. The author himself." and one the passionate "feminine mind. this wanderer's journey of self-exploration is again clear. as are the distinct Jungian polar opposites of the two main characters. and it is a conflict with which Hesse wrestled his entire life. This is a conflict between the passionate and the structured drives that occur within all people. and who believed that religion was the means required to control that nature." and in the novel Sinclair expresses an appreciation for music because it is amoral. focused on the Neitzschian concept of the Apollonian versus the Dionysian spirit. and then pursuing wisdom in the physical world with Hyperink 9 Hyperink . of searching for the deepest. studying under the Brahmins to seek enlightenment. This idea of finding oneself." Narcissus and Goldmund each seek out a form of connection to the world. some themes reappear throughout his works. however. In Narcissus and Goldmund. morality is a construct that arises solely from society and only by shaking off the chains of that construct and exerting their will can anyone truly be who they are. then leaving the Samanas for Gotama. Govinda and Siddhartha begin in the same manner. but Siddhartha comes to realize after leaving the Brahmins to study under the Samanas. and these repeating patterns give the reader a great deal of insight into the mind of Hermann Hesse. Demian. Govinda is satisfied with this path. felt a deep connection to the natural world. or outside of good and evil. and another that appears in all of his books. One represents the controlled and pious "masculine mind.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Major Themes Though his books were set in a wide range of places and times. This pair foreshadowed the parallel journeys in Siddhartha that would later be taken by Govinda and Siddhartha. According to Nietzsche. In their quest for Nirvana. Another important idea within Demian is the concept of right and wrong. One of his earliest novels. and failed to see the intrinsic evil in his natural desires. most honest parts of one's own nature is another concept that Hesse struggled with. Hesse came from a family that saw the innate nature of mankind as savage and somehow unclean. one through the more carnal aspects of life and one through spirituality. and though their characters differed drastically in many ways.

Hesse was suffering what he called Lebenskrankheit. or a sickness with life. times. and in his novels he was able to explore their meaning in different places. Unfortunately Hesse never reached this understanding. Siddhartha knew that he would have to find the knowledge within himself.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Kamala and Kamaswami. and only after meditating in solitude on the sound and motion of a river does he eventually reach his goal. and had immersed himself in Indian philosophy. though his teachers had tried to tell him that he could never find enlightenment on his own. Hyperink 10 Hyperink . but its pursuit is a constant theme within his writings. He abandoned the traditional path. At the time that he wrote Siddhartha. trying to balance his desires with his obligations. the student of spirituality seeking a connection with and understanding of the larger universe. He hoped for the kind of deep understanding Siddhartha had found when he discovered that the entire universe was contained within the banks of the river. and even within different minds. He had lost all hope of finding any real enlightenment in the faith of his family. These questions haunted Hesse throughout his life. that no teacher could ever give him enlightenment. In order to fully understand the universe. In each of Hesse's books we see the restless wanderer seeking to better understand himself. and the conflicted man.

happiest when alone in nature. both Hesse and Maria were fiercely independent and strong-willed people. as World War I began and his marriage Hyperink 11 Hyperink . He felt himself to be an awkward loner. He was a very sensitive and creative child. He and his family relocated to Bern. as Joseph Mileck observed in his entry on German fiction writers for the Dictionary of Literary Biography. feeling himself to be a child of both Germany and Switzerland. and unsurprisingly. he did not thrive in these situations. and he began to write in earnest.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Personal Life The tormented protagonists of Hermann Hesse's novels could not have been created by a man who was not tormented himself. the beloved second home of his parents and grandparents. hoping to find happiness or at least peace. Hope finally entered his life in the form of Maria Bernoulli. After his flight from the monastic school where he was to learn the work of the pulpit. Here things went from bad to worse. and yet he was lonely. he was bounced around from institution to institution. He longed for society but found comfort only in solitude. and his misery culminated in a failed suicide attempt. He returned home. intending to visit India. his first wife. and his repeated rejection by women he courted nearly drove him to embrace complete isolation. a fascination with love and death. it seemed he may finally have found a balance between the quiet solitude he'd always enjoyed and the human companionship he'd craved his whole life. In 1911 Hesse attempted an ill-fated journey to the East. and even a sense of conflicting national identities. Travel didn't agree with him. When he finally gained his freedom from school and from his parents. his protagonists still carried that melancholia that had characterized his young life. who had always assumed that he would spend his life in the church. From early childhood he struggled with serious questions of faith. which landed him in a series of mental facilities and homes for troubled boys. longing for those comforting human experiences that can only come from companionship. and he became lonely and despondent before reaching his destination. He wrestled with the piety of his family. With their retirement to the country and the birth of their two sons. sick and depressed. and their marriage began to fall apart. a more metropolitan city in Switzerland. uncomfortable around most people. Unfortunately.

Unfortunately a change of scenery could not save his marriage. Here he met Ruth Wenger. when his wife was institutionalized for what would now be called schizophrenia. The next twelve years were the most productive of his life. and he still wrote novels. an art history expert and long-time fan of his writing. B. This marked a turning point in both his life and his work. poetry. and Hitler's Germany declared Hesse's work to be undesirable. by April Ruth had returned to her parents' home. J. the year he turned fifty.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman continued to fall apart. Shaken further by the death of his father in 1916. That year he was joined in Casa Camuzzi by Ninon Dolbin. including Der Steppenwolf and Siddhartha. which allowed him to more thoroughly explore his spiritual journey until his death in 1962. Though turmoil raged throughout Europe. enjoying nature as he always had. self- acceptance. and they were married in 1931. C. G. However. He still struggled with existential questions. and they finally separated in 1919. and despite Hesse's attempts at reconciliation. they were divorced in 1927. Jung. and he published some of his most famous works. and painting in watercolor. He and his wife were forced to place their youngest son in a foster home when his behavior became more than they could manage after a severe illness. and in January of 1924 they were married. hoping for a fresh start. Hesse finally sought help from Dr. Lang. Hyperink 12 Hyperink . They wouldn't officially divorce until 1923. a student of Dr. the last chapter of his life was more peaceful than any before. Hesse placed his sons in boarding school and moved to Casa Camuzzi in Montagnola in Switzerland. He spent much of his days gardening. daughter of the Swiss writer Lisa Wenger. he hoped. but he seemed happy in his day to day life. as he began to follow the inward path toward self-discovery and. and essays exploring those questions. a hobby he took up in 1916 and continued to pursue until his death.

He found hope in action. perhaps the quote that best represents Hesse is yet another found in that most perfect transcription of the spiritual pilgrimage. his admiration for Saint Francis de Assisi." In his youth he poured over the works of great thinkers who came before him." He mocked even his own struggles. and his respect for the teachings of the Buddha. realizing that. "and I still believe." his version of Siddhartha said. Österling quoted Hesse as saying that one must never be content with reality. and who. and in the importance assigned to those trials. that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value. and the world would continue on its chaotic way. like Steppenwolf. but not wisdom. but one cannot communicate and teach it. a journey for wisdom and inner peace. be fortified by it. This somewhat bleak outlook is reflective of many of Hesse's protagonists. for this low. He found humor in the trials of life. and desolate reality cannot be changed except by denying it through proving our superior strength. In Siddhartha. do wonders through it. "I have always believed. as written about by Jessica Teisch in her article for Bookmarks. who are so often pushing back against the realities being forced on them by society and by everyday life. One can find it. from his youthful fascination with Goethe. and through his art he processed whatever ills life dealt him." As a man on a lifelong quest. live it. his words were not always so dark. to his later devotion to Nietzsche. just long enough for a joke.” Still. that one should neither adore nor worship it. however important to him. Hyperink 13 Hyperink .Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Public Statements and Attributed Quotes In his Nobel presentation speech." Still. he had to accept that it would only be through a lifetime of self-exploration and constant seeking that he could ever hope to find true wisdom. Siddhartha: "Knowledge can be communicated. Hesse wrote "eternity is a mere moment. entitled “Herman Hesse. they would pass and be forgotten after the end of his life. always disappointing. so often believe that "solitude is independence.

Switzerland on August 9. Hesse's mother Maria wrote that he had begun composing songs and poems before he could properly hold a pencil. India while her parents were there on a mission. which was the name of the narrator in the novel. He died in his home in Montagnola. took eleven years to write and told a story set in the distant future. Hyperink 14 Hyperink . His works have become a part of the German cannon. Der Steppenwolf. 1962 at the age of 86. During World War II most of Hesse's works in Germany were either suppressed or destroyed. and Demian. He left Germany during World War I after his writing was determined to be anti-nationalist. Both sides of Hesse's family were members of the Pietist movement. This practice demanded a rigidly moral life and constant spiritual contemplation. approximately fifteen million copies of Hermann Hesse's works had been published in the United States alone.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Trivia and Fun Facts Hesse's mother Maria Gundert was born in Talatscheri. In her letters and diaries. The Glass Bead Game. which was founded by Philipp Jakob Spener. alongside such authors as Thomas Mann and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Hesse initially published Demian under the pseudonym Emil Sinclair. and they weren't widely reprinted until after 1950. By 1987. Hesse's longest novel. Hesse became a Swiss citizen in 1923. Hesse wrote some of the best known novels in the German language. and fourteen million had been sold in Japan. including Siddhartha.

Hesse will always step back into the cultural limelight during times of social unrest. Where do the rights of the self end and the responsibility to the other begin? How can one truly be a part of society. The unique dualistic style of Hesse's writing and the pairing of parallel characters. yet still live what they are. and his handling of them was unique and honest.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Conclusion The importance of Hermann Hesse in contemporary literature cannot be overestimated. but that journey is made easier by the work of this brilliant and tormented man. as Hesse himself desperately tried to do for so many years? The answers to these questions elude us all. His struggle between individualism and a need for community are tortuously clear on the page. both of which represent the author in one sense or another demonstrate the cognitive dissidence that all people experience when wrestling with such complex topics. These themes are universal and timeless. Throughout his life and throughout his works the most important spiritual and existential questions of life are explored. and as a society we will continue to wrestle with them for generations to come. and his desperate need to discover which path is right drives all of his works. though even in a full lifetime one can only really begin to scratch the surface of those questions. Though he may continue to slip in and out of vogue among modern readers. when societies struggle with the same questions. Hyperink 15 Hyperink .

Ed. Number 2007. in Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Sources Wilde.” Utopian Studies 10.org. Jessica. James N. Detroit: Gale. “The Radical Appeal of Hermann Hesse's Alternative Community. Gale Research. Ed.” Nobelprize. “Hermann Hesse.” Bookmarks. Detroit. “Hermann Hesse. Hardin. Rpt. 2007. Teisch. 2004.” Nobelprize.” Dictionary Of Literary Biography. March 5. Linda Pavlovski. Bookmarks Publishing.org. Joseph. Volume 66: German Fiction Writers. 1885-1913. March 5. 2012 "Nobelprize. 1988. 148. 2012 Mileck. Lawrence. "Hermann Hesse — Autobiography. Hyperink 16 Hyperink . Vol.org.1 (Winter 1999): p86-93.

Painter Encyclopedia Britannica. Hermann Hesse Hyperink 17 Hyperink . Hermann Hesse: Novelist.Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Additional Resources and Further Reading Oglethorpe University Museum — Hermann Hesse Gallery. Poet.

Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography Hermann Hesse: A Biography By Coral Saloman Like then Share! Hyperink 18 Hyperink .

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