Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Table of Contents
Biography of Eminem Table of Contents
By The Hyperink Team

Table of Contents

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Biography of Eminem Hyperink 2 Hyperink .Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team I.

Eminem's story is an extraordinary one. and has been acknowledged as a talented. To add to the controversy. made his album debut with The Slim Shady LP in the spring of 1999. whether you love or hate rap music. still relevant. he was still an anomaly when his alter ego Slim Shady burst on the hip-hop scene in 1999. better known as Eminem. and mental distress. the establishment lost no time in condemning him as a threat to the moral fiber of society due to his violent themes and profanity-laced lyrics.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Introduction When Marshall Mathers.jhtml The ability to survive against all adversity is perhaps Eminem's biggest draw. highly influential artist and a powerful musical force of the past two decades. humiliation. The Marshall Mathers LP). leading Mathers to observe cynically "for every million I make. Although Eminem was not the first white rapper.mtv. his mother immediately launched a $10 million lawsuit for slander and defamation of character. Although album sales went platinum virtually overnight and his popularity soared among hip-hop fans of every color and race. Keith Richards. The rationale used in selecting those three artists was not just that they were incredibly influential. It is not simply a Hyperink 3 Hyperink . He is not simply a young man from the wrong side of the tracks with no more than a ninth-grade education who found incredible success by doing something he The November 2011 edition of GQ magazine featured a portfolio of “43 Gods of Rock. but that they represented prime examples of musical perseverance.” with Eminem. he evoked an immediate and controversial response. including 13 Grammys and an Oscar. He has won hundreds of awards. or despise them as profane and obscene. "We wanted to answer the question: Who are the living legends out there that have survived against all adversity?" http://www. Such lawsuits soon became commonplace. Eminem has become the biggest-selling artist of the past decade. alleging his interviews and song lyrics portraying her as an abusive drug addict were untrue and had caused loss of self-esteem. with record sales topping 90 million albums worldwide. another relative sues" (Marshall Mathers. and Lil Wayne on the cover. and continuing to make music. Whether you love his lyrics and consider them poetry. Thirteen years later.

a white man excelling in a predominantly African-American art form.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team tale of the American Dream. Eminem also managed to find success in a field thought to belong to another culture. Hyperink 4 Hyperink . always in pursuit of one thing: respect. He did it by persevering through all adversity.

Every few months he was in a new school. His mother was only 15 years old when he was born. Mathers grew up largely along the rough side of Detroit's 8 Mile Road. (Nelson) Mathers-Briggs and his father is Marshall Bruce Mathers. He would later film a movie about his experiences. giving him a copy of Ice-T's single “Reckless. Polish. Ronald "Ronnie" Nelson. When he was 11 his uncle. the road dividing the white suburbs from the mostly black part of the city.cbsnews. Throughout Mathers' childhood his mother Deborah constantly moved them from one place to another. The fact that rap was predominantly black music and people kept telling him he didn't belong fuelled a desire to show people that he could succeed. Even though he did poorly in school.” Rap soon became a passion for Mathers. His mother is Deborah R. He is of mixed ancestry: English. It was here that Mathers found his voice and was able to express his pent-up rage.html Mathers was interested in storytelling as a child and wanted to be a comic book artist. and by age 14 he was giving performances using the pseudonym M&M. Michigan. on and off welfare. who was just a year older and a close friend. in an Hyperink 5 Hyperink . finally settling in Warren. Mathers and his mother had lived in several towns around Missouri. calling it 8 Mile. something he recalls as the toughest part of all. shoved into lockers." mostly just because he was the new kid. in Saint Joseph. German. in spite of his color. living hand to mouth. As a shy kid in the public school system he was bullied.” While enrolled at Lincoln High School in 18560_162-6936406. "beat up in the bathroom. Swiss. “Fuckin' Backstabber. By the time he was 12. He was fascinated with words and read the dictionary in his free time trying to expand his vocabulary. introduced him to rap.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Background and Upbringing Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17. and his father abandoned the family when Mathers was just six months old. and Luxembourgian. Missouri. With the group Bassmint Productions he recorded an EP and later released a single. he always did well in English class. Scottish. http://www. Jr. beat up in the hallways. Mathers participated in rap freestyle battles—verbal fights in which the goal was to create the smartest rhymes and the best insults. 1972.

During high school Mathers met Kimberley Ann Scott. Eye-Kyu. Mathers had also accepted the role of father to Kim's sister's two-year-old daughter. Mr. but with the debut of Infinite he officially adopted the name Eminem. The album addressed themes of love for Kim and his financial struggles in raising his newborn daughter Hailie. In 1991. in an ironic reversal of racial inequality. and a burning dream to escape from a lifetime of endless drudgery all motivated Mathers toward the goal of recording his first album. and released it under the independent label Web Entertainment. in spite of his color. largely because he never showed up to class. he attempted suicide by overdosing on Tylenol.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team belong fuelled a desire to show people that he could succeed. Overwhelmed with responsibility and despairing at the negative reception his work received. She and her sister Dawn had run away from home as teenagers and moved in with Mathers and his mother when he was He would later describe his feelings at that time very eloquently in the track "Rock Bottom" on The Slim Shady LP. Mathers had developed relationships with many Detroit-area rappers. with the help of the Bass Brothers. My life is full of empty promises Hyperink 6 Hyperink . Mathers finally dropped out of high school in 1989 at age 17. and in 1992 he was able to share studio time with one of them. Mathers continued developing his rapping skills while working for minimum wage as a cook and dishwasher. and made his first music video appearance. Porter. and he himself admits that he was still trying to figure out how he wanted to sound. Infinite was an attempt to produce radio-friendly content and garner air time on Detroit's WJLB radio station. most of which sold. his uncle Ronnie shot himself at the age of 19. and he tattooed “Ronnie RIP” on his upper left arm. claiming Eminem was copying other rappers. The relationship between Mathers and Kim was on-and-off from that point forward. Mathers had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse since he was young. a dead-end job. Champtown. 1995. The loss profoundly affected Mathers. was born on December 25. Up until this point Mathers had been using the stage name M&M. and rapper Three. Family responsibilities. so its content was relatively inoffensive. It featured members of D12. he recorded Infinite at their Bassmint studio. http://www. The album was limited to 1. The hip-hop community criticized the album.nndb. After failing ninth grade twice. Proof. Mathers eventually built an underground hip-hop following. His life took a new direction when his daughter.000 cassettes and 100 vinyl records. In 1996. Alaina "Lainie" Mathers. Although he had to struggle with the anti-white prejudices of the African-American rap industry. Hailie Jade Mathers.

but it sucks to be the fan When all you need is bucks to be the man —“Rock Bottom. largely due to his music's alleged misogyny. an extended play single that introduced the Slim Shady persona. play! ‘Cause when we die we know we’re all going the same way It's cool to be player. In July 2005. Eminem himself acknowledged the need for a break. unfurnished And I'm sick of working dead end jobs with lame pay And I'm tired of being hired and fired the same day But fuck it. who was sufficiently impressed to seek Mathers out. if you know the rules to the game. After a 1997 Rap Olympics performance. Eminem Hyperink 7 Hyperink . They began work on The Slim Shady LP. Marshall and Kim were married for the first time on June 14. while exploring themes of poverty and family difficulties. This time he drew on more negative sources of inspiration and created The Slim Shady EP in 1997. in which he was ranked fifty-eighth on the list.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team And broken dreams I'm hoping things will look up But there ain't no job openings I feel discouraged hungry and malnourished Living in this house with no furnace. mental instability. Between 2005 and 2008. going triple platinum before the end of the year. Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine handed a copy of the tape to Dr. and extreme acts of violence. which expanded the Slim Shady alter ego and used a storytelling technique. 1999.” The Slim Shady LP Mathers recovered and continued to persevere. saying that he wasn't sure where his career was heading. and the release of his greatest-hits compilation in December 2005 led some to speculate that he was ending his rapping career. Eminem stopped recording and performing. It was released in 1999 to immediate success. Dre. sex. During that year he was the subject of a book by Bernard Goldberg. The album featured constant references to drugs. Finally enjoying a measure of fame after his struggles and hard work. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.

the Anger Management 3 Tour. Hyperink 8 Hyperink .Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team embarked on his first tour in three years. but by August he cancelled the European segment to enter rehab for an addiction to sleeping pills.

” Rolling Stone also dubbed him “The King of Hip-Hop” in 2011. and Publishers) award in 2004. He has won a total of 13 Grammys. People's Choice Awards. Eminem has been nominated for 300 awards and has won 240 other awards. He won the World Music Award in 2001. and BMI Film Awards. winning eight of them. Eminem has won 14 times. and he won the Billboard Music Award 12 times. 2003. Eminem's first three albums all won Grammy awards. a Grammy. as well as 90 million albums worldwide. and several other awards. MuchMusic Video Awards. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him eighty-second on their list of “The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. MTV International Awards. The song "Lose Yourself" was nominated for 16 awards. Authors.” As of 2012. Juno Awards. and 2005 for World's Best-Selling Rap/Hip-Hop Hyperink 9 Hyperink . He also won Grammy Awards for his sixth and seventh albums. Teen Choice Awards. and is considered the best-selling artist of the 2000s. Detroit Music Awards (DMAs). NRJ Awards. In 2002 Eminem won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Lose Yourself" from the movie 8 Mile. He won the ASCAP (The American Society of Composers. Soul Train Music Awards. which was largely autobiographical. He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 41 million albums in the United States. and Teen Choice Awards. He also won a Music of Black Origin Award in 2010. In 2008 Vibe magazine named him “Best Rapper Alive. including the Brit Awards. including Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album for Recovery (2010). and was nominated for a Golden Globe. He also starred in the film.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Major Accomplishments and Awards Eminem achieved ten #1 albums on the Billboard 200. 8 Mile won several MTV Movie Awards. Out of 20 American Music Award nominations. making him the first artist to win Best Rap Album three consecutive times. the first rap artist to ever win the award.

2004. 2005. Major albums include: • Infinite. “Stan” also ranked 190th in Rolling Stone magazine's “500 Greatest Songs of All Time. and the television series Entourage (2010).com Hyperink 10 Hyperink . • Encore. Named one of the top albums in 2009. • The Eminem Show. 2009.” • Eminem has founded the Marshall Mathers Foundation with the goal of providing funds to help at-risk youth. 2000. on cassette. RIAA certified 10X platinum 2012. 2006. sold more than five million copies worldwide. Sold 1. http://themarshallmathersfoundation. and CD. • The song "Stan" from The Marshall Mathers LP was named by Q Magazine as the third- greatest rap song of all time. Funny People (2009). A rap compilation album with various artists. • The Marshall Mathers LP. • Eminem Presents: The Re-Up. A greatest-hits compilation. The Slim Shady EP was first released by Web Entertainment in 1997 as an extended play. Sold one million copies in the first week and was the best- selling album of 2002.76 million copies in the first week. • Recovery. • Relapse. RIAA certified 4X platinum 2012. RIAA certified 10X platinum 2012. • The Slim Shady LP. Eminem has made cameo appearances in The Wash (2001). 2010 Also: • Curtain Call: The Hits. vinyl. Triple platinum in 1999. In addition to several live tour videos. 1996.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Artist. 1999. 2001. fastest-selling hip hop album and fastest-selling solo album in US history.

A key rap theme.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Personal Life Rap music itself springs from the black street gang subculture. thought to be rooted in the fact that most inner-city children grow up with a single female parent and are thus seeking a way to make themselves feel more powerful. sparking a bitter custody battle over their daughter Hailie. Kim became pregnant and in 2002 gave birth to a daughter. Marshall and Kim remarried at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester. Eminem shared that experience. Kim eventually won physical custody and financial support. They divorced in December of that Hyperink 11 Hyperink . for example. Although white. his roots haunt him and his personal life has reflected their dark influence. Other prominent elements of rap are drugs and escapism. Michigan with their three children in attendance. His upbringing was no different from that of other inner-city black kids in Detroit. with parents ignoring their children to pursue their own addictions. after her second drunk driving conviction and suicide attempt. Eminem and Kim reconciled and broke up several times over the next few years. In 2004 they announced a formal reconciliation and in January 2006. is anger and violence against women.” The Marshall Mathers LP Although Eminem achieved success beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Although both Eminem and Kim had well-publicized issues with drug abuse. It is a rebellion against the establishment and the majority culture and a representation of the alienation and oppression felt by black youth on a daily basis in inner-city urban neighborhoods. which has helped him in making the genre his own. where the fuck you think I picked up the habit? All I had to do was go in her room and lift up a mattress. something Eminem himself experienced in his youth: My fuckin’ bitch mom suing for ten million She must want a dollar for every pill I been stealin’ Shit. whom Mathers would later seek to adopt. —“Marshall Mathers. Whitney. During their time apart. and Kim's cocaine habit cost her custody of her daughter for a time. His first marriage to Kim Mathers ended in October 2001.

including his mother and his ex-wife Kim. When he raps about the same topics. whoops somebody shot me And I was just checkin’ the mail. His targets are shredded up and viciously spit out from the tip of his pen with no qualms: Christina Aguilera. homosexuals. his mother. There is a huge segment of the population who agree with Eminem on many of these topics and vicariously enjoy his criticisms. And I felt like. This. however. it’s me. calling out many of them by name. it was a statement to the world that the artistic community for the most part understood that Eminem's lyrics did not reflect who he was as a person.” The Marshall Mathers LP Hyperink 12 Hyperink . is it because of the color of my skin? Is it because of that. who accused Eminem of homophobia. and Gianni Versace are all treated with equal disrespect. Christopher Reeve. He has been branded a misogynist and a homophobe. however. fellow rappers. and fans and critics alike. in yet another form of reverse discrimination. Fellow artists and fans didn't see it that way. The album criticized celebrity culture and expressed a desire to destroy boy/girl groups and pop stars. and promoting violence against women. "I felt like I was being attacked. you're paying more attention?" http://www. The turbulent relationship between Mathers and Kim formed much of the content for The Marshall Mathers LP. Eminem confesses to not understanding some of the furor over his I was being singled out. Versace. Hey. In The Marshall Mathers LP he expresses his wrath against the recording industry.html? pageNum=3&tag=contentMain. misogyny. controversy follows.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team same year.contentBody Eminem has gained a reputation for using his albums to lash out against everyone and anyone. women in general. When openly gay Elton John performed "Stan" with Eminem at the 2001 Grammy Awards. as a way of settling scores. of course. since black rappers have been using them since the genre began. but it also prompted outrage and negative responses from many of the people he had lambasted in his lyrics.cbsnews. caused a backlash from groups holding a moral high ground. Eminem points out that he didn't invent offensive lyrics in rap and hip-hop music. That album proved to be one of the fastest-selling in history and propelled Eminem right to the top of the charts. other recording artists (especially boy/girl groups). but he feels that he is being targeted because of his race. get it? Checkin’ the male —“Criminal. his wife. which is likely another reason underlying his success.

who abandoned the family when he was six months old. I’d find my kids. oh gee. I’m obsessed now. it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?” (Eminem. “I can’t understand how—if my kids were moved to the edge of the Earth.” a video in which he raps.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Slim." the music video draws links with Jackson's child molestation trial. Nathan. No money.” http://www. Michael Jackson became a target. but states that he does not understand how a father could walk away from his children. he adds. In trying to be a good father. plastic surgery.html Hyperink 13 Hyperink . and profanity is not allowed in his home in front of his children. try and just don't mention it…” —“I'm Back. Mathers has officially adopted Kim’s niece Lainie. “The Warning”) In spite of the vulgarity and his misogynist lyrics. for Pete's sake. “Mariah. and he is trying to do the same with Whitney. who subsequently released a single. is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee?” Perhaps even more disturbingly. and fans demonstrated on Jackson's behalf. Encore also gained notoriety when it was revealed that the United States Secret Service was taking seriously the allegations that Eminem had threatened the life of the President in one of the songs on the album. if I had nothing.cbsnews. “I got the exact same tattoo that's on Nick’s back. Mathers dated singer Mariah Carey. after Jackson publicly expressed his dismay and anger. Mathers admitted that he’s not sure. Mathers tries to be a solid. loving father to his three daughters. no nothing. I’d find Eminem would later apologize to Jackson. “Obsession. In an ultimate irony. For a time in 2008. Former girlfriends are particular targets of Eminem's venom. So there’s no excuse. Eminem responded with “The Warning. Although the lyrics claim "That's not a stab at Michael. and the Pepsi commercial fire incident. In addition to Hailie. No doubt in my mind. put down Christopher Reeve's legs!" Geez! You guys are so sensitive. Michael Jackson obtained the rights to many of Eminem's songs when he acquired Famous Music LLC in 2007.” in which she minimizes their relationship as one-sided. Kim’s child from another relationship. He is also legal guardian of his younger half-brother. Mathers still struggles with his unresolved issues regarding his own father.” The Marshall Mathers LP In Encore. When questioned in an interview regarding his feelings and whether he wants to meet his father. There’s no excuse. "Slim it's a touchy subject.

In December 2007. Recovery sold 741. many of Eminem's personal relationships remain troubled. Eminem sings "Come take my hand / We'll walk this road together. she wrote a 2008 book in which she tried to tell her side of the story (My Son Marshall. and describes her regret at not speaking up while he created the fiction of a trailer-dwelling welfare mom. Eminem re-established himself as a continued presence in the hip-hop world. but also wiped out chunks of his memory. Recovery. Eminem’s edge remains. including Jay-Z. His fans don't seem to have any problem with the new Eminem. the fact that Eminem was inundated with lawsuits from every branch of his family tree (no matter how obscure or distant) from the moment his fame started to grow creates some doubt as to the integrity of these claims.jhtml While there may be two sides to every story. although perhaps with a more insightful and gentler tone such as in the track “Love the Way You Lie. Hyperink 14 Hyperink . Because of the drug he has no recollection of many events in his life over a period of some five years. Eminem has now admitted that the prescription drug Ambien not only almost killed him. and Royce Da 5'9".mtv. The near-death incident motivated him to get sober. including Vicodin." lyrics that are far removed anything he would have said 10 years ago. destroying brain cells and causing a four-year writer's block. to rap again. My Son Eminem). Although he continues to enjoy career success with no signs of stopping. Rihanna. Eminem overdosed and collapsed in the bathroom of his house. Valium. He did several live performances in support of the album. which describes an abusive love-hate relationship.000 copies the week it was which was originally going to be named Relapse 2. At the peak of his addiction he was taking 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin a day. She talks about her son’s split personalities.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team For much of his career. staying at number one on the Billboard 200 for five consecutive weeks. then in 2010 released Recovery. Nicki Minaj. Eminem had been addicted to a number of drugs. His anger has lessened and he now feels he is in a position to help others. http://www. He came within two hours of dying. Eminem also collaborated with a number of major artists during this period.” featuring Rihanna. One of the people he credits with helping him kick his addiction is Elton John. he seems to have taken a slightly different. had he not made it to the hospital in time. Eminem says he has had to learn to write again. even how to perform again. softer direction. After his mother Deborah's unsuccessful lawsuit. and was named best-selling album worldwide in 2010. With his newest album. Now clean and sober. and Ambien. With the release of Relapse in 2009. however. She claims that she supported him when he was being laughed off the stage and mocked by the black rappers he was trying to impress.

And Hailie's gettin' so big now. and drug abuse in the life Eminem describes also lends credence to his version of his family life.” The Marshall Mathers LP Hyperink 15 Hyperink . They still do not speak to one another. I am dead. I hope you fuckin' burn in hell for this shit Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me? Well guess what. neglect. she won't even be at your funeral See what hurts me the most is you won't admit you was wrong Bitch. she's beautiful But you'll never see her. keep tellin' yourself that you was a mom But how dare you try to take what you didn't help me to get You selfish bitch. do your song. I never meant to hurt you I never meant to make you cry But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet —“Cleaning Out My Closet. and have not resolved their issues. but the door is not completely closed to a possible future reconciliation.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team The very real consequences brought on from being raised amid deprivation. Eminem has admitted to learning some compassion for his mother through his own stint in rehab. you should see her. dead to you as can be I'm sorry Mama.

who has used his gayness for good and here he’s using it for evil. On February 21. 2001 Elton John and Eminem performed "Stan" together at the 43rd Grammy Awards ceremony. Entertainment Weekly called the performance one of the best of the decade.” which state. On December 8. 2003. The case was settled out of court. 2001. saying." —R. February 20.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team In the News For an October 26. GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) denounced Elton John for the performance.” A heavily-censored version was later released as Hyperink 16 Hyperink . attacking Eminem's lyrics as homophobic. S.go. stating. on Elton John/Eminem Grammy duet. but was only awarded $1. . Seomin. French jazz pianist Jacques Loussier filed a $10 million lawsuit against Eminem and Dr. Marshall Mather's mother sued him in 1999 for $10 million. Dre. We feel betrayed by Elton John. on the basis that the beat for “Kill You” was plagiarized.600 in damages in 2001. The charges were dismissed. the United States Secret Service admitted to investigating Eminem over allegations that he had threatened the President of the United States. GLAAD held a protest outside the Staples Center where the ceremony was being held. 2000 concert in Toronto. The threat was supposedly made in the lyrics to the song “We As Americans. several lawsuits have been brought against Mathers by others. Canada. but I set precedents. “Fuck money / I don’t rap for dead presidents / I’d rather see the president dead / It’s never been said. .” “His [Eminem’s] lyrics encourage violence against gays and lesbians and women . claiming he slandered her in lyrics in The Slim Shady LP." http://abcnews. A sanitation worker sued Mathers in 2001 in response to allegations that he had bullied Mathers while in school. "I personally don't want anyone coming to Canada who will come here and advocate violence against women. “it was the hug heard ‘round the world. Ontario Attorney General Jim Flaherty unsuccessfully tried to prevent Eminem from crossing the id=114066&page=1 In addition to family members.

February 21.” — Stevie Wonder on Eminem. because otherwise it does not work. venting about him. 2001. MTV Online. we are going to have a Tupac or Eminem or Biggie Smalls to remind us about it—and thank mathers-eminem-is-tiny-horrible-in-bed Hyperink 17 Hyperink .mtv. But until we really confront the truth. http://bumpshack. Mathers’ ex-wife. There’s nothing left in me for him.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team a separate track. In May 2009. http://www.ning. If you’re going to have sex with Marshall. We dance forever around the issues. make sure you have a little blue pill. and art is a reflection of our society.” —Kim Mathers. They force people to look at realities in society. I vomit in my mouth whenever I’m around him or I hear his name. Eminem's 1996 debut album Infinite was made available on rapper 50 Cent’s website at “Rap to me is a modern blues—a statement of how and where people are at. Nothing at all. He’s not very well endowed. He’s an absolutely horrible person and he gets worse every day. and [embrace] songs about unity and love. and people don’t like to confront the realities in “I can’t stand him.

white. fat.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Public Statements “I don't care if you’re black. he may have better clothes or as a person.html “God sent me to piss the world off. like. skinny. I mean. Profanity around my house. straight. Simple as that. If you’re the parent. And it started to feel like." Interview on 60 Minutes. I’ll be nice to you. or poor. who's to tell them what they should be listening to? If I lip- synch every day to [rap star Krayzie Bone]? Who’s to say that because I’m a certain color Hyperink 18 Hyperink .html “People say that the word orange doesn’t rhyme with anything and that kind of pisses me off because I can think of a lot of things that rhyme with orange. like. this is what I do. The Slim Shady LP Asked whether he feels a sense of responsibility when a parent hears Eminem and then complains that his kids start to swear or use similar language. you know. or didn’t go through any trouble at all. more than one syllable you could say ‘I put my orange four-inch door hinge in storage and ate porridge with George. be a parent. short. bisexual.” 18560_162-6936406.cbsnews. If you're nice to me. lesbian. this is my art. no.cbsnews. pick this up. You know what I mean? I’m a parent.goodreads. he may have more “Hip hop has always been about bragging and boasting and I’m better than you with this and I'm better than you with that.” Interview on 60 Minutes.’ You know what I mean? Like. like. but he can’t do this like me. maybe Marshall’s getting a little respect. http://www. If you enunciate it and you make it.html “Whether a white kid goes through as much shit as I did. gay.” Interview on 60 Minutes. And I finally found something that. You know what I mean? Like he can't write what I'm writing right now. if they love the music. you know. But this is music. how would I really Mathers says. http://www.cbsnews. you know.’ you just have to figure out the science to breaking down words.” —Eminem. yeah this kid over here. “I feel like it’s your job to parent them. http://www. walkin’ around my house. I don’t cuss. I have daughters. tall. ‘Bitch. rich.

which is what music did for me. “I don't think music can make you kill or rape someone any more than a movie is going to make you do something you know is wrong.’ It can help make them respect their individuality. who is being picked on by everyone and made to feel worthless. throw his middle fingers up and say. It can make a 15-year-old kid. ‘[expletive] you.” http://articles. who’s to say that I then don’t have the right to rap myself?" Spin Magazine.latimes. but music can give you Hyperink 19 Hyperink . 1999. you don't know who I am.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team I shouldn’t be doing that? And if I’ve got a right to buy his music and make him rich.

• Eminem loves South Park and refers to himself as a skinny Cartman in the song “Marshall Mathers. • Eminem has had a number of feuds with other hip-hop artists.” • In The Marshall Mathers LP. he dyed his hair blonde. • In July 2000. He keeps boxes full of scraps of paper in which he has written words and phrases. when she phoned Eminem and handed the phone to Pieck. Pieck claims he was having dinner with Christina Aguilera on September 9.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Trivia • Asked whether he can see fans' faces when performing on stage. Eminem slammed the Grammy Awards and predicted that he would never win one because of the negative attitudes toward his music. Shade 45: Eminem's Uncensored Hip-Hop Channel. “Yeah. and Elton calls Eminem once a week to check on him. • For inspiration when creating the character Slim Shady. a New York homeless man named Stephen Lee Pieck filed a $9 million lawsuit against Eminem. who gave Eminem the idea for the 2011 Super Bowl “Born Of Fire” Chrysler commercial. • Has his own Sirius XM Radio station. Eminem replied. it was a big blur. Hyperink 20 Hyperink . 2010. He says that he “bends” the words through enunciation. things he plans on eventually using. including Ja Rule. and Busta Rhymes.” referencing his drug use. I do now. Canibus. • Elton John and Eminem have remained close friends since their Grammy performance in 2001. Eminem was the first white person featured on the cover of The Source Magazine. • Eminem loves rhyming words others can’t. Before. • February 2012. • Eminem has been arrested several times.

until I found something I loved. speaks to millions who experience spousal abuse on a regular basis. I didn't have nothin’ going for me .” for example. The track “Kim. “If people take anything from my music. Millions can identify with Stan’s daily life of despair. chronicle his painfully honest journey out of drug addiction and despair brought on partly by the very success he had worked so hard for. the ones that brought him fame. but they remain fans because he is honest with them and keeps inviting them to take the journey alongside him. it should be motivation to know that anything is possible as long as you keep working at it and don’t back Hyperink 21 Hyperink . drugs. Although his first two albums. For this reason he has earned the respect of many fellow artists and critics who are able to see beyond the surface content of his lyrics. . Eminem’s lyrics also make a strong social statement against an environment that nurtures such an existence. Marshall Mathers. and that changed everything. drug abuse. aka Slim Shady. albeit in a disturbing way. Eminem’s lyrics describe horrific life occurrences. fighting to earn and maintain one thing: respect.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Conclusion Perhaps one of the reasons Eminem has earned such popularity is because people can relate to his messages about daily life. a life filled with family violence and pain. aka Eminem. the neglect. he tells the story of a fan obsession gone to an extreme. Eminem’s latest two albums. has earned a reputation for brutal honesty. and he addresses the underlying causes that create this culture of violence. In “Stan.” http://articles. told the story of a ninth-grade loser who fought the odds to achieve his dream.” a graphic description of a man driven over the edge of insanity by jealousy when faced with evidence of his wife's unfaithfulness. He may have amassed millions of fans because he has achieved success in the face of all adversity. and neglect. thus validating the daily existence of millions. He tells the unfortunate story lived by millions each and every day. Relapse and Recovery. . which was music. and family violence.latimes. an existence that is only endurable by immersing oneself in the music and life of someone famous.

http://www. Eminem 60 Entertainment media director. Eminem's ex-wife given jail term Eminem News: http://poponthepop. 2009. http://www. September 10. GQ Magazine names Eminem God of The Mathers Family Picture Gallery. Eminem's daughter Hailie at 16 http://www. Introducing the King of Hip-Hop Kim Mathers: Eminem is Tiny & Horrible in Bed. GLAAD.html Hyperink 22 Hyperink . "Intolerance in Music".com/ladyins/matherspictures/ NNDB. February 20. Interview with eminem-is-tiny-horrible-in-bed/ Bumpshack.mtv.fotki. including young Eminem: http://public.jhtml Rolling Stone. R. Eminem song lyrics: Los Angeles Public BBC News. Eminem's Incredible Rise to Stardom Seomin.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team List of Links and Further Reading Eminem Official Site: http://www. Michigan radio station WKQ1. http://bumpshack.metrolyrics. Eminem Doesn't Use Profanity at Home Popdust. 2001.theeminemblog.mtv. At the National Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) & Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) town hall MTV Online.

Jackson Bashes Eminem ABC News. Has He No Shame? Fox News.Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team NME Music News. Canada Goodreads. Eminem facing $9 million lawsuit from a homeless man Los Angeles Times. Eminem Quotes Hyperink 23 Hyperink . Eminem vs. Eminem: Prescription drug Ambien 'wiped out five years of my life' NME Music News.

Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Like then Share! Hyperink 24 Hyperink .

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Biography of Eminem By The Hyperink Team Other Awesome Books Biography of Eminem Other Awesome Books By The Hyperink Team Other Awesome Books Hyperink Benefits Interesting Insights The Best Commentary Shocking Trivia Biography of Walt Whitman Biography of Georgia O'Keefe 100 Quotes On: Best One-Liners from Beyonce: A Biography Classic Movies Biography of Timothy Ferriss 100 Quotes from William Shakespeare: Lawrence Lessig: A Biography Expressions of Love Biography of Stephen Colbert Biography of Robert Pattinson Guide to Your Congressman: Ron Paul Books Hyperink 27 Hyperink .

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