Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Table of Contents
Biography of Clara Barton Table of Contents
By Jennifer E.

Table of Contents

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Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. I. Biography of Clara Barton Hyperink 2 Hyperink .Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.

A train of wounded soldiers arrived in Washington D. General William Hammond gave Barton permission to work with armies fighting in the Civil War. The U. facing the aftermaths of the War herself. Anthony and got started in the suffrage movement. put her in charge of all army hospitals. Barton gathered the supplies on her own and traveled with ambulances moving through the battlefields. Within a few weeks. While traveling the world. The bullet was so close to hitting her it left behind a hole in her dress. Senate chamber was the only spot in town suitable to hold the dead and dying men. While working on the front lines. and also helped other family members with their medical problems. she found nursing particularly interesting. 1861. Barton found her chance to shine. a general for the Union side. Though Barton started her career as a teacher. She decided to create an organization that would take supplies to soldiers injured in the line of duty. she learned about the Red Cross. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. She nursed her older brother David after he suffered a work-related injury. she had her own combat experience. and when the Civil War started. including Barton. Barton found herself in the midst of some battles.C on April 21. Seeing the suffering that the men faced. Once the Civil War ended. This organization helps those in need. By the end of July that same year. A bullet passed through the area in which she was working and struck a man nearby. Her father served in the Revolutionary War. Introduction Clara Barton is perhaps best known as the founder of the Red Cross. Historians credit Barton with starting the International Hyperink 3 Hyperink . particularly after a natural disaster or those in an emergency situation. Benjamin Butler. Hammond granted her permission to serve on the front lines. Barton continued her work with the military.S. She became the head of the Washington DC-based organization the Office of Missing Soldiers. which hoped to grant equal rights to women. Barton found her way to help. Her experiences with the Red Cross became more important when the Franco-Prussian War broke out. She became friends with Susan B. This designation made her the first woman in history to receive such an honor. Barton vowed to help in any way possible. Volunteers came from neighboring areas to take care of the men. and the man died from his wound.

Franco-Prussian War broke out. Hyperink 4 Hyperink .Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Historians credit Barton with starting the International Committee of the Red Cross. assisting with other disasters beyond war. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. This organization later became the American Red Cross.

Hyperink 5 Hyperink . According to Women in History (http://www. Despite being so shy and quiet. Part of her early years revolved attending church regularly. though at the time it was not common for women to attend school. The church was also where she first heard stories about past It was common for friends and neighborhood children.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Her parents kept her out of school. She also had a history of mental instability. she did quite well in her schooling.htm). Despite having a happy family life. At the time. As a member of the Universalist church in Oxford. particularly among the women in her family. Barton noted that she spent time there frequently during the winter months. Massachusetts. While doctors today might diagnose her mother as a depressive person or someone suffering from bi-polar disorder. Barton suffered from a lisp. Her mother was sometimes cold. Her two older brothers and two older sisters were close enough in age that they acted as friends during childhood. and prone to fits.lkwdpl. When she was just four years old. doctors had no known name for it at the time. Barton learned quickly. She received her educational training through her siblings. Her mother sometimes expressed her unhappiness and anger on her children. Many of her friends and neighbors noted that she was a quiet child that kept to herself. Her father was a well-known farmer. and highly respected in their community. Barton experienced some problems. From an early age. though he focused only on local politics. 1821. her mother Sarah was busy running the household and her father Captain Stephen had his own commitments. she was an exceptional speller. The Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography claims that she recalled the feel of sitting in the church and the building itself later in life. and often discussed life in the army. she frequently listened to the sermons with awe. About Clara Barton Barton was born Clarissa Harlowe Barton on Christmas Day. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. as well as her own siblings. Her father served under General "Mad" Anthony Wayne during the Revolutionary War. Her father was also a politician. Historians note few details about her early life because so many focused on her early years. December 25. to comment on her lisp and tease her for the way she talked.

Instead of seeking help. Her other sister Sally took over the mother role for the rest of Clara's life. Dolly. Her sisters taught her reading skills. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. She did attend a few schools at the time. took over the mothering role in the family.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Hyperink 6 Hyperink . Clara was just six when her sister suffered an emotional breakdown. Barton's older sister. but rarely stayed long. while her brothers focused on math and science. She preferred the company of her family and not friends. the family kept Dolly locked away inside the house.

Barton continued in her role as President for over two decades. The organization held its first public meeting in 1881. All that changed at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. Barton created a local branch of the Red Cross in Dansville. traveling by boat with the supplies. First Experiences In Nursing Barton's first experience as a nurse came when she was just eleven. Barton's original goal for the organization relied on helping wounded soldiers. She provided humanitarian relief to people in Cuba 1898. The organization began helping those affected by war and humanitarian problems. though work first started nearly a decade earlier in 1873.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Barton returned to her nursing roots by working in Cuban hospitals. she worked directly under the administration of Chester Arthur. Clara acted as his private nurse for the next two years. a doctor suggested that Clara attend school away from home. Hyperink 7 Hyperink . The combination of education. With the skills that she learned from her brothers. While in Cuba. After a few years. she no longer felt wanted or needed around the house. Her goal was to create an American version of the Red Cross organization. Barton traveled to Europe where she helped military hospitals prepare for the injuries and problems soldiers fighting in the Franco-Prussian War would face. Within three months of the first meeting. She promised herself that she would find a way to recapture the same feeling she had when David injured himself at work. After coming back to the United States. She also traveled to Armenia and surrounding areas to offer help. she decided to open her own free school for students of all ages. and her home life all helped her when she began working as a nurse. Local branches of the Red Cross have Barton to thank for their existence. and started teaching at Cedarville School. She later attended school at the Clinton Liberal Institute in New York. training. According to Homecare & Hospice. Her older brother David suffered an injury at work. Once he recovered. The organization named Barton its President. With the positive experience she had teaching. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. she impressed the boys at her school. She also worked with the Red Cross society. New York. In 1870.

The organization helped those in need of first aid in local communities. Facing pressure from the outside. parents expected their children to marry and have children of their own. She was 83 when she left the Red Cross in 1904. While some women disguised themselves as men to help with the war effort. More than 6. She worked side-by-side with men. She served as the President for nearly two decades before leaving to launch the National First Aid Society. which helped house those children until it made further arrangements. Her mother was seldom there. Barton never had the familial attention that children of Hyperink 8 Hyperink . She is also well-known as a teacher. Reasons behind the fact she never married might relate to her younger years. Barton continued working with the Red Cross up to 1900. The hurricane that hit Galveston. Barton stepped down from her position. she did not focus attention on her children.000 people died as the result of the hurricane. Following the end of the Civil War. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. as she created the National First Aid Society. Barton marched to the beat of her own drum. Barton was the first woman officially allowed on the battlefield. leaving thousands of children homeless and without parents. and never married. Under Barton's guidance. and when she was there. Texas was one of the worst natural disasters in history. She was 79 years old when she led the Red Cross to Galveston. Barton had the chance to launch the American branch of the Red Cross. As the youngest child in her family. and was one of the first female teachers to earn the same level of pay as male teachers working in the same school. She died on April 12. 1912 almost one year after the Titanic sank. In the 19th century. Maryland to be with her in her last days. the Red Cross advertised for help in the form of supplies and money. and some commented publicly on how she ran the organization. she did not receive the attention that youngest children often do. and one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the area. The New York World ran the advertisements. Barton lived until the age of 90 before passing away. Barton worked well into her eighties. The organization even gathered the supplies and tools needed for rebuilding homes in the city. Barton did not let her age slow her down. Her friends gathered in Glen Echo. The Red Cross later absorbed the organization. and found herself face-to-face with combat on a daily basis. Butlers named her the superintendent of nurses during the Civil War. The Civil War Home notes that General Benjamin F.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. which helped the organization reach people in other cities and states. Despite leading the organization for decades. Most of her major accomplishments came during the Civil War period. turning over the reigns of the organization. The Red Cross created its own orphanage.

There she met Samuel Ramsey. Barton borrowed a dress from a friend. Even as an adult. the current era receive. By keeping to herself and being introverted. Barton was something of a Hyperink 9 Hyperink . Her older brothers taught her horseback riding. Her mother often experienced bouts of anger and took her anger out on her kids. Later in life. who raised her. she did want anyone to focus their attention on her. Her older sister Dolly. most women rode with a saddle because it was more ladylike. and she was closer to her brothers. He was one of her best friends well after their first meeting. The two were especially close. Many of her friends claimed the two dated or had a romantic relationship. Barton had a lisp that she could not control. and Clara wrote to friends and family about him often. Barton spent most of her childhood alone or surrounded by family.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. she did not have to worry about or depend on anyone else. but Barton denied that claim. Barton often focused on herself and tried to take the attention away from herself. the President of the United States asked Barton to attend a special dinner. Fowler. and bareback riding without a saddle. he declared that she would never express herself or act as an extrovert. she remembered feeling scared throughout most of her childhood. Barton often feared that she would suffer the same problem herself. Her two sisters were old enough to act as mother figures to her. Ten years later Barton decided to attend teaching college. According to Spirituality Today. She simply did not possess the extroverted strength to control the children. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. her students often acted out and did what they wanted in her classroom. Barton's introverted behavior became especially bad during her teen years. Instead of purchasing a new dress. Her parents sought the help of Mr. a well-know phrenologist. She loved her father. Most of the hobbies and pastimes that Barton enjoyed can be traced back to her childhood. After organizing the Red Cross. Whether they dated or were simply friends. At the time. Due to her mother's behavior. Barton also experienced other problems during her childhood that led to her personality as an adult. Ramsey remained a constant in her life. she could not control her students. As a teacher. she was officially working as a teacher. but he was a man's man and had little time for his children. had her own breakdown. but that did little to change her personality. Perhaps sensing that she would do nothing. After examining the teenage Barton. The teasing she experienced from her brothers and sisters led to her shyness and quietness. As a child. He did suggest that she attend teaching college and work as a teacher. Barton often rode bareback. even in her later years. By the time she was 15.

Even when she attended school. Hyperink 10 Hyperink . Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. The same hobbies and interests she had as a child carried with her throughout her life. than doing needlework or indoor activities with the girls. Barton herself noted that the years of playing with her cousins and brothers helped her impress the boys at school. tomboy because she preferred playing outside with boys. Barton found herself more comfortable with the boys in her class.

Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. The musicals are open for teachers and their students. Following the Civil War. health and safety services. the Red Cross created the Clara Barton Award. despite the fact that she died over a century ago. biomedical services. and started offering historical musicals in 2001. armed forces emergency services. The Red Cross does not always pick a winner of the award because the winner must show the leadership and integrity that Barton showed. youth services. including how she discovered nursing after her brother's accident. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. California ran the production starting in February of 2012. The organization views it as its best award. and only suitable for volunteers of Barton's caliber. Summary Clara Barton is a fascinating character for many. but the general public can also attend certain showings. including her time spent on the battlefields during the Civil War. and volunteer services. The musical focuses on the major achievements in Barton's life. The Lifehouse Theater in Redlands. Finding news and new information on the woman is nearly impossible because historians recorded her life and times in the past. This award recognizes the best volunteer from the American Red Cross every year. They also learn how she started working with the army. and might not exist at all. the Red Cross would not do the same things today. The departments include nursing. international services. The leaders of the Red Cross's eight different departments are eligible for the award. disaster services. That data led to the creation of "Clara Barton of the Red Cross. The musical presents a child-friendly version of her life and times." "Clara Barton of the Red Cross" is a musical theater production that follows the life of the woman. Following her death. She later founded the Red Cross in the United States and acted as President during its early years. The Lifehouse Theater opened its doors years ago. and used Hyperink 11 Hyperink . Barton traveled to Europe and aiding in war relief efforts there. "Clara Barton of the Red Cross" details the hardships and journeys that Barton faced throughout her life. Children learn about her difficult childhood. "Clara Barton of the Red Cross" is a performance designed to introduce children to the world of the pioneering woman. Without Barton's hard work.

The musical runs for a limited time. Many people wonder what compelled Barton to work on the battlefield. the skills she learned during the Civil War to help humanitarian efforts. Historians note that Barton's father played a role in how she became interested in the war efforts. she met Susan B. Barton thought that women deserved equal rights to men. "I may be compelled to face danger. "The patriot blood of my father was warm in my veins. when she nearly got shot by a passing gun. and later worked with her during the women's suffrage movement." Barton never once backed down from a battlefield or from combat. I'm well and strong and young – young enough to go to the front. By making this quote. they could still help. Anthony. I'll help soldiers. even when she was well into her seventies. the show might land at other theaters in different cities. "A ball had passed between my body and the right arm which supported him. but also worked as a teacher during her younger years. Even after working with the Red Cross and helping with the war effort. Barton believed that even if women could not fight in wars. Barton retained her belief that men and women were created equal. I have never mended that hole in my sleeve. but depending on the popularity of the songs and performances." The soldier struck by that passing bullet died from the wound he received. Barton grew up. she made a stand and explained why her work on the battlefields was so important. During her travels. Barton herself stated. but never fear it. Barton explained that it was part of her duty by stating. cutting through the sleeve and passing through his chest from shoulder to shoulder." Barton's father was in the army during the Revolutionary War. "This conflict is one thing I've been waiting for. I shall never do a man's work for less than a man's pay. Hyperink 12 Hyperink ." Barton operated a free school. just as her father helped. thinking that she needed to help in some small way. but if paid at all. and often related the stories about his experiences to Clara and her siblings. I can stand and feed and nurse them. and while our soldiers can stand and fight.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. If I can't be a soldier." said Barton. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Barton continued working in humanitarian efforts and with those affected by war. There was no more to be done for him and I left him to his rest. "I may sometimes be willing to teach for nothing. Barton had one of her scariest experiences on the battlefield.

Trivia There are 14 different schools named for Barton in the United States. Barton believed in equal rights for men. The Clara Barton National Historic Site still has a painting that she commissioned of that cat hanging in the home. The headstone identifies her date of birth and date of death. Barton did not eat meat for most of her life. and explains her heroic efforts at helping wounded soldiers during the Civil War battle on this same spot. In her later years. Clara once had a pet dog named Button that she raised as a child. Barton lived in the home for 15 years before she died. The only difference is the large stone cross sitting on top of the headstone. Barton was one of the first women allowed to go under water in a submarine. Clara Barton died of heart failure on April 12. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. The only county named for a woman in Kansas is Barton County. Anthony. Maryland as a historic site. women. The National Park Service maintains Barton's former home in Glen Echo. and people of all races.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E. Her simple stone marker blends with the surrounding markers in the cemetery. Massachusetts. 1912. among other early suffrage and abolitionist supporters. Her treasured pet was a cat named Tommy.S. The Anietam Battlefield in Maryland also has a marker for Barton. Barton currently rests in the North Cemetery in Oxford. Family and friends spent a few days with her before her death. and kept that job until the Civil War started. Patent Office. She spoke frequently with anti-abolitionist Frederick Douglass and women's suffrage proponent Susan B. named for Clara Barton. Barton acted as the superintendent of the Massachusetts Reformatory Prison. Barton once worked in the U. Hyperink 13 Hyperink . Barton developed a love for cats. For a few months in 1883.

high schools and elementary schools. Hyperink 14 Hyperink . New York where she once lived and worked has a street named after her. The Barton crater measures 34 miles across. Several colleges feature her name on dormitories or other buildings on campuses. and in the hearts of millions of women that started nursing careers because of her. Dansville. Several sites in the United States feature Barton's name as an homage to her life. Scientists even named a large crater discovered on Venus after her. Barton's legacy also lives on in the form of the Clara Barton Award given out by the American Red Cross. Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.

Jewett: Clara Barton: Soldier's Friend http://www.htm Winning the county-headlines-index/20120204-redlands-lifehouse-theater-presents-clara-barton- musical-biography. Clara Barton http://www.html Homecare & Clara Barton Birthplace Museum.nahc. Clara Barton's Childhood http://library.htm Civil War Find a Grave.civilwarhome.html Hyperink 15 Hyperink .Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.clarabartonbirthplace. REDLANDS: LifeHouse Theater presents Clara Barton musical biography Frequent Questions About Clara Barton http://www. Clara Harlowe Barton Clara Barton http://www. Philip Spirituality Clara Barton http://www.lkwdpl.html The Press Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton Biography of Clara Barton By Jennifer E.htm Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography. Clara Barton Clarissa "Clara" Harlowe Barton http://www.nps.cgi?page=gr&GRid=63 American Red Cross. Sources and Additional Reading Women in History. Clara Barton http://winningthevote.asp National Park bin/fg.redcross. Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross http://www.

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